“Everything You Want to Know about TruQ10 and CoQ10.”

TruQ10 Today’s Special Thursday Evening May 1st and Friday May 2nd.

Ever since the world’s leading maker of Coenzyme Q-10 (Kaneka) introduced QH (Ubiquinol or TruQ10), we have answered countless questions about the differences between QH and CoQ10.  Certainly, there are differences, which I will discuss during my shows, but we must also remember that they are essentially the same molecule.  If you go back almost a decade, we added some powdered TruQ10 (QH) to our standard CoQ10 formulas.  We were the only company that managed to create a stable powdered form of TruQ10, but since TruQ10 was so expensive, I eventually chose to remove it from our formulas and instead increase the value by adding more CoQ10 in place of the costly TruQ10.  Sadly, the cost of TruQ10 remained very high, while CoQ10 became much more affordable.  In fact, the cost of our TruQ10 powder was almost 6 times higher than our CoQ10.  CoQ10 was a much better value at that time and our CoQ10 formulas became amazingly affordable.  In fact, you can purchase 200 mg CoQ10 today for less than 30 mg more than a decade ago!  The great news is that finally, for the first time, TruQ10 has also become more affordable.  In fact, it is well under half the price of just a few years ago.  It is less expensive today than even standard CoQ10 was just a few years ago.

I guess the folks at Kaneka got tired of hearing me complain about the high cost of their material.  In the past, I never felt comfortable recommending it because it was so costly.  Despite great science, TruQ10 did not make economic sense and it remained like that for years.  Just a few years ago, you could take 300 mgs of CoQ10 daily for the same price as just 50 mgs of TruQ10.  I constantly reminded the folks at Kaneka of this basic math and it appears that all my years of nagging has finally paid off.  They have greatly lowered their cost, which  has made this exciting Today’s Special possible.  Our exceptional TruQ10 softgel capsule contains no undesirable additives while also providing a rich source of highly protective Gamma Tocopherol (Mother Nature’s favorite form of Vitamin E).  In short, there is no other TruQ10 (QH or Ubiquinol) formula like it anywhere in the world.

The most important benefit of both TruQ10 and CoQ10 are centered around its critical role in all energy production.  Our cells cannot live without Q10 and our key organs will not function at their best without adequate levels.  Plus, no matter how important Q10 is to energy production, it still requires the support of all our cellular machinery and nutrients, which is why we include a bottle of our unique B12-100 with B-Complex.  These are the foundational nutrients for all energy production and they are often just as deficient as Q10.  The B12 requires a separate bottle because it is most stable and active in a powdered form whereas our TruQ10 is most stable and active in a liquid capsule. If one looks at the hundreds of almost unanimously 5-Star ratings for our CoQ10 products, it is clear that the Vitamin B-12 and B-Complex they include are an essential part of what makes them so uniquely effective.  By the way, during this Today’s Special, we will offer all potencies of CoQ10 (100, 200 or 300 mg) at Extra Special pricing, so whether you want to try the TruQ10 or reorder any potency of CoQ10, they are all at Special Savings.

As I mentioned at the start, TruQ10 is just the other form of CoQ10.  It is called QH because it is CoQ10 with added Hydrogen(the chemical symbol H).  TruQ10 is the form of CoQ10 in our body that actively transports electrons to produce energy or actively captures electrons to protect our most fragile cell structures, tissues and organs.  The operative word is “active,” since it is TruQ10 that actively does the work and in doing the work, becomes CoQ10. I will discuss how this occurs and the differences between these two sister-molecules during my shows.  Personally, I take both CoQ10 and TruQ10 at a ratio of about two to one.  I was not using TruQ10 until its cost became more reasonable.  It is that reduction in cost that makes it worthy of discussion on television and I look forward to doing so later this week.

Of course, I love talking about CoQ10 and TruQ10, since I was among the very first vitamin makers in the world to embrace it more than 30 years ago.  At that time, I stated that it was among the most important nutrients anyone could ever supplement.  That has not changed at all, since I say the same thing today with even more confidence and emphasis given three decades of absolutely supportive science.

Please post any questions you might have below and I will do my best to answer them during the shows.

Best of health and see you in a few days.


Just to respond and quickly clarify a couple of questions:

1.  Of course there will be still be an October CoQ10 Today’s Special!  I would not miss that for the world.  My goal this week is to respond to all the discussion out in the marketplace about QH (Ubiquinol or TruQ10).  It has given rise to so much confusion and so many questions about which form is best and what you should take, etc.  Quick Answer:  They are both Q10 and they are both great and you can take either.  The long answer, I will provide during the shows and in so doing, I will help everyone understand the great similarities and subtle differences in these two closely related molecules.   My goal is to end the confusion and hopefully assist you in making a choice, which might be to continue taking simply CoQ10.  Personally, as I wrote above, I now choose to take both forms of Q10 with the substantial majority as CoQ10 and about 1/3 as TruQ10.  You can take either form any time of day and of course, they are best absorbed with food.  As a side note, I generally take mine with my Omega-3s.  As I have also said, I have always been thrilled with classic CoQ10 and only now have chosen to add some TruQ10 as a result of its reduction in price.  We will discuss all this and why during my shows.

2.  Also, just to be clear, TruQ10 is still somewhat more expensive than CoQ10.  It is no longer six times more expensive.  In fact, it is now a bit less than double the cost of CoQ10.  In other words, both CoQ10 and TruQ10 are now dramatically more affordable than when they were introduced several years ago.  Per milligram CoQ10 is still the better value.  It is exciting for me to see that the CoQ10 I offered 30 years ago can now be purchased for about 80% less than when I introduced it!  It is also nice to see TruQ10 coming down almost 70% since its introduction.  They have both become excellent values with TruQ10 just a bit more expensive.

3.  There will be remotes from the factory, but they will be in the second half of the year, after we have finished building the sealed, glass studio I have discussed on air and in previous posts.  When it is done, we will be able to do future remotes.

4.  In July, we will have our annual Healthy Hair Skin and Nails Today’s Special followed the next weekend by our Essential-1 Today’s Special.  There will be a Resveratrol Today’s Special later in the year.

5.  As far as price, our Today’s Special is made in a very unique environment in our factory using Gamma Tocopherol and none of the typical additives found with other products.  As far as the brands referred to in a post, I am not sure who makes their product for them, but as far as I know, I do not believe they make any products themselves and simply sell that of others.  They also do not come with the B-Vitamins necessary for them to work effectively, particularly a protected B-12, which is just as deficient in my eyes as Q10 itself.  I will discuss all this further during my shows.

