Theragran Premier CoQ10 and QVC Vitamins.

As you might imagine, I receive countless questions every week and I do my best to collect and answer them during my shows at HSN. However, some of the answers are not appropriate for TV if they concern certain medical issues and/or are specific to another company’s products.  And of course, those happen to be the two largest areas for questions.

As far as other products, in my last webcast, I discussed the horribly deceptive levels of CoQ10 in Theragran’s multivitamin.  It contains only 250 micrograms, which is one-fourth of a milligram or one-four-hundredth (0.25%) of my CoQ10 100mg! They provide a totally useless dose of CoQ10 and they know it, but apparently they don’t care.  I was the first to offer CoQ10 in the USA over 25 years ago and it is shocking that someone could make such an outrageously deceptive product.  The world’s largest manufacturer of CoQ10 (Kaneka) is also disappointed that someone would offer a useless dose of such an amazing material.  I am sure Theragran chose it to look impressive numerically (250), since no one would ever imagine it was in micrograms, which are one-thousandth of a milligram!  In short, Theragran’s levels of CoQ10 are a joke with which they are simply trying to fool consumers.  Sadly, the more you know, the more you notice these kinds of things, which is why I spend so much time explaining the details of the ingredients, quantities, units, standardization, etc.  I know it can get boring, but when it comes to vitamins, the more you know, the healthier you will be.  In short, it pays to be an informed vitamin consumer.

As far as other questions about other products, the largest number of questions relate to the vitamins sold by my friends at QVC.  Given my respect for QVC’s remarkable organization and my desire to be neighborly, I have avoided all your questions about QVC vitamins.  That is not fair to you and I am sorry.  I answer questions about hundreds of other products, but I avoid QVC’s and in so doing, I realize I have shirked my responsibility to you, since regardless of the source, I have always been willing to provide my honest technical opinion about any product question I am presented.  As a result, I will no longer sidestep questions that pertain to technical attributes of QVC vitamins and although some of my comments might seem critical, my intent is not to criticize, but to only fulfill my obligation to you to provide clear, reliable, factual information about the technical characteristics of any vitamin product regardless of its source.  The Q in QVC has always stood for Quality and for decades was well represented by their quality products and impeccable quality service; however, it is unfortunate that QVC has now chosen to offer nutritional supplements that are both technically and qualitatively beneath their leadership role in TV retailing.  Anyhow, I will limit my future discussion to the facts and the facts will speak for themselves.

Almost twenty years ago when I first appeared on QVC, I told their Founder and CEO that I was not there to sell vitamins and if they expected me go on TV and play that role, then they would have to find someone else to do that job, since I was a teacher and not a salesman.  I told him that the most important role anyone could play when it comes to nutritional supplements in this country was not to sell their vitamins (too many people were already doing that), but to provide the objective, factual information upon which viewers can make better and more informed decisions about their health and their vitamins regardless of whether they purchase the vitamins being sold on TV.  Twenty years later my role and my goals have not changed.  And you have my most sincere apologies for not responding to any of your thousands of questions over the years regarding QVC vitamins and my assurances that I will now respond to all your questions in the future.

After this weekend’s shows at HSN, you will begin to see my personal blog postings where I will answer many of your questions relating to QVC products.  Again, I am very sorry that I have not answered any of these questions in the past.  I promise that I will now do so in the future.

22 thoughts on “Theragran Premier CoQ10 and QVC Vitamins.”

  1. Andrew, I appreciate your post, and am looking forward to further information. If you have time and the inclination, I am also very interested in finding out your general opinions on the resveratrol formula in these compressed tablets:
    I’m interested in your input on the dosage and the combination of the resveratrol with the red wine grape extract and the quercetin.
    Thank you so much!

  2. I caught an ad on QVC for their vitamins that says they are newly reformulated. I hope your comments will be on their new product and not the discontinued one.
    I use your products because I like the gelcaps and no dyes or fillers.

