Today’s Specials and Our New Weekend Specials. The Latest on Joint Ingredients (Glucosamine and Joint Effort).

I have read and heard your comments regarding the upcoming July Today’s Specials and I am very pleased I have made so many of you happy, but for those of you who are disappointed – fear not.  I was not kidding when I said there would be some amazing Weekend Specials.  I realize I am only on four times per year and my 13+ Today’s Specials of years past no longer exist and we are now limited to only 8 or so Today’s Specials per year, which deprives you of opportunities to save.  As a result, a few months ago, I introduced a Weekend Special and it did so well that we are now going to expand that in the future.  In fact, the Weekend Specials will be just like another Today’s Special, but throughout the visit, which simply creates greater savings for you on even more products during each visit.  Also, just like my Today’s Specials, I am always thrilled to hear your suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.  By the way, some of the July’s Weekend Specials July will be CholestaCare (huge savings!), Fibermucil and PC Granules.

Also, I know many of you wanted to see a Today’s Specials on my Joint ingredients and they would normally have been a Weekend or Today’s Special this visit, but changes to these formulas have required I postpone their new special offerings.  These changes have already been incorporated into the autoship versions of my Joint formulas (Joint Effort+Plus and Maximum Joint Effort) and they will become part of my non-autoship Joint formulas (Glucosamine-1500, Chondroitin-1200 and Glucosamine-Chondroitin) in the coming weeks.  In fact, this visit will mark the introduction on TV of the brand new Joint Effort autoship formulas, which have already been received by all existing autoship customers.  These new versions employ somewhat different sources of Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate and although they might actually look like the same white capsules in their purple packets, they are actually better than ever.  As I said, the changes in my current autoship Joint formulas will soon be coming to the three non-autoship formulas:  Glucosamine-1500, Chondroitin-1200 and Glucosamine-Chondroitin, but unfortunately, they were not ready for this visit.  Of course, the values offered on all my autoship Joint products – Joint Effort+Plus (soon to be called Complete Joint Effort) or my Maximum Joint Effort are always exceptional and they always come with free shipping forever…plus Flexpay when purchased during a visit.

Best of all, despite the use of unique, more costly materials to make my Joint products, these new and improved formulas will cost the same or less than they did a decade ago.  If you are interested in the new Glucosamine-1500 – that will be coming soon and although the changes in materials will now make it a three capsule per day formula (instead of two), those three capsules will not cost you a penny more than the two capsules cost previously.  In short, it will be an even better product and as good or better value than before.  The new Glucosamine-Chondroitin will be five capsules (instead of four), but those five capsules will still cost the same as four capsules previously, so again, there will only be an improvement in quality and no increase in price.  These changes in the number of capsules result from density changes in these superior, new materials.  By the way, our new Complete Joint Effort offers the same levels of Glucosamine and Chondroitin as recommended five capsules daily of the Glucosamine-Chondroitin formula and comes in convenient daily purple packets at an always great price and you never pay shipping.  I suppose I rambled on too long about the Joint products, but I know that many of you expected to see them this July and the new autoship versions will be here next week and the non-autoship versions will be at shortly and on TV in October.

In closing, I know that I can’t make everyone happy with just two Today’s Specials each visit and only four visits per year, so now each visit will also contain a few Weekend Specials, which will dramatically increase everyone’s opportunities to save and allow you to get the greatest and healthiest return on your investment.  See you soon.

Best of Health.

31 thoughts on “Today’s Specials and Our New Weekend Specials. The Latest on Joint Ingredients (Glucosamine and Joint Effort).”

  1. Andrew, thank you for taking the time to communicate to us ‘all’ that you did in this post. It shows how much you care. Much appreciated. The Weekend Specials, thank you for that too! Many of us appreciate that you also factor in that there are those on Budgets who want to be taking supplements of the quality you produce, from somene we can trust ‘you’ & who teaches us so very much…
    Best wishes for a successful weekend.
    Look forward to watching you.

  2. Andrew, Thanks for the explanation, but could you let us know what the changes to the formula are? Thanks.

  3. Thank you Andrew for your reply.
    I look forward to your next TS on Glucosamine/Chondroitin. See you this weekend.

  4. Thanks Andrew for addressing the comments as well as explaining why Glucosomine isn’t a TS this visit. I definitely need to order some this visit but wondering how many if there will be a new formula out soon.
    Can you give us anymore specifics about the new joint vitamins? Will it be a TS in October?

  5. Sorry, I didn’t read the whole article above. Did you add to it since yesterday? Sometimes the blogs don’t open so I can read the whole article. Now, I just don’t know what to order as far as Glucosomine is concerned. I want to make use of the free shipping this visit so not sure what to do!!!

