Let’s Celebrate Two Birthdays! HSN’s and America’s with Two Favorite Today’s Specials.

If it’s July, then it’s time for our annual Healthy Hair Skin and Nails Today’s Special

Of course, July has always been HSN’s Birthday Month and since our Healthy Hair Skin and Nails has long been one of our most popular products, I moved its Today’s Special to July to celebrate HSN’s Birthday.  That was almost 15 years ago and I have no plans to change that schedule since, at everyone’s request, I try to be consistent with the dates for our most important Today’s Specials, so you can maximize your savings over the course of a year.  Speaking about savings, this year’s will be our best savings on our Healthy Hair Skin and Nails Today’s Special.  Last year, we introduced a 720-capsule supply of Healthy Hair Skin and Nails and, surprisingly, it was by far the most popular size.  At first, I was unsure of the interest in an extra-large size bottle, but I suppose since so many of us take two capsules daily or share it with someone else, the 720-capsule supply was destined to be the most popular – even more than all other sizes combined!  As a result, I am bringing back the 720-capsule supply.  Plus, we will offer a special formula that ensures everyone gets at least 2,000 mcg daily of our special Biotin, since it will include 2,000 mcg per capsule or 4,000 mcg per two capsules.  Also, because we all do our best to keep our skin as youthful and aging as gracefully as possible (while avoiding wrinkles as long as possible), I am also including 100 mg of EGCG from our special Green Tea Extract.  EGCG is the natural substance that makes Green Tea the world’s healthiest, zero-calorie beverage.  As long we are focused on the importance of Green Tea, I also thought we should share some of our special Green Tea for brewing at home.  So if you get either of the two largest sizes of the Today’s Special, you will receive four tea sachets of my Jasmine Infused Green Tea and two tea sachets of Muriel’s healthy Earl Grey Green Tea.  For decades, I always wanted to enjoy Green Tea’s health benefits, but I never liked its musty flavor.  That is until I found my unique Jasmine Infused Green Tea.  I hope you love it as much as I do, since it is one of the simplest, healthiest things we can do each day.  As far as Muriel’s Earl Grey Tea, I substituted my Green Tea for its less healthy black tea, so now you get all the benefits of Green Tea when you enjoy a cup of this unique Earl Grey Tea.  Each year, it is difficult to improve upon my Today’s Specials and it’s hard to believe that our Healthy Hair Skin and Nails Today’s Special costs less than when we introduced it more than a decade ago!  Plus, it has eight times the Biotin of that original formula, plus EGCG and our Green Tea bonus.  It is by far this year’s lowest price opportunity to try our Healthy Hair Skin and Nails for the very first time or to reorder and stock up.  I hope to see you on Saturday evening, July 12th at 11 PM Eastern Standard Time with this amazing Today’s Special beginning at midnight.

The following weekend (July 20th) will be our Essential-1 Today’s Special.   I will write a second blog post about that, but I just wanted everyone to know what was coming up.  We have moved this important product to our July visit, because we postponed our live factory broadcast in May while we were building a new broadcast studio at our factory in Henderson, Nevada.  I think July works well for this product’s annual Today’s Special, but of course, I am open to suggestions.  I will elaborate further, but there is truly no other multivitamin in the world that approaches the quality, potency, purity and ease-of-use of this remarkable product.  By the way, if you or anyone you know is unsure about trying Essential-1 or Healthy Hair Skin and Nails, you can always feel completely secure, since all my products are backed by an unconditional money back guarantee, along with literally thousands of 5-Star Reviews.  Enjoy!

