Secure Flavors Have Not Changed.

I just wanted to respond to a topic I have seen raised recently on the bulletin boards and also heard about from a few inquiries through my Customer Care Center.  Specifically, that the Secure flavors have recently changed.  This is a topic that I have heard off and on over the years (despite there having been no changes) and the most recent discussions surround our Chocolate and Coffee.  Mind you, as popular as the meal replacements are, there are very few inquiries as to a change in flavor, but I just want to assure everyone that we have not changed the flavors that are used in these or any of the other Secure flavors.  Obviously, flavor is a very personal and subjective thing and unlike the potency of vitamins and minerals in a product, it is not something we can specifically measure and be 100% certain it is 100% identical.  We do our best to make sure that the flavors we use are precisely the same and consistent every time we produce the product, but with some natural materials, like the real cocoa or real coffee powder that we use, it is possible that there can be some natural variation.  We do our best to rule it out, but it is always possible there can be subtle variations in flavor.  Plus, from time to time our sense of how things taste can change.  In other words, taste is a challenge for any company to be 100% perfectly certain it is always identical, but I use Secure too and I think the flavors are remarkably consistent.

As I have mentioned in the past, we put a tremendous amount of work into the development of these flavors (more than a decade) and they have become extremely popular, so we would never just change them suddenly and abandon all that work unless we clearly informed everyone that we were doing so.  The flavors are designed to make the people who use the product happy, so we would never make changes to flavor unless they were openly communicated.  In fact, we might even keep around the former version for those who love it if the change was dramatic.  As you might expect, we are always working on ways to improve the formulas in terms of nutrient content and flavor, but there have been no changes in the flavor composition of the current Secure formulas since I introduced them more than five years ago. So rest assured, there have been absolutely no flavor changes at all to these formulas in many years and I promise that before I make any changes, I will let you know.

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  1. I have been ordering secure now for about a yr and if it changed I would notice. I drink it on a daily base and have a pantry full of it for my 16yr old twins. they love it and drink it all the time, and trust me teenagers would rather have pizza, fries and all the other junk food out there. My kids are now leaving off all the junk food and drinking secure for snacks and breakfast. not to loose weight but because they just like it. I can’t thank you enough Andrew for all your hard work and the quality that you put in your products.

  2. I haven’t noticed any difference in flavor but do have a question. Is the soy in Secure non-GMO? Thanks.

  3. I have been drinking Secure since it came out so when I ordered the Today’s Special in January and received the product ( I ordered chocolate and vanilla) I noticed that the chocolate had a ‘vitamin’ taste that I never noticed before. I called your company to let them know but was told nothing has changed in the formula so it must just be me. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love this product and all the other ones I take of yours!

  4. My two cents on this.I got the Secure TS, after using it for several years, and the taste was NOT the same. It tasted horrible. I was use to the product I use to enjoy taking, especially the Coffee. I opened it up and expected the same beautiful aroma of the TS before that, and it was gone. Smelled very chemical-like, and tasted bad. I returned it.My honest opinion , and I like many of your products, but not this one anymore. I get my protein shakes elsewhere now.Sorry for the negative comments, but everything can’t be positive.Over all my expereinces with your products have beeh good. I have to point out the bad experiences too.

  5. LOVE the coffee Secure!! I hope it NEVER changes. It is an essential part of my low-carb lifestyle. Plus, it seems like the soy base really helps with menopausal symptoms… I rarely suffer from hot flashes anymore. THANK YOU Andrew!

  6. I have been using Secure for over 3 years and the taste and flavor is unequalled. I do not see any change in the flavor. I had gastric bypass almost 4 years ago and Secure has been a tool I have added to my life so that I can maintain my new weight. Thank you Andrew. Excellent product.

  7. I purchased a smaller size of all the flavors a couple of years ago and loved all of them….When I ordered again I chose the two flavors I loved the most and order the largest sizes—I got chocolate and coffee……I loved the chocolate and am disappointed with the coffee….I have tried adding milk, chocolate, fresh strawberries or bananas and still do not like it and have stopped using it. I do believe there is a difference and wish I had taken another flavor.

