Why I Don’t Take Live Calls During My Shows.

This is a question I have been meaning to answer for quite some time and with my shows coming up, it seemed like a perfect time to respond.  I know that many of you would like to call-in and share your experiences live during my shows and I enjoy nothing more than answering your questions and hearing your praise for my products, but it is not something someone can ethically and legally do on live-TV when selling health products.  I know that some folks even feel it is disrespectful of me to ignore the people who are so devoted to my products and who have years of experience to share about those products.  For obvious reasons, nothing works better for product sales than an enthusiastic live call, but sales is not my focus and because we are talking about health products, I can’t take live calls.  Out of respect for you, the integrity of the shows and the law, live calls cannot be ethically taken with health products.  I’m sorry if I seem unfair, but it is my desire to be fair that prevents these calls.

As you know, virtually all my products are “Customer Picks” with wonderful reviews on HSN.com.  I am grateful and proud of the praise they receive, but those incredible reviews give an idea of the potentially inappropriate praise and medical claims that occur when taking live calls during shows.  There were a number of past live calls praising my products that prevented me from continuing to take calls in the future.  The calls were great – in fact, too great – and their praise crossed into areas that were medical claims.  In the eyes of the law, the well-intentioned but medical claims of a caller are just as if I made those claims.  They are not made legal just because they are made by a well-intentioned caller.  I can’t undo a medical claim once made even by the most well-intentioned and enthusiastic user of my products.  In other words, if I cannot make medical claims during my shows, then the law also considers a medical claim by a caller the same as if I had made that claim.  It is a pretty strict and harsh rule, but live TV is a unique place to offer health products, which comes with serious responsibilities that I take very seriously.  It would be foolish of a broadcaster to think that they are immune from the legal consequences of their claims because they are made by callers.  And when you think about it, the law makes sense, since folks suffering from health conditions can be very vulnerable to statements about treatment and cure of their disease or condition.  It is important to protect these folks from being mislead and leave medical issues for their relationship with their medical doctors.  The law also prevents unscrupulous advertisers from being “cute” by using callers to make claims that were otherwise illegal for them to discuss directly.

I hope that was not too “legal” of a discussion, but let it suffice to say, I would love nothing more than to include live calls during all my shows.  Taking these calls was always my favorite part of my shows in the past, but my respect for the law and for everyone who watches my shows prevents me from doing so now.  Nothing sells products better than the wonderful enthusiasm and emotions of a genuine, live testimonial caller who has used my products for decades; however, my ethics and respect for you and the law, prevents me from taking live calls.  As much as I’d love to talk to you during my shows and as beneficial as that might be from a sales standpoint, it would not be ethical to do so.  It is ironic that precisely because my customers’ experiences are so remarkable and my products so well-liked that I cannot take live calls, but regardless, I still make sure to share your words using thousands of Customer Experience charts and I always make sure to encourage to learn more by reading reviews at HSN.com.  In closing, I hope you understand that although I would love to take live calls, I must preserve the integrity of my shows and protect your right to make informed, independent decisions.

Best of health,


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  1. Thank you for clearing up that issue. I too wondered why and now I know. The quick law lesson was good too, in my honest opinion. You learn something new everyday and gosh how I love to learn. Sorry for sounding so cheesy! 🙂

  2. Thanks for answering that question. I have always wanted to call in also. I do understand, plus that would take away a lot of the time you use to teach us about all the products.
    Love your products,
    Faithful fan,

  3. I concur, and even wish your hosts would talk less thus
    allow you more time to expound the research/science
    behind your products. Also love the free shipping-
    able to order more.

  4. Andrew, I really look forward to your visits. I call them "Health Seminars". I have learned so much from you. You are way ahead of so-called "health experts". I remember years ago you were talking about Vitamin D3, Resveratrol,CoQ10. This was long before "others" acknowledged their value in promoting good health.
    My mother use to order from QVC and send me "care" packages. I was kindly embarressed by them,but now I know she was
    looking after me.
    I am a second generation customer.My husband and I take Lessman supplements everyday.
    I budget them in, I hope to never be without thewm.

  5. Thanks for the explanation. I, too, want to hear what you have to say, not the hosts. You give me more info, which helps me to buy more intelligently. You also help me learn what to ask my doctor. I appreciate that.

  6. And here I thought that there was just so many people wanting to talk to you the lines were jammed and HSN decided they couldn’t do it anymore! It is true, every time you are on something new is learned; you are very interesting and I plan the weekends you are on around you. Thank you.

  7. Andrew, thank you for clearing that up for us. You are the most ethical person. Everyone knows how good your products are. It sells on its own just from you educating us. I love ALL yor vitamins.

  8. Andrew, I actually did talk live to you years ago about Hair, Skin, and Nails. You were selling on QVC then.
    Your answer above is excellent & I totally agree with your comments. Thank you for explaining your reasons. I would like you to talk more ON TV about the research/benefits and spend less time on pricing & written customer comments.
    I am most interested in YOUR evaluation of the medical research on different vitamins and supplements.
    Thank you Andrew for being you and the work that you do for all of us. (Love the humor you sometimes have with the show hosts, too.)

