This Weekend’s Today’s Specials: Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs and Glucosamine-Chondroitin.

I wanted to thank everyone for their support of last weekend’s Secure Meal Replacement’s Today’s Special and as a result, I am also grateful for the 200,000+ bottles of our Prenatal vitamins we will now be donating.  As I said, a meal replacement is truly the simplest and most reliable way to jumpstart any weight-loss program.  The clinical science is clear and the benefits are consistent and straightforward.  Even better, the rapid results tend to inspire even more positive changes in diet and lifestyle.  It was a great Sunday Today’s Special that will support positive change and I know that this coming weekend will offer even more inspirational products and Prenatal donations.

We start this evening at 10 PM Eastern Time with another of our fast-moving Variety Shows where I hardly have a chance to catch my breath, since we cover about 20 products in less than 2 hours.  I rarely drink coffee, but I might have to do so to keep up with the pace of the show. J Most exciting for me has been the feedback we have received for these shows, since we have been able to discuss products and topics that we rarely ever covered on TV.  Of course, we will continue to do these Variety Shows periodically throughout the year and discuss those products about which you have questions and for which we receive requests.

We are back 24 hours later at 11 PM Eastern Time on Saturday night and continuing through to our midnight kickoff of one of this year’s (or any year’s) most important Today’s Specials with Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs and/or Glucosamine-1500 with Chondroitin-1200.  For more than 15 years our Circulation and Vein product has delivered what many would describe as unexpectedly exceptional results.  I say unexpected, since even the most optimistic of folks trying this product are consistently surprised by the profound impact this product can have on the heaviness and swelling of their feet, ankles and calves, as well as the appearance of the veins in their legs.  It comes with a 30-day unconditional guarantee, but in most cases results can be felt or seen in a week or two.  It is supported by an abundance of clinical, medical science and the product has only continued to evolve and improve over almost two decades.  If one looks at the near perfect reviews this product has received, it is easy to understand why this product will not disappoint and will only highly impress.  It is also an extremely important and effective tool during this time of year, since so many of us are embarking on a new exercise program and challenges in our legs’ circulation can severely limit or even prevent a successful exercise and weight-loss program.  A similar statement can apply to the other part of this Today’s Special, our unique Glucosamine-Chondroitin formula, since our joints can be an absolute obstacle to a successful exercise program.  We have all heard of the powerful benefits these ingredients offer to our joints, but sadly, most Glucosamine-Chondroitin products do not follow the research, which is why they are so disappointing.  Once again, one only need look at the almost unanimously perfect reviews for this formula to appreciate how uniquely different and powerful it can be.  It is a fact of life that as we get older, the normal aging process means that we will experience stiff, tender, painful or inflamed joints and it only makes sense that an active enjoyable life will require that we give your body the specific ingredients required to repair and maintain these vital tissues.  Whether it is our knees, hips, hands, shoulders or other joints, these tissues affect our mobility, comfort and quality of life.  I view it as a worthy investment in our quality of life, since of course, it comes with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee, so it either works extremely well or you send it back for a complete refund.

Personally, each New Year comes with my own ambitious goals for fitness and physical activity.  Unfortunately though, each successive year means that I am getting older and that requires that I care for the vital tissues that make all that healthy activity possible.  Fortunately, with advancing age also comes greater wisdom, so I have learned exactly what I must do to support the vital circulatory and joint tissue that make my healthy, active life possible, which is why these two products have always found themselves at the very top of my daily list.

See you tonight.

Best of health.




PS.  Once this weekend’s shows are done, I will also post some more blog articles or video blogs in the coming weeks on the many topics you have requested.

36 thoughts on “This Weekend’s Today’s Specials: Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs and Glucosamine-Chondroitin.”

  1. Hello Andrew,
    I received my shakes today and they taste and smell so good! This is a first for me and I was very surprised that after drinking one of the shakes mixed with 12 ounces of water I felt full!
    Cannot wait till Sunday for the new TSV!
    Thanks for all you do and God Bless!

  2. When are you getting on board and bring us a Turmeric supplement ?
    Need a good one and have been waiting and waiting??
    As for your prenatal vitamins that is nice , but what about doing for Seniors, here in the USA, like donating something to keep us healthy as we decline in age. Like vitamins to help keep our minds sharp and our bones and body's healthy.
    And after all we are the majority buying public now!!.
    There are so many seniors on a fixed income this days that a little consideration and help from you
    would be very appreciated.

