Atlas Shrugged…why I have not written a blog lately.




The title of this blog probably does not make sense, but I will do my best to explain below.  Unlike many blogs, I write my own blog.  There is no ghost writer, so when I run out of time, I can’t write and recently, a project for my nonprofit has consumed a large amount of my free time.

Many of you know that I am fluent in French.  I speak, read and write it as easily as I do English.  Many of you might also know that one of the most influential books in my life is a novel entitled Atlas Shrugged, which was published in 1957 by a woman named Ayn Rand who had the misfortune of growing up in Russia at the horrific times of the Russian and Bolshevik Revolutions in the early 1900s.  Those tumultuous times gave rise to Communist Russia and the Soviet Union as we knew it.  In this book Ayn Rand praises what a uniquely wonderful creation America is.  I guess that is not surprising coming from someone who lived through the horrors of those times in Russia, which gave her a unique appreciation of what makes America great.  She admires our wonderful freedoms and the bold, creative individual spirit that defines our great country and she reminds us of how blessed we are to be here.  Each of the three times I have read the book in my life, it has influenced three of my most important business decisions.  First, when reading it back in 1986, I was encouraged to close my law practice and devote myself full-time to my passion – my then 7 year old vitamin-hobby.  And then, when reading it in 1996, it reinforced my decision to leave QVC and then reading it again a decade later in 2007, it reminded my why I should not return there.  This book has positively influenced three of the most important business decisions in my life and as a result I have always felt an enormous debt of gratitude to its author, which is why I now find myself translating this American novel into French – to both repay a special debt of gratitude to its author and as a gift to the French people who need to read it so desperately.

The translation project started about 4 years ago when I decided to reread the book in French, but much to my surprise, the book had not been translated into French…German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, etc., but not in French.  Apparently someone began the French translation 50+ years ago, but never finished.  I then contacted the author’s estate (Ayn Rand is now deceased) and I acquired the rights to perform the translation.  The French translation is now complete, having been translated by a wonderful French translator/writer, and I am repaying my debt to Ayn Rand by editing it – going through it word for word to make sure that it is faithful to Ayn Rand’s English.  The book is over 1,400 pages long in French so this is no small undertaking.  It will be done in the next few months and it will then be distributed in France.  It is not a profit-making venture, but it will repay my debt of gratitude to Ayn Rand for the creation of the book while enabling the French to also read this important American novel that many Americans say is their second most influential book – only to the Bible. 

I hope you now understand why I have not blogged recently and that things will soon return to normal.  As I said, I am so dedicated to this translation because without it I would not have a vitamin company, nor would there be any shows of mine to watch on HSN, nor hundreds of millions of prenatal vitamins to donate to needy mothers, etc., etc.  I thank God and this book (and my parents J) for insuring that my life followed its intended path. 

Healthy New Year!


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  1. Ah, I have such respect and admiration for someone who steers his own course. In your case Andrew the effect is actually felt by millions. Thank you for your integrity and care in keeping so many in-the-know with reliable, important information.
    Happy New Year, Andrew and Ayn Rand!

  2. Well I guess I know what I will be reading next 🙂 Thank you for sharing Andrew. See you tomorrow night.

  3. Atlas Shrugged is my absolute favorite book! What a wonderful gift you are giving to the French speaking people of the world.
    I am also a faithful user of the health hair and the friendly flora… they have made a big difference in my life. (I also take the Life RX Elite and the Omega 3 – orange)
    Have a healthy happy new year Andrew!

  4. I am very impressed with Andrew and his knowledge and products. However, it would be very helpful if you would say, ie., if you are a diabetic 2, do not take this vitamin, herb. Also, you have so many different products, how does a person know when to stop! It bothers me that so many products are pushed, and sound so good, but when is too many too many?
    Thank you.

