Celebrating 17 Years at HSN with CoQ10, Vitamin D, Free Shipping and Variety Shows.

Anniversaries always remind us about the passage of time, but this year, I find it truly hard to believe, since as I type this, it has been 34 years since I started my company back in September 1979.  Even more difficult to believe is the fact that I have been on TV for more than 20 years.  I never expected to be on TV for two seconds let alone two decades.  And this October marks 17 years at HSN.  Whenever I say how long I have been doing this, Colleen always says, “I must have started as an infant, since I can’t be that old!”  Well, I guess I really am “that old,” but I feel great and that’s thanks to everyone who has supported our products and allowed me to do what I love each and every day of my life.  I am proud to say that we do more than make the world’s finest vitamins.  We are also likely the most environmentally responsible company around, since we do all our work entirely with the solar energy we create.  We are also socially responsible donating a bottle of prenatal vitamins for each bottle we sell, which has made us the world’s largest single source of prenatal vitamins for mothers in need.  Thirty-four years ago, I dreamt of creating a uniquely responsible vitamin company and again, thanks to you, that dream has lasted 34 years.  I hope you allow me to continue for another 34 years!

Okay, sorry about the nostalgia – let’s talk about the exciting Today’s Specials during our 17th Anniversary at HSN!

It is only appropriate that my October Anniversary Month at HSN is now celebrated each year with what I consider to be two of my most important Today’s Specials.  Not only are these products two of your favorites with ratings of 4.6 and 4.8 respectively, but these ingredients are considered by medical experts to be among the most important we offer.  I am referring to CoQ10 and Vitamin D3.

Coenzyme Q10 200 mgs (Sunday October 6 Today’s Special).
The record-breaking price of last year’s CoQ10 Today’s Special was only possible as a special one-time event.  I even stated on-air that I did not see it ever returning.  I usually don’t like to be wrong about major things, but in this case, it thrills me to be mistaken, since we will be able to repeat last year’s record-breaking price.  My company was likely the first in America to introduce CoQ10 about 30 years ago.  In that time, we have been able to take it from being one of the most expensive supplements to now being one of the most affordable.  Plus, each of our easy-to-swallow capsules also contains high potency Vitamin C and the B-vitamins necessary, including our unique, protected B12 to ensure you get all of CoQ10’s remarkable energy benefits.  Our CoQ10 actually delivers more Vitamin C and B-vitamins than the leading multivitamins!  Science has proven that there is no more intelligent manner to give your body what it needs to produce energy and to attack fatigue than with our CoQ10.  Not surprisingly, it is also the most important single nutrient to ensure the optimum functioning of our key organs, since it is the ability of those organs to produce the energy they require that determines how well they can function.  In short, whether it is your heart, brain, liver, kidneys or just your body in general, there is no more scientifically established insurance than CoQ10 to allow your vital organs and key systems to function at their best as we age and in the face of daily stress.  Also, just as with Vitamin D3 below, I view CoQ10 as one of the most vital foundational molecules in any science-based anti-aging regimen.

Vitamin D3 (Sunday October 13 Today’s Special).
For over 30 years, I have emphasized the importance of Vitamin D3 for a long, healthy life and it seems that the medical community has finally gotten around to reading all the research and as a result, Vitamin D3 has become the most doctor-recommended vitamin.  Best of all, it is also the most affordable vitamin.  Now that’s truly a win-win…the most affordable and the most beneficial!  This year’s Today’s Special truly redefines affordable, since we’re talking about only pennies per capsule – whether you choose the 1250 IU or 2500 IU.  Our Vitamin D3 is not just the most affordable, but comes in small easy-to-swallow capsules that will not upset even the most sensitive stomach.  Sadly, without a Vitamin D3 supplement most Americans are suffering from low levels of Vitamin D3 that can threaten their long-term health.  Given the flood of research, experts and even our government refer to low Vitamin D levels as a major public health epidemic.  This makes no sense given how affordable Vitamin D is and how easily you can test your levels.  Just like blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol, everyone should know their Vitamin D levels and it is as simple as a blood test at the doctor’s office.  The proper test is the 25-Hydroxy-Vitamin D (not the 1,25-Hydroxy-Vitamin D) test and healthy results are above 50 ng/ml (nanograms per mililiter).  Some results are measured as nmol/l (nanomoles per liter) and those units mean a healthy level is above 125 nmol/l.  (You can convert nmol/l to ng/ml by dividing by 2.5.)  I view healthy levels as those above 50 ng/ml and personally, I seek to keep my own levels between 60 and 80 ng/ml.  For most of us, ideal levels will require us to supplement 2500 IU to 5,000 IU daily, but higher body fat levels require we supplement more, since Vitamin D is sequestered (trapped) in body fat.  Again, just ask your doctor about a Vitamin D test and how to achieve your healthiest Vitamin D levels.

