Circulation and Vein Support
For Healthy Legs.
No More Bible References for Me.

 Lots of great comments and questions following last week’s article. I will answer many of those questions this weekend and in an upcoming Live Online Event that will be dedicated to your questions. I will also heed that old saying about not discussing religion, since apparently, some folks had issues with some references in my prior article. I was only referencing a couple of popular expressions and words of wisdom that may have their origins in the Bible.  Specifically, I believe that “peace on earth and good will to our fellow man” is much like Luke 2:14 and as far as “God helping those who help themselves,” that is often mistakenly attributed to the Bible, but that’s because it espouses a philosophy of humility, discipline and self-responsibility, which are present throughout the Bible.  Anyhow, sorry if my use of the above quotes offended anyone. The world is a challenging place and I was simply trying to use language we often hear to remind and inspire us about peace on earth, good will, humility and self-responsibility.

I will discuss our Today’s Special in a moment, but first, I have received your comments and I will be sure to devote adequate time to our key products this weekend.  I also noticed a few comments expressing disappointment at Glucosamine-Chondroitin not being a Today’s Special. Not to worry. It is effectively a Today’s Special, since it available at last year’s Today’s Special pricing (our best pricing ever).  Also, I have heard questions about Essential-1’s absence, but that is because it will be our Today’s Special in just 6 weeks during a live factory remote from Nevada.  As far as our Essential Omega-3 and our Ultimate Eye, I will only speak about them briefly, since they will both be Today’s Specials this spring.

Our Today’s Special this evening (midnight Eastern Time) and throughout the day on Sunday is a product with extensive clinical support.  I knew it would be popular when I introduced it almost 20 years ago, but I had no idea just how popular.  Doctors in Europe have been prescribing its key ingredient for the circulation and veins in their patients’ legs for at least a couple of decades before we did the work to bring it to America in the 1990s. Simply stated, Circulation and Vein Support is a product designed to treat the human condition, since the gradual and natural deterioration of the circulation and veins in our legs is just part of walking upright and being human.  It tends to happen so gradually that we do not really notice the large impact it can have on the quality of our lives.  We dismiss the discomfort as just another unpleasant part of the normal aging process while also concluding that there is nothing at all we can do about it.  We just assume that our uncomfortable legs and our unsightly veins are an unavoidable fact of our life, our work and the normal aging process.  It absolutely does not have to be that way.  I encourage you to read the reviews for our Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs.

Although Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs is a neutral sounding name, its reviews are anything but neutral. They are emphatic, well-written and inspiring. We are not talking about a few dozen very positive reviews, but more than 1,500 passionate, perfect 5-Star Reviews and over 90 percent of the 1,800 total reviews praise the powerful benefits of this product.  This consistently positive response is predictable given the abundance of clinical science, but folks still seem to be surprised by its efficacy and impact.  Best of all, we are not talking about a costly drug with warnings and side effects, but a plant-based formula with no risks at all.  This year we offer our largest, economy size ever at 750 capsules, which at two capsules daily, will last until next year’s Today’s Special.  I will share more information later about the science on this unique formula, including why some folks call it “Circulation H.”  Lets see if you can figure out why. I will just say it helps with issues with “exit” tissues and I will try my best to politely discuss this potentially indelicate topic during my shows.  See you soon.

Best of Health.


91 thoughts on “
Circulation and Vein Support
For Healthy Legs.
No More Bible References for Me.”

  1. Andrew, I love your products as does my mom who uses your leg and vein support. People get too sensitive and offended much too easily these days. Perhaps your next supplement can address those issues. Lol. Don’t change the way you do things because someone felt offended….because someone else will be offended if you do and so on and so on and so on.

    1. Totally agree. Please don’t change Andrew because a few select people get offended. I personally feel God has led me to you and your wonderful supplements! You’ve helped me so much on my journey to good health. You have been blessed with a wealth of information to help all of us who want to better our lives and our health. You have a caring heart with the intent to help others. Thank you for all you do! God bless you!

      1. very well said, some people evidently just look for something to be offended about. I have heard that ‘saying’ all my life (I am 68 years young)–my dad was a minister so I have heard a lot of ‘offended’ people comments. Thank you Andrew for all you do and all you ‘create’!

      2. I agree with Carol. Please do not change for a few narrow-minded people that have to find something to complain about. It is their job to complain. If you change, then they win, and we stand to lose some of our personal and human rights. Those comments were not offensive at all, and there was no scripture reference. What about your right to freedom of speech and religion? There was no religious tone to your statement. What is wrong with having peace in your home, peace in your neighborhood, and peace on earth?

