I Did Not Bash Our President.
I Do Not Discuss Politics On-Air.
Sorry For Provoking An Angry Dialog.

First of all, I never “bashed” our President.  I was astonished to just read an angry string on HSN’s Bulletin Boards accusing me, over and over again, of personally “bashing” our President. However, I do appreciate those of you who came to my defense.  Although I had spent significant time with the President many years ago, I did not and would not mention him during my shows.  It is not my style and not what my shows are about.  My shows are a safe haven from politics – a sort of “Politics Free Zone.”  For almost 30 years, my shows have been exclusively about Health and Wellness, and it now saddens me to read some angry posts claiming I bashed the President.  How could my innocent comments about climate change trigger such angry posts and threats?  Telling me that I am not smart enough to realize that I will now be losing half of my customers and more.  Seriously?  Most of the posts stated that they themselves had not even heard me bash the President, but still piled on the criticism and threats about my apparently doing so.  The reason why they never heard me bash the President is because I never did and never would.  Whatever my political thoughts might be, I keep them completely to myself.  I love my country and no matter who occupies that office, I respect that he is the leader of our great country.

By the way, I grew up in New York and my grandfather’s first good job as a young man was working for Donald Trump’s father, Fred.  My grandfather went on to have a successful career thanks to his start with our President’s father.  Despite often being criticized (like any public figure), our President’s father was a very successful businessman who created countless jobs and opportunities in New York for people like my grandfather.  Anyhow, placing personalities and politics aside, I simply respect the office of the President and I would not publicly criticize the occupant of that office during my shows.  I am confident that anyone who actually listened to my shows knows that I did not bash the President.  Just because I take a more responsible approach to the environment does not mean I am bashing the President.  Of course, we are all free to disagree, but what could possibly justify these angry, threatening and divisive attacks.  I am sure that our President would be impressed by our solar array, as well as my company’s environmental responsibility and our energy efficiency.  Regardless of the present administration’s environmental policies and priorities, our actions are just good business that is good for our community, our country and our planet.  Our President would undoubtedly appreciate and respect our actions.  Again, I did not and would not bash our President, and for the past 30 years, no matter what has been going on in this crazy world of ours, and no matter what my political opinions might be, my shows never mention politics or politicians.  My shows are intended to be a safe, science-based refuge from the all too crazy world we live in.  It truly disappoints me to see my words interpreted as a political attack where none was intended or exists.

As I have said, for almost 30 years on television, I have not expressed my political views nor will I do so today.  My specific political views have no place in my shows.  My role is simply to communicate information relating to health and wellness while also responsibly manufacturing the world’s finest vitamins right here in the USA.  By the way, despite the heated political campaign where every person seemed to want to share their opinion and jump into the angry political discussion, I stayed completely out of it and simply spoke about health while calling for a more civil, peaceful, and respectful dialog.  I felt that no one cared about what I had to say about politics and anyhow, that’s just not my job.  Although I had gotten to know both candidates personally, I might have been able to share some positive and valuable information, I chose not to, since that is not my role.  I leave that to political commentators.  I will stick to health, wellness, science and vitamins.  As I have mentioned before, over the course of my lifetime, my politics have evolved.  In fact, I am not alone in having been a Democrat, Republican and also an Independent, since I believe the man I supposedly bashed, our President, also similarly changed his political affiliations.  As for me, I am not a “partisan.”  I am now an Independent, so I am less about any political party and more about an intelligent investigation of each issue and the facts relating to it.  As far as what my specific views might be, no one will ever know, since I will keep them to myself.  My political opinions are not relevant to my job of making vitamins or providing reliable information about health and wellness.  Serious science and compassionate common sense are the pillars upon which my shows are built.  Not politics.  My politics are not part of my broadcasts nor should it be relevant to anyone who might watch my shows or use my products.  My shows are intended to contain NO political content.  They are devoted to a discussion of a healthier path through life.  In thinking about this today, I wondered if the reason folks thought I was making a political statement is because our world is now so highly politically charged that we both expect and are accustomed to seeing, hearing and finding politics everywhere.  As a result, we start to hear it and see it even where it does not exist.  It has always been my intent to leave the never-ending stream of stressful political argument to the countless TV, radio and Internet networks that make it their business.  I will continue to make that my focus and of course, you can always feel free to remind me if you feel I have let you down in that regard.

Again, my shows should be a safe haven from the stress of politics while providing a resource for health and wellness information.  In keeping with my commitment to everyone’s health, I have always had a concurrent commitment to the health of the planet upon which we all live and whose health cannot be separated from our own.  Whether we know it or not, our own health is directly linked to that of our planet.  As a result, I often discuss our solar panels, which, among other responsible things we do, make my company among the most environmentally responsible companies in the world.  Interestingly enough, I did not construct my first solar panels with climate change as the primary motivation.   If you watched my old TV shows from 20 years ago, you would learn that I could not understand how we could be dependent on countries in the Middle East for all the costly oil our country needed to produce our energy.  Making matters worse in my eyes was the fact that these countries did not particularly like us at all, yet they practically held us hostage with their control of our energy and with it, our economy.  I felt that supporting energy independence was a patriotic decision, since the future of our great nation depended on it.  That was the principal reason for my building my first solar array.  I did not want to further contribute to our dependence on foreign oil.  Plus, I happened to find myself in NYC not far from the Twin Towers during that horrific day of September 11, 2001.  Those terrorist attacks served to further crystallize my view that our nation’s best interests would be served by our becoming more energy independent from OPEC.  You might be surprised to note that because I viewed our country’s energy independence as such a patriotic imperative, I did not just expand my solar panels, but I also supported the development of companies and technologies that were not just creating alternative energy, but also have proven to become an integral part of America evolving into one of the world’s largest natural gas producers.  In fact, one of those companies possesses technology that can turn even low grade coal into the cleanest burning natural gas.  In short, I have tried to help our country to become both energy independent and environmentally responsible.  Frankly, I think our President would applaud my actions.

We have only continued to expand our solar array to cover our entire parking lot and make our facility among the world’s largest facilities ALL solar-powered facilities with zero carbon footprint and no pollution from the burning of fossil fuels.  We often forget that burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, gasoline or natural gas creates many other pollutants beyond simple carbon.  In past decades, we were concerned about all these other pollutants and their resulting consequences, but now, we seem to be focused on something we never considered – Carbon and its resulting impact on climate change.  In other words, even if you do not care about climate change, when we avoid burning fossil fuels, we are avoiding the introduction of thousands of other toxic chemicals into the environment.  It is for that reason as well that I operate my solar panels.  Regardless of my or anyone’s feelings on climate change, it was my personal decision to simply be a cleaner company that would have no pollution impact on our local community our country or our planet.  As I said during my shows, that was my personal decision to operate more responsibly and just because our current administration may not share my priorities, does not mean that by polluting less that I am somehow bashing the President.  Like each administration before them, things shift and change to foster a different political agenda, but I can still choose to operate more cleanly without any intent to criticize or bash the President.

I am confident that if our President knew what we are doing, he would have high praise for my independent actions to create a cleaner more energy efficient company without any burden to government.  Perhaps as someone suggested, I should inform him or his administration of our good work.  For me, it was always about operating cleaner and more responsibly with the benefit that I would not be adding any further burden to our overburdened planet.  Our world is a sealed system and the waste that billions of humans create is overwhelming our planet.  We are all effectively drowning in the chemical fallout, pollution and byproducts of our own activities.  All I have decided to do is follow the great words of Native American Chief, Seattle:  “Take Only Memories.  Leave Only Footprints.”  I am able to do this, so why not leave the world a cleaner and better place?  Again, this has nothing to do with our President or his administration, since they now seem to acknowledge that climate change exists, but they simply prioritize its urgency differently.  They can do that, but as I said in my shows, we, as Americans, have the freedom to choose to be even more protective and responsible for our planet.  That is my choice and in making that choice, I am not criticizing, demeaning or bashing our President.  That would be like saying if your neighbor sorts their garbage for recycling and you do not, that somehow she is bashing you by her environmental efforts.  I don’t think so.  We all get to make decisions that correspond to how we prioritize the interests of our Planet, our community, our family, etc.  I have just chosen to be more protective of our planet and our community and again, in so doing, I am not bashing the President.  I am also not bashing the President when I encourage others and emphasize the impact and importance of individual action on our environment from the small “green” decisions we as Americans are now making every day.

I would have thought that, regardless of politics, my commitment to clean, solar energy and having zero fossil fuel pollution and no carbon footprint would be admirable.  It seems that instead, I was accused of bashing the President when I mentioned my personal commitment to our Planet and our being a clean company with no fossil fuel pollution or carbon footprint.  I mentioned in passing that my approach might run contrary to the priorities of our current administration, but that simply means that, as individuals, if this is important to us, we can still act in the interests of our planet.  Nothing bashing our President in that.  We can all choose to be better citizens, litter less, and keep our neighborhood cleaner, without those actions being construed as critical of others.  The world would have to be turned upside down for a more responsible person to be deemed inherently critical of those who are not as responsible, simply by choosing to act more responsibly.  It makes no sense.  I did not bash the President by simply saying that our government has shifted its priorities away from dealing with Climate Change, so for those of us individuals who care, then it is up to us to act as individuals to work consistently with our own priorities.  It is our free choice to make.  In my case, it affects no one else, except our customers who benefit from my cost-effective investment in solar energy.  I think our President would consider that a very smart business decision.

Just because my priorities for the environment are different than our new administration’s, I still believe our President would praise our independent actions and not believe we are bashing him.  Just as it is objectively superior to eat foods that are more pure and sanitary, and just as it is objectively superior that we not burn our trash on our lawn or throw litter in the street and leave our human waste everywhere, isn’t it also objectively superior if a company works hard to be cleaner and more responsible and create no environmental waste or fallout from its operations?  Even if climate change did not exist…isn’t that positive and admirable?  That is not a political question, but a very simple example of someone acting more responsibly.  If I had to live next to a factory, I would choose the clean factory.  Ultimately, when it comes to ProCaps Labs, it was always my decision to be the responsible citizen my parents raised me to be.  To not rely on my school or my government to establish minimum standards for my conduct, but to establish even higher personal standards for me and my company.  My parents convinced me that, to contribute to society, I would have to hold myself to higher standards.  Those standards are what make my products unique, and it also forms the basis for our environmental responsibility and our respect for the planet and everyone who lives here.  In short, it seems more important than ever for me to operate responsibly, and in so doing, I am not bashing the President.  It reminds me of President Kennedy’s inspiring words from his inauguration address almost 60 years ago, “Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.”  We can, if we choose, do more and that is precisely what I have chosen to do.

Lastly, with all due respect to those who might disagree, and we are all free to disagree, but just as the world is not flat, climate change is real.  Climate change and our spherical earth are an undisputed, unassailable scientific fact.  We might differ about urgency and degree, but the data is undeniable.  For the person who discussed a geologist’s “opinion,” geology is the study of the solid, terrestrial earth and it does not really seem to fall within the purview of climate change.  Climate change relates more to meteorology or even other fields such as zoology, botany, microbiology or biochemistry, etc., where we observe and study the changes that climate change is having on the existence and biochemistry of the plant and animal life on our planet.  Regardless of whether you believe it exists or not, climate change only becomes political when we discuss our government’s role.  I leave that to the politicians and I have always chosen to stay out of it.  Ultimately, there is no denying that the world is changing in a multitude of ways as a result of the sheer “mass” of the billions of humans and the waste we create.  It would be naïve to think that this enclosed, sealed system we call Earth (effectively just a large terrarium) can absorb the trillions and trillions of pounds of waste we generate.  Fortunately for us, unlike countries like China, Russia and others, we have had government policies that, over the past few decades, have cleaned and protected our previously polluted lakes, rivers, streams, forests and our atmosphere.  Protecting our planet and keeping it clean is just simple common sense and no different than doing the same for our bodies, our homes and our neighborhoods.  In any case, I remain the incurable optimist and I still have faith that this administration will protect the environment and contend with climate change.  As we have seen from every single election, politicians say many things over the course of a campaign and, of course, their priorities can shift, but I believe our President might surprise many among us.  However, regardless of that future, I hope you agree that it is admirable if I choose to run a more clean and responsible company.  Moreover, simply because I state that my more rigorous standards might not be the standards of our current administration, that can’t possibly be viewed as bashing our President.   I am sure our government’s policies are well-intentioned and deemed appropriate, but just because I decide to be an even better, cleaner and more responsible citizen does not mean I am bashing our President.  In any case, I believe our President and his administration would have high praise for my independent initiative in terms of the environment, since it did not cost the government or my customers a penny and it has only created jobs.  I know they would cite me as a good example of how a responsible individual can attack our environmental issues, while creating jobs and without burdening the government or the economy.  I am confident that a businessperson like our President would have high praise for my actions.

I am sorry for writing this long blog post, but I was deeply disappointed that anyone could feel that my pursuit of an objectively better path (cleaner operations with no pollution) could somehow be turned against me as if I were bashing our President.  Ultimately, given what I know of our President and his family, I would not be surprised if we see policies that are more environmentally friendly than we might have expected.  We shall see.  Regardless, it will not change the fact that, ever since I was a child, I have always tried to do things in a more responsible fashion.  In fact, when I run mountain trails, I am the guy who gets back to the bottom of the trail with his pockets full because of the litter I pick up along the way.  That is just who I am.  I have always wanted to leave the world a better, cleaner place and despite the growth of my company, I will continue to act responsibly and have the greatest positive impact possible.

In closing, my apologies to anyone who might have been offended and my sincere thanks for reading this.

If you would like, I can always take a moment and do this as a video if you would prefer.

Best of health.


369 thoughts on “
I Did Not Bash Our President.
I Do Not Discuss Politics On-Air.
Sorry For Provoking An Angry Dialog.

    1. To much anger has been stirred up in 2017. The beast has been released by politics. I’ve been with you since your QVC days and know your mission is pure. Sorry you had to waste your time writing that long blog.Your can’t change the crazy’s minds. Your a good man Andrew,thank you.

      1. Well said Karen Ojeda. I agree with you. Some people just look for trouble. HE is a good man and a good business man.

        1. I agree with Karen and Lydia , your a good man , help us stay healthy , God bless you

          1. My heart just broke for you Andrew after reading some of the comments here, I actually wanted to cry. I have seen too many forums that have nothing what so ever to do with politics, turn in to vile, hateful messes. So many people are filled with hate and jealously of someone else’s success. Andrew, just keep doing what you do and being the best at what you do. I love your products and have never heard a discouraging word from your mouth. I know this has hurt you greatly, but please don’t stop being the good and kind person you are. May the Lord continue to bless you to be a blessing to us.

        2. I agree stay smart and sane Andrew!! Political debate makes our democratic republic healthy argue intellectually with superior ideas not extreme idiotic statements and hate!!

      2. I have also been one of your loyal customers since your QVC days. I can’t wait for your HSN broadcasts and your plethora of knowledge. I live in a state where our factories lay dormant and can not imagine the pollution left behind. Your company with its clean footprint is an asset to our planet. You always find ways to keep your costs down for your customers, while providing the ultimate best product. I, like Colleen have a large cabinet dedicated to the many vitamins we take. You wouldn’t be one of HSN’s top vendors for all these years if you weren’t doing something right!!!! I would purchase your vitamins REGARDLESS of your views, and I agree with one of the previous comments you will not lose a customer BECAUSE you provide the best!! You are helping millions to stay healthy!! I APPLAUD HSN for giving you the time slots to bring your products to us. Wishing you the best.

        1. These Republicans are very touchy! I think they know he’s a mistake and they can’t face that, so they are over-reacting and bashing everyone who doesn’t agree with them!
          Climate change is a serious problem and needs to be addressed! Your products are so good that they would be crazy to stop ordering!

          1. Ive been with Andrew for over 20 years, and obviously love his vitamins , but I DO NOT appreciate being called names or getting insults from people like you Linda. Just announced on the they just announced unemployment is now the lowest it’s been in 10 years, companys are staying in America now because of him, and the list goes on, so why do you feel it’s ok to insult the President.
            Trump has certainly not said anything about Andrew, anymore than Andrew said anything negative about Trump, so why do you have to insult millions and millions of Americans……I guess we didn’t want a woman who was under investigation by the CIA, and had put her server in a bathroom with top secretes that every bad group on the planet broke into….and took millions from Iran and other terrorist nations, and you say I don’t have any common sense…….LOL LOL LOL

          2. Hey Artis and others, now you are bashing Conservatives exactly as you think others were coming down on Andrew. So you’re just as bad, Andrew did NOT say anything bad about Trump, anymore than Trump said anything bad about Andrew, but you all seems to think it’s open season on Trump……it was just on the news that unemployment is now the lowest it’s been in “10 years”……thousands of companys are now staying in America, obama care that is the biggest scam ever, has been overturned. Trump is doing for America what Andrew has done for vitamins…..Has it occured to any of you bashing Trump, that you just insulted 1/2 of the people that have been with Andrew from the beginning also. There are STUPID people on both sides…..and to put all Republicans/Conservative into one insult, is whats wrong with this country now. Of course we should keep our planet clean, but climate change is also known as “seasons”……..it’s NOT a religion , just something all Americans should try to improve…..tell Leonado and Al Gore to stop flying their huge jets everwhere……and thats the turn off for Conservatives. Just as we respect Andrew, then you people should learn to respect the POTUS, if not you maybe need to move, or not BASH him on public forums, just as we don’t like for Andrew to be bashed, it works BOTH WAYS

          3. Artis, be careful about grouping people……I voted for Trump, he was not a mistake, and I don’t bash you or anyone who doesn’t agree with me. We needed change, we got change. I am concerned about our environment and do my part to help out. I agree that Andrew’s products are the absolute best – I’ve been using his products since he first appeared on QVC. Have a blessed day!

          4. Please stop, Artis. Read what you have written and you will realize that you are being as bad, if not worse. You seem to be “bashing” people who don’t agree with you. In fact, you dropped the net on anyone who is a Republican. I am not a Republican but this sort of rhetoric has got to stop on all sides. We all need to be more respectful.

          5. And here you go bashing conservatives. It’s amazing the economy is vastly improving. And no we don’t think he’s a mistake. Get a clue.

            As for climate change it is a well known documented fact that was broadcast on the major networks (surprisingly). Scientist changed data to prove climate change when the data did not support their agenda!

            Is the climate changing maybe. Did it change before? Sure did many ice ages,
            Jungle climates. Look at the fossil record. The planet heated up and cooled off many times. If only we had Al Gore when the dinosaurs were walking the earth. Those dinosaurs must have had really bad gas to cause global warming back then. Al Gore could have charged them a rock charge for farting. And maybe delayed climate change! Or maybe they could have just ate him so we don’t have to put up with his hipocracy flying huge jets all over the place for just him and his wife. What a crock of crap!

            Sorry Andrew love your vitamins but not your view on global warming.

            But I never heard you say anything bad about President Trump.

