A New Ultimate Eye Support Formula This Weekend and a Few Answers to Recent Questions.

I am back briefly this weekend on Sunday with the newest evolution of our Ultimate Eye Support formula.  For more than a decade, it has represented the most-advanced, natural, internal-protection for your eyes.  From the moment we open our eyes as infants and allow visible light (radiation) to enter our eyes, the process of damage commences.  Even the healthiest of eyes, experience damage as a result of the work they must do over the course of our lifetime, so it is just basic common sense to give them the tools to protect and repair themselves from this damage.  Today, we have made Ultimate Eye Support even more uniquely protective and comprehensive than it already was by adding Gamma Tocopherol, which is the most protective and important form of Vitamin E, but which is sadly ignored by all leading eye formulas, and even more surprising, by separate Vitamin E formulas.  I doubt there is another eye formula in the world that offers our levels of Lutein and Zeaxanthin, along with our unique Gamma Tocopherol.  It was almost two decades ago that Ultimate Eye Support first introduced Lutein and more than a decade ago that we brought you Zeaxanthin.  If you go back a couple of decades, our Ultimate Eye Support focused on Vitamins C, E and A (as natural beta carotene), along with the anthocyanin-rich extracts of Bilberry for night vision.  Decades of our monitoring the research has resulted in the latest update to this formula that ensures you provide your body with the most important tools to preserve and protect the best vision possible.

Once again, I highly recommend you visit the National Institutes of Health research database at www.pubmed.gov.  I recommend doing a simple search on the words, Lutein and/or Zeaxanthin with the words Retina or Macular or Vision, etc.  You will be amazed at the hundreds and in some cases, thousands of studies that appear in these searches.  It once again assures you of the serious science that supports this formula.  Of course, as I tried to remind everyone last week with Omega-3s and this despite the fact that our Omega-3 formula is perhaps the best in the world, our diet is the first place we should seek our Omega-3s.  However, it is clear that the American diet does not provide healthy levels of Omega-3s and Americans do even worse when it comes to the green leafy vegetables that supply our eyes with Lutein and Zeaxanthin.  Unfortunately, for most folks it means that without an eye supplement, our eyes lack the nutrients necessary for optimum vision, as well as, to protect their health throughout our lifetime.  It is easy to sum up the importance of all this with one simple scientific fact:  In the vital macular region of the retina of a healthy eye, you will find the body’s highest levels of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and the Omega-3, DHA.  All three!  Sadly, our body can’t make them, so it is up to us to provide them either by a rich, healthy, comprehensive diet or a healthy, comprehensive eye supplement.

Here are some answers to a couple of questions that have come in:

First, our tea bags are natural and biodegradable and not made from wood pulp, like typical paper bags.  As I mentioned, they are naturally derived from corn, but they contain NO corn allergens whatsoever.  It is a simple polymer of lactic acid (a normal cellular metabolite) derived from corn that is 100% biodegradable.  No worries at all.  If it were not the best choice of a teabag I would not be using it, since remember, I also drink this tea every day.

Next, I have often been asked whether the levels of Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 are too high when consumed in multiple formulas.  The answer is that they are not a problem at all.  I take almost all my formulas and over the years, the levels have been changed, since so many of you also take multiple products.  At one time, my “basic” multivitamin contained 10,000 mg of Vitamin C and 2,500 mg of Vitamin B12 and 2,000 mcg of Folic Acid.  Those levels have been reduced to 1,000 mg, 250 mcg and 400 mcg, respectively.  In short, over the decades, as more formulas arise and deliver more opportunities to afford more comprehensive nutrition and protection, our formulas have reduced their content of these ancillary nutrients.  Personally, I no longer choose to take 10,000 mg of Vitamin C daily, but with all the formulas I consume on a daily basis, my goal is to consume a few thousand milligrams of exceptionally important Vitamin C daily.  The research on Vitamin C continues to expand impressively over the decades and it is a serious mistake to neglect it, or overlook it, just because we have heard about its importance for so long.  As far as Vitamin B12, we were able to reduce its levels dramatically about 15 years ago when we introduced our protected form of B12, and I no longer take a separate B12, since I get adequate levels from my multivitamin and the additional CoQ10 I consume.  As far as Folic Acid, we have continued to reduce its levels in recent years, as it has found itself in several formulas with the other B-vitamins, but its levels in ancillary formulas has always been quite low (20+ mcg) and we will continue to reduce it to insure that everyone’s levels remain at their appropriate healthy levels.  Of course, when it comes to B-vitamins, they are extremely rapidly excreted from the body making it even less likely that any issue could ever arise.  I hope the above makes it clear that we pay careful attention to these levels and we also make adjustments frequently.

Needless to say, there is no risk of Vitamin A toxicity with any of our products, since we do not use preformed Vitamin A.  We only use carotenoid-based Vitamin A that is converted as your body needs it and therefore not a possible source of toxicity.

