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For almost 30 years on QVC and HSN, I have always wanted to broadcast live from home, but it never happened.  Sure, every year we do lots of shows from our factory in Henderson, Nevada, but I always dreamed of doing a live show from my old home in Malibu.  Well, this weekend we will be broadcasting live from California, but instead of Malibu, we will be back in Santa Monica, only a few miles from where I started ProCaps Labs over 40 years ago.  At that time, back in 1979, we were in Santa Monica making unique nutritional supplements for medical professionals.  Back then, I decided to live “away from the city” in the peace, quiet and security of Malibu where I could run, hike and mountain bike the canyons and mountains.  In the mid-90s, we moved to Henderson, Nevada, where the desert environment enabled us to make all our products 100% pure and 100% with solar energy, but I always kept a small place in Malibu close to my parents and my Goddaughter and so I could also “escape” to the peace and security of the Malibu hills.  Sadly, like so much of California, Malibu has changed, and it has ceased to be a place of peaceful security for Muriel, me and the pups.  As a result, we decided that what little time we spend in California should not be spent worrying about our safety, so now we are going back to where it all started – Santa Monica.  This weekend we will broadcast from my home in Santa Monica that is still being renovated (so bear with us), but we are safe from the fires that have plagued Malibu.  Please take a moment and visit with us this weekend.  Of course, Muriel will be there with Link and Marcel, and I hope my mom will stop by after her Mahjong tournament (she lives 2 minutes away) and maybe even my Goddaughter Devyn, and her husband Jerry, will visit us with their 8-week new baby.  It is with great sadness that after 30 years I had to leave Malibu, but I look forward to sharing our home with you in Santa Monica.  There will be much to share during the shows this weekend, particularly our 3 amazing Today’s Specials, along with an assortment of timely for the holidays, digestion-related Monthly Specials (all at Today’s Special Pricing); plus a Monthly Special that was created at the last second due to popular request and at remarkable savings (anti-aging Resveratrol).  We will be on during our normal times, Saturday evening, Sunday noon and Sunday evening.  I have also briefly elaborated below on all the key products that will be available.  I have also recorded several brief videos on each of these specials should any of them be of particular interest and they are all available at HSN.com.

Let’s start with our Today’s Specials, beginning with a new and improved formula of our Ultimate Friendly Flora.  As you know, we constantly adapt, change and improve all our formulas and Ultimate Friendly Flora is no exception.  In fact, over the years, Ultimate Friendly Flora has been one of the most “evolved” of all our products given the opportunities that all the active research that is going on relating to probiotics.  This formula has seen almost a dozen changes over the past couple of decades and our newest version, despite its contents looking very similar, is without question our finest ever.  Although it contains seemingly similar strains of probiotics, these probiotic organisms possess enhanced stability, activity and, most importantly, benefits to you.  There are thousands of possible strains of probiotic organisms, but we focus on those with clinically established requirements and benefits.  Each small easy-to-swallow capsule contains a remarkable 25+ Billion colony forming units.  The label might appear almost identical, which should instill confidence if you already love the formula, but the subtle changes to each of the probiotic strains means that this latest generation of Ultimate Friendly Flora will provide you with the greatest possible health benefits.  We all know how important digestive enzymes are to digestion.  In fact, without them, we could not digest food, but our friendly flora probiotic organisms are an equally integral part of how a healthy digestive and immune system function.  In fact, without a healthy complement of probiotic organisms, our digestive and immune systems could not function in a healthy fashion.  There is no avoiding the critical connection these organisms have to every system in our body, particularly our brain, immune and digestive system and this weekend, we have our best formula ever, at its best pricing ever.  Enjoy!

Our two other Today’s Specials are a frequently married pairing of products that we often feature in January, but I think this time of year – just before the holidays – makes even more sense.  I am talking about Phosphatidyl Choline (PC) Liver and Brain Benefits, along with our Liver Antioxidant Extracts.  Throughout the year, our liver is arguably the hardest working organ in our body, but it is the last few months of the year and leading into New Years that the liver’s already extreme workload takes on the even greater burden that our holiday eating, drinking and other activities entail.  Plus, during this challenging time, we still must take our normal medications, including those for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, depression, etc.  Our liver must process all medications and chemicals we take in.  It is effectively in charge of our body’s internal housekeeping and cleanliness.  It must process a myriad of chemicals and metabolic byproducts, so it is truly incumbent upon us to show a little gratitude and there is no more straightforward and affordable way to do so, then with PC Liver and Brain Benefits, since it represents the basic building block of our liver (2/3 of its working membrane surface area) while also comprising the most important phospholipid in our brain.  It is essential to the normal structure and function of our liver and brain, but has also been observed to help with those normal memory-related issues associated with the normal aging process.  In short, there is no simpler or more affordable way to benefit two of our body’s most important and hardest working organs – the liver and the brain.  It is available at its best pricing very and also in the two large sizes, it can be bundled with our Liver Antioxidant Extracts.  The latter formula, Liver Antioxidant Extracts is a blend of the 3 most clinically established botanicals to support liver health, detoxification and regeneration.  It is not surprising that given the incredibly challenging and often “dirty” work the liver must perform, that it possesses the unique ability to regenerate its tissue.  Other organs can repair themselves, but only the liver possesses the unique power of regeneration.  That is the goal and target of the botanicals in Liver Antioxidant Extracts supporting the liver’s unique detoxification and regenerative processes.  When you combine the structural building blocks of PC Liver and Brain Benefits with the detoxification and regenerative properties of Liver Antioxidant Extracts, you achieve the perfect partnership in terms of supporting your liver and brain during a difficult time of year and insuring that you arrive for the New Year as healthy as possible.  You and your liver will appreciate it. ?

