QVC & HSN: A Few Words…

Given the number of questions surrounding the recent changes in the relationship between QVC and HSN, I thought I would record this brief video.  As I have previously written, there is nothing that anyone needs to worry about regarding changes to my brand, my products or my prices.  It only bodes well for the future.  Please feel free to click on the video to hear my informal thoughts.

Best of Health.


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Additional Information
Liberty Interactive stockholders, HSNi stockholders and other investors are urged to read the registration statement and the proxy statement/prospectus to be filed regarding the proposed acquisition and any other relevant documents filed with the SEC, as well as any amendments or supplements to those documents, because they will contain important information about the proposed acquisition.  Any definitive proxy statement(s) (if and when available) will be mailed to stockholders of HSNi.  Copies of these SEC filings are available free of charge at the SEC’s website (  Copies of the filings together with the materials incorporated by reference therein are also available, without charge, by directing a request to Liberty Interactive Corporation, 12300 Liberty Boulevard, Englewood, Colorado 80112, Attention: Investor Relations, Telephone: (720) 875-5420.  Copies of documents filed with the SEC by HSNi will be made available free of charge on HSNi’s website at or by contacting HSNi’s Investor Relations Department at HSN, Inc., 1 HSN Drive, St. Petersburg, Florida 33729, Attention Investor Relations, Telephone: (727) 872-1000, email:

Participants in a Solicitation
The directors and executive officers of HSNi and other persons may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies from the holders of HSNi common stock in respect of the proposed acquisition.  Information regarding the directors and executive officers of HSNi is available in its definitive proxy statement for HSNi’s 2017 Annual Meeting of Stockholders, which was filed with the SEC on April 10, 2017 and in the other documents filed after the date thereof by HSNi with the SEC. Investors may obtain additional information regarding the interests of such participants by reading the proxy statement/prospectus regarding the proposed transaction when it becomes available.  Free copies of these documents may be obtained as described in the preceding paragraph.

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QVC & HSN: A Few Words…

  1. Thank you Andrew! I wasn’t worried at all, as I KNOW the quality of both companies, but still wanted to hear your thoughts. You’re the best! GOD bless you.

    1. Andrew, thank you for your feed back, I have used your products since 1992.
      I will go will your products are. Stay true to what you believe.
      You are the most trusted name in vitamins

  2. Thank you, Andrew, for your education for us and for your products. You have always been kind and responsive when I write to you about a question.

  3. Andrew states that ‘HSN will continue to be HSN and QVC will continue to be QVC’ and we all know Andrew the educator will continue to be Andrew the educator!
    Best of luck in the future Andrew!

  4. Don’t care where you are Andrew….as long as you and your products are available. Both QVC and HSN are great companies. Thank you for all you do!

  5. I Love your Vitamin take all the time for very low potassium I buy from Lab Oxy- Eng. would like to know Andrew do you have one for Osteoarthritis. Thank You Deanna

  6. Thanks Andrew. My son and I have used many of your products throughout the past 15 years. Your vitamins have helped with health issues that meds couldn’t help. We are very grateful for the help and integrity of your products . Also for your charitable efforts in third world countries. Keep up the good work!?

  7. I have not experienced a warm service environment, or customer first attitude,
    or pleasant experience when previously a customer of QVC or HSN. In fact,
    my experience with both shopping networks was unpleasant. I choose
    to purchase my Lessman products direct from ProCap Laboratories.
    ProCap Labs representatives are customer focused, friendly, responsive and helpful with any questions I may have.

    1. If my doctor says I need more vitamin D, I go on line and order direct…and the reps are as you stated.

      BUT, I have shopped for many years with both QVC & HSN and have received great service. I cannot imagine what you could be speaking of. I have always had warm, customer first, pleasant customer service.

