Celebrate our 18th Anniversary with Two of our Biggest and Best Today’s Specials Ever!

I will also start this blog post with some answers to some recent questions.

It is hard to believe that we’re celebrating 18 years at HSN.  How could that be possible?  Am I really that old?  Plus, even more unbelievable is the fact that it has now been 35 years, since way back in 1979, I had the peculiar idea of making my own vitamins.  My parents were appalled that their son did not want to become a doctor and instead wanted to educate folks about staying well rather than treating illness after the fact.  That was exactly 35 years ago…back when Jimmy Carter was still President.  Much has happened in 35 years and for ProCaps Labs, we have become one of the supplement industry’s most respected leaders.  Of course, we are proud of the unsurpassed purity and quality of our products and the fact that over several decades, we have introduced and/or popularized many now essential ingredients, such as CoQ10, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Diosmin, Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Omega-3s, while urging the “rediscovery” of Vitamins D3 and B12.  All the while, we remained faithful to you and your needs and completely avoided deceptive ingredients and claims.  At ProCaps Labs we are even more gratified by the standards we have set for environmental respect and social responsibility.  Despite the modest size of our company, there is likely no other company in any industry that can match our commitment to our planet and for those in need.  Thirty-five years is still a big number for me to swallow and although the passage of time can be unsettling, it is important we pay respect to 18 remarkable years at HSN and 35 extraordinary years since that fateful day in 1979 when ProCaps Labs came to life as The Winning Combination.  It is with heartfelt gratitude that I thank you for joining us on our mutually healthy journey.

Before I discuss the Today’s Specials, let’s quickly clear up a minor controversy and discuss an important news story.tea

1.       Is my tea really healthier than water?  During my July shows, I made a statement about why I drink my tea during the day and not much plain water.  I said I did so, “because I felt that my tea was actually healthier than water.”  Apparently, a lot of folks were uncomfortable with that statement, so I offer my most sincere apologies and an explanation that will hopefully put this to rest.  First of all, I suppose I should thank everyone for listening so carefully to my shows and I hope the absence of past controversies gives you a sense of how much effort I put into preparing my shows and the reliable information you trust me to provide.  Of course, I will continue to be as diligent as possible with all the information I provide and I hope the brief discussion that follows will explain why I confidently choose my tea every day over water.  You can see a photo here of the top shelf of our refrigerator with its six tea pots; three of my Green Tea (mornings) and three of my Chamomile and/or Mint Teas (afternoon/evening).  Muriel was not too happy that I took up all her “prime refrigerator real estate” – that is, until she started drinking my tea as well.

So why is my tea healthier than water?  Shall I skip right to the “punch line?”  Okay, here you go: My tea is healthier than water because it is for all intents and purposes – WATER!  In fact, it is a better version of the water most folks drink.  I start with extremely pure water from a high quality reverse osmosis (RO) filter we have under our sink in our kitchen.  That (RO) filter was a great investment, since it turns tap water into laboratory pure water and eliminates any need to buy bottled water and you also can use that water for all your food preparation.  Other than ultra-pure water, the only thing my tea contains are the natural protective compounds that diffuse out of the tea without calories, sugar, sweeteners, flavors, etc.  In fact, even after steeping my tea, it may well be more pure than the water most folks drink out of their tap, but let’s analyze this a little bit further:

My teapots hold one liter of water.  That is about one quart or exactly 1,000 grams or 1,000,000 milligrams of water.  I place 2 grams (2,000 milligrams) of tea leaves into each pot.  While the organic tea leaves steep, approximately 100 to 400 mgs of compounds diffuse and dissolve into the water providing its pale yellow color.  These compounds include protective polyphenols and a small amount of caffeine (green tea only).  If we do some simple math, dividing the 100 mgs to 400 mgs of diffused tea into the 1,000,000 mgs of water (one liter), then my tea is 99.96% to 99.99% pure water!  In other words, when I drink my tea, I am just drinking exceptionally pure water that contains no calories, sugar, additives or impurities.  It contains only a minute amount of healthy, carefully selected dissolved beneficial compounds from either Organic Green Tea leaves, Organic Peppermint leaves or Organic Chamomile blossoms.  In other words, I am comfortable saying the tea I drink is healthier than water, because it is nothing more than exceptionally pure water (99.99% pure) with traces of proven beneficial compounds and no calories, sugar, sweeteners, etc.  Moreover, I would imagine that the dissolved solids, chlorine and other compounds in tap water or even typical bottled water are present at higher concentrations than the few hundred milligrams per liter of beneficial tea compounds in my tea.  Basically, my tea is just a very pure glass of water with some minute amounts of carefully selected natural protective ingredients.

