With All Due Respect to Dr. Oz: Raspberry Ketone is not a Fat-Burning Miracle.

First of all, there are no fat-burning miracles and any such statement is absolutely false.  Recently, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a popular TV doctor, promoted raspberry ketone on his show as:  “The #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.”  This show was nothing more than a weight-loss commercial for a nonexistent weight-loss ingredient.  Any doctor knows that fat-burning miracles do not exist and such a statement is reckless and harmful to public health.  Sadly, his show has caused a buying frenzy for raspberry ketone causing millions of dollars to be squandered by desperate consumers seeking an imaginary “fat-burning miracle.”  Even worse, these statements persist on his website and throughout the Internet using his video, name and likeness to sell this fantasy weight-loss miracle.
America’s epidemic of obesity finds us willing to try almost anything to lose weight.  It is this desperate struggle with obesity that makes us so vulnerable to the latest miracle weight-loss pills promoted by a trusted TV medical doctor.  In his show, Dr. Oz praises raspberry ketone and its “powerful” research, along with its ability to “shrink fat cells” and “naturally trick your body into thinking it’s thin” while he encourages us to try this “#1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat!”  The absurdity of these miracle weight-loss claims is hidden behind the convincing content of the broadcast, along with the credentials and credibility of the medical doctor host.
Raspberry ketone has long been used as a chemical additive in perfumes and cosmetics.  Its chemical name is 4(-4-Hydroxyphenyl)butan-2-one and also called Frambinone, Oxyphenylon, Rheosmin and Rasketone.  It is used as an additive due to its sweet, fruity aroma.  It is only found in trace amounts in raspberries (less than 0.1%), which likely makes the natural material from raspberries too costly for use in supplements.  As a result, raspberry ketone rarely comes from raspberries and is instead artificially synthesized.  Synthetic raspberry ketone is very cheap.  It only costs a couple of dollars per pound, which means that despite the high selling price, even a large bottle contains just pennies of raspberry ketone.  Clearly then, the real benefits from raspberry ketone are experienced by those who sell it and not those who use it.  In any event, it is important to note that regardless of its cost or source (natural or synthetic), I cannot find any research that proves it provides weight-loss benefits in humans.
During the show, Dr. Oz and his guest emphasize the raspberry ketone research.  Dr. Oz touts it as “the #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat” and then states that “I’ve never understood how powerful it could be until I started doing the research for this.”  Clearly, based upon his research, Dr. Oz has concluded that raspberry ketone is a “powerful” fat-burner…literally a fat-burning “miracle.”  He asks his guest, “How did you find it and why do you think it’s so valuable?”  She emphatically responds:  “Research.  Research.  Research.”  She then emphasizes its health, safety and remarkable efficacy:  “I think it’s truly valuable because the ketones come from red raspberries. Very healthy.  No side effects and they help your body burn fat.  Not only that.  They slice it up inside the cells, so it burns fats easier and we all want easier.”  Shockingly, Dr. Oz agrees and validates these absurd claims by saying:  “Yeah easier and it makes us smarter.”
So what is the research on raspberry ketone and weight-loss?  Virtually nothing.  You can do the research at the National Institutes of Health website (www.pubmed.gov) by typing “raspberry ketone” in the search box.  You will find about 35 studies, but only two are remotely relevant to weight-loss.  I could not find a single human weight-loss study.  I don’t recall Dr. Oz mentioning there was no human weight-loss research for this miracle fat-burner.  Of the two studies I found, one was a mouse study and the other looked at fat cells in a dish.  The first study was not blinded (not controlled for bias) and it examined weight-gain in a few male mice fed a high fat diet plus high dose raspberry ketone.  It also analyzed some rat liver cells exposed to raspberry ketone.  The second study was also not blinded (not controlled for bias) and did not involve humans or any other animal, but instead, just looked at fat cells exposed to raspberry ketone in a petri dish.  Neither study specifically showed weight-loss.  I also do not recall Dr. Oz mentioning that the level of raspberry ketone given these mice was quite high (0.5% to 2% of food intake).  This is equivalent to a human dose of thousands of mgs daily – far higher than the 100 – 200 mgs they recommend in the show.  Plus, despite the natural sound of “raspberry” ketone, it is generally a synthetic chemical additive that to my knowledge has not been tested for safety at these levels and/or for weight-loss in humans.
Dr. Oz also claims that raspberry ketone “naturally tricks your body into acting like it’s thin.”  Now that is truly a miracle!  It’s as good as the prior claim that “it slices up the fat in your cells.”  That sounds like fat-reduction surgery in a bottle!  Dr. Oz then performs a compelling demonstration using protective goggles, red balloons and liquid nitrogen.  Liquid nitrogen is colder than minus 300 degrees!  According to Dr. Oz:  “When you put the red balloons in the liquid nitrogen, the shrinking balloons are like fat cells and the liquid nitrogen is like raspberry ketone shrinking those fat cells.”  According to Dr. Oz, “It excites the fat cells into giving up their fat.”  This compelling demonstration gives the clear and persuasive impression that raspberry ketone causes your body to lose its fat and shrink its fat cells and if you remove the raspberry ketone, then your fat cells will expand.  If that demo is true, then clearly, raspberry ketone is a weight-loss miracle.  Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, I could not find any scientific research that confirms or proves his miraculous claims or demonstration.
The show then discusses the impracticality of eating raspberries to consume raspberry ketone, but neglects to mention that as a result, these “natural” supplements are likely synthetic and/or made without raspberries.  The guest also mentions some amazing weight-loss results and tells us we can expect our results in just five days, but still, to this point, there have been no disclaimers.  We must wait until the end of the segment to hear the briefest of mentions of diet and exercise followed by Dr. Oz saying that “you should use this to help get you over the hump…not as a miracle pill.” That lone phrase does not diminish the negative impact of the absurd claims that preceded it.  One need only look to the buying frenzy caused by this show to assess its adverse consequences.
Many people have felt that my failure to offer a raspberry ketone product meant that I had fallen behind on the research.  That is not true.  We could have jumped on the bandwagon and sold enormous amounts of this fantasy weight-loss pill, but I will not make a product where there is no human science or detailed safety data.  Raspberry ketone is not a weight-loss miracle.  In fact, I find no evidence that it is a weight-loss product at all.  I have made vitamins for 30+ years and you’d think I’d be thrilled that a popular TV doctor so forcefully promotes supplements on his show, but given the nature of his shows, nothing could be further from the truth.
It is important to note that despite Dr. Oz’s miracle claims, there are no weight-loss shortcuts.  To lose weight, we must change the quality, quantity and nature of the food we eat, while also attending to physical activity.  It is never easy.  A supplement can offer some nutritional support for these efforts, but ultimately, the miracle resides in our ability to make significant life changes.  Never in a supplement.  There are no weight-loss miracles. 
In closing, this article is not about Dr. Oz.  It was only written in response to countless inquiries about raspberry ketone.  It was time for me to respond to questions about why I do not make a raspberry ketone product and why I would never recommend that anyone consume it.  In fact, I would strongly caution against its use.
Best of health.

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  1. I never believed this when I heard it. I think people should weigh everything they hear before using it. Thanks for your insight on this matter.

  2. if people tried every supplement Dr Oz claims on a daily basis will help you lose weight there would not be an obesity problem, i think it is very wrong of him to promote a different supplement on a daily basis as something we need to try to lose fat -people throw away their hard earn $$$ on miracle hope – i love your vitamins and have been using them for over 15yrs – keep up your good work

  3. Hi Andrew. Funny how I never heard of this until today. I've read reviews of those who tried it. They are mixed for sure. Anyway, I got so excited, I ordered some already. 🙁 Oh well…

  4. Thank You Andrew for being honest with people. I have more respect for you now than ever before. I like all your products and trusted you from just listening to you. Now you have reinforced the trust I have in you and you enforced my beliefs in your knowledge. God bless you and carry on.

  5. Thanks for providing this information Andrew… I'm not sure anyone else is. I saw that show you're referring to and it did seem a little too good to be true, as weight loss claims usually are.

  6. Andrew, Thank you for sharing this information. During my Death to Diabetes Workshops, there are always questions about "quick fixes" for losing weight. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there for weight loss as well as for diabetes and other disease pathologies.

  7. Why are these false products allowed on the market while the Food and Drug take good products off the market? Also why do people follow such people like Oprah and Dr OZ. They are obviously promoting themselves and not the health and well being of those who are foolish enough to watch these programs. People need to get a mind of their own.

  8. Thank you Andrew for you insight. I have been using your products for 20 years and always feel that you back everything up with scientific data. Unfortunately, I bought the Rspberry Ketones a few weeks ago and it has done nothing for me. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

  9. Thank you for your response to Raspberry Ketone. I like Dr. Oz and his style of presenting information on his TV show. However, I am disappointed to find out that he sometimes promotes false information. I welcome you as a "watchdog" for any other misinformation presented by celebrities concerning health.

  10. Responsible post! Thank you, Andrew, for going against the media hype and giving us the science based facts. We can count on you to keep us in the right direction about taking the correct supplements for our health. We will never see any red balloons with liquid nitrogen gimicky demonstrations when you inform us about health on your HSN visits. I continue to look to you and appreciate you keeping me informed about ways to improve me and my family's health.

  11. Thank you, Andrew! I asked MyFitnessPal.com friends about this a few weeks ago and no one had a clue as to whether the claims were true or not. I know I can trust you and I'm grateful that this article cleared up the false claims. I'll pass a link to this blog to them so they'll have FACTS not hype.

  12. Thanks, Andrew, for being true to your self. I am so tired of being manipulated by the media and what they want to promote. After watching many episodes of Dr. Oz I have come to my own conclusion that he has sold out to what he is told by the producers to do. I still believe in many (or most) beliefs by Dr. Oz but take some (especially any weight loss statements) with a grain of salt. The weight loss industry is all about the money. I want to know the actual scientific facts and make my own decision based on those. I appreciate that you always give us that information. By the way, your products are the only I buy and recommend. From your teas to supplements and smoothies, love love love them. Thanx!

  13. I have been watching you for years and when you say the claims are not true, I won't waste a dime on that product.. thanks for all the correct information

  14. I bought some because I read about it in 2 healthy heart books. They mentioned nothing about weight loss. I took it to my doctor who is very up on what is true. He said it was okay to take and there is a lot of talk of weight loss but not to expect that from it. I have noticed I am less hungry but I am eating better and exercising more so it is more from that but if it is safe and makes me feel like I am doing better there is no harm and at Puritans Pride it was super cheap so I am only out $6 for 3 months.

  15. With all due respect to Dr. Oz, there are times when watching him I feel like I am in the Land of Oz. To have a show where a doctor professes "wisdom" such as this is reminiscent of the carpetbaggers in the South after the Civil War, snake oil salesman if you will. Thank goodness we have the wisdom from Andrew for so many years. Andrew, your integrity and honorable intentions make our world a healthier place, with shared knowledge we can trust. Bless you!

  16. Thank you for being so informative! Andrew, I'd love to know your thoughts on the green coffee bean extract craze going on right now, as well!?

  17. That guy is creepy. Oprah hooks up with some weirdos, imho. Whenever I tune Oz in (which is seldom), he pushes some product or another and proves himself either gullible or downright sinister. Thanks for the post.

  18. thank you Andrew for your 30 years of complete dedication to providing quality products with your prime concern of benefiting the consumer interests and well being. You are a Godsend
    in this ever challenging world of the big profit versus mankind which pervails in every sector of retail/food/agriculture today!

  19. Andrew, I am visually impaired and it is increasingly difficult for me to read the research like I used to, so I really appreciate your taking the time to write this blog about the raspberry ketones, and I highly value your conclusions. I did see that show and was puzzled and uncertain about what was presented. Thank you!