  3. Hi Andrew,
    I love listening to your presentations and I was particularly waiting for the Today's Special on your Secure Meal Replacement.
    The only thing was I was waiting to hear you also discuss the Whey Secure Meal Replacement Option that you provided as an alternative to the Soy but you never did. Even 5 minutes of the hour you spent talking about the TS would have been appreciated.
    While I know you favor Soy for Weight Loss, it would be nice to also have a video presentation on the Whey Secure Meal Replacement as well.
    On, I often go back and watch your different presentations and there is no video content link to the Whey Secure Meal Replacment products at all.
    Thank you

  4. Got my meal replacement shake in coffee and could not believe how good it is. I put some mocha powder in it, and it actually was too sweet. amazing. I don't need to lose weight, but maintenance and health are my goals. Let's see how this works.
    I see a note on tumeric pills. I put a lot of turmeric in foods, but what is the advantage of the pills?

  5. Hello Andrew,
    I heartily agree with Judy regarding the need for a good "Turmeric" supplement (even if it's merely a wholesome spice additive for meals) . . . as well as consideration being given to aging populations, both at home and abroad.
    Thanks for the added pricing values and for the integrity of your products ~ and here's to a Healthy New Year (okay, perhaps not-so-new anymore)!
    : )

  6. Hi Andrew, I sure hope you post a blog or video on thyroid health. I would STILL love to see you do a Thyroid support product. Anyways, will be getting your circulation product this weekend. We love your products and our bank account shows it. lol 🙂

  7. Andrew…Just wondering if you addressed the recent claims that vitamins are a waste of $, I personally don't believe it & will continue to take your products every day. Would just like to hear your take on it, it was a big story in media a few weeks back. Also I've read about turmeric & it's benefits, would you consider making a turmeric supplement?

  8. Turmeric, Turmeric, Turmeric good grief! After reading the previous posts I guess turmeric is the much sought after new health craze. The good thing about Andrew is that if it's truly a beneficial ingredient he will start adding it to his products such as his Essential 1 Multivitamin…hint, hint!

  9. Hello Andrew,
    Would like you to make the Tumeric with Black Pepper Extract. From what I have been reading, we need them together for full benefits……NO GMO'S……………….

  10. Question? Do you have anything in a Calcium product that is like AlgaeCal? I've been taking it for about a year and a half and have had improvement in my bone density Dexa Scans. I take many of your products and have for the past 20 or more years.
    Love your Circulation and Vein for my legs. I've been in retail for over 40 years and this product has helped greatly. I'm still able to crank at a local hospital gift shop and I'm 74 years youngs.
    Thank you for all the fine products you bring to us and also for what you give to women who cannot afford to treat themselves to PreNatal care.

  11. I had breast cancer 25 years ago and was Told "NOT to Eat or Drink Anything with Soy". I wanted to try your "Secure" but noticed Soy was present and opted against purchasing it. Can you throw some light on Soy for the folks that were told to stay away from ingesting it ?
    With all the publicity about GMO's in Our food, I was wondering if the ingredients you use in your Vitamins come from the GMO Food Supply or are the ingredients You use " ORGANIC '' ?
    Is it true to take Calcium and Vitamin D at separate times and Not at the same time when taking other vitamins ?
    I take approx., 50 of your different vitamins daily for about 20 years and do feel terrific for a senior who is 60 Something but I would appreciate an answer to the above questions.

  12. Peace be with you, You my good man are a wealth of information and I have learned a LOT! My grandmother was a woman who helped and educated people on the benefits of herbal and holistic remedies/cures – and you add to her teaching for me – when I grow up I want to be just like you 😉 Received joint and shake powders this week, will let you know how this progresses; a couple of years I was put on a lot of medications and God willing your products/information will help me get off these chemicals. I was wondering when you will be starting research and products for endocannabinoid system/cannabis which is given to us all by our Heavenly Father for all kinds of ailments/diseases as relief and even cancer cures. In fact I would love to know what your thoughts are on this subject; not many people want to touch on this, but I think you are an open minded man who is not very easily swayed on the erroneous information the government and pharmaceutical companies have dished out to the public. Well enough I think I have given all a subject to get all 'hot and bothered' about it. God bless you and keep you – guide, strengthen and help you with all the good you do for us. luv' ya lots Tammey and family 🙂

  13. I would purchase a Thyroid supplement in an instant. I'd also like to see something cortisol-related, along with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Branch out a little bit, Andrew!! We want and need these!