Variety Shows on Saturday Morning.
Last July we added a couple of Variety Shows that contained a very fast paced and diverse array of products – many of which never get any exposure on TV.  Truth be told, my mom was disappointed that there were no song and dance numbers in my Variety Show, but she enjoyed them nonetheless. 🙂 I believe we covered almost two dozen products in each of those two hour shows, which made the shows fun and exciting to do and I am pleased to hear that they were also interesting and enjoyable to watch.  As a result, we will return with a couple of variety shows in October; however, instead of doing them on Friday evening, we thought we’d add a little “variety” and we will do them at 11 AM Eastern Time on Saturday October 5th and noon Eastern Time on Saturday the 12th.  I hope we will be able to post these shows at HSN.com until at least October 13th, so if you miss them on TV, you will be able to watch them on-line and learn about some of my less frequently seen products and also take advantage of the extra special savings on all the products featured.

Get Our New Cookbook Free!
It seems every January, we all complain about what we ate throughout the holidays and why we weigh what we do in January.  Muriel and I thought we would do something about it, so we created our Happy Healthy Holidays Cookbook.  I think it is our very best cookbook and we hope it will transform your holidays.  Best of all, it will be FREE with any single-item purchase of a product priced at $49.90 or higher.  Although FREE, it is a real cookbook, so I am sorry, but there can only be one free copy per household.  Everyone who has seen it thus far has loved it.  There are some a
mazing recipes like Muriel’s new take on a Caesar’s Salad using Kale.  She calls it her “Kaesar Salad” and even though I was never a big fan of Kale, I love it!  It is amazing!  There are even a few delicious desserts like her Black and White Cake and more.  I know you will enjoy this wonderful cookbook and our sincere hope is that it makes your holidays and the rest of the year even healthier.

It is going to be a big celebration, so of course, there will be Free Shipping on ALL my products, as well as Extra Special Anniversary Pricing.

Sorry for the long article…see you next weekend.

Best of Health.


63 thoughts on “Celebrating 17 Years at HSN with CoQ10, Vitamin D, Free Shipping and Variety Shows.”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    I love that about you, that you share your sincere heart..even by walking down memory lane..how your dream has become something pretty amazing. I have been taking your products for maybe ten years or so, and am so thankful for many of them… Calcium Intensive Care, Glucosamine, Friendly Flora. Cholesta Care..and I will be ordering Vitamin D3..Thank you, Andrew for caring about the health of others as you do..Your Heart shines!!..Sincerely, Karen

  2. Thank you for providing the details on the upcoming Today's Specials and other programming on HSN. One of the most frustrating things about shopping on HSN, especially for your products, is not knowing ahead of time when special pricing will be available. This helps me in planning how I can continue to use the products at the greatest savings possible.

  3. Thank you Andrew! I ran out of my Co-Q 10 and am glad you will be offering it this October. I know I would not have the health I do without all of the supplements I take from your line. It has truly helped me and my family for years. Really appreciate all you do. Please never change !

