This Weekend: Our First Live Shows From Our New Studio Inside Our Nevada Factory

CholestaCare and Fibermucil Today’s Special. By The Way, Our Vitamin A is Completely Safe.

It has been years in the making, but this weekend we will roll-out our new studio on the floor of our manufacturing facility in Henderson, Nevada. For more than a decade, we have broadcast live shows from our factory, but each time, we were required to shut down our vitamin production for almost a week. Doing that a few times per year meant we could not make vitamins for a few weeks each year, which is not good thing for a vitamin manufacturing company. For years, I have thought about building a glassed-in studio, isolated from our manufacturing floor, so we could make your vitamins – even during live shows! We have done it! We will never shut down production in order to do a live show, and even better, during those live shows, you can watch your vitamins being produced! We have created a separate studio that is basically a glassed-in “fish bowl” that is surrounded by our vitamin production floor. I don’t know of any other company comfortable with you viewing their work live, but we are not just comfortable, we are proud. It has been more than a year, since we did a live broadcast from the factory and now, it will be easy to schedule them in the future. Also, since our studio is isolated from the factory floor, you can expect to see my dog Lincoln. I think it was WC Fields who said, “never work with animals or children,” so I am cautiously optimistic about working with Lincoln nearby – he will either steal the show or just sleep through it. Hopefully, he is the only one I will be putting to sleep. Smile

There is something important for me to resolve and to put everyone’s mind completely at ease before I speak about the CholestaCare, Fibermucil and Share the Health Kit coming up this weekend. Specifically, it pertains to Vitamin A and the recent concern folks have about its potential presence in our vitamins. Let me first say that if you use my products, you have NEVER had ANYTHING to worry about when it comes to Vitamin A, since we do NOT use preformed Vitamin A. However, almost all typical multivitamins (even those that are deemed very high quality) use preformed Vitamin A. Why is the Vitamin A in our products not an issue? It’s because our material is technically NOT Vitamin A, but a natural carotenoid that is safely converted to Vitamin A, and only as required by your body. For several decades, I have argued against the use of preformed Vitamin A for the same reasons folks are so concerned today. This is yet another example of our scientific focus and our being decades ahead of the rest of the vitamin industry. I long ago chose to avoid preformed Vitamin A, so you should have no concerns at all about our multivitamins, Healthy Hair Skin and Nails, etc. Decades of research had me avoid preformed Vitamin A long ago, but the rest of the industry continues to use it, likely because it is so cheap. The only place Vitamin A should ever be found is a children’s or a prenatal multi-vitamin. As usual, if you use my products, you can once again rest assured that we have always safeguarded your interests by avoiding all preformed Vitamin A. I have talked about this on TV for 23 years and the message has not changed. You have always been and remain completely safe.

Speaking of safe: Cholesterol-lowering Statin Drugs are anything but. If you can avoid them, you should work with your physician to do so. In search of ever lower cholesterol levels, Statin Drugs cause a long list of side effects that undermine our health and the quality of our life. Most folks who take them are not even aware that the fatigue, malaise, confusion, memory issues, etc are the result of these medications. I have often said that less than 20% of the millions of folks who take the medications benefit from them, but all of them experience issues as a result of them – whether they realize it or not. Even more frightening is the fact that once you start taking them, you will likely do so for the rest of your life. One thing to remember, if you take a Statin Drug, then just as it lowers cholesterol, it lowers your vital, energy creating CoQ10 levels, so you must supplement with CoQ10. I would recommend at least 200 mgs per day. The most important thing to remember about cholesterol is the forgotten hero when it comes to healthy cholesterol levels, and that is the omnipotent (all powerful) impact of diet. For most of us, modifying our diet and lifestyle is all we will need to do to guarantee a lifetime of healthy cholesterol levels. Even for those where a healthy diet is insufficient, a strategy of intelligently harnessing these powerful dietary cholesterol-lowering ingredients and placing them in a supplement is often all that is required. Specifically, I am referring to Plant Sterols (Phytosterols), which are the ingredient in CholestaCare and/or the unique, natural fiber present in our Fibermucil capsules. Together the two products can lower your cholesterol more than 35% when intelligently incorporated into a healthy, high fiber, low cholesterol, and low saturated fat diet. Those are the kinds of reductions in cholesterol only seen with cholesterol lowering drugs, and with my products there are zero side effects. All you achieve are the beneficial reductions in cholesterol that you seek and no problems or side effects at all. Of course, they can be used with whatever cholesterol medication you might be taking, since my products are nothing more than naturally concentrated versions of food-based ingredients with powerful cholesterol lowering effects. Best of all, this weekend’s Today’s Special gives you a chance to try these products at their best pricing ever and with a money-back guarantee that lasts through the end of January (almost 3 months!). In other words, you can enjoy these products over the holidays, when most of our cholesterol levels are not their best. How nice would it be to seemingly effortlessly (and with no risk) achieve a lower cholesterol level through the holidays to start the New Year?