  5. Andrew,
    Just when I think I could not possibly admire you more, you come along and do something else that raises the bar for so many mere humans that we are and you increase my admiration for you. I personally think you are one of the most intelligent, incredibly brilliant, extremely handsome 🙂 and also very interesting people I have ever heard or seen on tv and watched on HSN. It would be a huge honor if I ever did get to meet you in person. I must admit my own self I have been somewhat discouraged by the way people behave these days with no integrity or compassion for others who are in desperate need. Now, granted, I am not stupid, I do know you are very rich. I also know that you still live as a normal man who does not think of himself as any better than anyone else. I appreciate all the many, many things I have learned about vitamins/supplements from hours of watching and listening to you on HSN. I also order from your own website. I would love to tour your facility someday. I have a large amount of your vitamins, and need to buy more of them. I will tomorrow, but in truth, I am temporarily disabled, only 48 yrs young, so I can’t afford much right now. Please keep making the vitamins with the best as I know you will. If asked who I would like to meet etc, like between you and a celebrity like Brad Pitt, then I would pick you no question. Thank you for your integrity and honesty. I love your teaching so I always watch even when I can’t buy. God truly gifted you with so many different gifts and callings in your life. You are doing those things. I am sorry this was so long but I know you have little time to read from us and it’s so hard to ever reach YOU that I felt the urge to respond. I also now want to read the book you blogged about…..and I will when I can get it. Thank you so much for all you do. The most important reason I also listen to you and have so much faith in your integrity is because as you said, the most read book is the Bible (True) and you are always giving thanks to God (even when others might not notice) I do. Will be watching you every show and hope I can order. I have some questions about some supplements that I wish I could ask you about. I truly want to fight and get my health in better shape. I used to think I could be a model. Hard times and many traumas changed that. I am not giving up though. I count on this new year and your vitamins, and me starting a workout program to change my life. I never ever want to have another year like 2010. God bless You Andrew. Thanks and keep blogging and talking to us.

  6. No one NEEDS to read Ayn Rand. Objectivism appeals to a small group of libertarian-inclined people. You exaggerate Rand’s importance but it is still a worthy endeavor b/c the dissemination of new ideas is never a bad thing. English books are translated into other languages far more (far more!) than other languages are translated into English. I read international literature websites and it is only at academic libraries (which I don’t have access to) where these expensive books can be borrowed. Public libraries have lost funding all over the country–shorter hours, salary freezes, less money for adding to existing collections–so translated books is low priority. All this being said, a person is often privileged to be able to follow his/her (multiple) passions throughout life. A life to envy and draw lessons from.

  7. Andrew, that is quite the feat! I do admire you for that, in addition to many other reasons! And how funny, I told my 21-year old son a couple days ago he should read Atlas Shrugged and a couple other books by Ayn Rand; he is now of the age…

  8. All the praises of you, Andrew, are deserved. You are exceptional in so many ways.
    I would say to Anita, even though you cannot speak to Andrew personally on HSN, you can call ProCaps Labs. They have very educated telephone representatives. These people will be able to answer very detailed questions at length….much longer time frame than any HSN call could be. I have also emailed ProCaps Labs with questions and have received detailed, lengthy replies from people who know a great deal about the ProCaps products. I would suggest to Anita and anyone else out there to either call or email ProCaps labs with their individual, detailed questions. If the question is truly unusual and vital, I think it would eventually make itself up to Andrew’s office.
    Andrew….you could run for President of the United States and receive better poll results than most of the people who enter the Presidential races.
    Okay….Bloggers….how many would like to see Andrew Lessman run for United States President? Seriously!!!!

  9. Elizabeth, I often thought the same thing! Id vote for Andrew if he ran for president. He is very intelligent.

  10. Atlas Shrugged is alive and well. The movie Atlas Shrugged is to be release in April. It is based on Ayn Rand’s book. Of course movie adaptations seldom follow the storyline of a book,accurately. I think it will be an interesting flix though.
    Andrew,translating the book into French will be a rewarding project.

  11. Seriously? You speak French, too? You are too good to be true. I wish you the best with your project.
    P.S. Can you dance?

  12. Andrew,
    J’ai habité en Californie pendant sept ans et commandé vos produits à plusieurs reprises.A ce jour, je n’ai jamais trouvé de produits d’une telle intégrité.Je regrette que vous ne pouviez envoyer vos produits vers la France ou qu’ils soient disponibles ici.
    Votre initiative quant au livre de Ayn Rand est tout à fait remarquable.
    Je vous souhaite une très belle année 2011, 365 jours pleins de projets, de surprises et de réussite et par dessus tout,une bonne santé.