  6. I’ve been taking supplements for my joints for a few years now. I’ve seen a huge difference over the years and feel much healthier. So many of my friends are on prescriptions for their joints. I really wish they’d believe me that the all natural route works just as well, but without the side effects.

  7. Andrew,
    I just wanted to mention that my autoship from HSN has already changed to the new Complete Joint Effort with the 5 capsules instead of 4 (previously I had been receiving "New Joint Effort Plus). There was a note included with this shipment indicating that the formula had been changed regarding the sodium (no price difference of course though).
    Thought you might want to know it’s already being shipped; I got this about 3 weeks ago I think it was, maybe less.

  8. I am getting ready for my upcoming shows, but wanted to make sure I got you a quick response to some of your questions:
    The new Glucosamine-1500 (new 3 capsule per day version) and the new Glucosamine-Chondroitin (5 capsule per day version) will be available at HSN in just a couple of weeks. Despite requiring one more capsule per day, their price per day has not gone up a penny. Of course, our former products were great and the new versions are just subtle changes that make them even better. The best way to understand the difference between this and the former version is to watch my shows this weekend when I will discuss the new Joint Effort products, but as I mentioned above, the changes are subtle and designed to improve uptake and enhance benefits. Unfortunately the new superior forms of Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate are fluffier (less dense) and therefore it is more difficult to get the same weight of material into each capsule, which is why the number of capsules daily is changing. Our Chondroitin Sulfate is much less dense than our former Chondroitin Sulfate, but is uniquely capable of being considered Sodium-Free, which is a nice bonus, since most Chondroitin Sulfate comes with a small amount of Sodium and our new material comes with NO Sodium and a small bonus of Calcium. I will discuss this in detail during the shows this visit and I will also do so again in October.
    See you soon…Andrew

  9. Andrew
    thank you for all your amazing products over the years . You always seem to be one step ahead ! I was hoping for a coq10 special – I feel that product has helped me manage more than 1 health issue in my life – when I contracted Lyme disease 8 years ago – my doctor was amazed at how well I was managing with such high levels of Lyme in my system – I told her it was the CoQ 10 – keep up the amazing work !

  10. Andrew,
    I just want to thank you for taking the time to reply to us. I appreciate you and your thoughtfulness and the care that you show towards your loyal customers.
    I am counting down for your visit and can’t wait to see ALL of what you are offering. I am one of the ones that was holding out for the Glucosamine/Chondroitin. I will be patient and will try to stretch my remaining supply until you present the new formula.
    Thanks again for all that you do for us !!

  11. Andrew, Thank you soo much for your wonderful proucts. I never miss your shows and love your products. Would not be able to function withoutyour Glucosqmine with Chondroitin.
    I tell all the people I know about your wonderful products and how educational your shows are. Thanks again bertha

  12. I’ve used your products for years and know there is definitely a difference between yours and the "standard" ones on the shelf! Inasmuch as I am now a senior citizen and on a really, really tight budget (as most of us are nowadays), I think the most important factor (other than quality) is your product being affordable to those of us on a very limited income. It would be nice if you could offer a "senior citizen" or "long-time customer" discount on the products we use on a regular basis. That would certainly help out people who love your products but find it difficult to fit into their budget. Please take this suggestion into consideration. Thank you.

  13. So let me guess the Oct TS’.
    Glucosamine on Thurs Night.
    CoQ10 on Sat night.
    I would love sometime featuring the Alpha Lipoic Acid as a TS or weekend special. It is very rarely featured and don’t know much about it other than it is like CO Q. I remember when Andrew had problems getting CoQ10 he used to feature Alpha Lipoic Acid in its place.

  14. Andrew
    Thanks for the update on Joint Effort. I like the packets. Last year the Glucosamie was in the TS bundle soooo I had to come over to ProCaps and buy a big bottle of Chondroitin.
    Thanks for FREE Shipping, I have ordered so much the big Brown Truck man better rest up to get it to the door.
    I ordered two of the 1920 CholestaCare and Fibermucil Kits, two large Eye Support , two large Ultimate PC + Liver & Brain Granules (Love this ),two large Phosphatidyl Serine – PS Benefits (this is an amazing product- I have a very stressful intense job and cannot have blonde moment!)
    Also ordered the TS although I am swell supplied with Calcium with Vitamin D-1000.
    And there is Sunday yet to go.