In closing, I just wanted to raise a couple of points about the 4th of July and of all things, Dr. Oz.  They might seem unrelated, but they actually are not.  First of all, I feel it is important that we all celebrate or recognize the 4th of July in whatever manner works for us.  I happened to be in school in Philadelphia during our country’s Bicentennial and ever since that time, I have recognized how blessed I am to have been born and raised in this great land of ours.  As a child I loved the fireworks, but today, my celebration of the 4th is more a sense of gratitude for living in a country that provides the freedom and opportunity to achieve the happiness we seek.  Truthfully, I still love the fireworks, too.  As far as Dr. Oz, I want to first thank you for all the support I received when I posted my blogs about his deceptive weight loss broadcasts.  I was forced to write those blog posts, since Dr. Oz had so abused the trust of his followers and viewers; yet no one else was speaking out against him.  Although the support for my blog was almost unanimous, there were some who thought that Dr. Oz would not lie so blatantly.  Well, for those of you who caught his appalling testimony before some US Senators, where he was embarrassed and humiliated for his outrageous lies, I just want to thank you again for remembering that I made my statements about Dr. Oz long before it was popular for anyone to dare to criticize him.  Thankfully, Dr. Oz’s actions and statements let us know who and what he is, but ironically, the reason he has gotten away with his weight loss lies is because of the great land we live in:  The First Amendment to our Constitution, which ensures our Freedom of Speech.  Technically, since Oz is not selling supplements when he broadcasts his shows (I really wonder about that), then his speech is not commercial speech and thus fully protected by the First Amendment.  Sadly, this is despite his statements being blatantly false and misleading.  Eventually, the truth comes out and that is certainly the case with Dr. Oz’s lies.  Anyhow, I will try and post a more detailed discussion and video blog about this entire matter in the near future.

Once again, sorry for such a long blog post but below are some photos from a hike I did in the mountains of Colorado to Hanging Lake with my friend Eric Cotsen.  Eric goes nowhere without taking at least half a dozen cameras, so there are some beautiful pictures of this pristine mountain lake (Hanging Lake) found at the top of a beautiful canyon.  Eric also took some pictures of Muriel with my little guy Lincoln.  Also, anticipating your questions on why Lincoln was not with me at Hanging Lake; unfortunately, because of the pristine ecosystem at Hanging Lake, dogs are not allowed.  I considered taking him anyhow and explaining to the park rangers that Lincoln was not really a dog, but just an intelligent, furry, four-legged child, but I thought I might lose that argument. Laughing

Anyhow, Happy Independence Day!  Our forefathers had the incredible vision to create an amazing nation, unlike any other, some 230+ years ago and here we are today, still enjoying the remarkable freedoms they created.  Some might say our country is less than perfect, but who among us can claim to be perfect, and as long as we are a country made up of people, we must accept our inevitable imperfections and hopefully rise above them and correct them.  For those of you who know me, I always talk about my great love for travel and no matter how much I love the places I visit, I still can’t wait to come back to our great land.  Happy 4th!

Best of health and see you soon.




74 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate Two Birthdays! HSN’s and America’s with Two Favorite Today’s Specials.”

  1. I am not able to use the Hair, Skin and Nails but reasly would like to try your teas. I bought the mint and it is great but I really want a green tea as well. Please consider selling a sampler pack or consider including it with the Essentual 1 large size. I recently talked my friend into using your Omega 3's and now she's bought the cinnamon and is looking forward to your July shows. Again, I would be willing to buy a sampler pack of teas to decide which one I want to buy. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful scenery pictures. Thank You for sharing, I am a Scenery Buff and am at awe at God's creation, I have been taking H S N for a number of years and try not to run out . I always wait for your Sales, Thank You for your great prouducts,

  3. The pictures area awesome!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Look forward to the July HSN shows. Our stash is low and we live specials!

  4. Sorry I missed your show on Healthy hair/skin and nails on July 2nd. I would have loved to see and hear about this product – as having hypothyroidism, I find it very difficult to keep healthy nails – but the skin and hair look and feel great. As my hairdresser would say, " I have never and all the years of hairdressing have I seen hair grow so fast". I do contribute that comment to all the vitamins and minerals and herbal supplements that I have taken throughout the years of my life. Question – Then why can I grow healthy nails?

  5. Love the idea of Essential One as TS in May or July. Actually I like it in July better, because I alternate taking Essential One with Hair, Skin & nNails every other day. I would even like them as a bundle!

