The World’s Finest Multivitamin:
Essential 1 Today’s Special.
Plus, The Indisputable Power of Diet:
My Recent Personal Experience.

With all the influences around us, it is very easy to forget, or to simply overlook, the unrivaled power that diet possesses to either enhance or harm our health.  Nothing comes close.  Other than our genes, which we are born with and cannot change, how we eat is our most powerful weapon against disease and the ravages of aging.  I recently had a firsthand reminder of this power and it has changed my diet forever.  I will discuss in greater detail below, but it is undisputed that the foundation of our best health is eating well.  Our health (good or bad) is directly connected to what we put in our bodies.  We can always blame our parents and our ancestors for our genes, but regardless, we possess great power through our diet.  The right path is not confusing, since we only need to look toward the Mediterranean or Asian Diets for some basic foundational principles of healthy eating.  Speaking about a nutritional foundation, it is appropriate that this month’s Today’s Special be a special version of our Essential 1 multivitamin, since just as diet is the foundation of good health, Essential 1 is the perfect foundation of those nutrients lacking from even the healthiest of diets.  I will also introduce our March Monthly Specials: CholestaCare, Ultimate Oatmeal and Ultimate Oat Bran.  These three products are particularly relevant, since they relate to my discussion below of my most recent blood tests and the dietary changes they inspired.  Ultimately, we are all getting older and the youthful “immunities” we may have once possessed are sooner or later relinquished with age.  In my case, my lifetime of security that came from “perfect” numbers was suddenly gone and I was shocked to find myself in a high risk category.  That was humbling and alarming, but also inspiring, since none of us are doomed to be the helpless victims of aging.  This seemingly bad news inspired change and with it an opportunity to remind myself of the supreme power of diet to influence our health and to thereby reduce our lifetime risk of virtually every health condition and disease.  I will explain in further detail below, but first our upcoming Essential 1 Today’s Special…

Nothing speaks more clearly about Essential 1 than the experiences of those who use it.  Currently there are over 2,900 reviews and almost 2,600 of those reviews are perfect 5-Star Reviews.  That is an astonishing 4.7 Star average, with almost 97% positive reviews!  It is even more impressive if one considers that multivitamins are typically among the most negatively reviewed supplements.  It is easy for me to prove why no multivitamin possesses the unique ingredients, purity and effectiveness of Essential 1, but even more important is Essential 1’s unsurpassed gentleness.  Unlike most vitamins that come as large, difficult to swallow and digest, artificially-colored tablets, Essential 1 comes in a small, soft, easy-to-swallow capsule that is guaranteed gentle even to the most sensitive stomachs.  Essential 1 is mild despite offering potencies that far exceed any of the world’s leading multivitamins.  It also does so without any added ingredients – NO colors, binders, fillers, lubricants or other chemical additives.  This weekend’s Today’s Special is a unique new formula delivering 2,000 IU of our special Vitamin D3 daily.  I have always considered 1,000 IU the minimum daily level of Vitamin D3 to be consumed, but 2,000 IU is the level at which Vitamin D3’s greatest benefits commence.  That is the same level of Vitamin D3 found in separate high potency supplements and it now comes with your daily Essential 1.  That amount of Vitamin D3 alone would cost almost as much as Essential 1Essential 1 also contains ultra-high levels of our unique Coenzyme Methyl B12 (250 micrograms).  It is uniquely absorption-protected and therefore guaranteed to deliver its vital benefits.  It is unlike any other Vitamin B12 found in any other multivitamin.  Like Vitamin D3, the value of the Vitamin B12 alone in Essential 1 would justify its purchase.  In other words, if you consider only a few of the two dozen key ingredients in Essential 1, you are saving multiples of what you are spending.  For just pennies per day you get our best formula at our best pricing ever, providing high potencies of Vitamin C, D3, E and all the B-vitamins, including B12 and high levels of Biotin (the costly beauty vitamin), along with all key minerals, as well as costly Lutein, Lycopene and Zeaxanthin (glaringly absent from most leading multivitamins).

Multivitamins are the one area of supplementation where the medical community is in agreement about their necessity.  And, if one does their homework, it is easy to conclude that Essential 1 is the finest multivitamin investment one can make.  I would agree that today’s Essential 1 is the most important product we create and the single most important capsule that anyone could contemplate taking on a daily basis.  I look forward to discussing the science and why over the course of this weekend.