  14. Ok everyone if you are looking for turmeric please check out his LIVER ANTIOXIDANTS. I think you will find a little of what your craving….

  15. I was hoping you would talk about giving your vitamins to pets as far as weight is concerned. For example how much fish oil for a 55 lb dog? How much glucosamine/ chondroitin ? I love your vitamins and have received excellent results and I want to share them with my dog 🙂

  16. Can you comment on hyaluronic acid in some joint products. I have taken complete joint effort, but switched to glucosamine 1500/chondroitin 1200. They seem to have the same ingredients. Thank you.

  17. As mentioned in one earlier post " liver anti-oxidants" contains 100 mg standardized turmeric among other ingredients.
    "Ultimate anti-oxidant extracts" contains 100 mg turmeric and other anti-oxidants.
    My husband and I have been taking Andrew's vitamins for years and feel great. He gives us amazing value,
    free shipping often, excellent quality ingredients, first-class education, environment-friendly manufacturing,
    and the benefits of his care in improving his products according to accurate findings.
    We feel that he is very concerned about seniors, among others, and is already giving us many, many benefits!

  18. Tumeric also in the Spice antioxidants but maybe you could consider increasing the amount of tumeric in the products it is already. Wish you wold give a glucosamine only supplement when you do the combined one with chondroitin since that ingredient is similar to heparin and is known to have some anticoagulant effect and some of us are overly sensitive to that; either constitutionally or because of other supplements or medications. Have been taking 2 of the glucosamine with 3 of the glucosamine/chondroitin to get the recommended 1500 mg. of glucosamine whi!le reducing the amount of chondroitin as l was finding decreased knee pain with your combined product until my last GI bleed.

  19. I love your vitamins. I do have a question about Vitamin E. I have a family history of Alzheimer's. New studies suggest taking 2,000 IU a day. Which Vitamin E product you sell would be the best one to take? I have the Gamma one now and also wonder how many to take daily. Thanks

  20. I am so piXXed off I could scream. Why do you force customers to bundle?? I only want the circ and vein and I wanted a large quantity. So I tried procaps labs and there I could buy 500 for $100 whereas on hsn it's 360 for $100. I need a year's supply not a 6-month supply as on hsn. So I had to spend $160 to get a year's supply and don't even get flex pay. Why not a straight up today's special where I can just get the product I want. You do a lot of things right, but sometimes you are so WRONG WRONG WRONG.

  21. Andrew,
    Thanks for all your wondrful vitamins. I take many of them as does my husband. I just received my Meal Replacement which I see contains soy. I have had my thyroid removed and I am wondering about taking a product with soy. I have read that soy is not good for the thyroid. What are your thoughts and suggestions on soy.
    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  22. For Ruby above…
    You CAN purchase the 500 count Circulation and Vein Support on HSN for $99 with flexpay. There are several different combination options available so you have to read them carefully.

  23. I would like to know what Andrew thinks about using Collagen as a vitamin and do you have any vitamins with Collagen in them?
    I purchased some vitamins on HSN last night but didn't see any with Collagen , I seen the hair and nail but did not purchase at this time
    Thank you

  24. Hi Andrew! Thanks for your great knowledge, advise and products! I am a very loyal customer. Tuning into HSN I always learn something from you but was especially hoping you might address whether your Glucosamine could benefit our dog and your advice about that, for example, how many capsules per dog's weight. Many thanks!