  4. Dear Mr. Lessman,
    Jubilation and heart felt congratulations are in order. You have grown to be a legacy, with a reputation that is without a doubt, something to hold close, and continue to nurture. Hence, for that once baby, emerged to be what you aspired to work tirelessly, and subsequently, it blossomed to be the beauty you emanate day to day. I remember you from the start, and continue to tell every person I can about you the man, who "became" the only nutritional supplement manufacturer whose vitamins are handled with such care and a strong knowledge base I literally boast about them, and how I truly feel the effect of taking your products. I ask people if they are aware of the fact that their vitamins are not absorbed the way your vitamins are. Most other vitamins are in your stomach 24 hours after being consumed, without reaping any nutritional benefits whatsoever. I thank you, admire you , and really, really, hope this communique reaches you. I would be so elated. Respectfully, F. Tanni De Felice

  5. Look forward to your shows! Now if you could just add a product to support thyroid health, that would be perfect….hint,hint….. 🙂

  6. Hi, Andrew! After months of begging my boyfriend to try your Omega 3, he finally did and was hooked. (This was after he had and was treated for prostate cancer, but glad to know there's no correlation between the two.) Now we order duplicates of your Omega 3 when you have them as Today's Specials, and I caught him giving the spill to his son the other day. They truly are miraculous. Looking forward to seeing you in October and catching up on my CoQ10 and Vitamin D3.

  7. Hi Andrew! I have only known of you for a short time, but I think you are fabulous, and I love the products of yours that I have tried thus far. I haven't tried too many and I can only purchase one thing on each of your visits, as a lack of money is a real big issue for me. anyway, I think you for all of your nutritional products, advice, and teaching and I will continue being an consumer of yours, even if it is only one product a t a time.
    How can we receive your cookbook for free. I bet it is wonderful and I would so love to have a copy, except i could never afford to pay for it- but if it is available for free, I really would love a copy! Thank you for everything you do!
    Nancy Cahill

  8. Hi Everyone.
    I just visited this page to see how my new blog post looks and OMG, I had no idea I wrote so much! I think I got more than a little bit carried away. It looks more like a novel than an article. Steven King better watch out! 🙂
    Also, I always read your comments and I am so very grateful for the half dozen comments that have already been posted. Thanks so much to Gina, Karen, Carolyn, Linda, Tanni, Rhonda and Julie! Your kind words are truly inspiring and heartwarming!
    See you soon… Andrew

  9. Hi Andrew, I have been using your products for almost as long as you've been on HSN. Thanks to for the education you do when you're on HSN, I appreciate it.
    I'm wondering if you might have started researching a green coffee bean extract product? There are reports of great results for weight loss but there are so many "less than good products" out there, that are full of additives and fillers and not the standardized 45% level of clorogenic acids that are needed for results. Thanks.

  10. Who would have thought that people would plan their weekends around vitamin/supplement sales??? Seriously, I never miss watching you, and I learn something new each time. I look so forward to replenishing my stores of supplements, and the prices are remarkable, especially when you add the savings for the shipping. I'm looking forward to the new cookbook( I was the winner of one and purchased the soup cookbook) All the best to you for the next 34 years. I believe your integrity speaks for itself.

  11. Hi Andrew, I have been waiting for your next appearance and am glad it is coming as I need to stock up on everything, particularly, Glucosamine. I have a testimonial that I must share with you: I fell and sprained my ankles two weeks ago, the left one got the brunt of the fall. Based on the severity of the fall (and those that witnessed me fall), I should have had my left ankle in a cast with a torn ligament. But, because I have regularly been taking your Glucosamine product for other aches in my joints, I strongly believe the ligaments in my left ankle benefitted from the supplements and ended up 'stretching' and not 'tearing' on impact. My ankle was swollen to the point there was a tennis size ball but with cold treatment and staying off it, I'm on the way to 100% healing. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! for making such great products! So you know what's first on my list of re-orders…
    Gilda Lopez (Los Angeles)

  12. Dear Deb.
    Green Coffee Bean Extract is a silly scam and NOT a weightloss product. It is just the latest weightloss nonsense promoted by unscrupulous marketers. Please read my blog post on the subject here.https://www.wordsonwellness.com/post/2013/02/04/Green-Coffee-Bean-Raspberry-Ketone-and-Weight-Loss-at-QVC.aspx
    As an fyi, Raspberry Ketone is also a weightloss scam as well. You can read my post on that ingredient here. https://www.wordsonwellness.com/post/2012/06/13/With-All-Due-Respect-to-Dr-Oz-Raspberry-Ketone-is-not-a-Fat-Burning-Miracle.aspx
    Best of Health.