  6. Andrew, thank you for your integrity and for always looking out for us. I sincerely appreciate your honesty and even more your boldness for taking a stand for the truth when it comes to our health. Thank you for sharing the truth regarding Dr. Oz.
    Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking. The water is amazingly clear. Thank you for sharing such beauty in nature. God's creations are truly a marvel and a wonder.
    I am happy for those who are able to benefit from your Hair, Skin and Nails. Unfortunately, because of the MSM (sulfur), I am unable to take it. The irony with me is that Sulfur causes my hair to break, brittle and cause bald spots. This sounds unreal because Sulfur (MSM) is a mineral that promotes healthy hair, skin and nails, but unfortunately not for me. For some reason I have a sensitivity to all Sulfur (MSM) products (not just yours). With all of your wisdom, would you be able to share your views on why this occurs? Would you be able to supply the Biotin separately? Your supplements are the purest I've ever tried.
    All of your other products, I have tons of and they work wonders for me. I look forward to all of your visits in order to stock up. God Bless You and Muriel and your adorable pets.

  7. Andrew , you are spot on about so call weight loss "miracles" . No matter whether the one making the claim. is famous or not , there is NO weight loss miracle .
    I love the 720 size TS , I take two everyday and it last a year.
    Also , thanks for being bold and honest .

  8. Hi Andrew,
    Those pictures are stunning. I am a true nature lover and Hanging Lake and the falls and all the photos are
    divine. You are very Blessed to see such Beauty in Nature. It is all around us, but I haven't been to Colorado.
    Big hugs to Lincoln.
    Keep on with the fine products.
    Elizabeth in NY~

  9. I always trust that your products are quality and never have to worry about your ingredients. Thanks.

  10. I knew everything Oz was pushing were worthless. At 62, over the last8 yrs or so, I have been taking your vitamins. Prior to that I wasted so much money on the "junk" that was advertised, that I thought would be good for me. I can't tell you how many bottles I threw away when I started yours. The others had no noticeable improvements, only stomach aches and a nasty taste. No weight loss, no stopping ringing ears, no nothing!!! Thank you for existing(haha) and providing us with quality products that work!!!!!!!

  11. Love your pictures! I don't take any vitamins of any other brands but yours. I totally trust you and I love you for making these great vitamins. Take care.

  12. Hello Andrew,
    Here is St. Louis we have a radio station that is quite frank about what
    They say and how they say it. Basically saying, they tell it how it is.
    I have been following you for a few years now. From buying your
    Products, which I have not found one I wasn't happy with, to your
    Blogs. When I was listening to this radio station here in St. Louis
    Talk about Dr. Oz being a "joke" about some of his claims I immediately
    Thought about you.

  13. Hi Andrew.
    Trust is a very serious word for me. It is bantered about so lightly. I will say I trust you and your products without question. Thank you for making me never worry about your supplements. It is such a relief. Your integrity is inspiring. Thank you for everything you do for us. In this world today you are so needed and appreciated. I have so many excellent results. Only with your products. Keep up the good work. Love, Love love. Andrea

  14. i love, love, love your products…i started taking them about 5 years..starting off with the energy and fat metabolism…which is absolutely a perfect product…then onto healthy skin and nails…and then essential one ….all perfect products…they are the only vitamins i can take….i take 4 others also….i would love to see the energy and fat metabolism come in bigger bottles…actually all of them…like 1000 in each…it is better for a family size and as a single mother…it would be cheaper all the way around…..my children are sports fanatics so i buy the biggest of everything…but sometimes i cant afford it….so 1000 capsules would be so much more beneficial to single parents..plus maybe an extra flex pay or 2 on some of them as well…keep up the good work ANDREW

  15. I love your wonderful pictures of Nature's beauty. Nice to see you have a balance of work and play in your life. Bad joint replacements have made my hiking days a memory. As others have said- I Trust you, not an easy thing for me. I Trust you will continue to be truthful in what you say and the products you sell. I Thank You for your caring and continued commitment to educating folks about improving the quality of their lives, rather than just pushing products. Enjoy this wonderful country. It isn't perfect, but there's nowhere else I'd rather live. Thank You.