  9. lol & that would be one of the many reasons he left QVC and won’t return. Andrew doesn’t agree & won’t do what QVC wants him to do, good for him!
    I completely agree with you about not taking viewer calls & frankly have no interest in hearing people call & gush all over you & your products, not why I watch your shows.
    Now if someone could get this ethics thing through the heads of TPTB @ QVC they might stop Dr. Quack from taking calls that end up making medical claims. So sad for the elderly people that buy into his "Dr" claim.

  10. I am a health care provider who would love to recommend your products to my patients; however, I have to ask WHY are you not US Pharmacopea listed?

  11. Thank you Andrew for clearing this up, but to be frank, I’m glad you can’t take calls. As someone new to the company and who has never been able to take vitamins, I like that the time spent on the air is explaining how the vitamins benefit us. Even as I get to know the products and what they do, there will always be someone new watching and needing education on your vitamins also. And is’nt that what your about? educating people on vitamins and how important they are to us.

  12. Andrew, thanks for your explanation. I use several of your products, and have referred so many people to them. As so many have said here, I always learn so much from you, and I really appreciate that. YOUR great lessons to us (and the discounts/free shipping of course)are already enough to ALL of us to get to buy and try you products, with no regrets. On that note, (I really hope you read this), I hope you don’t mind my saying this – We REALLY do not need: 1. The hosts cutting you off all the time just to put pressure on us on how many there are left, or going on and on about the discounts, sometimes they don’t even know what they are talking about when trying to emphasize some you are saying (as if that was needed), and 2. Those LONG presentations on the comments charts from the customers. THESE 2 complaints are REALLY a TURN OFF to some many of us – we just switch channels every time that happens, and sometimes do even bother to come back in to see your lessons again!!!! I hope you can change that. Thanks

  13. I find your comments helpful and look forward to your HSN shows. I would like to see you talk more about product ingredients and how they work synergistically. Could you please develop a product similar to Secure meal replacement, but 50% less sweet and with more soluble fiber and no artificial ingredients/sweeteners. This way we could feel great about ingesting it! You seem so health conscious and so polished! Aside from that, I too, would like to see a vitamin spray/food enhancer product for cats and dogs (just to spritz over their food).

  14. I trust in your knowledge of vitamins and supplements, I am interested in natural thyroid supplements, is this something that you could consider? I know you would put a lot of information out there to people like me that would benefit from a product like this. Thank you.

  15. I am glad you do not take calls…I like all of the information that you yourself provide….I like the hosts, but I want to hear what you are saying……The Q sure has a hyped up production when they present vitamins in the "see thru packs" and they make claims that I know are not true..
    Thanks Andrew for being an honest man…….

  16. Frankly, I find the omission of the excruciating callers to be a blessing. You would find that I purchase more since the advent of the caller-less presentation. I would much rather listen to an intelligent, enthusiastic YOU than some silly slobbering over you and making statements that are outrageously funny.
    When calls were accepted there were many a time when I would surf someplace else so I would avoid my cringe reflect from activating.

  17. I also feel that at times the hosts talk too much. We could certainly be obtaining much more valuable information from you. Thanks for all your wonderful products!

  18. Dear Andrew,
    I also am very grateful when you so clearly explain the benefits of your supplements in relation to how the body works and what it needs to work at its best.
    I am glad you do not take calls, and I agree with less of the customer boards. Also with less of the hosts pushing, that is not needed, the vitamins sell themselves mostly. It is fun when you and the hosts are bantering back and forth. Personal experience from you guys is also valuable even though every body is different.
    I agree with the less sweet Secure or similar product. Gosh, I would lovvve a product that has NO sweetener, unless it is just a bit of stevia. I could not ingest the Secure because it was just tootootoo sweet. Not gonna work. Must be others out there who feel the same.
    Also, the joint supplements give me head pressure, which is unfortunate, because I really need what the glucosomine does for the joints. Don’t know why the head pressure, but I have tried severl times. BTW, why does the calcium supplement not have magnesium in it? Thought there had to be a 2 to 1 ratio with those minerals?
    Adore your vitamins, been taking them for years, tell anyone about them, recommending them highly. Lovvve that Fibermucil, Ultimate Eye is fantastic, and, OF COURSE, CoQ10 with TruQ10! Also lovve the B12 and D3, and HHS&N is amazing!!!
    Thank you for your spirit of generosity in educating us about these wonderful supplements/vitamins and how our bodies can and do work better because of them. Thank you for your honesty and not selling out your ethics and high moral principles. Your products will always be popular and sell out because they are made to really help people have healthier bodies, and you are GREEN with your spotless facility to boot!! LOVE THAT!!!!! So what’s not to love about a man and his vitamins and factory that has all that care and conscience behind it???!!!
    Sincerely yours,

  19. In my humble opinion, I can’t stand the screeching on a blackboard feeling I get from some of your GIGGLING hosts. They need to take a back seat,( and not talk so much) and let you educate us, in peace.
    I only watch HSN when your on air Andrew .I might also add this …. I prefer ordering from PROCAPSLABS, Your customer service advisers are truly wonderful.
    I might also add this. I have been with you since you were with QVC.
    What a big mistake they made when they lost you, and your wonderful products.

