So What Was The Real Introduction Date Of My New ESSENTIAL-1 Multivitamin.

I must apologize for the confusion regarding the inception date of my new ESSENTIAL-1 multivitamin, since clearly I am the source of that confusion.  When I was on HSN just a few weeks ago talking about ESSENTIAL-1, I emphasized how this formula was brand new and yet several folks pointed out that they purchased it in 2008 and they are correct.  Back in 2008 you could purchase ESSENTIAL-1 directly from my company, but it was not today’s ESSENTIAL-1, since it was still a work in progress, but I had chosen to make it “quietly” available at my company.  The 2008 version of ESSENTIAL-1 contained no Gamma Vitamin E (only Alpha Tocopherol) and as a result, it was not finished and not yet suitable for full roll out or introduction on HSN.  First, I would need to figure out how to include dry Gamma Tocopherol in the finished formula.  Frankly, I would have loved to have brought it to HSN sooner, but until it was a fully finished product that met my standards, it would remain only quietly available.  The 2008 version was still far superior to every other single pill multivitamin on the market, but I was not yet happy nor was I finished with it.  As a result, I did not make it available on HSN.  Nevertheless, the handful of folks who found it on my website loved it so much that I became truly committed to figuring out how to get Gamma Vitamin E into a single capsule daily product.  We continued to work on the Vitamin E challenges and toward the end of last year when we succeeded in adding dry Gamma Vitamin E to my new COMPLETE multivitamin, the next step was to test and to determine if it would also be possible to include that same technology with ESSENTIAL-1 despite the severe limitations of a single capsule.  To make a long story short, after much work, we succeeded and the result is the ESSENTIAL-1 formula that you saw me proudly present on HSN only weeks ago from my facilities.  Two years ago, ESSENTIAL-1 was still by far the best formula of its kind, but my extreme standards were not yet satisfied.  Today I am incredibly proud of this unique formula.  Best of all, apparently I am not alone in my thoughts, since it now has over 60 reviews at with an almost perfect 4.9 stars!  Wow!  Thank you so much!

By the way, many of you have suggested that as a public service this product should be made available in retail stores as an alternative to their standard, artificially colored, lower potency, tableted multivitamins.  As you know, I have never had a desire to see my products on retail stores shelves, but as many of you have pointed out, “the public deserves options,” and this might be a bit different so I promise to consider this in the future.

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  1. I have been taking Women’s Elite for several years now. I heard that you are now going to include resveratrol in the new formula, which is a problem for me. I tried taking resveratrol about 6 months ago or so and it gave me diarrhea. Will there be a women’s formula that has the lutein, etc. for the eyes in it, but without the resveratrol?

  2. Will you ever offer your Positive Passages on HSN? It is really the best! I started having hot flashes that were coming fast and furious.. After having them for 3 straight weeks, I ordered Positive Passages from ProCaps Labs, and within 1 week of taking 1 capsule a day, the flashes were totally gone. I won’t be without them!

  3. Are the prices shown on the prices for the weekend or will there be some better deals for Essential 1? Also, why is 360 capsules less per capsule than 400 capsules?

  4. Why do you continue to use artificial sweeteners in your Secure product? Read the literature. I know there is less than 2% which really makes the argument for real sugar or stevia or xylitol.


  6. Hi Aandrew love your products. Your essential one is super I have a sensitive stomach but your products don’t bother me at all. I use resveratrol with ECGC and lov it. My son uses skin hair and nails and has so much hair gets lots of complments. Love all your products. Keep up the good work!! Bertha Cantu

  7. Andrew, I’ve been taking many of your products for several years; and I especially like the protein instant powders…all of them! I have one every morning for breakfast, sometimes combining flavors. I take Urgent Energy daily, and it’s about time to reorder. Looking forward to trying the new Essential 1.

