November Monthly Specials
Healthy Happy Holiday

Here we go again!  The holidays are almost here.  It is hard to believe but Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away and Christmas and New Year’s is just around the corner.  I will not be on HSN at all this month, but I just thought it was important to let everyone know about our Monthly Specials for November, since we are doing something brand new. Normally, we have a single Monthly Special with perhaps another related product, such as when we did Vitamin K2-MK7 and Calcium-Magnesium Intensive Care or when we did our Turmeric, as well as our Ginger Extract.  This time we are not just offering one or two related products but an entire category of products that unfortunately we rarely get to devote TV airtime to, but which nonetheless remain among our most popular and highly-rated products. The category for November is a very easy choice, since it is the system in our body most challenged by the holiday season – our Digestive System. Above, you will also find a special video blog that you can watch that briefly speaks to all our November Monthly Digestion Specials, as well as another half dozen short videos that discuss each one of these products in greater detail if they might be of interest.  I have never created a series of special videos for Monthly Specials like this so please let us know what you think.  Just so you have a sense of the great opportunities that await your Digestive System, I will provide a list of all the products that are available at their best pricing ever this month:

  • Digest Assure.  A comprehensive and perfectly balanced blend of enzymes to promote healthy digestion and contend with the digestive challenges that result from aging, stress, etc.  Returns a youthful complement of enzymes to an aging or “challenged” digestive system.     >> purchase

  • Fibermucil.  Fiber is perhaps the most glaring deficiency in the American Diet and our regularity is first and principal casualty.  During the holidays are food becomes even richer and its fiber content even lower, so there is no better time to see the remarkable benefits of Fibermucil.     >> purchase

  • Aloe Vera 400 (200, too).  For centuries, the first choice of traditional medical practitioners to soothe the digestive system.  An ultra-high 200 to 1 concentrate that is 100% pure and entirely cold processed.     >> purchase

  • Ginger 450.  Another centuries old traditional remedy for an unsettled and queasy stomach.  A highly standardized extract that targets Ginger’s most beneficial compounds.     >> purchase

  • Aloe-Ginger.  A perfectly balanced blend of Mother Nature’s top two ages old soothing ingredients for the digestive system.
    >> purchase
  • Friendly Flora (Ultimate, too).  The friendly microorganisms that are essential for healthy, comfortable digestion, regularity and immune function.  Most aspects of modern life undermine the availability and balance of these vital friendly organisms.
    >> purchase

  • Breath+Plus.  Even the best oral hygiene cannot guarantee fresh breath.  Breath+Plus goes to the source, since the food we eat remains in our digestive for hours and is only inches away from our mouth and thus our breath.  Breath+Plus naturally freshens an overlooked source of bad breath.     >> purchase

  • Dairy and Lactose Tolerance.  During the holiday season, we often find ourselves consuming dairy products and dealing with their unpleasant digestive consequences.  Natural enzymes can digest the offending components in dairy products and in so doing eliminate their unpleasant effects.     >> purchase

  • Bean and Veggie Gas Relief.  For many of us, the healthiest foods can also be the most offensive.  Bean and Veggie Gas Relief’s name says it all.  It provides the enzymatic support required to digest those components in healthy foods that can generate offensive or uncomfortable gas.     >> purchase

Many would say the worst time of year to try a new digestion product would be during the holidays, but I would argue that the only time to see how effective it can be is when our digestive systems is most challenged.  I am confident you will be thrilled at your results and I encourage you to check out the reviews of all these products, since they are all, without exception, highly rated customer picks.  Their reviews speak eloquently and passionately about the incredible impact they can have on healthy digestion and quality of life.  Moreover, all of these products come with a money back guarantee until January 31st so there is abundant time to experience their benefits.  Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving! Despite all the challenges we face in the world… we all still have so much to be grateful for.

Best of health.


17 thoughts on “
November Monthly Specials
Healthy Happy Holiday

  1. There are so many products and it’s just overwhelming. Why not have a way to find the right products for customers. Like a questionare ?
    Example. I am post-muenapasal (age 51) and have some joint pain and Some vericose veins in my legs that ache at times. What multi vitamin and products would be best for me ?

  2. Hey Kathleen, leg and vein support Areawesome capsules great for your legsAs long as you can get them they’re usually pretty good HSN sending them out but they were backordered and I’ve been waiting a month

  3. Hi Andrew & team. I was a customer for over 15 years. I was a vegetarian for the last 3 years and I’m newly vegan 3 weeks. Have you considered having vitamins with vegetable based capsules?

