See You Briefly at HSN on November 15th and 16th with Two Incredible Specials.

Every year I spend my November and December recovering from our always-busy October shows and getting ready for our even busier start to the New Year.  Plus, I always try to preserve as much time as I can to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends; however, this year we will be adding something a little different.  Due to popular request, I will briefly find myself at HSN this Friday evening November 15th at 11PM Eastern Time and then at 12 noon and 9PM on Saturday.  It will only be 6 hours of TV, but it will be packed with the specific products for which I hear countless requests at this time of year.  Specifically, we will have a HolidayToday’s Special offering a choice of our Ultimate Friendly Flora and/or Immune Factors.  There is no time of year when these products are more important and thanks to this brief added visit, we are able to offer this highly requested Today’s Special for the very first time.  Plus, and again due to popular request, we are bringing back a new version of last year’s 16-product “Gift of Health” Kit.  Last year, this kit was only available as a web special and we did not plan on repeating it again this year, but when chatting with my Customer Care Center, they made it clear there were way too many requests to ignore, so the Kit is back and not just as a web special, but an on-air Holiday Special this weekend.  The Kit includes 16 bottles of all your favorites at a savings of more than 50%!  It is great for gifts, travel, reorders, try-me, etc., and includes CoQ10, Ultimate Eye, Healthy Hair Skin and Nails, Circulation and Vein, Essential-1, Essential Omega-3, PC Liver and Brain, Fibermucil, Night Time, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin B12, Cranberry and many more.  Of course, it comes with Flexpay and Free Shipping and Handling (which adds another $80 in savings) and it is less than $10 per bottle!  By the way, the products in this kit have a remarkable total of more than 15,000 combined reviews at an incredible 4.6 Stars!  That is our customers’ clear statement of the quality and credibility of these products.

I also wanted to point out that our Today Special’s is not for our standard Friendly Flora with its already remarkable 5 Billion potency; but our Ultimate Friendly Flora formula with its truly incredible 25 Billion potency per capsule.  That is an unbelievable 500% increase in potency at a more than 50% savings for this exciting Holiday Today’s Special.  It also can be bundled with our Immune Factors for the most comprehensive immune support during the time of year when we need it most.  Many people forget how essential and impactful our Friendly Flora is for the immune system because of all the remarkable reviews that relate to its dramatic benefits on the digestive system.  Well, no time of year is better than the end of year to prove how powerful our Ultimate Friendly Flora can be in terms of both digestion and the immune system, since there is no time of year when we tend to mistreat and abuse those systems more than during the holidays.  There is also no other immune system formula like our Immune Factors with its almost unanimously perfect reviews averaging an incredible 4.8 Stars.  It combines all of the most important nutrients and botanicals to create the most comprehensive formula of its kind.  This Holiday Today’s Special is truly your invention and I thank HSN for finding us the time to return to offer it for the very first time.

I look forward to having the opportunity to wish everyone the happiest and healthiest of Holidays this weekend at HSN, but for those of you who do not tune-in, I just wanted to thank you once again for all your support, particularly for our Prenatal Project.  You will be pleased to hear that with the assistance of Vitamin Angels we had only weeks ago delivered our prenatal vitamins to areas in the Philippines now ravaged by this most recent natural disaster and, of course, we will be sending more prenatal vitamins there as soon as we can.  Of course, I am proud that we make the world’s finest vitamins and do so entirely with solar energy, but I am even more proud of the work you enable us to do for millions of mothers in need around the world and right here in America.  A heartfelt thank you.

I hope to see you this weekend.

Best of health.


40 thoughts on “See You Briefly at HSN on November 15th and 16th with Two Incredible Specials.”

  1. Andrew
    When I took your joint supplement that you discontinued a few years back, I had no pain in my knees.
    I have pain ever since I cannot take it any more even though I take Maximum Joint Effort.
    If you do not want to make this joint product any more, can you add the supplements that were in the joint product to the Maximum Joint Effort. Boswellin (sp) was one of the items left out and I cannot remember the others.
    Thank you so much

  2. So excited to hear about the "Gift of Health" kit! I missed it last year – but I won't make the same mistake this time around! Thanks, Andrew! 🙂

  3. Andrew,
    In your presentations, I hope you will explain how the Friendly Flora helps the immune system. Not sure I understand the mechanism of exactly how it helps. Also, I hope you will explain whether we should primarily take Immune Factors in the winter or year round. Glad the Holiday Special is being repeated. Also, thank you so much for making supplements that are gluten-free. It is essential to me since I have celiac disease. I trust your company to make sure there is no contamination during the manufacturing process. Having confidence in your products is a must since I take many of your supplements. I look forward to your shows.

  4. So excited to see an Immune Factors TS for the upcoming winter months!
    Andrew, if you haven't done so already, could you address the apparent 'controversy' about gluten-free products, as one more & more articles poppping up in the US & worldwide about how gluten-free is the latest catch-phrase & its products are in essence the latest health fad targeted to anyone who's ever had a stomach or bowel issue. Also the difference between celiac disease itself & a sensitivity to gluten — how or if they're related. Thank you for your superior, incredible products!!

  5. I never oh did I say never miss your shows I feel like I am in a class room. The wisdom you share with us all is the reason I watch, I learn something every time your on HSN. I Love your products, Thank you Andrew

  6. Dear Andrew, looking forward to your show. I always learn something from you and hope to be able to take advantage of the many special deals. I take many of your products, and I'm trying to get my brother on board. He suffers from COPD and I know you make no medical claims and these supplements are not a cure, but they can't hurt, especially the CoQ10. He cannot afford your products and I'm taking care of my elderly mother, but I will try and get something for him this weekend. Thank you so much for your wonderful products! God bless and happy holidays to you as well.