          6. Well, I must reply to this comment. I did not find any fault with Andrew Lessman. I, too, have been a customer of his since the late ’80’s. But your comment is another matter. You ( and others) who think they know the minds of Republicans who voted for President Trump are very presumptive. We know we made the right decision to support him and to vote for him; it was and is NO mistake and someday you will see that too! I don’t see any Republicans tweeting about needing more Prozac to deal with the president, or on YouTube crying over the election, and no, we are not ‘very touchy’ over the election, just over everyone else who presume to know what we are thinking. You should just tend to your feelings and leave others to do the same. Now, for Andrew, just keep up the good work! We know why we tune in every time you’re on air and have continued to do so for decades – because you are a wealth of knowledge and you make the best products that I have ever found. Thank you for all you do to keep us healthy! God Bless!

          7. Oh stop Artis…you’re starting up what Andrew just ‘wrote a book’ trying to quelch. I’m now an Independent, after being a Dem all my life; Folks just don’t get it. So many just don’t care about labels anymore; It’s the issues, homeland & American people that are the focus.

          8. I never did understand why Democrats are so concerned about the earth and pollution and climate change but they think it is perfectly right and okay to kill a baby in the womb right up to birth. How can anyone be so vocal about the environment and support a party that kills the most precious resources that we have-our children. You Artis would be wise to take a look at yourself before bashing others.

          9. Sad that you couldn’t control yourself and not bring politics into the discussion — even though Andrew stressed an apolitical position.

            I’m a Conservative, buy tons of Andrew’s products and am on the fence about climate change. But none of that matters. What matters is the quality of the product, which is excellent.

            I don’t care what your politics are — this is NOT the forum to discuss them

          10. Please – liberals will not even listen to those speaking “the other side”. there is no debating them – only their way is right. You don’t see republicans rioting on campus to keep someone with differing thoughts from free speech. Perhaps a step back for an objective view would help.
            The media coverage is very negative of President Trump – likely why supporters of many of his promises feel the need to defend. It is also overwhelming from Hollywood and other venues too and so very different from past presidents where the office was respected by most. Of course always best to communicate in a respectful and appropriate manner. I did not hear Andrew nor read the posts he received. I of course believe him and am glad he blogged about it so that should I read or hear of it I know his position.

          11. Both Republicans and Democrats are very touchy as demonstrated the past two years. Not just one party or another, but both. Andrew, just keep making your great products. Many folks appreciate you, including me. One suggestion I would make, just don’t mention the President when talking about climate change. I think that would help. Thanks and I will continue to buy your products.

          12. As a Repulican, I don’t apppreciate being labeled. I agree with Andrew that President Trump will do the right thing when it comes to saving the environment. I LOVE the fact that Andrew has been environmentally friendly before it became fashionable. Since when are Democrats the only people who care about the environment? That is a divisive political accusation that is simply not true. We all need to reduce pollution wherever we can. I think water pollution of our aquifers and the oceans is an even bigger threat that air pollution, but any form of pollution should be mitigated wherever possible. Keep politics out of protecting our environment!!!

          13. No way Artis…..You’re the left sided, warped bashing is the problem. Take your rants to China and go off on the way they poison the air and kill off their people for the almighty over inflated currency.

            Watching the smog overtakes the Olympics in China several years back painted quite the picture of just where in the world the problems are.

            Apparently you take your freedoms America has to a new low.

            Maybe those like you who feel so overwhelmed should seek residence in China. That is, if they would take you in.

            Something to think about before opening your big mouth.

            Andrew, You of all people do not deserve such bush league, crude people abusing the concept of freedom of speech.

            God Bless You and Keep Forging Forward. You do make the Best Products in the World!

          14. if that wasn’t the icing on the cake. Discrimination is lumping an entire group of people into one group and decide they are all the same. Last I checked, it was a very rude and wrong thing to do. When we realize that there are people on all sides who aren’t tolerant and discriminate….the further along we will all be. Some people can’t see past their own nose though.

          15. I agree that people are very touchy theses days. Andrew what you said was fine, the message take away from your coments to me was to basely keep focused on good health in spite of what’s going on around us. Thank you for opening up and sharing your main focus good health on the inside.

          16. You sound like an idiot. Republicans aren’t the hell raisers and over sensitive complainers in this society, LIBTARDS are. How dare you spew your hateful lies. Andrew has nothing to do with the scourge of political correctness garbage and lies that has over taken the old Democratic party, so its best you don’t point fingers, rather look within. Andrew’s products speak for themselves. Since republicans are responsible level headed professionals, I don’t think he has anything to worry about with them


        2. Just my opinion, I also don’t want to harm our world. But remember, our Sun gives us our weather hot or cold period! There are more co2 or emissions from one volcano eruption than all of our fuel burning.
          Thanks for the great Vitamins.

          1. Well said madlynferro.
            There is something very wrong with the liberals in this country. If they don’t stop, we will be shooting at each other.
            Thanks for the great Vitamins Andrew.

        3. Hi Andrew, I was not aware of any of this. But I will tell you this I do not believe that you would have said anything political during your shows. You are professional engaging and a wonderful teacher. I have been watching you and taking your vitamins for many many years. Nothing would stand in the way of me continuing to watch you on HSN and to purchase your vitamins. I am so grateful that HSN host your shows. I also would like to thank you for being very conscientious about our planet and the fact that you use solar power is a beautiful thing especially for your community. Thank you Andrew for many many years of top quality vitamins no preservatives no additives no coloring 100% pure. As far as I am concerned no one could come close to the product that you put out there. God bless you and may you continue to provide us with your wonderful vitamins and how you teach us about your product.
          Sincerely Gail Castro

        4. We too have been with Andrew since QVC. We’re in our 70’s and have always been healthy. We believe that since we’ve taken his vitamins for such a longtime my body was prepared for what I experienced last year. At 70 I was told I had ovarian cancer stage 3. I was NOT prepared for that. I had a complete hysterectomy, omental disease with masses so entirely removed and part of my colon and intestine removed. I was in the hospital 8 days with a tube draining. I underwent 17 weeks of chemo (was supposed to be 18 ) but I was doing so well I didn’t have to do the last week. Andrew’s vitamins are the best and the purest that money can buy. We all get educated when he does his shows. I HAVE NEVER WRITTEN OR WAS I PAID TO WRITE THIS WE JUST BELIEVE IN ANDREW THAT HE WOULDN’T STEER US WRONG!!!! My body tells me I’m right. We have friends tell us they believe us now

      3. I also say well said. I too have been a customer since your first time on QVC and have always read your blogs but have never written. I’m so sorry that people push their politics into this blog. You’ve done such a good job with your own business and footprint on the environment and don’t deserve their ‘bashing’. Keep up the good work and thankfully there are more of us who applaud you than those that don’t.

      4. Same thoughts here! Thank you, Andrew, for all you do in your personal and professional life toward the better health of our planet.

        1. I AGREE WITH LINDA and it seems only comments still relating to politics are from the incumbent party…Andrew is about Health and Wellness and if you listened to the present administration..they do not even believe that there is global warming….Andrew…do not waste your precious time on these classless..rude..comments…you have more important work to do…just remember..the mind set of these people is very touchy and rude…move on..and create something even more wonderful for us…That will be your triumph over stupidity

      5. I, like the reply above, have been with you since the beginning and know that you are not political on your shows. I think there is just much too much anger out there just looking for some little anything to pounce. I am sorry that some out there felt that should be you. If these few decide to take their business elsewhere, then it is there lose and not yours because they won’t find the quality, knowledge and pricing out there that they get from you and your products. Just keep doing what you are doing and keeping us loyal customers very happy. The complainers can just move on! Thank You So Much, Andrew

      6. Andrew: You have nothing to apologize for. I have enjoyed your products for over 25 years. I am sorry you have been attacked. This too shall pass.

      7. Andrew, you didnt need to waste your time explaining. People will see what they want to see. You just bring more attention to the accusations and more crazy posts. Just keep doing a great job with the environment and helping those less fortunate. You need to just be happy with yourself. Your vitamins are great, and eventually they’ll move on to next accusation of someone else. Just ignore the crazy people because it just brings you down. Dont dignify their complaints if they’re not about your product. Keep up good work. We’ve got your back, and you’ve got ours with healthy advice.

      8. Dear Andrew,
        I agree with Karen. We are now living in a toxic environment. It seems that Pandora’s box has been opened by someone that does not have a clue what has been going on outside their ivory tower. ai have been watching and learning from
        you since you started on HSN and have never missed a show.
        I have never heard you utter one political word ever. My husband mentioned not to long ago he read in the morning paper that it seems there are organizations that scan for anyone that supports clean energy, saving the planet, lowering the carbon footprint ect. they have their people send the kind of messages like the ones you have received. They just want to discourage people like yourself.
        Please do not change anything you do or say because there are thousands upon thousands that look forward to your shows and the information you give us.
        Your shows are one of the few that do not cause me anxiety.
        After working in clinical and research lab environment for 53 years I am amazed at all the good you are doing for so many.
        I thank you

    2. Andrew, I have been using your products from when you were selling on QVC. I would NEVER use any other brand as long as you manufacture them. In fact I worry what would happen if God forbid something happened to you. Your products have changed my life. I am 66 with perfect blood work, take no prescriptions, lost 120 pounds over a few years using your supplements and food (complete lifestyle change) as my “medicine”. I am on a very fixed income but thanks to your kindness in offering free shipping and flexpays in cooperation with HSN I am able to budget and maintain a healthy way of life and benefit the less fortunate in this world through you vitamin angel program.
      Politically people are very sensitive right now but to interpret your commitment to solar energy as a negative is the same as someone saying that if you drive a hybrid car you are doing the same. It is just plain silly.
      I honestly do do not think that people will cut off there nose to spite their face so to speak, when they have a chance to think about it no matter what your political affiliation is. People are inherently good or so I would like to think. It would not surprise me if our First Famiy uses your products as they are the best in the world. Just the fact that you took the time to write this blog shows shows who you are as a person. I am proud to support you.

      1. Agree, well said Andrew, tell these people to get a life , don’t they have anything better to do!!!

        1. “these people need to get a life????” you don’t want anyone to insult Andrew, but you think it’s ok to insult “non-democrats”……..you do realize that prob half the people who love and use Andrews products (like my husband and I , we’ve used tons of his products for over 20 years, and prob started 25 or more people to becoming customers)……but you think it’s ok to insult us, I don’t think Andrew would like, appreciate or respect you nasty comment

          1. Again take a look in the mirror they are defending Andrews work not politics….Truth is not offensive Alternative Truth is…….

      2. Well said same here we will never use any other vitamins. Could I please ask what supplement you used by Andrew to help you lose all that weight. Thank you.

        Andrew love everything we buy from you. It does not compare to any other vitamins. They are fantastic and will buy anything else.

      3. Andrew , you are loved by so many , the only thing you spread is knowledge and I appreciate that. Trolls without a life are always out there trying to do harm and spread there toxic energy, but don’t you worry because you will only continue to be blessed and I will continue to only purchase “The Best Vitamins Ever”. Thank you Andrew. ?

      4. I can relate whole heartily to your comments. I am 91 – have taken Andrews products since I first heard about them & pray they will always be available.
        My labs are all normal & I do not take meds. What more could one ask. People are always amazed when I tell them my age. I too appreciate being able to call his company & talk to well informed workers who have always been able to answer any questions. I’ve never heard any political comments at any time. The Liberals are trying to destroy AMERICA – just continue to keep us healthy & we’ll always be there for you- NO WORRIES. love you Andrew.

        1. I was all ready to congratulate you on reaching 91, and then I read “the liberals are trying to destroy America.” just had to throw that in there did ya? it’s a shame common sense doesn’t come in vitamin form.

      5. I agree. Been taking his products for over 30 years and very healthy for 84 years old! Thank you Andrew! Followed him from the Q to HSN.

    3. Andrew your integrity is what I respect the most about you that is why I trust you and your vitamins !!
      It never ceases to amaze me how a lot of humans post all kinds of comments that are ignorant based on tgeur assumptions , your response was very well put and I commend you for your graciousness ..
      I trust you 100%!!!

    4. I did not watch the show where some people said you “bashed” the president, however, I have watched you for over 20 years and I can say not only are you one of the most credible people I have connected with in regards to health and nutrition, but you clearly show how kind and protective you are of people and the universe.

      Understand there are people in this world who are just looking to start trouble out of jealousy, ignorance or just plan troublemakers.

      You are allowed to have whatever beliefs you choose as far as politics are concerned, however, that is clearly not what your show is about. What you believe is YOUR business. I trust you completely with my vitamin choices and I think you should be praised for all the things you do to continue to keep our country clean and to help your customers stay healthy.

      If anyone was bashed, it sounds like it was you from what you wrote. You deserve better.
      Best to you Andrew and thank you for your continued loyalty.


      1. Best for you Andrew, your products are my every day influences amount my prays. For 20 years I been taken your Vit. and I will continued as long as I live.
        Thank you for your wonderful work and God continued blessing you

    5. What has happened to us as a people. We are better than this. If people would put all that energy used to bash and argue with others about politics and instead put that energy into helping others, our country would be a better country. I am saddened by what we have become. I really miss the old days when people truly cared about each other.

      Andrew thank you for all you do to keep us healthy. You are truly a good person, a rare find.

      1. lauretta, you’re exactly right, we all have dif opinions, thats called America, and thats a good thing not a bad thing. But now theres people like Colber (?) Pelosi and others (like some people on this site) that are so nasty and vile, if someone dares have a dif opinion. I don’t remember anything this evil when I was growing up…… several people on here that were soooooo upset that Andrew got bashed, turn around and bash others. A few idiots (on either side) do not represent an entire group…….so the very thing that some of the people on here were upset about, are doing exactly the same thing….very sad. Andrew does not deserve anything negative anymore than Trump……you can disagree with his policys, but the personal insults need to stop, he’s YOUR President, …….if we could put up with obama then you can do the same for Trump.

        1. I love Andrew and will not go into the politics. Do you you Trumps views on Climate Change?? Goes entirely against what Andrew believes and practices. Oh well, facts are not important in important matters such as this.

          Love you Andrew! Keep doing the RIGHT thing.

        2. Stop this…. it’s Andrew’s blog about his product. His answer to the remarks made to him are his. It is not our place to go on and on and on about politics. Those who are now bashing those who said something they don’t agree with – STOP. Both sides – don’t bring names into it or parties or whatever. Some of you continue to hurl insults to others even if you don’t think you are.

        3. When you were growing up the Fairness Doctrine in news media was in force. That ended in 1987, and we know who was in the white house that year. That ushered in the “shock jocks” to say whatever they wished, without verification.
          Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission allowed corporations to financially support and/or advertise against candidates as if the corporation were an individual citizen.
          The polarization of politics and vicious personal attacks have been the product of these events.
          This has degenerated to anyone speaking of solar or wind power as attacking the sitting president.


        5. right, and “grab them by the p*ssy” is so opposite of nasty and vile. when they come out with a vitamin that helps resolve hypocrisy, you need to sign up for expedited delivery Madlyn dear.

    6. Thank You for speaking out for Andrew Lessmen. He has never spoken about politics on the air – I always watch & tape his show.
      Please people Let It Go…Gone.
      We Love Andrew he has helped alot of people.. Period
      Well Said.

      1. He hasn’t spoken out but Andrew has made his feelings on climate change pretty clear. I think it’s wonderful about his solar, and I always bring it up to people, since I’ve taken his vit for over 20 years, and brought over 25 people to becoming customers, so obviously I love him and his products, but I do have a dif opinion on climate change, there are tons of scientist that are not as alarmed. Al Gore was/ is a scam, and it’s sad that he got so rich on his lies. according to him, from 10 years ago, we should be underwater, all the ice-caps should have melted, and there should be no polar bears left……………NONE of that happened or is true. YES we do need to take care of our planet with clean air, water, etc. but it’s not a religion , even though it’s becoming like a cult…..if America isn’t safe from isis and gangs , drugs, and we have lower taxes and better health care, etc……there won’t be any America if we don’t get those things going, and Trump is doing that……so you people need to respect what Trump is doing for America, and you can still care about your cause, both work together…….can some of you walk and chew gum at the same time, it’s not that hard ?????

        1. Relaxing restrictions on coal is the first obvious attack on the Environmental Protection Agency.
          The new secretary of energy is a former governor of a fossil fuel producing state.
          These are two giant steps backwards regarding cleaning up our air, water and land. It might not return us to the time when smog was common in cities and rivers caught on fire. BUT It’s a bad omen for our future.

    7. Dear Andrew Lessman, The fact that you were so impassioned to write such a long blog to try to clear this misunderstanding up only goes to show what a truly caring person you are. We all need to realize that every statement we make is not an attack and that we need to get out of this politically correct mode we have pigeon holed ourselves in to. I have admired your business ethics for years and have tried to convince others to order your superior products because of that. I know you didn’t have to incur the expense of installing solar, or donating vitamins, but you do it because you feel it is the right thing to do. Thank you for being an admirable role model.

      1. Best said , Jody. I have watched Andrew Lessman’s HSN specials for years. He is articulate, knowledgeable and courteous–a rarity these days. I for one will be a life-long customer.

    8. In agreement Tara. Andrew is a very principled person & knows what he is doing is the right path to be on.
      I am a newcomer to the Lessman program & I am very impressed w/his following & know now why he is so popular.
      There is so much more to life than politics.
      Rosanna B.

    9. Good for you Andrew!!! I’m with you…Keep doing what y love…Rise above the crap in the world. .Your work is too important…Don’t let em hurt you. Y r a good guy…
      Always faithful

    10. I watched the show in question and seriously, stating that our environment is important and should be taking care of has nothing to do with anything. This is active and keeping our environment safe and clean and energy conscience has nothing to do with Thrump. Oh I could say a lot about the façade of this presidency but out of respect for Andrew Lessman and the important information he provides all of us to maintain our health, I won’t. Great Work Andrew and THANK YOU FOR CARING! GOD BLESS YOU

    11. I have been with you since QVC and actually have your book Lean Lifestyle Program. I have a cabinet full of your products that are keeping my body alive and well. All you have ever done was to keep us informed about what is good for us. You do all the research and make great products. I live in Nevada and I am very aware of the importance of Solar. The president has no idea how important we control this climate change. There is plenty of people who have made a case that our planet is experiencing climate change. Unfortunately our President even called out Pope Francis because he agrees with many leaders there is climate change and it has to be addresses. He may know about building but he is way over his head with being President. I wouldn’t take any of his supporters comments. They know he is an inefficient President and doesn’t know much about America and Americans. They are only a small group of people so Andrew Keep doing what your doing and helping all people and donating vitamins for people who can’t afford them. You have a good heart. Keep up the good work. If people refuse to buy your products because of this it is their loss.

      1. There you go again, Valerie! Very presumptive of you to think you know so much about others!

    12. I guess my concern is that people have such outrage over a person stayed a fact about global warming , think how they will feel when the ground is all flooded that we usually grow vegetables, cattle , chicken and pork. And of corse our precious supplements .Keep speaking your mind I love a free thinking person. Love you Andrew sorry Muriel.

    13. Be careful everyone. We have entered into a day of danger for anyone criticizing government or the president. We have laws ( which have been covered up) allowing arrests without cause!

      Mr Lessman your products are great, and, are everything you claim.

      It’s a sad day when you have to clarify or explain your words.

      Remember they have convicted a woman for laughing at Jeff Sessions!

      Can you p,ease send him your brain vitamins, I’ll pay!
      Pat Cameron

      1. Andrew Lessman is the real deal ,keep up the good work. what’s the old saying sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.Thank you again.