2.  Green Coffee Bean Extract featured by Dr. Oz labeled Weightloss Fraud by FTC.  The FTC has acted as I hoped they would in my blog post from a few years ago regarding Green Coffee Bean Extract.  I occasionally read complaints that I mention Dr. Oz too often, but frankly, somebody has to do it and in my opinion, given his visibility and the outrageous nature of his statements, I should not be alone.  Dr. Oz should be ashamed of himself, but I suspect he is crying all the way to the bank.  Folks believe what he says, but the public must understand the terrible misconceptions he fuels when it comes to weightloss.  I feel an ethical duty to respond to his false statements, since it seems no one else is willing to do so.  Apparently, too many folks in my industry rely on his false statements to make money, so no one dares “harm the goose that lays the golden eggs.”  I was thrilled to see the US Senate recently take Dr. Oz to task for his role in promoting fraudulent weightloss ingredients.  As much as the US Senate embarrassed him, his false statements will persist forever on the Internet.  Dr. Oz has an enormous TV platform and his name and broadcasts have been used on the Internet in the sale of countless false weightloss products.  He was called in front of the US Senate since, in recent years, he appears to have become the poster child for a multitude of false weightloss ingredients.  His name and broadcasts have been the basis upon which hundreds of millions of dollars of deceptive weightloss products have been sold.  The list starts with ingredients like Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract, but also includes, Garcinia Cambogia and Garcinia Mangostana (Meratrim with Sphaeranthus indicus), as well as Safflower Oil, Yacon, 7-Keto DHEA, Magnolia Bark, Relora (Phellodendron Bark and Saffron Extract), Glucomannan, Grapeseed Oil, Griffonia simplicifolia, Forskolin, etc.  He has been the voice behind the creation of a cottage industry of false weightloss ingredients.  Fortunately, I am happy to see that not only did the US Senate, but the Federal Trade Commission has looked at Green Coffee Bean and called a fraud a fraud.  I can only hope this marks the end of Dr. Oz’s deceptive weightloss shows, but unfortunately, his videos on Green Coffee Bean and so many other false ingredients will live on forever on the Internet.  You can follow this link to read the FTC’s Press Release…

3.   At Your Request, New Products Coming in October and November.  We have a long list of requested new products and we do our best to respond as quickly as possible.  In October, for those of you who wanted a higher potency version of our soothing Aloe Vera product, it is now available in our double potency Aloe Vera 400.  For others who wanted a blend of some of our most popular botanicals to sooth your joints or digestive system, we now have combined Turmeric and Ginger, as well as Ginger and Aloe.  Most exciting of all is a formula that will be available this coming weekend as a bonus with the large size CoQ10 Today’s Special.  I never thought this formula would be possible, since it involved high potencies of three “fluffy” ingredients, but surprisingly, we were able to combine 100 mgs of Resveratrol with 100 mgs of Green Tea EGCG and 100 mgs of our 40:40 Extract of Pomegranate.  All three in a small easy-to-swallow capsule.  It is a perfectly balanced combination of our three most popular botanical ingredients.  Since we did not do our Resveratrol Today’s Special this year, I added this new formula to the CoQ10 bundles at far less than the cost of Resveratrol alone!  The CoQ10 Today’s Special was going to be the best ever, but this addition makes it worthy of our 18th Anniversary.  Last, but not least, next month we will introduce variety sets of all our teas, so if you get a 60 or a 90 count box, you will be able to choose all one tea or any combination of 30 count boxes of Jasmine Green Tea, Earl Grey Green Tea, and Peppermint. In the future, these variety sets will include Chamomile, Sencha Green Tea, Mint Green Tea and others.  In short, you will soon be able to combine any two flavors in a 60 count supply or any three flavors in a 90 count supply.

This may already be the longest blog post I have ever written, so I will try to be brief in talking about our two upcoming Today’s Specials.  We begin this weekend with every year’s most popular Today’s Special since it includes everyone’s favorite ingredient – Coenzyme Q-10.  For a few years I have expected our price to go up dramatically on the world’s finest Kaneka CoQ10 (made right here in the USA), but I am happy to announce that, thanks to the folks at Kaneka, we can once again outdo ourselves.  CoQ10 is an ingredient that I began offering long before any company had even heard its name.  That was back in 1984 and the CoQ10 I used was from the first and finest maker of Natural CoQ10 – Kaneka.  Some thirty years later, we have only used Kaneka CoQ10.   We make no compromises on everyone’s favorite ingredient.  Sadly, that is not the case out in the marketplace where most of the CoQ10 you buy on-line or in stores comes from China, instead of the source that was and still is the world’s purest and first natural CoQ10.  In addition to the world’s finest and purest CoQ10, in each capsule, you also receive the equivalent of a separate high potency, non-acidic Vitamin C, plus a stress B-Complex and our unique protected-for-absorption Vitamin B12.  It is this comprehensive combination of the highest quality ingredients that results in a product that is almost unanimously perfectly reviewed.  If you want to see results from your CoQ10 formula then there is no other formula that comes close.  Best of all, the price of our CoQ10 is a small fraction of what it was 30 years ago or even five years ago.  And we did not lower its cost by switching to what I view as far less desirable Chinese CoQ10.  We have stayed with the best, so you can have the best.  Our Today’s Special is an incredible bargain and as I said above, for those of you who choose either of the large bundles, you will get either a 120 capsule or 360 capsule supply of our new Resveratrol-EGCG-Pomegranate formula for far less than the cost of just the Resveratrol alone – likely making this the greatest savings ever on any Today’s Special.

It is only appropriate that for our Anniversary Month, I long ago selected our two Today’s Specials from what many experts view as the two most important single ingredients to supplement.  This weekend we start with the world’s finest CoQ10 (with a few other critical ingredients added, such as Vitamin C, B-Complex and B12) and the following weekend will be our exceptionally effective and even more affordable Vitamin D3.  As I have often said, current research reveals that there is no single vitamin that can compare to Vitamin D3 in terms of delivering so many benefits for such an incredibly small investment.  Moreover, research has also confirmed that if you are American and you are not supplementing Vitamin D3 that you are almost certainly insufficient or deficient for this vitamin.  That is still the case even if you are taking a typical multivitamin since their levels are generally below 1000 IU.  If one considers what the science says about the risks and consequences of a lifetime of Vitamin D3 insufficiency, then one would never hesitate to invest the literally pennies each day your Vitamin D3 will cost.  More than two decades ago, it was this same science and research that had me recommending we have our doctors test our Vitamin D3 levels.  It has taken quite some time, but that test is now becoming standard in doctors’ offices because of the extensive risks posed by low Vitamin D levels.  As much as I am proud of our role in introducing America to CoQ10, I am equally proud of the fact that since 1979 I have emphasized the extreme importance of healthy Vitamin D levels.  Plus, you can read the almost unanimously positive reviews and see that where other Vitamin D3 formulas fail, ours successfully establishes the healthy Vitamin D levels we all seek.  Best of all, our Today’s Special makes exceptional quality Vitamin D3 just pennies per day.  You can choose our 2500 IU Vitamin D3 or 1250 IU Vitamin D3 and in the two largest sizes, you can have an option for a bundle with Calcium Magnesium Intensive Care.  We did not have a chance for a Today’s Special on our Calcium Magnesium Intensive Care this year, so we have added it to the two larger bundles for just pennies per capsule.  Essentially, an additional Today’s Special.  We know that so many of you rely on both of these products, so if you choose to, you can enjoy your Cal Mag at Today’s Special pricing with your Vitamin D3.

