Happy Birthday HSN! Let’s Celebrate with HSN! (Healthy Hair Skin & Nails)

Almost fifteen years ago, I said jokingly that my Healthy Hair Skin and Nails was destined to become HSN’s favorite product, because its name alone required it. J Just look at the name:  H from Hair, S from Skin and N from Nails; and you end up with HSN.  Interestingly enough, it actually has become HSN’s favorite product, so I guess it makes perfect sense that our Healthy HSN formula is the ideal Today’s Special to celebrate HSN’s Birthday this comingSunday, July 14th.

Most of you knew it was coming, since for more than a decade, Healthy Hair Skin and Nails has been the July Birthday Today’s Special and this year is no exception.  By scheduling it so consistently, it allows everyone to plan best and save the most with their favorite vitamin purchases.  Also, because I carefully listen to your feedback, we have done a few things this year that we have never done before.  First of all, since our Hair Skin and Nails Today’s Special can only be done once per year, for the first time ever, we are introducing a 720 capsule supply (our largest ever), which makes it a perfect one year supply.  If you are like me and take two capsules daily, it will now last you until next year at this time, so you save for the entire year with our exceptional Today’s Special pricing, which also happens to be the lowest cost per day ever in the history of this product.  Plus, we have increased the Biotin to 4,000 mcgs daily of our unique, exceptionally bioavailable Biotin.  I have also included our special 40:40 Pomegranate extract, which helps to protect our skin, from the inside, against those age-related changes that seem so unavoidable.  Best of all, despite all the special additions, this will be everyone’s most affordable opportunity to either reorder or try our exceptional Healthy Hair Skin and Nails

I always read our product reviews to ensure that our products are still performing well and I remain humbled and inspired by the reviews for this product.  There are almost 2,500 reviews averaging over 4.5 stars and over 90% of them are exceptionally positive!  I recall my parents telling me as a child that you can never make everyone happy and perhaps they are right, but when I read these reviews, I can’t help but think that we are coming close. J Thank you!

So feel free to tune-in this coming Sunday July 14th to celebrate the best HSN (Hair Skin and Nails) Today’s Special ever.  And since Muriel is French, we can also celebrate French Independence Day on the 14th or as they call it Bastille Day, but no worries… we will still do the show in English. J Speaking of Independence Day, I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July.  The world might not be perfect, but we are all very blessed to live in this great land of ours.

See you in a few days!

Best of Health.


33 thoughts on “Happy Birthday HSN! Let’s Celebrate with HSN! (Healthy Hair Skin & Nails)”

  1. Thanks Andrew. I will be buying the largest size and thanks for putting in the pomegranate. When will your Ultimate Women's Wellness be a TS? Also, can you state in your shows what products young children can take (8-9 years old – pre teens) besides your Children's vitamin. Can they take your friendly flora and green foods, etc? Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. I love all of your vitamins, and I tell everyone I know about Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails. My nails and hair grow so fast. Andrew you are the Best!! Thank you so very much.

  3. I too love Andrew's vitamins I have been using them since
    he was on QVC Shopping Chanel….great product..

  4. Please have a TS with your digest assure. Also, please offer your sample pack like you had at Christmas all year long. Makes a great gift.

  5. Hello Andrew. Thanks for your generous offers of the biggest size, 720 capsules of HSN this July. My son who has been suffering with acne on his face and he is currently 12 years old. Do you think Healthy Hair Skin and Nails would help him? Is he able to take it at his age? If not, what is the suitable supplements for him or anyone who is suffering with acne? Can you mention that on your show? I am looking forward to see you, like thousands of your fans. Thanks

  6. I never see Woman's/Men's Complete as a todays special? I don't remember the last time they were even aired:0( I would like to see them again sometime, like they used to be. Usually they were an auto-ship todays special a couple of times a year? Thank-you

  7. Andrew… I love your HHSN and I am so happy to hear that you put the pomagranate in it this time… Please tell me that you left the resveratrol out of the product so I can order the large size of this vitamin… I take so many of your vitamins on a daily basis…

  8. Andrew, I take over 20 of your products and love them all. If I am not mistaking, CholestaCare was a TS last July. I swear by this product and have not had to take statin drugs because of it. Hopefully, my memory is correct. Love Hair, Skin and Nails too!

  9. Love your products. They are the best quality I've ever found and I recommend them to many of my friends and family. Please keep up your blog. I know you're busy but I also know we all anxiously look forward to learning the latest and most current information that you can give us. The cookbooks are great. For Those of us that watch our carbs it would be helpful if any future books to list the individual serving carb count.