  13. I normally get bronchitis several times a year, especially in the winter. Last year I took Andrew’s supplements RELIGIOUSLY and did NOT get sick at all. Nothing! No cold, sinus infection or bronchitis. Thank you for your wonderful, amazing products. To good health!!!!!

  14. I have been taking your CholestaCare since the spring (I am unable to take prescription medications ) and I received a good report about my cholesterol and it is “much” improved.. thanks Andrew. I won’t know the #’s until I see the report.. but I am thrilled..!!!!!!!

  15. Andrew, am so relieved that you have started your variety show! I’ve been disappointed that you do only one or two products during your hourly shows. Frankly it becomes boring, especially when I’ve taken the product for many years; so I have often opted out of watching. I know that way of selling is the new marketing method, and proves successful; none-the-less, it disappoints those of us who’ve heard the pitch many times. Have been wanting to hear more about others you carry, even though I take some you haven’t talked about. However, the more knowledge, the better! You are the best teacher, bar none. So am quite thrilled that you are now doing the variety show. I’ve been taking your products for 18 years and will continue — they are the only vitamins worth taking, and I think have helped me reach age 74 with all my facilities, and no prescriptions at all. Thank you!

  16. Thanks for putting the shows on during the day EST, I have missed all the previous ones and hope to fit these into my schedule.

  17. Hi Andrew! I tell everyone who will listen about you! Congrats on many honest and caring years! I love and appreciate what you do and love the education every time that you appear on HSN! You are quite an inspiration and such a trusting soul. Many more healthy and successful years! P.S. Looking for a B Complex and noticed that you don't sell one at HSN~any ideas?

  18. Thank you for making these wonderful vitamins. I have been taking them for as long as you have been on air! I have many favorites, and I tell everyone about your products! "My Andrew" as I say. I hate to miss your shows I learn something everyime I watch. Keep up the great work and here's to your health! Can't wait for the new cookbook! Love the other ones. WIll it come with the TSV? See you this weekend and many years to come.

  19. I am a believer! I started using Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails about 2 years ago. I added other supplements after noticing a difference in my hair. I listened and watched the videos on the supplements that I thought might benefit me. I now supplement my body with about 15 products. You are a fabulous teacher and explain why our bodies can benefit from these products and how our bodies actually use them. I appreciate and value your opinion on other marketed products. Your education and testing of products keeps me in the know. Do you have an opinion on Garcinia cambogia extract? It is supposed to be another weight loss enhancer. I was told by a Physician to take Omega 3-6-9 for all muscles, not heart in particular. Any thoughts on that? Thank you for making the world a healthier place for all of us. I will be giving reviews on the newest products that I have tried. Thanks Andrew! Love Muriel and Lincoln, too!

  20. Andrew, I need help! I'm not aging well and have spent more money on fads and diet plans than I care to tally; however, I still try to find the Holy Grail!
    I take supplements and items to assist in getting healthy and strong but none that I ingest seems to accomplish the advertised results. One of my problems is that I love sweets and gooey pastries. I've tried everything, including Dr. Oz's recommendation of Saffron, but nothing. I'm still over FAT and aging at a steady pace. I'm 67 so I'm dealing with various things like osteo-arthritis and heart flutter. With the combination of drugs etc. for these two items, I have to watch what I take and if it causes problems. I was very active in my 30's and 40's and lifted weights religiously, but with the arthritis, I have had to limit and in most cases eliminate this form of exercise.
    With that mini background, can you recommend anything that will aid me in starting on the road to recovery and health, or am I doomed to be on this spiral for the remainder of my days?
    Thanks in advance and Blessings for your good works!

