Protecting Our Vision with Ultimate Eye
The Latest Science and Research on Eye Health
ChocoNuvo Not Available Again Until October

Summer is right around the corner and with it comes warmer days and more time spent outside in the sunshine. That is why each year I have made our Ultimate Eye Support our pre-summer Today’s Special, since that lovely sunshine can also be the principal cause of the lifetime of damage our eyes and vision experience.  Sadly, whether we spend time outside or not, the damage to our eyes commences the moment we open our eyes as infants.  That is something I was told a number of years ago by one of the world’s most renowned ophthalmologists.  In telling me that seemingly bad news, he was not trying to sound pessimistic, but realistic about our eyes and how our vision actual works.  In short, the moment we open our eyes as infants, radiation (light) enters our eyes and so commences a lifetime of gradual deterioration of our fragile eye tissues.  We only add to that damage with some of our less than ideal lifestyle habits.  It is not all bad news, since our eyes are amazingly resilient structures, so long as we provide them with the tools necessary to protect and regenerate their structure.

This weekend I will discuss how our Ultimate Eye Support can promote not just the long-term health of our eyes (as I said for decades), but I will now expand on the abundant science on how it can actually improve the sharpness and quality of your vision today.  Plus, it can also assist with how your eyes adapt to the constant changes in light intensity and focal distance that seem to become so constant and difficult in our modern lives.  Specifically, those challenging adjustments to our vision from distance vision to close-up vision (and vice versa), as well as those changes that occur when going from brighter to darker spaces (or the reverse).  It is a simple medical fact that as our eyes age, they become dramatically less adaptable and capable of accommodating the changes that daily life requires, such as focal distance (far to near and near to far), as well as changes in light intensity (dark to bright and bright to dark).  It might be inescapable, but that does not mean we cannot diminish the impact. The ingredients in Ultimate Eye Support not only support our eyes in the face of those unavoidable changes, but actually enhance our ability to adapt to those changes, while also ensuring that your eye possesses the vital nutrients necessary, not just for today’s vision, but also tomorrow’s vision, so it can age in the most gradual and gentle fashion possible.  Rest assured, our eyes are aging and our vision will be changing, but if our body and our eyes are given the tools and resources, our eyes and vision can age in a far healthier fashion.  For many of us, the first thing we notice in our changing vision is a gradual loss of our ability to accommodate changes in distance or light intensity or it might simply be struggles with night vision itself.  Ultimate Eye Support is specifically formulated to deliver ingredients that promote healthy accommodation, as well as enhance the healthy regeneration of the visual purple portion of the retina and thereby promote and ensure healthy night vision.  You can find dozens and dozens of reviews that specifically discuss night vision or any of the issues I have mentioned above.  Speaking of reviews, Ultimate Eye Support is a product where one can “see the difference” and not surprisingly, the reviews are almost perfect with over 1,300 5-Star reviews (over 80%) and approximately 95% positive reviews.  It is hard to imagine a supplement so well reviewed, unless of course it delivers benefits you can see.  I would encourage anyone to read the reviews of Ultimate Eye Support to appreciate the unexpected difference that targeted nutrition can make for the quality of our vision today and the health of our eyes tomorrow.  Our vision is arguably the most important of our senses and its quality directly affects our ability to enjoy our life.  It warrants a consideration and perhaps an investment, since it will be at its best pricing ever and of course, as always, comes with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.  Also, for those of you, like me, who add Astaxanthin to your eye health regimen, we will also have two large size bundles of Ultimate Eye Support with Astaxanthin available.  Of course, they are at their best pricing ever, which is no small accomplishment given that these products contain several of the costliest ingredients present in any dietary supplement.