Due to popular request, we will be bringing back our Share the Health Kit. For those of you who might remember it from last year, it is a kit that is wonderful for gifts or travel or for trying new products, since it contains 60 capsule bottles of 16 of our most popular formulas. We have only done this twice before, but the price remains the same, at less than half of normal pricing and less than $10 per formula. It is a chance to share the experience of our most popular formulas from Healthy Hair Skin and Nails to Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs to Essential-1 and Essential Omega-3 and Cranberry Benefits and Friendly Flora and Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 and Valerian and Breath+Plus and Urgent Energy and Nighttime and Ultimate Eye and PC Liver and Brain and more! It is an amazing value and as we heard last year, it is a chance to share with others the unexpected, life-changing impact that these formulas can have.

Lastly, I have a very long list of questions that we have culled from questions you have forwarded to my company or to me or that we have observed on the bulletin boards or posted on my blog. I look forward to providing answers to them in the near future. As you can see from the discussion above on Vitamin A, we keep a careful eye on what is important to you and the answers to your other questions will be forthcoming. For the Vitamin A issue, it just seemed urgent that I put everyone’s concerns to rest.

To say I am excited about our shows form our new studio in our factory in Henderson, Nevada would be a major understatement. I am sure it will be fun and there will hopefully be no unexpected surprises, but after all, it is live TV, so you never know. Anyhow, I hope you tune-in for all the great information about cholesterol, heart health and more. Lincoln and I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Best of Health!


38 thoughts on “This Weekend: Our First Live Shows From Our New Studio Inside Our Nevada Factory”

  1. i heard that the body can only absorb 1200 units of Vitamin D3 a day. So why would I want to introduce more than that into my body. Is this true?

  2. I’ve read that the body does not easily assimilate products in pill form. I’ve read that sublingual or fluid liquid is far easier to assimilate. I have great difficulty in swallowing whole tablets and cannot take gel caps. Must cut tablets in quarters and then wonder what percentage actually survives the stomach acid. What is your opinion on this subject? Thank you.

  3. Hello Andrew

    Thank you for your Today Special offer, CholestaCare and Fibermucil are one of my favorites. I will pay attention to your “lecture” this weekend.

  4. Andrew’s products are an Absolute necessity in my supplement regime & I have used several of Andrew’s products for many years. Sensitivity is large factor for me with any supplementation therapy, and Andrew’s various products have never upset my stomach and results have been almost miraculous. I particularly use the Omega 3, Vitamin D3. Amino Protein, Essential 1, Coenzyme Q-10 daily, to name my standard daily intake. I will not be without Andrew’s products and rely on them as my only source of supplements and will not consider buying any other products at any price. Recent test results showed several of my personal medical problems minimized- and in particular due to my use of and related to Omega 3. My Vitamin D levels have improved and are currently stabilized. I cannot say enough for the quality & proven results Andrew’s supplements have made in my life. YOU ROCK, ANDREW!!!

  5. Andrew, I recently ask about a product named LIMINO-D EARTH SILICA DIOXIDE- A TRACE MINERAL THE PURE FORM.
    Customer service answered to inform me that I should contact my doctor, I only wanted to know what its taken for and YOUR KNOWLEDGE about it. What all the talk is about with this product it was mentioned in my doctors office in a magazine.
    I take ONLY your Vitamins , its good to hear what your opinion is, because of you background
    and knowledge, Thank You .

  6. Andrew, years ago you offered a product called St. John’s Wort. I received so many benefits from that supplement. Why did you stop making it and do you make something like it now as a replacement?