  20. Hello Andrew, as a consumer of your supplements and others, I can assure you that I lost 10 lbs. during the first week of taking Rasberry Keytones and I have a cousin that also has lost 10 lbs. I have continued to take R-K and will as long as it keeps that "last 10 lbs" off…..I have an appt with my doctor for blood work and check-up and we'll see what the numbers are when my blood is tested. I appreciate your input but there ARE people who have lost weight….they clearly said that this was not something that would make you lose a lot of weight just the "10 lbs. that we all carry around, probably extra water…..if it works for me and I have no side effects, I will continue to take it…..

  21. WOW – Poor Dr Oz. He's lost and he is in A-World of Media Hurt. $$$$. Well, he means to do good. I hope. His staff should be fired or re-trained by Andrew. To be fair Andrew, sometimes you and the Girls at HSN seem a little snake oily also. They make everything sound like it changed there lives by taking all your products. Sometimes I wish they just would not talk so much. How come there is not a man doing the shows at HSN with you.

    I use a lot of your products. It gets to be a little much sometimes. Dr. Oz is just a break from watching your show sometimes. Dr. Mercola is cool, but he sends too many doom and gloom emails.

    I agree Dr. Oz is pushing so much and he is bent on that weight loss thing. Sometimes you have to eat a B-Mac and say hell with the vitamins today.

    PS-Is it good to give vitamins a rest for a few weeks or not ?

    Thanks Andrew
    Keep up the good work.

    PS: I miss the free shipping coupons. What happen to them?

  22. I have been very irate with Dr. Oz and his claims one way or the other for a while. But, Andrew…..I love one of your products for the energy it gives me, but you have named it "Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors". Although the B-vitamins contained in the product help the body utilize fat for fuel on a very minute cellular level, the implication in that name is that it will help you burn fat. Sooo…me-thinks you are a wee bit guilty of the same types of hype as Dr. Oz….except that he does not hawk his own pills on a shopping channel. People in glass houses you know……

  23. Thanks, Andrew, for making it clear to those who might start to suspect you're not on top of things. When are people going to get it? The only formula that is lasting is: increase output (exercise) and decrease intake (food consumption). People are so physically lazy that they have become mentally lazy. Even obese people can lose weight but rather than retrain their thinking which takes time and patience they would rather blame it on a medical condition, and there are plenty of doctors out there who make millions off of lazy minds and are more than happy to sign up their patients for a medical excuse. Thanks for staying on top of things and informing those who easily fall prey to magic potions and magic pills.

  24. Thank you Andrew. My Mama and I have been using your vitamins since you where on QVC.. Even when we can't buy your products, ($$$) we still watch your show for the education. As for a magic potion or pill, anyone that has ever been overweight knows there is no such thing.
    All our love and respect
    Helga (mama)
    Deny (daughter)

    Oh and to Uncel JR…If I was up there with Andrew I would be to excited also.

  25. I am disappointed that Dr. Oz promoted a false claim. Thank you for the information. There is no quick fix to our health problems. But I can say that changing your diet can be done! And just start by being a little more active, take the stairs instead of the elevator. No one can go from a couch potato to marathon runner in a week. Just keep plugging away. Don't give up hope.

  26. After trying every diet, and every "miracle" pill made to man, Andrew is right, there is no miracle diet, or pill. Restrict calories, move more, and eat healthy..Oh and take Procaps vitamins and supplements to enhance your health.

  27. So appreciative to you! The public needs to remember that The Oz show, is ENTERTAINMENT; without ratings, it is gone.
    I am a pharmacist and ONLY buy your supplements and recommend them to everyone!

  28. O.K. 4th day on "Pure Rasberry Ketone" so far, no bad effects and 4 pounds down! Have been on diet for a couple of months and had just gotten to a stand still on losing.. no matter what I ate or did not eat, weight stayed the same! 4 days on PRK and 4 pounds down!! I bought a months supply and if things go well, I will have gotten those "last few pounds off" which I will then, treat myself to a vacation in the "Smokey Mountains" ! I am planning on posting along, as I always wished there was someone that was taking a product and would tell me how it worked for them…

  29. Where are you coming from? I lost 8 pounds in a week and a half which was good for me. The benefit of it was that it curbed my appetite so that I was able to make wiser choices — To choose a balance in food instead of snacking because I was craving something to eat. I am ready to keep giving it a try because for me it is working.

  30. Where are you coming from? I lost 8 pounds in a week and a half which was good for me. The benefit of it was that it curbed my appetite so that I was able to make wiser choices — To choose a balance in food instead of snacking because I was craving something to eat. I am ready to keep giving it a try because for me it is working.

  31. Thanks for the info Andrew – I don't need to lose weight, but I watch Oz now and then. I am somewhat suspicious of a lot of things we see him tout as miracles.

    Now when will you be on HSN next????? I'm thinking July, but I would like a date.

  32. What are your thoughts about the green coffee extract? This one was in the news here and said the results were based on studies performed

  33. Thank you, Andrew! To best serve myself and my family I need to have information presented to me in a straight forward manner and without convenient omissions. Then I can make up my own mind. Thank you for posting what you have gleaned in this way and providing the source of your information. I hope you will always maintain this integrity.
    Have a great day!

  34. on the saturday after easter of this year i woke up and decided i was tired of being the fattest person in every room i am in. 2 days later i was turned onto ketones, i took them for 5 weeks, combined with calorie reduction to 2000 per day plus being moderately more active in my life i was able to lose 58 lbs, going from 330 to 372. then i ran out of ketones and decided instead of buying more i would go off so my body would not "get used" to them and i truly wanted to see if they worked. for 2 weeks and 1 day i fluctuated 1 pound, up a day and down the next. never losing any more weight for 15 days. i never changed my habits or calorie intake, i simply quit taking the supplement. after 15 days of no losses, i started back on the ketones and after 3 weeks i have lost 14 more lbs. this is a true story, i have nothing to gain by lying, if you don't believe me, check out my FB page it shows over the last couple months my progress. 10 inches on the waist and 72 total lbs lost, also 10 off my bmi (although i'm not sure what that means exactly). there's nothing hurting if you try them, just be sure you're buying american! not chinese…

    lee scott, http://www.facebook.com/theleescott

  35. on the saturday after easter of this year i woke up and decided i was tired of being the fattest person in every room i am in. 2 days later i was turned onto ketones, i took them for 5 weeks, combined with calorie reduction to 2000 per day plus being moderately more active in my life i was able to lose 58 lbs, going from 330 to 372. then i ran out of ketones and decided instead of buying more i would go off so my body would not "get used" to them and i truly wanted to see if they worked. for 2 weeks and 1 day i fluctuated 1 pound, up a day and down the next. never losing any more weight for 15 days. i never changed my habits or calorie intake, i simply quit taking the supplement. after 15 days of no losses, i started back on the ketones and after 3 weeks i have lost 14 more lbs. this is a true story, i have nothing to gain by lying, if you don't believe me, check out my FB page it shows over the last couple months my progress. 10 inches on the waist and 72 total lbs lost, also 10 off my bmi (although i'm not sure what that means exactly). there's nothing hurting if you try them, just be sure you're buying american! not chinese…

    lee scott, http://www.facebook.com/theleescott

  36. Well I'm going to be HONEST…..I bought the Raspberry Ketones promoted on the Oz show and I have LOST 4.4 lbs in 6 days. It has CURBED my appetite and I haven't changed a darn thing to get these results. Hey….to each their own and you can rip Dr. Oz and rip the Raspberry Ketones all you want….but I am seeing results and I am going to keep taking them. I don't expect to keep losing that much every week….but If it helps me lose 1-2 lbs a week I'm all for it. I exercise, I eat 1,500 calories a day based on what my weight is….so I don't see any harm in getting something that will help me along the way. So you can trash talk this all you want, but it WORKS. EVERYONE should still exercise and eat 5-6 small meals a day in order to get your nutrients….this should not be a thing where you say…."well now I don't have to do a thing!"….no…you should still do what is right and that is changing your LIFESTYLE of eating and exercising. This got me over my Plateau and I am THANKFUL for this new found supplement. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

  37. One thing I'm big on is that if someone is going to be making a claim about something, you better be able to back it up with a source. This appears as "politics as usual." The question I have is: What was in it for Dr. Oz to promote this product? The other question is: If it does help people lose weight, which some people are claiming it does, then are people losing weight in a natural safe way with no harmful effects on the body?

    I would like to point out, on a different topic but same point, how some dental offices are making claims that digital x-rays have less radiation than regular x-rays. But, the funny thing is is that I never see the source that backs this claim up. So, I don't believe it.

    I really don't like it when dental offices lie to me about how dental x-rays and perio-charting are "required by law." This is a blatant, bold-faced lie, which I believe is to trick and deceive people into belieiving that they have no choice in these services. Yes, there is "standard of care," but this does equal "required by law." I know for a fact that there is no law because I looked.

    Again, I'm so tired of the lies and deceptions that go on for the sake of greed. I've gotten to the point that lying is a "normal" way of doing things.

  38. As my primary care physician told me once, and I have to keep reminding myself when my desperation to lose weight pushes me to try these get-thin-quick schemes – if it really worked, you'd have to have a prescription… I would love to wake up one day and find out that science has announced the release of a weight loss "magic bullet" that will make everything so much easier; until then, guess I'll just keep drinking my water and taking my walks!

  39. I tried the Raspberry Ketones for the 10 lbs I just can't seem to drop, despite a 1500 calorie diet and walking 2-3 miles a day plus 2-3 aerobic and yoga exercise routines a week.

    The Raspberry Ketones did not work for me. I've been on them 3 weeks now, and my weight is the same as it was before. I'm still unable to drop the last 10 lbs.

    I am at a loss for what to do though, since I exercise, limit my fat, sugar, and carb intake, stick to no more than 1500 calories a day, and drink plenty of water and green tea.

  40. Long shot question Andrew — I know being as thorough as you are you read our comments. I was just diagnosed with a pancreatic cyst which Dr says is too small to be malignant. I don't know what would cause this and if there are any vitamins that would help? I am taking about 8 of your vitamins currently including Omega 3, Co Q10, Resveratrol, Vitamin D3 2000, Liver Antioxidants, Astaxanthin,Vein & Leg Support and Friendly Flora – I'm sure I've forgotten one or two 🙂 . I just ordered the N-Acetyl Cysteine which is supposed to help the body with the dye they inject during the MRI/CT procedures.

  41. well i bought a bottle a week ago and forgot to take 1 day I lost 2 lbs. I didnt exercise or change eating habits.I had 2 doughnuts one day.another day i had a burrito from taco bell.another day a mcchicken and a cheesburger and a lrg orange shake from mc donalds,a fishry,another day, lunch with my auntie, and i still lost 2 lbs what would i of lost if i really tried this past week? this week ill try harder!

  42. Oh great, like a fool, I saw this on Dr Oz and purchased some. Am trying to get over the hump, so to speak, on my weight loss. I guess Dr Oz is just the lastest con man selling the most current snake oil treatment to make a buck. Will never trust anything he says again.

  43. I don't believe in Dr Andrew too. I tried the Ketone lean and it worked well for me. The way he presents this article looks like he has his personal interest defeating Dr Oz. It is true that there are not miracles to lose fat but also is true that there are lots of products that help to burn fat! And raspberry ketone helps me to control the appetite which is good to control the weight. Make your own decision and do not get involved in Dr's war.

  44. I recently bought rasberry ketones supplement from Pure Health along with the green coffee bean supplement, which both products are from purehealth100.com, these products are not synthetic and contan only pure ingriedents. Both these products are great, I have lost 10 pounds already with no real big exercise or diet change. Just do research to purchase these supplements to have pure ingredients.

