7 thoughts on “
Andrew Discusses April Shows
and New Products

  1. As always, remarkable information. Thanks Andrew for creating the best vitamins in the world. Can’t wait for the sweetener and the kids vitamins. My granddaughter will thank you. My 97 year old mother has taken your vitamins for years, as have I and my husband. Blessings!

  2. Hi Andrew and staff: I am a loyal consumer for many years. I’m very rich in health because of you. My doctor told me to stop doing what I was taking for my cholesterol cause it was getting too low..something a statin never did. I’m looking so forward to your new products and and continue my oldstandbys. I wish for one thing, that all the products I take except cholestcare could have a non-vitamin c added alternative. I’m severely allergic to vit c and citrus such as lemon, oranges, etc. Could u address this one day on a show or blog. Hopefully I’m not the only one with this allergy. So happy to hear about ceremonial grade matcha tea..I will be buying that too. Bless you Andrew and best of everything always..can’t wait for your upcoming shows.

  3. Andrew Thank you for the information on the new upcoming supplements. I’m very happy that you’re making a natural sweetener and also a children vitamin. My granddaughter took your other vitamin for children and didn’t like them. I hear so much info on Probiotic and Prebiotic saying taking a Probiotic without a Prebiotic your not getting the full benefits?
    With that being said do you think in the near future you will entertain making another Prebiotic?
    Also, I want to Thank your company for finally honoring my Son request whom is in the military in S. Korea of getting his vitamins quicker. It was taking over forty five days for him to get his vitamins and now he’s getting them within fifteen days. He is very excited that he’s now getting his vitamins quicker.
    Thank you very much.

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