    14. Well written. Unfortunately so many citizens who support the President are very sensitive…..subjected to the Women of the View, Stephen Corbel, Baldwin and more. A good reason to watch HSN and non political shows to remove ourselves from the disgusting and vial remarks of those who take no responsibility with freedom of speech. Do these people realize the damage this does to us globally and nationally………guess no light bulb in this mindset! So glad most of the country saw the great promise in our President. Finally excitement about the future. Thanks Andrew for your great work also for the health and future of the USA.

    15. Well said Andrew .::: I thank you for keeping me and my family healthy Now this world is so uncontrolled …. people or groups of people are always looking for trouble.. your a great man keep us healthy God bless you

    16. Mr. Lessman, I totally support your thoughts on global warming.

      I think your products are excellent. I did not read this long rebuttal

      or any of the people bashing you!

      I will continue to buy your hair &nails, leg and vain, omega 3 and Essential 1. You have the best products on the markets and believe me if you did not support efforts to contain Global Warming I would be very concerned about your intelligence and reason and what goes into your products. Try not to pay attention to them. Take it from the source.

      Helen Brophy

    17. Andrew,
      It saddens me that people would say those awful things about you.
      I have been with you since you started on HSN and I feel as if you are family. I so look forward to your intuitive presentations, I learn so much.
      I have had a much healthier life because of your knowledge which you pass on to all of us. .
      Thank you Andrew for who you are, I truly appreciate who you are and what you represent. Thank you also for your wonderful vitamins..

    18. Andrew, I have been with you for years and I never heard you Bash the President. I try not to as well. I am sorry you feel you have to write this long Blog and I am sure more people are for you than against you.

    19. Andrew, keep your focus, Like President Trump does.. you are living your heart…keep going, do not let negativity.. toss a wrench in your brain. Thank you for your blog, and press on Andrew .

    20. Love you Andrew! You’re the kindest most respectful and intelligent person. Try not let them change you.

  1. Your early use of solar energy attracted my attention years ago. Honestly it took longer for me to become a fan of your products, but I’m hooked now along with my husband. We are senior citizens and live in Texas. I am sincerely sorry that you had to endure some of the hate that has emerged in this country as a result of the current administration. I know you can’t and won’t talk politics, but I can and do. Just want to let you know that there are more enlightened people that do believe in the problems caused by man made climate change. I am disturbed that you felt it necessary to justify your remarks as not being political or hostile to the current administration. I wish you had focused more on educating these people, but I do understand. Thank you as always for your products, and please know that there’s a ton of us who have your back.

  2. Very well said I never heard you say anything wrong, I look forward to your shows and learn so much from you and will only buy your vitamins ?????

  3. Andrew – I had a busy weekend and was only able to watch at midnight. I have no question that you did not say anything inappropriate about the president. That’s simply not your nature. Climate change IS real and there is nothing wrong with expressing that belief. These are crazy political times in our country. Sadly there are many hateful people who are feeling empowered. You are always so kind . Your Vitamin Angels contributions are a good indicator of your sense of civic responsibility. We would be very fortunate if more of the “leaders” in Washington shared your empathy. I certainly plan to continue getting my supplements from you.

  4. I have been using your products for over 15 years and value your knowledge of science which also expands into an in depth understanding of nature and the boundaries of our planet’s resources. I am horrified, after hearing your welcome discourse on the changing environment due to man made actions, that some uninformed and biased people would attack you. I am a professor of public policy and agree with all you have said. Please keep using your educated and intelligent voice to inform your clients and others. You provide a vital service in teaching us all about how to maintain our good health, and the good health of this planet where we all live.

  5. I did not see the part of the show where this was mentioned. I’m sorry people mistakenly thought you were putting down our President. I haven’t read anything about this and was not aware until receiving the email. I appreciate you not having your political opinions in your show. There’s enough of that everywhere we turn. I do support President Trump and pray for him to lead our country in the right direction. I love your products and thank you for sharing them with us.

    1. You are absolutely right! Rather than using the word bashed, which has been in this discussion, we should just say..speak the truth & speak it plainly..tell it like it is. There is not one good thing I have seen from this administration. It’s frightening infact, & becomes more so everyday.

      1. GEORGLANA, frightening?????? whats scaring you, lower taxes, more jobs (best it’s been in 10 years) finally doing something about terrorist, cleaning up cities with drugs and high crimes, making the VA hospitals good again for our vets, lowering YOUR taxes, cleaning up the IRS, fixing the scam known as obama care, keeping companies in America vs China…..if you’re serious, then you frighten me and every American that cares about this country……Andrew did not bash Trump, and Trump did NOT bash Andrew, get your facts straight, and try respecting the office of the United States, if not move out

        1. TL:DR – As they say in the South, “Bless your heart.”

          Your ignorance and privilege are boundless. The most frightening part is your supreme confidence in that willful ignorance. Trump is a self-confessed sexual predator with zero concern for anyone but the rich elite. The gutting of the ACA will kill and harm many innocent, hardworking Americans. You can’t see beyond your privilege, and it is likely you never will. Eventually, this sham of a presidency will affect you, as I’m guessing you are not a part of the 1%. It will most definitely affect your grandchildren (if you have any). If you don’t believe the environment is in trouble, you are not paying attention. Your grandchildren (if they survive) will curse your generation as they suffer at the hands of the hell you’ve wrought.

        2. With all due respect, you have left probably over 10 comments and they are ALL political. Please go to a forum for politics and leave this blog to comments about health and wellness. Thank you.

          1. Did you also respond to the people leaving the original political comments that ferro is responding to? Of course not, those were liberal viewpoints. Just goes to prove the point that liberals refuse to hear an opposing viewpoint.

        3. Totally agree!!! Democrats can’t handle an opposing viewpoint, and they will bash Trump no matter how many great things he does foe our country.
          I am also a female Republican teacher who voted for Trump. I am also very concerned about our environment. I believe President Trump will take away some regulations while making sure to protect the environment. If not, then he will be hearing from many of us who voted for him.
          Remember that America is not the only country tha is polluting the Earth, and energy independence is a necessity.

    2. Sharon that is your opinion and you have every right to it.
      That being said … with your apparent expressed attitude … you and those like you are a grave part of the problem.
      Shame on you!

      1. LINDA, you’re exactly right, thats why the left has lost almost 2000 seats, and no one respects them. People like her are the problem, she’s all upset that a (few) ignorant people may have bashed Andrew (I didn’t see or read those) but then she turns around and does the same thing. Trump has done more good things for this country than obama did in 8 years, but they’re too busy bashing him to even notice the good things going on……Trump did NOT bash Andrew, anymore than Andrew bashed Trump……after the way al gore and leonado lied to just line their own pockets, then people may have a dif opinion. We should work at keeping our planet clean, thats common sense, but it’s NOT a religion , or a cult following, it’s also called “SEASONS”….and all those lies about the polar bears disappearing is not true, in fact theres more now than ever. So these people need to relax and stop insulting everyone that may have a dif opinion……personally, every night I thank God Hillary didn’t win, or they would have seen our country go into an abyss we could not have recovered from

    3. Trump is the POTUS and does NOT deserved to be bashed anymore than Andrew did. Shame on you for being disrespectful…….people have dif opinions, this is America in case you forgot, so show respect…..your comment was uncalled for

          1. appointed by the electoral college and not popular vote. more people didn’t want him than wanted him, don’t forget that fact. so no, it’s not the END OF STORY because the MAJORITY isn’t going anywhere. you need to get used to it.

    4. Andrew, until I read this blog I was totally unaware of this unconscionable accusation against you. We consider you a Godsend since we’ve discovered you and your supplements a couple years ago. You’re always diligent about NOT proselytizing about politics so to learn of this apparently diabolical attack on you is shocking. But, sadly, given the feverish efforts to attack and destroy anyone for anything these days, it has become the norm that people in the public eye are susceptible to such attention. I can’t fathom anyone no longer being your customer because of the fools who attacked you. I suspect more of us would rally to your defense. You’re an island of sanity in an angry world. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, my friend!!!

  6. Andrew you are great at what you do . I happen to love our president and feel as you said . He cares enough about this country as you do to leave it in good shape . Your vitamin that I have a cupboard full have improved my heath . All of a sudden I started to get a cold every few weeks . In bed – I sent away for immune system from you and it been smooth sailing for me since . This is just in the last few months months . I now have all my vitamins with your name on them . Thank you

  7. We complately support you, your environmental efforts and your wonderful products. You are such an inspiration and we look forward to seeing and hearing you speak with such knowledge about the Earth, our health and advances in science as it relates to your products. So sorry anyone would take your informative dialogue as anything other than your desire to help people.

  8. I have always appreciated your approach to your supplements, your many discussions on important topics, and the way you run your business. Would I change anything? Only lower the prices.

    As a scientist, a doctor, and an American, I appreciate your approach to any topic, even if I do not agree,

    You are doing well as well as doing good. Keep up the good work.

    1. As we go through life, if we are fortunate to touch someone in a positive way, it is a blessing. Andrew, look how many lives you have touched.

    2. Thanks for your comment CAROLLINE, the lest has no tolerance for anyone that doesn’t fall in “lock step” with their ideology . Ive used Andrews vit for over 20 years and brought him tons of new clients, and I’ve known for years that Andrew had a dif opinion of climate change than me. But i loved and respected him, and know his vit are the best……I certainly didn’t bash him for his beliefs…..I am so fed up with people ready to lynch you if you don’t go along with the more radical climate change theories ….according to Al Gore from 10 years ago, we should all be underwater the icebergs should have all melted and there should be no more Polar Bears…….none of that happened except G ore got very rich……and actually the polar bears have increased. Of course we should keep our air, water and land clean…..called common sense…..the more I hear all the nasty comments against Conservatives the more I realize how and why Trump got elected…..

  9. Andrew you’re the most honest person I love all you’re products I’ve been buying them over 20 years and will continue to do so you’re eye vitiamas my eyes have improved so blessed thanks Andrew ??

  10. Andrew this past year i started listening and watching everything you talked about on HSN. I have never been one to care about supplements until both me and my husband started watching you. Sometimes we watch a show over a couple of times just to learn what each supplement can do for our bodies. I am a 3 time heart patient and i have started to take numerous supplements. I am learning what cinnamon, tumeric, etc…… can do for us and now i take them all religiously. It gives me a better piece of mind. Keep up the awesome work !!!!!!!

    1. Yes, Andrew just needs to ignore. It’s nice of Andrew to have taken the time to explain, but honestly, nowadays, we all speak and can find ourselves having to explain. He said nothing wrong and if people read things into what he says, so be it! they have nothing better to do. They need to take “brain” vitamins!! I love Andrew, my husband just hears the voice from the other room and will ask “is that Andrew?” …. so funny. I’m a customer for life and when I check out of this world, I don’t plan on looking my age because I take the “peptides” that work from the inside out. His turmeric and magnesium are a bomb!! since taking turmeric, my knees don’t hurt and magnesium keeps me from getting cramps. I can go on and on but that’s not really what this blog was addressing. Anyways, Andrew is amazing and he can have whatever view he likes, it’s his right, as it is mine and so be it! HSN Hosts and CS are really nice too. Thank You. 🙂

  11. Bravo, Andrew. I agree with everything you have said. I have used your products since 1994 & they saved my life when I came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You are the BEST in every way.
    I never post anywhere, but since Trump has become our President, I have been very upset for our country. He & the people he surrounds himself with are not for the betterment of this country & I do not know why anyone would like anything he does or has done. He is inaccurate, has NO experience, has very dubious affiliations, does not respect women, lies & much more. Why would we want a person like this running our country?? It has been a terrible mistake that he has become our President & I fear what the outcome will be.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Trump is a disgrace to this country. I have always been a republican, that is until this election. I couldn’t even imagine voting for him. I now find myself questioning anyone who voted for him. No common sense at all. Don’t worry Andrew, you did nothing wrong, it is the way the crazy world of today views everything. It has become frightening to think that people have become so ignorant.

      1. You my dear are NO REPUBLICAN……..and wouldn’t it be funny if the people who were fussing at Andrew were actually dems……lol

      2. well LINDA, we were smart enough to not vote for a woman who kept top , classified mail on her own server in a bathroom……Trump didn’t give russia enough platomian (20% of our own plutonian) so he could build nukes…..wouldn’t go to any of the “fly over states”, not worth her trouble !!! Married to a rapist, and runs an ellegal company, that pockets money vs helping others (like the people in Hati) they’re still waiting….thinks it’s ok to abort babies in the 9th month !!!!!! cheats on getting questions before the debates, and the list goes on…….and you have common sense……lol

    2. GEORGIANA, the mistake is your lack of understanding as to why he won almost every state (except cal and ny…..no surprise there) so evidently millions wanted something better than you don’t care about. I laughed out loud when you said he has no experience, but obama with his community organizer and voting “present” over 80% of the time (which means he wasn’t even there)……so you think he had experience ?????? wow……And heres why we want him running OUR country….jobs are now the best they’ve ever been, companys are staying in America, YOUR taxes will be lower, the VA is being fixed, tax forms can be done on one sheet vs, 100 sheets, and he’s surrounded him self with nothing but winners……just a few of the hundreds of reasons…….even Andrew had good things to say about the family…….your criminal lost, and it was because of things she did, and the public is smart, and didn’t want someone under FBI and CIA investigation to become our president, thank God……..the only thing you need to fear, is that some of you and your party don’t wake up to realize what a fantastic President Trump is , you can keep your head in the sand or appreciate all the great things he’s doing …. All of the military and law enforcement love him, and the VA and middle America, must be a reason, that you haven’t figured out yet.

    3. Georgiana Thorne, Linda… mere vitriolic opinion! sorry YOUR delusional desperate despot pathological liar cheat thief war monger race baiting sAtanic witch murderous political hack married to a rapist Soros crony NWO puppet psycho mean spirited sore loser greedy hag of a candidate LOST. Get over it!

      1. BARRY…….lol……but tell us how you really feel…..anyone that prefers hillary over a successful business man, whos done more to improve America in 100 days than obama did in 8 years…… is not someone I want to know….scary

      2. Wowwee! I think you said it all in one neat little paragraph – and better than I have ever see or heard before! LOL……… literally made me laugh out loud!

    4. Do you mind sharing what you did for chronic fatigue ? This is Year 7 for me , and hope is thin . Thank you . ( I am also very fearful .)

    1. I love Andrew and what you do. I have been using your products since you have been on HSN and refuse to use any others. Keep up the great work it is always going to be small minded or just evil people out their waiting for an chance to BASH a good hard working honest person like you. Keep on keeping on. THAT GREAT UNIVERSE OF OURS IS WITH YOU. I PRAY FOR YOUR CONTINUED STRENGTH. AND MAY

  12. Andrew! I must have missed something. I tried to read all of your apology, but it would take me all day to read. I do know that you are sincere and would not mix politics with your business. I just love all of your vitamin products and will continue to use them. God bless you …

    1. I have bought Andrew Lessman’s products for several years and listen to his presentations on televison ( I will not say the channel), I have never heard him make a political statement for or against any politician. However, there are some people who are bottom feeders (fish) who like to feed on others for whatever reason. Any attempt to guess the justification for their behavior would require to much of one’s energy. In spite of what the bottom feeders think, I will remain a customer and continue to buy your products.

  13. While I understand your need to defend yourself, I feel your should ignore the trolls who feel so entitled to attack you. Some folks have nothing better to do. Also, please keep in mind of their ability to use bots to multiply the number of posts to appear like they are legion. Not to worry.

  14. This is just insane! Why is science suddenly a dirty word to so many people in this country?!? I am so terrified for our future. I try my best to purchase from ethical, responsible, American companies. I am proud to be your customer for more than a decade. Your products make a difference in my, and my family’s, health and your company is making a difference in the world. You have nothing to apoligize for. I am sorry this happened and thank you for all you do. Please don’t give up. I refuse to believe that those hateful people outnumber those of us who seek the good in ourselves and others and the world. Innovation, science, advancement, betterment, caring, equality, freedom, TRUTH: THOSE are the characteristics of the America I believe in.

    1. NICOLE,,,,,,so you think a handful of people OUT-NUMBER those of you, who as you said seek the truth………there is evidence on BOTH sides, and last I heard this is America and people can have a dif of opinion. We need to do what we can to help the planet, but you better wake up to the fact that al gore and others are full of #### and only wanted to line their pockets. Their homes use more electricity than some small towns, and their private planes are worse. I respect what you want to believe in….so why can’t you respect people with a dif opinion……the polar bear population has increased not decreased. So relax and learn to respect other people, climate change is not a religion , don’t make it a cult.

      1. Whew… someone needs a chill pill. Andrew do you make them by any chance? Or something to bring down blood pressure? Yikes!

  15. Andrew, I believe that you attended/graduated law school but you seem to have forgotten to practice some self editing. Yours was a post where less would have sufficed. I can only speculate that you were upset when you were writing.
    Like many others I watch your shows because you watch the science behind what you do. It also doesn’t hurt that you’re an attractive man with a soothing voice. The only attack I’ve heard you make is on Dr. O, because of his failure to responsibly follow/espouse science through the very large podium he has. Enjoy your summer.

  16. I believe our President would be proud that one of this Dad’s employes had such a a sensible, caring Grandson. I also, believe that after things seddle down a little, in D. C., our President would love to have the opertunty sit with you and pick your brain. Smart people like you and he, love to learn from other smart people.
    I notice even in some of the replays people are trying to make a polical response. That’s the world we’re livin in. I been with you about 20 years, and have never heard you give a jab to any President. I too, don’t vote Party, I like you vote for the person.
    Yes, I’ve heard you give jabs to some people and companies, to keep us from being lead the wrong direction. For that I say thanks!
    Also, I wish I had solar! If we do or don’t believe in Climate Change, could pleople, “please not littler and pick-up after their pets.
    Hope Lincoln is better!

  17. Andrew – so sorry that this happened to you. It’s obvious from the time you have spent going over the issues that it has disturbed you greatly! I was also attracted to your products initially due to your focus on solar energy. As I started taking your vitamins and supplements, I began to feel that they benefitted me. Now, i nearly exclusively take your products. I have also never heard you “bash” anyone. I always come away from your shows feeling better edified and educated. Thank you for all you do!

  18. I truly hope you do not allow the very loud voices of just a few of your many customers diminish the pride you feel for the way your run your business. I love your commitment to making sure your company adds value to the world in every way it possibly can. Thank you for that! I’m always fascinated when we get to see your company from the inside and hear about all the things you’re doing that you’re proud of and excited about. Please don’t take that away from us. It is truly a blessing to so many!
    Rachel Murphy

  19. I have been a faithful customer for over 20 years because I trust you and your wonderful products Andrew. That is all that matters. You will NOT lose this customer!

  20. I have watched you for years and have never heard you say anything remotely political or wrong. Just remember, there are people who are not happy unless they are complaining about something. I expect some of it is out of jealousy for your success. You cannot let these people win. We need you. You are a strong, brilliant man.

    Don’t let them get you down and always consider the source.

