Two New Anniversary Today’s Specials
Resveratrol Anti-Aging Complex
Plus, Ultimate Friendly Flora

Last Sunday the theme of the day was Anniversary Savings and we will continue the celebration this Sunday with Anniversary Pricing on all our products, as well as, not just one, but two exciting Today’s Specials.  First, our Resveratrol-100, which is among our most popular stand-alone products, but for our Anniversary Today’s Special, we have also combined it with three other favorites; Pomegranate 40:40Green Tea EGCG and Grape Seed Extract.  This Anti-Aging Complex is offered at a price that would be exceptional even if were just for Resveratrol-100 alone, but we have also included the protective benefits of these three additional ingredients – all of which have been the subject of extensive scientific research.  For more than a decade, Resveratrol has been one of our most popular Today’s Specials, but for our Anniversary, I thought it would be even better to also add, at no additional charge, the benefits of high levels of EGCG from Green Tea, along with the unique Ellagic Acid and Punicalagins present in Pomegranate 40:40 Extract, plus the Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) from our Grape Seed Extract.  Resveratrol has long been the subject of some of the most exciting anti-aging research and combined with these three other standardized extracts from natural protective compounds, you truly have a winning combination of the most important natural anti-aging tools.

Our second Today’s Special, Ultimate Friendly Flora, is our ultra-high potency Probiotic supplement.  It is yet another example of an ingredient that like Resveratrol, CoQ10, Vitamin D, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and so many others, we pioneered the discussion of the ingredients and their health benefits long before they could be found in any stores.  We also performed some of the earliest research on a Probiotic formula that would not require refrigeration.  Friendly Flora are truly a unique family of ingredients, since unlike typical nutrients or botanicals ingredients that possess specific compounds that have a beneficial role in our body, Probiotics are alive.  They are actually microorganisms…tiny living things that must go to work in our body in order for our bodies to be healthy.  It is well recognized that our bodies must possess a healthy population of Probiotics in order for us to experience healthy digestion and immune function.  But again, Friendly Flora are not nutrients or substances, but microorganisms that we must possess to lead a happy, healthy life.  In fact, to the extent we can create the right environment to keep these organisms happy, then our digestion and immune system will benefit greatly.  Without a healthy balanced population of these organisms, we cannot experience normal digestive and immune system function.  Sadly, our modern world with its poor diet, stress, medications, etc has badly disrupted our balance of these friendly microorganisms and as a result, our digestive and immune system function suffers greatly.  It is easy to understand the enormous role these microorganisms play in our health, if one considers that in our body, these tiny microorganisms should outnumber the cells in our body!  It is also clear from the latest research that these organisms can also influence brain function and emotional balance.  This is something called the gut-brain axis, which I will discuss this weekend during our shows.  In fact, many experts attribute the high incidence of emotional imbalance in our society to be partly the result of the unhealthy relationship and balance we maintain with our friendly flora.  Ultimate Friendly Flora was formulated following the latest research regarding using the precise strains (types and balance) of Friendly Flora that have proven most beneficial.  We also provide an exceptional 25 Billion Colony Forming Units per capsule.  I am thrilled that the research in this area has grown dramatically since my early days of discussing it a couple of decades ago, but for me, the most rewarding observation is the fact that the medical community now recognizes the critical importance of friendly flora to our health.  These tiny microorganisms are truly our best friends, but like any very dear friend, they can be fragile and sensitive, so it is up to us to do our very best to keep them happy and if we do so, then like any good friend, they will also do their best to insure our wellbeing.  I look forward to sharing more important information this weekend.