  8. Thank you, But…I didn’t shop QVC much because of their customer service, not their product. QVC site is difficult to operate, sign on etc, and takes forever to refund and or send a email even stating they received my return.
    HSN sends email almost immediately stating that my return has been noted and the refund is prompt as well. QVC does none of this. If you cared to review my shopping at HSN you would see I shop a lot. My only concern with merge is that HSN will adopt QVC customer policy. If I shop and find HSN has changed their service their way of service I will stop and find another avenue to spend. I primarily shop Heidi and Lessman but I can go to each of your Internet site and shop and forget HSN/QVC. I’m sure they won’t miss my business even though I usually spend 2-3 hundred a month on HSN. Thanks a lot.

    1. Marla,
      I completely agree with you. I am shocked by this merger because I have always felt QVC was an inferior company to HSN. I even wondered how QVC could stay in business. This reminds me of when KMart bought Sears.

    2. I have shopped both QVC and HSN for 20 years. Much prefer HSN. In fact, I have purchased very little from QVC over the years and a lot from HSN. I just don’t care much for the clothing lines at QVC compared to HSN either. Their Customer Service at HSN is better and their website also. The website at QVC is a pain in the butt since they changed it a few years ago also. The first time I ordered Andrew’s products from HSN, I had some questions so I called the number on the bottle which got me straight to Procaps. I have been ordering directing from Andrew ever since and bypassing HSN because I was so impressed with the person I talked to that answered my questions. And the service is better and much faster. And I enjoy talking to the person that I place my order with because any further questions can be answered at that time especially when I am ordering something for the first time along with the reorders. Thanks to Andrew for the great products and the very personable and knowledgeable people who take the orders.

    3. I have the exact same answer as you do in regards to QVC! Wont go back there EVER again. Not even for Andrew… I spend the same amount as you also. The C.S. is awful, policies awful dislike show host no I really am disappoint in this info.

      Have a great day!

    4. I shopped QVC before it was called QVC. I always thought the entire HSN was inferior. Hosts, models, etc. A good friend shopped HSN successfully and I began to enjoy shopping with them. They have greatly improved everything!
      Since in decades of shopping with QVC and receiving great service, these complaints shock me. I have NEVER heard a complaint from all my friends and family that shop QVC, I find negative comments unbelievable.

    5. I have had the opposite experience that you have had. I have always had a wonderful experience through QVC and bad experiences each time something went wrong when buying from HSN. My first bad experience with HSN was after I had moved and two years later they sent my package to my old address. I had opted to pay through Paypal and my address was current through Paypal. Once they sent my package to the old address, someone there took it of course. The customer service agent removed the charge and a week later the company billed me for it, saying that his superior reviewed it and decided I was at fault. How? UPS acknowledged leaving it at the wrong address, but HSN basically said that unless I pay for the $80.00 item, I could no longer order from them. Then the next time something went wrong, I got the same song and dance from HSN. I had two packages coming, one was delivered. The 2nd package is assumed to have been delivered elsewhere about 5 minutes later. I saw the UPS driver, went to my door and received the only box he brought me. I waved as he drove away. I sat there and opened the box to find that only one of two of my items was inside. I called HSN promptly to report this and they traced the other box and told me that it was delivered. Yes, it was delivered somewhere 5 minutes later, but not to me! So, when UPS scanned it delivered to wherever they decided to take it, my address on the package is the place of delivery according to them. I worked for the USPS for 20 years and I know how mistakes are made when scanning things. If your delivery person is a sub that day there are times that a box will get scanned delivered and its back on a shelf at the Post Office. I’ve seen it happen a lot. I got tired of paying for someone else’s mistakes when dealing with HSN. I have never had an issue with QVC in all the years that I have ordered from them.

  9. So correct me if I am wrong. Andrew are you saying that your products will be available on both HSN and QVC?

  10. Thanks Andrew, I’ve been buying your products for years. Starting on QVC and now through prolabs.
    I would love to find out when I can take for us arthritis pain. I have an all down my hip and left leg and knee. I take women’s wellness and also the courtisine you have and it helps somewhat. I’m sure you have another product that would work even better that I’m not aware of.

    1. I take Andrew’s Complete Jount Effort. I really notice if I don’t take it, my pain is much worse. There is, also, Maximum Joint Effort. Have you tried these products? Good luck.