This September will be ProCaps Labs 38th Anniversary, and I am reminded how long I have been doing this when I look at how the benefits continue to evolve and expand for the products we create.  Earlier this month, I talked about Omega-3 Fats and how 30 years ago the only benefits I discussed were those for the heart and cardiovascular system.  We now know that Omega-3 Fats are the essential structural molecule in our brain and our eyes.  They also play a critical role in structure and function of all our body’s cell membranes, as well as the lubricating systems in our joints and the radiance and health of our hair, skin and even our nails.  I can go on and on.  In other words, unlike drugs where we keep discovering more and more adverse and negative side effects, when it comes to a healthy essential supplement ingredients, we only discover more benefits for these essential nutrients…or as I like to call them, Side Benefits of Sound Nutrition.  There is no better example of that than with Ultimate Eye Support, since originally, this product was intended to help us contend with a lifetime of accumulated age-related changes to the lens, retina and macula of the eye.  In other words, it was an investment in the long-term healthy function of the eye and we were not discussing improved vision today.  Well, as I mentioned above, that has now changed.  The science is clear that the visual pigments, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, not only protect the eye over the course of our lifetime from age-related damage, but they are a critical part of the visual system today and play a vital role in the clarity and quality of our vision today.  They also help us adapt to glare, changes in the intensity of light, visual fatigue from computer monitors, as well as improve visual contrast, etc.  Again, the list seems endless.  In short, healthy vision over the course of a lifetime requires Lutein and Zeaxanthin not as drugs to work on your eyes, but as the essential optical pigments that are necessary for the very function of your eyes.  Lastly, I have often discussed how Lutein and Zeaxanthin are found in the highest concentrations in the human body (by far) where they do their greatest work and that is in the retina, particularly the macular region of the retina.  They are literally found at thousands of times the concentration of other parts of the human body.  If you are like me, you might wonder where their second highest concentration is found and that answer opens a very interesting area of current clinical research, because it is the brain.  In fact, there are now numerous clinical studies that have shown that virtually every measure of brain function benefits from higher levels of Lutein and Zeaxanthin in our diet, our bodies and thus our brain.  I will also discuss its role in our skin as well.  In short, I will have a great deal of fascinating science to discuss this weekend.  It will be great news for those of you enjoying this product for your eyes, since it has also been supporting your brain, along with the health of your skin and more.  Who knew?  Actually, I did smile, but now the science is so compelling, I am excited to openly share.

As I said above, it has become a two-decade long tradition that our Ultimate Eye Support Today’s Special arrives before summer, as the days get longer and warmer.  For a related reason, this time of year will also likely become a tradition for a ChocoNuvo Today’s Special, since these warmer days mean that very soon we will no longer be able to ship our ChocoNuvo.  In other words, this Today’s Special will be the last we see of ChocoNuvo until October, since we are unable to ship it at all during the heat of summer.  We attempted an experiment last year where we tried our best to ship our ChocoNuvo during the summer, but the creaminess of our chocolate made it more susceptible to melting and, given the record heat of last year, we were unable to ensure our chocolate would arrive unmelted.  Of course, even after it melts, our ChocoNuvo is fine if you just place it in the refrigerator or let it solidify at room temperature, but I am so proud of this product, I did not want it to be arriving at anyone’s home melted and less than perfect.  Sadly, that means it must go away until next October, but we will have Today’s Special pricing, a larger 300 serving size and an additional $10 off any additional 300 serving bottles purchased.  ChocoNuvo has become one of our most popular products and it truly breaks my heart to make it go away for half a year, but hopefully you will be able to take advantage of the Today’s Special and stock up.  For those who are unfamiliar, ChocoNuvo is the finest of dark chocolates that also significantly lowers cholesterol.  There is no other product like it in the world in terms of either flavor, texture or heart health benefits.  If one simply consumes a single 26-calorie square with two meals each day, one can expect cholesterol reductions of 15% or more.  I do not consider ChocoNuvo to be a candy or confection, but a delicious heart healthy extract of the cocoa bean that is the creamiest dark chocolate available.  You can choose from three different flavor intensities.  The most popular is our 74%, which is in between our 91% extreme dark chocolate and our 66% milder, more milk chocolate-like dark chocolate.  Whichever you choose, you will be astounded at the taste and texture and even more surprised that it significantly lowers cholesterol.  There is truly nothing like it anywhere in the world and until you try it, you have no idea what you might be missing.  In fact, despite American’s heavy preference for milk chocolate, our ChocoNuvo rick dark chocolate has received almost 90% positive reviews.  That is unexpected for Dark Chocolate in America.  It makes me very proud, particularly when you see how different and healthy it is.  I will be discussing this along with the Ultimate Eye Support beginning Saturday night at midnight and throughout the day on Sunday.