I am so sorry about the length of this blog post, but I guess I had a great deal to say. Laughing Also, at both HSN and ProCaps Labs we will be adapting our website to allow for all sorts of special video content, so I will be able to provide video articles, answer your questions and respond to current news stories rapidly via video and post them on all websites.  I look forward to being able to do so.

Again, my apologies for the long article and I will see you this weekend at HSN.

Take care and best of health.


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  1. Long article or short… yours are so informative and make for a very interesting easy read. Thanks for all you do, I really appreciate your knowledge.

  2. Great teapots. Is it possible to offer those for sale?
    Could you offer a combination of the jasmine and camomile ?
    Thank you for years of good health with your products and a healthy lifestyle. You are greatly appreciated!0

  3. I am glad to hear you use reverse osmosis, I also have RO for 22 years now. I drink it, cook with it, use it in all drinks and teas, even my dogs (2 labs) drink only RO. I've been taking your vitamins for years and never want to be without them. I'm 68 yo and take care of my 2 very active labs, mow, weed eat, rake, pick up limbs, haul yard debris (in a wheel barrel) to the burn pile and then when I lie down at night before I go to sleep, I go over everything I have planned the next day. People can't believe I maintain 10 acres by myself, but I know I couldn't have done it without your vitamins. Before I started your vitamins years ago I had a bad back, bad knee and my feet hurt when I got up in the mornings, but not any more. Between my vitamins and my 2 dogs (Dusty/Gracie) I am ready to go whenever they are.
    Thank you Andrew for the quality of the vitamins that we take, something that you taught me.
    P.S. I pass on to others about your vitamins, any one who will listen.

  4. I'm always so happy when you are on with your vitamins. I take about 15 of your vitamins daily. My blood works always come back good and my doctors always ask me what I take. Thank you for all your great information. You don't scream and yell when you talk like other vendors. Its like you are sitting at my kitchen table having a nice conversation. Thank you for everything Andrew.

  5. Andrew, thanks for the advance notice of your 2 Today's Specials. I will start preparing my Andrew Lessman shopping list right now. Love to Lincoln!

  6. Hi Andrew. I certainly don't mind reading a long blog. Everything you say is important to me. I have learned so much from listening to you on HSN over most of the time you have been on. And I take a lot of your products. Mainlly I was able to design a vitamin program for myself because of your education. So, please keep talking and writing and making vitamin products. I just had one question. Wondering why you use gelatin caps. some people are vegetarian and personally, I take so many of your vitamins, I get a lot of gelatin from all the capsules that they come in. Just wondering why your choice is gelatin over a plant based capsule. It doesn't affect my purchasing my vitamins from you because I know the purity and care and knowledge that goes into their production. Just wondering if you would ever switch to vegetable based caps and why stick with gelatin. Very sincerely, Deborah Lowery. Thank you for all you do.

  7. I don't mind long if it's informative. And you're always informative!!! Thanks for all the information and education your provide to us. Will be watching for you on HSN!!

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    Are there any they cannot consume?
    It would be helpful if you could address this on one of your shows.
    Have been taking your supplements forever and at 76 I'm in great health.
    I look forward to receiving your newsletter as there are so many "words to the wise"

  9. I wouldn't consider taking a vitamin if it was produced by someone other than you. I'm looking forward to your specials, especially CoQ10. I live about ten blocks from your plant and go by it often. I trust what you say and I trust your vitamins. Never stop improving. Good Luck, Billy

  10. I look forward to your shows. Your specials are just what I need, just in time.
    I love you teas. I like you teapots, who manufactures them? Would you consider offering tea in leaf form, not just the tea bags? I am very happy you will be offering a mix of teas, instead if having to order the same tea in the package. I have been thinking about cocoa in a pill form, less calories than a dark chocolate bar. Will you consider offering that? Also, cocoa in a tea form?
    I am concerned about brain health and love your supplements? I take tons a day! Keep up the great work.

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    Thank you for your wonderful vitamins. I know I purchase the best when I purchase yours. I appreciate your integrity and dedication in producing first class products and for doing your best to make them as affordable as possible so many people can benefit from them.

  12. Thank You, Andrew, for all the information regarding the upcoming Today's Specials….just in time. Also, really excited about the new products….namely the Turmeric and Ginger, and Ginger and Aloe. Can't wait to purchase these. My one cocker spaniel takes your glucosamine capsules, and it helps him greatly. Are these capsules as commensurate as glucosamine to canines? Would love to know. I record all of your programs….so if I need to go back and reference a product and its capabilities, I can do so….its like my personal Andrew Lessman Library….uh ha. My husband and I take the daily ultimate purple wrapped vitamins you offer, and I never want to be without them. Actually, if we are out of any of your products, we immediately feel the difference. We thank "The LORD Above" for creating you, Andrew. We are the same age as you and can relate to a lot of things you mention during your broadcasts. Keep 'em coming, Andrew, we love you. Smiles! Beverly

  13. Love your blogs—the longer the better!! Your information is invaluable to this 64 year YOUNG gal. Been with you since QVC. I am healthy, energetic, and vigorous thanks in large part to your products. Keep them coming. I have seen research regarding dried plums and their bone building properties. Research is on pubmed. Can you investigate and possibly develop a product based on dried plums for bone health? Maybe add this ingredient to your calcium magnesium intensive care with vitamin k, or add to your stand- alone vitamin k product. This research is impressive, but after trying to consume the required 10 dried plums a day, my digestive system cried uncle! Dried plums contain sorbitol which can cause gas and bloating in some populations. I look forward to your visit this weekend. Stay healthy!