6.  Lastly, as far as the blog post about their chiropractor’s “muscle-testing” supplements, I will resist any temptation to be too harsh, but you cannot assess the value of a supplement by putting it someone’s hand or against their body and then doing muscle testing.  The post used the word “circuit” to describe what was done and I would better use the word “circus.”  I hate to say it, but it is just an all too common, non-scientific, non-validated nonsense that has been disproven on numerous occasions.  It is subjective magic and please forgive me if I am stepping on some toes here, since I would love to think that muscle testing works and that you can magically push on my arm or my body and immediately determine if that which I hold will tell the tester whether it is good or bad or indifferent.  Sadly, it is comedy, unless the tester has some remarkable 6th sense.  I can still respect those who might do this or believe in it, but I have never seen any science or personal experience (it has been done on me before) that justifies any reasonable, rational, logical or even just emotional belief that the muscle-testing described works.  If CoQ10 is useless, then our cells would die, since without Q10, they cannot produce energy and exist.  Of course, for many chiropractors, supplements are a profit center and the supplements I see in their office are not high quality at all.  Most have not changed much for decades.  Again, I respect everyone’s perspective and I leave it to each of us to find our own path to our best health.  I make great efforts to try not to “sell” my products.  I simply want to provide information that gives you the freedom to choose and if that means you try mine then that is fine or if you choose those at your chiropractor’s office or at Walmart, then that is fine too.  Whatever helps you become healthier and hopefully, if you watch my shows, I can contribute in some small way to your healthier path – whether you try my products or not, at least you will be better informed and able to make better decisions.

109 thoughts on ““Everything You Want to Know about TruQ10 and CoQ10.””

  1. I would like to thank Andrew for his effort to make TruQ10 more affordable, and for explaining the benefits.
    I have been taking CoQ10 for many years. When I started taking the TruQ10 a year ago, I really noticed a difference. I had less tartar accumulation on my teeth, and went I went to my dentist for my bi-annual cleaning, he said my gums were healthier, and stronger. I can't wait to get the Today's Special and stock up at new the lower price.

  2. Is it true if u been on birth control for many years that it is important to be taking Co Q 10?

  3. I didn't realize your CoQ10 no longer contained TruQ10. When was that eliminated? Nonetheless, I am unclear as to why you take both and why at a 2:1 ratio. Do you take them both the same day? Can you honestly say you can feel a difference since starting back with the TruQ10?

  4. Will you ever offwr vitsmins to lower sugar.I know the cinsmon does that. Will you have a vitanin
    That will lowet or stabilized sugar. I am a diabetic and would love for you to have somerhing for diabeticd
    Thank you

  5. I'm confused…the past few years there has been a remote from your factory with a TS for Essential-1 at this time of year — is that happening some other time…and does this mean COQ10 won't be a special in October?

  6. When will Essential One be a TS? Getting low….do you ever plan on coming out with a Thyroid support product? I know this has nothing to do with the upcoming TS, but am still wondering. Also, what about the Ultimate Women's Wellness. It hasn't been a TS in a while. Is it in your opinion ok to take if you have Thyroid issues (low thyroid)? Thanks!

  7. I don't need you to address this on TV but if someone from ProCaps could maybe write me a letter, I would appreciate it as I have recently had my confidence shaken. I have taken many of your supplements for several years and spent the money on both kinds of CoQ10 as all I have read supports what you have said about the importance of this supplement. However, I was recently dismayed when I saw a new chiropractor who is also a nutritionist and he asked me to bring all of my supplements in so he could "test" them. TO do that he tapped my thymus and then held each supplement to my body while I held hands with an assistant to "complete the circuit". He called it "EFT". After testing all my ProCaps supplements he told me that half were "working" for my body and half were "worthless". Among those he claimed as "worthless" was the CoQ10. I trust that you do not use fillers and have always believed in your supplements. I still do. But needless to say, his pronouncement upset me. I clarified with him by asking, "Are you saying the supplements themselves are not good or that my body isn't using them?" His answer was, "both". I took your CoQ10 200 for a long time and then for financial reasons, backed off to 100 mg. He told me that even with a "good" CoQ10, my body could not use that much (100-200 mg) and I would just be "peeing it away" and wasting my money. I have continued to take my supplements but wonder if you could comment on this experience of mine and help me understand why he would proclaim that half of your supplements "work" and the other half are "worthless". Adding to my confusion is the fact that even though he sells many brands of supplements from his office, he did not try to sell me any of his to replace yours. The ProCap supplements that he claims "work" are: Astaxanthin, Healthy Hair, Skin, & Nails, Vit D3, and Ultimate Eye Support. The ones that he says are "worthless" for me are: Omega 3, CoQ10 200, Essential One, PC Liver & Brain, Cal-Mag Care, and Cinnamon. Also, what is your opinion of "EFT"? I have read about it and am just not sure what to think. Though I just began seeing this chiropractor/nutritionist, he has been in practice in our town for 35 years and his father started the practice in the 1950's. They have generations of patients satisfied with their care. So I am very confused. I have learned so much by watching you on TV and reading all the info available on your ProCaps website. But this latest experience has shaken me, especially when I consider the money we spend on supplements. I was feeling very secure about the wisdom of taking CoQ10 and the others but now the doubt hangs over me daily and I could use some reassurance and input. Again, my confidence in you and your supplements has never wavered and I continue to take all my supplements. But that shadow of a doubt now hangs over me every day as I swallow them. Thank you for any help you can give me with this to restore my confidence.

    1. I would question the ability of the chiropractor. I don’t know how tapping your thymus and holding a vitamin to your body could tell him anything. Have you had any blood tests done to compare the results? Sorry, but I listen to my body and I know the many supplements I take from Andrew make me feel better. I watch him on TV, as he says, to learn from him, but I trust his vitamins because of the ingredients and how they are made. His are better because of what is NOT in them ( filers and colorings). So I hope you receive an answer from Andrew or someone at the company, but I can tell you that I only trust Andrew and I read all the reviews on the products , so many others also use and like them.

    2. What a crock! EFT has nothing to do with vitamins, and tapping your thymus doesn’t either. Both can be helpful immune and stress relief techniques but neither has ANY ability to “test” the worth of vitamins (or anything else for that matter). Time for a new chiropractor who isn’t a quack.

  8. I am excited about the todays special but I am desperate for a resveratrol TS. Please let me know when the next one is as I am completely out and thought you did one around this time. Thanks

  9. I echo the question of when the Essential 1 TS will be. It is May and I ( and many other people ) am nearly out. This is disappointing, especially since there was no resveratrol TS in January/February. I hope the essential 1 TS has only been delayed and not cancelled.