  10. Andrew, I'm sorry you can't count me as one of the reviewers who give your products excellent ratings. It's not because I don't think highly of them. It's because I buy so many each time you're on the air and I simply don't have the time to put in an entry for each product. Rest assured that I love all your products, I've benefitted greatly from all of them, and they totally support my belief that food should be our medicine, and if we don't have enough food, we should supplement with Andrew Lessman's products. For this reason, I haven't seen any doctor now for 6 years, and I'm going strong. So here's my review for each and every one of your products: EXCELLENT health benefits follow each day as I take Andrew's products faithfully and regularly.

  11. HHSN is a miracle worker! I have a daughter who has suffered from eczema all her life. Though she has been able to manage it and keep it under control, the situation has been a challenge because of so many medications she's had to take. I had a heart-to-heart talk with her last Christmas about HHSN. All I said was, "there's a place for prescription meds, of course, but since you don't seem to think they work, why not give your skin a chance, give it some systemic support so it can fight back?" I gave her a large bottle of HHSN, she takes 2 a day, and after 7 months, her skin is so much clearer and no longer itching. I hope to God you never discontinue this product. Thanks so much!

  12. HHSN is a miracle worker! I have a daughter who has suffered from eczema all her life. Though she has been able to manage it and keep it under control, the situation has been a challenge because of so many medications she's had to take. I had a heart-to-heart talk with her last Christmas about HHSN. All I said was, "there's a place for prescription meds, of course, but since you don't seem to think they work, why not give your skin a chance, give it some systemic support so it can fight back?" I gave her a large bottle of HHSN, she takes 2 a day, and after 7 months, her skin is so much clearer and no longer itching. I hope to God you never discontinue this product. Thanks so much!


  14. Hi, Andrew,
    Just wanted you to know that my husband is a pharmacist and has carried many brands of vitamins in his store, yet he takes your B12 500 and Digest Assure as well as Omega 3. I take the HHSN, Digest Assure and Omga 3 as well as many other products of yours. We love the quality and purity of your products and are huge fans. Thanks for being ethical and honest in a world spinning out of control morally.

  15. Hi Andrew, a decade or so ago I realized someone was stealing my hair…so I decided to give your HHSN a try and it has definitely slowed the hair thief down! I have added a ton of your other vitamins and am thrilled with all…the new Cinnamon-350 has helped my A1C to drop from a little above 9 down to 7.4 since Nov.2012…and I developed what the Dr.s are calling an allergy to statins and I have been taking your CholestaCare my numbers are amazingly better with them than they ever were with the statins so the moral of the story is some allergies are good…thank you Andrew

  16. Andrew,
    My husband and I take many of your vitamins and are so pleased with our health. I can not say exactly what is responsible for my improved knees since I take so many things. I saw my ortho doctor this week and was pleasantly surprised to hear him say that I no longer need knee replacement surgery, when 10 years ago, he said I needed both knees replaced due to osteoarthritis. Honestly, I don't know if it is your products that I take or just God healing me, but something wonderful has taken place. I have read how Omega 3 along with many of your products that I take are helpful with all organs in the body. HHSN is good for other things also. The only problem with HHSN is my hair grows too fast. If I could afford everything you sell, I would be found buying them. Thanks for all your hard work and for caring about those of us who need your products. God bless!

  17. Hi Andrew;
    I have been taking Hair Skin and Nails for quite some time. I can't even express into words the volume of my hair.
    I have hair growing right to the very front of my forehead. I believe that I can actually watch my nails grow right in front of my eyes!!!
    Because of an ongoing thyroid problem, I have always had a problem with my hair…..WELL NOT ANY MORE!!!! YEAH. Needless to say my husband and myself also take other vitamins you make. So happy I found you and your wonderful product!!

  18. Hi Andrew,
    I have watched you on HSN for the last several years and was always skeptical about taking vitamins and/or medications of any kind. I am a breast cancer survivor of 4 years now and,
    after listening to all the information you tell us on HSN about what you put in your vitamins and how they help us, you really convinced me to try some. I am taking your Calcium and Vitamin D 2000 right now and just received the Omega 3 and multi-vitamins. I am alllergic to shellfish and am hesitating on taking the Omega 3. I would appreciate if you would mention about allergies to certain ingredients, if any, that may be in you vitamins. By the way, I buy certain vitamins for my daughter and boyfriend and even my granddaughter. I have bought her the children's vitamins in powder form and she does not
    like the taste no matter what I mix it with. Would you kindly think about making a children's multi-vitamin in either a chewable or capsule formula. My granddaughter is 12 years old and can tolerate swallowing pills.
    I am very particular about what I put in my mouth and I completely trust your products. I love listening to you on HSN and love to see you in action at your facility in Las Vegas. I think your dogs are great and, for all us dog lovers, would hope you make doggie vitamins in the near future.
    Did I forget to mention how TERRIFIC and GOOD LOOKING you are!!!! I love your shades of blue shirts and your handsome ties — you have great taste! Keep up the good work in looking good and manufacturing GREAT vitamins!!!!!!!