  14. Hi Andrew, We take a lot of your vitamins! What vitamins do you give to Lincoln? We have a 20 lb Cocker Spaniel and wonder what you would recommend. It would be great if you would make a vitamin for our dogs as they are also part of the family LOL. Thanks, Diane

  15. Hello Andrew:
    No need to apologize. We all like to read your blogs. I am so excited to find out your generous offers for the upcoming TS these weekends and looking forward getting them. These will be good X'mas gifts also if you shopping for someone you care this December. I am taking your products every single day and so far I am much healthier than 10 plus years ago before knowing you and using your products (And yes, everyone is different and these products are not mean for treatment of any types of disease or condition. Check with your doctors before you start any of his or any supplements).

  16. When will you have the product Secure on to where Seniors can afford it? I purchased the meal relpacement
    I believe it was in January and I have about one third of a last container. It has helped me so much and on my income I can only buy it on the shopping network, which helps me to pay it out. I'm doing so well on it.

  17. Hi, Andrew.
    Thank you for your diligence.
    I'm a big tea drinker but recognize so many teas have heavy metals, fluoride (esp green tea), etc. Can you please comment on whether you test your teas for that?
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    I would like to second the comment made by Lynn Manchin about the tea pots pictured in your fridge (Lynn, you beat me to it)…. Please tell us how/where to get them if at all possible.

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  20. joy your blogs. I currently alternate drinking three of your teas each morning (jasmine, earl grey and peppermint). I seem to be sensitive to caffeine in the afternoon effecting my ability to fall asleep at night (within a 6 hr window). Do all your teas have little or no caffeine? Thanks again

  21. Read every word of your blogs and love it. By the way, if you cannon give name of the reverse osmosis filter or where to buy your tea pots on air, will you please tell us in your blogs? I am sure that many of your followers would love to have those info.

  22. I LOVE the part about Muriel not being too happy because Andrew took up all her "prime refrigerator real estate :p !" Now that's REAL ! It doesn't get more real than that ! You gotta love his honesty ! Thanks as always for all that you do Andrew. Love you too much, Abe Rivers :o) !!!

  23. Thank you telling us a few years ago that you would no longer be able to offer the Silver Secret White Tea. I stockpiled then and just started my last box this week. Simply said, I love it. It's my favorite tea of all time, hot and cold. And I would buy it again without a doubt if I could. That being said, I look forward to your upcoming green tea varieties. I especially like your Earl Grey Green. I, too, would like to know a source for your teapots, as well as your recommendations for home purifiers in all price levels.
    I have two requests – please bring your pet supplements back to HSN (I have two dogs and two cats) and please consider a product to help with restless leg syndrome. Unfortunately your Circulation & Vein Support seems to trigger RLS for me. I currently use an effervescent potassium supplement which works most of the time.
    You have educated me with each of your visits and I can truly say that I trust you. You have made a difference in the quality of my life. Thank you for all you do…and best to Muriel.

  24. I am an RN and have been taking no supplements other than yours for years. I don't really trust anyone else's products and recommend your products to my patients and anyone else who will listen to me. Like a lot of others, I am skeptical of the quality of the vitamins out there for my German Shepherd. I know there are only so many hours in the day, but I am hoping that some day you will find the time to start making a dog multivitamin and maybe one for cats too. I work with a German Shepherd Dog Rescue group in Houston and many of the dogs we get are malnourished and underweight. Since you don't make a vitamin for dogs I am going to compare the price I pay for the dog vitamins to what I pay for your Women's Wellness. If it is similar, I am going to switch my foster dogs to that since I know nothing about how the pet vitamins are made. We don't get reimbursed for vitamins for the dogs but since I think they are such a very important part of nutrition I will keep giving them. Keep up the good work.

  25. Hi Andrew, thanks for all your wonderful vitamins, I have been taking them since the beginning and will continue to do so. I would also love to be able to purchase a multivitamin for my dog Frankie. I love my little guy and want him to stay healthy too.I also suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and wish you could develop a supplement to calm my legs so I can sleep at night. I do take your Circulation and Vein Support daily. Thanks for your honesty, and your efforts to help keep others healthy. Your truly a person that I have faith and respect for what you do.

  26. Let me tell you the exciting news that my brother and I discovered-just taking the Fat and Metabolislm pills> My brother has been diabetic 1 for over 50 years, shots and all kinds of med he takes. After taking the Fat metabolilsm pills 2 per meal, after 2 weeks his blood sugar went from 200, to 130. And myself being diabetic 2, just taking 1 pill per meal, my blood sugar is normal. After 2 weeks, and I no longer need any meds. (My brother's meds are also going to be reduced, then elimated, with the Dr.'s approval after watching him for a while. My dr told me after my blood test, that I was no longer diabetic but still don't go overboard in carbs, keep a good diet.

  27. no longer diabetic 2, after taking fat metabolsim pills from Andrew Lessman. ( I was diabetic 2 for 8 years).. Also, my brother diabetic 1 for 50 years went from 200 to 1 30 blood sugar – taking 2 per meal
    Also, verified by my dr. Iam not taking any meds at all (just 2 weeks), My brother is consulting his dr. as well.