  10. Hi Andrew… could you please tell us all if you are intending to still have a TS with the CoQ10 as well very soon. Also I was not aware that you skipped an essential one TS too? I rely on these specials as this is the best way for me to buy your vitamins… Please let us all know if you are still going to do a TS with COQ 10 as well as the Essential one. I just got your Omegas and for the woman who said that her chiro told her these were worthless. He could NOT BE MORE WRONG!! These have changed my life and my blood tests dramatically. CoQ10 is critical for anyone with heart problems or people taking statin drugs…YOu really must listen very carefully to what Andrew says as he follows every bit of science out there…. Please rethink this Chiro and what he has to say. You know dr's don't kow everything and many times know very little about vitamins….

  11. Andrew,
    I am concerned about your Omega 3's. I have been told by several doctors that the Omega XL is better to take because I have lots of arthritis and joint pains. Do you plan on making Omega XL. I spoke to someone your 1 800 number and she said that you do not believe in Omega Xl. Can you clarify the difference between your Omega 3 and the Omega XL?

  12. Andrew,
    I am concerned about your Omega 3's. I have been told by several doctors that the Omega XL is better to take because I have lots of arthritis and joint pains. Do you plan on making Omega XL. I spoke to someone your 1 800 number and she said that you do not believe in Omega Xl. Can you clarify the difference between your Omega 3 and the Omega XL?

  13. Andrew,
    I am concerned about your Omega 3's. I have been told by several doctors that the Omega XL is better to take because I have lots of arthritis and joint pains. Do you plan on making Omega XL. I spoke to someone your 1 800 number and she said that you do not believe in Omega Xl. Can you clarify the difference between your Omega 3 and the Omega XL?

  14. Andrew,
    I am concerned about your Omega 3's. I have been told by several doctors that the Omega XL is better to take because I have lots of arthritis and joint pains. Do you plan on making Omega XL. I spoke to someone your 1 800 number and she said that you do not believe in Omega Xl. Can you clarify the difference between your Omega 3 and the Omega XL?

  15. Andrew,
    I am concerned about your Omega 3's. I have been told by several doctors that the Omega XL is better to take because I have lots of arthritis and joint pains. Do you plan on making Omega XL. I spoke to someone your 1 800 number and she said that you do not believe in Omega Xl. Can you clarify the difference between your Omega 3 and the Omega XL?

  16. Andrew,
    I am concerned about your Omega 3's. I have been told by several doctors that the Omega XL is better to take because I have lots of arthritis and joint pains. Do you plan on making Omega XL. I spoke to someone your 1 800 number and she said that you do not believe in Omega Xl. Can you clarify the difference between your Omega 3 and the Omega XL?

  17. Andrew,
    I am concerned about your Omega 3's. I have been told by several doctors that the Omega XL is better to take because I have lots of arthritis and joint pains. Do you plan on making Omega XL. I spoke to someone your 1 800 number and she said that you do not believe in Omega Xl. Can you clarify the difference between your Omega 3 and the Omega XL?

  18. I would like to see a resveratrol TS I know you have had it before. i am so stocked up already on the COQ10 my guess for the next 2 years or so unless its a great price on this one i may have to wait til i see a resveratrol TS hopefully in place of the normal COQ10 one you have in the fall

  19. Swanson Vitamins sells their 100 mg Ubiquinol (Kaneka QH) for about $19 – $23 per 60 capsules, depending on their various "specials." Forget about their "list price" which is always discounted, but is still cheaper than at your site. Why are you more than twice as expensive for your 240 count Ubiquinol with the B-12 you include? You are even more expensive than Mercola!

  20. Hi Andrew, I hope you really do read these comments 🙂 I see where it's not just me but others that rely on your TS certain times of the year and purchase accordingly to last until the next one so I, too, want to know if this replaces the Q10 special you have I think it's in the fall??? There has only been a couple that I trust when it comes to vitamins and that is you and Mercola. I wish you two would team up. I am more confident of his being GMO free knowing how strong he is against GMO's. I don't think you have talked much about that? I do wish you made a Q10 that has nothing else in it that I could give my dog 🙂 I don't know if the other vitamin amounts in it would be good for her. I don't agree you are more expensive than Mercola when buying the 360 or larger caps. I hope this TruQ can be opened and taken in liquids for those that can't swallow caps? Thanks for reading!

  21. What good do these questions and concerns expressed above do when they are never answered publicly? Certainly out of courtesy if not consideration for your customers….someone in your corporation is capable of answering them…if not, hire someone. I, too, have been warned not to take some of the vitamins by top doctors…have continued to do so at great expense…but now Barb's comments have me concerned.

  22. I would like to ask you your opinion about the what amount, 100mg. or 200mg., of CoQ10 should be taken along with a statin drug. I currently take 200 mg. a day. Thanks for your response, JB

    1. I agree. At the end of the post, I mention that a man cannot complete me, but I am complete in Christ. Finding a man isn’t about finding someone to make me whole. I am already whole in Christ.Thank you for rensaag.Cidsi

  23. Please advise what to take for being tired the majority of time. I am very low on "D" so the Dr. Gave me a prescription for 50,000 mg taken once a week. I am still tired. Please help.

  24. I had a consult with a doc in the Integrative Medicine dept at a major
    cancer center in Houston. I took all my Procaps supplements to show
    him. His recurring comment was that many of the supplements had added
    B vitamin and that s much B could be toxic to the liver. he said this is
    evidence based. I've tried to find the supporting research, without a lot
    of luck. Can you address the addition of B to so many supplements. if
    I take 20 or so of them, and this adds quite a load of extra B or other
    vitamins to my liver. I cannot take a chance on compromising liver health.
    Please address; thank you.

  25. WE NEED OUR ESSENTIAL-1 TSV……Your loyal customers for over 15+ years are expecting the Essential-1 vitamins to be the Today's Special Value in the first week of May every year. As others have posted, we are just about out because we have previously purchased the jumbo size last year knowing that it would last us until this year's TSV. Although it is nice that you want to bring this TruQ & CoQ10 special this weekend, it should be as an "addition to" the expected TSV of Essential-1 that your loyal customers will be looking for. There have been other times throughout the year that you have offered 2 TSV's in one weekend so we know you can do it. Plus, most of will not need to have our CoQ10 replenished until July. Please consider the investment your loyal customers make when purchasing the "yearly" size of your supplements – it is a win- win for you & us to purchase those quantities, however, if we can't count on those supplements to be offered at a savings a year later then maybe we will stop investing in such large purchases. I thank you for taking my comment in to consideration.

  26. What is the source of Kaneca's CoQ10 and TruQ10. There is an article circulating over the Internet called "CoQ10's Dirty Little Secret" which references that in many cases tobacco from China as the source.

  27. I read and heard that Coq10 should be in gel tab not powder. I was told that powdered q10was a cheap way of making this vitamin. What is correct? All health stores carry only the gel!