        I have been a customer for 10 years, and I would not change anything about who you are.

    2. Amen, Missy! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Andrew, thank you for quoting the wisdom of the Bible. If we constantly worry about offending everyone, we will soon give up our freedom of speech entirely and will have to sit in silence. And even then, I guarantee you someone will be offended because we’re not saying enough! You really cannot win on that one, so don’t apologize for your words.

      I love your products and recommend them to everyone I can ? Thank you for your effective products and for going the extra mile to get quality ingredients.

    3. Missy, I agree. Good grief people are getting ridiculous. I was just thinking this morning if we all quit doing whatever other people object to we’d all be robots. People need to get over themselves. God bless you Andrew for your use of the biblical references and for your caring heart. I know you are helping many of us.

      1. Andrew, it warms my heart when you mention ‘the big guy upstairs’ and other comments about God and the Bible–makes me respect you so very much and so glad I ‘found’ you and your ethical products!!

      2. Robots indeed! Do the powers that be really want to dumb down and control the country? I don’t think that many people are offended like all the mainstream blab wants us to believe so don’t appease any naysayers! Keep up the good work.

    4. I agree. Andrew should say what’s on his mine. All information is helpful when making our decision to purchase the products that we feel we need.

    5. Amen! ( Sorry if that word offends anyone). Andrew, I can’t think of another person who has contributed so much to my quality of life. Those of us who are your vitamin “groupies” know that everything you do and say is for the good of all of us.
      And taking your supplements helps to maintain the gift of life that God gave us. I echo the comments of all the others – don’t change anything you are doing. May God continue to bless you, your family and all that you do for the betterment of our lives, our planet, our environment and people in other countries who do not have the resources that we have in our country. Thank you.

    6. Could not agree more. Continue being who you are bible references and all!! I say its circulation hallelujah!!! Because I sit at a desk up to ten hours a day and no more pain in legs or swellings. Will never be without it. My husband will actually take when we fly which is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you Andrew and God bless you and all you do

  2. Love your comments Andrew. It’s (mostly) a free country. It IS your blog, and your company. Say what you want!!
    Bible bible bible bible
    Bible verse bible verse bible verse
    Jesus Jesus!

  3. Thanks for the info. It is very helpful to know the specials in advance. What about CholestaCare/Fibermucil? You used to do things once a year, so we knew when to re-order. It would be nice to have a year’s schedule of your specials so we can plan our buying accordingly.

    1. I agree I know most of them but we all get busy……. and i have missed a few myself and then I run out and then i am scrambling and don’t get free shippin or the sale price. Just something to think about Andrew. I take so many of your products I hate to run out.

      Thank you Andrew for all you do…..
      Best of health to you too!

  4. I think You and your products are Great and don’t change what you say when on air when discussing your products. There are some major issues in the world we live in and we need the Bible . So keep quoting and I am taking notes!


    1. I was going to ask the same question. The GC TS has the 600 count as the same price as the 480 count. The GC prices this weekend are the same prices that are usually HSN sale prices. I’m not sure how they are claiming TS prices.

  5. Dear Andrew, PLEASE don’t pay attention to the IGNORANT customers THIS IS YOUR BLOG you can say what ever you feel like it, who they think they are to tell you what to say? THEY SHOULD BE GRATEFUL to know that you have been working for years to HELP ALL OF US with your knowledge about vitamins and what we need to feel better, if they don’t like it they don’t HAVE TO READ IT OR COMMENT. GOD BLESS YOU FOR ALL THE HELP YOU HAVE MADE AVAILABLE TO US . THANK YOU< THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

  6. you know that is whats is wrong with are country,they are trying to remove God from everything,dont they know that when they do that,they let the devil in.It is so wrong.Thank you God Bless

  7. Hi Andrew,
    Have you thought about doing something with Collagen +C? If you have something now, please let me know. Thanks

  8. Andrew, dear one, please don’t listen to those who try to tamp down the word of God! Be one who speaks from the heart and don’t allow the “few” to discourage you. Be one who keeps the Bible alive and well. Thank you so much for the education I receive each time I hear you speak. Even when I don’t need to order or can’t due to lack of finances, I still listen so I can learn. You are a fabulous teacher!

  9. Andrew, I really enjoy your products. Just tried SECURE Coffee…WOW! I am so glad I came across HSN and you. Please continue doing what you do!