  21. Andrew
    Have purchased many of your products thru HSN & think they are wonderful – however my issue is with the fact that these can not be reordered in the same large quantity bottles & prices. (I understand that they can not be repurchased @ the Todays Special Price but one can not even rebuy the same size bottle). This is important to me as I buy my supplements in quantity to cover many months of use. This is unfair to the consumer but a good sales ploy so as a result I no longer buy your products.
    thank you.

  22. Hi Andrew. I am a diabetic and this past winter I went crazy on sweets & so I was expecting my A1c to be high and to be yelled at by my doctor. Imagine my amazement when it was even less than my last visit! I started thinking what I was doing different and the only thing was I had started taking your CoQ10 on a daily basis for my heart health. In further research I found it also helps in balancing blood sugar. I am convinced this product has helped in the case of my diabetes health. Thank you for a quality product! I can't wait for your special as I need to replenish my supply!!

  23. Thanks for all your amazing products that you bring to us & at affordable prices!! My family & I learn so much from watching your airings. I love your Essential One & CoQ10! I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and am glad that your products do not contain anything that upset my stomach or intestines! I plan on restocking up & ordering D3 next. Any advice on what other supplements I can benefit from as I am trying to manage UC? Thank again & keep bringing your great products to HSN!!

  24. Hi Andrew, thank you, thank you and thank you again for your dedication and hard work on providing nothing but the best for your customers and viewers. I have been taking your products for more than 10 years and if I should happen to be in a hurry and run out without taking them, I know and feel the difference. Thank you!! God Bless!
    Also just want to add, will you ever come up with an all natural vitamin to help with high blood pressure; just saying, want to throw that out there.
    God Bless and take care! Never miss a show of yours….

  25. All products the pproducts we have purchased have worked well for us, especally the Alpha Lapoic Acid. Don't know what is in there, but it works. If you have problems walking, neuropathy, or anything related, this is the product. My husband swears by it. No more foot pain and he can walk with comfort. Wow! He hasn't been able to do that in years. Takes two tablets per day, in addition to Woman's Elite Plus, and we're off and running. Thank you, Andrew.
    A special thanks go to Lee, who suggested this in the first place. Tamara, Sandy, and the rest of the team are great, and have lead us down the road. What a super group of people.

  26. I can't wait! Time to stock up on CoQ-10, D3, and a huge thank for you the cookbook addition! I take a bolus of your vitamins twice a day and am such a walking advertisement when it comes to your vitamins, the only thing I haven't done is wear an Andrew t-shirt! May have to ask my husband to design me one! Thanks for all you do Andrew, you inspire me to stay well, healthy, and fit. I've said it before, numbers don't lie. Getting blood work results is icing on the cake!
    Best of health to you and yours,

  27. Can you please answer a question about the Co Q10 vs the Omega 3. I take the Essential Omega 3, and I was thinking about replacing my daily dose of that with the Co Q10. If I'm not mistaken, they both target heart health and from what I've read, Co Q10 is more of a powerhouse than the Omega 3. Is there any reason I should take them both? I'd rather only take one or the other, but I don't mind taking them both if there's a good reason to. Thanks

  28. Will turn 84 this Oct. I just had my physical and blood work done. Doctor said great shape. I take no prescriptions only your Vitamins and have done Yoga for 33 years and now Pilates at our Gym.
    God Bless you Andrew

  29. I have been kept in check ever since I found you Andrew! Big bills but good health to pay it back!!!
    Wouldn't have it any other way. Thank You!

  30. You Know: I looked at the comment above, and I have had the same results from my doctor after a total physical and blood work, and my workout plan is a mess. I am 60 years young.

  31. Have taken many of your products for years & swear by COQ10 & Joint Effort & more. They do make a difference. My husband a supplement non-believer had taken the multi as I placed them in front of him. He began having knee pain & told him "take Joint Effort", he did try them low & behold noticed a difference, to prove me wrong, stopped taking. As you can guess, he noticed a difference, now takes them daily. I am a health junky & the best selling point is all are capsule or gel caps, & trust me you don't want to hold them in your mouth, as you say it is a thin capsule. So another point proven, they will assimilate into your system quickly. Another of my favorites is Secure, not for weight loss although it does help but because my body requires a high protein diet & if I need an energy boost I mix up a drink, it tastes good & I have tried many. Am never without a packet in case I feel an energy drop. But to end, I could go on forever, you educate & because of your own vocation/education, you are quick to say, supplements do not cure, they support & help your body help itself. And that is my "soapbox" position of your products to others. Being a man of integrity & legal training, is not going to say untrue things. However, your products are as you say BUT to be effective must be taken consistently & I think if one says they don't work it's for that reason.
    Thanks for your obvious caring for others since its been a lifelong career. Am a dog lover, & your 4 leg babies are adorable & once again very obvious you care about pets. And thanks for products that actually do make a difference.

