This Weekend’s Today’s Special and More…

First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing a blog in advance of last weekend’s Omega-3 Today’s Special, but I was buried in work preparing for the shows with all the new charts that the formula changes permitted.  Plus, in the months leading up to the show, I was more distracted than usual, since my Dad had major surgery from which he has since recovered wonderfully.  I had mentioned a couple of times during my January shows that the April Today’s Special would be an Omega-3 Today’s Special, but I know that mentioning it in passing on TV is insufficient and I should have written a blog.  I am sorry.  I will endeavor to do so more diligently in the future.

There are two more Today’s Specials coming up in the next several weeks.  This weekend (Sunday) we will focus on our incredible Ultimate Eye Support with higher levels of Lutein, along with Zeaxanthin, Bilberry, Black Elder, EGCG and more.  It will be offered at an enormous savings, despite all the increases in the cost of the very expensive ingredients that go into this formula.  In short, it will have never been offered at a lower price and this is even a special version.  One should not be without extra Lutein and Zeaxanthin, particularly if one is aging and last time I checked, we are all aging.  I suppose aging is not so bad, since life is a wonderful gift; however, wouldn’t it be nice to age without some of the less desirable changes associated with the aging process.  Plus, no body part is more victimized by normal age-related changes than our eyes and those changes are the precise areas and issues that the Ultimate Eye formula targets with its research-proven ingredients.

A few weeks later and due to popular request, on Sunday May 6th there will be a live remote from our solar-powered manufacturing facilities in Henderson, Nevada.  For those of you who may want to see Lincoln, he will of course be there, since on May 5th he will have celebrated his 4th Birthday and he was kind enough to invite me to the small event he has planned. 🙂 The Today’s Special will be a new version of my Essential-1 multivitamin with some subtle, but very important changes, including higher levels of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C.  It will of course be at its best pricing ever as well.  Plus, it goes without saying that during both of these events, we will have special pricing and free shipping and handling on all my products.
Also, I have heard some of the commentary about the new structure of my visits and as a result, we will be modifying things so we can get greater variety in the shows.  I will be eliminating the Sunday afternoon single hour for the Today’s Special and when the airtime is available at HSN, we will add 2 hours on Saturday morning and/or 2 hours on Friday evening.  These hours will solely be dedicated to a diverse array of products with lots of variety and not that weekend’s Today’s Special.  I love this suggestion as well, since as important as the Today’s Special is, this change will enable me to discuss a wider range of questions and issues that everyone might be curious about.  Of course, as always, the Today’s Special is a great way for everyone to get their favorite products at amazing savings, but these additional hours will allow everyone to learn more about a broader range of ingredients and a fuller treatment of all the systems and functions of our bodies.  I hope to be able to put these changes into effect as early as July.
Lastly, I have read some comments that although our Maximum Essential Omega-3 formula capsule is smaller than the typical Omega-3s out there, I understand that some folks want an even smaller capsule and for that reason, you will be pleased to know that I decided several months ago to keep our standard Essential Omega-3 formula available.  Maximum Essential Omega-3 is less than two-thirds the size of a typical store-bought Omega-3, whereas our Essential Omega-3 formula is just over half the size of some of those enormous horse pills.  We created Maximum Essential Omega-3 in order to provide a formula that with a single capsule you could reach the precise “magic” 500 mg level that so many folks seek, but nevertheless, with our standard Essential Omega-3, you still get the same incredible formula, albeit at slightly lower levels and in a slightly smaller capsule.  At one time, I had considered only offering the higher potency and greater value of Maximum Essential Omega-3, but please rest assured, I listen carefully and our Essential Omega-3 formula is not going anywhere and it will be sticking around for those who seek an even smaller capsule.
Thanks so much for comments, questions and support of our prenatal program.  See you this weekend.
Best of health.  

20 thoughts on “This Weekend’s Today’s Special and More…”

  1. Thank you for listening and especially for addressing concerns of your "followers". I will look forward to the new show format and the wider variety of products covered. I frequently question as I order, whether a product that has been reformulated or "improved" is the right one, or if I should order what I had in past orders. Above all else, I appreciate the integrity that I feel you have, and your forthrightness in expressing your views on wellness and supplements(given the legal constraints on air). all the best to you and your family.

    1. Dr. Oz and all of the diet miracles trying to be sold are all QUACKS!
      Thank you Andrew for your respect and honesty. Love! Your products
      You do not make false claims, it simply gets no better than that.

      God bless!

