We Must Postpone
Our Visit to Beauty IQ

Hello Everyone.It is with great disappointment that I must cancel our shows tonight at Beauty IQ.  We were planning to introduce everyone to our vitamin products, especially our three beauty supplements; Healthy Hair Skin and Nails, Marine Collagen Peptides and Phytoceramides.  Sadly, we will have to wait a short while to visit Beauty IQ, because last week when we were visiting California, we became stuck here due to the fires and I was forced to cancel our shows.  As most of you know, ProCaps Labs is in Henderson, Nevada, but some of you might recall that I founded ProCaps in Santa Monica back in 1979 and moved to Henderson Nevada in the mid-1990s.  Since that time, I have kept a little place in Malibu where I get to enjoy the great outdoors while visiting friends and family.  We are in the western part of Malibu, which is essentially a rural area with open land and lots of remote trails where I can run, mountain-bike and hike.  Most people think of Malibu as being a ritzy part of Los Angeles, but for the most part it really is a remote, rural area with modest homes – so many of which burned this week.  In fact, Malibu is so rural that when the puppies were small, we had to watch them constantly outside the house lest they get carried away by a coyote, hawk or owl or even be bitten by a rattlesnake.  In short, Malibu is definitely not urban Los Angeles.  Southern California is essentially a desert and the last decade or so we have seen record-breaking drought.  We do not have forest fires here, but what little vegetation there is grows quickly when it rains and burns even more quickly when fires come, particularly during these times of record-breaking heat, low humidity and winds.  Unfortunately, we found ourselves in Malibu during this most recent tragic fire event.  We are fortunate our home is still standing, but we found ourselves trapped in Malibu during the fires and only managed to escape over the weekend.  It is a heart-breaking time for so many in Malibu where hundreds of homes have been lost.  It is hard to believe, but as tragic as the events are in Malibu, only a few hundred miles away in Northern California, fires have claimed thousands of homes, as well as dozens of lives with several hundred folks still missing.  These climate-driven disasters are right on the heels of two historic hurricanes; one hitting the Florida Panhandle and the other striking the Carolinas.  Those events have cost many lives and left thousands without homes.  Again, it reminds me of that childhood margarine commercial:  “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”  Sadly, this is the new “abnormal” for climate and it will persist for decades and likely, centuries to come.  I am at heart an incurable optimist, but unless humanity focuses the same energy, ingenuity and creativity on solving this problem as we did in creating it, then our future will be challenging to say the least.

As to Beauty IQ, we will be on-air there as soon as possible. In the meantime, our beauty supplements and several of our most important vitamins will be available at Beauty IQ and QVC.com beginning in early December.  I know that will make a great deal of folks who have been waiting for our products to be available at QVC.com very happy.  Rest assured, nothing is changing at HSN or HSN.com.  All of the things you have grown to love about our brand will not change.  We will offer the same great pricing and special savings, as well as diverse products and multiple sizes (especially Economy Sizes) with great flexpay and free shipping.  Our show schedule will remain the same as well.  Basically, everything remains the same.  The only change is that we will now “share the health” with folks who have missed out on the world’s best vitamins for so many years. Of course, on December 8th to 10th, we will be back on HSN for our annual live factory remote from Henderson, Nevada where I am proud to provide a live tour of our facilities and show off our unparalleled cleanliness and sophistication.  Once again, unlike virtually all brands, we actually make all of the products you enjoy – and you can see precisely where we do it!  Plus, I can show you some brand new equipment that will enable us to create new products you have been requesting for decades.

Again, I am sorry to have cancelled our shows this evening at Beauty IQ, but Mother Nature doesn’t care about human planning.  Fortunately, we will be on HSN in just a few weeks with our live factory remote.  Lastly, please join me in offering our thoughts and prayers to the many fellow Americans and their loved ones whose lives have been so horribly disrupted and even cut short by these recent natural disasters.  I will see you soon.

Best of Health.

Andrew Lessman

15 thoughts on “
We Must Postpone
Our Visit to Beauty IQ

  1. Sorry you are going through this horrific ordeal. Happy you and your family are safe. Love all your products. Be well.

  2. Glad you are safe as that is what is most important. You will be missed tonight, but knowing that you are safe is what counts.

  3. I add my prayers for the safety and health of your family and everyone affected by this tragic fire.
    We will be waiting patiently until you can join us.

  4. I’m sorry you are going through this but I’m happy that you are safe. Are you still going to be doing your show on HSN I take your products and i will like to know could i take cranberry benefits and circulation vein pill togther. take care

  5. Thanks for all you do in providing wonderful supplements! I am an HSN customer & purchase your products through HSN. I sincerely hope your relationship with HSN remains intact. For personal reasons, I’m not sure that I will be able to do business with QVC. Stay safe & be careful in California. God Bless.

  6. So relieved to know you are ok and that your home wasn’t harmed. I am a devout Pro Caps customer of probably 10 years and thank you for all you do to keep us healthy and educated.

  7. 🙁 So Sorry, but Glad you and your home are safe. It is Heartbreaking seeing the destruction, lives lost, so many missing.

  8. Andrew so glad you & your family are fine. Such a sad time for everyone down there who have not been found as of yet.
    My husband just started your vitamin 7 pack. One week now. Then I purchased your probiotic also.
    Love your products.
    Do you have probiotics in small round pearl size?
    Thank you so much..

  9. Andrew, I originally bought your great vitamins from you many, many years ago when I lived in Santa Monica thanks to a mutual friend Lisanne Laraneta. They were then and still are, the only vitamins I can take! Thank you for all you do and to your continued commitment to the health of others. I’m very glad you, Muriel & Lincoln are safe.

  10. I love your products!
    I am looking forward to seeing you on QVC and hoping I can buy larger quantities with more easy pay options!
    So very truly sorry for those horrific ?. Hoping you and yours are safe.

  11. Dear Andrew,
    We lost everything in paradise Calif due to the camp fire. Up here in Lincoln city oregon and just secured a rental. Am hoping to order some vitamins shortly as we didn’t get a chance to get any. And believe me it’s one of the things I actually feel lost without.

  12. This is a late comment:
    We live on the West Side of the City of Los Angeles and we have a big problem with Coyotes! We also have possums, squirrels. The squirrels rundown the trees to play with our dogs while we’re walking them! We have raccoons, snakes ,hawks. We also have to keep a close eye on them!
    Andrew this is the City of LA, next to Culver City!???‍♀️

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