  25. I am new to your V/S. Started several 3 days ago and they have made a huge difference on how I feel. My husband and I both are fans. I was wondering if you will be coming out with a book about V/S that is easy to follow? All the books we find are to complicated to even figure out what they do. You have information during your times on HSN , that is very helpful and I even find myself writing it all down.
    I have 2 questions for you Andrew. First….what do you think about coconut oil? Second….what are your thoughts about the medical professions saying we don't need to take any vitamins? My Mother is a nurse and her doctor told her to stop taking a multi at her age of 82. Our doctor asked us why we took v/s because we don't need them. I told my Mother and doctor we take them because we feel the difference when we don't. We feel the reason the medical field is saying no to them is because they get no money from the sale of them. It cuts them out of the equation and it means less money to them also because people are healthier so no office visits. Thank you for your products and for caring so much. Also thank you for MAKING IN THE USA. May God bless you……BIG HUGS (;

  26. I ordered the weekend value with the vein care and the glucosomine/condrotin (forgive my misspellings!)…my question is that I am allergic to sulfur. Will the sulfate bother me? thanks! and I'm on my way to MUCH better health thanks to you and your products!!!

  27. If I could afford every supplement you make, I would buy them all in a heart beat. But since I cannot, I really appreciate it when you split the payments into smaller amounts. This time with the Circulation formula, I could only buy one since the payments were 3 of $33. Two orders is more than I have to spend each month, especially following a 6-payment Q10 and 4 payments for the D3. I know it's likely HSN that does the choosing, but if you could ask them to break the payments down a bit more, you'll end up selling more, and at the same price. I don't like having to be out of an important supplement for nearly half a year. And with this one, two capsules is a serving so that's what will happen with a bottle of 500. It sounds like a lot, but it isn't. It it were broken into 4 payments, I would have bought two.

  28. Andrew, once again Dr Oz is promoting products…. What is your take on the garcinia cambogia? Is it worth persuing? Thank you, Sharon

  29. Andrew,
    I take your Vitamin D pill daily but I was curious on your thoughts on the article published today that stated Vitamin D supplements may do little, if anything to help people. I'm curious if this is true on whether I should continue to take the supplement. Here is a piece that was published today.
    Published January 24, 2014/
    There is little evidence to suggest that healthy people benefit from taking vitamin D supplements, BBC News reported.
    In a study published in the Lancet, researchers carried out a meta-analysis of 100 trials analyzing the effects of vitamin D supplementation in the adult population .
    Overall, the researchers found that vitamin D supplements failed to significantly reduce the risk of death, heart disease, cancer and stroke among study participants. Among both healthy and hospitalized patients, Vitamin D supplements also failed to noticeably reduce the risk of hip fractures.
    Even people with a mild vitamin D deficiency may benefit more from lifestyle changes, compared to supplements, experts noted.
    “(General practicioners) shouldn't be rushing around getting blood tests done for the average healthy person,” Dr Colin Michie, consultant senior lecturer in pediatrics and chairman of the nutrition committee at the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health told BBC News. "Instead, the old-fashioned advice still holds true. Eat more fish, watch your diet and how you lead your life – unless you're specifically at risk."
    Thank for you time,

  30. Hi, I'm wondering when you'll add hyaluronic acid to your joint formula, or is there absorption issues for the combo?

  31. I take tumeric every day one pill It is good for the heart, colin and joints plus other parts of the body. I buy it elsewhere but would like to buy it from you. Don't understand why you do not have this vitamin as so many people do use it and doctors never told me not to take it, actually said it was good for my joints. What is taking you so long to carry this supplment in your line.

  32. Andrew, Of all the products I've taken so far, and I've only been taking them for about 2 weeks, I do feel better. I did buy the Fibermucil and am taking at laeast 5 a day, but still have problems. That's been the story of my life since I take opiates for my chronic pain after many, many spinal surgeries. It worked the first two days, but since then no luck. I don't know if I should take more or combine it with what I used to use Super Aloe 450 by Ortho Molecular Labs, or what? I know you offer an Aloe 200 product, but since the 450 barely works I don't think the 200 will work. Any suggestions?
    All of your other products I really am happy with, I only wish I could afford to buy all of the one's I want/need at once or get the larger sizes, but living on Permanent Disability doesn't leave much room in my budget for other thinks after I pay for food, and shelter, let alone the bills I have.
    Thank you so very much!!

  33. Hi I have no word to saying thanks to you because your blog gave me a very useful information, some time ago I had pain in my leg, I was very upset from it, I was in need of <a herf=””>leg support product</a> and I was very confused, which product beneficial for me, till then I watched your blog and read, I got the very good & beneficial information by it. So thanks a lot to you.

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