  7. I work in a Dr office and the doctor I work for is telling all his patient to stop taking fish oil as there is no benefit to the heart or prostate. I’m still giving them to my husband after listening to your shows. What are your thoughts on this. Thank you

  8. Andrew, I’m as excited as you are about your new studio in your facility!!!! I can’t wait and I know you can’t.
    I always look forward to your truthful and honest overwhelming knowledge you share with us about vitamins, especially your vitamins. I BELIEVE AND TRUST EVERYTHING YOU SHARE WITH US, because you are one of a kind honest and caring person that I have trouble finding these days and don’t exist!!!

    I know you don’t like to answer medical situations and I take 22 different vitamins of yours because I truly believe in them in helping me. But, my doctor doesn’t believe in vitamins and tells me I can quit taking Vit C and etc. I’m sorry, but I don’t heed his advice because I know how they help me!! I need to ask you if I take your CHOLESTACARE can I quit taking my statin drugs?? My kidney Meds causes my triglycerides to be high. I’ve inherited the side effects of my meds. He gives me two kinds but I can’t talk to him about vitamins with him not believing in them. I’m not putting you on the spot but would like to know your OPINION on this nust between you and ME. I dont know for sure what to do. I really believe your CHOLESTACARE will help me, as the two statin drugs are doing NOTHING to help!

    Best of luck this weekend broadcasting live. I know it will be a blast and Lincoln will even enjoy it!
    God Bless and prayers are being said to you.

  9. I am 68 years old. I started on women’s wellness when I was 55 and still take it but was wondering if it is doing me any good since I am long past menopause. BTW it helped me tremendously when I was menopausal. Thank you.

  10. CONGRATS on the new studio!! =D I’ve been so anxious for the unveiling. It’ll be an awesome show, as are ALL your shows! Please consider a thyroid supplement.
    Additionally, PLEASE consider making your largest sizes (maybe just the Today’s Specials) in quantities that will provide enough for 2 people to share to last a specified amount of time, like 6 months supply or a year supply for 2 people.
    Looking forward to your live broadcast from your new studio! I hope this catapults your top of the line supplements into more hands while providing much needed education to many more people! Even if I am not in need of refills for any of the many supplements I take of yours, I still ALWAYS watch your shows because of your great knowledge, based on research and fact without any hidden agendas for making a profit. You provide the facts and back it with significant research before acting upon it. You have changed my life for the better as well as several members of my family. For that, I say a heartfelt THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!! =D

  11. I wanted to get your opinion on Turmeric and gallstones. I have read that Turmeric helps get rid of gallstones. I have them and have been taking your Turmeric for a few months now and have not had any attacks since…and they had been getting worse and more frequent before I started taking it. I have been trying to avoid surgery and hopefully this is my miracle!! So far so good. Thank you for all you do!!

  12. At a consult with an oncology doc about supplements and nutrition, he mentioned that I was getting too much Vit B when I took multiple supplements of yours, because numerous ones contained B as well as the primary formula. Can you speak to “why” Vit B is added to so many other formulas you sell. I would hate to have to quit taking some of your supplements based on this.

    Thank you and keep up the great work and work ethic. I have such great trust in your integrity.

  13. Would you discuss serapeptase, please. I understand that it’s an enzyme which “cleans” the blood. Is it
    in any of the Pro-Caps products?

  14. I have the same question as Debbie B about Vitamin B. Since I take your Essential I with PLENTY of daily required Vit. B, I have chosen to go elsewhere to buy my CoQ10 since yours contains also the daily recommended amount of Vit B. I make sure it is Konaka that I buy but I don’t think all that Vit B is necessary. I would buy my CoQ10 from you also (along with a dozen other supplements I take of yours) but don’t feel the excess B12 is a good thing. Please advise.

  15. I recently read about selenium being a “cure” for cancer. I don’t believe there is presently any “cure” for cancer, but would appreciate your opinion on any benefits from taking selenium. Thank you.

  16. I have taken RNA/DNA 100mg, twice a day, for over 40 years. Why don’t you manufacture it?? I take so many of your vitamins, would feel more comfortable if you made the RNA/DNA.