  32. Andrew, I tried the Friendly Flora you showed in one of your variety shows (LOVE the quicker format!) and was happy to get the larger size at the price it was offered at. I had been taking over the counter products and they are HIGH priced! By ordering yours in the special size, yours are actually cheaper. Now that I know they work wonderfully, I'm hoping you'll offer that size or even bigger at least yearly so that I can get my supply in a cost effective manner. My gut is very happy, thanks so much for this product!

  33. Hi Mr Lessman, could you PLEASE set the record straight with regard to your calcium supplements? Do we take these with OR without food? I am an NP and I still cannot find a straight answer, so I am deferring to you since I LOVE your supplements and have been taking them for years. Look forward to your response and your upcoming visit on HSN!!!! Thank you

  34. Hi Andrew-
    I have cervical disc disease and I have already had a disc replacement and a fusion. I continue to have pain and have been told of another bulge that may require surgery..I have increased arthritic changes in my cervical and thoracic spine and bone spurs.
    Is there a regimen of vitamins/supplements that you could recommend..I try to figur it out myself, but then do nothing because I'm not sure of what may REALLY help me. The surgeons and doctors do not give me advice in any way regarding vitamins etc.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    I love your products..

  35. Andrew, Thank you for the Best CO Q10 and vitamins anywhere. My wife and I both have mitochondrial myopathy thanks to years of "statin" meds. That small print disclosure and when on TV commericals during the evening news quickly speed through the serious side effects and we both have it. Our cocktail of meds to replinish the energy lost includes 400mg CoQ10, Folic Acid, Creatinine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Carnitine 4X daily.
    This combo really helps restore the energy lost thanks to the statin used in cholestral management.
    But the most important part of the equation starts with finding that you have the absolute Best CO Q10 .
    No other Co Q10 has produced the positive results. We both know that when we run out of it and that no longer will happen!
    Thanks to some great medical research going on at SUNY@Buffalo Medical School Sandra & I are Blessed to have excellent medical care on a unique health care issue. But just as importantly, We are also Blessed to have found Andrew Lessman's wonderful organization via HSN to be an answer to affordable pure vitamins and nutrients to play a significant role in managing a part of our healthcare.
    Thank You Andrew and the HSN team.
    Regards, Art & Sandra Macdonald

  36. Believe it or not, I've been with you for the 17 years!!! I started with you at age 63; just turned 80 in April and I give your products most of the credit. Omega-3 and Co-Q10 are the way to go; never miss a day without them. People don't believe my age; I look and I feel great (if I do say so myself) LOVE YOU ANDREW!
    Bernadette – Stickney, Illinois

  37. Andrew, Thank you so much for all the great products. I have been taking several of your products for over 15 years and I have had WONDERFUL results. Recently my dog started having issues and at 15 years old, we almost lost him. He weighs 85 pounds and had "gotten down and couldn't get up" on his own. We rushed him to the vet and he was kept overnight and was still not doing well. He was given 6 days worth of steroids, but wasn't expected to live more than a few days. I started giving him 1 each of your Omega 3's and your Glucosamine with Chondroitin 2 times a day, along with Greek Yogurt and Olive Leaf Extract (please check out the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract!). After only a few days he was doing sooooo much better, being able to get up on his own, even on my tile floors, and roaming all over our 5 acres, as he once did. It has been several weeks now and I have cut his O'3s and the Gluc. with Chon. down to 1 each, once a day and he is still doing GREAT. Keep up the good work and may GOD bless you!