  16. Thank you Andrew again and again!
    I have been using your supplements for many years now. My favorite as is with many is your Healthy Hair Skin and Nails and have taken this for a long time. I started supplementing my daily vitamin regime with MSM Benefits as I am an 'old polio' victim, and at the age of 66 I need help with aging and over-used joints and ligaments and tendons. The MSM is absolutely wonderful and I notice a difference. It also gives the Healthy Hair Skin and Nails a boost too and my hair grows, hard to believe, even faster but most importantly, I have "healthy hair, skin and nails" My nails are strong and grow fast for someone closing in on 67 and my skin is excellent too. I don't wear makeup and have hardly any wrinkles. I attribute this in great part to Healthy Hair Skin and Nails, plus MSM Benefits.
    Love the beautiful pictures of Hanging Lake and especially of your sweet little Lincoln and Muriel together.
    Thanks again Andrew, you're the best, for all you do with such passion for all of your customers.

  17. Hi Andrew. Just wanted to let you know I love reading your blog. I also wanted to let you know how much my tumultuous all the benefits of taking your amazing supplements. The Hair, Skin and Nails, along with the Essential 1 And Omega Fish supplements are by far our favorites. It looks like you had a wonderful time on your trip to Colorado. The pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Have a great Fourth of July!! Looking forward to seeing you on HSN and stocking up! 🙂

  18. Thanks for the long blog.
    I was turned off by Dr. Oz from the git go. He would hype you up and then use stupid props and really not give you much information, just enough to confuse or scare you.
    I feel really bad about all those poor people spending their hard earned cash on such junk, he said he was doing the show to help people instead he basically robbed them and left them more confused.
    I'm still asking the same question however, does it affect your vitamins to ship them in the heat, I live in SC and they get pretty hot in my mailbox?

  19. Sorry Andrew. Above it should say how much I love all the benefits of taking your supplements. 🙂

  20. Andrew, LOVE your products. Take over 20 daily. Looking forward to your shows this month. One question. CholestaCare has been a TS in July for the past few years and that product has kept me off the statin drugs. Just wondering if it will be a TS at a later date. Thanks for all the love and care that go into all your products. Happy 4th.

  21. Andrew, Colorado, my home state. What Organic Elegance! Keep up the good work. Love the supplements!

  22. Thank you Andrew for taking a stand on Dr. Oz's lies. I support you 100% and appreciate everything you do. I love all your products and will continue taking them forever!! Looking forward to your blogs and specials.

  23. Great photos!! I would like to travel there sometime. The Vits are good too…and I absolutely love Secure Coffee drink.

  24. Thank you Andrew for being you!
    Have a wonderful Independence Day
    and talk to you guys soon : )
    Solon ohio

  25. Hi Andrew! I share your love for this country. While I do not understand in any way the haters of this country, I know they have a right to their feelings. I feel sorry for them and hope they someday will "see the light".
    Happy 4th!

  26. Andrew,
    I am a QVC follower but I am convinced you produce the best supplements and so I want to be there and take advantage of the specials HSN offers. I appreciate the quality and the degree of research you put into giving us the very best.

  27. Andrew, thank you so much for letting us know about your upcoming specials, it really helps me to plan my budget! As for Dr. Oz, I never believed the claims made about any "miracle weight loss pill" and so forth. In my very basic assessment, those claim just defied common sense. Every time I heard what he said, it sounded like an infomercial and I know people who swear by what he says. It is a shame though, as by all accounts Dr. Oz, is a highly skilled and accomplished surgeon and proponent of wellness. I hope his recent grilling, will bring him back to what seemed to be, his desire to bring better health to us all.

  28. I should have added this in my previous comment Andrew. You deserve a world of credit for taking a stand on the Dr. Oz issue. You voiced your concerns publicly, which today many people are reluctant to do. I commend you for standing by your principles and high ethical standings. Thank you for all you do!