  12. Hi Andrew: Glad to see that you are happy with the new changes coming. However, I now buy all of your products through your Procaps website as I would rather “cut” out the middleman and give you all of the profits so that you can continue to give us the great products.

    Always the best to you

    1. But I feel it would be a primal loss if we loose Andrews teaching !! As he says, it is vital that we get the education he is offering even if we didn’t buy his products.
      In order to take responsibility for our health we need to understand just what we are taking in supplements and why.

  13. I’m a customer of both companies although more QVC than HSN. I’m hoping the merger will provide opportunities for even more vendors to present their products. Good luck!

  14. Andrew will you be selling on both networks? And when will it begin if so? And about that better pricing when would that begin? I would love to try more of your products,I know the quality is exceptional ,but can still keep my budget restricted.
    I love you oatmeal only one I’ll eat. But I get it so infrequently because of high prices for me.

  15. HSN has far superior Customer Service and website features. QVC’s customer service people are the WORST. They listen to complaints and then just say they will pass it on to their corporate office which is equivalent to the trash! Getting to talk to a supervisor at QVC is nearly impossible. I am always told I will receive a call back within 48 hours which NEVER HAPPENS. QVC CS people are not well trained and frequently give wrong answers to basic questions about QVC policy.

    QVC’s inventory management is pathetic. On numerous occasions, I’m guessing about 25 times, I have received completely different items than I ordered. Sometimes the item I ordered is no longer available so there is no replacement they can send. HSN has NEVER sent me the wrong item.
    The QC website is frequently down/unavailable. I’ve NEVER experienced the HSN website unavailable including during Black Friday. The HSN website has numerous features that make it much easier for the customer to shop, the QVC website does not have such features and is not very customer friendly.

    HSN frequently offers flex pay and free shipping. QVC offers these only infrequently.

    For QVC returns, the shipping/handing is deducted from the refund, BOTH WAYS, whereas HSN only charges it for the return

    I see this as a big step backwards for HSN especially when more and more retail stores are offering free shipping and free returns. Most also offer the convenience of being able to return the merchandise directly to the store for an immediate refund without the hassle of packaging it up, taking it to the post office and waiting a week or more for a refund.
    I am concerned that QVC will drag HSN down to it’s substandard level of shopping experience.

  16. Andrew, I’m still not to sure just what this is all about. I Have been buying from HSN for 40 years, and I have every one of your products since you started about twenty two years ago with HSN, love them all! I also buy some products from QVC. But, I am very loyal to HSN and your great Products. I have never called in to the show to talk to you or any of the great Host, or have I ever written to you or HSN. In the last ten years I have been to your lab. only a few times once to a buy product I could not get on HSN. But, mainly I have always wanted to work for you. I have filled out two apps. once ten years ago and again several months ago. Both times I was never called in for an interview. I do have a swell job now in preventive med. and I am still a student at UNLV getting my Masters. MY goal is to get my Phd. I am sure all is going to be just fine with HSN and QVC. Please keep me posted.
    Thank you.
    Gayle Wilde

  17. I hope this simply means you are going to be on QVC sometimes. Your blogs are quite winded sometimes. I prefer QVC-they have excellent customer service-the best I’ve seen.

  18. This is the first I am hearing of the merger. If you say that the quality and value will not change I will believe you, although there are two particular product lines that I have stopped ordering from QVC when the manufacturer of the product changed hands and they messed with the recipe. The result was what was once an excellent product became an inferior product. Don’t let that happen to your product Andrew and I will continue to be a faithful customer.

  19. As an old follower of Adelle Davis, Carlton Fredericks, and of course Linus Pauling, I’ve taken supplements for years. I stopped though a few years ago when I was uncomfortable with the products, where they came from and what all is added to them. I was putting something into my body every day without knowing exactly what. I called one company to ask about these things and no one could answer my questions. Poor quality nutrients can not only be bad but dangerous. When I came across your products it was so enlightening. I cannot tell you how excited I was to discover you. I love how you explain the history and exactly how and what they are made from and also where they come from. I am now back in the swing and taking about 10 different supplements of yours and feel confident doing so. Thank you so much for your diligent dedication to quality products. We your customers truly appreciate it. Not worried at all about the changes with HSN and QVC, after all I have your ProCaps phone number. And by the way, Hair Skin and Nails is my favorite, just ordered my second large bottle. Hair shines, and nails are stronger then ever. Thank you!!