  28. At your last visit, you stated you take no medicine, well I do, could you tell me how to take my vitamins in comparison to my medicines. My medicine is taken at all three meals, how do I take the colestracare to benefit my liver.

  29. I, too, would like to hear Andrew's response. Years ago when I lived in Asheville I went to a chiropractor who used the identical technique for diagnosis. He cured me within a few weeks of a problem I had had for 6-7 months — went to MDs first and they couldn't figure it out. Cost me a fortune paid out over a year b/c no insurance. It also worked for me when I lived in Prague and had picked up stomach infection while volunteering in South Africa. It seems so woo-woo and pre-Industrial Revolution, I know, but twice in my life it worked and the normal medical establishment could not fix me. I wish I could find a chiropractor locally who uses this technique; frankly, because of the extremely high cost of the vitamins, I would love to know if they are really contributing to my overall great health or would my health be just as wonderful if I scaled back.

  30. As some one else also put on your message post. Would like to see some pill for diabetes. I know dōTERRA oils work great, love to see you put out a pill for diabetes, sure hope your working on that. Maybe you need to get together with the dōTERRA people .

  31. To those that have commented about doctors not recommending vitamins think about this. They promote meds that is a fact has dangerous side effects (I know I have experienced some of them!) and yet they have the nerve to criticize vitamins. And the few doctors that has sample vitamins in their office notice the artificial colors, etc. in them! The other thing I would mention is many times when articles are written about the negative effects of vitamins they might not mention this but they are referring to synthetic vitamins. Of course synthetics are not good for us. I don't work for Andrew LOL but I do read a lot of research, too, and there are a couple things I disagree with Andrew on but I do believe he is sincere on bringing us products based on the research he reads. It is a GREAT idea for Andrew to have someone here reading and replying to these comments 🙂 By the way we are all different and what helps one person will not always help the other but I can sure tell a difference on the Vitamins I take!

  32. Please address the comments this time. I've read them all, and they cover issues and ?'s that are so very important to many of us. I am a loyal customer as well, and for many years. Countless thousands of dollars over the years, taking Andrew at his word, and eager to learn more is my profile. I do wonder why some vitamins are so much more $$$ than others…like vitamin E, for one. I have, like others, been taking advantage of the TS's, and CoQ10 is at the top of that list. I bought TruQ10 twice, but it was too $$$ and CoQ was fine for me. Ultimate Eye Support makes a huge difference in my eyesight!
    I know that Andrew doesn't have ALL the answers, but he has plenty of good info, and I trust his word. It's concerning to hear when others are challenged with their confidence or wondering about results, and HOW much is TOO much???? No need to take more than our bodies use, especially if our bodies don't or can't use the overage, yes? Too bad it can't all be in one capsule, but then everyone has different areas to target!!! Guidelines in finding that balance in vitamin consumption is most appreciated. The big handful of vitamins I take regularly is getting bigger and bigger. Friends' eyes get huge when they see how many I take. Some people think that taking vitamins is one big huge racket. Too bad our soil and seeds are so compromised, that we need so many supplements. On THAT point, WHAT ABOUT GMO? That is CRUCIAL to know!!!
    Thank you for listening to us and responding to our ?'s and concerns. We, and you, are the reason you do what you do! With appreciation to your passion to stay true to your ideals and provide awesome products that help us be healthy!
    P.S. RUBY…I'd love to know the name of the Chiro in Asheville!!!!

  33. Barb G, My chiro tried that 'circuit' deal on me as well, I doubted the veracity of its science, so I exited-their
    office was also selling supplements at an exorbitant price for the value compared to A.L. line, so I connected the dots and was enlightened….
    Andrew, are you going to be offering this in the near future: tomatidine, a compound from green tomatoes, has a potent muscle-building activity? A recent discovery from U.of Ia research.

  34. It's very easy to answer why Andrew's vitamins cost more. Because they are NOT synthetic! Synthetic vitamins are always cheaper to make. Anyone making vitamins without all the artificial and synthetic mess will charge more as it's more costly to make. Andrew also searches to find where to get the purest vitamins from.

  35. Barb G – you can't be serious! How could you believe in such quackery as EFT? It is not based on any science. At least what Andrew knows and does is scientifically based, not some 'voodoo' handholding vibe stuff! Do yourself a favor and stop listening to that mumbo jumbo and follow Andrew's advice. Good luck.

  36. Andrew, what do you think about the Protandim supplement that purports to reduce free radicals? I know it has been considered for diabetic and Alzheimer's studies.

  37. I am a woman that weighs 170 lbs and takes Lipitor. I also take q10 200mg. I would like to know if this is a good amount and should I add truq10 or am I taking a sufficient amount. thank you for all your wonderful vitamins.

  38. I am a woman that weighs 170lbs and takes Lipitor. I also take 100mg of q10 twice a day. I would like to know if this amount of q10 is sufficient and should I add truq10 to my supplements. I take quite a few supplements and are pleased with them all. thankyou Andrew for caring so much

  39. Luv ya Andrew. ….been a faithful customer for a decade. …buI need to know why Co Q10 smells. .. Can u do something about that? Other than that, all is good. . 🙂

  40. I am a woman that weighs 170lbs and takes Lipitor. I also take 100mg of q10 twice a day. I would like to know if this amount of q10 is sufficient and should I add truq10 to my supplements. I take quite a few supplements and are pleased with them all. thankyou Andrew for caring so much

  41. Barb G. You've got to be kidding EFT. Lord help you. You may need to keep the phone near by to call for the EMT's if you keep falling for nonsense. Holding ands and praying, well that's acceptable, but to complete a short circuit charade is worthy of a circus side show. No offence here. I and my wife have different medical issues and have been awakened by the quality of Andrew's ProCaps. CoQ10 to start is necessary to treat and provide support to our muscles thanks to statons. In our case that was the only common thread to our both having Mitochrondrial issues. Our rheumotologist brought that to our attention. And the science and chemistry blood work and biopsys confirmed our issue. Now we use all the necessary supplements as prescribed. Fortunately we've done the Benton, AK brands and mall stores before learning of ProCaps.
    For the vast number of necessary components, I'd stay with a manufacturer who can stand there and explain everything that your are getting for your dollar and the science and research behind their value. That's no different that the science that your blood studies tell you when your M.D. orders them. That's the science that shows wisdom.