As I wrote the above, I realized how much material I will have to cover this weekend, particularly when it comes to our Ultimate Friendly Flora, so I will do my best to cover what you need to know to make healthy decisions in these areas.  As I often repeat on-air, I am very proud of my products, but it is not essential that you get them to benefit from these shows, since by far, the most important thing I provide is information and the most life-changing thing I can trigger is your curiosity and interest in your health.  I hope to see you this Saturday evening for a one hour Variety Show at 11 PM Eastern Time followed by our two Today’s Specials at midnight.  We are back at noon on Sunday and then we finish up at 8 PM.  I will also be visiting Adam’s Monday Night show, but without any specific product focus and really just to respond to any questions you might have now or that might arise over the weekend.  Please feel free to share your questions with us at  Adam’s show is a great opportunity to provide any additional information you might require.  See you on Saturday evening.

Best of health.


20 thoughts on “
Two New Anniversary Today’s Specials
Resveratrol Anti-Aging Complex
Plus, Ultimate Friendly Flora

  1. i love the fact youre products are so pure i am aq big fan of you and dr joel furhman you two have changed my whole outlook on nutrition and suplementation thank you from the bottom of my heart

  2. I love absolutely everything that Procaps produces and I have been a customer for years. My budget has become a little tighter these last 10 months and I was wondering – if Andrew had to pick two or three products that he considered a ‘must’ – what would they be. I want to invest wisely but when you hear Andrew speak….your convinced you need them all !!! :-))

  3. Dear Andrew,

    I first saw you on HSN while recuperating from cervical myeopathy ) which they said I should be the posterboy for it as the only damage was a noticieble balance problem and shoulder related BUT the two places I was losing feeling in my arms and legs which scared the hell outta me, was resolved. So that was like the 80’s I think and before being legally disabled I could afford your top of the line multi-vitamins now all I can afford is the essential. No more B, Alpha lapoic acid, vitamin C, I cannot affored many products the brain assist, but I doubt you have anything lower than the clearance on T.V. Thank you for all your products and being philanthropic as well. Your concern for the environment has always impressed me! Be Well,

    1. Hi,
      I am not Andrew, but I do use some of his products. I have also have some neurological problems and was losing the feeling in my entire body — there is a long hard to pronounce name for it and it can cause you to have either excruciating pain or cause you to lose all feeling. I guess I prefer the losing all feeling to the pain. Any way I started taking PQQ. Which, is Pyrroloquinoline, you can google it either way by the long name or the PQQ and you will find the tests etc. that you can research. The compound was developed for people who have had strokes and for heart failure — however, what it does is promte the Mitochondrial Biogenesis. Every cell in your body is controlled by Mitochondrial and as you get older you lose a lot your Mitochondrial from your cells. Since I have Congestive Heart Failure along with Neurological problems I started taking this. You need to have it be bio-available and it needs to make it to the small intestine, so it matters how or what kind of capsule it is enclosed in. So you can not use the version that Andrew sells as he adds his B complex to it, something that really should not be done as PQQ needs to be taken on an empty stomach and B vitamins need to be taken with food to be effective. I use the Jarrow Brand BioPQQ 20 mg capsules that are Bio-Available. You can purchase them on for about $16.00 per month if you do autoship then you save an additional 5%. They must be at least 20 mg to be effective. Do not use any that are not bio-available. PQQ causes your body to generate Mitochondria which is necessary for healthy cells of all types. Anyway, I have found that my tinnitus is
      is almost gone — tinnitus is not an ear problem it is caused by the degeneration of the neural synapses in the brain. It has helped my heart failure to stabilize, and also helps with the autoimmune diseases I have. I have found that my cognitive function has improved, my short term memory issues have improved and the feeling is coming back to my body (a double edged sword, LOL). I have had cervical spine fusion and was to have my lower spine fused as well, but now I do not feel the need for that. I started out for the first month taking two (2) capsules a day to kick start it and then I have reduced the dosage to one every morning. I, personally am amazed at my results as are my doctors, who, as you know think if they do not have to prescribe it, it can not be any good. It is well worth finding the money to utilize this product. I wish that Andrew would take the B vitamins out of his product and put it in a capsule that will make it to the small intestine. Anyway, I am not a doctor — just a fellow sufferer who likes Andrews products – I use a lot of them but not his one and not his calcium magnesium one as while these two compounds work in synergy in the body they work against each other if you take them together, so they need to be taken individually at least 4 hours apart. You also might check into using bone broth. Anyway, check it out and give it a try – can not hurt and can do a lot of good in my experience.