I have mentioned recently on-air that there were some unpleasant changes in my recent blood test numbers.  February was my birthday month, so I suppose that is a good time to discuss the passage of time…otherwise known as aging.  The scientific and medical communities seem to accept the inevitable deterioration in our health numbers as a result of aging.  Until recently, I had no such personal experience, so I remained grateful to my parents for my seeming “immunity.”  Throughout my life, no matter what I ate, my numbers remained perfect.  My blood pressure has always been on the low side (110/50) and my fasting blood sugar (80s) and my A1C (5.2) are great.  All that remains unchanged; however, recently, my previously perfect lipid numbers had suddenly taken on a life of their own.  When I was a vegan in my 20s, my total cholesterol was under 120 and my LDL and HDL were both in the 50s, with triglycerides in 30s.  Even when I was no longer a vegan and freely consumed animal products, including butter, eggs, cheese, cream, red meat, chicken, etc., my total cholesterol remained under 150 with an HDL in the 60s, an LDL in the 70s and triglycerides in the 40s.  My lipid numbers had always been great despite a diet rich in cholesterol and saturated fat.  It was only in the last 5+ years that my lipid numbers started their unfortunate climb.  About 5 years ago, my cholesterol went into the 160s, then the 170s, then the 180s and suddenly, just a couple of years ago, it was over 200!  Because of my exercise, my HDL (good cholesterol) remained quite high, so my numbers were still technically good, but they were no longer perfect.  I was disappointed, but not alarmed.  Then, suddenly, just 3 months ago, my total cholesterol tested at 235.  I did not believe it, so I retested it and it came back at 239!!  I was at a loss to explain this!  Where were my perfect numbers?!  In less than 10 years my total and LDL cholesterol had gone up more than 50%!  That is a huge increase in cardiovascular risk.  My perfect numbers were now far from perfect!  How could this have happened so suddenly?!  Either way, I was not going to throw in the towel or give up.  I was not going to be the victim of aging without a “healthy” fight.


The competitive part of my personality kicked in and it was now, “Me Versus My Cholesterol.” smile I have always said that diet is the most powerful tool for our good health, so it was time for me to get serious about diet.  Medications were a last resort, so I was willing to make whatever dietary changes were required.  I immediately eliminated all egg yolks, and eggs have always been one of my favorite meals or snacks throughout the day.  Eggs are also the principal source of cholesterol in many diets.  In the past, it would not have been unusual for me to eat more than a dozen eggs in any given week.  I eliminated heavy cream, which Muriel would add when making her yummy scrambled eggs, and I also eliminated cheese, butter, milk, red meat, etc.  My primary sources of fat became extra virgin olive oil and avocados, nuts and seeds.  My sole sources of animal protein became fish, chicken, turkey and egg whites.  I started each day with a bowl of Ultimate Oat Bran or Oatmeal with 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed, 2 capsules of cinnamon extract and some sliced almonds or pecans.  Throughout the day, I ate healthy vegetables, legumes and soups, as well as sautéed edamame and/or dark green salads (with fish, chicken, turkey or egg white added).  For dinners, I had fish or chicken with vegetables.  Even if I had a fruit smoothie, I would sprinkle oat bran and flaxseed into it, along with my protein powder.  I also took Fibermucil and CholestaCare capsules with every meal.  A few weeks later, I called my doctor, who has been a friend for the past 30+ years, and told him I wanted to come back to get re-tested to see what my dietary changes had done for my numbers.  He said, “Give it a chance.  It has not been long enough.”

I was still so curious that I went to a local lab for a quick test and lo and behold, less than 30 days later, my total cholesterol was now 159 (an 80-point drop!) and my LDL was now back under 100.  My doctor could not believe my results and actually asked if I was taking some cholesterol lowering medications.  Now that was funny! smile I said, “No,” so he encouraged me to stop by and get retested just to confirm my new results. I did so and by that time my total cholesterol was down to 151 (an 88 point drop!).  Seeing those rapid results truly inspired me and now I am even more diligent with at least 2 days per week being vegan days.  As a result, my lipid numbers have only gotten better and they are back to those “perfect youthful” numbers from my 30s.