  10. Hi Andrew! I need to chime in on this. It’s your company. If people are offended that you quote the bible, then they can go and buy vitamins from someone else, your company won’t suffer from a few ignorant people, matter of fact they can all do us a favor and leave USA which was founded by people of faith. They whine and complain about all the evil in the world and it’s b/c of their own kind. Your the best! Cheers to a great company and products! In Jesus precious name! Amen!!!!

  11. I have been taking Andrew’s vitamins for 10 years, and I love them.
    They are so beneficial. I’m never without, hair, skin and nails, co-Q 10,
    Omega 3, magnesium, and so many more. My kitchen cabinet is full
    of Andrew’s vitamins. I trust in Andrew’s products with all of my heart.
    I tell all of my friends about them.
    One more thing, I especially love his hot teas.

  12. Andrew ,
    We live in a very sensitive society . It really is almost impossible NOT to offend someone .
    Looking forward to your visit . Circulation and Vein Support is one if you run out you will know in a couple days how much it was helping.

  13. Andrew I have been faithfully following you and listening to all your good advise. I love all the products I have tried and am very happy I found you on HSN. I listened to you for over a year before I started to buy your products, thinking ya right they’re that good! Well I found out that they are better then you say and Iove them. Thank you for all the information you give us alone with the wonderful products. I notice in the years watching that you are way ahead on the information then anyone else. I sometimes think all the others are watching you and then following your lead.
    As for all those who don’t want you to thank God or quote the bible, please do not listen to them. I love to listen to you being thankful, it is a proper thing to do, so don’t let them bully you. They don’t know how beautifully our bodies are made and how well it works. Man has polluted our earth and now we need to supplement our bodies to keep them healthy. I for one am happy you help us with that. All your products are clean with no GMOs or additives at all. That is Very important to me. Please keep up the good work and be yourself. People have tried to bully you in the past(saying things about your product) until they found out you were right. Don’t let the unGodly ones bully you now. God deserves to be credited. Be stronge Andrew!!!

  14. Andrew, I have been so blessed by your products over the past twenty some years. Everything that you share with us is brilliant and you really seem to know exactly what you are producing. Do not be offended by those that were offended, and do not ever stop saying what is in your heart. The Bible is the truth and I trust that what you share with us is the truth. Keep up the excellent products that you bring to us every year, and may God bless you and your family.


  16. Hi Andrew. We have been using your supplements long before you ever came to HSN and don’t know what we would do without them. The circulation and vein have been my lifeline for many years and never would have made it to retirement being on my feet 10-14 hrs and more a day. The Secure is just awesome and have gotten so many people on it. All the products are wonderful. You Rock Andrew and all I can say is IF YOU DONT HAVE GOD YOU DONT HAVE NOTHING!!!!!!! AND I guess these folks forget it’s a FREE country with FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! You are an angel sent to us by God and please don’t ever forget it or let a few negative comments EVER Change YOU!! Thank You DEARLY!!!
    P.S.We have been at the plant several times and lived on East side by it until we recently moved to Summerlin! Keep PRAYING to one day run into you????

  17. I love your products and the insites you use to present your products. Dont change a thing .Keep up the good work.

  18. Dear Andrew, Love your vitamins.
    Please provide us your yearly Today’s Specials schedule at the beginning of the year.
    I use many of your products. Some of them just run out with or without careful planning. If you can do two, three or more products as Today’s Specials on your each HSN visit and your live factory remote from Nevada, that will be a great help. Please consider the possibilities of this.

  19. I have heard you and Colleen many times say ” god helps those who help themselves”. Anybody that knows the bible knows that you are referring to the scripture that says ” As a man soweth a man reapeth”. God does ask us to do our part and whatever we cannot do, he will do.

  20. Glad to see all the comments supporting Andrew’s free speech at his own company! No need to apologize, at all.
    If I were sooooo offended by someone’s view on a particular topic in their religion, I’d shop elsewhere. I don’t think that would be common with the public in reality, especially with your customers.
    Do not apologize for your views; change for no one.

  21. So true, trying to get God out of our country, Andrew your products are amazing,but your true dedication to your customers and quality is what will keep us all coming back!! Not to mention how great we feel!! Would love to hear your thought on HGH, if anyone could make a natural supplement ,it would be you!!GOD BLESS YOU!!