  21. so sorry you have to go through this people are running scared trying toblame anyone and everyone else for the problems that we have here and abroad and this did not happen just now since 9 / 11 we find ourselves busy pointing blame when we should of been taking care of business at home. Well so much for that . Andrew you live by example teaching us about the vitamins that are relevant to our needs and yes….to exercise or go on walks you have lead by example. What you have done in Henderson NV with your plant to help save the environment again amazing. Keep teaching us we want to learn., and ignore the naysayers you must be doing something right or these people would not be trying to tear you down. God Bless you and the work you do and God Bless America

  22. Andrew,

    Many years ago I had the pleasure of speaking with you live in one of your HSN visits. I said then, and reiterate now, you have made this world and her life better for having passed this way. A massive accomplishment.
    Your lasting imprint and impact will be forever felt, colored in honor.

    I treasure the profoundly positive changes your superb products have afforded my health and well being. I would honestly be lost without them.

    You are a magnificent human being and I am grateful to have found myself walking this life in the same times as you.

    Clearing a path for differences of opinion is, for so many, an inconvenient and painful request. May we all remember our differences are our strength.

  23. Wow! I had no idea that this happened as I do not read the comment boards on any shopping channel.

    Andrew, thank you for what you have written, but those of us who have ‘known’ you for these past years, know what you are all about. Everything you represent is positive, healthy, loving life, loving animals, caring about those in unfortunate circumstances and of course, caring about our environment, etc.

    You work very hard to offer us the best in health products and to explain why and how they are to be used. That’s why I tape and watch your shows. I always learn something.

    Trolls and unhappy people are everywhere, looking for anything to argue and/or fight about. Or, just to be mean and nasty and incite trouble. They are to be ignored and eventually they crawl away to find another source of attention.

    Just know that you and what you do are very much appreciated!

  24. It is disappointing that you were attacked for something you did not say or even imply.

    The MAJORITY of us know you are an innocent victim in this mess. You have our prayers and support.

  25. lm very sadden how this has been twisted and made to try to fit in an agenda to try to damage your character. A honest ,concerned and great man of outstanding integrity not only for your strong commitments as a businessman but, also as a person that greatly cares about our earth in which we all have to live on. Andrew , a word of peace… people first made claims and false accusations of our Lord Jesus Christ a perfect man . So let not your heart be troubled over this. Continue pressing on and stay true to the great man you are. Blessings to

  26. I am very sorry this has happened to you as well. L never heard you bash anyone. I love your vitamins & have for many years & they are the best out there. I will always continue to buy them. As for the planet all I can say I sure hope that global warming & climate change are taken seriously 100% or it will be a very disastrous future ahead for the all world. Science is real & I believe all the professionals out there on what they say about it. I can actually see & feel it is real for myself. It doesn’t take much to see & know that this is really happening. Again so sorry you had to endure rude remarks & unfair criticism. I will always remain a faithful customer of yours.
    Prayers for our country & world & all people.

  27. People are going to hear what they want to hear. Facts aka the truth is no longer really the truth. If people shut their mouths and opened their ears amazing things would happen!

  28. Thank you Andrew for All You Do, All You Care for and making Your Wonderful products in Our America ! I have been a customer for many many years, you will not lose This Customer !!

  29. In all of the hours I spent watching your shows last week somehow I missed anything that could be remotely considered political. In my 76 years and 56 years of voting I have never seen so many people this unhinged over a President. Both sides of the isle.
    Frankly it is astounding.
    Unfortunately there is not yet a vitamin that restores or enhances COMMON SENSE. Ignore the fools who invade a shopping forum with a political agenda. All of the vitamins or vitamin education WILL NOT improve their over all IQ

    I have been taking your vitamins since the late 90’s. They work and I have some very expensive blood and saliva testing results to prove it. 🙂

  30. Andrew. I believe you to be fair and true and did not interpret what u said as being unfair to # 45. However, I do resent your calling him “our Presudent”. He might be yours, but for the majority of us he is #45 . Thank you for your products but it would be helpful when ordering if u said in your presentation the prescribing jnfo.

    1. LINDA , maybe he said he’s ‘OUR PRESIDENT” Because he’s a patriot and a good American and has respect for the office, even if you don’t……thats the dif between someone with “class” and someone with NO class

  31. Hi Andrew: I did hear the remark you made during your broadcast on the Saturday into Sunday show, with Colleen Lopez, but I never took it as bashing the President or anyone else. You were simply disagreeing with someone else’s opinion and stating the reasons why you have gone solar. If it had been Colleen Lopez (by the way, I am not bashing Collen or anyone else at HSN–just using them as an example of my point–since I don’t know their views on the topic) that you were disagreeing with, no one would have ever thought that you were making it a political statement. Your words were “the current administration”. At no time did you say the President and/or his name. If anyone would want to politicize the statement, then they should zero in on the Secretary of Energy and/or the entire administration.

    Unfortunate for you, you picked a high profile opinion of the current administration, with which to disagree. However, that is only one of many opinions that this administration has and that does not mean you disagree with all or just a few. We know his family members and closest advisors disagree with him on some agendas, but isn’t that true of all administrations, families, friends, etc.? This does not mean that you are bashing or hating someone. You are just disagreeing. You probably used this current administration because they were polar opposite of your stand on SOME of the environmental issues and people could relate to those differences. If you had used Colleen Lopez or Joe Smith, those watching would have either not known their opinions and/or could not relate to them.

    I can’t help but see that things have become more and more polarizing over the years–first in Washington and now spreading throughout the country.

    We should step back, take a deep breath, and be thankful there are people like you who do have an opinion on this important issue and not only state why you have that opinion, without any rancor, but most of all TAKE ACTION on that opinion. In other words, Andrew, you backed up your opinion with your money and action. How many of us do that today on any matter?

    I always say there is nothing wrong with having an opinion, just don’t be mean about it. You were not!

    By the way I have been one of your customers for over 16 years and will continue to buy your products because if you are so committed to the environment, social causes (Vitamin Angels), etc., then I know you put the same fervor into your vitamins.

    1. Ditto. I watch & record all of your shows, including this past weekend. You never once “bashed” anyone, least of all our President. As Marilyn stated, you disagreed with the current administration and I commend you for having the integrity to follow your own conscience. I have been with you for over 20 years & couldn’t be happier with your products. We learn so much from you with every show! We are with you for life! My family & I have been taking y over 50 of your supplements for around 20 years now. My husband & I are in our 70’s now, have never been healthier, only need to see our doctors for annual physicals, & do not need any meds to keep us healthy. I attribute our current good health, which was not the case 20 years ago, to our having added your vitamins to our daily routine. You are a good man & an inspiration to us all in all you do with regards to maintaining our good health, those less fortunate than us through Vitamin Angels, & with your forward-thinking actions to save our precious planet for generations to follow! I can clearly empathize with your pain at being dealt such an injustice by those who are too blind to see the truth! Just ignore them. You are that bright light at the end of the tunnel!

    2. Wouldn’t it be the funniest thing in the world if the idiots who were fussing at Andrew were Dems ???????? everyone assumes it was our party, I doubt it, thats more the dems MO

      1. Wow! Speculation is not proof! Statements backed by facts, from reliable sources, are key to any debate or argument. Emotionally fueled statements without substance or proof can foster ignorance.

  32. Andrew, just you being upset by these comment shows what a good person you are. I am a healthier person because of you. I had my vitamin D checked because of you. I found out it was very low because of you and because of you right now I feel better. I would never take any vitamins but yours . I trust you completely.

  33. Trolls that have nothing better to do than sit at their computer all day and stir up dissent and unhappiness–that’s the only way they think, try to make trouble so they can sit back and laugh– grade school children that never grew up, just grew angry and unhappy—trolling is the coward’s way of bullying, IMO
    Andrew, I never miss your shows because I learn so much and love your products, I DVR the shows and save to view and listen to over again to refresh my memory. Please keep doing what you are doing, you have NEVER mentioned any administration. We love you & Muriel and all the HSN hosts–we who have faith in you will never lose it, we ‘got your back’ !!

    1. And so do the Conservatives, all my friends use Andrews vit, and love him, so don’t bash us, or you’ll be just like the people you’re complaining about

  34. I don’t care about your politics. What I care about is the fact that my last order of Breath Plus developed what looks like black mold inside the capsules, which happened over enough time (two months while stored at 60 degrees F, non humid conditions) that HSN wouldn’t take them back. I contacted your company, and to date no success there either. It’s shameful to me that a company doesn’t take care of its customers. You just lost (I’m sure you won’t be shedding any tears) a 23 year customer.

    1. Oy-vey….. have you no scrupuls? This is not the place to kick someone down when they are down. Take it up with management this is personal. And give up 23 years over your breath supplement….. ya… sure…. right…. everyday. Who’s going to believe this one? Oh Lord help us all. In case you haven’t noticed it is not a perfect world. Crap happens it’s part of life handle it kindly and see how far you get.
      Sincerely Peace and Love, Martina L

    2. REALLY, CRAIG????? REALLY????
      Let me get this straight…
      You were a 23-year customer. 23 years. 23 YEARS!
      So, after 23 years of great service (obviously, because if it wasn’t, you would not have continued to be a patron) you had one incident with one product. To me, that’s an incredible track record. Perhaps you should try calling, again, because, in the two decades that I have used Andrew’s supplements, I have dealt with his extraordinary company and wonderful representatives several times, and I am always impressed with their professionalism and sincerity for wanting to help.

      Now, to respond to the matter at hand, like so many others have stated, I am a loyal “follower.” Andrew is so generous to take the time to genuinely try to help others understand nutritional needs, etc. so as to improve their lives. Yes, of course, he is selling his products but he goes far and above that. He is truly doing so much good on earth. I for one am so grateful for his impact on my life and that of my family, as well as to the environment and to the less fortunate. The quality of my life is heightened as a direct result of his sharing his extensive knowledge and offering the very best supplements. I am concerned that I may not be able to continue with all that have helped me but for now, I am so thankful for his mission and passion. I saw the show and heard the comment on HSN and it never entered my mind that he was disrespecting ANYONE. I am so sorry, Andrew, that you felt the need to defend your personal morals against a ridiculous accusation. One good thing from all of this – you see the immense outpouring of affection, respect and thankfulness…all of which you are most deserving of.

    3. HSN has horrible customer service, so that was no surprise, but Pro Caps is normally great. Maybe try asking for a supervisor???

  35. Wow, very sorry Andrew that you got nickpicked — like all people who speak into a microphone these days. You are #1 HSN vendor so take a deep breath and let it go. I remember when you showed great passion calling out Dr Oz by name in your pursuit to explain your point of view on weight loss products being marketed. You took a strong stand on that and proved true– he had to appear before congress one day. Please relax and stay confident and say your prayers. I trust you.

  36. Never heard you do that. Well written article, however…your shipping is horriblw…i am still waitin on my choconuvo order from the last todays special. Its been 6 days and it has not been shipped, very unhappy.

  37. Also, if some are willing to sacrifice for some ‘bashing’ (which never happened)–willingly give up your great, health improving products–they are the losers. let them go back to the store product off the shelf–waste of their money and very little (if any) benefits–JMO. again, we love you and your many very helpful products–always going to be gripers/jumping on the last hateful, angry bandwagon —

  38. Andrew, welcome to social media. Unfortunately it’s the new normal for some individuals to publicly criticize . Let it go !!! You know who you are, what you feel and the huge difference you have made in millions of lives. Focus on what you can control, not the haters. Your products and your integrity speaks for itself !

  39. I too did not hear the show, but what I pick up in general from most T.V. programming is a “left leaning Agenda”.
    Though “it” (the agenda stuff) trys to be subtle, so as to appear unpolitical or unbiased …nonetheless it is still “practiced”.
    It is barely disguised anymore…but even when it was many of us could “feel” we were being manipulated…
    There is a manipulation taking place, it is undeniable, we all feel it, some think they have found clever ways to hide it but it is tangible.
    I, too, really appreciate your vitamins and all your efforts at providing the best and all your hard work at doing that in a way that is well thought out and good….BUT that does not change the fact that I feel there is some agenda manipulation going on.
    The only RIGHT way of living and of doing anything is following God’s mandate as given to us in sacred scriptures…plus as Jesus said He has written it in our hearts.
    We know when something is true…we can feel it if our conscience is informed…but today there are many who feel they have all the answers but to many us we see the deception even though they are purporting to do good things.
    So the absolute is to follow the golden rule IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES not just in a selected few.
    This, Andrew is what I feel about much of TV and the News channels today…an undercurrent of highly glossed up left leaning agenda…I am sorry that you got dragged into this, but I gotta say something respectfully to you….when you open a can of worms don’t be surprised that people respond…
    If as u say your whole purpose is to sell the best darned vitamins around then sell them.if you want to let the world know of all your “responsible practices” fine, feel free to speak of that…but if in so doing your “agenda” is to cajole people into copying you don’t be surprised at backlash. ..we see past all that agenda stuff and we’ve had it up to here with the mind control for lack of a better word.

    1. Well said. The comment about the “current administration” was politically motivated. With that said, I love Andrew and his amazing vitamins, so I am not going to stop buying vitamins that my family has been taking for over 15 years because someone else expressed an opinion differing from mine. The fact that I voted for Trump does not mean I cannot separate politics from business. We have become far too PC for our own good. Even Andrew said that he thinks Trump will protect our environment. I agree with another woman who,posted that Trump ahould get advice from Andrew. Mutual respect would go so much further than the divisive vitriol we hear so much of.
      Keep up the amazing work Andrew….this conservative respects you for your core values. 🙂

  40. I seldom miss one of your shows Andrew . I never misinterpreted any of your discussions as President bashing.

    My health and the health of others I know is better because of you. You influence people you will never meet to have a healthier lifestyle and optimum quality of life.

    Thank you!

  41. The comments were related to the Procaps facility and Andrews’s motivation for minimizing his carbon footprint as a manufacturer . Mr. Lessman stated that HE is on the side of the debate that believes that climate change exists as do I.

    Andrew continue to do your amazing work. Your products have been life changing. I’ve been taking your products consistently for 2 1/2 years. Prior to taking Andrews’s products I was severely vitamin D, iron and b-12 deficient. Today my numbers are off of the charts. Thank you the education,the quality products that you provide and the today’s specials that make them affordable for those that use them.

  42. I applaud you for your extensive use of solar panels. I certainly do not believe you would ever bash President Trump. Having watched your shows on HSN for more than 15 years I couldn’t begin to guess which presidential candidate you supported.

    No one who knows me would ever call me a tree hugging environmentalist yet simple logic has caused our family to recycle for decades and last year install solar panels on our home. I can’t wait to see each day how much electricity our system has generated. Clean energy is the future and that can take many forms.

    Yes, we only have one planet and for the sake of my children , grandchildren and future generations I’d like it to be as clean as possible.

    Andrew you are a solar pioneer and for that I salute you.

  43. Andrew, sorry you had to take time out of your day to address this.
    I want to take this time to say THANK YOU for all your products and the quality of them.
    If I can take this time to ask if you have ever thought about making something for adults and children maybe ages 8 to 14 for them to take instead of all the VERY BAD adhd & add medication that is being given out like CANDY & mostly because of all the chemicals in foods now our children has trouble at school.
    If you already have items to take that will help this problem maybe you could put the one that will help in one bottle together so it will be easier for us to buy and know how to use them for best results.
    Thanks again for your time.
    Sharon in south Georgia

  44. I wouldn’t care if you did say anything l like you and your a good person . There will always be someone who wants to start something . So you are good . They need to kiss off.

  45. Oh…. Andrew GOD’S peace and love be unto you dear sweet man. You are the perfect example of what we all as humans should be. Loving, caring, nurturing, compassionate, understanding….. You represent an intelligent righteous human being I have gotten to know through watching you on your shows. Even your body language shows you radiate life and love…. But most of all respect for all the living, including mother earth herself. I can tell by your blog you were so hurt and disappointed that someone could ever get that negative vibe from you. I too do my best to go beyond to help the humans around me. In fact… I gave many my personal stash of Andrew Lessman to help others, just a few of your new customers of course.
    So Mr. Andrew Lessman WITH that being said hold your head up high because as I always say about people who try and find something about me to bark about…. SMURF them if they can’t take a joke, life is to short to dwell on their mistake they made about me. I try to love, enjoy and have fun with life. Now… GOD Bless You and carry on. Forget about the haters, you have us who love and admire you. We way out number them. With a hug for Lincoln and hope he is doing well. The Lessman family is in my prayers.
    Sincerely, Martina
    P.S. It hurt me to see that said to you. I never ever blog but your cause is worth it. To send you a positive note. Those shameful people. Karma is a “B”

  46. Whoa – this email is way over the top. Climate change is real – denying it doesn’t make it go away. The country is very polarized right now and we see bogeymen everywhere. Anyone who dips a toe into the current should expect an angry mob of response. On any position. Think before you speak and stand for what you believe. You now have a better idea of your customer base. It is a microcosm of the US. Welcome to the world we all have to live in. I work at EPA where all one can do is be brave and state your truth clearly (and succinctly). No whining. The world needs us to be brave.

  47. I actually saw the show where the comment was made and it made me perk up and go hmm? While you did not name names or bash the President you did let your opinion be known with that comment….but that opinion not being anything new or surprising as you have long talked about the solar energy and how it is good for the climate. I think people are such edge these days whatever side of the fence they are on and unfortunately because of your comment you will probably lose some business. You haven’t lost mine though and I hope your business thrives.

  48. I do not by my supplements to get political views just as I don’t watch sports games or any other things I pay for. It is your opinion about man made climate change. I have a differing opinion. Therefore I will not be purchasing your products in the future. Lastly, you are smart enough to know that president Trump is held to a very different standard than our prior president. Political free zone? Not so much!

    1. VAUGHN……I agree with you, I’ve known Andrews belief on climate chg for years, and good for him, it’s great that he uses solar, and I brag to people about that, and I’ve used and loved his vit for over 20 years. But I too don’t agree with the people going crazy about climate chg. some people were asked what do they consider a greater threat to the world, Isis or climate chg, and they said climate chg !!!! last time I checked no one was beheaded, or babies tortured and raped by climate chg. I found that very scary……and for every scientist that said there was a problem, there are two scientist that say it’s not true. Yes we should try to help and keep our planet clean, but it’s become like a religious cult, al gore is not god, actually he’s a huge liar that just lined his pocket….not ONE thing he said in his stupid film has happened…….I will always use Andrew vit, they’re the best, and I respect him and his knowledge, just as I respect Trump and what he’s doing to make our country better, after obama tried to destroy it

  49. Andrew,

    A subset of Trump voters are unhinged and cannot handle scientific facts. They believe climate change is a hoax. Trump himself tweeted as such on November 6, 2012. Quoting: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. Manufacturing non-competitive.”

    So do not bother trying to reason with these people. If Trump told them the earth was flat, they would believe him and bash anyone that said otherwise. They are sheep to what he states and are incapable of critical thought.

    So ignore the trolls and just keep doing what you’re doing.

    Kind regards,

    Deborah – a loyal customer.

    1. why do you assume it was conservatives that gave Andrew a hard time, I know dems who also think climate chg is not correct……you know what they say when you ASSUME……

  50. I’ve taken your vitamins for over 20 years. I only stopped because I’m now vegetarian, however, I’ve always known you’ve been a man of integrity. I’ve learned so much from you and will continue to watch you.