  42. To Barb G – I saw a chiropractor who tried EFT with me and it didn't work. It may be EFT, or it may have just been the practitioner, but it didn't work with me. You mentioned Andrew's Essential-One was one the chiropractor said was 'worthless'. I had a parasitic infection that left me with damaged, highly permeable small intestines and, consequently, multiple food sensitivities over more than a decade before finding out what was causing it. For a time I was living off of cucumbers, apples and pears and was literally dying of malnutrition. I tried expensive vitamins from healthfood stores and reacted to them all, until I found Essential-One. I attribute my health-turnaround to being able to take Essential-One and today have gained back from 90 lbs to a healthy 130, have worked over 1 year without a single sick day, and, since I'm not dying any more and find myself needing to think about picking up my career again, have recently enrolled in an MBA program and am in my second class. Similarly, I was obviously not getting any omega-3 in my limited diet at all – still don't beyond a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds every 4th day (rotation diet for sensitivities). I REALLY NOTICED (!!) when I ran out of omega's some months back. I have 142 IQ and when my brain isn't working right, I really notice! Foggy thinking, short term memory issues, inability to focus/concentrate while studying all snuck up with in a week of running out of omega-3's. I noticed improvement after the first day of taking 2 caps, and was back to normal within 3 days. I had tried my mother's storebought brand in the interim which had no impact and now I have her on Andrew's omega-3's. Andrew, as an aside, she also takes your eye support due to being diagnosed with a 'baby cataract' about a year ago and this year's exam showed it has shrunk! She takes your CoQ10 200mg because she would get a shakey, weak feeling in her legs after her walks or working in the garden or even a day of housework. I attributed this to her statin's and the symptoms have gone away completely since taking your CoQ10. My diet is also deficient in Ca+ and Mg+, but your Cal-Mag product with exercise has reversed the osteopenia that started when I was unable to supplement. Vita D was a low 31 and, after a year of Essential-One and extra D3-2000mg every other day I'm in the 50's. Since then I'm taking the extra 2000mg every day to try and get it up into the 70's. I owe my life to you, Andrew. I pray daily that God richly blesses you for your integrity and genuine love for people and caring for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet. You are a rare and wonderful individual and, I think I can speak for many of your customers when I say we truely and deeply love and respect and appreciate you.

  43. Hi Andrew, I have know complains. God Bless you with the wisdom to help us stay healthly. Keeping on keeping on. Always remember to give God the glory, for He has truly Bless you and enlarge your territory and His hand is upon you. (I Chronicle 4:9).

  44. Barb G and other few people believing in bogus 'tests' – are you serious???! I didn't think there are still people out there that can be ridiculed so easily LOL. Don't get me wrong, I know energy and mood and similar things do make difference in our well-being, but testing vitamins that way it's just plain nonsense. I would say to all unsatisfied: don't buy the vitamins if you don't like or believe in them, or don't like the price, etc., but stop whining about that and don't blame the person (Andrew) who does a great job. There is and will be plenty of people who buy Andrews vitamins and improve their health.

  45. When will your tumeric be back in stock? I ordered it when you first announced it. I have not received it yet

  46. My apologies – Andrew, have you considered removing or reducing the copper in your Essential One product due to copper being one of the metals found and possibly implicated in Alzheimer's disease? The research I have found is sketchy at best, wondering what are your thoughts. With deep respect and thanks.

  47. What's the price of the TS going to be??? Hope the price is where ordinary people can afford it since the CoQ10 is already really expensive IMO. Kaneka Q10 is fermented from pure natural yeast. Many other CoQ10 ingredients are processed from bacteria or tobacco derivatives per the Kaneka nutrients site online. That's why you want to take the Kaneka brand. TruQ10 or Ubiquinol is better for you because it's already converted & your body does not need to try & covert it. CoQ10 or Ubiquinone has a hard time being converted by your body after age 40. Other brands of both forms are cheaper because they are full of other garbage your body does not need.

  48. For Andria, the first person who write her comment, if you go to the middle of this article, Andrew says he will be offering the regular coq10 as Today Special this October.
    I remembered back somewhere prior to 2010, Andrew's regular coq10, also included small amount of Tru-Q10 in it. And then he was saying since Tru-Q10 costs much higher than the regular coq10, he left the TruQ10 and just focus on coq10. This time he is going to do the liquid based TruQ10.
    Andrew, I have a question about the vitamin E you are put into the TruQ10, the Gamma Tocopherol. On April you offered the Ultimate Eyes Support (and Maximum Omega 3) as today special. That product already has Gamma Tocopherol in there. If we also take your Essential One (and Ultimate Eye Support) and now TruQ10 altogether, would that be too much vitamin E in a day? I know vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and it is good antioxidant for us, but anything too much will do harm than benefit. And too much vitamin E, as I heard, would course toxicity in our body. Please explain that to us on May 2nd show? And tell us how much vitamin E is too much for us. Thanks

  49. I was wondering if you have or will be presenting a vitamin to help people with Lyme disease. It is so devastating and there must be something out there besides B12 that can help. Thanks.

  50. I love your supplements and have taken then for 15yrs+. I now have my husband and his heart dr. hooked on some of them too. His heart dr. also recommends the cholesterol with fiber to his elder patients who cannot get their numbers down by diet and meds alone. On this note we are wondering if this is going to be a TS in the near future as our supply is running critically low.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for better health.

  51. I am going to physical therapy for a bad fall in shoer, I landed pn my back. I also have a concussion. Is there anything that I could take for the severe back pain? I have alot of your vitamins. I love watchng you and listening to your knowledge on HSN. I am interested in Night Time, which I am taking, but it still takes me over 4 hours to get t sleep. Should I take more than 3 pills nightly?
    I have been ordering your products since you started at HSN. I believe in you.

  52. To: Andrew
    I like both your shows “talking” on TV and your articles. But I will miss and forget something by listening. Please write down all the major parts then post them to us. And bring your girlfriend and dog to the TV shows if possible. I like them. It is your family and your show. It is OK to bring them. Sharing some your personal life is very nice.
    To: Barb G
    If you go to a professional show, you only see some people on the stage. But there are many people working hard at backstage to help make the show successful. Because you cannot see them, it does not mean they are not exist.
    It is the same as the supplement. You can feel some supplement and see good results fairly fast but you may not sense anything for the others. It does not mean they are not working on you. Anything we put into our body will have effect on us, this is for sure. Our money is not wasted on Andrew’s supplement, no doubt.
    Do not mind what your chiropractor said. If you really want to know if the supplement working on you or not, go to do annual full blood test every year. Since you have been using many Andrew’s products for years, your general blood work should be reasonably good then. That is the true science.
    People say many things. Do not be discouraged by someone’s words even though they are your other doctors. Believe me, we followed Andrew for years, we have more, better, current knowledge on supplement than many of our other doctors. We – this group of people following Andrew – it is a blessing we found Andrew – We are at the top of the world on supplement.