  22. I agree that people need to just “Let it Be” You did nothing wrong and the majority of your vitamin friends agree. Sure hope they don’t take issues with the “Vitamin Angels” next.

    I know what the “H” stands for and would add that it might be a bit of an enigma for most people under the age of 50.

    I look forward to your weekend presentations!

  23. Andrew,
    I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and commitment reflected in the quality of all of your products. I have felt a remarkable difference with my circulation after taking Circulation & Vein support. One of my legs was a bit swollen and I experienced some discomfort as well. I also felt numbness in my hands, specially in the morning. Both symptoms are gone after taking this supplement. Thank you again! I will take it for the rest of my life!!!

  24. Please don’t apologize for your comments, it seems that the world has gone crazy, who doesn’t want peace on earth….our founding fathers would wonder what had happened to a country built on religious freedom for all. Honestly anyone that took offense to anything you said, are only looking for something to complain about…..don’t let them define you. We are what we are because of God, and couldn’t imagine surviving without what you give us in your products and knowledge. I hope the later part doesn’t sound a little extreme, lol. Honestly, we depend on your vitamins & supplements, your honesty and knowledge…..thanks for all you do to help keep us healthy.

  25. We are all so worried about offending someone today it is so foolish. There are so many really important things to worry about, have we all seen the news lately.. Unless you are our President or a representative of this country we should not have to worry about offending anyone. Our Andrew should not have to think about not offending anyone who has nothing to do or consider but think about how they may have been insulted or not, let them get their vitamins from CVS. Andrew Lessman makes the best, cleanest vitamins we have access to, and wonder of wonders…. They work!!! He makes them for us for good/great prices while not leaving a big ugly unhealthy footprint plus donates to mothers around the world to help them keep their babies safe… Now really, what kind of a person would say anything bad about Andrew, certainly not a smart or caring person. Sorry Andrew, you deserve an apology and I am sure anyone that thoughtless won’t apologize so here is one, hope you get it before you go on air… Your fans, all of us, we love you just as you are and we appreciate everything you do for us… Thanks Andrew, Pat

  26. Andrew, I am not a religious person, but I am a tolerant one, and I would respect you more for standing by your comments and opinions than for caving in to silly intolerance.

  27. We support you Andrew and your products and most of us knew what you meant. However, there are those that always try to make themselves feel smart. No need to try and be “politically correct” by explaining yourself. This is why we need Donald Trump to stop all that nonsense and “Make America Great Again.” You don’t need or owe an apology to anyone.

    By the way, it’s my understanding that Mr Trump uses your products made in Nevada and maybe that’s why the man has such high energy.

  28. My husband has been taking FIBERMUCIL for many years, and it has helped him more than any other fiber product he has ever tried. However, it has been quite some time since I have seen it as a TS. Did I miss it? I buy it 4 to 6 times a year, so it would be great to get it at a TS price break once a year. Thank you, Andrew, for a great product.

  29. Andrew, I love your supplements! Can’t wait to get my tea I ordered on your last visit. Keep up the good work, I wouldn’t pay attention to the people that have nothing better to do than nit pick. Take care

  30. Andrew’s a household name around our house. Long time consumers of his supplements. Love watching even when I don ‘t need anything. Thank you Andrew for the educational focus you put into your presentations. Keep educating us about your products! You might have discussed before, but would you discuss which vitamins are best taken early in the day vs afternoon or evening. I know you can’t doscuss all, but if you would touch on the subject it would be much appreciated . Thank you!!

  31. Andrew, If people are that sensitive to be upset over a few quotes try need to take a look at themselves. You did nothing wrong. This current statement from you says a lot about the person you are. I am not going to tell you to change how you do things you need to do what feels right for you. I just think some people are bullies or over sensitive. Some just are unhappy for what ever reason and no matter how you change they will still find a reason to complain. Follow your own heart Andrew.

  32. Followed you from “QVC” you go Andrew you are great!!
    Keep up good work!!!!??
    Looking for Specials! Use a lot of different products!

    1. Andrew I use all of your products and only your products.. But I have a question not pertaining to your products but do your dogs.. You mentioned Lincoln all the time and I see him but didn’t you have two dogs at the beginning? People with pets have a heart and they put all their heart into their product.