  30. Andrew, Awsome pics! It's time for you to publish and include with the Christmas Special an Autographed Muriel, Lincoln and Andrew: ProCaps Labs Calendar for every year gracing the month's days with pics of the beautiful areas of the world where so many of the minerals, extraxts, tea leaves, roots and most valuable CoQ10 has their roots. We know and appreciate the quality and research you have put in to making every single ProCaps Products as the truely Finest in the World!
    If you want to seel them and use the proceeds to further the Vitimin Angles project or create another project to further the cause, I am sure it will be a best seller and your fans will as always fully support the effort.
    Speaking for my wife and myself, we have several medical issues which require CoQ10 and several others for a rare Mitochondria Myopathy. We have appreciated the high quality of every single product. We have also shared the message with our Rheumatologist. Nothing less than his blessings and his ability to help us achieve the right amounts of CoQ10, Creatine, Carnitine, Folic Acid, and Alpha Liopoic to make the "Mito Mix" as he calls it to bring our energery lost to helping get that lost energy back.
    With great medical research and decicated people like you, who have chosen to to be a leader in developing high quality products designed to fill that need is appreciated.
    I am so proud to share this and take a moment to say "Thank You'' for your dedication to serving humanity, puts a smile on my face this July 4th. You are a special person and Our Lord above has blessed you many times over for your service to helping people all over this world.
    All the Best and best of Health to You, Muriel and Lincoln!
    You can rearrange the order if I didn't get that right!
    Regards Arthur & Sandra Macdonald, Williamsville, NY

  31. Thanks for sharing, gorgeous… I never doubted you , i was somewhat shocked that Dr Oz would stoop that low, then I understood why you never came out with them. I was wondering until I saw your comments about it. Thank you… and thank you for your honesty, integrity , and for making the best vitamins in the world!

  32. Andrew, I have a 5' tall wall cabinet I had specially made to hold all the Procaps products my family takes. I changed to your brand from viewing HSN, then went direct to your website as well. We love your products. I have a request: Unfortunately I had my thyroid removed due to papillary cancer in July 2010. I must take the daily replacement hormone which makes me feel like I am stuck in neutral, and I have gained 5 lbs per year. My nails keep becoming thinner with more ridges and they split. I just take calcium or iron for 4 hours after the pill, so that ruined my breakfast routine. IS THERE SOMETHING YOU CAN RECOMMEND TO US THYROID VICTIMS THAT CAN JUMPSTART US, GET RID OF THE BRAIN FOG, MAKE OUR METABOLISMS HELP TO BURN OFF THIS ACCUMULATED FLUID, AND FAT. I AM NOT ALONE. MILLIONS OF WOMEN ARE HYPOTHYROID AND WE NEED HELP. The doctor has tried to increase the dosage but it makes my pulse pound at 105 all day and night and I am EXHAUSTED. Please recommend current products or help develop something that can reduce the side effects of having one's thyroid removed. Thanks you.

  33. Andrew, my 2 favorite today specials are in July. Is there any way you can set it up so that we may share your blog on FB on our own timelines??????
    Thanks, Avid Fan!

  34. I use many of your products and I love all of them as I believe in and know that your products are pure, with no additives and are backed by research. I recommend your products to family and friends all of the time.
    I also do believe that Dr Oz is a very respected physician as well. He is part of a TV program that I am sure has expectations of him. I have always listened to what he says and he prefaces his comments with the minor un scientific studies that have been done on some of the products he talks about on his program. He also spends a great deal of the show talking about food sources of nutritional supplements. I don't think i t is right to bash him in this blog.

  35. I have taken your products (Omegas, Essential One, Cinnamon, COq10, Calcium, Vit D, Hair Skin Nails, and I'm currently trying turmeric) for as long as you have been on television and I love all that I take. Keep those great values coming! On the Dr Oz subject: I stopped watching his show several years ago for the simple fact that he was hawking too many weight loss products. NONE of them work….in the early years of his show I fell prey to his push – like tossing dollars in the wind. At some point, I sent him an e-mail asking him to stop featuring these products; it never happened. Then I began to wonder: he says he doesn't make money off the products but why does he continue to push them? In my eyes, his credibility is gone. Thank you, Andrew, for giving us the education and continuing to do the research to offer products to help us be healthy. I live on a fixed income but always try to save enough to keep vitamins on my daily list of to do's!

  36. Andrew, it is very clear you love what you do. It is also evident that you do the research needed to speak honestly about the products you make, to share with anyone who desires to hear. I use several of your supplements. I find them to be excellent! Keep your focus clear and Thank you for giving your time and Love to what you do.