  17. I heard rumor about a pet supplement. Is it true you will be coming out with a pet supplement? That sure would be awesome for my 2 fur babies, SHIZZY SNARLENA (age 12 years) and SMIDGEN LIPZNLEGZ (age 2 years) =D
    Both my girls are rescues (both rescued at age 11 months and 9 months respectively) from horrible abuse and were near death when I rescued them. The beginning of their lives didn’t include proper nutrition (among many other things) so they were behind the 8 ball with regard to getting a good start during their critical and important developmental stage and I feel a quality supplement would be beneficial to them as well as MANY other pets around the globe. I know if the pet supplement was made by you, it would be safe and researched for their needs.
    Many blessings on your upcoming launch at your new studio! I wouldn’t miss this for anything!! =D

  18. I started taking Andrews vitamins many years ago for the Menopause issues when he was on QVC and than He no longer was on that net work and I was so worried I would be back to the problems I had before starting womens vitamins until One day I saw his ad on HSN and my worries were over,I am long past menopause now but still depend on Andrew s vitamins and enjoy his shows Congratulations on your new show room Andrew at your state of the art business of VITAMINS. and thank you for all the years of health at 79 I have had with your vitamin therepy. Julia

  19. Hi Andrew,

    Just a comment about your vitiamins. I have been taking them for approximately 20 years. I am closing in on 75 years and most people suggest I am between 10 & YES!, even 20 years younger. I cannot say absolutely, that it is your vitamins but I most assuredly believe you have played an enormous part in my health and well being. So far, I take no medications and always try to treat myself in as natural, comman sense ways as possible.
    I’m NEVER without your CO-Enzyme Q-10, Essential 1 and Digest Assure. At one time I took about 20 of your wonderful products but have now scaled down to what is really needed for my particular body.
    Thank you for allowing me to feel there are still people of integrity still in

  20. Hi, Andrew,

    I am probably one of your best customers, mainly through HSN. I take many of your products and I worry that I may take too many. I put them in those boxes with compartments for AM and PM for three weeks at time, which takes a long time, but less than it would take me to open all the bottles every time. This is particularly useful when I travel. The ones I don’t take religiously everyday, I take in the middle of the day, an place in a different type of box. Even though I am very happy with the capsules, and I appreciate the effort of not adding any artificial colorings, my problem is that several of the products look alike. I cannot distinguish them when they are out of the original boxes. If on a certain day I decided ,for whatever reason, not to take one of them, I cannot tell which one is which, even if I put it next to the ones in the original bottle. This is particularly true about the ones with white powder. Would it be possible to do something about that? I think you have the power/means to have capsules of different sizes or shapes made to make them distinguishable. You could also have them made with something like a line, or a dot, or anything that would make them a little different. I realize that this would require some coloring, but it could be kept to a minimum. Please let me know what you think about this.

    Like some of the people who wrote comments on your blog, I am concerned about taking too much Vit. B 12, for example. I would like to learn about that. I liked your explanation about the Vit A, which also concerned me.

    Thank you, Andrew, and congratulations on the shows we will enjoy watching directly from your lab.



  21. i am 65 and recently i am having difficulty with taste. most everything i used to love to eat now tastes terrible. what do you think the problem is? also i have a stinking odor coming from my navel, what could be causing that? Please email me the answer as i cant watch all the hsn programs to seeif you even answer these questions. Also I will find out how serious you are as to how you answer me, Thank You

  22. I take many of your products and have wondered if we should or should not take certain product at the same time? Is it better to take certain ones at night vs day? Some of the products I take are CholestaCare , Fibermuscil, Vits B, C, and D3, CO Q10, Calcium. Healthy Hair, Skin & Nail, Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Circulation & Vein, Liver & Brain, the new Resvertrol 100 also a baby asprin Would be helpful to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you, looking forward to watching you and Lincoln this weekend.


  23. DEAREST ANDREW, YOU TURNED MY LIFE AROUND COMPLETELY, GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU, IT’S VERY HEARTFELT. I pray you make a deplin like product, for those with saad, dreary winters, and stress and panic, anxiety. I have lost 5 of my close family members to Pancreatic Cancer, from My Loving Dad, his 2 brothers, his sister, and now my baby brother. the most devastating disease has left fear and tears in our large NJ family. We all take your vitamins and swear by them, my friends, their friends, all take your vitamins. LOVE THE NEW COLLAGEN AND CANT WAIT TO TRY, our prayers were with you upon your healing and I feel safe and know much about holistic and homeopathy over regular meds. God Bless Muriel and You and Your Family. still recovering our loss and hurricane sandy, yet WE have needed your supplements more than ever,. thank you for this privilege. Mare

  24. I am 68 and take several of your products; I couldn’t be happier with them. However, for several years now, I have been having these episodes where I get so hot that I perspire profusely especially from my face and neck. I always carry a napkin to wipe my face/brow/neck. These episodes are not triggered by exercise, since I can be sitting when they occur. I am well past menopause, but I do have diabetes. Is there something in your product line that could address this problem?