  8. There is something different in the flavors Andrew, don’t know what it is, but I find that I get really hungry after a Secure meal… could be the sweetener you use, as I get that from diet sodas also. I would rather have NO sweeteners in it and add my own if needed. Why don’t you make a sweetener-FREE??? so many of us say the present Secure is TOO sweet…adding more water doesn’t solve it.
    Carole, Warren MI

  9. I have been drinking the SECURE product for several years. I am "hooked" on the coffee and also love the chocolate flavor. Have not noticed any change. Really convenient when I’m traveling and so satisfying. Please don’t change a thing~~unless you want to lower the PRICE:)
    I’m convinced you have the BEST products Andrew!!

  10. I don’t use Andrews Meal Replacements for weight loss or control. I am thin and have a high metabolism and I have always had a problem with taking the time to make sure that I eat. I’m always too busy to stop to eat and don’t have the hunger pains that make me. I have never been a morning person and never ate breakfast which is the most important meal of the day. I would go all day long without eating until supper, which is not healthy. I started using meal replacement drinks in cans from the store for breakfast so that I got the nutrition that I needed. I realized they weren’t that great and tried Andrews because I want the nutrition that I do get to be natural and healthy. They taste great and I love that the protein is soy and have been buying the chocolate and vanilla for years and will continue to buy them and use them for as long as Andrew is making them. They are a staple in my diet and I don’t know what I would do without them. BTW, my 26 and 19 year old sons love them too and are always drinking them just because they like them and they know they are healthy!

  11. I am currently on the Atkins eating plan and need to know what type of sugars are in the Secure line. I love the Pina Colada secure, however…I am afraid to add it back into my eating plan due to the high sugar content. Thank you.

  12. I too have been using the Secure for many years. My last super-sized contained of chocolate tasted "off" to the point that I emailed ProCaps and asked about that batch code number and whether anyone else had contacted them about it. I was told that nothing had changed, but the taste was definitely different, with a rather unpleasant "flowery" aftertaste. I let it go, thinking that the next auto-shipment would be back to the taste I knew over the years. It was not–the chocolate shipment that I recently received has the same "off" flavor. Drinkable, but I don’t enjoy it much. So I’m giving it one more auto-ship and if it continues to be "off," I will discontinue and stick with the vanilla, which has never disappointed.

  13. I have ordered the Chocolate and I loved the taste. My second order was the Mixed Berry and have found it doesn’t taste as good and doesn’t mix up as well as the chocolate. I plan on going back to the chocolate or trying the Pina Coloda. I would like to see a new flavor added, BANANA would be great, that was my old flavor from another brand. I will keep ordering Secure, it seems to make me feel better.

  14. I LOVE Andrew’s products, But there WAS a change in taste from 2008, 2009, to the last time I ordered in 2010. I seen some of the ingredients changed as well as the calorie count. I compared a few bottles. As I save the to put misc. things in them. Please Try to go back to the first formula it was great.

  15. yes, andrew. Please make your flavors UNSweetened or not as much sweetner. At least make an unflavored, unsweetened base so we can add our own sweetener and/or fruites etc.

  16. i ordered secure about two years ago, from hsn. could not tolerate the sweetener. i NEVER drink diet soda, as aspartame makes me nauseated and gives me a headache. it also tastes awful. i would rather have good ole sugar, and walk an extra ten min. to deal with the calories.

  17. i have always loved the secure. but i stopped drinking them because they use gmos soy. please andrew if you are listening , use organic soy. i do not trust gmo soy. i miss drinking them and cannot find any drink that tastes even close. please andrew look into it! thanks

  18. I love the Berry flavor of Secure meals!!!!I have lost weight and drink a shake made with Vanilla Almound milk and assorted berries practically every day, keep up the good work Andrew!!!!

  19. I am a bonafied Secure success story. I have lost 80lbs since using Secure Shakes once a day since last August. In fact, on days that I miss a shake, I am usually less successful and far more hungry.
    However, I last month, I ordered a new batch of coffee flavor, which has always been my favorite, and the flavor has most definitely changed. It is not as intense of a flavor, and therefore am not enjoying it as much. I will switch to my second favorite — vanilla — for my next order, or until I hear that the coffee flavor has returned to its original quality.