As to our Monthly Specials, I will start with a surprise addition to the lineup – Resveratrol.  During the last few Monday night shows, I noticed a substantial amount of questions and requests regarding Resveratrol and “what has happened to it?”  I read a few complaints that it had not been sufficiently featured recently as a Today’s Special for many years.  That would be my fault.  Resveratrol is considered one of nature’s most powerful and popular plant-based anti-aging molecules and, as a result, every year it was a Today’s Special in January/February, but in recent years and with my reduced number of shows, it had not returned as a Today’s Special.  Apparently, hundreds of folks saw fit to remind me of my omission and since we were able to manufacture a sufficient amount (hopefully) for a Monthly Special, I decided to feature it this month.  However, in preparing for the shows, we made an error in calculating the price of this product, but rather than correcting that error and raising the price, I thought that a nice way for me to apologize for neglecting to offer Resveratrol for all these years would be to keep that lower mistaken price.  Resveratrol is an expensive ingredient and the normal HSN price for a year’s supply is $159.90, which is far lower than when we introduced it a couple of decades ago.  This Monthly Special is our best pricing ever – even lower than its original Today’s Special!  For this month only, you can get a 360 capsule, one-year supply of 100 mg Resveratrol for only $59.90 (about 15 cents per capsule).  That’s $100 off the HSN price and only $23 more than the normal price for the 60 capsules!  By the way, the Monthly Special price on the 180 capsule size is about the same as the HSN price on a 60-capsule supply.  Many experts refer to Resveratrol as Mother Nature’s most powerful plant-based anti-aging compound and I suppose that is why so many folks were upset by my neglecting to offer it at Event Pricing.  Hopefully, our Monthly Special pricing will make up for my neglecting this ingredient for the past few years.  By the way, just to give you a sense of the high potency here, at 100 mgs, most everyone takes one capsule daily.  Also, Resveratrol cannot be absorbed through the skin, so if you are seeking its beauty, brain, longevity or heart health benefits, it must be delivered orally and then naturally distributed throughout the body like any other vital nutrient.  Again, my apologies for having been remiss in scheduling Resveratrol in the past and I hope this Special Event helps to make up for it.  Enjoy!

Last, but certainly not least, is our complete assortment of digestion-related products to help us contend with those inevitable holiday digestive challenges.  I have recorded short videos on each and every one of these products at HSN.com, which will hopefully answer any of your questions.  We start with our most straightforward and perhaps well-loved of our digestive products and that is the 100% digestive enzyme formula we call Digest Assure.  We cannot comfortably digest all the complex foods we eat without digestive enzymes.  Moreover, we cannot perform the digestion we need to survive without digestive enzymes, which is why Digest Assure is such a fundamental product and its 100% pure enzyme-based formula is so appreciated.  There are a multitude of factors that adversely affect our ability to secrete digestive enzymes and adequately digest food making Digest Assure a commonsense product as we age, deal with stress or take any number of medications, including those new technology antacids.  We then continue with our almost perfectly reviewed natural fiber product called Fibermucil, which is as naturally mild as it is powerful.  It causes no gas or bloating, and is the perfect tool for regularity and to overcome the absence of fiber in the typical American diet.  We also have our natural breath freshener, Breath+Plus, that ensures that the contents of our stomach does not adversely affect the freshness of our breath.  We can have the cleanest and freshest mouth possible, but if our stomach contains spicy food, alcohol or coffee, someone you are speaking to will know it.  Breath+Plus goes to the source, our stomach, so it can help overcome even morning breath or even the impact cigarettes can have on the contents of our stomach.  We also have a pair of products that help us contend with foods that might be challenging to digest for some of us.  Specifically, Bean and Vegetable Gas Relief, whose name says it all, as well as Dairy and Lactose Tolerance.  When it comes to healthy foods like cruciferous vegetables and beans, many of us cannot eat them because of the discomfort they cause us or the “hazards” they might pose to others.  Bean and Vegetable Gas Relief contains enzymes that “defuse” those offending molecules before they can become offensive and allow you to enjoy the flavor and health benefits of some of nature’s healthiest foods.  As for Dairy and Lactose Tolerance, it also contains an enzyme, but this one targets lactose, the offending molecule in dairy products for those with lactose intolerance issues.  This product comes in handy this time of year, since sometimes we are not sure what some recipes might contain, but also if we knowingly choose to eat something that might contain a small amount of lactose.  Lastly, we also have Monthly Special pricing on all our Aloe Vera and Ginger products, which are viewed as Mother Nature’s soothing botanicals for a challenged stomach and digestive system, with Ginger particularly effective for an unstable or nauseous stomach.  Both of these ingredients are also often consumed, like Turmeric, for their benefits to our joints.  I do not believe I omitted any of our other Digestive Monthly Specials, but rest assured you will find them all available at HSN.com.