  45. Dr. Andrew, I found your blog on a search. After a friend of mine talked about success with raspberry ketones, I decided to give them a try. I went through GNC to get some and started them about a week and a half ago. I noticed a slight difference with my appetite, but I think that's more psychological than anything else.

    On Tuesday night, I had a few spots on my body that itched. By last night, it had spread. I took Benadryl, bathed in Aveeno, used Cortisone, etc. The bumps were still there and even worse today to the point that they're on my scalp and on my eyelids.

    It was then that I started researching the product more thoroughly and found your site explaining how raspberry ketones are synthetically manufactured and used in cosmetics. I've found on another site that raspberry ketones rarely causes skin rashes in people. It made sense then since I've had skin rashes when using some cosmetics.

    So, no more raspberry ketones for me. Even if somebody reads this blog and still wants to try it, I would actually advise to not use this supplement if you've ever had a skin rash following use of any perfume or cosmetic.

  46. Hey guys, don't forget that everybody is different. A product that works for me may not work for you. Don't judge the product itself, the products is good. one day you will miss having a lot of product to choose from….there are not miracles, there are good products that helps you loose weight. What are you looking for? ptss( Dr Lessman has a Laboratory ok? ! may be he wants to you take a look at)

  47. You know …I used to trust Dr Oz, but these days it seems like his show has just turned into advertisements. I've checked out some of the items he pushes and they're pretty expensive. It makes me wonder how much of a kick-back he's getting to push these products onto the public.

    I was reading the info on his site regarding the Raspberry Ketones. On the last page of info, it listed the references for the information, which I'm going to post below. Are these valid references? I looked at PubMed, so I see what you mean about not having the clinical studies to back up their claims, but I'm interested in their references and if they are valid. I plan on letting Dr Oz know what I think of his advice.
    Thank you for looking out for us.


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  48. With all due respect, Raspberry Ketones were my fat burning miracle for 2 months and I lost 30 pounds of raw fat.

    They work, period! My results are what made me create the raspberryketonedietprogram . com

    Thank you,

  49. miandra the fact that the comoou.d had green tea, acai, and other ingredient has nothing to do with your weight loss? If thats the case congratulation, you have found a miracle fruit.

  50. Dr. Oz's show should be shut down. I never heard of so many new "miracle pills" supported by a doctor on one show before! I'd love to know how much he's making on each fantasy pill he mentions on his show. The lazy miracle-searching women who watch and buy his recommended products should be ashamed. They give women a bad name. Get off the couch and put the oreo cookies in the trash!

  51. You have to realize that it is still a matter of caloric reduction that causes weight loss.

    Raspberry Ketones – if they work – are suppose to reduce your appetite. Thus, this should lead you to eating FEWER calories. The loss of calories then results in weight loss.

    If you do not reduce calories despite appetite suppression, then OF COURSE you will not lose weight.

    Every diet attempts to reduce calories. The use of Raspberry is no different.

    The post above where the poster did not lose weight on a 1500 calorie diet when using Raspberry Ketones DID NOT REDUCE his/her calories. Of course it failed to cause weight loss. If the poster reduce caloric intake to 1400 calories a day, then based on the basal metabolic rate calculation, he/she would be expected to lose 15 pounds over the next year.

    No diet method works if calories are not reduced. Period.

    Is Raspberry Ketones a PLACEBO? Maybe. But then placebos WORK.

    It all boils down to whether or not you reduce calories. Period.

  52. Clearly there was no real research done on your end pal. Nor was there even an elementary understanding of the mechanisms of fat and metabolism. Ketones are released when the body is in a state of fasting. They send a message to the brain to go looking for energy within instead of from foods. Since there is glycogen depletion in a fasted state, white adipose tissue aka fat, is utilized as an energy source. Having a higher concentration in the order of, well, anything higher than normal of these Ketones supplied by raspberries or anything begins this message to the brain to eat body fat for fuel because there is nothing else to be had. This happens dangerously to diabetics with ketoacidosis. But in a non diabetic environment ketones supplied artificially theoretically do a good job in counterfeiting a fasted state thereby initiating fat to be the primary fuel source instead of our countries sad addiction to glucose derived from addict levels of carbs. Get your science right before you go of half cocked. Trust me, I'm a scientist.

  53. I also value your honest opinion about this. I even shared your article on my 121,000 + twitter follower account. Thank you. @healthpromote

  54. I have been taking 7 keto and the green coffee bean extract that doctor oz recommends and I have lost 20 lbs in 2 months and went from size 28 plus size pants to a 24 . I will be trying the raspberry ketones soon. I don't think this works for everyone because we are all different . You have to find what works for you. I did not change my eating habits other than I ate less because the pills curbed my appetite and I did not exercise . I am now exercising because I feel so much better . I can visibly see the fat disappearing.

  55. I've lost weight and I believe raspberry ketones DO work. I respect your opinion but you shouldn't bash something that YOU haven't tried or done the research for. It does make your body act as if it were THIN. My appetite has decreased on a healthy scale. My metabolism has increased, and I monitor my progress with body media, a device used to monitor calories burned, etc. Thank you Dr. OZ.

  56. I've lost weight and I believe raspberry ketones DO work. I respect your opinion but you shouldn't bash something that YOU haven't tried or done the research for. It does make your body act as if it were THIN. My appetite has decreased on a healthy scale. My metabolism has increased, and I monitor my progress with body media, a device used to monitor calories burned, etc. Thank you Dr. OZ.

  57. Nothing against you, Andrew but if we aren't just supposed to take Dr. Oz's 'word' for it, why should we just take yours? He is, in fact a medical doctor, correct? And you are, in fact, not a medical doctor or even a medical professional, correct? If you are, you seem to have left that out of your bio. I understand you have been formulating vitamins for a long time and I do not believe in 'miracle weight loss pills' but apparently, synthetic or not, it has helped some people lose weight. I'm not a fan of Dr. Oz and I don't watch his show. I'm just curious as to what makes your repeating yourself over and over again more reliable than someone else (especially when that 'someone else' is a medical doctor, speaking on medical issues and you are a self-proclaimed law school dropout)? I think what works for one person may not work for another. You said it wasn't about Dr. Oz but honestly, it sounds very much like you take personal issue with him 'pushing' this particular product. Do you have any articles related to the show "The Doctors"? Why are you (all the while hawking your own brand of pills and supplements) more believable than Dr. Oz or any other doctor, for that matter?  

  58. Just started raspberry ketone today. Decided to weigh and measure myself so I can keep track of weather this is working. I do exercise and eat healthy, but since menopause I just cant seem to loose anything. I am looking to loose about 20-25 pounds…I read every post here and from what I can see, its an individual thing. I have never used any supplement before. So far the only side effect I have is that when I burp, it tastes like fruit :).

  59. Artificial Weight Gain (which 82% of all Americans have) is caused by Toxicity in the System; Real Toxicity is ONLY understood by Maharishi Ayurved; NOT the Medical Profession; it's very rare to have the Knowledge of 'How to really purify the Human Nervous System". If you want to lower Blood Pressure and lose weight on a permanent basis then seek the oldest medical science of all and add yoga and meditation to your lifestyle and you will be slim, trim, 10-15 year younger; but most of all Happy…This is not just Truth; but the Whole Truth, so help me God….

  60. There's an ancient procedure called "Panchakarma" this is the primary preventative medical modality for total and complete purification of the Human Nervous System; it involves ALL Three; Body, Mind and Spirit and addresses them all on the level of the Body in a SPA like Environment, with diet recommendations; organic herbal preparations, ETC. according to your specific body type….

  61. Lesson to be learned… Don´t believe everything you hear o read about! I did fall into the scam and bought a couple of bottles of Raspberry Ketone but have not noticed any "miracle weight loss" form from my waist line. Now lets ask ourselves, what´s Dr. Oz´s take on this hype? Did he buy share/stock on this hype? How much money is he making off of this or did he get paid to mention it on his show??? Hmmm…. Makes you think…

  62. Thank u Andrew for your feedback. not that i would have purchase this particular product. I normanlly try not to purchase anything unless it is one of your products. For the fact that dr. oz recommends products u would think that they would do what he claims; that & also we have the "human nature" in us to be curious & i do have to say that i did purchase the "Green coffee beans" exract that he endorsed on one of his segments. i hope u can give us feedback on that in one of your newsletter.

  63. Thank u Andrew for your feedback. not that i would have purchase this particular product. I normanlly try not to purchase anything unless it is one of your products. For the fact that dr. oz recommends products u would think that they would do what he claims; that & also we have the "human nature" in us to be curious & i do have to say that i did purchase the "Green coffee beans" exract that he endorsed on one of his segments. i hope u can give us feedback on that in one of your newsletter.

  64. Thank u Andrew for your feedback. not that i would have purchase this particular product. I normanlly try not to purchase anything unless it is one of your products. For the fact that dr. oz recommends products u would think that they would do what he claims; that & also we have the "human nature" in us to be curious & i do have to say that i did purchase the "Green coffee beans" exract that he endorsed on one of his segments. i hope u can give us feedback on that in one of your newsletter.

  65. I bought the Rasberry Keytones, my energy level has noticeably increased, my appetite for food has decreased and I honestly feel amazing since taking the Rasberry Keytones. And something else that find very cool…when I burp (which isn't often) I taste lovely red raspberries 🙂 I will be losing the 20 lbs in no time! I honestly love this stuff!

  66. This raspberry ketone was a BIG disappointment to me.
    I'm menopausal and have struggled the weight loss issue for a long time. In my younger years I had no problems losing or maintaining weight. I tried this raspberry ketone along with exercise, keeping a log of my low calorie intake and I only lost 2 pounds in a month.
    I have lost this and more without this raspberry stuff.

    1. could it be that instead of dieting, you need an eating plan. I hate the first 4 letters in dieting. I have lost 105 pounds. It took almost 10 years to lose the first 40 and only since March 2014 to loose the rest. I shouldn’t say lost, because I am not looking to get it back. I lost it with a change of meds and using a Bullet and Andrews Whey protein. I do a shake for half fruit and half veggies plus the whey. Thanks Andrew for your great products.

  67. Listen people, you can't just expect a few weeks on raspberry ketones, to automatically lose weight for you. You can't eat a ton of calories and take raspberry ketones as a cure. However, if you are on a diet and exercise regularly, you will notice a big increase in weight loss when you are taking raspberry ketones. Monitor yourself on a weekly basis, only if you are trying to lose weight by calorie counting, and then start taking raspberry ketones. You will notice your weight loss improves. The only misleading part of Dr OZ is that he presents the information as if you can do NOTHING and see big changes. However, if you were listening to his show, it specifically states that you see much better results with exercise. He also misleads by saying in a few days you will see a difference. This is not true. However, in a couple weeks you will. I think people expect to do nothing and get this amazing results and that is unfair. Most of the comments are probably people who do nothing and then complain when they don't lose weight.

  68. Please make a B1/Thiamine product. My Sister is a recovering alcoholic and needs to take this. I would like to find a supplement that is not a hard pill for her. Please make one in a capsule form. Thanks.

  69. Thank you Andrew for this important money saving information. I have Multiple Sclerosis and exercise is worse than difficult as I lose my balance way too much. I have tried and tried!! I was hoping to use the keytones to boost a weight loss for me but because of this posting to the web, you have saved me a great deal of money. I will just drink water as that is the best boost I could have. Thanks again. Kim

  70. Andrew:

    When you have the credibility, success, and practice of Dr. Oz, then I will consider your opinion. I limit my calories and I exercise daily. If raspberry ketones help expedite my weight/fat loss even a little, I'm buying it!