  20. I also noticed a vitamin taste in the last coffee one that I purchased from HSN so I had to send it back, I would love to see the former version back because I loved to wake up to a warm coffee meal replacement every morning, I miss it alot.

  21. Please make a whey protein product. Many of us are allegic to
    soy. And some take thyroid meds. and soy messes it up. I cannot digest your soy.

  22. Hi Andrew,
    I have been ordering your Secure Chocolate shake for a long time now. LOVE IT!!!You can do know wrong! How dare these people say such lies. You Rock my friend. keep up your excellent work. I’ll see you soon on HSN.

  23. I have used Secure for years. My last purchase was the 100 serving container of coffee and there was a definitely a difference in flavor. After a few days, I didn’t notice a difference anymore so assumed it was due to the container.

  24. Kim,
    They are not "lies" ,they are people’s opinions and personal experiences.I am also a user of many of AL’s products, but I am done with the Secure, as the taste did change for me, and the smell. Something was definatley different. I am not crazy about the Sucralose aka Splenda being in there either.Any artificial sweeteners are bad. I would rather have real sugar, and more calories.It is the healthier alternative.

  25. I too used the coffee flavor for years. In fact, both my sister and I have used it. We both thought, within the last year, the product taste had definitely changed. I called to inquire about this (from Procaps Lab.)and was told the product I bought now, uses nondairy creamer, this was done for people that can not tolerate dairy. I had my old container so I compared the ingredients and they were not the same. Yes, the flavor is the same as in "Coffee", "Chocolate" etc. but there are other ingredients that have been changed which may be the reason for the different taste. I also would like to know if the soy in these products are NON-GMO. Finally, I would love to have a product that is made with REAL sugar and has more calories then the artificial sweetener, sucralose used in these products. These sweeteners are NOT good for anyone!

  26. Have been enjoying Secure for years! Have not noticed any change in flavor…it tastes great as usual. The vanilla is my fav with the addition of a banana and a handfull of frozen berries whirled into a smoothie. Maybe you could decrease the sweetener a bit. Thank you!!!

  27. I see that my post from yesterday was removed. How disappointing. There was nothing remotely offensive about it. You’re making it difficult to remain a customer.

  28. Betty,
    I had the same expereince on the Omega Three blog.Admin posted on that blog, after I called Pro-Caps & complained about it. I said nothing worth censoring either. Just my honest opinions & experience.Why would I be a customer for years if most of my expereince were not positive? I have had some exceptions, and they need to be addressed.Nothing is black or white, just shades of gray…I had the same feelings as you are.

  29. I wish there was spell check here! LOL My fingers type faster than my thoughts, then I look at my typos…LOL

  30. I am looking for a meal replacement shake that does not contain fake sweeteners. They make it feel as though the sides of my tongue are curling up and I get bad headaches from them. I am curious to know why Mr. Lessman puts them into his shakes when he is a big proponent of natural, non-preservitive, nothing artificial in his products except the Secure shakes?

    1. Så morsomt da, Amalie! Flott reportasje i Hatsmanytr! Ser du har mange følgere og det skjønner jeg godt. God helg til deg og dine, så følger jeg deg videre på bloggen!

  31. I have ordered the coffee flavor many times,and i must said the last time it was a ts i ordered the largest you offered and it did have a different taste than the previous times i ordered.I was disappointed.

  32. I, too, would like Secure to NOT have fake sweeteners especially if your vitamins contain no preservatives. I would prefer to have a choice of more calories and a nutritious beverage.