  53. Dear Andrew,
    My 22 year old daughter is starting medical school this fall and has used your co q 10 religiously as an under grad. We only trust taking your vitamins and have been using them for several years and just ran out of co q 10 so this tsv is good timing. I am a RN and appreciate the education & top quality you provide. Do you have any other recommendations for my 22 yr old. One issue she has is anxiety before exams. Is there a vitamin that can help with this like B 12 ?
    For myself I am 55 and pre diabetic battliwan morbid obesity and recently started to exercise after years of sedentariness. Finally I have terrible hot flashes and finished 2 bottles of ultimate women's wellness and swear by this and will stock up because since running out they are much worse.
    I use the knowledge you teach to teach others when I can.
    Lastly you look so amazingly healthy and handsome I imagine you will live to be 120.
    Thank you,

  54. Thank you Andrew for your (very quick) response.
    I want to thank you for all you do to promote health and wellness through your vitamins. I DO NOT not think they are overly expensive, when you take into account all of the environmentally and socially responsible factors that that go into the manufacturing not to the quality ingredients
    I look foward to your shows this Friday.
    P. S. I really enjoyed the " web chats" you did a while back, and hope you will consider doing more, either at HSN or via your website. 🙂

  55. HELLO
    Have a few questions about this subject.
    1) I have been told that TRANSFORM COQ10 is identical to COQ10 produced naturally in our body. Does yours have that?
    2) Is your COQ10 made using YEAST FERMENTATION which is supposedly the most effective form
    3) Does yours contain PIPERINE a black pepper extract that increases absorption?
    Any answers you can give me will be sincerely appreciated.
    Many thanks!

  56. Whew! I sure am glad I don't have to read all these lengthy emails. ROCK ON AL! Love me some TruQ!

  57. Dear Andrew,
    I recently tried your glucosamine and chondroitin capsules. The directions indicate to take 5 a day, which I have been doing. Does the dosage change depending on your size? I am 5'2 and 110 pounds.

  58. Greetings Andrew,
    I use a lot of your supplements and have had wonderful results with them. I was wondering how many different ones I can take daily. Are there any that shouldn't be combined or taken together? Is it best to alternate days for some of them? I know it is recommended taken with a complete meal, but how many different ones can you take each meal? Thank you for producing such amazing products.

  59. I agree with Patti, several emails ago, regarding Barb G. I thought the letter was a put on. I could not believe it was true. I discovered Andrew right after he came to HSN and after almost 18 years & several
    thousand dollars later, all I can say is I get what I pay for: the BEST vitamins money can buy. If I need to question if his vitamins are helping me, all I have to do is run out & I notice the difference immediately. And this has happened over the years. I love his vitamins, his integrity & his TS's. Enough said.

  60. Swann: Asheville Pain & Wellness 1069 Haywood Road, West Asheville. Can't remember the doc's name but I recognized the building when I did a search. Despite the people who complain about "whiners" (and actually that is saying more about them than the so-called whiners) this doc was really wonderful. I would not go to him if I had a lump in my breast or a broken leg or blood in my stool (as examples), but for a lot of disorders, he was the person who helped me the most and the standard medical community hadn't a clue.

  61. Hello! I would really like to see more vitamins made for children, specifically an Omega 3 product, and a probiotic.

  62. To Susan Scharf:
    I had the same problem as your daughter has when I was in college, that was back in the 90's and 2000s. At that time I didn't know Andrew yet and we didn't have internet services like what we have now. Me too, was searching for some "brain pills" that can helped me and calm me down with my exams. If I would know Andrew at that time, I would bet I can do so much better in school. So I truly hope your daughter will do well.
    Personally, I am taking quite a lot of Andrew's products thru out the day. Two supplements that I would recommend to your daughter for concentration are: his Maximum Omega 3 and Memory and Brain with Acetyl L Carnitine (ALC). The ALC especially help me be more alert and concentration. This is the product I would definitely recommend and encourage you to get before she goes to college, to test it out and see if that really help her with her school works and concentration. If it does, you can get more for her. (This is base on my personal experiences and recommendations. Andrew nor anyone would pay me for promoting or recommending his products.)
    Tomorrow, 5/1, Andrew will come. Every time he comes, he will have today special and special pricing with his other products and free shipping. Maybe you can get that for your daughter. If that work for her, you can get more in July, when he is back. Good luck with everything.

  63. Andrew, Wondering why you do not use the METHYLCOBALAMIN form of B12 in your products. From what I have read this is the most NATURAL form of B12? …just wondering! Thanks

  64. Andrew, I always look forward to your visits. I ta,ke many of your vitamins and my doctors are always happy with my blood work. I got tested and I have no plaque in my arteries and my cholesteral HDL is 103! It is all thanks to your vitamins! I am not on any medicine. Thank you Andrew!!

  65. If I call your 1-800 number, are your representives able to answer the questions as some of the above e-mails ask? If not, where can I go to find answers to some of the very important questions asked? Also I take many of your products and is it harmful taking too much of the vitamins that you add to all your products? I trust in your integrity and would really appreciate a response. THANK YOU!!!!!

  66. If I call your 1-800 number, are your representives able to answer the questions as some of the above e-mails ask? If not, where can I go to find answers to some of the very important questions asked? Also I take many of your products and is it harmful taking too much of the vitamins that you add to all your products? I trust in your integrity and would really appreciate a response. THANK YOU!!!!!

  67. If I call your 1-800 number, are your representives able to answer the questions as some of the above e-mails ask? If not, where can I go to find answers to some of the very important questions asked? Also I take many of your products and is it harmful taking too much of the vitamins that you add to all your products? I trust in your integrity and would really appreciate a response. THANK YOU!!!!!

  68. If I call your 1-800 number, are your representives able to answer the questions as some of the above e-mails ask? If not, where can I go to find answers to some of the very important questions asked? Also I take many of your products and is it harmful taking too much of the vitamins that you add to all your products? I trust in your integrity and would really appreciate a response. THANK YOU!!!!!

  69. If I call your 1-800 number, are your representives able to answer the questions as some of the above e-mails ask? If not, where can I go to find answers to some of the very important questions asked? Also I take many of your products and is it harmful taking too much of the vitamins that you add to all your products? I trust in your integrity and would really appreciate a response. THANK YOU!!!!!

  70. If I call your 1-800 number, are your representives able to answer the questions as some of the above e-mails ask? If not, where can I go to find answers to some of the very important questions asked? Also I take many of your products and is it harmful taking too much of the vitamins that you add to all your products? I trust in your integrity and would really appreciate a response. THANK YOU!!!!!

  71. If I call your 1-800 number, are your representives able to answer the questions as some of the above e-mails ask? If not, where can I go to find answers to some of the very important questions asked? Also I take many of your products and is it harmful taking too much of the vitamins that you add to all your products? I trust in your integrity and would really appreciate a response. THANK YOU!!!!!