  2. Andrew, Today I received 2 large containers of Omega 3, for my husband. Reason I can't use the Today's Special was you put orange it in. I had to pay over 134. through you because unflavored was not an option. I find it disturbing that I didn't get some kind of break other than my auto ship discount. I wish in the future on an important item like this you can offer unflavored as well. I am sure HSN has last decision so I have contacted as well.

    I wish you would address this 500mg is optimal, since when did you change that as I always remember you saying you take much more. I mentioned this to my dr yesterday and he told me to continue with my 4grams as it has many other benefits he sees in me at 62 compared to average 62 yr old women. Can you just addres this as to why 500mg? I asked your rep I always place my orders with for years and she didn't hear the show but said it says take 2.

    I also would like to thank you for keeping your products gluten free as I am celiac/many auto immune disorders and without your supplements from almost your very days (1979) in NY before San Diego I have depended on them.

  3. We can always count on you to read our comments 🙂 Thank you for all you do. Great to know that Essential 1 is going to be a tsv. I love your vitamins and have taken them for years and I always tune in to your shows.

  4. I am concerned about the excessive amount of vitamin C, with taking all the various supplements that contain it. New research reports that too much C has reverse affect and can be harmful. I have reduced the variety of your supplements that I usually take, because of this research. But I would like to get the key ingredients, such as: green tea, resveratrol, the eye ingredients, cranberry, CoQ10, etc.,(minus the extra C). Please address this updated topic on vitamin C. Thank you for the Blog updates.

  5. My Mama and i agree with Southern Cali Lady. Whenever the conversation come around to vitamins with my friends and coworkers, I always start with well Andrew said…..and i know that I am right.

  6. As a Henderson resident I am very pleased with your commitment to the planet and it's inhabitants. However, I agree with Marie…VEGAN please!!!I know many people who will not use your products becuase of the gelcaps from animal bones and there are vegan sources for Omega 3 like Chia seeds. I'm also concerned about "word on the streets" of Henderson that Procaps has had a hiring freeze since Oct. and just uses temp workers at minimum wage. That sends a message that you care about protecting Earth, but not too concerned about it's inhabitants. I love your products and tell all my friends and family to buy them but no longer feel confident that I am supporting my local economy in doing so.

  7. Andrew,
    Can you please make a TSV with Women's Wellness? I think the new format for the HSN shows will be wonderful, since I love learning about all the vitamins and feel that you spend too much time on the TSV on that day. Thank You!!!

  8. You are a great teacher and love to listen and learn every time you appear on HSN, change for the better is always good and hope Dad is well. Happy Birthday Lincoln look forward to see him next week. Keep up the great work you do a outstanding JOB!!

  9. Dear Andrew,
    I used to take a fish oil supplement that I was thought was pretty good — until I discovered your superior Omega-3 supplement!

    I'm not sure if I ever shared this story with you to thank you for educating me about Omega-3 supplements and other nutritional supplements. This story usually comes up during my Death to Diabetes Workshops when I discuss supplements.

    During my recovery from a near-death diabetic coma, there were 7 "accidents" (my mother called them "blessings") that helped to save my life and redirect my professional life from engineering to writing & lecturing about diabetes and nutrition.

    The following is an excerpt from my book "Death to Diabetes" concerning how I learned so much about vitamins and other supplements:

    "After I recovered from my diabetic coma in 2002, I accidentally mis-programmed my VCR to record a TV show on one of the home shopping networks. When I realized my error, I started to remove the tape when I heard the speaker mention something about vitamins. Initially I thought this was just another one of those infomercial scams about the next great “magic pill” that will cure everything for $19.95.

    But, the more I listened, the more I realized that the person talking was not a salesperson, but a biochemist who truly understood vitamins and how they really worked in the human body!

    The presentation was very educational, and led me to perform in-depth research into vitamins and other supplements. This led me to define a set of criteria to objectively evaluate vitamins and other supplements.

    This has proven to be invaluable because I have been able to help other people recognize what's wrong with many of the supplements they're taking and guide them towards more reputable vitamin manufacturers.

    And, this is all due to the information I received accidentally from this biochemist, and my follow-up research. Maybe one day I’ll be fortunate enough to meet this biochemist, who you can find on the Home Shopping Network a few times a year. I would really like to pick his brain! Oh, by the way, his name is Andrew Lessman."

    [End of excerpt from book]

    DeWayne McCulley
    Diabetes Educator, Health Coach & Author

  10. I’m a former smoker by only a few weeks. My question is I’ve been looking to now take better care of myself starting with a vitamin for eyes. Just about everything I’ve picked up in the stores have a Warning for current or former smokers and taking beta-carotene. Can I still take your vitamin for eyes
    Thank you Diane

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