  15. LOVE the vitamins and have gotten many of my late 20s/early 30s friends in Manhattan onto them (corporate life does not easily translate well to good nutrition, and these really help). We all want to ask you: will you consider selling your prenatals more widely? Seven or eight of us are starting to consider conceiving and would feel much better about an Andrew Lessman prenatal than we feel about whatever crap is on the drugstore shelf. Also, a marketing thought: the average HSN consumer has a daughter around our age and would jump to buy prenatals to fortify those grandchildren-to-be 🙂
    If some combination of current products would work just as well … please advise!
    P.S. have HSN partner someone at Procaps up with Joy Mangano to design vitamin cases, two versions, home and travel, multiple colors, ingenious engineering, and you’d make a couple of million dollars in a day.

  16. Andrew,
    I have switched over my entire supplement regimen to your products with the exception of one. Being a diabetic on the Dr. Bernstein(Diabetes Solution book) protocol, I take r-alpha lipoic acid along with your evening primrose oil with each meal. My understanding is that the r-alpha lipoic acid version is more natural and effective than the alpha-lipoic acid. When you have time, can you comment on your perspective on this supplement?

  17. .I,M trying to find a Multi vitamin that does not have iron in them. I called HSN ; they couldn,t help about the iron.When you have time could please tell me what to get.

  18. Andrew,
    Although I know you are not an M.D., you are someone whose opinions on health and health related matters I truly value. I was wondering your opinion on body alkalinity and cancer. Is it true that an acidic body (promoted by stress, certain foods & drink, etc.) aid in the development of cancer and that a body that is pH balanced will never get cancer?
    Secondly, I don’t know if you can answer this part (and if not, I understand), but what role do vitamins play, if any, in pH balance of one’s body?

  19. I want to order several products, the 100 and skin, hair, and nails. Would you recommend taking these two products together. Would it be too much. Could you let me know which products can be taken together. I am interested in several products.
    Thank You
    Carolyn Robinson

  20. Andrew, you need to develop a curcumin/turmeric stand alone product. Im reading about its anti inflamatory properties.

  21. Andrew….please bring back Joint Effort. I used the product for over 10 years.The anti-imflamatory ingredients in it such as tumeric, boswellin, licorice root and ginger root allowed me to love life again. Before I started using this product, every day was a struggle for me because of lower back pain. Fifteen minutes after taking the product for the first time, I was standing upright and not in pain. I know every person’s response will be different, but my testimony is 100% true and shows the pain reducing abilities of these ingredients.
    Please Andrew…remember the people in pain out here. You put together a combo that works and gives people their lives back and I need it. I don’t want live to go back as it was for me.

  22. Dear Andrew,
    I just saw some info about thinning hair. I’m very interested in this product as my hair is thinning at an alarming rate.
    I DO take your Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails. I’ve been taking your product for years, but sadly I must say I don’t think it does anything for me.
    The product I saw was Finola Hughes swears by this as she was losing her hair, but it’s all back due to this product. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it . I’m sure you’ll be against it, but as I said, your product does NOTHING for me.
    Thanks, Dottie

  23. Hi, Andrew
    Thank you…you have kept me healthy for the last 20 of my 63 years!
    Like Renee (above), I also am now on a fixed income, and yet, want to remain healthy and active. Along with Renee, I, also respectfully request that you consider a Senior’s discount. All us Baby Boomers will soon be in the same "fixed income" situation shortly. An alternative may be for Procaps to consider a form of Flex Pay.
    Thanks for your time and consideration.
    Bless you,

  24. Hi Andrew,
    I don’t know where to put this request (I don’t have Facebook). I also don’t know if you continue to read these replies but I thought I’d give it a go.
    Last time you were on the air at HSN you said to send in suggestions for other "TS Extras" if you will similar to the Fibermucil/Cholestarcare bundle & the PC Granules (I puchased both).
    I’d like to make a suggestion for a bundle of something of the following (if not all 3): Digest Assure, Aloe Vera & Friendly Flora. All 3 of three of products are must haves for me & do go along with the Fibermucil/Cholestacare bundle. I find these 3 products are constant reorders for me (along with many others) and would greatly appreciate a "TS pricing" of a bundle of these products.
    Thank you 🙂

  25. I’m proud to be a consumer of eleven of your vitiams. Andrew, you are taking great care of my insides while through excerise and fun hobbies, I take care of the outside. Thank you. Quick question: I recently heard it is better to take half your vitiams in the morning and half at night. You taught me this matters for calcium, but do you recommend it for other vitiams?

  26. I agree with the last 2 comments Were is the new blog for oct. and the ts for hsn so we know what to buy now and what to wait on for the ts !!!!

  27. What about folks who are allergic to Shell Fish? Are the ingredients in the Glucosamine and Chondroitin ok for people who are allergic to Shell Fish?
    Thanks Andrew.

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