  72. Andrew, I have been taking your vitamins since 1988 and I truly believe in them. I used to live in Calif., not far from Santa Monica but I now live in Henderson about ten blocks form THE WINNING COMBINATION, AND I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I can't call in an order, pay for it and pick it up form the cute receptionist that you have. Please be more considerate of your neighbors. Thank you.

  73. Hi, I hope Andrew does read all these notes to him. I think an assistant must and just take notes to give him. How could he answer all of these? That being said, I am asking, along with others about the Statin Drugs, I take them and would like to know what Vit/supplements are best to be taking. I don't ask my dr. anything about vits,he doesn't know, even a nutritist – sorry spelling? at a hospital told me to take one pill from the two piles that she made of all the vit and sup I take, which are about 20 different onesof andrew's woman clearly didn't know about vitamins and supplements. She should lsted to Andrew. I do agree these vit/supp do cost a lot compared to Mercola's. Back to the nutr. woman, I printed the labels of Andrew products I take, so I didn;t have to carrry vits to her to check for me. I asked her before hand if she new much about vit/sup and could advise me what I should be taking, how much and when to not have a reaction to my meds. or damage any organs. I take a statin, Lyrica, Lamontagine, synthroid and an occasional diazapanfor my muscles spasms. I also wear a Lidocaine patch every 12 hrs on and then off for 12 hrs. This is for neuropathy of my left side,made unbearable with a dry needling procedure.Don't ever do that. It has ruined my life. I explained also to this nutr. woman, that I was very concerned about brain health, since my mother had died of Alzheimer's. I didn't know she had AD til the end, so I had a late start taking B12, turmeric, now they say, Vit e. I take Andrew's Brain health – along with what i previously stated. I hope Andrew can address the AD condition, even though I know he has to word it so the fDA won't get on his back, I am worried about VIt toxicity also, as a number of you are. It's just too much for me to figure out all this info on the labels. I am pretty sure I am taking too much. I will tell you though, Brigham and Woman's Hospital, about 35 miles from where I live wanted me to participate in their study that was starting soon. The letter I received said it was with Vitamin D3 and the Omega's. It said great research had shown that these two were extremely important to be taking, since clinical trials have proven this so far, great for the heart was noted and that appeared to be there interest. I have no heart conditions, I am positive. I hadn't been at that hospital at all, but they became connected with Faulkner Hosp a short time before I was asked, but had been a patient there 30 yrs earlier.However, they got my name, I declined, because of the 50% chance I would get the placebo. I told them I was taking Andrew's Omerga's and D's and would not stop them for any reason. Andrew is really on top of all of what is going on with these vit/suppl he sells. He mentions all of his info, well before other sellers of similar products, as far as I have been following this. I would like the price of the teas to go down. I once spent 65 dollars for 90 teabags of the Jasmine green whic is the best ever!! I am a tea lover. I want to try the others, just too expensive. I now wait for the green Jamine to go on special for the 45 dollars. I drink 3 cups of tea a day. That's what everyone seems to advise. Usually all three are green, but now I hear alot about black being good also. Andrew how about a black, then I will take yours, if the price is not too high. Do you offer a service that can check for us if we are overdosing on you vit/sup that we are taking???? I could tell someone at Pro Caps Lab what I am taking and maybe you couldrun it through a computer program and tell us what to drop, what to add. If my lab results are bad, I will have to stop anyway. My iron is high, but have been told it is related to a genetic thing I have, so I need to donate blood everytime I can, and monitor iron level or I have to drop what ever vit/sup I take that has lot of iron in it.. That I can probably figure out myself. My test also came back high for Vit B12, but I don't care about that – I want it HIGH. The Alzheimer's thing again! Please offer the vit/supp check for us. Well still buy plenty of Vit/sup just the correct ones. Thanks so much Andrew, I count on you to keep us informed. You are doing a great job. It's months after you give us information about the vit/supl that other people talk about it. You are first on the scene with new info. You certainly know what you are talking about as far as I can see. I read alot about vit/sup wherever I can find info, so I am pretty sure what I am writing about, just confused as to the overdose factor. Since retired, I really look forward to your TS. Thanks for the chance to write to you. I have tons more to say, but don't want to overdo it, Thanks, Andrew from Andrea

  74. I really look forward to your visit Andrew since I an now very confused. I take your Wonen's Elite100 which contains 100 mg of your "regular" co q 10 and I take a 200mg co q 10 of yours which was your TS. I am a 60 year old woman. Is this enough? Or even correct? I have heard you say many times that you felt it unnecessary to take Tru q 10. But now we should? I hope i didn't waste my money on the "regular" co q 10 since I bought a year's supply for me and my husband. Well, I guess I have to tune in and pay close attention – like I always do.
    Just a suggestion – would it be difficult to post a a year's worth of your TS's? I rely on the TS to restock the items I use daily and because I know it's your best price I try to buy a years' supply. It looks like the fibermucil/ cholestacare isn't happening in July…. I think that's when I bought it last year – but I could be wrong. I'm running out in July – I know cause I actually counted the capsules I have. The question is – do I buy a big bottle at a higher price, or a smaller bottle which costs less, but you save less? Without knowing when the TS will occur it's hard to plan and for a middle class (it hate to admit it) senior every penny counts.
    I'll never be without your supplements as I feel they reall improve and help maintain my health but it would be helpful if we could have more information about the coming year's TS so we can plan. Thanks, Andrew.

  75. to Barb:
    Jia is correct you need a blood test to verify that your supplements are woking!
    to Stephen:
    Swansons "kanka true ubiquinol" is $138.00 for 360 caps I believe if you compare actual prices that
    andrew's will be in the same price range, minus the BEESWAX.
    Andrew: I take serval of your supplements, and always check with my dr. to concur , he told me that they are a good price especally since they don't have any fillers. He expected them to cost more without fillers.

  76. Andrew – thank you for all your wonderful supplements. Would you consider making a vegan protein shake with probiotics, red, blue, green superfoods & all the essential vitamins?

  77. Off topic-since you posted personal photos last month of you and Muriel, can we count on you to keep your HSN family informed if you have any exciting news to tell us,..say, ..similar to what we're hearing in the news about George Clooney this week, ….?? only kidding. Somehow me thinks you would have a harder time traversing down a certain aisle than you did climbing Mount San Jacinto 🙂 Hope you weren't eating lunch, if so, Colleen, give him a gentle pat on the back so he doesn't choke on his meal. I'll go back to minding my own business now. Thanks, for having a sense of humor!

  78. Thank you Andrew for answered my question last night about vitamin E in your products. I was staying up all night until 1am last night to watch and listen to your show. (This morning I am very very tired because of that ). It was a good show / lecture. We now have more knowledge about coq10 and truq10 that we may not had heard before. Just a question, how come you only offered 240 soft gels as the biggest size for truq10? I am very sure that some of us want a bigger size than 240, just like your regular coq10 back in October.