  28. I give glucosamine/chondroitin to my old arthritic cat. She could hardly walk when I got her at age 10-12 from the shelter. Within a week she was walking better and within a month she had the zoomies a few times. She still can't jump up and I have steps to bed, couch, window. But she can move around comfortably and as long as I leave her hind-quarters alone where she is deformed from arthritis, she is doing very very well.

  29. My appreciation for you Andrew continues to grow. When I had my bloodwork done at the beginning of last month, my HDL was 93. I have taken your Omega-3's for at least two decades, that combined with constant gym time made my (fit) sister's jaw drop!
    Also, I am on AD for Maximum Joint Effort. My knees are far more flexible than 20 years ago. I am a lifetime Andrew fan! Your products continue to deliver decade after decade!
    I will be buying both of your TS's and anxiously await your HSN presentation.
    Thank you for sharing your extreme gift and dedication to the world! Jeannie

  30. Thanks to Andrew Lessman our health is better than ever! We take our supplements here everyday. My husband had a heart attack 3 years ago at 40 years old. He was a smoker since a teen and terrible diet. He quit smoking the day of his heart attack. I started researching and while watching HSN I saw Andrew presenting Co Q10. We have been taking it ever since for about 2 years now along with Andrew's fibernucil, cholestacare, multi-vitamin, greens, vitamin D-3, liver antioxidents and omega. We also added organic Ceylon cinnamon capsules, organic garlic capsules, organic vitamin C capsules (2000 mgs daily) and organic cayenne pepper capsules. My husband had all his blood work done along with all kinds of test from his cardiologist like stress test, ultrasound of arteries etc. Everything came back clear and blood work significantly better. His heart had 15% damage to the lower left part of heart from his heart attack and now tests show the damage is only 9%. There is healing in the tissue! Yay! My husband still struggles with his diet like eating better but I absolutely believe that with him taking his supplements everyday has helped tremendously! We also practice managing our daily stress and are incorporating some kind of daily exercise. I will be stocking up on Co Q10 this weekend and Cholestacare. God bless you Andrew Lessman for truly caring and making your products REAL!! And for making it affordable too!!! Thank you! Michelle.

  31. Andrew, I have followed you for 20+ years as your advice started me on my journey to health. I would like to see and hear your knowledge geared towards specific life events: What to take when you feel a cold coming on or in the throws of cold/flu, what supplements will support my health as we put my mom in Hospice, and etc. you address sleep, memory function, digestion that keep us healthy but life events that require coping could be addressed as well. For instance, during stressful times do I just take more CoQ10 or do I just need the B Complex increased. I stay on my daily supplement regiment, which is critical to staying healthy but what else do I need to support a steady cortisol level and what to take for restful sleep at a very stressful time?

  32. The clear glass tea pots shown are Bodum Shin Cha tea pots. They are $86.00 each and can be found on Tea Supply . com.
    My husband, who never liked tea, tried one of the samples Andrew included in last HSN purchase. WOW WOW
    He exclaimed. This is the best tea and the quality makes all the difference. We are looking forward to next month tea offering..THANK YOU , AS ALWAYS.
    We are in our 70's and do not need one prescription medication, thanks Andrew.

  33. Dear Andrew,
    Three Cheers for a wonderful HONEST man in this world today! I have been using many of your vitamins for a very LONG time. I am 76 years young & feel wonderful. Thanks to your vitamins, my husband & I have been walking every morning in one of our malls for the past 30 years. I am proud to know a GOOD man that speaks up about the "phonies" that pray on so many of us "little" people. My husband & I (77 years young) sing your praises to everyone. Keep up the good work & thank you for your great specials which certainly has been beneficial to us ! ! !
    Fondly, Beverly & Tony

  34. Would you be so kind to inform me your thoughts on what supplement works best to rid belly fat, I'am watching my diet; however, I do crave sweets! What is your opinion concerning Probia Slim, Vs. Garcinia cambogia, do you have any suggestions on what to take? Thank You for your taking your time to reply. I have ordered your products in the past, also which Milk Thistle do you recommend? thank You Robert karcie

  35. Andrew, I just have to give you a big Thank You! I suffered for an entire year with eczema on the psalm of my hands. Many trips to the dermatologist could not cure it, even with all the medicated lotions. In all my years I've never had this issue. Well you are God's Blessing to me! I've tried Friendly Flora just because I thought it would make me healthier and by surprise it totally cured my hands. I take one a day and have been taking it for a year. I can't thank you enough!!! God Bless You! Ps. I'm also taking Women's Wellness and Essential One. Your Vitamins are keeping me healthy!

  36. I also like to know what supplement works for belly fat and I am so confused on what supplements I should be taking. I am 61 andI am on foxamax for my bones. One tablet a week. Other then that could you please give me a list of your products I should take daily. Thank you in advance!

  37. My husband has non Hodgkin's lymphoma . Could you also tell me what supplements he should be taking. He is 62 years old. Thank you!