  20. PS: I’m happy…….
    You do not need to take calls as far as i’m concerned. It would only impinge on us being able to be educated by you. ! ;0)

  21. Hi Andrew, I would like to thank you for your explanation. I often wondered why you stop taking calls. I love it when you are on the air and take MANY of your products. I do one request, can you talk more about the benefits and the science of your products and less time reading testimonials? We know all of your products are Customer Pick. I am very interested what the benefits are and the science behind it. A few testimonials are fine, but sometimes it is very long, repetitive and boring. However, you and your science is NEVER boring!!!

  22. Hi, Andrew! Love your products and I am also in agreement with many of the previous comments. I want to hear you talk about the science and the formulations. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR SALES PITCHES FROM HSN HOSTS!! Also, I would also agree that less testimonials read would be a good thing. I can read the testimonials online. I started off by buying 1 of your products after hearing you explain the benefits and formulation of the product. I used to not watch when you were on because of too much host talk, testimonials and not enough science.I have a notebook that I keep whenever you are on filled with valuable info!!
    Any chance of you developing gluten-free and soy-free products?

  23. Thanks for the great explanation Andrew. I love that there are no calls, and would like it even more if the hosts were virtually silent during your visits. I’ve been purchasing many of your products for about 10 years, and only watch HSN when you are on. I agree with many others that you should spend more time talking about the specific ingredients in your products and the science behind them. Most of us don’t need testimonials or endless chatter about the pricing to be convinced. Keep up the great work!

  24. Good to know about "no calls"…they are irritating.
    Some of the show hosts are irritating with their butt-ins, and pushing!!! We Americans are aware of "high pressure tactics to buy"……….we know your products are good and we WANT to be educated by you, you are the proof because YOU take your own products and look great.
    I watch HSN & QVC daily and change the channels when I hear the show hosts saying they use every product every day, wear every product every day, take every product they sell every day….come on people…….it’s called a ‘lie’. I’d rather see the facts, quality, set-up, (at close range) rather than listen to all the oohs & aahs!!!
    God Bless Andrew and keep-on educating. we love you.
    Carole, Warren MI

  25. I agree with the previous comments. Your explanations are very helpful. I take many of your products and I find myself wondering if I’m taking them correctly or if there is a better way to combine them. Could you formulate a list (or lists) that would suggest optimum combinations of the products? It would be a great "gift" for those of us who are motivated, but not as knowledgable as you.
    Keep up the great work!!

  26. Thank You Andrew. Now I wish HSN would have you as the host too. Sometimes I get upset when a certain show host talks to much about price ,how many are left blah blah blah. I want to hear what you have to say. You are never pushy, I do not feel you do the hard sale. And fact is you do not have too. Just what we all learn from you is wonderful. Maybe you could ask the host to chill out sometimes so we can listen to you and learn more?

  27. Sorry for Reposting, However I did not read any of the post until after I posted my comment about wanting more Andrew and Less HOST Chatter. Then I go look back and see SO many felt the same way. Please Andrew as you can see this is important to us all. Host all your SHOWS yourself. I would bet MONEY that sales would go up. I find myself clicking off the channel when a certain host is going on and on, hint this host always says, LETS BE HONEST FOLKS. I wish she would try some of her own advicem,

  28. LL, I think she is also the host that constantly says, "Let’s face it…" Ugh!! I agree less host chatter and more of Andrew’s knowledgable discussion please!

  29. I think the presentations would be better minus the host. Many times I have heard one host who seems to get carried away making claims without any basis. I wonder how she gets away with it. Also, this host claims that she takes every product being presented. Your products are fine, but come on. How many people take every one of your products. Can someone slip her a valium before the show. Your products along with your commentary sell themselves. There is no need for a sidekick.

  30. I love listening to you talk about your products Andrew and agree that the hosts could just be quiet as far as I’m concerned. Since you cannot host your own show on HSN, which is quite amusing to see how many people would like to see that, is it possible for you to have message boards with moderators or you yourself conduct a live chat online where you can answer specific health questions or is that also against the law?

  31. Thank you for all your blogs.
    I didn’t realize why you don’t take calls, but am glad you do not. We want your input, not others.
    I too, wish the hosts would NOT talk so much (or make little sds during your talk. Be quiet please ~~~)
    They usually act like they know a lot about the product, but we just want to hear you, who
    Is the one who is knowledgeable since these are yours.

  32. Love your products. Am delighted you do not take calls. Also, agree hosts should be as silent as possible. Your products sell themselves. Lastly, it would be more interesting if you would curtail some of the testimonials. Honestly, we don’t need them.

  33. I also wondered why you stopped taking calls. I thought it was because it seemed every caller kept telling you how handsome you are, and it was embarrassing you — after all, you DID blush a lot! 🙂

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