  79. On 04/29/14, D. Bailey asked you to provide research references to refute what she was told by a "doc in the Integrative Medicine dept at a major cancer center in Houston" about her taking many of your products and getting too much vitamin B that could damage her liver. I take over 15 of your products, daily, and others as needed. I recommend your products to everyone, every chance I get. I buy your products as Birthday and Xmas gifts for friends and relatives. People ask me why I am watching your shows on HSN several times on the same day — I tell them I learn something new each time! Today, I came back to this blog after reading posts on 04/29/14, and I was so glad that you had addressed some of the questions/statements; but I really want to see your answer to D. Bailey's question. I have non-alcoholic fatty liver; elevated GGT seems to run in my family; and have a collapsed gall bladder with gallstones inside but no symptoms that any physician or I want to pursue re: surgery/drugs. I take your products that you have discussed as helping the liver do its job, but I don't want to be creating a problem re: B vitamins. I've looked at info. on PubMed but I didn't find studies to refute what D.B. was told. Please help us find an answer. Thanks for keeping us healthy and informed! mas

  80. Hello Andrew, I might had missed it but didn't hear you on air address if this TruQ can be opened and taken in liquids/foods for those that can't swallow caps. My wife emailed and they said it's not recommended to open the TruQ caps 🙁 Very disappointed as I am sure there are a lot of people that can't swallow caps! I know they are easy to swallow for those that don't have esophagus problems but for those that do have swallowing problems they will be left out on taking your TruQ 🙁 I know years ago as we still have the bottle you sold a TruQ that was powder so please keep working on it to come up with a TruQ again for people that can't swallow caps where they can open and put in liquid or food AND please come up with a Q10 for pets as I believe there is too much vitamin amounts in your Q10 for pets to have! 🙁

  81. Thanks for your great vitamins and the information you provide. Last year in July, you had a fibermucil/cholestecare TSV. Is that TSV going to be repeated this year?

  82. Andrew we ordered two of your specials from your website along with many, many more goodies. We loved all the information on the Q cycle. we also got a kick on your purple tie you had on in your last show with colleen, it looked like little molecules sprinkled on your tie. Our family thanks you for all your education on your vitamins. We don't know how we would function anymore without them.
    Fierro Family.

  83. Andrew- you are absolutely brilliant, I learn so much from you. I am putting in a request for you to repeat your
    TS of Ultimate Friendly Flora and Immune Factors. That was such an amazing deal and only wish I had ordered more.
    Thank you so much for everything you do.

  84. Hi Andrew, what do you suggest to take to rebuild healthy lungs or other organs that would of got effect from over 30 years of smoking? would you have vitamins for lungs cleansing to remove tar and build up or vitamins for lungs health specifically for smokers or ex smokers in the future? thank you for your response. Thank you.

  85. Andrew,
    You asked for some TS suggestions. How about Calcium Magnesium Intensive Care, Tocotrienols, Cholestacare/Fibermucil bundle and Astaxanthin to name a few.

  86. Andrew – a supplement for thyroid support. Can you please consider?
    Thanks for all your other wonderful supplements.

  87. Andrew,
    I know you can't please everyone and I praise you for the efforts you make to give your customers what they want.Most of all THANK YOU for the education.
    I was wondering if there could be a RESVERTROL TS,100 or 200.I am talking about the "plain" RESVERATROL because some of us can't take POMEGRANATE or EGCG because of interactions with medication.I don't know if I am the only one with this problem-if I am I appreciate your consideration and will continue to purchase when I can.THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  88. Andrew I take many of you supplements are you going to have a product that lengthens telemores

  89. When talking about your glucosamine and chondroitin products, you often say that you don't have to add MSM because such a large percentage of your customers buy the Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails product.
    Conversely, although such a large number of your customers buy the Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails product that contains a substantial amount of B complex, you say that it is necessary to add a B complex product to your CQ10 because of how they work together.
    Some of us order so many of your products that there is no danger of a lack of B complex since it appears to be in a large percentage of your products. In fact, there is so much B complex in so many of your products that I actually have a concern about getting too much of the B vitamins. In a recent physical exam where I asked my doctor to test for B vitamins, I scored off the chart. While B vitamins are water soluble and thus are not as dangerous to take in such high amounts, there can be side effects like nerve issues and it puts undue added stress on organs like the liver and kidneys.
    Perhaps in the future, if you are going to have a separate bottle anyway for the B complex, then maybe you should consider the option of people not getting the bundle. You already make that option available on many other today's specials so it is not a new concept.

  90. research on DKD ( diabetic kidney disease) refers to mitoQ10 is this TruQ10? and it addresses the property of bioavailability stating that different forms of CoQ10 are able to enter the mitochondria more easily than others. Can you speak to this? which form is most available to the mitochondria. Thank you as always for educating us!

  91. Hello!
    Hope you’re doing well!!
    I’m Melody Cleo and am an avid reader and blogger, a passion which I think we share.
    Your blog "wordsonwellness.com" is by far the most interesting I have come across in the recent past, hands down!
    The writer in me is yearning to write a piece for your blog, maybe around 500+ words, or whatever you are okay with.
    If you permit, May I take the opportunity to promote your site on twitter(https://twitter.com/travelplex) or (https://twitter.com/thetechlegend) where we have 8k+ followers.
    Awaiting for your reply.
    Melody Cleo.
    Note: Please contact me at melodycleo2@gmail.com

  92. Hello Andrew. I have been taking your vitamins for about 15 years. I take a good number of them.
    I recently saw a totally awful video on tv of how they get gelatin and tho I have always been grossed out
    by gelatin, this really put me off the stuff. Most of your vitamins come in gelatin capsules. I was wondering why you don't make them in vegetable sourced capsules. Personally, with the amount of your capsules I
    take each day, I would prefer to take, at least the powdered ones in a veggie capsule. I take supplements for other things made by other companies and their capsules are vegetable. What do you think about using a vegetable capsule. I feel like I get an awful bellyful of gelatin by the time I take my daily vites, and it kind of grosses me out, tho I like your vitamins so much I wouldn't stop taking them just for that, it seems weird to be taking vitamins for my health in the leftover animal refuse they call gelatin. Thanks for listening.
    Hope you can do it. Best regards, Deborah

  93. I had been afraid to dive into php, but gave it a shot after reading this. Never actually love WordPress' comment system. Many thanks for the tips to receive me started off.

  94. I have a question regarding the co q10 product. It supposedly feeds the cells in our body, well, we all have cancer cells so does it feed them also?

  95. What should our level of B12 be in a blood test. Mine is always high, like 2000 plus and I am wondering if am taking too many of your supplements that all have b12 in them?

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