Although we cannot stop aging, we retain the power to determine how we age.  We are not victims.  We can determine so much of our future by being intelligent about our diet.  Aging increases our risk of heart disease, cancer and stroke, and even conservative physicians attribute more than 50% of that risk to our diet and lifestyle.  I attribute closer to 80% of those disease risks to our diet and lifestyle.  This should be inspiring and not depressing.  Aging is not a curse, but an opportunity.  Even the greatest of genetic gifts will not last forever.  How we exercise our free will when it comes to diet goes a long way to determining how long we will enjoy this precious gift of life.  Just 90 days ago, I would not have believed it possible, but today, my cholesterol numbers are now as good as they have been in decades.  We are all aging, but we need not be the victims of that process.  Our dietary choices exert the greatest influence (good or bad) on our future health and aging.  All this talk about how to eat might sound funny coming from a “vitamin guy,” but both ethically and technically speaking, even the best vitamins cannot compare to the supreme power of a healthy diet.  My hope is that my recent experience might serve to inspire others to consider that every time we eat something, we take our health, and with it our destiny, into our own hands.  If we were choosing for our children or someone we love, we would encourage them to make the very best choices.  Of course, they would hope that we would choose the same for ourselves.

See you on Saturday evening and throughout the day on Sunday.

Best of health.


61 thoughts on “
The World’s Finest Multivitamin:
Essential 1 Today’s Special.
Plus, The Indisputable Power of Diet:
My Recent Personal Experience.

      1. Love Andrews oatmeal.I put half cup organic blueberries and a 1/4 cup of walnuts, T. Spoon honey and some cinnamon and you’ve got breakfast. Yummy!

    1. His oatmeal is gluten free but it gives me a sore throat. I have to stay away from all grains, seeds, nuts, and dairy. Hope you have better luck with it.

    2. When is your next visit.Thank you for your honesty about your vitamin.All the knowledge that you give us so appreciate that most of all.But I do love your vitamins take them faithfuly.No side effects which I love,Your a God sent,getting your cholesta care and fibermucil trying to get off cholesterol med

  1. Awesome job Andrew! Thank you so much for sharing this important information.
    I have heard the expression that Food is
    Medicine. You have shown this can be true by changing the way we eat.
    You are an inspiration.
    I love your vitamins as well as all the knowledge you share about them.

    1. Yes it would be very helpful and informative to have a chart of how many supplements to take and what time of the day is best to take them.
      That appears to be a common question.
      If artificial sweeteners are put into the
      Secure Complete? Artificial sweeteners are horrible/poison. Adding artificial sweeteners is adding poison to the product and takes away the benefits and purity of the product! I’m

  2. Andrew,
    How do I know which is best to order among the Secure MCP, Secure Soy, and Secure Whey? In the past, I always used the Secure Soy but I don’t think the other options were available at that time. Thank you.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. He has a lot right, but his cholesterol theory is incorrect and out of date (including the “too many eggs” syndrome). I agree that he must have had a bit too much sugar with the preceding tests.

      1. I caught the comment regarding eggs as well. Eggs contain the good cholesterol. Also, it concerns me that he has magnesium and Vitamin D3 combined in the same product. I’ve been reading and listening to reports that magnesium should be taken at night to help with sleep and digestion, and that magnesium has been known to “bind” Vit D3 and blocking absorption. I never take the two together.
        Anyone have a debate on this?

        1. Your HDL does not seem high enough. We should actually not go by total cholesterol # at all but rather the risk ratio. My total cholesterol is 260 but my risk ratio is extremely low! Some of this info seems outdated such as eggs/dairy/saturated fats causing elevated cholesterol. I would love to hear your feedback on this issue. I respect your opinion; love your vitamins but sometimes question some of your info.

  3. Love all ProCaps. I will be eighty this year. I look sixty and health way above average. All my tests came back good.

    1. Carol, I too am an 80 year young gal, and my health is also way above average. After taking some of Andrew’s products, then had a checkup, the doctor would look back and forth at me and the chart to make sure he had the right person. He asked what I was doing, I told him about Andrew’s products, and he said, “Just keep doing what you’re doing.” Just goes to show when one takes care of their God-given body, they can live long, active lives. Oh by the way, I went skydiving for my birthday!!!

  4. I LOVE your oatmeal! My numbers have been high, even though I eat clean. Only whole foods, organic when possible. No processed food. My Dr. attributes my cholesterol to genetics. All my relatives have high cholesterol. I began eating your oatmeal, and eating one (or 2 :)) Choco Nuvo square with my big meal of the day. My cholesterol dropped from 255 to under 200 in about 5 weeks. My Dr was stunned, as I have been fighting my high cholesterol for years. Your products speak for themselves. He still does not believe that is all that changed in my way of eating. Now you get to join the “take Andrew’s cholesterol lowering products, they really work” club! haha.