Many of the other questions have been previously answered, but I will try to answer them again after this Sunday’s shows.

I hope to see you at 11 PM Eastern Time for a quick Variety Hour before our Today’s Special begins at midnight on Saturday night and then reappears a couple of more times on Sunday.  Of course, all our products will have Special Pricing and Free Shipping and Handling.  And I almost forgot to mention that our Ultimate Eye Today’s Special will be available for the first time ever in an 800 capsule supply.  It offers the best opportunity to save, but as usual there will be proportionate savings on all sizes.

As I often say, our eyes “look” after us for a lifetime and the ingredients in Ultimate Eye Support and green leafy vegetables allow us to give a protective thank-you to our eyes.  Best of all, when we do so, no one benefits more than us.  Of course, it only makes sense to protect what we all tend to consider the most important of our five senses.

Best of health.



PS.  For those of you who wanted to see the photos of Muriel and our hike up Mount San Jacinto, they are in the prior blog post.  Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “A New Ultimate Eye Support Formula This Weekend and a Few Answers to Recent Questions.”

  1. Thank you, Andrew. I thought, for decades, that I was just one of those people who couldn't tolerate vitamins — but I kept trying — until I tried yours, first with the multi (so great) and then Omega-3, A, D, calcium, healthy, skin & nails, and now I'm trying the vein/leg support and the probiotic.
    Please keep at your diligence to make the best quality vitamins (I think) in the world. We need you!
    Tina Feldmann

  2. Some of your products have quite literally improved my quality of life. I'm looking forward to seeing you again this weekend and will definitely be picking up this TS. By the way, earl grey green tea is lovely!

  3. Hello Andrew,
    I love your Jasmine green tea and I just ordered another 90 bags. I drink this tea at least 3 times a day or more. There is no other Jasmine tea on the market that even comes close to yours with the smoothness and taste of the Jasmine.
    I am also so excited that you are offering 800 of the Ultimate Eye Support TS because I only have 10 left from the 720 TS from last year.
    I know that I cannot make a medical claim since I am not physician, but my eyesight was gradually getting worse since I sit in front of a computer on a daily basis for work and have been for over 20 years, computers just gradually kill our eyesight. I had to have special eye glasses made that have the glare coating on top of my prescription lens to help my eyes. Long story short, since I have started taking your eye vitamins I no longer have to wear eye glasses and I will never ever stop buying these and you better never stop making these! LOL! I love you Andrew the grace of God has lead me to you!
    Thank you,

  4. I tried to send some vitamins to my son in grad school in Pittsburgh, but FedEx unable at 2 attempts;
    they didn't try calling his cell; your CS unable to tell me what happens to my gift order if 3rd attempt fails,-(spends all day in research labs),unable to tell me if I could have alternative shipping options where its left even if not at home.

  5. I am ready to get serious with your ultimate eye, I have taken it off & on, will be ordering the 800 this weekend. I am on the computer a great deal of the day, and I my eyes get tired, and sometimes have have auras. I know you don't make medical claims, but have been taking your Astaxanthin and feel like it has really helped my eyes, keeps my floaters away.
    I need to reorder the Essential 1, love it as I can get my husband to take it, he takes other medications and doesn't like adding additional pills, lol. Since the E 1 has usually been a TS in May, wondering if it it will be a TS soon? I really love the savings and larger amounts in the TS!
    I just received your 800 Omega 3 TS today….love you educating us, we have only been taking one/day, will be going to two/day, as we definitely don't get enough fish in our diet and at our age we need it.
    Thank you for all you do to help us remain healthy, we only trust your knowledge and products, and have been using many of your products for a good many years!

  6. I wish we would know what your TS will be for the year in order to be able to save up or plan for when we are close to running out. I ordered essential one today 360 for $8990 , last year you had a TS in May 2013, with 500 caps. I have been a customer since before you came to Hsn. I attribute my good health from many of your supplements and thank you for your wonderful products and hard work. I also did not see resveratrol as a TS as you offered in many years past. I like the large sizes as they are cost effective but without a TS I can no longer afford some of my favorites.

  7. Hello Andrew, an Thank – You for these VITAMINS, i'm 71, an very THANK-FULL for these Vitamins !! I'm your biggest fan put here !! LOVE LOVE the eye,vitamin, i do – not need to wear READING GLASSES anymore..yes My DR. Approves of ALL your Vitamins i take, for Calcium, for my bones, For FIBER,is a must have, Healthy Skin an Nails, love love it, my hair is finally growing after all of these years..an VITAMIN D, all i take our VITAMINS BY YOU Andrew..an THANK-YOU for keeping My Hubby an i HEALTHY..