  20. Andrew I heard about the QVC HSN merger on the news but I appreciate your video explanation .
    I have been buying your vitamins since you first sold them on QVC and then followed you to HSN to continue buying them as I feel they are the best quality vitamins available I shop both networks although I prefer QVC I feel they have a lot to offer HSN and the two of them will benefit each other as you have stated I hope to see you on QVC once in a while. Keep up the good work, thank you for all you do to educate us PS I love Lincoln !

  21. Hey Andrew, Just saw your video post. Once again you impress me with your integrity, professionalism, and your ability to put people at ease with the truth. (whatever the truth may be, i.e. vitamins, industry.) You are a gift to all of us. Much continued success in your life.

  22. You have great products. Been using you products for over 20 years. Love them.
    Also called Pro Labs and received good deals too. LOVE the hair skin and nails. I just ordered the large bottle. Thank you!!

  23. Thank you for clarifying this for us. I would have thought HSN would have sent out something like this to all of us consumers.

  24. Oh Andrew I watched you as a young man on QVC when you 1st started & I bought your calcium as all calcium made me nauseated & yours didn’t. When you left I didn’t know why & or where to & finally I googled you & found you on HSN. I only use your vitamins & like to listen to you with all the info you give & got my hubby converted to only buying your products. it is easier when I run out of something just to order from procaps & might I say you have the best order personal ever!!!! Also yours are the best as most come in capsules as I have trouble swallowing & I can usually swallow yours. I just got out of hospital with another EGN & my esophagus is in bad shape so I open some & swallow with a spoon of applesauce. Thank-you, Thank-you for all you do.

  25. It can be a frightening world, but Andrew Lessman is a rose among thorns.
    I have been taking Andrew’s vitamins for years (prior to any TV exposure) and none compare.
    There is no question about ingredients, his personal integrity or the company.
    If you have any questions after reading the extensive material provided, CALL
    the company and ask.
    I have found that customer service from both companies is of excellent caliber.
    Both have acknowledged any situation I’ve presented and offered generous solutions.
    What’s the big deal folks?
    Just continue to read Andrew’s blogs and watch him on HSN.
    He is there to educate you and help you make a comprehensive choice.

    I love listening for new product development and Andrew’s Q and A video sessions.
    I could use as many of those as Andrew is able to provide.
    Keep the video information sessions coming!

    I’m just a customer but I realize there will be no compromising of product
    or presentation.
    As always with Andrew’s products, I feel safe in taking them and optimistic
    about the future.
    It’s very simple… can use his products or make another company choice.
    Fellow customers, don’t make this more complicated than need be.

  26. I love all of your products and I have been buying them for 25 years plus. Your dedication to providing the highest quality ingredients and your devotion to informing us about their health benefits is greatly appreciated. Andrew, you have earned my trust.

    Thank you for all you do!

  27. Both my husband and I have been buying your products since your QVC days and love them. It’s very reassuring to have products that you know the origin of. With your products, we get that assurance of quality and consistency. We thank-you for that. I’m sure the joining of QVC and HSN will only help you further educate the public on a larger scale. Being both an HSN and QVC customer, I too am looking forward to many more years of being educated by you and staying healthy with your products. Best wishes on the merger.

  28. I am not happy about this merger. I have been with HSN for over 20 years and not once did I eve have one issue or problem. I recently purchased something from QVC and this was my first time with them. They spelled my name wrong, failed to record my address and sent my package to an address that read 200-291 correct street, no apartment number provided to them and when I called them, they corrected my name and address and apologized. They resent the item and credited me $10. Then I received an email to the wrong name again, that my returned package was received and I would receive a refund of the full amount back to my credit card. The statement showed only a credit. They did not even pay attention that this was the first item sent to the wrong address and that the same item had been resent to the correct address, which I did receive.
    So, I will never order anything from QVC, ever, and when I order your products which I have been using for 20 years, I will order directly from your company only. QVC obviously lacks in professionalism and customer service competence. This is a sad day for me to no longer have HSN to purchase items from.