  5. When I decided to start taking calcium + D I looked all over for one I could trust and fell by accident onto Mr. Lessman’s vitamins. After taking this, I watched him on HSN and started his multi vitamin and never looked back. It’s been five years. I trust all of his products, and feel confident that he is doing his best for the environment to produce them. Thank you Mr. Lessman.

  6. Thank you so much Dr. Lessman
    I take soooo many of your vitamins it would be nice to cut it down on the amount I take!
    I take 20+ in am
    8 afternoon
    I believe 20 or more at bedtime
    I love your vitamins but it’s a lot to swallow an $ a lot
    I’ll B watching this weekend
    I would also like to say when I stalk up then your vitamins come out with added things I take separately but I still have the others it would be nice to have a heads up when you are going to add so 3 months early I don’t stalk up
    Thank you so much!
    I have quite a few people taken your vitamins now an they love them also

  7. Thank you for sharing your blood-work results Andrew. I’m glad you improved your numbers, and not by a little, but significantly! I know that your Cholestecare works in any form I’ve taken it (ChocoNuvo, Oat bran, Oatmeal, and pure capsules too). I am looking forward to seeing your presentations this coming weekend. You continue to not only be a trailblazer in your industry, but a source of support for a continued healthy lifestyle!

  8. please print a chart as to when to take certain vitamins to be the most effective, I think this would be very appreciated by many customers. Also, I just found some of
    your vitamins in a closet that I forgot about and the date has expired—-are these
    still effective or a waste of time to take ????–being on a fixed income I hate to throw them out. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Andrew, I also would like a printed chart as to when to take certain vitamins and which ones are best taken together and what combinations you recommend. Please provide this information and address it on your next HSN segment this weekend! It would be so appreciated.

    2. Carol, to answer your question yes they are still good and okay to take. Call Pro-cabs lab customer service (800) 753-5455 or do a live chat on his website Pro-cabs lab.

  9. Thank You so much for your wonderful vitamins. Exceptional, easy to digest and bioavailbility! Would you discuss again the priority of the vitamins when on a buget?
    You had mention once at least 4. Now you have CQ10 with VitD and essential 1 with VitD. Friends & family would like to read from YOU, than hear it from me.
    Taking vitamins from you – I could feel a change when I woke up. That’s what I tell people. I am so appreciative of YOU, and what you offer for us, as well as your donations and generosity. Thank YOU!

  10. Andrew,

    You are a blessing to all of us for many reasons! Thank you for sharing your own testimony, and thank you for all you do! The Love and passion you have, not only shows in your products but also in your presentation and teaching of them. I love Muriel also and appreciate her also and have all your cookbooks. I feel like the both of you are family?. And of coarse Lincoln…

    You not only have wonderful products, but you also educate us on how to take them and all the benefits of the products. I feel like I am in school when you come on HSN, I love it!! I clear my schedule. ( Everyone knows I do not take calls or anything else when you are on!) I get my note book and take notes and I also share what you have taught me with others.

    I take many of your vitamins and other products and have for many years,I have a special area filled with all your products, and look forward to you coming on HSN with your specials.

    Along with strong faith, healthy diet and exercise. I am doing well and going strong at 54, inspite of some health challenges.

    Including Fibromaylgia, lack of sleep and hormonal issues, and your night time, fish oil, tumeric and glucomsime, hair skin and nails, D3 along with some others have kept me going without medication and my drs are puzzled.
    Again, healthy diet, healthy mind and exercise are also important as you know!

    My husband who was a sceptic, has now been taking your vitamins as well and when he does not take them he notices the difference.

    I go no where without my Andrew Lessman Vitamins, even my doctor’s ask what do I take, I direct them and many others to HSN to get your vitamins and other products.

    Keep up the great work, it’s so nice to have all this with a phone call and delivered to your door!!!

    God Bless You and Muriel
    Mary from New York

  11. Andrew, Andrew, Andrew, it’s nice to learn that you are human after all. My gene pool includes histories of high cholesterol and heart disease. Not wanting to go on steroids, I’ve taken cholestacare and fibermucil for years, along with a number of other of your supplements. These products still haven’t helped me get to likeable cholesterol levels even though I rarely eat red meat and have reduced my dairy consumption. My total number last fall was 255 ? Notwithstanding the high cost of choconuvo (please try to get it down) I’ve tried that product as well in the hope that my total and bad numbers will drop some. Thanks for providing alternatives to the products of large pharmaceutical companies.

    1. Carole did you mean Statins , not steroids , to lower cholesterol ?
      I plan to try cholestacare as soon as I have my labs done….