I hope you can find a moment to tune-in and watch a bit of the live show from my home in Santa Monica.  As I said, Muriel will be there, as well as Lincoln and Marcel; and hopefully my Mom and perhaps my Goddaughter and her baby.  You will find us on HSN briefly this evening (Friday) with a sneak peek of all the above products at 9:35 ET and then we are back 11 PM ET on Saturday, as well as noon and 8 PM ET on Sunday.  We will close out with the Monday night show at 10 PM ET where I will try to get to all your questions.  I love the informality of being able to do a live show from home surrounded by family, friends, puppies and the team from HSN, so I hope it goes well and we can have you over as often as you like. ?

Best of health and see you soon.


13 thoughts on “
Our Live Shows From
Our Home in Santa Monica

  1. Why don’t you offer PayPal as a payment method? Been buying from you for more than a decade…but due to problem with hackers, I use PayPal when I buy on line. HSN, QVC both use PayPal. I prefer to buy directly from ProCaps Labs website…but unfortunately you do not accept PayPal and I am forced to input my credit card info. ANDREW…PLEASE ADD PAYPAL !

  2. I agree with John Prendergast. Using PayPal is much more secure and I wish you would offer that option, as does HSN. Thank you.

  3. Hello My Friend,
    I turn 85 next month and I owe it to your wonderful products. I am running out of cupboard spaces. I am functioning on all your products daily and to date, my mind and body are working 100%.
    My weight is normal now, I feel great, I take NO prescription drugs, my yearly physicals show everything is great. so, Thank you Andrew, and keep up the good work you do and God Bless You.

  4. Thank you for all your products especially Essentials 1 Multi, there is nothing like it anywhere. Other multi’s seem cheaper online but they have you taking 2 or 3 pills a day which means you have to buy many bottles, yours is 1 a day and its loaded with all the vitamins and minerals we need, just perfect. I appreciate the teachings you give us with actual studies to show proof of improved health with supplements.

  5. Thank you Andrew! Love all your products, and really enjoy the education as well. Your passion, enthusiasm, and general concern for peoples health is obvious and much appreciated.

  6. Andrew, I ordered the 240 Friendly Flora last night. Are there restrictions as to when to take it; with or without food; and does it conflict with other forms like Greek yogurt?

  7. I loved your show at your home!! It was great but I love all of your shows and also where you make the products.. It was wonderful getting to know your family and meeting them and also your dogs of course. Since you have become such an important part of my and my husbands life since you have brought great benefits and health to it we cant imagine ever being without your products. I have one comment, your granddaughter might be a little spoiled because when she said to you “your welcome” when you said thanks for being here I thought that was very childish and she should be thankful you brought her on TV… I wonder if she gets how amazing you are!!.. I think she might need to grow up a little but otherwise I loved it!

  8. Also looking forward to when your tinted SPF version comes out , I hope for this spring! Again take many of your products and labs have changed drastically since taking them and even our doctors want to know what we are taking and the education you give is the best thing ever! Please keep doing this for many many years!

  9. Andrew, I listened to your September blog several times and also heard you on live TV say that the Choconuvo price in October would be the cheapest except for the TSV in December. I specifically waited for the December TSV because I wanted to stock up for myself and also order the 300 count as a gift. I see now that it is not listed as a TSV but a monthly special and only a 180 count. I hope this is a misprint as there is a big difference in price in the monthly special of 180 count and a TSV of 300 count. Look forward to hearing from you.

  10. Andrew will the TS for secure in January be in the new packaging you showed on tour of plant . Think it is a very good idea . Will take up much less space for us to store it and I would think cheaper for you to ship which also benefits us as it will allow you better pricing.Thanks for always making things better for us !!!!!!

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