The Benefits of Omega-3s Expand –
Our Capsule Size Shrinks
Sunday’s Today’s Special.
Best Pricing Ever.

Who would have thought, 35 years ago, when we struggled with our first Omega-3 formula that it would go on to become among our most popular and positively reviewed products?  Certainly not me!  I have to admit that our first attempts at creating an Omega-3 formula were anything but perfect.  Fish oils are very difficult to work with and, in those days (back in the early 1980s), we were pioneers, so we were effectively on our own.  Nevertheless, after countless hours in the lab and enormous amounts of patience, persistence and perspiration, we created our very first Essential Omega-3 formula.  It was not perfect, but like today, it was the best product available at that time.  Over the next three decades, our Omega-3 formula has constantly evolved and improved to become today’s Maximum Essential Omega-3.  There is truly no other Omega-3 formula like it in the world.  It provides all the benefits of the essential Omega-3 fatty acids without any of the problems.  It can fairly be described as the perfect Omega-3 formula, since we just follow Mother Nature’s blueprint to make it a 100% pure and a purely enjoyable experience.

I would imagine anyone who makes an Omega-3 product would love to “claim” they are the best in the world, but no other Omega-3 formula has both the user experience and the science to back it up.  As proud as I am of today’s formula, I still marvel at the quality of its reviews.  Our Maximum Essential Omega-3 is rated an almost perfect 4.7 Stars and has received almost 3,000 enthusiastic, eloquently written reviews of which almost 2,500 are a perfect 5-Stars.  That is almost 85% 5-Star reviews and over 95% positive reviews.  I can talk at length about the science and technology of the product, but those reviews provide the most valuable opportunity to understand the unbiased, unfiltered experiences of those who actually use the product.  Perfect reviews like that would be remarkable for any product, but it is even more unexpected when you consider these glowing reviews are for a highly-concentrated Omega-3 fish oil formula.  Clearly, that is why surprise, shock, astonishment are the most common reactions to this product.  Certainly, folks express their gratitude, but they are astounded that this simple product actually performs as promised without a fishy repeat, aftertaste or upset stomach.  Most of us have been told by our doctors or cardiologists (or we simply know from our own reading and research) that we do not get anywhere near enough of the Omega-3 fats in our diet and we must therefore supplement them for the health of our most vital systems (heart, brain, eyes, etc.).  Unfortunately, for decades we have learned to hate Omega-3 products, since they are among the most unpleasant and ineffective supplements made.  Maximum Essential Omega-3 changes all that.  From the outset, it was designed to be every bit as trouble-free as it is designed to be exceptionally effective.  You might think that as the maker of this product that I must be biased, but you really do not need to take my word for it, since there are several thousand unbiased and enthusiastic reviews that you can rely on to make an informed decision.

This year’s Maximum Essential Omega-3 Today’s Special is a bit surprising for me, since it will possess two unexpected features.  You might recall that over the past few years, I have said that we would not be able sustain our exceptional Today’s Special pricing on this product in the future.  It turns out I was wrong, since we will once again be able to match last year’s best pricing ever, which happens to be a lower price than at any time in the last 30+ years!  This is not something I had ever expected, so it makes it an even more exciting Today’s Special for me (hopefully for you as well).  As I said, there are two unexpected features.  The second is something I know everyone appreciates, myself included.  I often talk about how significantly smaller our capsules are compared to typical Omega-3 capsules found in stores, which in some cases are almost twice the size of our capsules and deliver far less Omega-3s than our capsules. On Sunday, we introduce a new Omega-3 capsule that is about 5% smaller than the prior generation, which might sound minor, but it is actually quite significant.  Just to give you an idea of what we have accomplished over the last 30+ years, our product has increased almost 50% in potency, yet its size has gone down by over 25%.  The scientific and regulatory community recommends a basic daily intake of 500 mg of Omega-3s, which is exactly what we provide in each small capsule of our Maximum Essential Omega-3.  Most folks take one or two capsules daily, which means our largest 750 capsule size will last a full year at two capsules daily.  So join me this Saturday night and on Sunday to hear more about our new smaller capsule at our best pricing ever.  As I always say, my goal is to constantly improve our products and their value.  I hope you agree that we have succeeded in that regard today.

I will also discuss all the latest research on essential omega-3 fats and the vital role they play in our body.  I will share some of the most recent findings regarding dry eyes and the role that Omega-3s play in lubricating our eyes.  Similarly, they play a role in lubricating our joints, as well as moisturizing our skin, hair and nails.  The more we can restore the healthy balance of Omega-3s in our body, the more we benefit the most vital systems in our body.  We cannot forget that our brain is basically a lipid-based (fat-based) structure and that the Omega-3 DHA is its almost exclusive fatty acid.  Also, the retina and macular region of the eye are the most concentrated sources of DHA in the human body.  Unlike typical Omega-3 formulas, which focus on EPA, the predominant Omega-3 fatty acid in our formula is DHA, since that is the most important Omega-3 fatty acid in the human body and it can also be converted into EPA as needed.  I always look forward to our Maximum Essential Omega-3 Today’s Special since the information I will share is so important to our overall health.  As I always say, it is not important that you get my product, but it is highly recommended that you get the information.  The information is free and it is the key to our good health.  There is even research that has shown that the more informed we are, the healthier we become.  In this case, there is no escaping the fact that Omega-3s are essential to our health and there is also no avoiding the reality that as Americans we do not consume them adequately.  The result is that in some fashion we must find a way to increase our Omega-3 intake, whether by eating more fish or finding the best supplement you can.  It does not have to be mine, but the Omega-3s must come from somewhere, since out body has zero capacity to make them on its own.  I will cover this more fully this weekend and hopefully provide the best information and tools to make healthier decisions.