  51. Andrew,

    I am so sorry there are people who have nothing better to do with their lives than to write untruths & attack someone as ethical as you. If all our politicians were as
    truthful, caring & ethical as you, this “mythical” attack of yours wouldn’t even be an issue. I remember a high school teacher of mine telling our class that if one person could say that the world was better for anyone of us having lived, then we were a success. There are literally millions of people who can say that about you. You have saved so many lives with your wonderful supplements. I watched you the entire time you were on & I never heard any bashing. Andrew, you have the best supplements on the planet: I know this from taking them since you came to HSN. There are so many unhappy people out there that say so many vicious things about people. If they took your supplements like I do, they would be a lot happier & concentrate on the positive, not the negative. I will pray for these people. Andrew, I love watching you everytime you are on the air & I love your supplements. You, Muriel & your company are the BEST!!!! God Bless.

  52. There will always be individuals eager to misunderstand. You have been a victim of a country feeling divided and thus, oversensitive to your well intended and intelligent remarks. I sympathize with you and understand why you are dumbfounded by their interpretation of your comments. Be assured that the vast majority of people understand you and appreciate your efforts on behalf of their health and betterment of daily life. You are a samaritan and crusader for good. Accept my thanks and stand proud of your integrity.

  53. Ohhhh….Andrew,
    We know your heart, and all the good you’ve done with your products. Please don’t let those who comment about what you’ve said ruin you. You know who you are!! Especially where your heart is! Don’t let the devil come in. There’s so….many people that love n know your product, if the ones that are saying these things are so called “half the people that order from you” don’t worry about. God has your back! He will bless ten fold. I know how this eats you up. They said what they said, you said what you said. Now let it go.
    Love you Andrew for all you’ve done!

  54. There are haters everywhere. It seems that no matter who you are or what you believe there are others ready to pounce on you.
    Since I started using your products, I don’t even remember how many years ago, I won’t use any other. Even if you do something I disagree with I will never stop using your products as long as you remain about the most ethical business person around. Your products are the cleanest I can find anywhere, the most researched I’ve been able to find and deliver results! You make no false claims and stand behind what you make.
    Ignore the haters. They’ll find something else to hate in a few days and this will pass. The devil only attacks those who are doing God’s work. Just saying.

  55. That thread was like reading a game of telephone. So much misinformation in one place. Bashing Vitamin Angels took the cake. The most disturbing part is that one person posts about Vitamin Angels, with no citation for their supposed fact, and several people immediately say they will no longer buy Andrew’s products because of that post. Sad.

  56. Andrew, I literally thank God everyday for you, when I am taking my supplements, and I do take quite a few of them. You are the most intelligent, caring and compassionate person who knows more about your products than most who have a company or sell products. I listened to all of your shows and did not hear any political comments but I am sure if you were able to make any they would be accurate. I think the comment ” Sadly there are many hateful people who are feeling empowered” by a previous commenter sums it up. My only political comment, is that I cannot apply for a nursing job because I do not have a degree in nursing, how is It that someone can become president and run our country with no political background or experience. Anyway Andrew, I thank God I have you in my life everyday. You do make a difference. You do matter. God Bless

    1. CATHY….how can someone can become president with no political background or experience……oh you mean like obama ????????

    2. Cathy … you might want to consider President Trump probably has the best experience/credentials of any President to date. That would be building a multi-billion dollar business out of a one million dollar loan.

      After all America IS A BUSINESS. In fact one of the biggest business in the world.
      Clearly the other dolts that have been running this country for the past 50 years were not qualified since we have been at war for how long now and how many trillions of dollars in debt?

      You may choose to criticize President Trump for many things … but to target his qualifications to run the country? Do you think that might reflect on your own logical thinking skills or lack of?

  57. Excellent blog Andrew Lessman. I did not even know this controversy was going on. I have never heard you talk about politics, I watch you almost everytime you are on air. Your like a classroom teacher, my brain is like a sponge. It soaks up the information you share. I can’t take supplements, unless I know why. I don’t take all the ones you offer, and some have not agreed with me, but overall I think you have the best on the market. I probably have at some point tried most of them, as a customer for many years now. Found you on HSN, just listened for a long time, before my first purchase. I admire, and respect the work you do. Any of your products that have not worked for me, have talked to your customer service staff about them. Overall happy with most of your products, best in the USA. Glad they are made here. Tired of imported products from other countries. I am not getting political either , but I support President Trump.Neither customer or vendor really needs to go there. Thank you Andrew Lessman for all the good supplements you make, as I will continue to be one of your loyal customers.

  58. Andrew I have used your vitamins for many many years and they are the best! I support you and your products and definitely your environmental efforts. Hold your head up high and don’t get discouraged.

  59. Andrew,
    Well said, i very much doubt that you will lose any customers over this. I believe if one takes the time to read, you will gain customers. You should not have felt that you needed to take the time to respond, as the people who were complaining, would never take the time to read this anyway.
    Thank you.
    Appreciate all you do for us.
    In health,

  60. Andrew,
    I always find your presentations informative and it is clear that you are a good steward on this planet and care deeply about the environment. I can’t believe people would take the time to bash you about something you didn’t even say. Sounds like they are overly sensitive. Please keep making and selling your products and caring about the earth. I wish more people were like you.

  61. Although I don’t know Andrew personally, I always watch his shows and use many of his great products. I watched the show he is talking about. I never once thought he was ” bashing” the current administration. I enjoy his vast knowledge of his products and feel so much better informed after his shows. This is a good man and anyone taking offense by what they think he said just was not listening very closely. Every one has their own opinions on many topics. Lastly Thank You Andrew for all you do and I will be a customer for life. God bless you and your wonderful company.

  62. Andrew, I did not see the negative comments which personally attacked you, and wish I could post a positive response wherever this conversation took place. After many years of looking forward to your appearances and the info you share on tv and using your products regularly, I have the highest regard and utmost confidence in your honesty and integrity as a person and confidence in the quality and effectiveness of the Lessman products. Your encouragement to be healthy and your products have been invaluable and a precious blessing from above to me, and many others I’m sure. While the verdict on global change is not conclusive in my mind, I have the upmost respect for your use of solar power and your passion to keep this world a cleaner, healthier place and its people healthier. Keep up the excellent work in all these areas!

  63. So sorry you are attacked like this. Thank you for having courage to tell of it. It is shameful how people are now. Incredible and ignorant but now normal. Your products save my life every day. I a m 82 years and been have been using your products many years and will til I die. THANK YOU ANDREW .. keep up with your marvellous work.

  64. Your vitamins are the only ones that work for me and the only ones I will ever take. I do not rate your products over politics, but over effectiveness. I applaud your use of solar panels and your concern over our environment. I fear generations to come will be living on a different earth. My parents grew up with clean air, clean water, and clean food. I wish that were still so, but it is not. You are a man of integrity and honesty and you will never lose my business.

  65. Thank you Andrew for your integrity education vitamins and continued honesty. Those of us who have been with u for years feel as u r a true friend. We appreciate all u do and how u handle yourself and your company.

  66. I am so sorry you have been treated this way. There will always be unhappy people looking to lash out at anyone for anything. I have respected and watched you since QVC. It can’t be said enough, that you care about the environment and the health of your customers. Please don’t let these ignorant people bother you. They see this world through distorted glasses and they always will. For every person that mocked you, there are hundreds that will always stick by you. We thank you for what you do and what you care about. Continue with your happy and healthy life and continue to be the best person you can be. Thanks for all tha you do.

  67. Hi Andrew, I used your vitamins and supplements years ago, when I lived in the USA. In 2011 I moved back to Canada for personal reasons. I had a very serious car accident in 2014, was hit in rear by a truck and trailer traveling at a high rate of speed going down a hill. I WAS STOPPED! needless to say I have many neck,back, hip issues, head injury, and since then I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia as a result from the trauma. Anyway for some reason I was going through old emails, on my computer the other day and came upon one for a confirmation for an order I placed back in 2009 with you. I waited until you came on HSN in April and ordered the biggest bottles you have, because I remembered how great I felt on your product. I am on women’s multis, Omegas, hair skin and nails, colestacare, and marine collagen peptides. 🙂 I am noticing a difference already, I can move my neck more easily and less shoulder pain. The only thing that would make these even better is if you shipped to Canada. I am able to have them shipped to me in the US because I live within 5 miles of the boarder, and no problem bringing them across, just pay the taxes 🙂 As long as I can, I will never stop using your supplements and great products ever again. My goal is to get off pain medications, those things are not the answer! Thank you again Andrew for your love and caring for people and the environment! and providing the best vitamins and supplements ever made, and trust me I have pretty much tried them all. For me to go out of my way and to another country to get them should say it all!

  68. I saw your show, as I always do. I heard your comment, and know exactly what you’re referring to. And, I loved hearing you say it. I confess that I suspected that it would incite today’s Republicans. I had not heard about the rash of negative feedback until I read your blog. Sadly, I’m not surprised. I didn’t realize what a deeply divided country we had become until this last insane election.

    True story: when I got home on Wednesday my Choconuvo was waiting for me. I grabbed the box and ripped it open as I’ve been out of it for nearly a month (I usually keep well stocked). I reached in to grab a handful and they were all completely liquified due to the jump in temperatures this week (I live a mile or 2 south of your company in Henderson). I thought to myself “climate change killed my Choconuvo”. (Maybe we can do the Choconuvo a few weeks earlier next year. Still the best chocolate I’ve ever had. I just threw it in the fridge.)

    Stop apologizing. You didn’t say anything wrong. You just stated the scientific facts — as you always do. You’re all about the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. Are you going to apologize for that?

    The only thing that angers me is that you felt that you had to write such an elaborate apology to a bunch of polarized people who choose to believe in their own “alt facts” in their own “alt universe”. If they choose to bury their heads in the sand and believe “whatever it is that they do” — let them. But that doesn’t mean that you should apologize for their misguided and delusional thinking.

    Keep doing what you’re doing; and saying what you’re saying, and we’ll all be the better for it.

  69. God Bless America, and God bless you Andrew.
    This only shows how much you truly love this country. I have watched your shows for many years, and I thank God for you. I was never able to take vitamins because of stomach issues. However, I am able take your vitamins with no stomach issues. Please don’t let sour words from a few undermine ALL you have done for so many!
    Please keep making these vitamins, and know how much we NEED you!
    God Bless.

  70. The term climate change is a cop out. The climate is always changing and always has been. When global warming was not proven and is incorrect they changed to a neutral climate change. Snowflakes. Wimps. How about all the other countries do a fraction of what the US does and maybe our environment will improve.

  71. Andrew,

    I’m sad you had to spend your valuable mental energy worrying about this. I’ve watched your shows for years, in fact I often set an appointment in my calendar when you are on, even if I don’t need more products. I value you for your knowledge, honesty, sincerity and generousity. You are an amazing person who will not only leave the PLANET better than he found it, but also MY life, and for that I thank you. You bring me the best supplements and free health and wellness education – all of which are worth far more than you charge. I don’t care what your political affiliations are – you’re not asking for my vote! Keep doing exactly what you have been, please. You’re a unique and rare treasure and we are lucky to have you in our lives.

    All the best to you and Muriel – Lisa P.

  72. The world we live in is now so different. Many don’t respect the office of the president and they should. Americans think they live in a lawless society where they can do and say whatever they want without repercussions. It is all because we have forgotten God and prayer has been removed everywhere. It is not a political problem we have but a sin problem .

    Andrew you are a fine man with utmost integrity. Ignore them! You never bash but you are entitled to your opinions. Some look for any reason to complain. Everyone will not like you and it is ok . Regardless of your political affiliation, your supplements have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands. Please let that continue to be your focus and not the naysayers. You can never chase down a lie successfully.

    I didn’t vote for President Obama and I am a black woman. I didn’t go out and protest and burn cars and destroy businesses and say vile nasty things against him, his family or his supporters. What I did was call him my president, because he was, and I continued to pray for our nation.

    Andrew, I can tell that the comments of a few has bothered you because you are such an honerable man, but the masses whose lives you have changed, are with you.

    Be Blessed

  73. Andrew, I have used your vitamins (11 of them) for over 15 years and will continue to use them because they are the best on the market!! I don’t use them based on your political views or your views of our environment. I use them because they are the best anyone can buy!! Thank you!! You are a man of integrity and character and that speaks volumes! God bless you!

  74. I saw the show where the comment was made and my interpretation was “a dig” toward the administration and our leaders. I did not get offended but I did say to the tv “oh Andrew, you are going to lose some customers if you keep talking “.

    1. I agree,but as a conservative, you will not lose my business over this because I respect your right to have your own opinion. You didn’t go overboard with it, and you have earned my respect over the past 15 plus years. My cupboard is full of your vitamins that my husband and I take. I order your vitamins for my parents, and when my daughter recently got pregnant, your prenatal vitamins were the only ones I trust for her. Please know that there are a few conservatives who reacted because we have been so overwhelmed with negative anti-Trump propaganda from the mainstream media with our opinion not being allowed. (Berkeley is just the most egregious example) I think even those few who initially complained will be fair enough to see that you are decent man who always goes above and beyond to make a positive difference for health and the environment. You will always be held in high esteem by me and my family. We appreciate all that you have done to help us be as healthy as we can be. I have always appreciated your commitment to using solar energy and brag about that to everyone I refer to you for your vitamins. You are the only one I trust to buy vitamins from, and I did A LOT of research convincing my dad of this before he would let me send him your vitamins. Please know you are loved and respected by the vast majority of your loyal customers.

  75. It’s the media that’s over excited. They want to bring controversy. I applaud your efforts with solar energy. I love our President, but I would not jump to any conclusion about you. I hadn’t heard any of this but read your blog just now. I love your products. I’m not vegan but my daughter is allergic to gelatin, so I can’t wait for more gelatin free products.

  76. Dear Andrew, First I have my beloved mother for me knowing about you @ your amazing products, what you stand for, what you continue to provide on health and wellness . My mother past away, but let me tell you she faithfully watched whenever you were on tv and made me watch. She faithfully took your supplements everyday. I dropped off my healthily habits after she died , but rebooted, and seeked your products @ your knowledge for encouragement. I am a better person, and a healthier person because of it. I watched your shows last weekend as I do faithfully when you are on, not only to purchase your supplements, but learn more on health, wellness @ climate change, anything you have go share I am so eager to learn. You never made any comments about our President or talked about personal views reguaeding his administration in an for or fashion. I record your shows, so I don’t miss anything. I am sorry you had to deal with all of this. Please know that you have many people that love you. We love how hard you work at making the best supplements @ chocolate products in the works. We love The knowledge @ research provide, and your cheerful youthful positive energy that you bring through the air waves. Please don’t ever change who you are, and never leave us. I need you, my husband needs you @ so does all of your loyal customers. Thank you for thinking of our environment @ best practices with your company. May God Continue to Bless you, your Loved Ones, your Company always. Love Deborah

  77. Why would I not purchase your products? The day there is a drop in quality or increase in price. This is a nation where freedom of speech is allowed and freedom of choice is abundent. Ignore the opinions and retorict and continue your current buisnees as usual. Thanks for the quality and resarch!

  78. Love you Andrew! Always remember that for those that choose to walk out on you, your real friends will always walk in. And I am one of those friends that support you, your products and your views on health, wellness and the environment. We, the people, must always remember that we are responsible not only for our own well-being but of the well-being of this planet we call home.

  79. Ever heard the saying “Misery loves company?” It is true. The world is full of hateful unhappy people. They seek people like them, to help them tear down others, in search of feeling better about themselves. They like to cause trouble and stir the pot. I know all this to be true…. I was once there. If they’d stop the stinkin thinkin, respect themselves more and learn how to be happy within themselves, they could changes their entire being. We ALL have the power to do so. Want to be happy? Start telling a different story…. even if it’s not true yet….it will be. Andrew, keep doing what your doing. Only the losers in this world hear something bad when only good is spoken.

  80. How dare they come after you of all people! You have such dignity, integrity, honesty and humanity!! Do not let the venom of these bullies get to you. They are sickos who have no life, are bitter and full of evil! There is so much evil and hate in this country right now that I wonder where is America? Now to your extraordinary perfect products which I have been buying for over fifteen years, LOVE, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BUY FOREVER!!! THIS BULLYING HAS TO STOP! WE WILL FIGHT BACK! I never miss your shows on HSN. I find them very entertaining and informative. STAND STRONG ANDREW ! THEY PICKED ON THE WRONG PERSON THIS TIME!! WE ARE WITH YOU!! GOD BLESS YOU! WILL PRAY FOR YOU.

  81. No video necessary, not in K, where we have to be read to; I prefer scanning your articles, although this one was rambling a bit and might be useful to listen as white noise trying to fall asleep :)! Only kidding,. I noticed the veiled inference; but to each their own. Glad you use solar, hope you have an EV as well; Before they were mass produced DH converted one of our cars to electric for commuting. Hope none of your products have artificial sweeteners, after the recent news of their harmful side effects.

    1. MARY…….I bet al gore and leonardo are laughing all the way to the bank…..gore said 10 years ago the polar caps were melting and we’d all be underwater by now, and all the polar bears would be dead….well we all know none of that happened, but gore got richer. We all agree we need to keep our planet clean, clean water, oceans, food, land etc……but there are as many “respected” scientist that say all this hysteria over climate change is silly. Yep we do have climate changes, it’s called SEASONS…..winder, spring, summer and fall……I applaud Andrew for using solar, and always brag on that, and I’ve known for years that was his belief, but I would never bash him or stop ordering his wonderful products as I’ve done for over 20 years……..but the left can’t give the same respect to people that have a dif opinion…..and to bash Trump, is the most disrespectful thing they could do……he’s doing a great job, he won, buck up and be an adult, and respect the office, or move to another country

      andrew , I love you dearly, and have used only your vit for over 20+ years, and prob referred over 25 people to become your customer. Solar is great, and so glad you use it, but you need to realize there are a lot of states where the sun isn’t that strong like it is in NV……and a lot of people can’t afford it. I’ve known for years you’re strong on climate change , which is your prerogative ……but you can’t come down on people because maybe they believe differently……even though we have dif beliefs, I didn’t stop buying your products or recommending them…..and comments from a few jerks (dem or repub) don’t represent the mass. this PC thing is out of control…….love you, but the comments were not that subtly as to who you were talking about……hopefully you don’t cross that line again.Trump has made huge sacrifices to become President, he needs our support, love and prayers, an mostly our respect…….

      1. Where did you learn English grammar and structure? If you’re going to blog or express ideas in written form, please use spell check and/or syntax. You’re not alone in this category. A number of people on this blog should do a little review and edit. Just saying.
        Sometimes incohesive sentences look more like rants than good expression of thoughts. A recommendation for a lovely day.
        Peace out – ✌️

  82. I cannot even begin to understand why anyone would accuse you of such. All I have ever seen from you, Andrew, is how you try to help people. You Even opened your own lab so we do not have to consume all of additives in supplements that others put into their product. I for one appreciate the good that you do. My theory is.. Ignore Stupid.. That’s right, Stupid.. Ignorance can be taught and the ignorant are willing to learn but Stupid is JUST THAT.. STUPID! Keep up the good work Andrew!!

  83. Andrew, Yikes! I wake up this morning and see your heartfelt words jumping off the page. I watched every show during your most recent visit to HSN! You DID NOT bash the President! By the way, I voted for President Trump.