  8. andrew I have used your product. Ihad trouble dealing with
    HSN in three situations. they are not areputal company.Ipurchased a grilling unit from them which did not
    work and returned it for a refund they never sent my refund
    They have sent me your product without notice and removed
    funds from my account.Ithough it was your company and told
    my bank to release no more funds your company.Iwill order
    thru the mail and pay from same.I would like to deal
    direct with PROCap please advise me i enjoy your product
    and would order other product if I can work thur your
    company.Good to hearfrom from you
    thank you FPD

  9. Frank P…… you can order directly from their website That is where I order mine. It may be a little more on the price. It is worth it to me. They also have a 1-800-800-1200 (got the Number off my bottle)if you choose to order by phone. Very easy and helpful by Phone. I do it all the time never have any problems. I don’t have time for HSN

  10. Andrew, I am in love with all your vitamins, especially the Iron Plus. I’m a former employee back when your company had the name "The Winning Combination". Please bring Fat Control back, that was the one weight control product that worked for me.

  11. AS an FYI it’s less expensive to order direct from ProCaps than it is from HSN. Use ProCaps AD option & get the additional 10% off, you can always adjust the AD delivery options. Even with the event pricing on HSN it’s the same prices as ProCaps normal every day pricing before you choose ProCaps AD option. Many of us are getting additional savings right now over & above the pricing on HSN because we’re using coupons codes from the Birthday game so 15% coupons are giving us prices less than ProCaps. 10% coupons were just giving us exactly what ProCaps normally offers & of course right now we’re saving on s&h.
    ProCaps charges a one time s&h fee all the time, $7.95 or $8.95 (when ordering big bottles of Secure). HSN does not. Those s&h charges when Andrew is not there adds up. Those 20% off coupons HSN gives out to use when Andrew is not there, believe me they’re no bargain. You’ll get better prices going through ProCaps direct. HSN’s regular prices are high, that 20% means nothing.
    Not sure why anyone would think buying direct from ProCaps is more expensive than buying from HSN, not true at all. It would be nice however, if ProCaps had some sort of a flexpay option as many of us have mentioned to the CS reps 🙂 That’s really the reason most of us buy from HSN when Andrew’s there as opposed to buying from ProCaps, and some of us go through a rebate site as well.
    ProCaps has products that HSN doesn’t carry, perhaps the regular Womens Wellness can be found here for example?

  12. I really think you should make something for Diabetics, and people who have Thyroid problems, these two problems, effect millions of people, but no one ever makes mention, of these. Please! i beg you to consider, making a product for these problems. I take a lot of your products, and since i have the problems mentioned, i would be the first to buy them. Please! Please! Thanks Andrew.

  13. I’m curious as to why you you magnesium oxide in your products given it’s relatively low absorption rate. Is it that much less expensive than say magnesium citrate or any of a large number of the more readily available magnesiums ending in “ate” such as orotate or asporotate? Thanks.

  14. Mr Lessman I truly appreciate all the effort put into making your vitamins. I have been using your products for quite some time now and refuse any other vitamin/supplements but yours. I had several bouts of kidney stone issues and after undergoing seven lithotripsies sought to find out what the real problem was. The Dr. Informed me that the stones were caused by calcium deposits, but could not tell me how to rid the body of them or how to avoid them. I lost my gallbladder due to ‘sludge’ from kidney stone surgeries. My research led me believe it was fillers in retail vitamins, as I’ve been unable to tolerate them for several years now. I am ecstatic with all of your products and since taking your vitamins I’ve not had one bout of kidney stone pain (which can be most debilitating) . Mr. Lessman I understand you not putting your product on retail market, but would u be opposed to allowing me (I’m disable/retired early due to illness). To sell your products from my home…I have informed so many about the quality and sustainability of your products and have learned so much from you…until I would be honored to represent you in the privacy of home. There are a lot of older individuals that are not aware of the benefits your products offer. A lot do not utilize internet or know how to place orders on Hsn. Please consider my proposal Mr Lessman as I seriously would like to help educate others on the benefits of real vitamins/supplements.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Joyce Fennenn

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