  13. Andrew, I love your attitude, philosophy and products! I am so proud of your decision to translate Atlas Shrugged…which is one of my FAVORITE books. I recently re-read it and now looking forward to the movie (part 1) on April 15, 2011. Now I will try to figure out who YOU are like in the book! LOL Streaming from "Galt’s Gulch….!"

  14. Wow, Andrew. I saw you for the first time on HSN last night and I ordered a lot of supplements. I never believed in them before until my therapist suggested a vitamin/health store near her, several months ago. I have chronic UTI’s and I bought something that has really helped me and finally got off the anti-biotics. I bought many things there and now that I discovered you; I am going to check out your vitamins/supplements. It’ll be a lot easier than going to the place I go to now, every 30 days. I’ll be saving a lot of money and you explain everything so well!
    BTW, I think that is awesome what you did with "Atlas Shrugged". For those that don’t know, the movie came out Friday – 4/15. Part 1, that is. There are to be 3 parts with Part 2 coming out 4/15/12. It’s a long book but a really great book and totally worth it, people.
    Thank you, Andrew! BTW, do you know Yaron Brook, president of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights? I’ve seen him many times on FNC & FBN.

  15. Andrew, I first saw your products at Sam’s Wholesale Club, many years ago. They sounded great but I was very wary of supplements since my college professor told our Health Class this: "Don’t waste your money on vitamins! Your body can not absorb them and they just go down the commode!"
    Some years later, while I was working, one of our young patients came for an appointment and her Mother said: "Reba takes Centrum vitamins, but I don’t think it does her no good! I went to the outhouse after she got through and there it was!" I know that was it, because of the color." Lol. These were true country people, from SW VA, mind you. They tell it like it is!
    Then when you first started on HSN, explaining your vitamins and educating the public, I finally decided to try some of them and have been buying ever since. I think I have tried most of them now! Even if I don’t always buy, I listen to what you have to say, in order to stay updated on any new information. You educate the public and it is free education!
    I have problems drinking water and taking any pills or capsules. I choke on my own saliva often. Sometimes I think, this will be the last breath I will take. I also stay dehydrated! It takes me a whole day to drink 16-36 oz, especially in winter. I wish you would get a capsule for dehydration ! Ha! However, your vitamins are the easiet to take and the only ones that don’t make me sick.
    I am out of the phosphatidyl Serine and I sure can tell that I need it again. This is probably my favorite, besides Coq10. It calms me and helps me focus. I can remember better too. I have terrible hot flashes, but this seems to help more than the Womens Wellness.
    I want to order more Phosphatidyl Serine. However, what I really want, Andrew, is for you to, please, do a combo pack with all your memory products. I would like a combo pack of Phosphatidyl Serine and Phosphatidyl Choline plus the Memory and Brain with Acetyl L-Carnitine. I want the whole package into one. Please let me know if this is probablity! Otherwise, I will order the Phos. Serine.
    I also have problems with high liver enzymes and no doctor can find out why. I have taken the Phos. Choline and the enzymes did go down. None of my testing shows anything is wrong with me.
    I am now wondering if some of my skin care could be causing my liver enzymes to be high. The brand I use, does make quite a difference in my younger appearance. I don’t want to discontinue this brand, but I am wondering if I should look for alternatives. Andrew, do you think skin care products can cause high liver enzymes, since our skin is our largest organ?
    I tell everyone I know, about your vitamins. I have even sent notifications to my email contacts and facebook friends. I always let people know when you will be on HSN. I have gotten many people to try your products and new customers should be buying soon!
    My son in law does not believe in vitamins. His dad is a doctor and my daughter and my son in law, both, work in the medical field. My son in law is always telling me how I am wasting my money and that there is no research to prove vitamins work. However, he didn’t seem to mind his wife and my daughter taking those vitamins the OBGYN gave her to take when she was pregnant both times. They were a waste of money in my estimation.
    However, I just read, Andrew, where you are an Ayn Rand fan! Ironically, my son-in-law practically has a shrine set up for her at their house! He has all of her books and her picture, etc., all on display in the living room! Frankly, that is overboard, as far as I am concerned! I saw a movie based on her life and I was not impressed with her social beliefs, if this story is true. I have never read any of her books, because of that movie. However, was to her favor that she did believe in capitalism. I don’t see how any communist can believe otherwise, if they know the truth, but that is another story.
    However, I intend to show your story about Ayn Rand and your French translation, to my son-in-law. (He is fluent in Spanish and taught English in Spain for awhile) I want him to read about how Ayn Rand has affected your life. Then maybe he will think you are trustworthy and this information may validate you vitamin research to him. I certainly hope he will change his mind on your vitamins, because he certainly can’t change mine!
    I remember you told your age on TV but I couldn’t remember how old you are, when someone asked me. I know you are a little younger than I am.
    Also, I do hope you are making sure you have someone in place to take over your business, in case you become unable to work. I am sure you do, since you are an attorney too. However, no one will ever be able to match your passion, knowledge & personality to convey information for nutrition. None of us will live forever, but at least we can have a better quality of life with Your Vitamins.
    Thanks for being such a great producer for our great country!
    Keep up the good work,Andrew! Yours are the Best!!!