  38. Please please consider having the ULTIMATE WOMEN WELLNESS on TSV~ I have bought that supplements and helped so many friends and family who suffers with menopause all over the world, the last order I placed through procapslab and my husband had to bring it with him while I was in Europe and gave the WW to a friend( a French lady) who suffers with hot flashes~ so far it's been helping her lessen the severity of the hot flash~ and just FYI I converted my husband into a believer of taking your supplement after he tried your joint products to help with his knee condition

  39. My doctors are always amazed how good and minerals are, every time I get a check-up. With the Co-Q10, urgent energy and B12, I am always ready to face the day full of energy and a great attitude. Thank you for improving the quality of my life.

  40. Hi, My favorite Andrew Lessman
    You are the ONE and ONLY! I got hooked on your products since I first saw you on HSN about 4-5 years ago, I was flipping the channels around and saw you and I also took notice to all the vitamins in the background, that made me go back to that channel and started listening to you and I love the fact that you explain your products very thorough, and that helps all of us to understand what we're getting and need, and I still love listening to you every time you're on the show. I started out with Glucosamine Chondroitin for the very first try, that's when I found out how it really works! most of all, works so quickly for sore joints, from there on I don't go to vitamin stores any more. Thank you so much for caring. I often Thank God for you. Please don't ever change the way you are. You're THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! and we'll love you forever.
    P.S Thank you for all your hard works, efforts and dedications. God Bless you and your loved ones.

  41. Hi Andrew 🙂 My husband and I have been consistently taking many of your health supplements and have not been disappointed yet with anything we've tried. I am looking forward to seeing what specials you are offering on TV/HSN with your Variety shows and TSV's coming up very soon here! Hoping we can stock up again on some supplements we already are taking. God bless you for all you're doing for the cause of humanity in the health arena!

  42. Hi Andrew..I have a question for you, and it's a hard one. I am 65 yrs old..take care of my 92 yr Mom and quite often my grandchildren ages 4 mos to 9 years old. I want to be as healthy as possible…I am not your typical 63 … If you could please let me know what would be the best supplements to take and how much ..I have used some of your supplements and was very happy with how they worked. Now with all that I do, I need to make sure ,that I getting everything I need. I want to good and healthy for a long time. Can you help me? Megan

  43. Andrew I have been a fan of your vitamins for YEARS! My husband and I have a steady stream of deliveries since everything is on auto ship. However, there has been so much material printed on alkaline vs acidic foods and the need to maintain an alkaline body. Since I noticed you actually respond to some questions on your blog, I was hoping you could clear up my confusion. Is this just another scam to sell books or is the PH of the body key to maintaining health? And if so do you have a supplement to help in this area? I totally trust you and your products and tell everyone about them. Thanks!

  44. Andrew,
    We've exclusively used your vitamins for years but I'd like to encourage you really push one of your vitamins — "Prostate Support". It is one of the most important vitamins I've ever taken. It replaced a prescribed medication (and eliminated the side effects) but most importantly,prevented a strongly recommended surgery.
    After 5 years, they figured out I had an infection instead. I know that Prostate cancer is common but this vitamin absolutely helps nourish this vital organ. The "Prostate Support" is not a drug but honestly, men should try this!! For men, I think its more important than Vitamin C or D or anything else. If it doesn't help them, then go the serious medicine and surgical routes.
    I've many of your other vitamins as well. The blood and circulation pills have eliminated my jumping legs when I sleep; others eliminated my sore bones (I strenuously work out and jog 4 miles daily)

  45. Congrats to you Andrew – love hearing about someone who enjoys their profession. I for one love love love your products and always take your Women's Complete, COQ10, D-3 and a few others. At 63 I began dealing with arthritis; not rheumatoid arthritis, but osteoarthritis in my neck, lower back and now my big toe! I don't like shots and I don't like unnecessary pain meds. My entire left foot is horrible to walk on; I had an mri and besides the arthritis in my big toe, I have severe plantar faciitis and severe tendenitis. I don't know if any of your supplements can help, but I would be interested to know.