    In this instance, you are a Victim of an over emotional public who are frustrated with their own lives and envious of yours. Unfortunate. These sorts of people haven’t achieved much in Life and NEVER will. They are jealous of your Success and Expertise but take NO action to improve themselves. PLEASE, ignore their comments and Opinions . I know it’s difficult!

    You DID NOT bash the President. I will NEVER stop taking your products and by the way, use about 16 of your GLORIOUS creations with most recently starting Healthy Hair Skin and Nails and the results are overwhelming. I would actually buy MORE stock in your company if it existed.

    I recently visited your company in Henderson and was extremely amazed at your commitment to Solar and the apparent expansion of another building on the premises. OUTSTANDING . TWC is the combination that I TRUST and always will.

    I won’t go on….KEEP MAKING THE GREATEST products in the WORLD.

    Northern California

  84. A blog, or a speech, should resemble the hemline have a woman’s skirt. ” it should be long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting. ”

    Andrew, you did nothing wrong. No need to apologize, but it was a classy thing to do. I have benefited from your products, and your knowledge since the old QVC days and will continue to do so for many more years.

  85. Unfortunately this country is so divided at this time – very sad. I have no doubt you would not have said on air something you felt was bashing the president. We all have our own opinions. However you are too smart of a business man to intentionally do something like that. Keep doing what you do and please keep educating us – I love your products. People will perceive as they choose.

  86. In my opinion, based on words only, the statement should not have been perceived as bashing. I did not hear when this occurred so do not know the tone or inflection of the spoken words. That said, it is your opinion. I listen for the education you give on vitamins and try to watch every time you are on HSN. There are very knowledgeable scientists who disagree with your opinion on climate change and they deserve respect also. Now, I am an intelligent, fact-driven woman. To hear people say President Trump is not their president is as ridiculous as the people who, for 8 years, did not view Obama as their president. How self-righteous of those people to think the world, after 8 years of a man who spent his presidency spinning everyone to think he left the world in a better place, was a messiah because they liked him. Everyone has different opinions. Facts are facts. We should all want rule of law followed, a safe world, a world where all opinions can be spoken….not protested to silence others and people barred from speaking. Stop it, America. What a sad legacy for our previous president to have left us. A world where people have to be afraid to say who they voted for, a world where someone cannot read their Bible before a class starts in their own free time, a world where we were told we were safe from N. Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs because of a signed piece of paper, a country full of hate. That is where we are after 8 years. Think about it…don’t you want better than that for our country. Give the new President a chance. Obama had very little experience in government. His time as community organizer was his experience. Sad, because all he did was divide. I hope HSN and presenters remember they should not give opinions on world issues…just on the products you are presenting. Thanks, Andrew, for your products. Love them and your informative presentations. Let this go. Just a life blip…we all have them. Let’s all hope this country becomes successful under this President, who IS the President of us all.

  87. Hello Andrew..its been a pleasure getting to know who you are and what you stand for. To see you so passionately care about the people that are your friends and clients. I recently just started watching you on your vitamins i decided to give them a try with a couple of my health issues. Ultmate eye.. Omega 3.. Vitamins and am looking forward to the outcome. As Jane Seymour quotes ” ITS THE LOVE YOU SHARE AND THE IMPACT YOU MAKE” Peace and Blessing …. Doris

  88. Only dumb people start raging about imaginable things, if they stop taking care of their wellness because of nonsense they made up in their own head – good, maybe less of those will be left lol… Andrew, your products are simply the best out there, and you will always have ton of loyal customers. I direct many new people to get your supplements, as many of us I am sure. So you will not even feel if few dumb ones drop out 🙂

  89. I’m not going anywhere Andrew!! Heaven forbid that you might be able to express your opinion without being attacked. I watched many of the shows, and if your comments bashed anyone, it must have gone over my head. To make some people happy, your supplements could be promoted by robots. You are a well-educated, highly intelligent, and well-read man. Keep on keeping on. I’ve lost a few Facebook friends over political discussions. After 60+ years I finally used my voice and will not apologize to anyone for that. G-d bless.

  90. It’s sad that you would even have to do this, but it’s just the toxic environment that we live in today. I am & will continue to be a customer. People are just looking for a story, someone to lunge at without even thinking twice about what they are saying or doing. I respect you for you contributions to health & wellness & making the best vitamins on the planet!! Much Love!

  91. No, you certainly did not bash the President. I was watching your show on HSN and I can, with 100% certainty, state you absolutely did no such thing. You were discussing your views on the importance of solar energy and explaining your passion for cleaner energy sources. I agree 110%.
    I’m a customer for life.

  92. Andrew-
    “The Lord bless you & keep you;
    The Lord make His face shine upon you,
    And be gracious to you,
    The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
    And give you peace.”
    You did nothing wrong, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Your integrity & kind spirit shine through everything you do.
    Thank you for educating & making us healthier human beings. You are the best!!!

  93. I watched your show when you were speaking about the ultimate eye you never said anything about the president! As I read this this morning I stopped halfway through I thought it was so ridiculous that you have to answer to people about mentioning anything about the climate . I’ll Gore informed us of what was going on with Klemow years ago and he to got bashed but here we are with the problem that he said would occur.
    Andrew you did nothing wrong I’m so sorry even had a comment on it I didn’t even hear you say anything especially you said nothing about the president don’t put any more energy into this many of us respect you for the man that you are with your honesty and integrity and you’ve helped a great deal of people have better lives physically because of your wonderful Vitamins .
    Every day that I take your vitamins I feel like I’m doing something great for my body and I’m confident that it will work and they do consistently .
    Thank you for always delivering the best possible product and always being so honest and upfront with everyone .

    1. I so apologize for my typos I meant to say Al gore not I’ll. Also I meant to say climate not Klemow lol. My apologies it’s early and I have t had my office.
      Andre this to shall pass. I’m sure you’ll gain more business on your honesty and integrity . My father used to tell me when I was upset about something, today’s news will be lining tomorrow’s newspaper basket.

    2. Tamara what is going on? We are all still here aren’t we? and Al Gore is still flying all over the world in his big private jet lining his pockets with cash!

  94. Andrew, I am so sorry to hear this. Has the whole world lost its mind? I have listened to you for so long and talked about your wonderful health information that my husband tells my children they should call me “Mrs. Lessman”. I have never heard anything I thought was remotely related to politics. I hate politics! I do vote and stay informed, but do not watch news, and I avoid all political events. You are entitled to your opinions just like the rest of us. When did we become so intolerable of others viewpoints? There will always be those who are waiting to attack someone else, no matter the situation. We know you love this nation. I don’t think you will lose any customers over this. Not in my family!

  95. This is not the same Political World we grew up in Andrew. I’m 66 years old and Retired Navy. Now we live in a “Political Correct World” which is hurting our Nation. People hear only what they want to hear. When will this Nation wake up and see the light? I agree with your Blog. Keep up the Excellent work you are doing my Friend.

  96. Hi Andrew,

    I watched all of your shows this past weekend. You never bashed the president, just clearly stated that this administration does not believe in climate change. We live in a scary world when people feel the need to threaten someone for stating the obvious if their beliefs differ.

    We have been taking your products since my mother discovered you in early 2005. She is turning 82 this month, loves taking your products and enjoys watching your presentations. My only request is would you please lower your prices? I spent $771 this past weekend purchasing for my family, the credit cards are almost maxed out from splurging every visit. A couple of years back we sent you a photo of the cabinet my husband re-designed, filled with your wonderful products. Yours are the only vitamins and supplements my family and I will ever purchase, we see climate change as you do.

    You are an honest man, filled with integrity. Your parents should be very proud of the son they raised. . Let the hate slide off your back and have a wonderful weekend.

    Happy Birthday to Lincoln!


  97. I am so sorry that you felt the need to spend your time to even respond. I thank you so very much for the wonderful knowledge and products you have made available to my family and friends and to our country. (also, the world… like free vitamins)

    I pray God’s blessings on you and you family. Thanks again.


  98. Excellent blog Andrew. I am a long time user of your products and will continue to be. Although I could write a very extensive editorial on this subject I will make this brief. NEVER apologize for expressing a political opinion. I know you didn’t in this case, but as much as this administration wants to take away our free speech we still, for now, have the ability and right to speak our minds.
    It is clear that whoever resented your comments were not ridiculing you personally, these people just don’t believe in science. They don’t believe in facts. They don’t believe in the truth. All things that you represent.
    So hold your head high and keep doing what you do. You’re an inspiration and role model. Thank you.

  99. Your vitamins and company are top quality. Anyone who threatens to stop buying your products is the loser in this . Some people just need a target.
    (I fell asleep and did not see all of the Saturday night show. I had already ordered my TS. )
    I don’t have as much confidence as you do that better decisions will be made. On Feb 2,2017 the STREAM PROTECTION ACT was overturned. I was very discouraged by that. Would Donald Trump really care about the decisions you have made as a responsible company? I don’t share your optimism.
    I do wish conversations could be more civilized, but I also believe insiteing anger was enhanced by the President Elect and he likes it that way.

  100. 1. You are very intelligent.
    2. You have an audience of millions of people.
    3. “Climate change” is a political hot button.
    4. You pushed it.
    5. Consequences.

  101. Hello Andrew,

    You can be proud of the superlative job you do in every aspect of your business, and I believe my health has been positively affected, and the quality of my life has been enhanced, by taking your vitamins on a regular basis for many, many years.

    That being said, can’t we keep Religion out of your presentations, as well as Politics?

    You make repeated references to “the guy upstairs” and his brilliant designs.
    Some of us think it is evolution to which we owe the credit. Please stick to what you do, and keep your presentations purely about the products, how you produce them, and your other positive contributions related to your business.

    Thank you!

    1. Again
      One adult trying to tell another adult what not to believe and what he should and should not say. Without God, none of you would have been created. You did not evolve JD. The air you breathe did not evolve. God created all things and without him nothing was made.
      JD you live YOUR life how you see fit and let Andrew and all others live theirs. When you die, you will for sure find out that you didn’t evolve.

    2. Freedom of religion not from religion….get over it!!!
      God bless you for your comments Andrew.

  102. I know you did not bash the president . This was my responses to the HSN forum

    Posted by IamShortDiva 4 days ago
    I did not hear him BASHING anyone . He was simply talking about global warming . Some think it is warming , some don’t . The facts speak for themselves . Not believing or believing does not make anything true .

    Seriously , the office of the Presidency should be respected . An issue that may affect all life on earth also needs to be respected.

    Maybe he should have just tweeted his opinion.

    Just MY opinion NOT a divine revelation

    IamShortDiva 4 days ago
    I genied every show never heard any BASHING . Disagreeing with someone is NOT bashing . Stating an opinion abut global warming is not bashing. Acknowledging the position of elected officials is not bashing .

    I have NO intentions of EVER stopping buying Andrew’s products .

    I do wish though, that less was said on all media concerning politics . It only feeds on some folks need to be angry.

    We can do this , just ignore the talk , the tweets , and all the media hype – ON BOTH SIDES.

  103. Andrew:

    It astounds me that some people have decided to separate themselves from the realities of good sound judgment based on facts and decide to embrace illusionary facts purported by those who care nothing about our environment and only support corporate greed. As the good citizen you are and the amazingly wonderful businessman you are angers me that you are the target of needless and unwarranted statements you bashed our President. Simply nonsense!
    Andrew, I do not think you have anything to worry about. Your customers know you care about our environment and are not bashing the President….unfortunately the Presidents base is full of hateful, disgruntled Americans that spru a true lack of common sense and are easily guided into darkness by recent political events.
    Andrew, keep your head held high as you have much to be proud of. Do not let these misguided few bring you down as soon this too will pass!

    Your customers ALWAYS!!!!!!
    Rick & Renate Moore

  104. OMG … You’re the coolest person on TV! What’s wrong with people? These days if you say “Hi” to someone with the wrong tone, you’re going to be called any number of ridiculous names, and accused of being on the wrong side of the political fence. People need to chill out.

    I my wife and I love and use your products and that’s “NOT” going to change any time soon. Especially by someone calling you out for something you didn’t say.

    Love ya Andrew, keep fighting the good fight regarding our health with your awesome products.

  105. Science is real. Climate change is real. It’s a sad state of affairs that we’ve come back to a point in time where people who stand up for science are seen as some sort of threat. We could do so much better if we all worked together to solve problems instead of ignoring them and attacking each other.

  106. I am an Andrew Lessman fan all the way and take many of his supplements for many years now; and learn so very much from his shows on HSN. No person or persons can change that! I have never once heard of Andrew saying anything political at all; and I do personally feel that he has a right to comment on anything regarding our planet because his products are ‘of’ and ‘from’ our planet earth, which he so respectfully supports and preserves! Thank you always Andrew for that and more!

  107. Hi Andrew, I went to my Face Book page this morning and was deeply saddened and completely bewildered. I have no idea how people could have misinterpreted your comments about the environment as bashing the President and his administration. I had no idea about any of this until today.

    I agree with everything you wrote. EVERYTHING. You absolutely did not say anything against our President or political in nature. That being said, I would like to say that I, personally can’t believe all the energy the citizens of our country are wasting on hating each other over politics. I wish we could all take that energy and pour it into love for all humanity and acts of compassion and kindness. Now, that would make a positive difference in our world.

    My husband and I have taken your vitamins for over 15 years and we will continue to do so. I also buy your vitamins as gifts for family and friends. I’m not one to write product reviews, although I should and will start because your products have helped us improve and maintain our health in myriad ways.

    Overall, you are one of a few people, who by your example of integrity and high standards has inspired me to improve myself over the years. I’m sure there are many other people who feel that way.

    With what you wrote, I am reminded a quote that Paul Chek, founder of the C.H.E.K Institute used several months ago when writing about our earth using the analogy of our earth to an egg “If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If it is broken by an inside force, life begins.”

    Thank you for all that you, Muriel and your staff at ProCaps labs do for us! God Bless you all- and our President!

  108. So sorry after all you have done to help us with safe & healthy products .I try to promote your products to family + friends. I’m in my 80th year I wish I knew you 30 yrs ago. Thank you for all your efforts. I continue to purchase as much as I can due to my low income I fit them in with my daily foods. God Bless You..

  109. Yes, climate change is real for it has been happening since the “ice age”. In today’s world people have totally “flipped out”. In my life, I have seen many Presidents of this great land of ours in my lifetime ; my views may differ from some , but I have always supported the “Office”. As to climate change, I say follow the money trail. Clean water, clean air, etc. I support, but most political views I question.

    My wife and I have been taking quality vitamins for years, and only switched to yours in the last year or so. We are sold on your vitamins / supplements. One day we plan to visit Pro Labs.

    Would like to see a book or report on the overlapping of your vitamin / supplement line.

  110. My second comment & I can be political unlike Andrew so what I say please do not take it out on Andrew. I am so worried about our planet & feel not just with our planet our future is looking very bleak with this new Admin. I have a husband that has a pre-existing condition & worry very much about future health insurance & maybe not being able to get it & if we do not being able to begin to afford it. Not just health insurance but # 45 doesn’t even know facts or history that I think all our Presidents should know & he is not a person in any way I respect or can look up to & he is a total embarrassment for me & feel the world. Had to get it out & so be it. Pray we can somehow repair all the damage he is doing & we again will have a bright future someday. Will continue to buy Andrew’s vitamins. They are the best on the planet!

    1. exactly what damage is Trump doing……lowering taxes, simplifying the tax code, creating the best job report we’ve had in 10 years, helping the vets get proper care, bringing companys back to America vs them going abroad, getting rid of the obama health care that would hurt everyone, term limits for politicians , supporting the police, helping the soldiers, better equipment for our military, and the list goes on and on……so which one of those things do you not like????

      1. Why does any of that have to do with vitamins or being conscientious towards the environment? Off topic.

      2. Amen! Lol!
        The damage that President Trump is doing? The damage is coming from those who didn’t vote and support him! Those who lost the election are the ones protesting, burning buildings and cars and destroying businesses. Criminals who need to be brought to justice!! You should be embarrassed Elaine at your own comments. Take the blinders off and look and the tremendous progress that Our president has made.

      3. Really??? So you’re crediting him with employment trends 3 months into his presidency? As if he “reset” the economy the minute he walked in the door? Not that I believe the numbers any of them put out, but the supposedly positive trends in employment started years ago while Obama was in office, and these numbers are just a continuation of that. Lowering taxes? Haven’t seen that yet, but most of the cuts he’s looking at would overwhelmingly benefit those at the top and corporations, few of which pay anywhere near the 35% rate (if they pay anything at all). Getting rid of the ACA? Meaning getting rid of discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions and making people in your age group pay 3, 4 or 5 times what they’re paying now. “Supporting the police”? Yeah, absolving the police in Baton Rouge of killing a man in cold blood after one of them pointed a gun at his head and said “I’ll kill you, b—-.” “Helping the soldiers” – by putting them in even more countries where they can kill and be killed?

        “Helping the vets get proper care”, “bringing companys (sic) back to America”, “term limits for politicians” – haven’t seen any of that yet.

        As far as “exactly what damage is Trump doing”? Well, the list is a large one. Let’s just say making it easier for polluters to pollute, taking our private internet activity and making it a commodity companies can buy and sell, killing many in more undeclared wars than Obama engaged in, undermining our system of fair taxation by refusing to release his own taxes, collusion with foreign powers either by himself directly or by members of his administration, intermingling church and state by allowing for the politicization of churches, pitting people against refugees and immigrants and persons of other faiths, threatening our standing in the world with his irrational and inconsistent positions and lack of knowledge of world events, allowing family members to profiteer while travelling around the world on the public dime, having classified discussions with the Japanese prime minister at Mar-a-Lago in a dining room while members of the public loitered about and snapped photos, demoralizing members of the intelligence community with his disparaging comments, threatening the 1st Amendment with his attacks on journalists and those disagreeing with him, and those pesky Russian ties – oh, and golfing every 5.4 days instead of doing the people’s business as he said he would do, unlike Obama.

      4. Cutbacks in environmental protections and worker safety protections, allowing our personal internet histories to be bought and sold without our consent, the Russia ties of himself and his cronies, refusal to release taxes, attacks against the press and those who disagree with him, more undeclared wars than even Obama, proposed tax cuts for the rich and corporations, having classified discussions in public, turning us against one another, etc., etc., etc.

  111. Andrew, thank you for your products, which I have used for at least 15 yrs. I am 76 yrs, a retired Med Tech, working in the medical field for 45 yrs. I watched most of your last shows, and did not receive thoughts or negative comments from you, directed at the current President. Even if I don’t purchase, from you, at that moment, I try to watch you, for all the good info you offer us. I applaud you for your feelings and approach to caring for our fragile environment. I am in northern MN, and surrounded by Eagles, loons, Fox, wolves, black bear etc, that need a clean place to survive, as do we. I will continue to buy your great products. Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND KIND SPIRIT

  112. 1. You are very intelligent.
    2. You have an audience of millions.
    3. “Climate change” is a political hot button.
    4. You pushed it.
    5. Consequences.

  113. People need to grow up and I would bet not one of the people bashing buy your products. Mr. Lessman is allowed to have a darn opinion about something. If those bashers had seen Mr. Lessman bash a democrat, it would have been fine with them so lets be real. He didn’t bash anyone else but people shouldn’t be hypocritical. I watched every second of his last visit and he bashed no one. He maintains great restraint, more than I would be able to. Climate change is real even if the President chooses to ignore it and Andrew does not have to pretend it isn’t just to appease fans of President Trump.