      1. Sandy, thank you for your article. I almost didn’t read it. I have pretty much the same issues as you. I will buy this vitamin.


  5. Can you please make your Essential-1 Multi Vitamin WITHOUT all the extra D3… I (and others with) have Renal Disease, and can not take too much Calcium and/or D3 (or D). Please let me know. Thank you !

    1. For canines give them turmeric, along with multi-vitamins, but check with a veterinarian to be sure — if you google for healthy dogs you will find a lot of information. I also feed my dogs 2 cooked eggs per day as the yolks have amazingly good things for dogs (but dogs should never be given raw egg whites), people as well — try eating 3 every morning and see how it works for you. Dogs also require a lot of protein and no grains, no corn, no gluten, no soy and nothing with onion be it actual onion or onion powder or salt it will destroy their kidneys. Costco sells a great turmeric product – I wrap the capsule in half a piece of american cheese and they take it right down. I am not a vet, I am just sharing what I do for my dogs. I use a multi vitamin product formulated specifically for dogs by the way. I am very picky about what they eat.

    2. I have had my dogs on glucosamine and chondroitin and tumeric for several years – 3 of the 4 dogs are well over 10 years old and are very active- no signs of joint discomfort or hip pain! They also get a protein supplement daily and a veterinarian approved multivitamin.

  6. Andrew I like it when you stay with the subject of health this is why we are attracted to you, do you notice that we never hear anything good from the news media about vitamins? if anything they bash even with all the peer review evidence of the benefits of vitamins they withhold the truth from the public, they receive alot of money from the drug companies that advertise on there stations, I suggest people shut of the television and go join a gym along with taking Andrews supplements I did and I have become more joyful and peaceful.

  7. I love your supplements Andrew and take several of them. I did have a couple questions about the Ultimate Friendly Flora however. What is the process to making this product and still keeping the organisms alive in the capsule? Are they freeze-dried and then come to life again once taken with water? Also, you used to include “food” for them in the capsule but I no longer see that listed on the product label. Is that no longer needed for them to thrive? Thanks.

  8. Andrew, thank you very much. I have had this on going cough , very bad at night. My doctor just gave me cough medicine, very little aid. Finally at wits end, my husband is using , as a preventive for his upset stomach Ultimate Friendly Flora , so I thought , why not. Too my surprise, which was about 2 weeks ago, no more cough . Told my doctor and he was shocked as to my cough cure. Tonight I told my husband to order two of the 270 caps bottles at the Today Special. Will not be without them again, Again thank you very much for stopping a year old cough and making a 75 year young lady happy again.

  9. Andrew. You speak of being honest and open with your customers yet you delete ANY post here that asks legitimate questions or if anyone has a complaint which you totally ignore and do not address. Why is that?

  10. Please reply to Christopher’s questions above concerning Ultimate Friendly Flora. This is also a concern of mine.

  11. FYI For those of you who missed the Today Special with HSN, today before 12 pm EST, only about 1.5 hour left, your last change to do it. Go to and place your order now to catch the deal.

  12. Hi Andrew,

    I Love your Products have been taking since you started on HSN.
    I started taking the new Friendly Flora,,, Not so Friendy to my stomach and intestinal system, little pain and gas that occurs in the late afternoon.
    Will this subside after using it for a while? I used the other friendly flora and did not experience this. I also starting takind the RESVERATROL ANTI-AGING COMPLEX could that be causing it?
    Thank you for your help and for all your Wonderful products!

  13. You need to accept PayPal as a payment method on your site, especially in this day and age. Some people do not like giving out their CC to every website on the net.

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