  19. DEAR Andrew, you are RESPONSIBLE for making vitamins that work for me. THEY truly work 100% for my system. I know this for a TRUE FACT <Because when I run out of them I noticed how run down my sytem becomes. Since my doctor has approved each bottle of vitamins , she advised me other patients HAVE came in with your vitamins for her approval. ONE thing I enjoy is the<capsule formula <easy on my stomach. Thank you Andrew you are my super vitamin HERO!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Dear Andrew,
    I just finished the last of my my Hair, Skin & Nails yesterday and I'm over joyed that you will be on tomorrow so I can order my next years supply. I have fine hair that was thining and my nails were not the best but wow what a difference since I have been taking HSN. This is one product I never want to be without. My hair has been coming in thicker and my nails are fabulous even without nail polish. I also take your Eye Support, Q10, Resveratol,Carnislim, Secure Drink – Coffee is my vary favorite, and the night time sleep aid. They are all such wonderful products. Thanks for being such a wonderful help to all us people. May God richly bless you for all your efforts.
    LaVerne Hester

  21. I am SO thrilled you are bringing back this formula AND with a year's supply! Proof positive you really do read your comments and suggestions! I take many of your vitamins, but the Omega 3 and HHSN (this formula) are my absolute "never without's" so making them in a year's supply just thrills me beyond belief. I love your products, every single one, and have recommended them to whoever would listen. One suggestion, can you offer "PM Relaxation" on it's own without the "AM Activator?" I don't need anything in the AM but the PMRelaxation is PURE BLISS!!! Thanks!

  22. Can you tell me the best time and combination to take your vitamins. I take several and want to get the most out of each one. Thanks for a great product.

  23. Dear Andrew, All of my adult life I have been sensitive to any type of vitamins or medicines. (I am 62) It got so bad, I would end up in the emergency room with terrible kidney pain and pains throughout my body. Even after many test, the doctors were baffled. If I need antibiotics, the second pill would bring on excruciating pain in my chest and body. It made be feel hopeless and scared to think that I might get an infection and not be able to be helped. Which brings me to wanting to thank you Andrew for the purity of your vitamins. Yours are the very first vitamins that I can take without side effects!! I do not feel as worried about getting an infection now that I can take your vitamins to build up my immune system, along with a nutritous diet. )Yes, I love kale too!) Thankyou for caring enough to make a superior product!! God bless you and Muriel. with gratitude, Theresa Crockett

  24. Since taking Hair, Skin and Nails, I finally have eyelashes, AND I'm 69 yrs of age. I have Multiple Sclerosis which causes eye problems on some days. The only thing that helps me is Andrew's eye vitamins! He's a Blessing. His vitamins are Blessings.

  25. andrew i love, love, love every thing you make and heve been taking your products for many healthy years. but can you PLEASEbring back your garcinia products only you can make them to the correct standard. thanks for the great quality vitamins.

  26. Hi Andrew,
    I cannot wait for the new Hair Skin, and Nails product. I had always thought you used only one product, (Capsule) a day. So, in my situation 2 it is. Does it matter if you take 2 together? Thanks Andrew. I just love it when you come to HSN, (Love how the birthday and the Hair skin and nails turned into HSN. lol, what a riot!!! See you tomorrow Andrew. By the way your hair looks great!!! Don't listen to Shannon. She needs a make over.
    Bless you! Thanks so much Andrew!! =)

  27. Andrew, it's time for you to think about having a baby so you have an heir to carry on the after you've gone to heaven. I know you'll go to heaven because you have helped myself, my family, and countless others with the only true supplements on the market.

  28. is there anything for acid reflux any vitamin for bowels movements and a vitamin too help your stomach feel better thanks andrew

  29. It was all over the news, that Omega 3 cause a 70% increase in prostrate cancer. Have you been discussing this or let your viewers know? I immediately told my husband not to take anymore as he has been taking your product for years. I would like to hear from you on this. Thank you!

  30. I was entering my e-mail address and the message says I am now unsubscribed! I don't want to be
    removed from your list! Please put me back on phyllisfelcher@verizon.net Thank You.
    I am so bummed about missing your largest ever supply of Healthy Hair Skin & Nails on July 14th, 2013.
    There is no way I can get this "Special" now, is there? So I am completely out and I can only hope that
    you will offer this special again on Saturday, October 5th.

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