  33. Andrew: This is your company and your blog which gives you the right to make a reference to the Bible if you desire to do so. To be honest with you that is one of the many reasons I believe so much in your wonderful products. The type of person you are gives me the confidence to believe the information you offer on every detail of the product and its ingredients. I am 84 and your products are the only supplements I take, no pills. Thank you Andrew for the gift of health. As for the very few offended it might due them well to read the Bible which is a wonderful source of information. Eleanor Baker

  34. Is there any way of making the legs circulation gluten free?
    I would be offended if you changed, I myself am tired of offending others, in the long run they are offending us. Don’t change Andrew, people buy your vitamins because you speak from the heart.

  35. Andrew, if people are offended by Bible references, then they don’t need to read your blog. I’ll, ALWAYS, stand with God and His Word and I hope that you do, too. We can’t let the few dictate our actions. That’s how our great country got into the mess we’re in….God has been removed and they call it political correctness. Hog wash!! He gave us life and our country was founded on Him. If anyone doesn’t like it they can move. Most in our US citizens are good, God fearing, people and the few are, actually, forcing their values on us. We cave every time. How dare they!! I’m very happy that you love Him and hope you won’t cower to the few. Money isn’t worth it…your reward will be far greater for not being politically correct.

    God bless you and your family.. Joanne :O)

  36. will you ever make a Thyroid Support Supplement? I love your products, I’ve been a supporter since early 2000, and continue to order. I believe in you and your
    products. Thank you!

  37. Andrew,, your products, , I wish you come on more often,, I can’t afford to buy all the time,,I’m on a budget,,, I wish I can meet you,,,keep educating us

  38. I thank God for you and your supplements. My son was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, he was very sick, was hospitalized for three months. When he was released he was sent home with 19 prescriptions. He was so doped up he couldn’t walk without help. He couldn’t communicate very well and he developed a tremor in his right hand, he was 35 years old. I was heartbroken. I prayed alot and put him on different churches prayer lists including my own. One day I was watching you on HSN, you were telling the viewers about Coq 10 and how our heart needed Co q 10 especially if you’re on a station drug, which was one of the 19 drugs my son was on. I ordered it and started my son on co q 10 and resveritol. It took about a year but I weaned him off all meds but 2 and the Co q 10 is a Godsend. Thank God for answered prayers. At my son’s last cardiologist appointment his Dr. Asked him what he was doing cause his heart had improved so much it was now beating normally. His ejection fraction was 10 but now it was 50! Roger told his Dr that he has been taking Co q 10 and resveritol. His Dr was so surprised at such a drastic improvement. He set up one more appt. In 3 months. We went to that appt. The Dr was very pleased with Rogers continued progress. The tests showed his heart was normal. The Dr told him to keep taking Co q 10 and resveritol and he released him as his patient. I will never let him stop taking Co q 10. I am convinced the LORD used it to heal his CHF and of course all the prayers!!! Keep up the good work Andrew, your hard work is changing lives for the better, much better! I thank God for you and your supplements. My son to this day is doing great, thanks to our heavenly Father and thank you Andrew!! GOD bless you real good!

  39. I have a Neck Infusion and yrs. ago broke my Back, along with other injuries. I have a lot of nerve damage in my body,my legs being the worse. I thought I would give this a try, because also a lot of broken veins, due to working on concrete. With help of my Accupuncture and these Supplements my leg pain is now manageable. My Accupuncturis does not want me to stop taking them,because of the difference I’ve shown. Who knew ,I now get some sleep, Thank you.

  40. Don’t ever stop using your God-given talent and your right to quote Biblical verses if they apply to what you are doing…they are both true statements.

  41. Love your FedEx shipping. I ordered Sunday and received my order today. I don’t like ordering through HSN because they ship through the USPS. It is slow, they lose my packages, and my packages are left first in their hot trucks, then in the my hot mailbox, which is out in the sun. FedEx leaves the boxes at my door. Thanks for using FedEx shipping!

  42. Please do not leave God out. He does deserve the Glory for everything. I take and love several of your products. Keep up the good work. God is guiding you.


  44. That’s disturbing, when some ‘whatever’ is ‘offended’ by such ‘innocuous’ language.?.
    But my question is about, Diosmin. WebMD says, “Diosmin is safe to use for most people when used short-term for up to 3 months.”. There are other references when googling ‘Diosmin’ that say the same thing.
    Does that mean there are Negative Consequences to using it longer than 3 months???
    Thank you, Andrew, for Everything. I’ve been using your products since 1989, because they ARE THE BEST. Thank you.

  45. I love your products, their purity and your conviction to bring us nothing but the best. Now, what about a supplement for my 4-legged family member? Joint support is important for my adult Blue Heeler and I’d love to be able to provide her with a terrific supplement, too. Just a thought.
    Thank you for providing great products!