  29. I live closer to your plant in Henderson, Nevada than HSN or QVC, so I prefer to purchase directly from your company Procaps Laboratories. So please continue to allow me to purchase from you direct and let me leave HSN and QVC out of the equation.

  30. Andrew, I trust your analogy of how the changes upcoming with HSN and QVC .
    I absolutely never miss your shows , I record every single one so even I miss seeing it live , I still get it . Yes I love to learn ,and always learn something when you are on.
    I started buying your products when you were with QVC and came to HSN when you came . I had never purchased or watched HSN before then .
    I buy lots of your products .


    Love your products

  31. I understand Andrew to say he’s staying at HSN? In the video clip he said “see you for HSN’s July anniversary! I worked for a company that merged, and I know customers get totally confused and worried if things that they like change. But when the merger went through, we kept our name and ideas, and the company that purchased us kept their own product etc.
    Bottom line…it’s definitely a big corporate money thing!! You will apparently buy at HSN but QVC will have the stock, and collect from HSN. I don’t “think” Andrew will be on both channels. If I am correct, it’s more of a behind the TV camera thing.Andrew, correct me if I am wrong, I just survived a merger 5 years ago and everything worked out A-ok.
    Andrew, You are an HSN product on air, not QVC on air, correct?

    June M

  32. I had to stop taking Hair Skin and Nails because the biotin was giving me migraines. Can you recommend something else for my thinning hair, weak nails and aging skin?

  33. Wow Mr. Lessman,
    So impressive that you took the time to create this informative video re: the business merger of both networks. It truly speaks volumes about the integrity of how you navigate your own business affairs. I have been a loyal fan for many years purchasing both through Hsn & from pro caps lab. Your products are simply the finest out there. I never worry about purity, potency or safety of any thing you offer. Hopeful that the network doesn’t get “too big for it’s Britches” like a TV big box store & end up crushing the consumer.
    I trust you will continue to put the consumer 1st as you conveyed and retain the ability to reformulate quality products above all the rest ad lib. It IS YOUR successful supplement line after all.

    Continued growth & success, Donna F.

  34. Thank you for taking the time for the ‘reassurance’ video. As an aside, the HSN/ QVC merger is huge and will have it’s difficulties. I buy directly through Procaps Lab. I remember the good impact you had on my thinking while on QVC and followed you to HSN. But HSN administrative issues made me decide to buy directly from Procaps. YOU HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE BUSINESS! I feel secure in knowing that if the merger isn’t working you will find another venue to share your knowledge with your customers – so I also have no worries. You do a great service for all of us. Thank you Andrew. Joanna

  35. Thank you for the information on the merger. I too have find QVC’s Customer
    Service lately horrendous. I started with them because of their impeccable
    CS people. Their hires are sometimes bored, unable to answer easy questions,
    & not friendly. HSN has turned a corner with fabulous Customer Service.
    I too have your products and enjoy using them. Let’s hope nothing changes in
    the quality and price with other merchants. I find that QVC’s prices have
    unreasonably gone way up. Good luck to all.

    1. I have to agree with 97% of the comments posted and I have many more but I have to take my Meds and run thank you for your service & fantastic products and we can not leave out those responsible for producing your products…..Good Luck…

  36. Andrew, thank you for always keeping a close watch on production and the great value of your products. Also the top quality of your business practices. There is a reason why the name “Andrew Lessman” on your supplements means top quality and maximum value. Bless you, your family, your staff and your employees. Your products have kept me enjoying life at the ripe old age of 82.

    I have purchased several dark blue shirts. Will add ties later. Thanks to you they signify the best there is in supplements and ethical business practices. The best to you and your family always!