  8. Hello Andrew,
    I like your Ultimate Eye Support and I am considering purchasing it. I have a question for you. Do you think it is possible to make a revised eye support supplement? It would be nice if you could increase the ingredients' strength %'s and add lutein and zeaxanthin to your Fruit Full Anti-Oxidant Extracts supplement.

  9. Hi Andrew,
    I have never been so captivated with anyone as I am watching you. Your knowledge is beyond words and I am quite impressed with your background in biochemistry. I got a kick out of your reference to Organic Chemistry when you were speaking about one of your supplements because my son is taking Organic Chemistry and is going out of mind. Listening to you talk about it, you make it so simple. Anyways, I bought 10 of your products over the last two weekends. One product is better than the next. I was thrilled to hear that you will be back on HSN on May 1st. I am looking forward to that. One question I have for you, actually two questions. Is it possible to take too many vitamins and supplements and if so, what are the adverse affects? The second question is are you still going to be doing your HSN shows from your facility in Henderson, Nevada in the future? I live in Boston, quite a distance from Nevada. Do you ever come to the Northeast to do any book signings (I know you have some cookbooks with Muriel).
    Andrew, I just want to say thank you for all you do to keep us all well and your donation of prenatal vitamins to women throughout the world is simply remarkable. I am a new customers of yours. I am so glad I found you.
    Boston, MA

  10. Are there any known interactions between ultimate eye support and blood pressure and/or cholesterol medications?

  11. Like many I am awaiting your informed input on garcinia cambogia. You are a voice of reason in this era of hype and inflated claims. As a retired Nurse Practitioner I like how you give balanced information about the usefulness of supplements and their effectiveness. Having had double cataract replacement last year I am taking your eye supplements in addition to Essential One and a few others. I have a great mistrust of other vitamin and supplement companies as they certainly are misleadiing consumers concerting bioavailability and effectiveness. Please continue to educate folks, and Thank You for your incredibly good work donating vitamins.

  12. I would like t know if a TS for ESSENTIAL 1 or RESVERATROL will happen in the future.I thought ESSENTIAL 1 was coming in may.
    Thank you,

  13. Hi Andrew
    Just found out my joint pain is caused by the Crestor(statin)I have been taking.My primary care physician recommened taking 200 mgs of coq10. I stopped the crestor(for 2 weeks)last Tuesday and started the coq10 and was advised when restart of the statin continue with the coq10.The joint pain is easing. Sorry I wasn't taking coq10 earlier Everyone on statins should take this!
    I will be stocking up this weekend with the TS.I also ordered your Oxy-Energizer
    Thank you

  14. I am concerned about the quantity of Vitamin B12 as well as the use of Cyanocobalamin. I know I don't have to tell you that that Cyano molecule is CYANIDE. While I realize the it is not in high enough quantity, the body still can not use Cyanide and must get rid of it. More than likely taxing the once again under-appreciated Liver! I am wondering just why you do not use Methylcobalamin, which, from my understanding, is the most "natural" B12 and most BIOAVAILABLE. Is it possible because it is not as stable as the one you use and therefore would not hold up as well in your formulas? The MethylB12 that I have come across are mainly to be taken sublingually so as to preserve their effectiveness, which obviously would not work for you. Can you tell me from your point of view are there any benefits to taking the MethylB12. The literature tells me that MerthylCobalamin and Benfotiamine are the most effective forms of their respective B vitamins for the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy. What is your opinion of that? Thank you. Michael

  15. I love learning about the many vitimins your company offers and the reasons why certain ones are essential for our health. I understand zinc is good for women who have gone through the change. Is this true? I'm an active young 65 yr young women that seems to be gaining unwanted weight. The doctors took me off hormon meds after I had a brain bleed 12yrs ago. Anyway, I know that because I can't take hormon meds, my weight is probably the end result. What vit is best to help my needs; is it zinc? Thanks for all you do
    PS Love your Omega 3 it helps my joint pain and my memory; also great for my husban, too!

  16. Thank you for your vitamins. Can you please help is there any cure for Hepatitis B. I received it from the Indian Doctor that's in jail. I also received from his dirty instruments Chronic Leukycte Leukemia. I weighed 142lbs and I am no 124lbs. Think, I lost it from Hep B or Chronic Leukemia.
    I don't know if anyone can help me. Do you also have vitamins for Arthritis. I am in pain taking Aleve.

  17. Hi Andrew i ordered the ultimate eye support twice now for my husband and his floaters are actually reducing. wow! i really want to see these as a TS price that we all can afford. pweeease? lol ty!:)

  18. does anyone ever answer the questions asked here? one loses faith when question linger from loyal and enthusiastic customers

  19. I have been taking the Ultimate Eye Support for about 2 years and I have had a good report from my eye doctor, the macula degeneration has been stable for both years. Told me to continue taking what I have been talking. I will be buying the 800 bottle tonight

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