  3. I take a bunch of Andrews products. His products are the "ONLY" ones that I trust. I don’t have to worry about where are they made, and how they are made. I do have a quick comment on QVC’S vitamins. I laugh so hard when the QVC vitamins are on. I will watch it sometimes to get a good laugh. I am actually yelling at the tv "why is the CoQ10 a differnt color? Why, is the vitamin in a rock hard tablet."
    Thank You Andrew for "not" being a salesmen and instead being a educator. By being a educator it has helped me learn alot about different supplements. I will actually go to stores and look at the different ingredients in vitamins and say "why do they have this in there?"
    PS I have taken Juice Plus for a couple of yrs. When I watched Andrews web broadcast he had some comments re: juice plus that really opened my eyes. I cancelled the auto ship on that today. I really questioned what I was getting for $41 a month. For that price I can get a yr supply of Berry, pomegranate, Cruciferious, and green foods, and still save money. So that is what I am doing.

  4. Andrew:
    As always, you show how important it is for consumers to be educated and informed. There are so many products claiming to be the best it is very helpful for someone like you to cleary point out the vast differences, what’s effective and what’s not.
    Thank-you for taking the time to answer questions and explain the forethought and knowledge that goes into the formulation of your products.
    Brian Frisby

  5. You are the best teacher because you really know your business and you know how to explain it clearly. Best of all you truly want to help people. I started with your vitamins when you were on QVC and I followed you to HSN and I’m still with you taking WOMENS ULTIMATE COMPLETE, BONE AND BODY, CHOLESTACARE WITH FIBERMUCIL and today I ORDERED YOUR HSN SPECIAL VALUE BUNDLE. Your prices are higher but your products are far superior than others I tried along the way,including Life Extension Institute supplements. Keep up the good work, Andrew. I feel as though I know you personally.

  6. Dear Andrew,
    You have absolutely no need to apologize to anyone. You have provided a wonderful service to ALL of us by your educational emphasis. I have a degree in molecular biology and LOVE to listen to you talk about the science of your products.
    It’s great that you’re going to answer specific questions regarding QVC vitamins, but even if you didn’t, you don’t owe anyone an apology. All that people need to do is to read what’s on your website…listen to your presentations on HSN…and then compare it to the items that QVC is peddling. People need to take some initiative and some user responsibility by actually doing a little of the work themselves – rather than just expecting you to answer all of their questions. All the info anyone needs can be found on your website. They simply have to read and compare. You’ve already done all of the hard work for them.
    Thanks for all you do, Andrew – you’re the best!

  7. Andrew,this is a question, off of the current subject, regarding Omega 3…my doctor says that I should be taking 3 GM a day. I take your Women’s Ultimate Complete each day which provides 660 mg. I am supplementing with your Essential Omega-3 caps. Would like to know how many of the Essential Omega-3 caps caps that I should take a day. I figured that it should be 6 caps a day to equal 2100 mg. This, plus what is in the Complete would equal 2760mg, pretty close. Is this correct?
    Thanks for the wealth of information that you provide to us and the great pure products!

  8. Wow has it really been 20 years?
    Anyway, I was hoping you would eventually comment on the Q situation. I’ve never tried the NC’s but I can’t take any other vitamin or supplement other than yours though yes i’ve tried. Don’t worry, the Q in QVC doesn’t mean what it used to mean in many areas anymore, it’s not just the wellness area. You’ve illuded to not agreeing with some things being sold by NC’s, I already figured it out. However, loyalty to your old stomping ground after all these years is commendable.
    What’s equally upsetting is the message boards who have people thinking they know more about vitamins/supplements than you and have people taking cheaper supplements thinking they know whats in them. There seems to be a "follow the leader" mentality based on post counts which I find disturbing. Complete strangers taking vitamins/supplements based on recommendations of people on a message board.
    The CoQ10 and Omega 3 situation is still greatly misunderstood with some thinking going to a store buying a huge bottle that says "Fish Oil" is all thats needed, the cheaper the better, the same with CoQ10. Pretty colored hard tablets still being sold as "natural" and people can’t see the pretty colors are articifical dyes. At what point do we not realize those hard tablets are worthless? Message boards and the internet have created alot of really bad information which is ashame when there’s so much good information to be found with the use of the internet.
    OK, waiting for the Sunday TS to kick off.