  71. thanks for this! i've been taking raspberry ketones for 2 months and personally I can say that it worked for me. I also made a change in diet and I workout 6 days a week. The pill definitely doesn't work on its own, but I've definitely noticed a difference in the amount I sweat while working out when I take it and when I don't. Normally it takes a pretty good workout to build a sweat for me, but when I take this before, I start sweating during my warm up stretches. As far as curbing hunger, I can't account for that. My body tells me to eat all day! haha

  72. I think people need to remember that there are people that can't loose weight, regardless of the pills they take, the food they eat(or stop eating more often than not), or the exercise they do. We need to relax because not everyone is heavy because they are having a passionate love affair with McDonald's. All to often we forget that over weight people have been around as long as humanity itself and we have started to blame every extra pound on society. I know for a fact that my family really struggles with weight and dieting and exercise will never make us thin. My mother is unable to exercise, her doctor tells her not to, she has dermatomyositis a degenerative muscle disease, so not only can she not exercise but she was put on steroids for about a year which made her gain weight. My mother could be very discouraged by this and not even try to lose weight but she saw her limitations and what her body couldn't do and she worked around it. She's lost around 60 pounds in five months and that's without exercise.
    So, to lose weight you don't want to blindly follow the guidelines that society has set up, it could harm you, if my mom exercised like every weight loss expert says she has to she would be in massive pain. The effects on her body could be as bad a holes opening in her hands and at her joints. You need to know what your body need, we are all far to unique to just blindly follow someones advice. My advice for loosing weight? Talk to your doctor, actually find out if you are missing some of one vitamin or chemical or too much of another. An example is, if you are a woman and you have extra testosterone than you will have a harder time loosing weight, a disease relate to excess testosterone is called PICOS, it's a genetic disease so multiple female members of your family would probably have it. The doctor my cousin goes to thinks she might have it which would explain why none of the diets she tried worked. Which is devastating for her. She's 16 years old, just about 6', with big bones and she has tried just about every diet she can at this age and not one, no matter how little she eats, how much health food she eats, exercise, pills, none of it made a dent because she didn't know how her body worked, why it was retaining that weight. Now, if the doctor is correct, it's simply a matter of getting the right medication and lowering the testosterone for her to get a kick start at loosing weight.
    Now I'm going to repeat myself. You, and your situation, are unique. You are not a paper doll, and what was a good healthy way to lose weight for one person may not be for you. Don't worry if it doesn't work for you the way it did for your BFF, brother, cousin, husband, etc. Do what your body needs you to do not what society thinks you should. I'm eighteen, I've been overweight for as long as I've been alive, and I've heard take this pill, do this exercise,and or eat this food just as long and I finally got fed up and just said I was going to make up my own diet and all I did was remove things like bread, potatoes, rice, grains in generally, and I removed sugar. I ate mostly vegetables, chicken, pork, and no sugar added yogurt with fresh fruit and a few other things and I lost ten pounds each month, my mom did the same exact diet and lost half that. It was my diet, what I needed to lose weight, not my moms. It will be your diet, not Dr.Oz's, not Andrew's,and not some obscure weight lose expert's. It will be your's.
    Good Luck!

  73. I have used some of Dr. OZ weight loss regimens and has had no problems!!!! I lose 35 pounds in 2 months using some of the supplements he recommend plus eating clean and exercising.Everybody bodies responds different to certain things! What works for me might not work for you! Some of the suff he recommends fitness professionals use. Supplements are a dietary aid not a miracle

  74. Greetings, My friend has been trying to lose his belly bulge; he is 72 and works out at the gym 3x/week. After one week of taking raspberry ketone from Sprouts health food store, he lost half of his belly. I have been weight training for 54 years; I have never seen a dramatic change in weight like this. Sorry, Lessman. Maybe you'll get your own show someday like Oz.


    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals brings you 99% pure Raspberry Ketones in a rapid-release capsule.

    Raspberry ketones are a natural thermogenic agent, due to their ability to stimulate the release of norepinephrine.1 Raspberry ketones help control the appetite and assist in the breakdown of fat molecules to be used for metabolism. By directly stimulating fat cells to mobilize and excrete their fatty acids, consuming raspberry ketones results in increased fat loss and increased thermogenesis.1

    Raspberry ketones have been discussed on major television talk shows, including Dr Oz's show, concerning how they may benefit weight loss.

    This supplement should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Results may vary.
    1. Morimoto C et al. Life Sci. 2005 May 27;77(2):194-204.

  76. the last comment, sounds like another pitch to SELL. BUT i DO THANK ANDREW FOR ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE. I almost bought it, because I dont watch dr oz and his pitch seemed believable. when I went to the site to buy!!!!!!!! with a discount only for today $89.94 for a one month supply hmmm thank s for the comments and enlightenment

  77. Thanks for the post. It was hard for me to find any legit resource on the subject. Every "consumer report" I looked up were tricky ads by the Raspberry Ketone sellers. I found the same article 3 times under different authors names claiming she was a reporter who tried it sceptically as part of an investigative report. In each "article" there was a different brand plugged. Booo on them.

    I'm about 30 lbs over weight, a 34 year old woman and decided to hit it hard. I started taking the Hi-tech ketones I got at GNC daily, along with having 1400 quality (mostly raw) calories a day and exercising at least 4 times a week. After a month… less than 5 lbs 🙁

    There is no easy way. I am feeling much better physically and know that my heart is healthier so I'm taking those benefits as my reward for my hard work. If the weight decides to come off then it does. I'm just gonna keep doin' what I do because it's the right thing for me to do.

  78. I try things with an open mind, prepared to fail, and hope for the best. Currently I use green tea pills with added vitamins C,E, NIACIN,B6,FOLIC, AND B12. I use this for a mental boost in the morning. I have been using raspberry ketones for about two weeks. I just began seeing results losing about 1 pound every two days. But I also eat under 1200 calories a day… this is my normal diet and I have found that the supplements are helping me lose a little more quickly.

  79. Dear Andrew,

    with all respect to you:

    1) absence of research about something doesn't imply existence or non-existence of facts.

    2)I totally agree that "raspberry ketones", just like almost anything else, cannot be that "miracle fat burner". "Burning" even the modest 2 pounds of body fat/week will require spending additional 1000 kcal/24 hours (1 pound of body fat= appr. 3500 kcal), and that is hypermetabolism compatible with untreated thyroid hyperfunction or a severe acute infection. It will bring quite unpleasant physical symptoms at the very least.

    3).Our knowledge about pathophysiology of obesity is very limited. Even the idea of "the calorie is a calorie is a calorie" is wrong. A calorie of plain sugar is somewhat more than a calorie of a lean protein – just because your body has to spend more energy to utilize the latter one into fat.

    4). Evidence-based medicine is a good thing for researching things which are a) common; b)have few cofounders and variables. It is easy enough to design and conduct a good study about, say, bacteria remaining on skin after cleansing it with different antiseptics. For problems involving dozens of variables (such as obesity – counting all individual variables of diets, day regiments, gender, genetics, ethnicity, etc., etc.) it is very difficult, if even possible to design a double blind unbiased study even if you got thousands of participants. I guess you're aware of it.

    5). So far, FDA never, ever gave its approval to ANY alternative, or "natural", drug. In the same time, it regularly permits marketing as "safe and effective" of meds which, after a period of time, are pulled from market or are given "black box" warnings due to causing life-threatening side effects. I think you're aware of it, too, and also about why exactly it happens. Try to compare European and USA studies about clinical use of melatonin, for example, then think about thousands of shift workers and elderly patients who're prescribed habit-forming benzodiasepines instead of melatonin which could be more beneficial for them. German and Dutch docs use melatonin for such patients with good results, and if FDA refuses to see it in order not to upset their Big Pharma and AMA Great Bosses, it is not my problem. I take melatonin for night shifts, and it works great. I also take raspberry "ketones" and they work great in terms of depressing appetite and "carb craving". I am not obese (was 150 lbs./5'4") and only wanted to lose like 10 lbs in order to be in safe zone, as my whole family is obese and has diabetes. That was done within a month.

    If you believe in evidence-based medicine and nothing else, that's your right. But even EBM doesn't exclude anecdotal reports. If raspberry ketones, or snake oil, or whatever else, helps some people to manage their health problems better and without any side effects, then you cannot deny the benefits of it, even if the cause very well might be pure "placebo effect".

  80. Me and my friend started taking the raspberry ketones and have noticed a huge decrease in our appetite. I am not look for a quick fix just an aid to boost the regular exercise I do to lose weight. Should you buy the supplement from any where , No. Will it work for everyone, No. Should you do a bit of research and/or consult your primary physician or nutritionist before taking, Always.

  81. PLEASE look at this month's COMSUMER REPORTS (the one with a giant pill on the front of it) for info on all supplements, as many can kill you! Do not listen to any DRUG PUSHERS (if there is profit and drugs involved they are pushers)! There are side effects to everything you put in your body. Now as to Raspberry Ketones, my sister encouraged me to try them, bought from an online honest company, natural,and cheap (buy one get one free $10). I had some tummy pain and burped rasspberries for several hours, (which many people are complaining about). I have not lost weight but am less tired (commonly noted) and less hungry (also noted), but I am deciding if I will continue in the light of the Comsumer Reports article on side effects of supplements!

  82. what you need to take is pure raspberry ketones nothing else only pure should say on label no green tea or any other stuff in it.at least 500mg each pill 1000mg would be better only reputable companys,not just internet sites.it will work..

  83. I bought a bottle of labrada rasberry keytones and I wa skeptical. But after two weeks of using this supplement I weighed myself and was surprised to. See that I had lost 8 lbs, it fluctuates a couple of pounds daily but I really havnt been dieting and I still lost and my clothes fit a lil better. . I am not sure about other brands but trhis one works for me.

  84. I bought a bottle of labrada rasberry keytones and I wa skeptical. But after two weeks of using this supplement I weighed myself and was surprised to. See that I had lost 8 lbs, it fluctuates a couple of pounds daily but I really havnt been dieting and I still lost and my clothes fit a lil better. . I am not sure about other brands but trhis one works for me.

  85. Raspberry ketone (CAS 5471-51-2) is a synthetic flavoring agent moderately toxic on ingestion and poisonous by intraperitoneal route. It is a combustible liquid. Lethal dose (rats) 1320 mg/kg.

  86. Dr. Oz specifically did clarify and say it is not exactly a miracle. He did state that used along with a healthy diet and exercise it could show great results. He asked the nutritionist on there and she is the one who said it has been a miracle for her patients who have tried it. There is not enough research out to even be the judge what he said. Maybe you should wait to post something like this when you KNOW the facts based on research on humans.

  87. Thank you. I appreciate getting some of the facts. I wondered about the claims made on Dr. Oz's show. I understand he's supposed to be quite reputable, but I still found myself wanting more "research, research, research" to back up the claims being made. This is the first of many, many sites that wasn't trying to sell me something (well, or trying to pretend that they weren't getting a kickback from someone trying to sell me something. Thank you for the skinny on this new diet wonder. I guess it's back to the gym!