  12. I have tried around 7 diff, of your products only 1 can I tell any diff. in-do you take all your products if so how do you have room to eat?I have not sent any products back its more hassle than its worth I really want the products to work.all seem to be overpriced and why don’t you sell at other stores?I will probally keep trying some of your products . EVEN ALOT OF REPORTS I HAVE READ SAY MOST OF THE PRODUCTS DO NOTHING.HOW about a little better pricing on some of the productsthat are way cheaper on same products,I do thank you for all the info. you put out .I will try a few more maybe thanks

  13. Knowing when is the best time to take the supplements would be wonderful and
    what time of day. We love your supplements and please keep up the good work.

  14. Hi Andrew: Thanks for those words of wisdom. More people should speak up about the 3 pillars of health–diet, exercise and supplements.

    Will be watching on Saturday.

    Best of Health to you also!

  15. Andrew, thank you for your products. I am very glad that you shared your blood-work results with us. The things you did not discuss are artificial sweetener and/or sugar. They are not good for blood-work results. I have asked you before. Now I would like to ask you again to make an addition of Secure without any artificial sweetener and/or sugar. Artificial sweetener and/or sugar are harmful for anyone’s health. You make healthy products but add bad things to it. It does not make any sense. If Secure really needs adding “sweetener and/or sugar” into it to boost the flavor, I prefer to add some organic honey myself. I love all your products except the artificial sweetener and/or sugar in Secure. I only eat sweet fruits. I dislike anything with added artificial sweetener and/or sugar, candy, cake, …… Please make a plain version of Secure!!! Please Please Please, Thanks!

    1. Agree with Jean. I LOVE your Secure Meal Replacement, they taste great (vanilla, chocolate, and coffee) but also concern about the artificial sweetener. Would like to have a plain one, Andrew, like your whey protein. I will be watching your show tonight and tomorrow night.

  16. Like several of your followers, I take a fist full of vitamins twice a day. Some days, I just flat out don’t want to…. I can always tell when I stop taking them for a few days, so get back on them. I have a yearly physical coming up shortly and am anxious to see my numbers. However, I would like it if you could come up with something that would cure me (and probably millions) of sugar addiction. This is the main thing that keeps me from losing weight. I’m an 80 year young female, am on NO prescriptions except for thyroid. Am out of some of your supplements and am anxious to see your next show. Thank you Andrew…I trust you.

  17. I am surprised and alarmed that you would associate eggs,red meat and dairy with high cholesterol. That myth has been debunked. Also disproved is the correlation between high cholesterol and heart disease. You complain about Dr Oz giving misleading information. Was it the food or the supplements? You were not specific enough about the changes. Did you cut out carbs and sugar too?

  18. Thanks for sharing ,Andrew . I am a long time customer (over 20 years) I had never tried the Oatmeal or Oat Bran before I ordered the Secure TS in January .
    It was included in the bundle.
    I just could not see anyway i would like or need them . WELL, day before yesterday (BEFORE) you posted this Words on Wellness about your recent fight against cholesterol,, I ordered the 180 size Oat Bran from HSN .
    I had been using the oat bran and oat meal in my smoothies with my Secure and usually fresh strawberries or blueberries . LOVE it !
    The best thing is my semi annual blood work was all I needed to show its value .
    My Total Cholesterol Level was in the 164 which is the best it has been in years .
    On another note the Secure is awesome , I remember when it was in its first years …. I will just say it was hard to swallow . Now it is like a treat , a treat you are not suppose to have and stay healthy . However it is that good and is very healthy.
    I love Secure . I wish you would include berry as a choice in next years TS bundle . Any berry would be great.

    I am more active , and healthier and better informed because I tried Andrew’s products even before he came over to HSN . Thanks Andrew

  19. Dear Andrew,
    Thank you for this information. I have wanted to change my diet
    for the same reasons that you did. Now I know how.
    I am 79 years old and am employed 4 hours a day 5 days a week.
    I use your vitamins, among them Essential 1. I believe I am as health
    as I am because of your products.
    I have always been impressed by your standards and values. This rethinking
    of your habits impresses me again. Thank you. Ellie

  20. Regarding Essential 1: While I am happy to see the source of B12 is Methylcobalamin, why must all vitamins use Beta-Carotene as their source of Vitamin A? I would love to take a multivitamin but Beta-Carotene sourced Vitamin A has been linked to causing or increasing the risk of lung cancer in former smokers and smokers. I am just saddened that so many smokers and former smokers, or even people exposed to second-hand smoke on a regular basis, take Multis or individual Vitamin A sourced from Beta Carotene… and think they are doing their body good when, in fact, they are putting their lives at risk. Warning labels should be placed on these supplements so that people can make informed decisions on what they put in their bodies.