  46. Andrew, Just because people want to put a specific spin on a “comment” they are trying to remove that from their lives doesn’t mean we need to in the same direction. They can think of “the big guy upstairs” as Uncle Herbert who is big and has always lived upstairs. I say get over it and grow up. How can anyone move through life with such a narrow acceptance of all people and how they think.

  47. Regarding: “I will also heed that old saying about not discussing religion, since apparently, some folks had issues with some references in my prior article.”

    I TOTALLY DISAGREE WITH YOU, WITH ALL DUE RESPECT. YOU ABSOLUTELY SHOULD KEEP SHARING YOUR BELIEFS. First of all, what on earth is so offensive about what you shared?…Nothing!! What you shared is loving, uplifting and positive, so why would you stop? So what if some people are offended! Perhaps, try thinking about ALL of the people that are being encouraged and blessed by these words…..what about them? Personally, I feel this is part of the reason why, now more than ever, there is so much moral decay and cultural rot in our society because we allow ourselves to be bullied by people who are touchy and offended by what?…words that promote kindness, love, responsibility, etc.. Honestly, I see it as a good thing that they are offended, maybe they’re getting convicted and it makes them feel uncomfortable….THIS IS A GOOD THING!! So, Andrew, PLEASE KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING….KEEP SHARING REFERENCES OF LOVE AND PEACE FROM THE BIBLE….DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE BULLIED!! WE HAVE TO STAND UP TO THIS!!! ISAIAH 4:10: So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


  48. Andrew, I am disappointed that you have allowed a few spiteful, narrow-minded people to stop your right to free speech. People can believe anything they want, but trying to intimidate you into not mentioning God or references to the Bible is wrong. What are they afraid of? Jesus said if anyone denies Him, He will say He never knew them. It will be too late for them when they face their Maker. Please don’t change. Your products are life-changing and your heart is in the right place.

  49. Andrew, you’re a blessing and you can use God’s name and quote the Bible as you please – it’s your right to do so. Giving back the good health of people is what you strive for and the Bible also tells us to take good care of our body.

  50. Better to offend man and please God than to please man and displease God ! Keep making mention of truth ! It helps more people than it offends , plus offense is they’re choice , that’s on them !

  51. Dear Andrew, I am just now seeing this post of yours (a few years later!). I love the work you are doing and your products, and have purchased your supplements for years (and I spend a lot of my time doing thorough research on supplements and the different brands out there!) I was disappointed, however, to see that you had “apologized” for a comment you made that quoted something as harmless as a Bible verse (for goodness sakes)! There are WAY more people who are NOT offended than those who ARE…and those who are offended, usually, are those who are offended by just about everything anymore! I can tell that you are a kind person, who might be disturbed to find that you have offended someone – but a Bible verse??? How in the world are we as human beings ever going to be able to say ANYTHING ever, that won’t offend SOMEONE SOMEHERE! Not possible! The problem (most of the time) is with the “offendee”, and not the “so-called offendor”! It is an individual’s choice here in America (at least for now) to be, or not be religious, spiritual, atheist, etc. So there is NO real reason for anyone to be offended by anyone else’s words as it pertains to these choices, and if they are offended- well, life isn’t always unicorns and rainbows – we must learn to deal with some things on our own…can’t and shouldn’t be sheltered from every little bitty thing…everyone needs some coping skills just to get through everyday life! All that to say….Andrew, please don’t cave in to the FEW who are always trying to create drama because they seem to have nothing better to do, and because they seem to kick and scream louder! It just empowers them more, and to the point that it infringes upon the rest of us and our rights. The LARGE number of us who love your work and your products, and tune in to absorb the knowledge you so generously offer us, do not want you to change anything about you or your presentations! You are a wonderful person – please keep up the great work you do! Thank you, Andrew! You are appreciated!

  52. Hi I have been using your product, Circulation and Vein Support for at least 15 years. It enables me to walk. Without it I have heavy draggy painful legs. When I received my latest bottle, the formulation had changed. I figured you knew better than I and I proceeded to take it. This was weeks ago, it’s not working as well. In addition I am developing some weird spots (rough patches of skin) on my legs. I don’t know what the difference is but my body can sure feel it.
    Is there any way you could offer the original formula? I see others have complained about the new formula. Right now I am trying to buy up all of the original formula bottles I can find.
    Thank you for considering.

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