  88. This is the first time I've ever read any of your articles and I am utmost glad that I did! I'm not here to debate whether the product works or not but I do have a problem with people acting so surprised to know that natural herbs and other natural things help with weight loss. For instance, everyone became so psyched about the Acai and mangosteen deal. They claimed them to be "superfruits." Pardon me, but any organic fruit or vegetable is going to have weight loss benefits. It's not a surprise that raspberries and acai berries are good for you and that they help you lose weight. That's just it. They HELP you lose weight, meaning that other healthy habits need to be adopted to lose weight. If you simply eat a diet rich in non-processed and organic foods and exercise daily, you'll "miraculously" lose weight! (sarcasm). It's not rocket science. It's simple to understand that proper diet and exercise help you lose weight. I stress the importance of non-processed and organic foods because it was when additives and other non natural things were added to food that Americans became so obese. I know that organic eating and exercise works because I lost 90lbs in one year doing just that. No pills. No synthetic supplements. It takes dedication and definitely lots of research to make that lifestyle change. 90lbs is a whole lot more weight lost than what those damned pills claim and I lost it just as quickly as what they claim if not quicker. Taking those pills won't help you lose weight any faster than healthy eating and exercising. I've also observed that many of the people that I know who struggle with weight loss make excuses. "Healthy foods taste nasty" or "I don't have time to cook or go to the gym." If you have time to wait on a pizza or wait at the drive-through, certainly you have time to get a quick workout in or throw together a quick, healthy meal. I've heard people say "I don't like to cook." All of these processed convenience foods are what make people fat so you can either continue to struggle with your weight, or suck it up and deal with cooking. It sounds harsh but it is what it is. At the very least, order meals that contain non-processed or minimally processed ingredients if you just absolutely refuse to cook. I noticed that there was no elaboration on HOW the product shrinks fat cells. What exactly does it do to shrink fat cells? What exactly is the process in which the product cuts up the fat in the cells? Once the fat is cut up, how is it burned? Does the fat convert into energy or does it work similar to that Alli product by preventing fat absorption? Unanswered questions like these make me skeptical and essentially deter me from buying a product. What about the fat that collects around the organs? Does this product help with that also? Weightloss companies never talk about that. I'm done ranting for now. I enjoyed reading your article and I will be looking forward to trying some of your products. Thank you 🙂

  89. I definitely agree with what Alexsis said. She hit the nail on the head. What one person's body needs may differ from the next person. Many health claims are generalized statements. I found that eating organic has really had a positive effect on me and my body. It's not safe to just blindly follow a health trend or even to listen to some of these so-called doctors without knowing your own body. For instance, it is recommended that you consume at least 2,500 calories a day. Personally, I don't believe that calories are the culprit. Also, there's no way in Hell I can eat that much. The amount of food and the types of food you should eat is dependent on your body, your health, and your goals.

  90. First of all Andrew seems honest and concerned. I can not afford his vitamins. However I did take raspberry ketones, I did lose 20 pounds. As importantly, I did Dr Atkins diet.My body went into ketosis which has a distinct odor. My point is while on the ketones my body DID burn fat and the smell of (fat burning) ketosis was also present while taking the ketones. They work for me is all I can say!!!

  91. How do we know you are not lying?! people should just mind their business and let it be! If he says that maybe they did work for those people everyone's body is different! I'm just saying I'm sticking with them and see how they work for me

  92. I am glad I read your article about this product, I have never heard of Dr Oz and believe that any doctor worth his salt would not be advertising products that are going to make him money, oh yes you can be sure that Dr Oz didnt do the ad because it works but for the kick back he will receive,I ask myself why is Dr Oz making ads instead of practising the medicine he studied for, has he been struck off ? is he a real doctor ? I dont know, but when I see doctors making ads that will make them money I have doubts about them. Having read as much as I can about this product I have no illusions that weight loss come from healthy eating and exercise not from this product.

  93. interesting to note you are not in favor of this because it is synthetically produced, yet when you look at the ingredients in your vitamins, they are synthetically produced also..no whole food blend.. therefore all lab produced..


  95. I just needed to comment on Dr. Oz premiere show this season. Titled Taking my Name Back,! He is a specialist as a Heart Surdeon, not a nutionalist I believe. Dis he really think after promoting all these vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies and more… The internment was not going to market these products AS SEEN ON DR. OZ. He can not be that ignorant. Is he not making enough money already? is he really not getting any revenue from all these products he has been pushing on the public? I find it sad to take advantage of viewers. They are looking for this miracle pill, and ordering every item he claims gets rid belly fat, or any area that we ate insecure about. His show should be renamed Diet Dr, Guru because that is mostly all he talks about. I miss the shows about all health issues. Please move on Dr. Oz .Oh and if Keytones worked for you than I am extremely happy for you. Have a Good Day? Thanks, Andrew

  96. Ok, so if it's not a miracle in a bottle then what is it. I have tried dieting and exercising and instead of losing weight, I gained it. Started taking the raspberry keytones with my diet and exercise regime and suddenly I go from gaining weight to losing it. Thus far I have shed five pounds and I've been using it for two weeks now. Care to tell me how its not helping me? Mind you I was dieting and exercising six months prior to taking the pills.

  97. I began a diet and exercise program 7-31-12, using myfitnesspal.com as a tool and have done well I think – 15 pounds lost in about 8 weeks. Two days ago I started using raspberry ketones in a multi-blend formula called "Excelatrim" and this morning I was down THREE more pounds. No other changes. Same calories in, same amount of exercise. So I am astonished, but definitely encouraged to keep using them – why wouldn't I? I have tried other formulas that claim to speed up metabolism, but none of them have made any difference. This one definitely has!

  98. i have been taking it for a week after desperate calorie counting and stress over weight loss. i have been eating well, counting calories and exercising and have lost weight a about a lb a month. the first week i took this as well i lost 3 lbs. this i also exercised less. i have continued to lose weight at this rate without the crazy calorie journal that made me think "im doing everything right, i'll never lose the weight". dont go around saying something doesnt work if you havent tried it. many doctors seem to have something against supplements, but they are food derived and food and plants are the real way to health, not pharmaceuticals!!!!!

  99. People get desperate- esp when its so hard to take off the weight. But this stuff does NOT work- tried it with exercise and proper diet-Nothing! only alot of GI problems. Thanks for the strong answer

  100. Dr oz didn't say don't diet and don't exercise and just use rk's.
    I'm a bodybuilder who gets very lean. There are a ton of great fat burners on the market when combined with diet and exercise. I use fat burners and also take RKs with these other formulas. My fat melts off. It's a combination between diet supplementation and exercise. So stop beating on dr oz he also says you need to diet and exercise.

  101. I'm a type 1 Diabetic and have always been taught that Ketones are bad. I know that when my body is sick with ketones I do tend to lose weight but it is life threatening. How are these Raspberry Ketones different?

  102. Perhaps Oz's show on raspberry ketones wil accidentally make people aware of the real ketones (acetoacetate) generated by the body for fuel when food is scarce, or, (pay close attention), when the amount of ingested carbs is decreased, and amount of fat is increased. Acetoacetate ketones are the brain's backup fuel source when available glucose is low such as in fasting, decreased carb/increased fat intake, or in IR people. There's tons of anecdotal evidence of the liver producing ketones when we ingest medium chain fats like those in MCT oil or coconut oil to help with the dementia associated with Alzheimers. There may be a prescription oral ketone ester available in several years developed just for this.

  103. Thank you for a dose of reality in this silly craze. I'm constantly amazed by the high degree of ignorance out there. I see people posting here who are STILL not clear on VERY basic concepts and commonly understood truisms. For those people, please take note of just a few basics: (1) If you lose weight while using raspberry ketones (or some other supplement), AND at the same time have diminished your caloric intake AND have been moderately active, your weight loss was not necessarily nor even likely due to the raspberry ketones (or other supplement). (2) Most people lose weight somewhat more easily during the first couple or three weeks, if they aren't cheating, and then it gets tougher and weight loss slows dramatically, for a variety of basic metabolic/psychological reasons. So if you run out of your initial supply of some supplement around this time, it's almost certainly irrelevant to any weight loss slow-down you experience. (3) Double-blind studies are the ONLY somewhat reliable sources of test results; animal studies must be evaluated VERY cautiously with regard to ANY relevance to human applications; and the high quantities of substances used in studies in order to get an effect are often completely unrealistic or even dangerous for actual day-to-day use. Good luck in your efforts, but let's get real.

  104. Hello andrew I thank you for the information, but I wish I had read into this product a little bit more before buying it. I have been taking raspberry ketones for about a week now and honestly I have expierenced no weight loss. Although I have been getting really sick. I havent been taking the pills for about a week and my stomache is still upset. I wouldnt advise anyone take these to lose weight at all.

  105. I was just watching the show and had my cc out to order but wanted to find it cheaper but natural so stumbled on this article. Boy am I glad I did! I will stick to my tae-Bo PT 24/7 and work it off thank you! 🙂

  106. Thank u andrew for posting this information about raspbery ketone,i got so excited about it,and wanted to try it myself,i'm glad i read your article first before ordering this produt.Thank u so much for being honest.

  107. Just took a moment to research the Keytone-Craz….to find this article. Well, back to the basics. Eat right and excerise. That I know works!!!!


  109. Thanks, this was soo helpful! So glad I didn't get sucked into this nonsense. Adam, what is your oppinion on the It Works! Body wraps? Do you think they're worth it or a waste of money?

  110. This is about Dr Oz as well. Why being in the public eye and supposedly having such qualitative knowledge does he support something that's totally false.

  111. Used Raspberry Ketones for 4 months…. No weight loss. I do exercise, and I'm on a greenbean, stewed tomatoe, and cottage cheese diet now. The Ketones WILL mess with your BP (Blood Pressure), and if you have High OR Low Blood Sugar, watch out! I'm 36, and almost died. Blessings to all!

  112. Just a note to all….. Taking the Ketones (Dr Oz whom I like), my Blood Pressure went so High, I fainted, the next 3 days, it was Low. On top of that, my Blood Sugar was out of whack BAD! I started seeing lights (Bright White Lights – like someone had taken a camera and took 50 pictures with the flash, right in my eyes), and ringing in my ears was AWFUL! Someone young, and healthy might be able to take these, not me!

  113. Well, I wish I had read this before I spent over $100 to buy 5 bottles of this Dr. Oz crap that doesn't work. I took these pills religiously for over two months. I gained half a pound in that time period and I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary nor consume more of anything. My weight is stable at 185 pounds and I am 5' 9 1/2" tall with thin bones. I needed to get down to my optimum weight of roughly 170 pounds and was hoping this stuff would help shed that fat in my middle that just doesn't seem to go away. (I had liposuction so there is no fat between my endodermis and ectodermis so its all inside my abdominal wall). I thought the Pure Raspberry Ketone people had a money back guarantee but after calling and then reading the fine print there is absolutely NO Guarantee that this stuff will work. They agreed to take back any unopened bottles for a refund of a pittance if I shipped it back, but no guarantee standing behind the claims they make as to weight loss. In my view THIS IS A BIG SHAM AND IT HAS ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED WHATEVER CREDIBILITY I GAVE TO DR. OZ BEFORE THIS.

  114. Perhaps the Raspberry Ketone thing might have an initial placebo effect, as long as folks believe it will work, then for a while, they will believe the lie and they will temporarily lose weight. It's an expensive placebo though 🙁

  115. I was thinking about buying these miraculous pills but fortunatelly I found your article. Thank you for being honest I think the weight-loss business is one of the biggest ones and one of the most tricky ones.

  116. They also have a testimonial by Rachel Ray along with a video of Dr Oz on one of the websites. She not only promotes the raspberry ketones but a colon cleanse as well! I do NOT trust this woman, because she would sell her mother to make a buck. If this stuff truly worked, then Dr Oz would have used his good friend Oprah as a great example. Why wouldn't he give it to her and parade her out there? Because it doesn't work.

  117. I'm glad someone finally said something about this. None of it is true and I'm appalled they are goading people into buying into their lies using a TV doctor. I wonder daily how much they had to pay him to put on that show. My roommate uses those pills (granted I fear constantly for her chances of annorexia, seeing as she's only 117 lbs and losing more and more) and got the cheapest she could find in a buy one get one free package. It's absurd people would actually believe this.

  118. You're reputation precedes you. You're products have lived up to your words. Thank you for the factual information on this product.