  21. I have the following issues:
    Leaky Gut, Candida, Diverticulitis, Pre-diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure. I am currently using your Ultimate Oat Bran, Green Tea with Jasmine, Resveretrol, Cinnemon, and the Restful Night Sleep. What else should I be taking? Love your products.

  22. I have been taking the friendly flora for 10 days & still see no results. do you have any other product that can help.

  23. When on a fixed budget get just what you really need. For me, friendly flora, essential 1, turmeric, eye support, skin, hair n nails. Being that essentiL 1 is a multi, I don’t need to spend more than I can afford. And of course, healthy eating and exercise. When I just don’t feel like exercising. I picture all the good it does to my body and get to it! Even if for just 15 minutes! I thank my parents for my good genes and to my mother for raising her family of nine children plus dad with very healthy food, i tried to do for my children what mom did for us and as I age I know that it is up to me to stay healthy. I’m in my late sixties and my doctor was pleased to see my positive lab report. Today I am more aware of what I eat and read food labels before I buy. Thank you Andrew, God bless you for giving us so much! May you live a long, healthy and happy life!

  24. Andrew. I would like to know if putting Marine Collagen on hot water/coffee can be done. I put this and a little protein m coffee

  25. Thanks for sharing!
    As a fellow human Guinea pig…I’m curious what made the biggest difference. I usually like to change 1 habit at a time so I can pinpoint the effect.
    That’s the science geek in me I suppose.
    Question though: were you already taking cholestocare or eating your oatmeal? Just curious. I use your oats to make my overnight oats every day!

  26. Also, sorry:
    Were you consuming high omega-3 yolks, grass fed beef and organic cream?
    I question the tie to HEALTHY organic high omega3 animal products to high cholesterol (in general not just you) ?
    But completely agree with adding the flax, chia and fiber to your day. In addition, oranges and nuts.
    Btw, I ? Plant sterols! ?

  27. There was quite a bit of discussion about the bottles/pkging of vitamins during the Monday night chat…. which started me thinking. I purchase most vitamins in the largest size available and then split out to share with my daughters. If I have empty PCL bottles on hand, I’ll re-label and send that way – but most often it’s a std ziplock. Typically, I’m only sharing a ~3 month supply at a time. Is the ziplock ok – for say 6 months shelf life?

  28. Hi Andrew…..I am so jazzed about restarting an eating , exercise and Vit. regime , even though my husband , son and I were on them for many years…..I gave up after the loss of my husband and son 6 and 2 years ago respectively…..did not want to live ! Breathing is hard most days…..My aunt watched with me as you presented your Essential-1 TSV…..we both ordered it . I went in to order many more things… modifying my eating “habits” already . Looking forward to receiving my new nutritial friends…..thank YOU for doing YOU….enjoyed your personal experience about Your health…..very inspiring…..we all Benefit… your paying it forward with donations , no carbon footprint , staying true to Your self , the planet and the human race . Blessing sent to You , Muriel & Lincoln .
    Agape’ Violet

  29. Andrew,
    Thanks you so much for all your wonderful products! Use so many of your Supplements and love them all! Have been able to go off Prilosic because I started your Ultimate Friendly Flora! Thanks again Andrew! ?

  30. I agree with so many of the other comments above about the out of date info on eggs causing elevated cholesterol. We should never go by total cholesterol number but only the risk ratio when all 3 #s are combined. Your HDL does not seem high enough. My total cholesterol is 260 but my HDL is 120 with risk ratio 1.10 which is actually excellent even though the total # seems so high. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I love your vitamins but do question some of your research on issues, such as this.

  31. Thank you, Andrew, for your March 1 post on cholesterol. I appreciate that you shared your own story. It helps to know how you got it under control.

    My husband and I have been taking several of your supplements for many years.

    Lately, I’ve been confused about the news of Glucosamine and chondroitin acting more as a placebo affect, if it does anything at all. I’ve been taking the joint supplement for several years. I think I’ll stop taking it, because of the newest studies. Have you seen the news on this?

    From: Deb in Midwest USA

  32. Thank you for letting us understand, what you experienced. It was very helpful, and a wake-up call. Many company owners will only pass-on, any thing positive not something, that someone could try to use agance them. I only saw it as a positive and carrying.

    Please, always pass on any thing you experience, health-wise.

    I recommend you to everyone; have been with you over 20 years.

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