Our vision is not something to neglect and not meaning to frighten anyone, but sadly, the way Americans eat and live are not just neglectful for our vision, but actually unhealthy and dangerous for our eyes.  One does not have to get Ultimate Eye Support to have the healthiest vision and eyes, but one must get the information about how the eye functions and how it very specifically relates to our diet and food choices.  I look forward to discussing how we can all make changes to improve our eye health.  See you Saturday at 11 PM Eastern Time for our Variety Hour and then the Ultimate Eye Support and ChocoNuvo Today’s Specials thereafter.  Also, the short video attached to this blog post gives a bit more information about these products and, unlike any previous Today’s Special, you have the ability to purchase these Today’s Special products starting now!  See you soon…

Best of Health.


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Protecting Our Vision with Ultimate Eye
The Latest Science and Research on Eye Health
ChocoNuvo Not Available Again Until October

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    Would you please consider making your cinnamon in shaker jar or container to cook with.
    Love your presentations

  2. Loved the video Andrew! I prefer watching/listening to you teach us about health. After reading all day, the video is a blessing. Thank you! I never tire of learning how to improve my health.

  3. How about putting your omega 3 in a bottle with a dropper? I give it to my cats (there is a lot of information out there about omega 3 for animals to help with aging). I’m currently using the capsules, but there are always a bit I can’t get out of the capsules.

    1. My Border Collie gets Andrew’s Fish Oil. She’s 13 years old and is getting weak in the hind legs, Since she’s been getting fish oil as well as the Glucosamine Condroitin, she plays like she’s a puppy. She used to have to have help getting up on our porch, but now, hesitates, then goes for it. She’s doing amazingly well. I do wish you would add MSM to your Glucosamine. I’ve been buying it separately. It’s good for pain. I also give her your Turmeric & Ginger (my Vet said its ok). My dog is like Lincoln, she loves me, and she’s very happy.

    2. I would like this for myself, can’t swallow softgels. Getting from another vendor now. Liquid form.

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  5. Andrew a few things… I am taking 9 of your nutrients. Choconuvo is not candy I realize, but unlike the rest of your products in capsules, we must taste it. While your Chocolate is wonderful it is hard to get down without a little more sweetener. How about stevia? Sorry but just use to a bit sweeter. How about capsule form? Second, Healthy skin and nails is fantastic. Big difference in my nails and oh my gosh.. I was losing hair and am now finding new growth. So great! Third thing, anything for sluggish thyroid. Am having weight gain issues and told it may be thyroid. Oh one more, do you have a nutrient guide to tell us if we are over lapping. For instance I am taking the Essential1 a day supplement and wonder if there is conflict with others of yours I take. Your products are the best on the market, I trust them completely and would never take any others. Thank you for being so dedicated. Your customers appreciate you.

    1. I will be ordering the choconuvo today for the first time but every thing else I agree completely. The thyroid, hair, and vitamin guide. I loved this comment.