    1. i love it when someone rock a bold print body hugging maxi dress!! and you did it beautiful hun! and i love the acssoceries that you threw on as well!xxjess

  33. I am really sorry to hear so many have had awful times with this product. I have lost 104 pounds using this product and the energy it gives me is amazing. I had stopped using it for a couple of weeks and my energy level was slower, so I started back on it this week and I had forgotten how much energy I have when I take it.
    I combine the Vanilla and Chocolate flavors because I do not like the Chocolate on its own and I just use plain old water. I use warm water not hot to get it to mix a bit better. I am trying more of the products here and hope I get the same results…this has helped me change my life in only 7 short months!
    Thank you Andrew love you tons,

  34. Have you considered a PEA PROTEIN shake? I’m allergic to both SOY and CASEIN (and GLUTEN). I’ve tried the new PEA PROTEIN shakes and they tastes pretty good. Also, I notice that you have both fructose AND SUCRALOSE in your shake. The people that would want SUCRALOSE (like me) don’t want fructose. And probably the people that want natural sugar probably don’t want artificial sweetners. Maybe give us a choice-sugar free or naturally sweetened.

  35. I have purchased this product quite a number of times, and yes, the taste of the Chocolate and Coffee, has changed in a bad way. I had finished my last cup of the previous container I had, just a day before opening the new one’s I had received from this past Jan. Today’s Special in the largest tubs. Between th taste and the scent, I found it undrinkable. I called HSN about it and they did refund my account. I was questioning whether to give it another "go" during Andrew’s next visit this Oct however…after reading others e-mails above, I shan’t especially since Andrew is stating that nothing has changed. I spend nearly $2000.00 a year on his products and am extremely disappointed with this current issue.

  36. True about the sugar added, there is 7 grams and a lot of other protein drinks have 1 g or less than one gram….What is the sweetener anyway? And if you could put less and we could add our own "approved" sweetener! Thank you

  37. I was loving the Coffee flavor in the Secure meal replacement…til now. According to the labeling, ingredient changes have been made so please don’t brush off the comments being made about a change in the taste. The coffee flavor does have a flowery, perfumy after-taste and I’m afraid I won’t be purchasing it anymore.

  38. I have ordered the coffee Secure several times over the past 3 years. I offered it to several people and we now order it all together to increase our savings. I must say that, recently, I have tasted a change in the coffee flavor. It has a ‘berry or fruity’ smell and taste. After 3 years I may not order it again. Since we order the 100 serving size I do not want to take chance on it having an off flavor for the 3rd time.

  39. I ordered the largest size of Vanilla Secure and definitely don’t like it as well as the original Vanilla. I read that Soy was added to "upgrade its benefits". Well, those are my words; don’t remember the reason. Just know soy is supposed to be good for us. I feel pretty sure that it’s the soy aftertaste that I’m not liking. I get by using it in my coffee as a creamer and sweetener since it mostly masks the aftertaste. I also add fat-free chocolate syrup once in awhile, to get a taste of chocolate for a change. I wish we could buy it with the soy and without the soy, giving us the choice. I’m 69 and don’t need the soy in Secure. I drink soy milk once in awhile, not regularly. Sure would be nice to get the original VANILLA, without the soy added. Doesn’t change the flavor, just the taste, like tasteless powdered milk or kind of like flour. I had no idea soy was added since my previous order, and didn’t need it ’til after the 30-day-return option had run out. Ordered that big ‘ole heavy size to save money. That’s my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it.

  40. I’m surprised that people aren’t adding other things to make the Secure into a real smoothie… using already-brewed coffee or chai, blending in fruits for a myriad of flavors. If it’s too sweet, add some plain yogurt to add some tang. Buy just the plain vanilla flavor and add your own cocoa powder in the density of flavor that you prefer, or add some cinnamon! I’ve only had the choc and vanilla to date, but have just ordered the variety pack so i can choose my next favorite!

  41. I just received my coffee replacement meal yesterday. I am on auto ship and this one is so weak I can barley taste the flavor. I will wait until the next one and if it is the same, I will make a complaint. I have been using it for years and have been totally happy until now.

  42. I also support a sweetener free version of the Secure line to add the type and amount of sweetener. Both sucralose and acesulfame potassium are coming under increasing scrutiny.

    I often add vanilla/coffee/chocolate Secure to my coffee to cut down the sweetness. The Pina Colada version is way too sweet for me.

    I would appreciate having a product where I can control the sweetener.

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