  37. Andrew–Thank you for all that you do to make all of our lives better! I personally have been taking your "Circulation and Vein Support" product for healthy legs and I immediately noticed a difference when my original order ran out. Needless to say, I am on auto-order now! Simply put, I trust you and your products. Also, please keep the great pictures coming–and may I suggest a trip to Hawaii for some incredibly memorable pictures? 🙂 All the best and, again, thank you! V/r, Bill — Fredericksburg, VA

  38. Andrew: Love all your "products" and your "blogs". My husband and I have been taking your vitamins (will not go into the list because it is too long) for a long period of time now and cannot live without them. Everyone one of your vitamins does exactly what it is suppose to do. My husband is 74 and in such good health because of your vitamins. People keep asking him what he is doing, and he tells them all about your vitamins. His doctors cannot believe how his blood pressure is "perfect" and they tell have to keep doing whatever he is doing (you know how doctors never tell you to take vitamins because they do not believe in them). Thank you for your honesty and trustworthiness. The pictures were so breathtaking and beautiful, as is "Lincoln" and "Muriel". We are blessed to have you in our lives now. Have a great 4th of July.

  39. Hello Andrew. Thanks for the update on what you're doing and for telling us when your next TSVs will air. Looking forward to watching your broadcasts from your new studio so I can watch more Lincoln with you. Seriously, I would love to see you do your broadcasts with ONLY you and Lincoln; OMIT the goofy, annoying HSN hosts who thrive on hearing themselves talk. I usually hit the Mute button when they take over the shows. So, here's to the Andrew and Lincoln broadcasts……..All Lincoln, all the time. 🙂

  40. Andrew i love your supplements. I have been taking your Hair Nail and Skin for more than a decade in addition to many of your other supplements Omega COQ10 the two newest to my many i take are the astaxanthin and tumeric i look foward to when you have TS since i take so many but i feel like you do we dont get enough of what we need in the foods we eat

  41. Andrew, thanks so much for sharing your awesome photos, you are the best. Keep up the great work you do for us all.

  42. Andrew: My husband and I think you are great and take most of your vitamins. We watch you every time you are on HSN. We have learned so much listening to you, and since we are seniors I feel we have a better life and more energy with your products. We have noticed the difference in your vitamins that the ones we took before. I am 73 and my husband is 80 and I can hardly keep up with him. Please keep making them and we will keep buying them. We look forward to your blogs. Have a great July and we will see you on HSN on the 12th with Healthy Hair Skin and Nails.

  43. Gorgeous photos of Colorado's wilderness ! I found it quite interesting (and oh so TRUE) how you "connected" Dr. Oz with the 4th of July. As far as those folks who wouldn't believe that Dr. Oz would so blatantly lie — don't people realize that when it comes to FAME and MONEY, " fibbing comes easy ! "

  44. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for finding time to blog. I've been taking your vitamins for years. It's funny because I just wondered a couple of days ago when your next HSN visit will be. It's time to stock up on a few vitamins you mentioned, especially Healthy Hair Skin and Nails. Eric's photos are spectacular and show how healthy and beautiful our country is. I look forward to your upcoming visit. – Joan, Brooklyn, NY

  45. this is such AWESOME news!!!! i love the hair, skin, and nails vitamins!!!! I can't wait to get them at an awesome price!!! Keep up the Good work!!! take care and God bless

  46. Thanks Andrew for all the knowledge and integrity you let all of your customers know in selling your products.
    I use so many of your products and especially love your Jasmine green tea.
    Beautiful pictures of your hike and loved seeing Lincoln and Muriel's pic.
    Happy 4th of July to you and yours!

  47. I was wondering what you think of the "super foods" supplements that I 'm seeing? Will you be making any in the near future? I've been taking some, but don't seem to feel the energy that my BF claims he feels. Thanks.

  48. Love those beautiful pictures Andrew! Thanks for sharing. So excited about the Hair, Skin, and Nails special even though I just ordered a small bottle last week. My husband was getting desperate since we were running out. The 720 is perfect for us. The 1-Essentials is coming as a TS at the right time also.
    Happy 4TH to you! God bless America and God bless you Andrew! You represent our Nation well. Keep speaking the truth.