    1. Terese, there are a few vitamins that are veggie based called Cruciferous Vegetables and the Green Foods Complex. There’s also a fruit based one called Fruit Full Anti-Oxidants.

  4. I have been loyal ever since you started and we are forever young. I have always found it hard to get off your plastic seal. Why not put a red pull tab where the perforated lines are. Realize that it will cost you. But heck it is hard.

    1. I also have issues with the plastic seal. Even finding that dotted line where you can pull is tough to see. I’d love to see a nice LARGE red pull tab so that you can easily see where to pull and can do it quickly. Love all the products, but I do think Cris has a very good idea and would love to see it implemented! I have had to use a knife to get the plastic off, but I do think that can be dangerous even when you are trying to be careful.

  5. Hi Andrew!
    Your monthly specials with videos of each product are a great idea! I already take some of these supplements, Digestive Assure, Aloe Vera, Ultimate Friendly Flora, and Fibermucil; all of them are remarkable!! I have a very sensitive stomach and since I take these supplements, I have seen a huge difference with my digestion. For instance, if I eat a heavy meal, I usually get a strong stomach pain right after. As soon as I take the Digestive Assure along with the Flora, I feel much better, my discomfort goes away, and I can sleep at night. I have modified my diet and with these supplements (along with others) I feel like I am twenty years younger (I am in my 40’s).
    I won’t stop taking any of them because they really work!!!
    Thank you for providing the best quality supplements in the market. Keep up with the good work, Andrew!

  6. I love how the November monthly specials have been presented with these videos. Great idea and I hope you continue with it in the future. It was very informative and specialized on each product that’s on the monthly special.

  7. I have been with your company for a long time. You are the best and what you say about your products are absolute!!

    I ordered a jar of cranberry vitmain and I had taken nearly all of them. When like magic my husband came in with a box from Pro Caps. I said I don’t think I ordered any thing new. We opened the box and there was a JAR OF CRANBERRY VITAMINS. They explained why and I was so taken aback and thrilled at the same time.
    Anyway due to a shipping or and a packing order they sent me a new jar of Cranberry Vitamins.
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not many people around like Andrew Lessman.
    Thank you
    Respectfully submitted

  8. I Love ALL Procaps products I was wondering if a flax seed or coconut oil product is in the works , and by the way it’s a great idea that you have multiple products as monthly specials.

  9. Thank you, Andrew Lessman, for providing me with the most informative information reguarding our health and for the products that help me, with all of the guess work, out of the way.
    I have been using your supplements for many decades now and I appreciate having them available because of your hard work.
    Happy Holidays to you
    and continue with the great work. ?
    Laura Morrison

  10. all your products Andrew for the past 25 years! I have been in auto ship for years and love the Elite vitamins that I share with my husband. And with many of your vitamins,HHSN Nd vitamin D3.Immune support and Turmeric..Nd Calcium magnesium… etc. Love your blog and videos . I am so thankful for what you do. Best of Health Andres and Muriel

  11. Andrew you are a great example for taking supplements, you look fabulous and fit, please tell us some of your exercise routines, i.e weights, body exercises, running?

  12. I am a 68 yr old woman with many medical conditions. Uncontrolled Diabetes, Heart Disease with 2 stents, awful Gerd with a hernia and now almost unable to walk. I am on 10 pills a day plus Insulin and now one of the medications I am unable to get because my insurance won’t cover it. It is called Omeprazole which is a generic for Prilosec. I would really like to take a natural digestion supplement and although I have watched you On HSN for years, I have always been too afraid to dump the big Pharmaceuticals for possibly a better way. After doing a fair amount of research on you and your company I feel that you actually care about what you put in those capsules and the quality and care and cleanliness of your facility is the best I have ever seen. So I am looking fora place to start. Can you give me some guidance as to what you feel will do better for me in the digestion department and won’t interfere with the other statins, blood pressure and cholesterol lowering medications I take?
    At this point in my life I have little to no faith in Western Medicine or the Doctors…I guess what I am trying to say is that I just want to feel better. I want to sleep at night and not have to sleep all day and I am hoping with the right supplements for all that ailes me that maybe…just maybe…I can achieve this with the right supplements.

    Thank You
    Linle White

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