  119. Thank you for the warning and research. Before falling victim to my raspberry ketone purchase, I knew the person to check with would be you, Andrew. I have never tried any diet pills because I didn't believe any of them would work, but since Dr. Oz is touting raspberry ketones as a miracle diet pill, how could it not be true? He must be getting paid to advertise them is all I can think of. Thank you again, Andrew from saving me from wasting my money on a "miracle". I knew I could count on you! In the mean time, for me, it's back to eating a healthy diet and getting more exercise to drop my 10 pounds!

  120. HI…I was interested in trying this product, but i see here you say is not real…well I was wondering if you had any REAL suggestions for people like me who truly wans to burn fat? Is there anything you can tell me that might work?

  121. Dr. Oz would make a good snake oil salesman. He's gone over the top in his claims. Either he believes everything that he touts on his show, or he's just enjoying the feeling of guru to the masses.

  122. I like you Andrew but I think it needs to be made clear that Dr. Oz is not promoting these products for
    $$ gain. From what I have seen and heard, he is simply making people aware of what alternatives are out there, especially the ones that are less well known. He also has a team of researchers check out any product claims.
    He has said many times on his show,” I do not endorse any product and if you see my name or picture next to one, it was without my approval.” So he really has nothing to gain from showing these products on his show other than for educational purposes.
    Dr. Oz openly states that it makes him furious when people think that he is promoting any particular product or brand. In fact, so much so, that he even had a show about all the products that were falsely being promoted online by placing his picture or name next to the product.
    With that said, just put yourself in his position. What if every time you get on TV and talk about your vitamins, you find your face next a similar product or Dr. Oz took the time to put bash you all ove the internet.
    I know that you are not a doctor, yet I have always respected you and your opinion. In fact, one of the reasons I have purchased your products is because you are such a likable and mellow mannered person.
    However, hitting Dr, OZ below the belt is not only out of character for you (unless you are just acting) but it can hurt your overall business. I hope you were just having a bad day when you wrote this.

  123. I have been taking raspberry ketone slim for 1 month now, and was very skeptical at 1st, but Andrew, Im 56 yrs. old and have the middle buldge. Well thanks to ketone, I have lost 6 lbs, and 1 1/2 in. around my middle with just some walking on treadmill. Other than that I have not changed my eating habits but find i feel not hungry as much and have more energy.

  124. I am not sure where anybody is getting their information from there is information all over the place about this product, don't feed into someone who wants you to buy only their products (Andrew). There is a dietitian from Kent State University who says this product works so well that they are afraid of people abusing it. So do research for yourself people, don't just follow what one person has to say.

  125. Well I have tired them and I lost 5lbs in a week so just like anything else I am sure they work for some and not for others and it was a 5.00 investment WELL SPENT

  126. I have never heard of Andrew until tonight when I stumbled upon your website. I have been investigating Raspberry Ketones for a week now and I am so confused its unreal. Anyway, I have no pros or cons because I have not tried it but I truly believe everyone has to make up their own minds on the product and REALLY do your homework. My brother is a personal trainer and I am his sidekick, working out and eating properly is VERY imprtant but I feel if somebody tried Raspberry Ketone and It works they should not be bashed for it. Good luck everyone no matter what you decide!!

  127. When I first watched the video, I immediately know that it was good to be true. I am a Food Scientist and I know how research in these areas conducted. Studies with test animals can't always reflect same outcome for human subjects. Also as you mentioned in your article, they fed in such high doses compare to their body weight that trying to bring the same results for human subjects it will be hard to reach to same concentrations through supplementation with 300 mg pills etc. Even if, studies conducted on humans can not always reflect true results for millions of people around world. I was wondering If I can see anyone give good explanation and opposition for these kinds of commercials/scams. It is good to know that there are people like you puts information for consumers to make them more aware.
    Thank you

  128. I never trust products that claim to be "weight loss miracles", however I have read this to be healthy regardless of it's weight loss benefits. The last sentence says "In fact, I would strongly caution against it's use." Why specifically?

  129. Well my son has been taking this pill for 2 months. He was 387 and now is 367 no diet change at all this DOES Work I have just started taking it and no diet change have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks.

  130. I am amazed at some of the comments on this site I stumbled across. There are quite a few of you who seem to be just gushing over Andrew like he's some kind of human God. Seriously?!? I don't even see an MD behind his name. Dr. Oz never once endorsed a specific company or brand of the Raspberry Keytones to try, so he's not getting paid to tout a particular brand. As a medical person his demonstration with balloons as cells seemed very plausible in conjunction with his description of what was happening to them. He also emphasizes to be sure to use only 100% Pure Raspberry Ketones, not any product that is synthetically made. I have muscular dystrophy and don't have the option to do "normal" types of exercise, but I do go to physical therapy, and I will start using the Raspberry Keytones I bought today, as directed. If they work for me that'll be great. If they don't I'm not going to bad mouth Dr. Oz for introducing this product to me. I'll just chalk it up to an experience that didn't work for me.

  131. I have been taking the raspberry ketone capsule for about four days, so far I do feel better and I used to have very swollen ankles and feet, the swelling disappeared after the first day and is still gone. So I for one am grateful to Dr. Oz for mentioning this on his show!!

  132. I think dr oz has promoted some senseless products on his show. His audience believes his every word. He is misleading and im surprised he still gets an audience. Wake up women! Go to weight watchers. Exersize. Take vitamins. Get real.

  133. I saw the show and jumped on the band wagon. I didn't lose any weight instead the pills made me anemic. I stopped using them and my cell count returned to normal.

  134. I spent over an hour on the internet trying to get a straight answer or even something consistant on whether or not there were any side effects associated with raspberry keytones, does it really work for weight loss, is there a difference between snythetic vs natural raspberries, and am now more confused then when I started researching. It's so amazing to me that there are so many different opinions on one product. Have been taking Raspberry Ketone which I ordered from Puritan Pride for over two months now. No results. I called them to inquire whether or not they were snythetically manufactured or natural and was told that all Rasberry Ketone Products being sold are snythetic. After researching clinical studies found out that the only results found were based on rodents, nothing on humans. The more I read online the more frustrating I got. How can anyone sell a product making claims that are false just to make money….how do they get away with it? Misleading for a profit….I wasn't even able to obtain side affects..thank you for your article…

  135. So if you say there is no proof, WHY AM I LOSING WEIGHT on this product without dieting as well? I have lost over ten pounds in two weeks without changing the way I have eaten in the past? I have not been able to lose weight dieting and with this product the weight is literally falling off me. I'm not as hungry. The only thing I notice is I get gassy in the AM after taking it if I don't eat when I take it or don't eat much. For whatever reason Rasberry Keytones with Green Tea is working for me.

  136. I just purchased the RK Diet for my whole family. We are all different weights and could stand to shed some pounds. As many of you, I am skeptical on if this will truly work, so I starting reading more on the internet, which led me to this site. As a mother with 1 young adult who i have watched for over 10yrs. consistently gain weight and is out of control, I will try anything possible (legally) which can help. I am not looking for a miracle drug, just something that could give a kick start. I am not a follower of AL or Dr. Oz. But was amazed at how many people commented on this article and were willing to bash something they have not even tried?
    I am in my mid 40's and my husband was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor over 12 yrs. ago. Prognosis was 3-5yrs. One of my best friends was diagnosed at 33 yrs. of age with Breast Cancer. She removed one breast, and over the past 17 yrs. the Cancer has come back 3 times in different areas of her body, recently in her liver. She was an avid exerciser and ate all natural foods, took vitamins and was a mere 110-120 lbs. throughout her whole life. I have lost over 12 very close family members to other types of cancer and ailments who were once healthy prior to my husbands' diagnosis.
    I hate to be a Debby Downer, but TRULY (to me), it does not matter what we put in our bodies. We are all going to die when our number is called. If we want to spend our hard earned money on a so called miracle diet, so be it! Everyone in life needs to do what you feel is best at that given time and stop reading and believing what everyone else has to say. Live for yourself! and not by what you read from all these critics! If you believe something is going to help you lose weight then go for it! If it doesn't work, then try something else. YES, we all know the best thing is diet, portion control and exercise. Why burst someone's bubble before they even give it a try? What works for some, may not work for others. BE REAL PEOPLE!! There is a higher power then all of us that comes to take us when our number is called. Not AL's vitamins or Dr. OZ's promotion of Diet programs are going to save us. If one of my family members can lose some of the lbs. which I have heard from real people who have tried this diet. Then I am willing to give it a try. Get a life of your own and stop criticizing on the internet!

  137. I dont mean to disappoint everyone but i have been taking the raspberry ketone for more than two months. I was not trying to lose weight however i honestly lost 22 pounds the first month. I did not change my eating haits or go on a diet. And to top it off i recently quit smoking after 32 years of doing so. Not saying the raspberry ketone had anything to do with it i just needes to quit. Also my wife takes the green coffee bean supplement and that seems to work for her. So U all think what u will the raspberry ketone actually does work. The trick is take two mid-morning then two mid-afternoon doesnt matter if u eat or dont. This is the way it works for me

  138. File the rasphberry ketone pills in the same container as the acai berry, green coffee bean extract and who knows how many other weight loss pills! I am amazed that a respected man such as Dr. Oz continues to fall into the trap. One would begin to wonder if he is actually doing research before touting the benefits of these pills.

  139. I know there is no miracle pill, I know that what we all need to do to lose weight is proper diet and excerise, however, I Have tried the ketones and green coffee bean ON top of my regimen and I can promise you, there is no miracle loss, but I have noticed a difference!! Good Luck everyone.

  140. Funny everyone on these posts are praising Andrew. Andrew is a
    Competitor so of course he's against Oz selling large
    Amounts of any supplement. Neither guy has FDA approval
    On their claims so raspberry ketone claims by Oz are as
    Good as any made by Andrew. For every doubter there is
    someone who believes in every supplement. Andrew could
    be just a sore loser. Who knows..? I say try what you want
    it may work for you. Both guys make money on unproven claims
    or else they'd all be FDA approved & prescribed by Dr.'s.

  141. At some point we just need to do the right thing, take ownership of the habits that do not lend to desireable body weight. Eat foods as grown, get off the processed, refined, high fat, salt and sugar, move more, and get healthy the way our bodies are designed to do.
    Beck Powers
    Wellness Coach

  142. I just wish I could find something safe to take for me I have highblood pressure and I'm a pre diabetic. I've lost 43 pounds eating healthy and exercising..but now I can't loose anymore weight no matter what I do. Still eating healthy and exercising. Please help. Thanx

  143. I believe u and agree with u on all your findings, i have done research myself and we r all looking for the EASY! way out but everyone laughed at me when i became obsessed with Acai berry all natural caplets but thanks 2 acai i am no longer on pain or muscle medzZz! and im a better person being pain free, i also believe a large intake of berries through vitamins in general for a person who does not eat enough veggys or fruits can benefit some how…. im going 2 try 2 find the most natural raspberry ketone and give it a shot! if its natural i feel i have nothing 2 lose ty 4 your very informative advice i will get back 2 u if raspberry ketone makes a difference 4 better or worse GBU! and Happy Holidays

  144. it's completely false this rasberry ketones i have been using this product for a month nothing happens
    so i switch to pure green coffee bean pills nothing happens. so why we waste the money.

  145. You know what they say about opinions… everybody has one. I've been using the raspberry ketones for about 3 weeks now and have lost 14 pounds. Much less hungry than before and definitely more energy. Are you not touting it because you don't SELL it? You've made vitamins for 30+ years but all the new research shows that all that is really needed is a balanced diet…. that vitamins are not necessary. I'm sure you don't agree but then again there is no money if you don't sell and tout your products is there.

  146. Unfortunantly I have been using the Rasberry Ketone pills for a little over a month. The pills actually made me very tired and sleepy. I thought that maybe those side effects would wear off but they didn't. I waisted a lot of money on this product.