    2. I will be ordering the choconuvo today for the first time but every thing else I agree completely. The thyroid, hair, and vitamin guide. I loved this comment. Thank you Jackie Saner

    3. Thank you for this question on the guide to see if I am getting too much/toxic levels of supplements daily; counter-acting the healthy outcome that I am looking for. I only take 6 but still am concerned especially since I am 63 and I know our metabolism changes. I agree Mr. Lessman’s Procap Labs makes the best you can find and I spread the word about his vitamin’s and his zero carbon footprint free laboratory. I have been a consumer and fan for many years.

      1. I totally agree with Sandy Neal about NOT adding Stevia to your products.I refuse to consume anything with Stevia,Splenda,etc. Hate the aftertaste.It would ruin Choconuvo by adding an artificial sweetener.Yuck!!!

  6. Hi Andrew, I love having the video to watch, and not have to read articles all the time. I have an extreme addition to ChocoNuvo! If I eat 1 after lunch and 1 after dinner, I don’t have that craving to have more chocolate. Before ChocoNuvo, I would eat lunch or dinner and eat a candy bar or two, and I would be eating candy through out the day, but not after I eat ChocoNuvo. It really satisfies my chocolate cravings! Thank You so much for having this for me to purchase. I still have not have labs done, I will be getting them done next month.

      1. At first I didn’t care for the 91%, but by the time the container was empty…….. I didn’t like the sweeter chocolate and milk chocolate bars. To me that’s a good sign that I don’t need or want all that extra sugar! Kudos, Andrew!

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  8. The more science the better. So tired of those cosmetic and vitamis that are just blah with a super model. Want more science and big studies. Not 50 peoples felt better junk. Real science.

  9. I appreciate learning this way as I don’t stay up late normally. HSN is on very late for me. Now I’m trying to figure out how I can order early. I love your products. Swallowing them is so much easier than other products.

    1. Hi J hogan

      I’m a senior and very happy with Essential 1.
      It has more than 25 essential nutrients.
      This is your multi…

    1. Some people do not like Stevie (me) lol ?
      Monk Fruit has meltodextrin , which is highly processed with a high glycemic index.
      I do not eat anything with Dex at the end of the word..

    2. I personally don’t like Stevia or Monk Fruit’s after taste. I think they would ruin Choco Nova delicious flavor. There is verrrry little sugar in these little squares, so it’s the best choice in my opinion.


  10. Andrew, thank you so much for the informative video. I really enjoyed it. And most of all, thank you for the presale. I ordered the Ultimate Eye bundle & 2 of the ChocoNuvos 300 count. I was so happy when I received the email & went to HSN to watch it. I am almost out of the Ultimate Eye Support & couldn’t wait to order it. I will be watching you over the weekend, and as always, ordering more items as usual. Keep the videos coming & the presales. It made my day!!!

  11. Thanks for the informative video. Love to listen to your presentations as well as to read your blogs. I learn so much every time you present information on the various supplements and their health benefits. Thank you for all that you do to help us attain and maintain healthy life styles.

  12. Andrew – just a thought . Wish you would consider offering the Ultimate Eye Support special earlier in the spring or late winter bc of the temps.

    It’s supposed to be near 90 tm in East Tenn., and my husband has concerns about the vitamins being exposed to high temps from Nevada all the way across the USA.

    (I have talked to a wonderful rep about this concern regarding the vitamins being exposed to high temps for several days . Perhaps you could address this on air …. Your rep I talked to was absolutely outstanding and is an assest to your company !)

  13. Hi Andrew: I like the video with the overview of the Today Specials. This will educate those who don’t wish to go into depth with your on-air presentations.

    As always, keep up the great work. I will be watching this weekend.

    Take Care.

  14. Thanks for the video message. I have learned so much from you Andrew.
    I’m up to 17 + different kinds of your supplements. I alternate certain vitamins, so some I don’t take everyday and others I do. It has been a great benefit to me. My whole family takes your vitamins. Thank for the opportunities you present to those of us who are looking for quality vitamin supplements. You are one of the last great hopes for those of us who don’t want to take medicines from big pharma. I was wondering if you ever did the blog on what time of day is best to take some of your supplements? Those that are best before bedtime and those that are best in the morning? I would like to get a link to that blog if it was done. You mentioned something along that line on an HSN telecast a month or so back.