  38. Thank you very much for the information you share. I started watching you and talking your vitamins nearly fifteen to 18 years I buy for me and sometimes for my grown kids wish you made some in liquid getting hard to swallow.
    Love & Peace

  39. Love most of your products. No additives, binders, fillers etc. However, can you please start using activated
    B vitamins? ALL your B vitamins are synthetic. Thanks Andrew I hope you give that some thought

  40. Hello Andrew:
    Love your writings, keep them coming.
    Please pay attention to two comments. One is from Sharon Allard and the other one is from Dayle Harris. They both mentioned that your “Circulation and Vein Support (CVS)” does not work for the Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Sharon even said that “Unfortunately your Circulation & Vein Support seems to trigger RLS for me. ”
    This also happened to me. I have never had any leg problems until I started taking CVS. I immediate knew my RLS was set off by CVS since that was the only thing I added in at that time. Now Sharon said exactly the same thing.
    My RLS gets so bad so fast that I cannot have any sleep at night. The cramps are extremely painful and occur several times a night, every night.
    I am using all your major bone, joint products and many others but none of them help RLS.
    Andrew, we hope to get better blood flow from CVS but we got the opposite effects. Please explain what happened to some of us? What should we do?
    I bought some massage oil from a vender and this oil helps. RLS is a big problem in the world. I hope you can develop something including in the form of the massage oil to solve the problem.
    Thank you for everything!

  41. Love your products Andrew! I have a quick question. I love green tea and tea in general but I read that it can interfere with iron absorption? Is this an issue in your expert opinion? Thanks! I have tons of your products!

  42. So glad you will be on HSN this weekend, need to refill necessary supplements and get some new. I simply love listening to you teach us about your vitamins and how they affect our bodies, a mini course on anatomy and physiology. I am 64, have had no major illnesses, and I have been taking your supplements since you were on QVC. I know they are kicking their you know what's for letting you get away. My husband will not start his morning without Glucosamine and Chondroitin, he says he can't walk without it. Love all your products and can't wait to see you. Thank you so much for all you do for us. I trust you. I often thought all that trash Dr. Oz was talking about was not true. I said, "If Andrew doesn't make it, it's not good for us."

  43. TEAPOT – must have – where to get it……….. PLEASE 🙂 Thank you Andrew for helping to keep us all healthy!!!

  44. Thanks for great TS! I'll be buying two of each since my husband and I both take your products. I just started my son in law on your cholestacare and fibermucil which I take for cholesterol control. It works great! Since i just gave away a whole bunch of my stash I hope you'll have a TS on this product I also need a TS immune factors and ultimate friendly flora. Since cost is a big concern especially when both a husband and wife take your products-along with adult children putting their hands in the bottles TS prices are so important that I buy a years supply when a product I use is on special.
    Thanks for your fantastic products!

  45. This is a great post. Your posts are always informative so don't be worried about the length of them. 🙂 I personally was in awe of how organized your fridge was! I aspire to have that someday. I have just started drinking your tea about three months ago and I love the Earl Grey. Thank you for the great products and the great customer service at Procaps Labs.

  46. Hi Andrew,
    Happy 18 th Anniversary. We r taking your product way before HSN . You start with QVC from then to now…….Thanks for real stuff. We are still going strong because of your vitamins . In a Business one drop back you don't have fix eating ya sleeping time and it's take toll on your body…. But yours Vitamins we can manage our time and Health so thank you from bottom of my heart . We love you and god bless you. Thanks. Seema

  47. Andrew, your blogs are NEVER too long. You are so educated on supplements, vitamins, etc., and I believe your words. I take many of your supplements and feel so much better and am so much healthier for them. Just stay healthy yourself and I hope you continue to stay "front and center" of ProCaps Labs. I believe your are PASSIONATE about your work so it is also your play time. You are much younger than Tony Bennett but he was just interviewed and said "I've not worked a day in my life. What I do is my passion and my fun." I think Muriel seems to understand your passion, too, so if you stay late at ProCaps Labs, she has no problems with that. No one can compare to you Andrew and you are helping millions of people stay healthier and to age well. Make you blogs as long as you want or can. I am always ready to hear more information. Thank you for all you do.

  48. Yes! Tea Pots! Thanks for the long post! I love to watch your presentations & learn so much! I appreciate that you care so much for people! I know that I can trust your products to be the best! I currently take 4 different products of yours! Sincerely, thank you! I'm looking forward to the teas! They will be awesome Christmas ideas for all of my family! A tea pot from you would add a special something! 🙂

  49. Andrew, I would love to get your tea, any chance you can sell it loose ( not in tea bags) as I know yours are made from corn which in theory is a great idea, except for those of us who are allergic to corn. Thanks!

  50. I have been purchasing your products for a long time, but I only have one question, are your products non GMO?

  51. I am a new fan who found you talking on t.v. in the background while I was busy at home. You caught my attention quickly- so sincere, and caring, and intelligent! I "bought stock" in your company that day- taped all I could of you speaking, and rave to all I care about, hoping they will discover how I was so right about your vits. I was one of those Dr. Oz green coffee bean people…and am sorry to find out he is not what I thought or needed. I am wondering if maybe I am overdoing the amount of your products…but I am just beginning to get back on track after 10 yrs. of "stuff"not good for my health, then deaths, caregiver for both parents who died within 2 mo. of one another, and finding myself a mess. I take better care of others. Yet I know the importance. So my eating is still screwed up, sleep deprived, or marathon of only sleep…no interest or energy…so with your help, I see a glimmer of "wanting" to be better. Thank you so much.

  52. Hello Andrew,
    Will you please, please, please,do a IMFactors &a PC Liver and Brain with the Liver Antioxidants TS again?
    I would love to have a 800 count Immune Factors TS. I have school aged children and work in the Healthcare industry.I Hve not experienced an illness since being on these non-stop since your last TS. My liver is now doing great and back to normal since I have been taking your PC Liver and Brain and the Liver Antioxidants vitamins. I would also love to have those in a 800 count also.
    I love, love, love, love you Andrew.
    Please do not ever stop making the vitamins.
    God Bless you and Muriel for your awesome Teas also!
    I personally cannot wait until the variety packs come out next month!