  147. Taking pure rasberry ketone 500mg twice a day lost 32 lb in 8months with no change in diet or execise i love dr oz i have never been able to lose weight like this before from 228 to196 im under 200lb for the first time in over 20years


  149. I'm glad i read this before I ordered raspberry ketones.. What's funny is I saw this article online and clicked on it not knowing it was Andrew Lessman who wrote it. As soon as i saw that, the article meant so much more. I have been taking Andrews vitamins for a few years now. I love that they are made in America and are the highest quality i have found and he seems to really care about the products he makes..(seen him on HSN) so if he says that this is just another fad without the research to back it,i believe him.. What's also funny is the moment i heard about the supplement i thought of Andrew Lessman and if i could order them from him (because i trust his products) so the fact i stumbled into this article if his is line fate.. Because the website selling it wants $222 for enough to lose 60lbs! So he saved me a lot of money.. unfortunately i need to lose 150lbs.. But im trying to do it the right way..

  150. I'm glad i read this before I ordered raspberry ketones.. What's funny is I saw this article online and clicked on it not knowing it was Andrew Lessman who wrote it. As soon as i saw that, the article meant so much more. I have been taking Andrews vitamins for a few years now. I love that they are made in America and are the highest quality i have found and he seems to really care about the products he makes..(seen him on HSN) so if he says that this is just another fad without the research to back it,i believe him.. What's also funny is the moment i heard about the supplement i thought of Andrew Lessman and if i could order them from him (because i trust his products) so the fact i stumbled into this article if his is line fate.. Because the website selling it wants $222 for enough to lose 60lbs! So he saved me a lot of money.. unfortunately i need to lose 150lbs.. But im trying to do it the right way..

  151. Well I'm telling you It does work! I lost 35 pounds and did nothing different then before I started the raspberry ketones..I had diabetes and now I don't..and also i have more energy then before and I was loosing so much waight quickly my boyfriend made me stop for awhile…so unless you try for yourself you won't know if it works or not..but it did work for me..I'm not one for believing everything I hear so I try things for myself and It really does work like Dr oz said…I'm living proof,all of my co-workers were like what are you doing to loose waight and I show them the bottle but now it's hard too find in the stores..also I took two a day…

  152. I took a sample pack that came with two pills of "Beta Burn Fat Burner with Raspberry Ketones & African Mango" that came with GNC's "Green Coffee extract pills with Svetol". I took as directed along with the green coffee extract with a full meal and two full glasses of water and felt very sick and dizzy afterwards. I'm somewhat sensitive to strong meds, but thought I'd warn anyone with similar problems to be careful. Not sure if I'll loose weight, but the side effects I had are not worth it.

  153. Judging from most comments I've read on various sites, people actually using the ketones find it works. While the writer of this article makes some good points, I find it troubling he says something doesn't work without conducting his own research. PErsonally speaking, i've been using the ketones for a few weeks and have lost both weight and inches, though to be honest I have no idea if this is due to the change in diet and exercise, the ktones, or a combination of both. By the way, i don't know if Dr. oz got paid or not for his claims, but he didn't pimp any particular product, and there are hundreds out there, so if he was paid, who paid him?

  154. I was just going to order theraspberry key tone pills but when I read the warningsigns iknew it was a fake Andrew I need som oills to make me loose at lease 60 pounds please help me my weight is out of controll??

  155. I tried Raspberry Ketone sold as Sams and while I did not expect it to work I still lost ten pounds in two weeks. So I will have to say that hell yes it did work for me. You say that there is no research to prove it works. So what. There is also no research to prove it does not work. So my conclusion is that you are another fool that is dumb enought to make statements about something that you have not tried and have no personal knowledge about.

  156. I think ur just attacking dr. Oz for the simple fact u didn't come up with it first. I did order some and without changing any habits I dropped 30 lbs over two months. So it worked for me idk what ur talking about.

  157. hi Andrew as a nurse I have followed the show what doctor oz sadly I find him to be giving false information on many different Medical problems. it is beyond me why he is still on television.

  158. Thank you. I was looking for something more reliable on the subject because honestly, I was ready to find some of this raspberry miracle for myself. Everything I found on it sounded so ridiculous but its allure was still powerful. Your testimony brought me back to my senses.

  159. If there were a miracle pill to lose weight there would not be so many obese people! What works is making better choices (protein, fruit, veggies, whole grains) portion size and exercise! Weight Watchers is where it is at.

  160. I think this is the biggest bs. I have talked to FEW DR. outside of Dr. Oz testimony that say it is good for you AND can help you lose stubborn fat. However, it was never intended to be weight loss cure. I have also lost weight from using it but I combined it with other vitamins. I do cardio workouts and eat better. No matter what it is you have to work for it. Anyone who believes that they are going to pop a pill and lose weight while sitting on the couch eatting chips and oreos is delusional anyway.

  161. Anything claiming to be a "miracle" by someone is only conducting the "miracle" of inflating the promoter's pocketbook! If Dr. Oz really had found a miracle weight loss pill, don't you think he would have shared it with his buddy Oprah and she would be a bit on the thinner side? The only true fix is getting up off your duff and working out and watching what crap you put in your mouth. Go back to eating your veggies (without dousing in butter) and eating fresh foods (not things with a bunch of preservatives and additives that we still don't know the health implications of) and you'll notice the changes!
    Remember, Dr. Oz is a SURGEON by trade…his specialty is SURGERY!!! I love the physicians and other health care providers I work with, but lets face it folks, while a surgeon's strength is the use of their hands, their prescribing abilities could use a bit of work in most cases! If Dr. Oz was offering an opinion on a coronary bypass surgery, I'd take his expertise, but not in this case!

  162. Thank you Andrew for being the voice of "honest" and care for those of us looking for the truth. I found the article surfing the web and found Rachel Ray had lost weigt so as always I am skeptical and start researching and or course all you can find is swindlers selling snake oil. Just so happens I ran across your site. I am so happy I did. Shame on Doctor Oz for using is good name and his rise to power so to speak through Oprah. I respected him at one time. But I started to notice his promotion of all of these supplememts and such. I realized at that point there is not way any one person could consume all of the crap he was endorsing. I think you should do the millions of people a favor and save them multi millions in their hard earned money and make it your mission to expose these people that have sold their souls to the devil for money and have lost site of their true profession and the oath they took to be a healer.

  163. My friend bought it, and she lost 25 (55 pounds) kg in about 4-5 months. So stop lying because you did not came up with it first. Please, you can use marketing for your products, but don't badmouth others.

  164. Today I received an e-mail from one of my friends, with a link to Fox News article on Raspberry Ultra Drops and Dr. Oz show. It was written in the article that by using this new supplement you can lose 1-2 pounds daily. I laughed loudly and immediately responded to all recipients of the e-mail that there are only two situations, in which you can lose 1-2 pounds daily: 1) liposuction; 2) amputation. You can of course lose that amount of body weight by simple dehydration, but this would be only temporary, thus not considered weight loss.
    I did little searched on raspberry ketones, and while reading an article from Wikipedia, came across link to Andrew Lessman’s article. I am so glad that there are people like Andrew – highly logical, moral and not afraid to criticize nonsense commercial add, hosted by acknowledged TV host (a combination of personal traits that became extinct). Everything that Andrew wrote makes perfect sense and proves that he is professional in interpreting medical research and has solid background in medical/clinical issues. I can read in his profile that he attended medical school for number of years. Paradoxically, while Andrew did not graduate from medical school, his ability to interpret/present medical matters seems to be well above analog skill of Dr. Oz, who did. I am MD (full time in research) with 10 years of experience in clinical research, and must say that Andrew uses medical/scientific reasoning that is better than arguments of most authors that I have red in my life. His comment is not based on personal unsupported beliefs, as in the case of Dr. Oz, but rather on careful review of available literature on raspberry ketones. Hi states that the effect of raspberry ketones on fat metabolism was investigated only in one animal (mice) study, which in addition lacked sound scientific design. I agree with this, and want to add that study authors reported only very moderate effect, which was actually not losing the weight, but week slowing down of the weight gain by mice “stuffed” with ketones. I would say that the likely reason of it was that the mice forced to eat unnaturally large amounts of ketones, when compared to their body weights, naturally ate less of high fat food.
    It always strikes me how easy people (even professionals like Dr. Oz) make dogmatic statements that are completely unsupported, or based on anecdotal stories. An example is last out of 215 comments below Andrew’s article, dated Jan 7, 2012. The comment’s author, Adnan, accuses Andrew of lying, because her friend bought the raspberry product and “lost 25 (55pounds) kg in about 4-5 months”. Not to mention that it is very illogical to make a judgment about some product, based on a single occurrence, I wonder if Adnan ever heard a term “confounding factor” in research. These are factors that are different than the researched compound (e.g. raspberry ketones), but mimic its actions, thus highly complicate research findings. Confounding factors are a nightmare of researchers. In this case, Adnan’s friend likely changed her life habits (diet, excersise) along with use of raspberry ketone supplement, and either did not tell Adnan’s the truth, or possibly did not even realize it herself. Unfortunately many people use denial if it comes to their beliefs. For example, if somebody strongly believes that a given pill will do the job, that person may changes his/her lifestyle to prove for him/herself and everybody else the pill worked, but will typically strongly deny any changes.

  165. I took the suggestion and checked out the National Institutes of Health website at http://www.nih.gov to search for raspberry ketones (rk). Couldnt find any research on rk??? I dont know where the other website is but there is an acronym nih buried in the address. Perhaps the rk are just another "gimmick" in the positive sense in that if you use them you will also diet and exercise and not too astonishingly lose weight. If they help, go for it

  166. One one of Dr Oz programs Dr Oz asked anyone that saw ads in magazines or anything where else to let him know. He wanted to prosecute anyone that was using his name for advertising. He said the only endorsements he made for products would be on his website

  167. I have already purchased the 5 bottles that are well on their way from Purtian Pride (hopefully delivered today). I'm a a 55 year old woman who has exercised doing aerobics and weight training for the past 30 years. With menopause, the last 7 – 10 pounds that come along are difficult to lose. I cannot possibilly put in anymore time at the gym, that I already am doing. A lunchtime workout at our onsite gym, and then after work at my regular gym. The old joints just can't do it anymore. I see so many people commenting on the positives just as much as the negatives. I will give the product an honest try. For 20 bucks, if it really takes off the 10 pounds for me, hell….it would be worth every penny. If not, than no biggy….. I'll still look great and be quite healthy for a woman of my age. I'll be sure to come back to this site to post my results either way…good or bad, but will do it WITHOUT bashing Dr. Oz or anyone else. Freedom of choice!!

  168. ok mr. look you say it doesnt work. have you used it?? No you say theres no miracle fat burner well tottaly not true I have use it and trust me it works of course pills dont work by itself you have to exercise and eat well now days people that take pills think that just by sitting down theyre going to lose weight and if they dont they say its the pill that doesnt work for all my friends out there you dont need a pill to lose weight if you eat correctly and exercise but it surely can give you a little help but always make a research on whatever youre taking.

  169. I just got mines yesterday so I really have no comments as for my experience and results- But I have read many reviews from people like us and I would say 80% have good comments about this product. So for now if you ask me I would say it does work. Now, just because it did or did not work for you it doesn't mean it will or will not work for others.
    80% is a pretty high % so for now Dr Oz is winning….With all respect!