  25. I thought I heard you mention earlier today on your show that you would not have another CholestaCare/Fibermucil Today’s Special for a year and a half. I like to plan out for a year’s worth of product on the Today’s Special. Could you confirm today when the next time you will have the CholestaCare/Fibermucil as a Today’s Special?
    Thank you.

  26. Hello Andrew:
    We saw you in your glassed-in studio.
    Congratulations on finishing your “fish bowl”.
    Lincoln did steal the show! He is a lucky little human friend.
    The solo purpose of your glassed-in studio is really for Lincoln.
    Of course you can work with your best friend. Lincoln is very lovely.

  27. Andrew, I am so excited about you airing from your new facility! Congratulations on that! I always look forward to your visits and use many of your vitamins. My doctor promotes natural medicines and is very supportive of all the vitamins my husband and I take. Thank you so very much for all the information you give us.

  28. Andrew, I’ve been seeing lots of negative comments on folic acid, in regards to prostate cancer…Should I be concerned???

  29. Andrew, Thanks for all that you do. Would it be possible next January to offer the Secure by itself and have the Energy and Fat as a bonus buy? That would make the Secure even more affordable for us. THX!

  30. I recently found a blog video on this site about diabetes from 2009. It might be overdue for an update. If Chromium is so important, why isn’t it part of your Cinnamon extract product? Is Chromium Picolinate the best way to supplement for this metal? I currently am a buyer and users of most of your favorite products and am interested in their applications for diabetics as you have addressed heart disease with some of your products. I also would like further definition of alpha lipoic acid (ALA). Are any tablets suitable means for delivering supplements? What dosage schedules are appropriate for ALA? Why isn’t N-Acetyl Cysteine a part of your maximum ALA product? Just some feedback to get started.

  31. Andrew Lessman’s vitamins has change my life with better health in the last 6 months. I have similar questions as above, where do you see Andrew’s answers to everyone’s questions? Is there a different page? Also haven’t seen a blog since November, is there a daily blog I am missing? Also love the calculator when you put all your vitamins shows the daily amount taken. Is there a way to have a MY Calculator to keep track of all vitamins without having to keep entering every time you add or remove a vitamin? Is there a way to save my vitamins in the calculator?
    Last but not least, I just started taken Andrew Lessman’s Omega-3, taken others in the past and always were gel, was wondering why these are power caps, what are the benefits of power caps verses gel caps?

  32. Hi Andrew,
    I want to order the Bone Health product, but see it contains 1,000 IU of D3. I read about D3 hardening arteries, and to also take K2 with it. Can you please address this and clarify?? THank you so much.

  33. In the February/March 2015 issue of AARP Magazine a Dr. Steven Nissen, M.D. states: …”Also: Don’t take dietary supplements. There is no way to know what’s in them (they are largely unregulated), and there’s little scientific evidence of any benefits. There’s some evidence for vitamin D and calcium, but the widespread use of vitamin D is out of control. Avoid vitamin E. Avoid coenzyme Q10. Avoid fish oil; just eat more fish.”
    Wow! I would really appreciate your take on this Andrew. Go easy on him, he is an M.D. afterall! Smile

    I was really taken aback by his remarks. And I don’t have to tell you how many people read the AARP magazine, and take all of it as gospel. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

  34. My cholesterol has been in the 400’s for the last 20+ years. I take prescription meds and adjusted my diet but nothing worked. I take two Cholestacare daily, no dietary adjustments, and my cholesterol is now 174!!! My doctor had just commented that controlling my cholesterol was extremely challenging. Not anymore!! Thank you, Andrew, for your wonderful products and your dedication to brining us safe products that perform!!

  35. Hello Mr. Lessman,
    My name is Rose, I’m new to your product and look forward to reading more about you and your passion. I’ve already seen a couple of items I’m going to purchase.

    Look forward to doing business with a company who have a true focus on getting better vitiman’s to the public that haven’t been setting in a warehouse for a couple of years.

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