  49. Andrew,
    Quick points:
    1- LOVE the pictures! Talk about Organic!!!
    2- I trust YOUR Suppliments. Listening and buying for years. You educate!
    3- Thanks for your Vitamin Angles.
    4- Yes, Dr. Oz has caved! He has toned down the hype.Thanks to you!
    5- Currently under Chemo and the good news.. All is going great AND I did not lose my hair!
    Thanks to your Hair, Skin and Nails! Lab tests are also super great, which I am sure is due, in part, to
    your suppliments.
    Lastly, Love Muriel— Marry Her!!!!
    Many Blessings!

  50. Happy Happy Fourth of July to you and Muriel and Lincoln and all. Thank you for all your hard work and also for the beautiful awesome pictures. Will look for you on HSN. God Bless

  51. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing with us. Lincoln is adorable and seeing you of a suit is amazing = you look so healthy and young. Muriel is lovely. Also, thank you for the update. Will be looking for your today's specials and will try Muriel's and yours new tea.

  52. Love the pictures. Of course, you saved the best one for last. Lincoln is adorable and Muriel is lovely. Loved the update too and looking forward to trying the teas as I alrady Love the Hair, Skin & Nails. Enjoy the outdoors you look so healthy and younger, not wearing a suite.

  53. Hi Andrew, you are great. Can't wait for your next shows. Another person said she would like you to offer sample sizes of our teas. That's a nice idea. I love your Jasmine and can't wait to try the others. I need to wait for a special though. I have about 20 of your vitamins and supplements. I have one section of a room devoted to your products — nice and cool, not cold or hot, no moisture, no sun. The room does, however, look like a store. My only concern is that I am taking too many. I am going to figure out of the ingredients from all my bottles, and then see what I have too many of the same ingredients. I've been putting it off for a year!!! I do love that you have the turmeric. I love being able to have it as the only ingredient in a bottle.
    The pictures of your trip are beautiful. Keep showing them to us. I enjoy your blogs, hope you can write a little more often.
    I look forward to seeing you on HSN. (I think you look just great in your suits. Blue is your color!!!)

  54. Hi Andrew,
    Such gorgeous pictures….I admire you speaking out about Dr. Oz and the things he tries to sell, unbelievable how arrogant he is….I agree with you wholeheartedly…..We do live in a wonderful country and am proud of America – we all need to fight together to keep our freedom and hope and pray we will prosper again, there are so many scary things today and I fear for our young people…..I know we will be strong again and stand United!!!

  55. I agree with you about Dr. Oz; he certainly has lost his way. Anyone can see the whole hearing in the C-SPAN Archives at c-span.org.

  56. Happy Independence Day to you, too.
    Really appreciate your informative education as well as your products.
    All I can say about seeing Oz in front of the Senate is "Gotcha" —
    Thanks to you for championing OUR cause.
    PS: Your friend's photography is spectacular; appreciate your sharing
    an experience that many of us could not accomplish.

  57. Hi Andrew,
    You are a blessing to all of us who try to seperate the garbage from the truth. You are such a trustworthy guy and we are sooo happy to have you.
    Love the pics. The water is so gorgeous!!! Transparent like you, and your wonderful teaching 🙂
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.
    Thanks for the email and pics.

  58. Thank you for being the "Vitamin Guardian Angel". I have total confidence in all of your products.
    Keep promoting the quality control and standards thru the video tours of your facility in NV.
    Muriel's cookbooks are inspirational. Your pictures are truly an ahhhhh moment.

  59. Andrew,
    Just an idea: when you offer your supplements in the really large quantities, say 300 or more, would you consider including in the order a smaller empty bottle with a label that we could use. As most folks have commented, they have a special place set aside for your products. And those very large bottles take up so much room. They are large and tall. I would gladly use a small bottle and refill it several times and put the large one way back in the cabinet.
    Just a thought!