    Jim Pepoon

  37. Just updated, 2 weeks ago I returned a pair of 120.00 shoes to QVC for exchange to a smaller size. No email to confirm my ex changed , no word to say new size onnway or if they were out of my size. TODAY, I check my bank account and see QVC charged my account 6.96 which I assume is for return shipping to me? I don’t know unless I check with QVC site. Actually, I’m a busy person so I forgot about the shoes. If return package had been lost I would be hard luck out of 120.00. So, I don’t like QVC customer service. Hope HSN doesn’t change, they have been great to shop with, only other is Amazon, they give great service.

  38. Andrew,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I know that despite any changes, you will always remain true to your customers and the trust we have given you through the years. I have been a Lessman customer for over 10 years, and now use about 10 products. I know that you won’t compromise your standards and that brings great comfort !
    I am so glad that you decided to go “on-air”, as you have educated us in the value of improving our health in a way that only you are able to. We trust and support you because this is your life, not your job !.

  39. I hope they don’t get rid of HSN show hosts. I love them all…change makes me nervous as it can cause much upheaval. Just leave the HSN show hosts alone. I usually buy my supplements from pro cap lab direct so I’m not affected, but I shop HSN a lot for other products. I had said in another comment bye bye HSN bcuz I don’t want QVC to get any of my business not that they would miss my money. So thank you Andrew for the talk but I still feel nada toward QVC and glad pro caps lab is available. God bless you and your staff family and Muriel too

  40. I have stopped shopping at QVC except for those items I cannot get elsewhere at a better price. And I am willing to pay a little more so as to not give QVC any more of my business than I have to.

    There is a decided lack of Q…as in quality.

    If you google QVC and quality there are numerous comments on their declining quality. As well as ppl selling off their stock a few years ago for that same reason.

    AND if you return too many things you get a snippy letter from them. Humph!

    Apparently they cannot admit the fault lies with their quality control or lack there of.

    I know Andrew that you will continue to maintain your high standards and I hope that the HSN stadards will rub off on QVC.

  41. Andrew, I forgot what you said about sunscreen last week, could you please refresh my memory? Get sunscreen without ________???

  42. Andrew I think some people are confused. From what you said in the video
    HSN & QVC will both still be on the air as two seperate stations. They will
    just be owned by the same people. This was not the case back in 1989 when
    QVC merged with the CVN shopping channel . CVN went off the air . I for
    one would be very upset if HSN went off the air. I hope you will continue to
    do your shows from HSN only!! I do shop at QVC also but HSN will always
    be my favorite.

  43. Andrew were you go I go , Love your vitamins. ,I shop both HSN and QVC, Thanks for the information . God Bless.

  44. What we need in this country is a Health Care system; what we have is a Disease Care system. – – – and even that has been corrupted by the control of Big Pharma.
    Thank goodness for your JD !!
    Keep on being you and following your bliss with integrity. You are such a blessing to those of us you serve and we do so appreciate that fact.

    Be Well and God Bless!

  45. I do not agree with this merger as it appears there are possible Anti Trust Violations. This merger back in 2017 went through without any questions from the FTC or the DOJ, both of whom handle any violations or questionable mergers of anyone creating a monopoly. I can certainly understand any retailer trying to survive the onslaught of Amazon, as I refuse to purchase anything off of Amazon. They are having a negative impact on sales both online and in retail stores. But pushing that aside , this merger appears to create a monopoly for QVC & “control” of the TV shopping network business. I have studied what can, & can not be done, & it looks like this was shoved through without any questions from FTC or DOJ which is suspect within itself. With all of these struggling TV shopping channels, having a monopoly controlled by QVC who sells most everything will only cause further damage to free trade if you look at it from a free market standpoint. I disagree it was a good idea as it continues to look like an attempt to monopolize & control TV shopping. If you remove the Jewelry Channels on TV shopping then all that is left is Evine which more recently changed its name back to Shop HQ its former name. None of them are doing well except QVC & the attitude at QVC has changed since the merger. All Im saying is this is a questionable merger.

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