  170. Andrew, the first thing I did when someone sent me an email with a clip from Dr. Oz show is head straight to your website to buy the miracle in a bottle. I was disappointed when you didn't have it and ordered it elsewhere. However, I was suspicious on some level. I'm glad I found this article! I use your products and I'm glad to see that you aren't interested in making a quick buck off those of us that continue to believe there is a miracle pill out there. Thanks! Stephanie

  171. So let me get this right u coming out against Dr Oz for pushing cheap worthless diet pills and u r selling stuff to? That is like the pot calling the kettle black


  173. Be careful taking these for a prolonged period of time, They made my lymph nodes under my arms swell. As soon as I stopped taking them , the swelling went away. I also began to feel discomfort in my kidneys. When this happened I got scared. So listen to the signal your body sends you.

  174. just a thought on your "review," why would a study on mice need to be blinded?? were we worried a researcher would let it slip to the mouse that perhaps it may loose weight and skew the results??
    also, broad commentary : we don't live in a newtonian world. we live in a quantum world. pay attention to research thats real. most other is flawed

  175. I just purchased a supplement that I take one pill twice a day. I have been taking twice a day for four days. Last week I had to lay down to put on, struggling to close the zipper. I have changed nothing but the supplement and stood up, then zippered with no problem at all.

  176. You're awesome! But it's totally sad when it takes someone like you to state what should be obvious to anyone with a brain. I lost ALL respect for Dr. Oz when he pulled this crap. Very disturbing how money can cause even good people to become bad apples!

  177. I feel that what is being said on the sight is false. I know several people who have been taking raspberry ketones for a little while. The one lady that i know has been taking them for @ 6 months now. 17 years ago she was diagnosed with type 2 diabeties. She has been on pills for her diabeties. With in the first 2 months of taking the raspberry ketones she had lost @20 lbs. She was also taken off her metforeman for her diabeties. After a couple of appointments with her doctor and regularly checking her sugar levels to be safe, she not only has lost weight but she is also no longer diabetic!
    I am 34 and have a few extra pounds on me. I am a mother of 4 and we spend 5 days out of 7 at an arena. I also work full time. I do not have time to exercise as i have a very busy schedule. I am going to try the respberry ketones and when i start losing my weight i will be back to confirm that what is being said on here is untrue.

  178. “I have been trying to lose weight for years and this is the first program that ever worked for me. I have been using your product along with your diet and exercise program and have already lost 30 pounds! Thank you, Raspberry Ketone Max!”
    − Marsha, CA
    “I’ve spent years trying to get a flat belly and nothing has ever worked. Now that I’ve started using Raspberry Ketones, I finally have the sexy belly I’ve always dreamed of. Thank you so much, Raspberry Ketone Max.”
    – Elizabeth B., Milton Keynes, UK
    “My favorite thing about Raspberry Ketones is that they work! All those stubborn areas of fat have just seemed to melt away since I started taking. I can’t recommend this product enough!”
    – Stephanie. – Los Angeles, CA

  179. The raspberry ketones does work!!! I bought a fairly inexpensive brand at Wal-Mart and thought I would give it a shot. I bought only the ketones with nothing added. I started taking them 1/7/13 and weighted myself today 1/25/2013 and I have lost 6.7 lbs!! I am thrilled. I am hypothyroid and nothing ever helps. I feel great and it seems like my fat is rearranging if that makes since. I will certainly keep taking it.

  180. I want to just say of I have been taking pure 100% raspberry ketones at 125 mg at 1 pill at breakfast and another at supper for 2 weeks now. With no change to way I eat and hardly exercise, I have lost 5 pounds so far.

  181. Dont know u but it seems ur bitter for not getting the raspberry ketones account.
    Maybe u'll get the next miracle pill next time brah.

  182. It works thats all I can say I've been takin it for 2 weeks give or take and I lost 14 lbs without changing my eating habits and NO exercises so those who say dr.oz dont kno what hes talking about are just haters and can keep on hating DR.OZ is the BEST

  183. Does anyone have a phone # for this company. This company has hacked my email and sent a website line to all my contacts. That is all the email has…just the link. And then it was signed by me. This really upsets me, as I'm getting all my friends & aqaintenances mad at me for sending it, when I never did. Please help!!

  184. Thanks for giving us a "mine is better than yours" advertisement couched in "I have to speak the truth" claims. right. You are merely acting in the public's self-interest and in no way your own. You sound like one of those ads that are always on Fox News website. "Don't listen to them. They don't know what they are talking about. Listen to me. I do. Plus I have the product that really works." You are no scientist. If anything, you, like I, have a law degree. But I know You exhaustive research and personal trial and error experimentation qualifies you to give "expert" opinions. I don't think so. I seriously doubt you could be qualified as an expert witness in a court of law. If you were, opposing counsel would shred you on cross-examination. Of that you can be sure. So I would caution folks against taking to heart all those allegedly objective "thank you comments" for "setting the record straight" by those Lessman acolytes out there. Run your own scientific study before you denigrate a product and Dr. Oz. You wish you had his credentials.

  185. Thanks, Andrew for being honest with the public, even though some may not appreciate it. For all of those who states that "it works", Andrew is not saying that it doesn't work, he is stating that it is synthetic! If you want to put something synthetic in your body, instead of eating healthy and excersizing, so be it. My prayers are with you down the line!

  186. I noticed Dr. Oz pushing all kinds of 'stuff', such as the rasberry junk and the coffee bean junk as well. I tried the coffee bean extract and it did absolutely nothing at all. Friends of mine say the same thing. It did become a frenzy. I just wonder if he has money vested in any of these products. But in my eyes he is less respected now that he makes all these claims.
    Never have purchassed Lessman products but after reading some of the articles on Andrew Lessman I will believe what he says. He has integrity and you don't see that much anymore. I am going to try the hair, nails and skin as I have tried everything else having hair loss with a hypothyroid… today doctors see you for maybe 7 minutes and whoosh.. they are out to the next patient. They don't take time to listen to you and I am beginning to wonder if they even care.

  187. I know you started off your article with the comment "with all due respect". I don't watch TV at all so I did not see Dr. Oz show, but had someone ask me about this yesterday at the gym. So, I decided to research it and yours was the first site I went to. Sorry to say but as a medical Dr. I would have to say that my "respect" for Dr. Oz just took a deep plunge.

  188. In this article inferring there isn't something we can take for fat burning, yet this site sells something for fat burning. Here it is copied and pasted directly from the ProCaps Laboratiories (aka Andrew Lessman):
    CarniSlim™ 1250 with Fat Burning Factors
    Support fat-burning metabolism and energy production with our Ephedra-free formula that provides 1,250 mg of liquid Carnitine.

  189. I have been taking this product for over 7months and Ihavelost and am continuing to loose pounds. As of todayI have gone from 148 pounds to 122.7. I feel great and I know this product, that you think does not do a thing, is the reason I started dropping the weight, so believe what you want, for me it worked and is still working.

  190. Took my first dose 2 days ago and already lost 6 pounds. Dont feel hungry and I am morbidly obese with a food and sugar addition
    Whatever this is, it is working for me and taking away my addition to food and sweets! Didn't think there was anything in the world that could help me with that! AND I have energy!
    Raspberry Ketone is AWESOME!

  191. Thank you Andrew for being honest and standing up for the truth. It sounds dangerous being made from chemicals and not from the fruit. I was going to try it but this has definately changed my mind.

  192. I have been using Raspberry Ketones "RK" for about five months. I found them for $5 a bottle at Walmart. However, I have not only NOT lost weight, I have gained at least 15 pounds!!! I bought them to keep my weight stable because I was in a car accident and have not been able to do my normal workout routines since. I am the type of gal who has NO metabolism and has to fight weight gain everyday! And I was doing a great job of it too, pre-accident.
    But recently, I began experiencing a strange pain in my pancreas area. I stopped taking the RK and have been feeling a little better since; pain subsiding. At first I though it was gas or something but it increasingly got more constant and dull. I will be seeing my Dr. this week but not sure there are any tests that can prove my pain came from the RK; we will see.
    In summation, RK is a lie as a miracle fat burner!!! Thank you Andrew for your honesty about this product!!

  193. Well, guess what? It's working for me! I have not changed my eating habits and I have not increased my exercise. I started taking Raspberry Ketones less than a month ago and I have lost close to 10 pounds! Each person is different. Built differently. If you listen closely to what Dr. Oz said… RK works for people who have fat ALL over their body…. Some people don't. I too work in the health care industry. So I know a little more than the layperson…Most of the time I am totally against all this suppliment naturo-path garbage! However, RK made sense to me. So I tried it, there's no harm in that, and it has worked! You shouldn't speak negatively against something unless you know for a FACT that you are correct! Dr. Oz is trying to help by teaching people to be healthy and positive. Instead YOU are putting a negative spin on the issue which causes people to GIVE UP! SHAME ON YOU!
    I'm surprised you're not pushing your own snake oil remedies on here? Mr. Lab owner man.

  194. Btw, the Walmart RKs are not pure and are garbage. You must go to a healthfood store and get 100% (made in the USA) Raspberry Ketones!

  195. I don't know if I'm behind the times but I just came across the video clip that you reference above. Funny thing is I thought to myself, wow this sounds great! And then after watching for a bit I signed off and immediately typed in the search engine "raspberry ketone andrew lessman" and viola found your blog. I sincerely thank you for keeping it real! Being honest and being a trusted source for information like you provide to the public. You're a jewel! Needless to say I did not purchase any raspberry ketone and went for a brisk walk instead! 🙂

  196. Gee Andy, you forgot to mention adiponectin. How come? Is it because you haven't taken the time to understand it's role in the body? Thought so:)

  197. I bought both the pills and later the drops from my local health food store. I have tried each for seven-nine days with consumption of 1200 calories or less per day and minimal exercise. I have an office job and mostly sit in front of a computer for 7-8 hours a day. Exercise is only a 20 min walk at lunch or around the office during the day. I have seen a tiny bit of difference on the pills. 1 lb loss or less after 9 days of use. Which promptly came back over the weekend. On the drops I have seen no difference at all. Don't waste your money!

  198. K I never believed in "the miracle weight loss" but I did purchase rasberry ketone and have lost 30 pounds in 4 months and did not change my diet or routine. I'm not saying it is a miracle but those were my results, I feel great.

  199. "First of all, there are no fat-burning miracles and any such statement is absolutely false."
    You're wrong. Efedrin + Coffeine + Aspirin (1:10:10) is this miracle. Though not legal.

  200. Dr. Andrew Lesman:

    In as many times as I have watched Dr. Oz I have found contradictory information. The primary asset produced here is everyone else will see it too. With audiences questioning more information daily because of tremendous medical blunder the general public has learned to be their own advocate regarding ingestible medication. Your Expert service to the public sector in producing reliable supplements ,which are the back-bone of health in my estimation, as the food raised and the soiled it is produced in are essentially void of nutrition, should be a staple in every diet.

    Having said this I hope you keep up the good research and work in your field.

    I do Not feel however Dr. Oz has set out to intentionally injure anyone or any group in producing his show.

  201. June 17, 2018. Today, I watched on my computer, a l o n g discussion by Dr. Steven Grundy, heart surgeon, on his product, a prebiotic – Prebiotic Thrive. “The formula uses a potent combination of prebiotics to support the “good” bacteria in the gut and the formula helps reduce the number – and impact – of the “bad” bacteria.”

    Sounds reasonable. Do you offer such a product?

    I am soon to be 88 years old, female, in good health. In all, I take 11 capsules/pills in the a.m. Only one is a prescription for elevated blood pressure. Others are all yours, purchased on HSN. You are amazing!

    San Jose CA

  202. Why won’t you come up with an all natural diet pill even one with a couple of ingredients such as Green Tea 50%EGCG extract and Caralluma Fimbriata extract? Help??!!!

  203. To those who question the words of the GOOD doctor, Sweet Andrew. You think the ketones work? Buy them . I’ve been buying Andrews products for the better half of twenty years and I thank The Sweet Prince Andrew for his honesty in exposing Oz.

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