  53. ONE QUICK OTHER THING I WANT TO ASK…….if someone was in a tight spot, not in good health, needing nutritional help, which (and what) products would you suggest they spend their $$ on if they had to pick and choose?? I was there a few yrs. ago, and was just curious. My questions for myself NOW, are: am I taking all these new products correctly; am I duplicating some ingred's without realizing and taking too much; am I ingesting products at same time that should not be taken together,or taking at incorrect time of day??????? opps- that was more than 1 Q……but please respond. Thanx

  54. I would really like to see Andrew bring back a blended COQ10/TruQ10 product for a Today's Special. The one from years ago was 180mg of CoQ10 and 20 mg of Truq10, even a blend with 10mg of TruQ10 would be appreciated. How about Secure Whey in Pina Colada for January??? I put the Secure Whey Coffee flavor in my oatmeal in the morning and it's absolutely delicious.

  55. Thank You Andrew for such a fantastic blog. I just wish you had the time to do more of them on a variety of topics. Maybe even do a video blog and post it to your website. You can do Andrews tips of the week segments. I stocked up on more CoQ this weekend. Also in terms of the teas. I really do like the Jasmine Green Tea. What I do is I get hot water and let the bag soak for about 15 min. Then I add ice to make ice tea and drink it just like that. I don't need ANY TYPE OF SWEETENER. And I always used to use sweetener with other teas. The peppermint was just a bit too strong for my taste but I liked the earl gray one. For how much I love the Jasmine Green Tea it doesn't compare at all to the old Silver Secret tea. Andrew find a way to bring that one back. I am still hoarding a box that I don't want to use even though it expired in 2007. I loved that tea.

  56. Over A year ago I aged 7-10 years! Skin went pale grey, stressed out and gained fat weight.
    A few well placed comments about looking my age by some, not so nice, people didn't help.
    I had become lazy about taking Pro-Caps, the teas and shakes and cooking from Andrew and Muriel's cookbooks.
    Andrew, it's your enthusiasm and knowledge of your own product that got my attention at first. Seeing your broadcast on HSN earlier this year gave me a good reminder of what I had lost. Life is looking up again, and I am at this moment putting together another grocery list from your cookbooks. The colorful pictures, easy instructions were well worth your effort to share these great recipe's.
    Thank you again, your honesty IS BEING appreciated.
    New England, USA

  57. Hi Andrew:
    So happy that we will see you again this coming weekend. I agree with Nikki above (comment) about having the Immune Factor in special value (800 capsules or more as the largest bottle). We need it especially now a day, to boost up our immune system. I would also like to know when would you be offering the cruciferous vegetable and/or fruitful antioxidants on TS? It sounds very demanding, but we all sincerely like your supplements because they work very well. Thank you and see you this weekend.

  58. When I ordered the Co Q10 value last week I was to get a cookbook I ordered 2 bottles of 300 each. There was no word of "while supplies last". I feel this was misrepresentation. Very disappointed. I ordered them very early in the broadcast

  59. For belly problems, I have eliminated wheat from my Diet, and am having
    great results with bloating, gas. etc. I Got the book Wheat Belly by William Davis MD
    Love your vitamins, and your shows on HSN.
    I am now getting into your tea's, just ordered your pepermint can't wait
    to get it.
    Love hearing about your life, makes others want to get up and move too.
    Keep up the good work, We Love You !

  60. Would love to be able to buy instead of 3 box's of only one flavor of tea
    be able to mix and match so I could get a box of pepermint, earl gray, and
    another I'd enjoy, instead of all 3 box's one flavor. Thank you for all you do for us .

  61. I also am VERY disappointed, once again,that I didn't receive a cookbook with the order I placed last weekend as advertised. The same thing happened to me last year when a cook book was to be included when I placed my orders, never received that one either. I called HSN regarding this issue last year only to be told the cookbooks were limited. Funny you never mentioned that in your presentations. Last year I actually ordered prior to the launch of the TS, that option wasn't available this time but I ordered as soon as your TS came on. Andrew you are always calling out Dr.Oz for not being truthful, I would definitely call this "false advertising", how truthful is that? Anxious for your reply. Have to say that despite this false advertisement issue I do love your products.

  62. Where do you purchase your refrigerated tea pots? I want a shelf like that in my refrigerator to. Thank you

  63. I enjoy watching you Andrew on your HSN today's special or any of your videos on your vitamins and supplements. I learn so much from watching you about all of our health and what I should give to my husband and myself. I applaud you for including Dr. Oz's info in your blog and informing me that I should not believe everything I hear on tv because I do watch Dr. Oz. From now on, I will watch his show with a new awareness that not everything he says to be true especially product's he may be endorsing. And, thank you Andrew for what you do for our environment with your solar powered plant and planting trees in Arkansas. And, most of all thank you for your vitamins and supplements and for teaching me so much about our bodies and our health ! P.s. your blog was not too long !

  64. My husband and I take several of your products, and I feel myself 74 and my husband 81 our health is in good shape. I wish you would make dog vitamins so our dogs would live longer and be in better health.

  65. Thank you so much Andrew for the wonderful products. I appreciate that they are made in America under the highest standards. I only wish I would have discovered your products years ago. Over the years I would occasionally purchase supplements over the counter in drug stores or supermarkets but I never notified a difference in how I felt. Since I started taking your supplements I have more energy and notice a difference in the way I feel. I am thankful when you educate us regarding possible scams and/or money wasters such as raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract for weight loss. Your integrity is beyond question and you even tell us we don't have to buy everything you make but just the things which suits our needs. Yours are the only supplements I will take.

  66. For those who did not receive cookbook when they are suppose to get it with their orders, I think that would be easy to resolve by calling the procaplab 800-800-1200. I think they would be more than happy to replace it for you.