  15. Loved you video blog- wish you did more of them.
    I actually tape your presentations in case I can’t watch so I can make sure I learn what you’re explaining.
    Love your products ! I take many as does my husband.

  16. I hope you do this again. Sometimes I am not where I can watch you on regular tv. This video was helpful. Thanks!!!

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    Lover to boot! And I am Canadian

    1. Pretty tacky, Wendy. I love Coleen, she’s smart and adds to his show…and its none of your business about his girlfriend.

    2. Sorry Wendy, that is an inappropriate comment. Muriel seems to be a nice girl; she may read this comments too. I am positive Andrew knows perfectly fine what he is doing. This is a common thing nowadays, but people need to go on with their lives if not they would be isolated and no more families would be growing.

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      Muriel is Andrew’s loved one, are you going to attack Lincoln as well?
      Keep your opinions north of the border!

  19. Andrew, I’d like your opinion about the major ‘slam’ natural supplements received this week in the popular ‘Doctors’ show. I’m a very strong believer in natural holistic supplements, but if anyone hasn’t experienced the benefits of naturals, then they’re going to walk away from them after this show aired. This makes me angry as there is another “Your Health” program with a Texas retired doctor, who quotes all the research from major colleges as well as from other nations, of each supplement he teaches and where we too can find these researches and results. I’d like you to mention on your show just how much research goes into natural supplements. I’m an active 80 years old, on zero prescriptions for the past 5 years, and everyone is amazed at how well I do. One person that was surprized said, “You’re 80? You don’t walk like you’re 80!” That is the ultimate testimony that naturals do work and are healthier than prescriptions. I’ve been using your supplements for several years. Thank you Andrew, and thank you for your specials.

  20. Wow! Your longer video is so interesting and full of good information, Andrew. I really enjoyed it and hope you continue doing them.

  21. Hi Andrew,
    I have a suggestion for future Choconuvo TS sales. Today your biggest bottle is a 300 count. Instead of making the customer choose between 66, 74 or 91, why not have 100 of each in the same 300 count bottle? I can’t get all three for almost $400.00 , so I will choose one, when all three are good. I am sure many customers would appreciate a variety bottle.

    1. The smaller bottles are the least cost effective, why I won’t purchase so little for so much money. The big bottle only way to go, but the way it was designed to be.

      1. I had my yearly physical, cholesterol numbers did not go down. My Doctor told me must reduce LDL, especially . Been taking Choconuvo as directed, and eating healthy diet since product was introduced. Still will eat, as I believe it is better than eating candy bars. It is a nutritional sound product, but reducing my cholesterol, it has not. I am a petite 115 pounds, so not overweight. Try my best.

  22. Andrew….will you ever start making supplements for children??? mainly 10 years and up?? can any of your supplements be taken by a 14 year old???? especially the eye support??

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  24. Hi Andrew your video is awesume and so is your ChocoNuvo . I am an advocate for all your products. All my family and friends are on them . They are the best in the world !!

  25. Andrew, do you record shows on a DVR? I have a Comcast DVR and I can set it to record all shows with a certain name. HSN has been naming your shows “Andrew Lessman Your Vitamins” and I have my DVR set to record shows with that name. This time HSN named the show “Andrew Lessman Live from ProCaps Laboratories” and my DVR doesn’t know to record that. I just wanted to alert you to the importance in the name of the show. It has to be an exact match.

  26. I love all the products I have purchased from you over many years, Andrew! I believe Choconuvo to be a great, innovative product and have been ordering from the first offering. Since HSN ran out of cookbooks for the Choconuvo TSV recently, I did not receive mine; will the cookbook be available for purchase anytime soon? I love the cookbooks and have them all…thank you Muriel!

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