  114. Dear Andrew:

    I think people who would make such absurd comments about you are obviously not keeping in the best of health (both mental and physical) by taking your products!
    Keep up your superb work.


  115. Andrew maybe its your competition from other vitamin companies trying to cause a problem, they can’t say anything about your vitamins so they go for personal attacks, then you also have people with perception issues in that they hear perceive things the wrong way even if you did not say it they think you said it and they have a toxic reaction.

  116. Dear Andrew,

    So disappointed and saddened that you have to go through this. Your products are wonderful as well as your commitment. My husband and I have been using your products for several years and will continue. We have much admiration for the way you conduct yourself.

    Be strong and carry on!


    My husband and I will continue to use your products

  117. Dr. Lessman,

    You have been a source of much healing through your vitamin products for myself and my elderly mother, and we’re very grateful!
    I always watch when you are on HSN, and didn’t find anything you said controversial, and I’m very sorry to hear that all of this has gone on via the HSN postings!

    Just keep on doing your best as you have always done, be yourself and don’t be afraid to express yourself, and know that your loyal supporters will stick with you and support you through thick and thin!

    THANK YOU for everything that you do for the health of so many people throughout the world!!! God bless you and your loved ones!!!

  118. Andrew,

    I am truly sorry you had to become the centerpiece of this kind of ridiculous discussion among the lazies of our culture who have nothing better to do. For those of us with half a brain, we know who you are and we understand your passion for what you do; we know your history. We buy your products because we’ve done our homework and know for a FACT, not heresay, that your products are the best produced. They have come to be the best because they have a person with the passion, the integrity, the knowledge and the wherewithal to put all that he has behind every single item that comes out of Pro Cap Labs. Politics are not a part of this discussion.

    Leave the lazies and crazies to wallow in their own mire because nothing will change the nature of lazy people spouting off inaccuracies from the top of their head and other lazies who quickly jump on a bandwagon and are too lazy to investigate if something is fact or fiction. You are a good man Andrew and have always conducted yourself with honesty, transparency and integrity. You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody, especially people perpetrating fake news. For those of you who question Andrew’s motives, try something new and do some homework. Study a little history (something that our society has little respect for anymore) and take a look at Andrew’s history and it will explain why he has devoted so much time, effort and expense to develop a totally solar facility in order to leave a smaller industrial footprint on the environment. FYI, it has nothing to do with politics and I truly believe our President will agree. Meanwhile, keep up the good work Andrew because your customers need you and just ignore the the mindless chatter.

  119. Here in Kansas City any mention of the President will split the room with supporters and opponents aggressively presenting their points of view, often with fierce exaggeration. Certainly I support free speech but I have heard enough. I have been with Andrew’s products since Sharper Image and would not buy any other brand of vitamins or supplements. He has educated me on several health issues which have prepared me for unexpected health challenges over the years. I respect him for many reasons and have never taken issue with any of his comments. I expect that he has opinions about politics as do most of us but I have not heard him mention any. Climate change is a fact and the consequences are not to be ignored. I appreciate Andrew’s integrity and generosity. I have little interest in political discussions and prefer that those who do express themselves in other arenas.

  120. Hello Mr. Lessman,
    We do not want blogs included here that do not represent true honest comments about the products. This is the “age” of ‘Selfies’, where too many people clog the information highway with nonsense trivia that are created to bring attention to themselves. I never waste precious time reading twits, listening to others repeat twits, and I change the channel when I hear “twit non-news” by anyone.
    Procaps has the right to edit out blogs that are not appropriate to the products, or you.

  121. You don’t make blatant Political or Religious comments, why would anyone accuse you of this? I think businesses are making huge mistakes by making emphatic opinions on either subject. Why cut out a chunk of your customers?

    Love you – Thanks for your commitment to quality products and for making them as affordable as possible for people like myself who don’t always have alot of $$ but care about our health and exercise!

  122. (as for the ‘guy upstairs’, – what’s wrong with that? I’m sick of the uptight micro aggression in this Society if there’s the slightest difference in opinion.
    LIGHTEN UP everybody!. 🙂
    as for the Global Warming thing – it’s really not political party related, people in all parties believe it’s a reality…. it’s more an issue of man-made cause vs. natural causes.
    I’m not knowledgeable enough to make any emphatic claims, but lean towards natural causes being the culprit in what I do know of the science.
    Even still, I don’t care which way Andrew believes on it – and it’s certainly nothing to get hostile about or stop purchasing his products over. =)
    Carry on, Andrew #thumbsup

  123. Artis and others, you are exhibiting the same unreasonable thinking as those who accused Andrew. You are on the opposite side but you are just as anxious to politicize everything. Follow Andrew and keep your political opinions to yourself. Andrew makes great products in a responsible manner. No politics required to support that fact.

  124. I agree with one of the previous posts , We should be better than this.
    It does not matter whether we are Republicans, Democrats, Independents,
    We are all AMERICANS FIRST and should stand together no matter who
    the president. is. I too have been taking Andrew products since he first
    appeared on QVC and I could not care less what his political views are.
    I will buy his product’s for the rest of my life because they are simply the
    best. Thank you Andrew for all you do so sorry you had to put up with this.

  125. Love your point of view and I love your vitamins. I learn from you every time you’re on tv.

    Please don’t be discouraged by an overly vocal few. Some people live their lives “insulted”. Keep up the good work!

  126. I am over 80 and I have seen our politicians move further and further away from helping the people and closer and closer to helping themselves. Our leaders and corporate fathers are consumed with greed. They probably care about global warming and the environment, but they care more about raping the land and rivers for profit. Our corporate leaders will not use the windfall from lower taxes to create more jobs, they will pay themselves bigger bonus’ and obscene retirement benefits, just like they have done in the past. Our President has the mentality of a corporate leader and appears to be using his position for self gain, appeasing the middle class tax payers and stepping on the backs of the poor by
    taking away their health care. Don’t fret, Jesus is watching and He has a plan for His loyal followers and a plan for those who worship the almighty dollar.

    Mr. Lessman, I believe you have a grand reward coming to you one day. The Lord has used you all these years to seek and develop supplements that help us to resist the bad affects of our environment and to be strong and healthy. You educate us and you set an extraordinary example for us. I watched my mother suffer so much with the pain from arthritis, so at age 43 I began ordering your glucosamine. To this day I have no signs of discomfort in my joints. I take a variety of your products and I feel great. It truly was a blessing the day I first heard your presentation and I have purchased your products as a gift for others, who ultimately became customers of yours. God loves you and so do I.

  127. I heard your comment about climate change on the show and did not in any way think you were bashing anyone!
    I would not pay much attention to the really negative comments as the people who send them probably are over reactors looking for a problem to rant about.
    You appear to me to be a kind and thoughtful man.
    Love your products….
    Linda Donohue
    Roseville California

  128. I am so sorry you had to go thru all this hog wash. It seems that one can not even say hello to certain folks without offending them in some way. You are doing a great job on all fronts concerning your business. Please don’t let these, crap, i don’t even know what to call them, but anyway, don’t let “them’ get you down. Anyone with any common sense anymore, knows you are doing a good job.

  129. I also have taken Andrews vitamins since he appeared on QVC and I love them. I feel great about the care and conscious effort to make sure they are of the highest quality and if gives me great pride to tell others about how much I love them and learn from your airings. Sometimes I already have enough vitamins and don’t even order I just watch the content to learn more. It is regrettable to hear that those comments were made. I am a Andrew Lessman fan and will continue to purchase your wonderful products. Thank you Andrew!

  130. I always enjoy watching Andrew when he’s on, i always learn something from him and will continue to watch his shows. Everyone is entitled to their opinion without being bashed or ridiculed. But then again you’ve got the crazies who like to stir up trouble at the drop of a hat. Don’t worry about them Andrew, we’ll continue to purchase your products!

  131. I am a longtime, loyal customer of Andrew Lessman. I was listening to his show on the day of his unfortunate remark. I looked up at the TV and said, “Whoa, did he really say that?” I backed up my DVR and replayed it. I then said, “Well that’s going to get misunderstood!” I understood what he meant. I think his choice of words was a simple mistake. The only people who are worthy of criticism, should never have made a mistake before in their life. And no one qualifies to be in that category. Andrew Lessman has shown his character for decades – which by the way, has nothing to do with selling vitamins. He should have his biography written and sold on HSN. I would certainly buy it, along with thousands!

  132. Maybe if you took it easy on the solar panels your prices would go down. Liberals have been in full melt down mode since losing this election, we are used to it. The climate is in God’s control, it is not owned by liberal politicians as another reason to tax hard working Americans. I would advise you actually do keep your political opinions to yourself, as non-liberals are sick of all the crap we deal with from the left.

  133. I watch Andrew every time he is on HSN. Even if I don’t plan to buy anything, you are always sure to learn something. He is so intelligent, and compelling to watch and I just get a kick out of watching him and Coleen Lopez. They both have such a good sense of humor. I enjoy getting a complete break from hearing anything political, and I haven’t ever heard him say anything regarding politics. He devotes his life to making great products, and helping people. How many lives does he favorably affect with his prenatal vitamins that are given out to people around the world? How many birth defects has he had a hand in preventing? We live in this consumer driven society, that we just assume that anyone who sells anything is just trying to make themselves wealthy. I believe that Andrew is the polar opposite of that. If I didn’t live in Rogue River Oregon (home of the Rogue River Rooster Crow Contest) and could handle hot weather, I would be in Henderson Nevada making every effort to find a job at his company.

  134. Andrew….I was so shocked to read this blog. I was so unaware that this kind of conduct was going on. I am in shock, I really am!I have been watching you for years, NEVER EVER did I hear of any political talk from you. What is wrong with these people? Do they not have anything else to do? They should go to church! That would give them something to do with their time and they might learn something along the way.! You do such a good thing giving us all of your knowledge and GREAT VITAMINS! My husband and I feel great with your vitamins and have received many benefits from taking them. Would not be without them! My husband and I are from the 1950’s and want to be shipped back there! Andrew, we appreciate you very much! Just keep doing what you are doing. We will keep watching you and enjoying your products. God Bless!

  135. ANDREW, keep doing what you do. I am grateful there is a reputable company for the supplements and information. Your loyal customers are loyal because of your loyalty to US! You cannot change stupidity.

  136. Hello, Mr. Lessman – I have purchased your products for many years now and I’ve watched your presentations for many years also. While I didn’t see this particular one, you have always talked about being concerned with the environment and how your company is solar powered. This too shall pass. You are a good man, Mr. Lessman, never change. God bless you. Psalm 138

  137. Hi Andrew, I have wondered for years why other Companies have not converted to Solar, Solar Energy is FREE. My whole family uses your Pro Caps Vitamins,
    I am 82 years young been a customer for 20 years, and will continue to use them for ever.
    Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family.

  138. andrew i can do enough bashing for you and everyone else especially after the congress passed the repeals bill. i am 56 yrs old with MS and HTN, DM as my pre-existing illnesses. i am on a fixed income but will not use any other supplements. i have used your products for many, many years and will continue to do so. i love how they are so pure, gluten, dairy free and made to save the environment. i think i have over 20 of your products. i wish you would do a shake with no soy protein and some other type like pea protein so i could use it.

  139. Since I watched only one of your shows, and you did not mention climate change in that segment, I cannot honestly comment on that. However, about climate change itself…I am one that does not deny climate change exists. I just disagree that it requires global taxation and severe restrictions to stop or slow the change. The way I see it, the climate is not a set phenomenon, but it has continued to change, warmer and cooler, since the beginning of time on planet earth. I am one who is suspicious of agendas that want to severely tax us, and how is that money going to be used to solve the problem? There are disagreements among scientists about climate change and how immediate is the crisis. First we heard ‘global warming’, then when we experienced a record cold winter, the politically correct term gradually became ‘climate change’. (and anyone who questions the change in terms is ‘bashed’). I believe we have come a long way with more stringent requirements on emissions and pollutants being released into our atmosphere, compared to several decades ago. I am all for cleaning up the environment, responsible recycling, and I personally live a minimalist lifestyle. And I also believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. Andrew, I have always respected your integrity, your company, and your lifestyle choices. Thank you for all you do to leave the planet a better place. Your blog reflects the man of integrity that you are.

  140. Andrew, I agree with Marla. I watch people who had TV shows for years, talk shows, news shows, you name it. They speak so vile now, because an amendment says they can. I have stopped watching alot of them, because I really get upset listening to this. I wonder how they can wake up every single day and start and end their shows with such disdain for our president. I saw a news person interviewing him last week and he laughed right in his face. So bad. so so bad. We were raised to respect our President.Had you said something positive about President Trump there would have also been a blog from the bashers themselves mad that you said something nice about the man. Lately, we cant win, can we. Just keep on working and trying to help people as you always have. The letter was nice, touching and I saw you wore your heart on your sleeve. But those of us who watch you for years can hardly detect any meanness in you. Please forget this,. You are a wonderful person. And you have alot of love and support from your viewers.

  141. I agree with Andrew. My family and I will continue to use his products. They are the best.

  142. Andrew, I did watch your show and only heard environmental concerns and about your use of solar energy. NO Bashing did I hear at all. Sometimes people hear what they want to hear. That is not your problem and nothing anyone can correct. The great division in America greatly saddens me, Such anger and hatred should not be happening in America, our great country. Just keep making your wonderful vitamins and thank you for being sensitive to our environmental concerns.

  143. Andrew just kept doing what you are doing!! I want to thank you for being the best there is in the Vitamin world. I have MS and your vitamins help me every day. Trying to live the best way I can. Forget what others supposedly think you can’t control that. God bless you

  144. Andrew, I love your products and I love you! Please keep your focus on your family, your company, and your loyal customers. Do not let this distraction deter you from your mission of making the world’s finest supplements.
    God Bless You and God Bless America!

  145. It’s ashame that we have become a nation of voracious pack of of shame police! Any statement that can possibly be construed negatively is attacked and the person is vilified. I did watch the show and you did not bash the President. You are correct and climate change is not at the forefront of this administration. People today need to stop living on Facebook and social media and wake up to the fact that there is more out there than texting on their phone and taking selfies. I applaud your efforts to reduce the carbon footprint . Keep up the good work.

  146. Andrew,
    Keep up the great work you are doing and the excellent products that you sell. I too am very shocked that anyone would choose to attack you in any way. I appreciate your products and the professional way you operate your business. Keep up the great work and please know that you have so many friends in this great country! The thousands upon thousands of great reviews that represent all your products, speak volumes for the person you are!! I love your products and will continue supporting you and your company forever!!!

  147. You and your products contribute so much positive in our lives. In my opinion your beautiful, well written, statement was not necessary. There are those who, unfortunately will find fault and/or conspiracy in all others. Ignore and keep doing the worthy and welcome work you do in adding quality to all the lives you and your products touch.

  148. I did not hear of this controversy. My stance is and always will be, when buying a product to promote a healthy lifestyle, I will buy the best. There is no reason to buy an inferior product hoping for the same results. The research, and knowledge base he draws from and speaks to us as his consumers, puts Andrew on another level of conscience commerce. The fact that he uses solar energy in the blazing Neveda desert, only promotes my conviction that I am purchasing the highest quality vitamins available. He cares, do you see that with other businesses?, not many. That we would bash the POTUS, would be a very bad idea, indeed for any businessman. We all know Andrew is not stupid. Stay with buying his vitamins for the right reason, they are beneficial to you, not because of a small amount of people perceived an insult.

  149. Hi Andrew, I voted for Donald Trump, and have spent a fortune with you. I have boycotted anyone who spoke bad about him! I use to be a democrat, but am now an independent. I didn’t leave the Democratic party, they left me, or I grew up, anyway I love our country and felt he was the best choice. Please continue to make your great products, and leave any political comments to yourself, and I will, in turn, continue to love you and buy your products . You are a great vitamin man, and your products are outstanding !!!

  150. I have been watching Andrew and using his products for 27 years. I found his site by searching for a product to help me with RA. I was given a list of supplements that would prove beneficial by my doctor. I did not want to take a dozen pill so I searched the web for any product containing the ingredients. I found Andrew Joint Support and Bone Factors. The two products contained 100% of the 12 items I needed. And hence a lasting relationship was formed.

    Through the years I have been educated on nutrition, medical conditions, herbs, vitamins, etc. The information has been amazing. Andrew gives you so much information about the product, its background, production, and benefits.

    Never, not one word ever about this sick crazy world and its political views have I ever heard uttered from his lips.

    This too will pass. I regret that Andrew had to spend time and energy addressing this foolishness instead of what he does best. Bring us quality products.

  151. This customer isn’t going anywhere and I’m promoting you to my family and friends!!!!!

  152. Andrew you have the best vitamins and your company is top notch and for all the other people that are commenting can’t we just get along we all have one thing in common we like Andrew Lessman and his vitamins !

  153. I personally WAS watching Andrew when he mentioned climate change. NEVER was the president’s name mentioned or bashed. There are many people who don’t believe in climate change & I took Andrew’s statement to mean that he does believe in it – PERIOD! People need to really relax & not be so ready to believe the worse in people. When did we become a nation filled with so many “sensitive” people that can’t live peacefully together because of differing opinions. It’s called DIVERSITY & FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Seriously, grow up people! GEESCH!!!

  154. I love you Andrew Lessman and I love and use your products. I respect you and your company and all you do for the environment to keep it clean. And I commend you for your free vitamin program for pregnant women. I think talking about Climate Change IS political and that may have been what offended some of your customers-I don’t know, I didn’t see the show. Science has not proven one way or the other if climate change really exists or if it is just a natural progression and if it does whether man is causing it. I do know that many people try to silence scientists and their studies to forward their agendas and many people try to use this so called condition to line their own pockets with wealth. I have found in business it is best to stick to business and leave political beliefs at home in private. I am glad to hear that you are not criticizing or bashing President Trump because the country does not need anymore of that. We all need to support the President and move forward in unity.

  155. Andrew:

    You’re the BEST! I have been with you since day one. Thank YOU so much for all that you do to help, educate and guide all of us.

    A Loyal Customer,


  157. Thank you Andrew for your continued great products and I’m thrilled to have received my latest shipment of ChocoNuvo! This is my absolute favorite product that has proven to be of great benefit to me and I cannot thank you enough! You are a gem not just to your loyal customers, but to all consumers by imparting knowledge that enables us to make well informed choices.
    I’ve long admired your mission and integrity as a business owner – producing outstanding products while being a steward for sustainability. Not an easy task, but you manage to successfully achieve both – simultaneously!
    Wishing you all the best and good health.

  158. Oh please “I take a more responsible attitude towards the environment”? Maybe mindless drones who swallow the globalist propaganda of “climate change” don’t have the mental capacity to accurately assess health information either. I’m cancelling my auto-send vitamins.

