Photos from Andrew and Muriel’s Climb up Mount San Jacinto

By popular request, here are some photos from Muriel and my recent hike (climb) up Mount San Jacinto in Palm Springs, California.  The photos were taken by our guide Scott Scott (that is really his name).  His parents really liked the name Scott – a lot. Smile He is a great guy and a great guide, which was necessary since much of the “trail” is unmarked and unguided hikers often get lost and in very serious trouble.

We started on the desert floor at a few hundred feet above sea level where during the day it will be 80 to 90+ degrees this time of year, but by the time you get to the top, it is barely 50 degrees.  There is generally a 40+ degree difference from the top to the bottom.  You can still see the remains of some snow at the top and usually this time of year the ground is entirely covered above 7,000 feet altitude, but this was just the driest winter on record as Southern California’s drought continues.

It is a very steep and winding trail with rather sheer cliffs and drop-offs.  It can be very slippery, since there is loose rock everywhere, so you have to be very careful.  On the way to the top you must climb over three smaller mountains to gain access to Mount San Jacinto itself.  In most places, it is steep enough where you can literally reach out and touch the ground directly in front of you – without having to lean over.  It is basically steeper than a flight of stairs…that you go up for 6+ hours nonstop.  A good time!!

The best part of all was that we descended using the Palm Springs Tramway! Effortless! Smile

Best of Health!



Crossing a stream during the hike to Hanging Lake in the mountains of Colorado.


The last few steps to Hanging Lake were carved out of stone…I guess it was fairly steep.


Hanging Lake. A pristine mountain lake at the top of a canyon that likely has not changed for thousands of years. It is so clear, you can see down at least 20 feet to its bottom…


You can see how clear it is here….


I believe these were called the Spouting Falls which are above and feed Hanging Lake…


With Eric Cotsen who took all of these pictures. See more at my FaceBook page!


And finally one of the pictures Eric took of Lincoln and Muriel, pretty darn cute!

14 thoughts on “Photos from Andrew and Muriel’s Climb up Mount San Jacinto”

  1. No doubt a rigorous climb met with endurance for the young…looks like you had a great time, both of you..

  2. You are right, the terrain looks very dry……but if you are a hiker it makes you want to GET ON OUT THERE!! Thanks for sharing some pretty good photos

  3. Awesome pictures Andrew & Muriel, thanks sooo much for sharing! Hiking is such a spiritual awakening to experience the beauty of this precious thing we call life, and such a FUN activity! I JUST LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT BEYOND WORDS! I'm looking forward to doing much hiking this coming June and July out in Arizona!!
    Andrew, have you hiked any trails and climbed any mountains in Sedona, Arizona? SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!
    Best wishes for you and Muriel to continue enjoying life in the very best of health and many thanks for sharing your gifts with us Andrew, you are a special person and a blessing to this world (IMHO!) 🙂

  4. Life is wonderful isn't it, if you know how to take care of yourself. Enjoy the very best that life can offer.Hang on tight to your dearest Murriel she is a good inspiration to your everyday life.You bought looking great.By the way my family is using your vitamins since you started at hsn….

  5. Looks interesting and worthwhile! Any concern about rattle snakes or cougars? How long does it take? How much water ?

  6. I just came across your site! My Problems: accite strained back, knees that ache (one pops), major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, diabets, hypertension, chorlesterol. Am under treatment for all. Just need some imspiration to get me believing in my body once more….You snaps did the trick! Hope I can get to somewhere like that one day! any parts of your site recommnet? Thanks, Susannah

  7. I love seeing you murial and Lincoln. So sweet. Love your vitamins. Been taking them for many years. Love the pictures of your hikes. I can’t do them anymore.

  8. I would like you and Muriel to go hiking in Iceland. And visit the blue lagoon spa. Fun. Keep hiking and I will continue to be happy for you two.?⛺️??‼️

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