  9. Andrew,
    I have tried your Hair Nails Skin based on what was said on HSN. I then ordered a comparable product from Puritans Pride because it was much cheaper. On your product, my nails were gorgeous. My nails typically break off and peel. For the entire time I was on your product, I was in heaven with how my hands looked. Then….as soon as I changed to the cheaper product, they started breaking and peeling again. I can’t say I noticed a difference in my hair or skin, but my nails were dramatic enough to come back to Andrew. Now….I am watching HSN (tivo’d Andrew to not miss a thing), and I have ordered the circulation (I have restless legs and poor circulation that I just thought I had to deal with.), Ultimate PC Brain and Liver (curious), more Hairs and Nails, the breath pills (for my son and husband), and the lactose product. I have been taking supplements since my nutrition and drug class in college so about 25 years. I take them daily without fail. I will convert to all Andrew over time as I am convinced on paying the difference for the quality. His CoQ10 is very pricey, but it will be worth the "investment" in my health if I see a noticeable difference. I am now 44 and have health issues related to female issues, so I believe the investment in health is well worth the money. We take our health for granted until it’s no longer there. Lately I’ve been tired of being tired, so I am ready to see how his CoQ10 feels.
    Thanks Andrew.

  10. Hi Andrew,
    First my wife and now my wife and I enjoy taking many of your supplements. We also enjoy your very informative segments on HSN. We both can honestly say that supplements we take ourselves from you have shown great benefit. I for one have taken multi-vitamins through the years but never saw a difference. Last year my wife, Therese bought me Men’s Complete and, Wow! what a difference it has made for me. My wife uses many of your supplements and swears by all of them.
    I wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful product line. I have told many co-workers, family, and friends about your line and I know some family member now buy from you. The way you inform people about your products and the obvious pride you take in their manufacture is evident. You seem very sincere and ethical, which is not common in today’s commercial climate. Thanks!
    On a side note and I apologize for this if I am asking too much but my wife really likes your products as you may have surmised. She has been watching you for years now. I jokingly call you her boyfriend since she watches HSN when you are on it like a TV show, granted I watch you a lot now too. But would there be any chance of getting you to autograph a picture for my wife and then me being able to give it to her for a Christmas present this year? If you would do this I know she would such much like it and a signed picture would be so cool.
    Thank you very much and most of all, thank you for your great products, they have helped both of us very much.

  11. Dear Andrew,
    You ARE the BEST!!!!I am so happy that I found you many years ago, and have been taking your vitamins and supplements since then.
    I love when you are on HSN as it is equal to any real time education that we could receive. I appreciate your time, and efforts, and admire everything that you have done. This includes leaving the FDA, solar powdered plants and the compounding of your own supplemental needs, taking you to the arena that you now excel in.
    I was so upset when I heard Dr. Oz promoting the Acai and the colon cleanse. He was the one that said that colonics was a waste, as the body takes care of expelling and maintaining itself. Now, he is promoting something that is in complete opposition to what he had explained previously.
    Thank you for being there with the integrity you maintain, giving you many followers who depend on you, as do I, to keep themselves in the best possible condition.
    I promote you every chance I get, as so many of us do. You are a blessing, and one more time–Thank you for being there for us!!!!!
    Warm regards,
    Gail Pfeiffer

  12. Hello Andrew
    Today I’m asking about MegaRed Omega-2Krill Oil and Red Yeast Rice that I am taking. I ordered from HSN your omega 3 and the tSV but what about these products? What is your opinion of them? Is there a specific place I should be asking my questions or then this area? Thank you
    Martha Bohnert

  13. Andrew: Love the name BTW! Always thought I would name my second son Andrew but got a beautiful girl instead.
    Can you tell me if your vitamins are pharmaceutical grade?

  14. Andrew: One last comment on your change in philosophy on commenting on QVC’s vitamins. If you stick to the facts, who can dispute them? The public needs the facts and no more fiction concerning vitamins and their additives and fillers etc.