  159. Hi Andrew,
    Please try to consider who made these comments. If they actually pay attention to you they would hear what you say. I am a 71 year old woman who has enjoyed watching you for years and can listen to you for hours. I find your information so interesting. I admire all the time you spend in research to constantly improve your supplements to help people have a better quality of life if they choose. You are so positive and inspire me to try to make better decisions in all ways. Thank you for all that you contribute. I think you’re great.! “Gratitude is in the memory of the mind. “

  160. Andrew, you are a good and a giving man! I know you want only the best for all of us.
    I am so sorry you were hurt by some of these people. It makes me feel very badly to hear this happened.
    I’ve been taking your supplements for a long time, I love watching you explain about each of them.
    Thank you thank you thank you!

  161. Don’t let this concern you overmuch, Andrew. I am a Trump supporter and never thought twice about your views on climate and clean manufacturing. Keep doing what is right for your customers and the environment and you will thrive. Your products are so far superior to others I don’t see those as any competition. Take heart. Cease apologizing – you did nothing wrong. I will buy even more from you now. Remember…you cannot control how others behave but you have total control over what you permit it to do to you.
    A long-faithful customer,
    S Jones

  162. Andrew I want to personally thank you for being such a gentleman in how you approach everything, even subjects that have no matter your products are exceptional I have been a customer for over 20 years and will continue to do so
    Keep up the good work and God bless you

  163. There are always those who will take something out of context because their brains or minds are just wired that way, maybe by choice, environment, influence or ignorance. If I am the victim of any such misunderstanding, I ask myself if this is a person I respect. If so, I value their input, if not, I let it roll off my back rather than alter or compromise myself over another’s skewed sense of reality. I have nothing but admiration for Andrew’s philosophy and efforts towards health and betterment of the world not only humanitarian but environmentally as well. I personally use LED bulbs throughout my home, recycle ferociously, and drive a Prius!

  164. So sorry you were attacked like this … I believe you are an ethical person . It’s easy to say , ” Don’t pay attention to them .” BUT, I know it would drive me crazy ! You’ve got to shake them off bc you in no way disrespected anyone . Wish we had solar at our home !! Hang in there … I wish you only the best .

  165. Andrew Lessman products are the best I’ve ever taken and I’ve taken them over 10 years
    Thank you for all u have done 2 keep us informed about nutrition. Keep doing what you been doing and thank you so much.

  166. Some people really need to get a life and stop being so bitter. Its easy for these people to try to stir something up from thier keyboards….get a job, get a life.
    Thanks Andrew for all you do.

  167. Andrew, I’ve respected you and your company for many years. I didn’t think it was possible to respect you more, but I do after reading this blog. Thank you for providing us with products we can trust and for caring about our health and the world. I would seriously consider moving to come work for you. Are you hiring?

  168. How about this? Andrew did not bash the President. I for one think President Trump is doing a fantastic job. I voted for Donald Trump and I do not regret it one bit. All this is doing is fueling more anger. We ALL need to just STOP! Anger causes hate. Andrew is great and so is President Trump. This is my opinion and we all have the right to our own opinion. Ok..If we all will keep negative opinions to ourselves and put our negative thoughts in check then just maybe none of us will bash anyone. I’m including myself. Everyone has the right to live as they choose whether we think it is right or wrong. We each believe what we believe but in the end, what it boils down to is we will suffer from mistakes that we make and for choosing the wrong path in life. It is the choices we make whether life is good or miserable. Just saying!!

    1. Totally agree with you. I am a Christian female teacher who also voted for Trump.
      I have been buying Andrews vitamins for over 15 years and will be a loyal customer forever.

  169. Dear Andrew – We have learned over the past 100 days that no matter how proud you are to be an American, there are those in this country who wish to demean the American spirit in you. Keep up the good work, be proud of what you have accomplished and ignore the rest. You tried, but the light has dimmed in so many minds it’s hard to comprehend.

  170. Andrew,
    Just keep doing what you’re doing, as you do it very well!
    Concentrate on the positive and know you’re very special to thousands of people.
    How many of us, can say that?

  171. Andrew please continue your good work. I am not sure what will make this all better. All I can say is if people stop taking the best vitamins available on this earth to spite you and endanger themselves, so be it. Andrew, these are are strange and trying times. Something weird is going on and it has nothing to do with you. I watch every time you are on TV, and I too spend hundred of dollars every year for my vitamins. Nothing is going to change that. Keep up the good work. I will pray for your peace of mind and for all of us.

  172. If anyone stops taking your vitamins due to this non-issue they will only hurt themselves. My husband and I love your products,ethics,teaching,and great value you offer us. We have taken your supplements for about 20 years and love them all.
    Please carry on as always. Thank you!

  173. Wow! I can’t get over all the comments about politics. This is why I hate politics. This is Andrew’s blog. Just wanted to share what an awesome job you have done Andrew on all your products and the info your give on health and wellness. Have been taking them since your QVC days as well and have a whole cabinet just for them. Lol. Thank you for helping me and my family stay healthy!

  174. Thank you for working to protect our environment. Future generations will definitely appreciate clean air & clean water. My family and I love your vitamins and will continue our loyal support. I am sorry you have had suffer at the hands of small, closed minds. Please keep up the good work you do. My family and I wish you all the best and much future success.

  175. I am impressed with your knowledge. You explain things in a way we can understand. You do not get that when you purchase things across the
    counter. have been well pleased with everything that I have ordered. still waiting on a few more items to come in, but know I will be just as pleased. I am going to
    take my ultimate eye support to my eye doctor for him to look at it. Please
    keep up all the good work to educate us to make informative decisions.
    may God bless you on your journey to attain this mission. Thank You!!!!!!!!

  176. Thank you for posting your reply to whoever accused you of bashing the President. I watched the show where you mentioned climate change, but it was not bashing the President. I appreciate that you took the time to respond to accusations that were unjust and inaccurate. I’m glad that you are about proactive approaches to good health and not about politics. Your care and concern for our environment is admirable. Perhaps if more individuals and companies followed your lead, our environment would be healthier and better for everyone. Thank you for all that you do to provide the top quality supplements that we can count on for good health benefits. I feel so fortunate to have discovered you and your vitamins on HSN. I will be a customer for life.

  177. Andrew, you are a wise man and as such, you know some folks will over analyze even where there is no issue. Especially so when you speak to the public on TV. People will always interpret whatever it is you do _ what you say, how you said it, how you breathe, how you stand, the way you walk, even your inner thoughts – spoken or unspoken are interpreted once you perform on public domain.
    The conclusion, always be yourself and never waiver in your core principles or moral ethics. True to your good nature, you apologized even when you’ve done nothing or said nothing wrong.
    Keep up the medical research on behalf of we the people who don’t have the means or the know how. We love you. Don’t give up fighting the fine fight. Thanks for Vitamin Angels to less fortunate communities around the globe.

  178. Andrew, I left a message with my support for you yesterday.

    Returned to your site to let you know that your shipping department did not include receipts in any of the three packages I received this week. Please ask them to include receipts going forward!

    By the way, your vitamins and supplement bottles almost always have desiccants in them.


  179. Hi Andrew, I only care about the quality of the vitamins you make for me . Everyone has a right to their own opinions. Don’t let this unfortunate situation change the kind and compassionate person you are. Its about the vitamins and nothing else! Please continue on your life’s path of bettering this planet and providing us with the best out there in vitamins. God bless you and yours , looking forward to my next order soon delivered. For those that truly know you they would never question you! And would know what kind of heart you have.

  180. Andrew,
    I truly admire your business role model. I am extremely satisfied with your products! I wish I could buy all of them that I personally need, but I believe eventually I will be able to do so. We leave in a wicked world where people express and distort the truth with their selfish intention to harm others, in this case, your personal image. I’ve never seeing in any of your shows that you have expressed your personal opinion about politics with criticism. I am sure you have your own personal opinion (you are a entitled to it) in this matter but I haven’t seeing in any of your shows that you have ever disseminated your views, but only to speak about wellness and the quality of your products in which millions of us are truly satisfied. Please keep up with the good work! I am one of your customers for life!

  181. Andrew,
    Thank you so much for your comments. I have been following your work and ordering your vitamins for more than 20 years and intend to continue for years to come.
    Your comments on the environmental policies are understandable. I would like to suggest that you visit “GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG” for additional scientific information regarding the most potent threats to our environment.

  182. How much time and energy did you waste trying to refute the irrational lashing out of insane, angry nutjobs? To such as these, talking about protecting the environment or trying to slow down climate change is political, and is viewed as an attack against their “Dear Leader”. These are just the times we’re living in. The rise of Trump has empowered these types to come out of the shadows. It’s up to the rational and people of goodwill to stand up to them and, if they can’t be educated and civilized, drive them back into the shadows. You didn’t see Colbert, who’s also under attack by them for giving Trump some of what he feels free to dole out, apologizing. Stand strong and don’t be dissuaded from speaking out on matters concerning the environment and climate change!

  183. Thank you very much for making the quality vitamins that I have been using for over sixteen years. I LOVE that your company uses solar panels for a clean footprint and wish more companies would! My home is on a main street now and almost every day I am picking up litter. It deeply saddens me that litter is being thrown out of cars on to my lawn which could end up in our waterways. Anytime that I refer anyone to your vitamins, I always tell them about your clean manufacturing. I never heard you bring politics on the HSN shows. I appreciate all the education that you can give me regarding your vitamins over the pricing and comments. The vitamins you bring me with bottles that I am able to recycle are extremely appreciated. I respect your company’s philosophy. Andrew, thank you for keeping our planet clean!

  184. Andrew, I agree with agree to disagree. Fact that if you want an ethicality made product yours is IT. So you have my business. Whatever we all believe, it’s very much your & my right! Free country and all and many have unfortunately given their lives for that right. So be respectful of everyone’s right since they paid the ultimate price so you could have that right! Thank you so much Andrew. Love ❤️ and Peace ✌? to you all!! Sorry I was late to this party I don’t have internet so don’t always get emails at time they’re sent?.

  185. Let’s be honest here. Trump is ignorant regarding climate change and Andrew is more involved in knowing about this topic. So let’s not act touchy about the presidency. I wouldn’t bash Andrew regarding this topic until you yourself have researched what is happening to our earth. I live on an island and we see the pollution and the change of the temperature changing year after year which makes a difference in breathing clean air daily. So clearly Trump did not do his homework OR he is clearly not looking out for our future generations.

  186. What is it they say never discuss politics, religion or sex with people you do not know, this is wisdom is more true now more than ever, people are radicalized now either to the left or right , they lost their ability to think for themselves in the middle and have given their minds over to left or right in a radical way, as for me I am able to think for myself and when people start to get political I tell them their is a reason they put a curtain on voting booths.

  187. I am so sorry, that you have had to feel and manage these crazy things. Times are the strangest I have ever seen and everyone seems to be on edge, infer and take things out of context.
    Your products are wonderful… you seem like a man who is concerned about the health of people and provide things to us that I have found to help and work…
    God bless and keep standing tall.

  188. I am quite saddened to hear of the attack on your supposed politics.
    I have enjoyed your shows immensely and have complete confidence in your nutritional product line.
    Blessings always, and continued success.

  189. Those accusing you of that which is obviously untrue surely have either an underlying evil purpose to harm you that they may somehow gain something or they are simply uninformed and indecent and feel there is no point to being an idiot unless you share it with the world.
    We, your loyal following, recognize your many redeeming and admirable qualities, love and depend on you and will support you with our business as always.
    Where would we go to find the quality and unique health-promoting products anyway? Simply put: no place comparable comes even remotely close to existence! Continue as you were Andrew and take comfort in knowing that when you spark false criticism it’s because they can’t find anything negative to say that is true.

  190. Andrew – “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” This present tornado will soon become a mere whisper of wind. Continue doing why you do, knowing that you have supporters who will be there to brighten your day. Your products are helping people of all ages and around the ?.
    Hang in there!

  191. My 2 cents on this. I do know people who know our President well. I also know people who know Hillary very well. I know people who’ve worked extensively with both. The media spin is remarkable. I can honestly say the American people are incredibly misled, due to politics and $$ exchanging hands. Think of the politicians as a product the company wants to sell. Ads will tell you just about anything to get you to buy their product, with false promises. They will also try to make you think the other competitors aren’t as good . Basically that’s how it goes. They are all just people….imperfect, growing, learning. Some are looking for helping people and some are looking to help their pockets and their power. One has a terrible reputation and one has an extremely generous and kind reputation. I’ll just leave it there. People are fed to hate one side…and how do you know you are programmed to do that? If you have angry, nasty and predetermined feelings about people on the other side or the other candidate. Then you know you bought into the spin.
    On to what happened to Andrew… I didn’t hear the comment. He clearly cares about the planet. He does his share to care for it. …no doubt about that.
    In a world where hate and bashing seems to be quite a disgusting common place occurrence, I’d have a hard time believing Andrew would do that. Quite honestly, after years of watching….and this is a complete assumption…..I can’t see him bashing anyone. He seems like a much nicer—bigger picture type of man. While he clearly might not agree with the current President on climate change, that in no way disparages the President or Andrew. The fact that people were saying nasty things to him, goes back to the beginning….people are being fed information daily, to hate and bash the “other’ side. So if we hate the President or you hated the last one…..they’ve done their job.
    As a customer, I have a lot of faith in Andrew. I don’t have to actually…he sells his products, they are amazing….and that’s the end of the deal. He doesn’t have to think like me or believe the same things I do. The relationship doesn’t go to that level. The fact that he’s an awesome person, personable and clearly cares about integrity and honesty is a pure bonus.
    It is a shame people can be so mean. I think the media has created such a hatred towards the current President, that there are many people who are just trying to defend him. I believe it’s a waste of time. I heard it said….it’s like trying to boil the ocean. It’s overwhelming. If we can’t think past the news or give each other the benefit of the doubt or the same basic kindness we’d want for a member of our own family or ourselves….it’s gone to a whole new level. It’s sad….but, I just hope I don’t go there with anyone and teach my kids not to do the same. That’s where discrimination starts….judgement.
    Andrew just keep making incredible products…..it’s sad so many are hurt and got mad…..but you can’t boil the ocean….. just one pot of water at a time. Thank you for writing and for the tons of vitamins I take every day! They helped me get my life back….(disabled)….and for that…I am forever grateful.

  192. Andrew, We all know that negative comments may be hurtful especially when they are incorrect. You, along with most of us know that your generosity was from the heart and is much needed. Think of all the five and four star reviews on your vitamins and how much they have helped others like me. Those reviews out weigh any of the negatives. We appreciate the work that you do. You always indicate the positive so don’t let the negative incorrect comments take away from what you have accomplished. Stay strong and keep smiling.

  193. Hi, I did not hear the comment you made, but global warming is a hot button for many people. Science facts are not always facts at all but faulty information — science is not the exact discipline you tout it to be. What is a scientific fact today is not one tomorrow — just the way of the world. I do not know if I believe in global warming or not. I think I tend more toward not. We live on a planet that is a living, breathing entity so-to-speak and of course it goes through changes in it’s inevitable travel in space to it’s final demise the same as we do. Dinosaurs did not become extinct because of manufacturing or green house gases or emissions from cars etc., but from the natural evolution of the earth. The earth has gone through ice ages, warming stages, major flooding and will continue to do so regardless of what we do. Do I think we all need to be more responsible? Of course I do. However there are consequences to that as well. We have a solar array here in California in the desert, the panels put off so much heat that when birds fly near them they are actually cooked to death and there are many who have met their demise in such a manner. I have often thought, when I see the pictures of your facility of all those dead birds, who I am sure, if they were able to tell us, would not think that such an installation is such a great thing. There is a price for everything, for every action a reaction. So, out of curiosity, I have to ask how many dead birds do you have to clean up at your facility? Or other animals that have ventured to near those panels. You never mention the down side to full on solar. So, is it good, bad, or indifferent. Atomic energy was suppose to be a good thing, but in the hands of man it has become a means to mass destruction, and then there is the question of how to dispose of the waste, which has not really been answered except to pollute our planet more. Many think electric cars are a great way to go clean energy — however, everyone forgets about what happens to those batteries when they no longer function well enough to power the car — all those nasty chemicals wind up in the landfills. Not something I want to be living on top of. So the questions begs an answer, are you really being “green” and responsible, or are you overall contributing to the damage of the planet. What happens to the banks of batteries you need to use for storage and all those panels when they die — they just add more horrid chemicals to our planet. It’s sort of that age old question — which came first, the chicken or the egg. I applaud the effort but question the eventual consequences.

    I think if I were you I would stay away from the global warming issues and patting myself on the back and stick to talking about your health and wellness products. I have been using your products for a number of years now and think they are good products for the most part. I am very much against your putting your “proprietary” B-complex in products they do not belong in — it is too easy to overdose and it just does not belong with some of the things you put it with. So with those exception that force me to purchase certain products such as PQQ and Co-Q10 etc. else where, I purchase your product and am very happy with it, recommend it to friends (with the caveats mentioned ) and plan on continuing to utilize them.

    Bottom line, you do have an agenda — I am not sure you have fully thought out the overall consequences of what you are doing. Our earth was not meant to deal with all the toxic waste man produces. In your own way you also contribute to global warming — those panels and batteries have to be manufactured and in that process toxic chemicals are spewed into the air. Then there is the major disposal problem. Sort of like forcing everyone to purchase shopping bags that are made of heavier, reusable plastic, which are going to wind up in land fills and create further damage to the planet and again those heavier bags have to be manufactured and the cycle continues (good profits for stores and manufacturers however). So while I agree that you were not President Trump bashing — you were not being fully truthful as to the complete effects of your solar energy as leaving a “smaller” footprint, because it just causes further problems with toxic waste disposal. Not really all that responsible!.

  194. @ Sandi Berumen, Although you are correct that the solar array outside Las Vegas does tend to roast birds as a negative externality, those solar panels are different from those used at ProCaps. The solar panels at ProCaps are standard photovoltaic solar panels as you normally see on roofs, whereas the one you are referring to uses mirror arrays that super heats up a salt or oil solution to create energy; in which the birds are flying into the super heated reflection of the mirrors. Photovoltaic panels do not have such problems although they do take up a lot of space.

  195. Andrew, I’ve watched you for years!!! You’ve NEVER bashed a President or anyone in any office! I know you’ve said you try to stay out of politics and you ARE FREE TO SAY WHAT U FEEL AND THINK! The dishonest Administration that is in the office is taking our country in a dangerous direction that no other President or Administration has before and most of this country see that! Don’t worry about someone who wants to lash out at you! You’ve done nothing wrong! Most of us did NOT vote for this President and he did not win the Popular Vote and some people will never admit or see the damage that is being done to this country. Good luck and thanks Andrew!!!! Keep doing great work!!!!

  196. Andrew, one more thing, don’t listen to bashing when you’ve done nothing wrong and don’t listen to people who have nothing better to do than make things up and accuse everyone else around them. However, you have EVERY right to say what u feel and think just as the ACCURATE and TRUE media that doesn’t hide the truth from all of us and try to brainwash us, and all of them should be calling a dishonest Administration out on lies, always!!!! Andrew, thanks for doing such a fantastic job over the years and do not think for one second or feel bad in any way because you’ve done such a great job and I know you will continue to do so!!!

  197. I agree that people are touchy in these current times. The take away for me regarding Andrews comments were, no matter what’s happening around us we should stay focused on good health, taking care from the inside which will reflect on the outside.
    The real super power is not politics is the vitamins let’s keep it that way. No need to explain Andrew your comments over thought.
    Keep doing what your doing let this go and enjoy.

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