For those who will be asleep at midnight on Saturday night, you can get a 15-minute sneak peek at our Omega-3 Today’s Special at 7 PM Eastern Time on Saturday evening.  I will then be back at 11 PM Eastern for a one-hour Variety Show followed by our midnight Maximum Essential Omega-3 Today’s Special.  I will then be back at noon and 8 PM Eastern Time on Sunday.  It is a quick, one-day visit with only three shows, so I hope you have a chance to tune in.  I trust you will find the shows to contain valuable and important information for your health and for those you love.

Best of health.


24 thoughts on “
The Benefits of Omega-3s Expand –
Our Capsule Size Shrinks
Sunday’s Today’s Special.
Best Pricing Ever.

  1. I`ve taken your products for years. !`m 81 now and have the energy of a 59 year old.
    Being on social security I can no longer afford them so I buy the fish oil cause it keeps my colesterol down where the statins would. I no longer take the statins cause 6 of your fish oil works better.

  2. I was hospitalized with cancer for 6 weeks and came out with several
    noncancer issues. One is a severe dry eye.condition. I have been taking 2×2 ( 4 per day) (capsules for several years of PRN De with vitamin D3. Would this be necessary if I took your omega formulas?
    My dry eye is very painful and I am seeing a specialist, and have some routines I follow. I would love a reply. The ingredients in PRN De are easily available on the internet.

    1. Andee. I, too, have dry eyes after menopause. Taking two Omega 3 capsules per day has gotten rid of them. If I stop taking the capsules, the dry eyes start again. Not saying everyone will get the same benefit, however. Just sharing my experience..

  3. Andrew thank you for continuing to lower your prices and at the same time increasing the potency on your line of vitamins , other companies are raising their prices and have not even updated their formula’s for years.

  4. What precautions ​do you take to insure that the formula is not polluted by mercury? Thank you for answering this concern on our behalf.

    1. Adding to Carol’s concern, where do you source your fish from? I’m worried about all the radiation that continues to leak into the Pacific Ocean from the Japanese nuclear reactor disaster a few years ago.

  5. Andrew, I really wish you would offer your Omega 3 special values with a choice of either the mint flavor or the orange. For whatever reason the mint seems to agree with my digestive issues much better than the orange. So I always seem to miss out on the great value!

      1. I also agree. I just have a preference for the Mint version. Please, please, please make it available as an option for the TS!

  6. I can’t take this product ever since you changed to the current formulation. I have GERD, but I could in the past take your original formulation for many years. I am going to start getting the liquid Omega Three from my eye doctor, not as good as yours, but at least I can swallow it with no repeating, bad experience for me. I hope someday you consider a liquid formulation for those with swallowing issues like me. I will get the products of yours I can take. Thank you for your excellent products.

    1. Hi Kathleen, I’ve never had any digestive issues until recently, I guess it’s aging. So, I went on Andrew’s website, searched his products, and found Aloe Vera. I have no digestive issues anymore. It is an AMAZING product! You might want to give it a try. Also, read the reviews on it…they speak for themselves. Good luck.

      1. I take his aloe vera and gingerroot. I also take his pro biotics. I can’t take his Maximum Omega Threes, stuck in my throat, repeating for a long time. Nightmare. Taking liquid formulation now. I need my Omega threes too. Other companies make them , don’t know why they can’t here, when I have used so many other products for do many years.

        1. I take his aloe vera and gingerroot. I also take his pro biotics. I can’t take his Maximum Omega Threes, stuck in my throat, repeating for a long time. Nightmare. Taking liquid formulation now. I need my Omega threes too. Other companies make them , don’t know why they can’t here, when I have used so many other products for so many years. Orange is what repeats, not fish, for me.

  7. I have been taking the Omega (orange) for about 3 yrs now they don’t repeat on me. My husband takes them also and he has Gerd and he has no trouble either! Our cholesterol has dropped 40 points! Will never stop taking Andrews, all others repeat! Thank you! Andrew

    1. Men have bigger esophagus, and my situation is not your husband’s. Just telling my experience.

  8. I was excited to see this coming as a TS on HSN. But then I watched the Pre-Sale presentation and saw that it is the Orange flavor. Seriously wish that if the Omega 3 was going to be a TS, it would be whichever flavor you want instead of a particular flavor. I cannot take the flavored Omega 3, it does not agree with my digestive system. Andrew, perhaps in future TS, you can allow any flavor to be selected rather than just one particular flavor.

  9. Andrew, you say in the blog and during the live presentation how the capsule is smaller with fewer calories, but the product is the same, and it’s the lowest price EVER.

    This simply is not true. The price is exactly the same as it was last year when it was the TS, and perhaps the capsule is now smaller, but it contains a lesser amount of product. The capsules last year contained 1,290mg of fish oil, now they only contain 1,150mg of fish oil. Orange extract is down from 48mg to 36mg. So the capsule is NOT the same as it used to be. They include less product, so that’s why the capsules are smaller, and have fewer calories. Actually since the price is the same as last year, but there is less product in the capsule, we are actually paying more for less.

    You want to make us think we’re getting the same thing, but in a smaller, easier to swallow capsule, with fewer calories. It’s NOT the same thing.

    I like the product and will order again, but this type of thing makes me question your credibility a bit.

  10. I noticed that also, but I think it is not the fish oil that matters, it is the omega 3. The EPA and DHA are the same amount as the older version but used less fish oil, I think that is what he meant.

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