More about ESSENTIAL-1 and my COMPLETE family and LIFE Rx family of multivitamins.

First of all, if you are taking COMPLETE, you don’t need to take ESSENTIAL-1 and if you take ESSENTIAL-1, you don’t need to take COMPLETE.  In other words, because they are both stand alone multi-vitamin-mineral formulas, you simply choose the one formula that meets your needs.  As I will describe this weekend, COMPLETE is a five-capsule daily multivitamin providing far higher levels of vitamins and minerals than we can fit in the single daily capsule of ESSSENTIAL-1.   One capsule is a serious limitation, but ESSENTIAL-1 is as good as it gets for a single capsule daily multivitamin.  I do not take ESSENTIAL-1 because I choose to take a higher potency daily multivitamin, but there are many people who can’t afford COMPLETE, but still want its purity and gentleness or who simply prefer to take only one single pill as their daily multivitamin, which by the way, is why products like Centrum, Theragran, One-a-Day, etc are by far the top selling multivitamins in America.  This is my brand new alternative to those products.  At a minimum, a single pill can never provide the Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Calcium that I choose to take on a daily basis, since those are each one or two pills just on their own.  I often refer to COMPLETE as being more than a half-a-dozen separate formulas in a single daily packet, since it contains the equivalent of a separate Vitamin C, Gamma/Alpha Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B-Complex, Biotin, Calcium, Magnesium and more.

Since I am aware that many folks prefer a single pill daily multivitamin, I put my personal preferences aside and created ESSENTIAL-1 as the best choice and a pure, gentle, easy-to-swallow alternative to the other single-pill multivitamin formulas.  ESSENTIAL-1 is 100% additive-free and provides more than two dozen nutrients in each small, easy-to-swallow capsule that are present at levels many times higher than the leading single tablet multivitamins.  It also contains ingredients like Zeaxanthin and Gamma Tocopherol not present in any of the leading brands.  Some folks will choose ESSENTIAL-1 because they can’t afford to invest as much as COMPLETE requires in their daily multivitamin and some folks prefer its simple one-capsule convenience.  As I have said before, no single one-per day pill can deliver the levels of vitamins and minerals the science requires, but ESSENTIAL-1 comes closer to any other product and does so in a pure, simple, easy-to-swallow capsule.  I have already seen my friends and family fall in love with the simplicity of ESSENTIAL-1 and they also then can add things like their CoQ10, Healthy Hair Skin and Nails, Omega-3, Circulation, Joint, etc.  ESSENTIAL-1 or COMPLETE…The Choice is Yours.  If you take extra Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin E, etc, then COMPLETE is a bargain.  If not, then ESSENTIAL-1 is a great start.

As far as what I take on a daily basis, I always take one of my COMPLETE family (LIFE Rx) of formulas.  I also add a few dozen capsules of separates every day, which relates to how I have eaten during that day, since I supplement to complement my diet.  For example, if I eat a good amount of fish, I take fewer Omega 3s.  If I eat lots of fiber, I take less Fibermucil.  If I eat lots of cruciferous veggies, then I take less Cruciferous Veggie Extracts, etc, etc.  All of the members of my multivitamin family of formulas have the same basic structure and the more complex formulas simply contain more separate and specialty ingredients.

In fact, I am in the process of reformulating all the multivitamins in both of these families with the COMPLETE and COMPLETE-100 already finished.  The COMPLETE and LIFE Rx families of formulas will contain essentially the same levels of vitamins and minerals and their differences will be found in the other specialty ingredients that are added.  A perfect example of this is the new COMPLETE-100 at HSN, which contains the same vitamins and minerals as COMPLETE – plus five of the most popular and important specialty ingredients.  In the case of COMPLETE-100, the specialty ingredient additions are CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, EGCG and Pomegranate (100 mgs of each ingredient added) – plus extra Lutein, Lycopene and Zeaxanthin.  For me, the one thing that never changes is that I take one of my COMPLETE family of formulas as my nutritional foundation everyday and then I add varying daily levels of my specialty formulas based upon how I eat.  I generally take at least one of virtually all my key specialty products on a daily basis, but I just vary the amount based upon my diet. 