  67. Your comments about DR. Oz are right on the money. Just because he has M.D. beside his name does not make him an expert on everything, which he claims to be. Every show is about some new product for weight loss, and he endorses them all. He makes it almost impossible to know what products work. I have watched you on HSN lots of times and last week when the CoQ10 capsules were the Today's Special, I decided to make an investment in my health. I have lots of health issues, most of them I was born with and as I have grown they have gotten worse. February 2011, I decided I was going to get healthy and lose weight. I started eating better but the best thing I did was start a walking program. I got up at 4:30am every morning and walked 5 miles at a very fast pace, I would then go work out at Cardiac Rehab for an hour. I felt the best I had ever felt in my life, physically, emotionally and spirtualy and it was fun. But the summer of 2011 my health started to go down hill. I first had my gall bladder removed, 2 weeks later I had some varicose veins worked on, a week after that I developed a pulmonary embolism, then October 18, 2011 I had a pacemaker put in due to a very slow heart rate, 2 weeks later on November 29, 2011 I had a heart attack caused by SCAD which stands for Spontanous Coronary Artery Dissection and ended up with some heart damage. Thinking that nothing else could go wrong I started having synocope episodes, one happened while I was driving, so thankful that my friend was in the car with me. Doctor's could not figure out what was happening, I decided to get a second opion at the famous, number 1 hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, it was a failure somy doctors decided to do a tilt table test and that is when they found out I have a condition known as neurocardiacsynocope, which is a condition where the vegas nerve sends signals to the heart to beat, so how the signals were not normal and caused me to pass out. After taking some medication it improved and then they realized that I was born with only one connection to my basalar artery and that it was very small. So I have to be careful with turning my head, using my arms and climbing on ladders. I felt so hopeless and just decided to give in, I quit caring about my health and weight, and gained 75 pounds and have to take 13 different medications a day. I have gained the weight from not what I eat but due to the fact that I went from being very active to a sedentary life style. I am tired all the time and not happy. I decided I would try out your CoQ10 and see what would happen. I am on a very fixed income so I can not afford to buy lots of vitamins, but since they were on easy pay I was able to purchase them. I have been taking 2 a day for about a week now and have some questions; I noticed that my appetite increased, which worries me and I want to know how long does it take before I will start feeling more energy? I have a confession to make, I did not consult with my doctors before ordering them, I was afraid they would say no. Sorry this is so long but I did not know where else I could talk to you. Sorry for the spelling errors.

  68. Obviously Andrew and PROCAPS really care about their customers. I posted an article on this blog earlier this month about not receiving cookbooks with two orders, one last year and one just a week prior to my post. The very next day a representative of PROCAPS called me to say how sorry they were and they were sending me this years cookbook and would try to identify and locate a copy from last year. That is really fabulous customer service and I just wanted everyone to know that they do care. Thank you PROCAPS and Andrew for taking time to read our concerns and most of all for following through on solving complaints.

  69. Like so many others, I would like to know the name of your clear glass tea pots and a telephone number to order them. I would also appreciate all the information regarding your Reverse Osmosis (RO) system and a telephone number for ordering it also.
    Please, please, please develop a simplistic (SIMPLE) and minimalistic skin care system (the less ingredients, the better, as we know you would use only the most beneficial ones) consisting of a cleanser that can also be used on eyes to remove eye makeup, daytime moisturizer with SPF, night moisturizer, daytime eye cream with SPF, night time eye cream, lip conditioner in a tube, including one with SPF for daytime use and a hand/body lotion with SPF. In addition to a skin care system, please also develop a SIMPLE hair shampoo/conditioner.
    Hope your white tea can be put back into production also.
    One more request………..I would like to see the labels on your products, especially your different multiple vitamins, but on HSN and Pro Caps Laboratory both, when I click on "show label", it is not legible.
    Thank you so much!!!

  70. ANDREW-Love your products. I am really confused about taking the vd3. Other sites
    (mercola and life extension)) stress that vd3 should be taken with vk2 because k2 helps
    deliver the vd3 protiens through the vessels to the bones where it belongs. Sure would like to
    know your opinion. Thanks for your products! Ron

  71. I too am very disappointed that I did not receive a cookbook with my today special order of COQ10 & Resveritrol. Andrew didn’t say it was limited that I remember & I did order the largest size.
    Thank you, Angeline

  72. DEAREST ANDREW, YOU TURNED MY LIFE AROUND COMPLETELY, GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU, IT’S VERY HEARTFELT. I pray you make a deplin like product, for those with saad, dreary winters, and stress and panic, anxiety. I have lost 5 of my close family members to Pancreatic Cancer, from My Loving Dad, his 2 brothers, his sister, and now my baby brother. the most devastating disease has left fear and tears in our large NJ family. We all take your vitamins and swear by them, my friends, their friends, all take your vitamins. LOVE THE NEW COLLAGEN AND CANT WAIT TO TRY, our prayers were with you upon your healing and I feel safe and know much about holistic and homeopathy over regular meds. God Bless Muriel and You and Your Family. still recovering our loss and hurricane sandy, yet WE have needed your supplements more than ever,. thank you for this privilege. CONGRATULATIONS AND WE ALL APPLAUD YOU!


  74. Andrew how do omegas pass the blood brain barrier to be effective, when most medications cannot. Thank you for your reply. I use and like many of your products. Thank you for your 3rd party validation.

  75. Dear Andrew I watched a program by a doctor who spoke on healing your heart, and he said if you take magnesium don’t take magnesium oxide take magnesium malate because it is better. I have just purchased your Women’s Complete and noticed you have used magnesium oxide instead of magnesium malate, as I value you opinion and have for twenty years, I would like to know why you opted for oxide in stead of malate?
    a faith full customer
    Angela Sanchirico

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