  15. Andrew,
    Thank you so much for addressing this issue. I have had questions about this for a long time now. I love the fact that you have created these blogs to share information, that is directly from you, no middle man.I trust you and believe you are a man of integrity.I just briefly want to share my experience with you and your supplements.
    Originally I was using the QVC NC, and had terrible stomach problems and felt ill taking them, so I stopped. I started out with you by just watching your presentations at HSN. I don’t know how long it took me to make my first purchase, but the initial one was small, one product. Then I saw the high quality and no upset stomach and your presentations are brilliant. You teach what anyone wants to know that are interested in supplements, which I am. I have been most of my life but never found the right ones, until now. Your supplements are the bomb, the best. I don’t want to take anyone else’s now. I initially only bought from HSN after the first purchase, but then I discovered your company in Henderson, NV. You have excellent customer service there. So informative, helpful, friendly. I purchase at both locations.
    I am trying to keep this brief and will end this now. I just wanted to thank you for educating people about nutritional supplementation. I hope you continue to do this. I have learned so much more from listening to you, so in turn I can make better choices. Nutritional supplementation has fascinated me, as far back as I can remember. THANK YOU!:~)

  16. Andrew’s are the only supplements I can take.
    I have tried many others and just pitched them. Although they may be cheaper but for moi just expensive trash. If you’ve ever been folded double by a calcium tablet, you understand.
    Also read the labels is the best advise for consumers.
    Andrew’s is the best (that I know of) on the market.
    Andrew , Thank you.

  17. Dear Andrew,
    I watched your presentation on qvc and was so impressed I spent hundreds of dollars on 4-5 different products.
    I am 78 years old and hope that is not too old to get good results from the products I chose as I have been taking so many vitamins and minerals and actually seeing little result.
    I am on limited income but I dont have faith in our health system and have avoided doctors for many years until lately when I seem to have developed a thyroid problem for which I am taking raw I am spending this money as an investment in the years I have left.thank you for all the information, it was very useful..jpy

  18. Andrew is our good and trustworthy professional educator. Andrew honestly share his true understanding about natural approach to good health. When Adrew, explains the pure natural vitamins ingredients relating to the essential and value to hour human health, we received healthful insights, perceptions and wholistic understanding of our divine-blessings of our human nature. Truly our health is our bless gift of life we have to treasure.

  19. While I can appreciate your position on the misleading labeling, I must point out that I have found that you yourself use similar tactics on your Garlic product.
    Like Sunsource with their "Garlique" product, you use allicin yield as a standard for measuring potency. Sunsource’s product is stated as yielding 5,000 micrograms (or 5 milligrams) per tablet on their label.
    Your "Garlic" product’s label says 10,000 micrograms (or 10 milligrams) which makes it seem to be deliberately poised to show a higher yield than competing products. However, when looking more closely at the label, your product is actually 10,000 micrograms **per gram**. Since there is only 450 milligrams per tablet, then the allicin yield per capsule is 4.5 milligrams, which is actually lower than the competing Sunsource product.

  20. hey Andrew,
    OF COURSE I’m one of you BIGGEST fans…so…when my friend called me the other day, tell’g me that she LOVES this new
    DETOX SHAKE by a network’g company AND how it has made her lose weight over the past week(want’g me to buy from her)…I
    got very suspicious. This DETOX item is supposed to get rid of the toxic cells & leave the healthy cells..etc, etc. Do you have anything like this? Does this reallywork?
    HELP…I don’t believe this person knows what she’s talk’g about when it comes to TOXINS…she WILL NOT buy anything from you because she can’t make money on it w/o invest’g some of her own money.

  21. I have been using your supplements for years. I will deliberately let myself run out of something to see if I feel a difference and I always end up reordering it.
    My question is on iodine. Do you recommend taking iodine supplements to help with weight loss? If so, what amounts and exactly which ingredients?

  22. I just purchased these Theragram Coq 10 vitamins. Buy 1, get 1 free, I knew it was too good to be true! I wonder if my btotle of Red Yeast Extract is any good too.
    I am so sick of false adverstising, and overpriced junk!
    Can anyone suggest what a 50 year old should be taking, and where I can purchase quality products? Thanks.

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