Getting ready for the live remote, so I will answer some other questions very quickly… 

The PC granules cannot go in a capsule, since they are too sticky and waxy.  The other option is my PC softgel capsules which offer the same PC, but just at a lower level of potency given its liquid form. 

Although many folks would like me to offer it, SAM-e (s-adenosyl-methionine) is not something I offer, since the science and the research has not been convincing to me.  Just because a product will sell does not mean I should make it.  Until I am more convinced of the benefits of SAM-e, I will not be making it.  I am sorry. 

As far as opening a store in or near our factory, it is something we have considered, but it is not a simple decision here in Nevada and we have thus far chosen to focus on making our products at that location rather than selling them directly there, since the local regulations are not that simple.

Personally, I take 1,000 to 2,000 mgs of Vitamin C on a normal day.  Dr. Linus Pauling was a brilliant man, but I do not agree fully with his recommendation to consume exceptionally high levels of Vitamin C daily (greater than 10,000 mgs daily). I prefer to consume balanced levels of many natural protective compounds (emulating a balanced diet) rather than “putting my eggs in one basket” and taking Vitamin C at such a level that it really becomes nothing more than a drug and in my mind and a potential source of dietary imbalance.  My approach has always been more moderate and balanced – just as I desire my diet and my life to be.

I am not aware of soluble fiber blocking the absorption of fish oil or vitamin E, which are both fat- and oil-based.  If that was the case, your doctor just discovered the magic weightloss tool, since whenever we ate fatty food, we would just have to eat soluble fiber to block its absorption.  Sadly, to my knowledge it does not work that way. 

Thanks and sorry if all the information above was typed too quickly and was not sufficiently clear. 

Best of health and see you soon. 


29 thoughts on “More about ESSENTIAL-1 and my COMPLETE family and LIFE Rx family of multivitamins.”

  1. i know i speak for so many of your loyal customers and friends when i say we deeply appreciate your honesty to our questions and concerns. I’ve been an avid pursuer of a healthy life style all my life and have been taking supplements for many years and it does get very difficult for the average consumer to know or even understand why, what or even how much they should buy and take of any supplement, or what they should expect from taking it if anything noticable at all. So Andrew your responces to us, your vists from your home, factory and HSN are like mini classes in supplementation to us, in fact it’s invaluable. It educates us the consumer and what’s best for us as an individual. As you stated the Essential one is perfect for many who’s game plan is smaller and more simple and the LIfe RX and Complete formula’s are best for many others. I look forward to many more healthy happy years as your friend and customer Andrew. "knowledge is the key to everything".

  2. i think it will be very interesting to see if essential-1 will become your number 1 HSN order and re-order product.
    i wouldn’t be surprised at all if it does.
    i am wondering if you will consider mass marketing of just this one product. the demand for it may pull that along.
    if essential-1 were to start cutting in to the ‘big guy’s’ share of the one-a-day market, it would likely force them to improve their products.
    i think you should consider making essential-1 available through regular retail channels.
    what an interesting chapter of your story it would be if you were to end up with an influential share of mass market one-a-day sales, and in so doing, brought about sweeping change to the industry.

  3. Andrew,
    I am watching your noontime presentation, and you mentioned you just released Essential One to HSN a few weeks ago, and your site Pro Cap Labs a few months ago. Well I remember getting this in the past, and I checked my order status. I got a 60 count in September 2008 from your company. I don’t understand the discrepancy? I noticed on the reviews, they go back to 2008, when I tried mine.Can you please explain? This is not a brand new product. Sounds like a very good product, as I did try it two and a half years ago.

  4. Correction: On time frame almost two years ago 9/08. Sorry about that. I was just surprised to hear you say that.

  5. I just watched your noon presentation and ordered the Essential-1. Your dogs are adorable and what breed are they?
    I have been a fan and used your products for years, but I am also one who has a hard time keeping up with so many capsules daily (Complete, Cholestacare plus Fibermucil, 4 capsules of D3 as suggested by doctor), Omega-3, etc. I like the idea of the one multivitamin and supplementing with single products as needed in the appropriate areas.
    My main question is does Cholestacare also block the absorption of the Vitamin D3 since it is fat soluable? I take the Cholestacare prior to eating, then the D3 immediately after the meal to ensure there is fat available for it to bind with.
    Is there a more opportune time of the day for the D3? I take two capsules with two of my meals each day, or should some be consumed at each meal? Would love to see you bring back the old charts of the digestive system and explain how absorption happens in the body.