  16. came looking for info on White Bean Extract… was incredibly shocked to see "Atlas Shrugged" in your blog topics. Long term user of many, many of your vitamins and do not take any others. Anyway – my father used to say that Atlas Shrugged was his "Bible" as long as I can remember …and I’ve grown up to agree (50 now). I read it again every year or so.
    Always respected your integrity. This is a whole different level. You’re cool.
    Didn’t see anything in your inventory with the white bean stuff though ;).

  17. You have done a great service Andrew! The French need this book. I have long been a fan of Ayn Rand and have read most of her work. If only our politicians understood what Ayn had to say.

  18. WHAT? You are no longer on QVC. Andrew I glad you kept me on your emailing list because I might have forgotten you. OK not true, but it’s the principle. I was first introduced to you via QVC and just thought I could always go there to make my purchase. Glad I read this blog. OK I over exaggerate I could have easily found you on goggle. I’m just shocked that I did not know this piece of info.

  19. Andrew, there is only one word that describes you and that is AWESOME!
    Please don’t ever change and please don’t listen to the many negative people in the world.

  20. so you are another freaking randian, it is fiction you know? you do know that it is fiction.
    thanks for the head’s up and goodbye

  21. Hey Andrew,
    It’s great to see that you are wrapping up that project.
    I hate to pester you, but I a friend just moved to Las Vegas, and she might be a good fit for your org. You would probably remember her from FindWhat.

  22. Oh, Andrew, you are remarkable. You are so individualistic and true to yourself and represent (in my opinion) the best of what this country is about. I am sure Ayn Rand would be very pleased to know you were her translator. Keep bringing us the best vitamins with your trademark honesty, integrity, and intelligence. Many thanks as always!

  23. Andrew,
    I am a teacher and do value Rand’s writing, my students read "Anthem" every year, and this year, compared it to "The Hunger Games". My concern is that Rand is VERY political and makes most Democrats nauseous, with her uber, right (tea-party syle) philosophies — aren’t you worried that you will ice out many of your loyal fans (the non-Republican ones)? I know that many people will try to argue that Rand is not preaching a doctrine, but anyone who has studied her literature and philosophies, knows WAY better! Her institute graciously, or wisely, offers free classroom sets of books to any teacher who will agree to teach the novels — that is incredibly sly.
    My guess is that most of your audience is clueless to the under message of "Atlas Shrugged" "The Fountainhead" and "Anthem", so, no worries 😉
    Anyway, I love your vitamins and have been doing research into getting my body more alkaline — can you offer advice into which of your products would be of the most help with this issue?
    Eager for an answer,


  25. Maybe the Me-First Randian philosophy is why you have decided not to send out courtesy reminders regarding autodeliveries? If they can’t afford my high-priced pills sent out before they need them, it must be their fault for not being ubermenschen. Let them pay!

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