  60. Hi Andrew. Have been a great fan of you and your supplements for about 12yrs. now. I have a couple of auto-immune deficiency diseases and I know your supplements can't " cure or treat" the illness but they certainly help make life more tolerable. Yes they're are a couple of products my system can't handle well and THANK YOU so much for letting me be able to return them. I have my hubby on these also as well as my 88yr. old mom that now lives with us. I use to send them to her when she lived in FL. so this really works great for me so I can make sure of proper amounts since they have helped her so much. My Hubby has a request (me too) could you have a big bottle of the Cholesta Care for TS PLEASSSSSSSE??(Last part was me)
    By the way, my "B"day is July 3rd. I tell everyone when they ask what do I want, I always say cash because your supplements are the best thing I could give myself for my "B" day. I also say the same thing for XMAS or Mothers Day etc….Thanks so much for sharing great pictures and a wonderful life!!!!

  61. Hi Andrew, so happy to read your blog. I am and have been a fan for many years. The pics were gorgeous and I enjoyed them. I take some of your supplements and would buy them all the time if I made more money, lol. But….one supplement I would buy and I now know I'm not alone, and that is something to help ringing in the ears !!, please Andrew, work on that….I was reading some of the comments other people made and someone said how she wasted money on stuff for that, I know the feeling! I bought lippo flavonoid for six months and took it as directed ……absolutely no help at all! I spent a lot of money I didn't have and I was so sad that it was for nothing except to make them rich! We'll, I'll be watching you in a few days and learning from you once again. Thank you for reading.

  62. The pictures are just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing. Love the picture of Muriel and Lincoln – you are an awesome threesome. Thank you for the truth about Oz, your integrity and the world's best supplements.

  63. Andrew, of course I take, trust and love your vitamins (though I hate taking so many pills on top of my rx's) and appreciate your integrity. Glad you sent your blog and signed up for more before I even new there were such wonderful pictures as a bonus. I'm pretty much immobile for many years now, but love to travel via pictures and films. These pictures of Hanging lake are just magnificent, like a fantasy and such a treat for me to see. I live in CA and have been to many beautiful places in the past, but Hanging lake is definitely worth the hike especially with those waterfalls. Shall I assume you aren't allowed to swim in it, but that would be so glorious if permitted. Great picture of Muriel and pooch. I do understand how you feel about Lincoln.
    As to Dr. Oz, I'm really glad he was finally exposed because too many people were taken in by him. I haven't been a fan of his and was very put off by his weight loss nonsense knowing how hard weight loss really is. It's really discusting how famous people become carnival barkers for a buck.

  64. My wife and I buy a lot of your great stuff. Oz isn't the only broadcast Dr. with only a passing acquaintance with the truth. Trouble is, when they are found out it just blows over and they are back to business as usual in short order. Same as FOX news, which I watch every day.

  65. Hello Andrew: We can't wait for your visits to HSN this coming weekends, other than the World Cup Championship, fortunately your shows happen at night time. I am hoping you can talking about your Complete 100 product lines. These products are similar to the Complete but with more antioxidants. With the Essential One, do you think you would put more antioxidant into those and make a special formula for next year Today Special (like maybe 100mg of coq10 or Pomegranate Extract, etc)?

  66. Hi Andrew,
    I LOVE your pictures. What a n AWESOME SIGHT!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. I will check out your Facebook Page. I am in a Bon Jovi fan club. But I am really a great looking Blond. Thanks Andrew………One sec, I have to see my Hair, nail, skin. It is still 3/4 full. I got the Large bottle too. I don't need anymore. Thanks but???

  67. Love the photos. I use over twenty of your products. I asked for the turmeric and you delivered. I am a heart bypass patient and I love your manufacturing process. I also shop at HSN Got Muriel's cookbook! Andrew I hope you have a wonderful day and I thank you for your honesty. This is rare in today's society, Thank you for giving back to women and thank you for just being you. Love to Muriel and Lincoln.

  68. Hi Andrew,
    I'm looking forward to your visit this weekend! Loved your photos. Thanks for sharing! I take your vitamins and love them! I had a question about Turmeric. I take blood pressure medicine and also HCTZ and was wondering if Turmeric would interfere with my medication. Please advise if it would be safe? Thank you and thank you for giving us all the information on the research!

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