  6. Would Essential-1 be a good recommendation for children, 4 and above? Or, is a specific children’s formula better?

  7. I was thrilled to read on your blog about the complete 100!! I take women’s complete and the (5) additional supplements you added to complete 100. When my auto ship is due, I will swith to the complete for myself, husband and son. I hope on your next visit to HSN you will think about making complete 100 the value of the day!!
    I have certainly noticed the positive effect your vitamins have had on my family. Don’t ever quit on us Andrew!

  8. Andrew, I always look forward to your visits during July. This is when I usually stock up on the glucosamine. I hope you will be able to offer a Todays Special on Glucosamine WITH Chondroitin.
    The price on the glucosamine and the quantity that you have offered in the past for Today’s Special has been awesome and well worth the price on the glucosamine alone, however, I hope you will be able to soon combine the two ingredients for a big TS. Currently, I just purchase the chondroitin separately in which I run out of the quantity because it much less than your Glucosamine. Please, Please NEVER stop making these products, I DEPEND on them daily in order to maintain mobility. These are the best products and are easy for me to swallow. Before I found your products, I had the worst time swalling other products because they were such huge horse pills and they simply did not work for me. Once I started taking your products, I do NOT miss a day !! I rely on these products…and truly hope for a combined products as a todays special. I have purchased your joint effort plus which combines all three ingredients, MSM, glucosamine, and chondroitin,and it worked great. However, I cannot pass up the big bargain on the Todays Special that you offer on the Glucosamine. Please, please consider offering the two combined ingredients as a Todays’ Special.
    Thank you Andrew for your Consideration!! AND thank you for all of your wonderful pure, easy to swallow products.

  9. Oops, another question for you Andrew.
    I used to be able to take your Omega’s; however, I have developed a food allergy to any fish products. Do you offer any other products that will allow me to get in my omegas?
    I purchase your LifeRX Elite for Women and have to discard the liqiud capsules of omegas. I do realize how important it is to get in your omegas but because of my allergy to fish, I cannot consume them.
    Do you offer another product for your customer that have food allergies to fish or fish products ??

    1. I am on a very limited income I love your product. But can not afford them all which ones can you recomend on my limited income?

      1. Yes I love your products,,have senior citizen discounts please,I know your products aren’t cheap to make but I can’t be without them

  10. Andrew, I loved your shows this weekend on HSN. I always learn so much from watching you. I enjoyed watching where my vitamins are made using solar energy. Pro Cabs Labs is AMAZING!! I think my favorite HSN shows are the remote ones from Pro Cabs Labs.Andrew would you please consider offering Complete-100 on your website? I am currently taking Complete and I wanted to try Complete-100 with a one time shipment. I don’t want the auto ship commitment offered on HSN until I try them first. Thanks again Andrew for making such WONDERFUL VITAMINS!!

  11. I was watching one of your past videos regarding Complete. You suggested that men should take the womens complete because it had more calcium in it. Why not just add more to the mens?

  12. Andrew,
    Thank you so much for the care and quality you put in your products. I recorded your shows, so that I might watch and learn. Of course, I ordered two large bottles of the new Essential 1.
    My request comes from concern about taking too much. I presently take a supplement product doctor prescribed for bone building. The mineral content is extremely high. I would so appreciate if you offered a vitamin only product.
    I know they are on the market, but I want to take yours.
    And, I would welcome a choice of supplements without the added vitamin and minerals to the deck. ex. extra calcium in
    the D3 etc; I don’t want to take excessive calcium, but find it showing up in the supplements.
    I am so happy to have found your products. I am over the moon pleased that I can say good bye to hard caps. Thank you for your integrity and exceptional customer service.

  13. Vitamins and nutritional supplements are vital to a healthy system. I’m so glad you make supplements that are pure and easy to take. Good nutrition makes a night and day difference in my mood and energy level, not to mention my long term health.