  46. Congratulations on your many years of making the best supplements available. I'm so happy that you brought all of them to HSN for us to enjoy. I love watching all of your presentations, and I've learned so much about taking care of my health. I'm looking forward to your upcoming shows. I always have to have an extra Secure on hand, and love the Circulation and Vein Support, as well as many others. Please continue to bring us your knowledge of all of your supplements.I'm looking forward to getting your new cookbook! Continued success to you! I'm a life-long fan!

  47. Hello Andrew! Thank you so very much for your very detailed info about Vitamin D3. I really learn so much from you about vitamins and supplements (who needs Google) and I get so excited when you're due on HSN. I take a lot (I really mean a LOT) of your vitamins and Vitamin D3 is one of them along with your Ultimate Calcium Intensive Care. I'm so happy to just found out that my vitamin D level is 59.1 ng/ml and this will probably become higher as I continue taking your Vitamin D3. Again, thank you, thank you and luv, luv, luv! By the way I'll be 63 years old of Asian descent and weighs about 100 pounds. And I surely don't want to have osteoporosis.

  48. Thank you Andrew for all your terrific products. Vitamin supplements always upset my stomach until I found yours several years ago. I take many of your products and love every one of them. I can always feel confident in trying any product that you make knowing it will not upset my stomach, that it is pure and additive free and in the appropriate dosage. I enjoy watching all of your shows as they are so educational. Would you consider making a natural pain supplement? I have a chronic pain condition due to an injury and would love a natural way to deal with it. Thank you!

  49. What joy to see you shine from your soul, knowing you have helped so many people. The fact is many need the help you have taken the time to research, and teach. I am just one of them.. Thank You Andrew!

  50. When I know you will be on, I totally plan my weekend around your appearance. I love your products and there are many that I just can't do without. It's time for me to replenish my CoQ10, so the TSV is at the prefect time.


  52. Hello Andrew,
    I am so happy I checked my email and saw that you were going to have an anniversary special on your vitamin. Would you be having a special on cholesta Care? Can't wait to start my ordering of cq10 and your other vitamins. Your vitamins are the easiest to take and they is no after fishy taste with your omega-3 vitamins. love it! Can't wait for the weekend.

  53. Hi Andrew, I live in Las Vegas and have been using several of your vitamins after learning about you on HSN in April of this year. All the money I've wasted, spent on a multitude of over the counter vitamins, is mind boggling. I learned so much while watching you and loved seeing the comparison charts you displayed on your products. I was blown away by all of it. Prior to using your products, I NEVER felt energized and was jealous of people who swore by extra Vitamin B, B-12 etc. (I took those as well.) I think it was all in their heads, or they were lying, to be honest with you as our bodies cannot possibly break down, let alone absorb, the junk those other companies label as a "vitamin", of ANY kind. It all made sense when I listened to you explaining this to us HSN viewers! I LOVE your products:-) I was also very surprised to learn that you are (basically) in my own back yard, with an all solar power facility no less! Can't wait till my best friend, who lives in Henderson, and I visit your facility. For now, can't wait to see you on HSN this weekend and THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL PRODUCTS YOU PROVIDE. Sue

  54. I recently purchased the coq10 in the large bottle. I found it to be overpowering even when I took the capsule apart and used 1/2 the powder. It prevents me from sleeping at night. Please advise me on this and I called the product line and the gal wasn't sure how to advise me on how much of this I should be taking. You may e-mail me with your suggestions.

  55. Andrew I recently am on my year of becoming healther and eating more plant based foods and ect…. My question to you is how do I no wat vitamins is should be taking????/

  56. Andrew, I believe it was God sent for me to learn of your vitamin/mineral supplements. Mainly because I feel better taking a product that is manufactured in a green, nature-lite, and an earth-friendly environment! Second, I feel more energetic, my sight is clearer, and my wellness has improved. However, I am a professor who contracted a sickening bronchitis this past spring; then, I realized I needed more that your women's complete supplement and a few others. I have two questions: 1-What is the best time of day to take the Turmeric-400? 2-Should I take the Immune Factors supplement at a different time than the Turmeric?

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