  14. I take Essential 1 in the morning and then keep packets of Complete with me and take one when I work my 14 hour days. It really gives me that extra boost to get through. Love all of Andrews products. And take a few dozen a day. Take some in the morning and then take Procaps little vitamin box with me to work.

  15. I have alot of trouble taking large pills or capsules. I tried your Complete for Women but could not swallow all 5 capsules. They are very big. I tried opening the capsules and mixing it with applesauce, but the taste was not palatable. Is there a low calorie powder supplement that could replace the Complete? Also the Omega capsules give me indigestion. I have never been able to take Omega and yours are no exception. I am distraught because I really know these products would make a difference.

  16. Hi Andrew,
    I think your formulations are great! I would like to see Tru Q10 mixed into the Complete 100 formulation for both Procaps and HSN. I was also wondering how you keep your Tru Q10 from converting over to Ubiquinone?
    Thanks in advance,
    -Alex M

  17. Can you take hair skin and nail vitamin if you are pregnant also can you take essential one vitamin as well? Thanks !

  18. I have been taking Essential 1 for a week and had headaches the first 3 days. Is this normal?

  19. I am a 61 year old female who started taking your omega-3 and colestral care a while ago. I like them
    both. However, due to a fire in my home on July 6, I lost the rest of my vitamins. Anyway, i suffer from
    high cholestrol, depression and was currently told by my doctor that i am borderline diabetic. I want to
    continue to buy your vitamins because they do not upset my stomach like the ones i use to buy from
    GNC. However, I am confused where to start. Can you please advise me on what multivitamins and
    minerals will be best for an old women. Other than depression and high cholestrol, i have no other
    illnesses. I look fairly well for my age and i never smoked or drank alcohol. I need a little boost in my
    life. I drink too much coffee for energy. I just lost my father last week at the age of 93 yrs. I hope
    to be as strong and independent as he was. However, I need your help. Please help choose what
    is best. I read about your Life RX multivitamins w/omega 3 elite. But I am not sure if this is appropriate
    for me. Please advise. Thank you. I would like to say that I am an advocate of your vitamins. I
    currently work at the Bronx Lebanon Hosptal and while taking your vitamins, I advise a coworker to
    take the cholestral care with fiber. Even though she was taking medication nothing helped until she
    strated to take your vitamins. Since then she had told her sister in Florida and she too is taking your
    vitamins. I will continue to tell others about your vitamins.

  20. The purple packet protects your vitamins from the detrimental effects of light,moisture and oxygen. Is it fair to imply that your Essential One is not protected.. Does this leave your essential one less potent due its exposure to those 3 things ?

  21. Hi iam a new beginner of Essential i been taking them for a week iam excited i hope that i can get better results from them i was taking one a day i recently stop taking them for essential so i hope i get better results thanks

  22. I am new again and with a diagnosis that frightened me, I was all over board. I am calmed down and after much confusing supplemental data, I returned to ProCaps.
    You have so much information so I am coming back with Circulation Vein Support-Digest Assure-Ultimate Eye Support-Glucosamine and Chondroitin-and Complete. At one time was taking your five favorites. Not understanding Complete so coming back with Essential-1 until I do my research/study. Also back to Hair-Nail-Skin Product. Coordinating my eating routine verses when and how to take my supplements is a Course 101 for all supplements. Class Begins. Thanks Andy

  23. I am a 68 years old female I do not have a good appetite and my husband and family are concerned! I have an auto immune disease and I am on immune lowering meds so I am confused as to what vitamin I should be taking. I take 100 mg of Co Q 10 and a 400 vitamin e also liquid calcium/ magnesium . Please tell me which would be best. Ty

  24. Your comment on Linus Pauling was similar to mine until I read what he was trying to say. Using Vitamin C in mega doses via and intravenous injection is a almost cure for CANCER ! The television program 60 minutes aired their presentation two times over the last 8 years or so. WOW ! I then read where the Big Pharm types keep refusing to share the results with the population at large. Many Naturopaths offer this procedure which is only needed 3-5 times one week for any patient. Yes, there are many paid doomsayers refuting this Vitamin C via IV, but if I had cancer, before using Chemotherapy, this is what I’d use. Chemotherapy facts : since 1947, out of every 100 patients using it, only 2-3 survive. Please check on these facts for yourselves.

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