  7. Hi Andrew – I consider your products my "primary care physician", because at 64 I thank God, your products, developed based on science, solar energy prepared with no fillers, exercise, to keep me healthy. I bought the special last year, gave some away and I still have a couple. Love the small bottles for traveling. I can't wait for this Ultimate Special and your classroom education. Thanks for the incredible cook books.

  8. Please tell me more about Vitamin D and Calcium for women in the age range of 50-55 please!!
    I have so many of your products, but do not have any Vitamin D or Calcium and I think I really need to include them but not sure what I need or should take.
    Look forward to watching your show this weekend!!!

  9. Thank you so very much for offering the ultimate friendly flora on a today special value and at this time. My husband has been on mega antibiotics for past two months and was told he will be on antibiotics for the next 18 months so as you well know, it is so very important to replenish the good bacteria that has been destroyed by all the antibiotics. I can't thank you enough for offering the ultimate healthy flora at this time. I actually got online yesterday looking at the ultimate healthy flora but decided to wait to order the today's special in just a few days.
    Andrew, I love your products. It is very difficult to get good quality vitamins these days, but all your products that I have used are the highest quality and value that I have found.

  10. I would like to take omega 3 but I am allergic to shellfish do you have anything you can recommend I take your calcium D3 multi vitamin and fat burner I also , use your fat burner

  11. Good morning Andrew, I've been a post bariatric surgery patient for three years this December. I love your products because they are easy to swallow and the absorption must be perfect because every time I have lab work done, my doctor is very impressed that everything is perfect, never a deficiency. There are pages of blood results that are spot on. Thank you for helping me stay healthy throughout my 100 lb weight loss and on into my new healthy life. I know you can't "prescribe" but I would love it if you could "recommend" supplements that would be helpful for people like me. I know there are a lot of us out here. I have always taken the Womens Elite with Omegas. Because of the malabsorption of weight loss surgery, I then added the Hair, Skin & Nails, Brain/Liver Granules, Amino Protein Capsules and the Calcium Magnesium Capsules. Do you have any other recommendations? I will be watching and learning more new things this weekend. Thank you to all your employees who are always so helpful and knowledgeable and to you for your dedication to good health. I wish you and your family a blessed holiday season!

  12. Hi Andrew. Last April I purchased the 720 count tub of Omega 3, thinking it would last a long time. With both me and my BF taking 2 a day, we're almost out! Glad to see you are coming back with special pricing so we can restock. I love your shows and the education you provide. See you then!!!

  13. Your blog with advance notice is so appreciated and helpful for budgeting. It makes It convenient for gift giving and receiving, as we now only exchange consumables for birthday and holiday gifts. I am thrilled with the special. Your "try me" package solves my holiday shopping perfectly! Thank you and Happy Holidays from a forever fan!

  14. Looking forward to ordering from you this weekend on HSN! I am out or low on a number of your products I rely on. I've been a customer of yours for at least the last 20 yrs. Every single product I've rec'd has been perfect, effective and everything you promised it would be. Keep up the good work!!!

  15. Andrew been taking ur supplements for yrs. the are the best in the world. they rare free of colors fillers additives and they don't upset my stomach. my family loves ur products too. my sons take hair skin n nails n am not making medical claims but they have to get hair cuts too often they also take a lot of ur great supplements. we can't be without them. thank you andrew!1 keep up the good work. bertha n fam

  16. I am a Nurse who cannot live without your circulation, I bought the largest bottle you had last time and now I am out. I have being waiting for you to return. I love all your products, between my BF and I we tell each other when you are coming and we share information about the products. We will only take your vitamins and supplements now and we tell everyone about them.

  17. Thanks for the reminder, I am out of Secure, when will you have a TS on Secure? I use it for between meals
    and it has kept my weight down for the past year. I have been out for 3 months now, although I bought 4
    of the large size in January of this year, I go for Secure when I am having sweet tooth rush, so far I went up 3lb. HELP!!! Andrew.

  18. First off I've purchased about a dozen different vitamins and or supplements and love them all. I hope the TSV's aren't in limited quantities like Octobers coQ10 TSV was. My order was on extended delivery for a month then suddenly cancelled due to being not available I was told……

  19. Andrew I take so many of your vitamins. I love them all. Your shows are very informative. Thank you so much for making these vitamins!

  20. Andrew, I love watching your shows and learning about vitamins and supplements..I am taking many of your products on a daily basis and they help me so much…I have never been disappointed; they always do just what you say they will do…

  21. Andrew, I have been very allergic to all fish and seafood all of my life and feel I am missing out on some important nutrients – especially Omega III's. I wish you would make something for people like me! I am so impressed with your knowledge and the integrity of your company. I have been 100% satisfied with everything I have purchased from you. Other companies cannot meet your standards. Thank you!

  22. Looking forward to your presentations this weekend! I am always impressed with the education you impart to your viewers. I do have a question on the Friendly Flora. I purchased a bottle awhile back and the pill contents went solid, very hard. Wondering what I could have done to cause this. I did not refrigerate them. Is that necessary. Thanks Again Andrew for all you do! Diane

  23. Hello Andrew!!
    I canot wait to watch and learn again. I just have to tell you. The CholestaCare. It is WONDERFUL. My BP is down, and my cholesterole levels are PERFECT! I do hope you have some this weekend. I also need some of your Essential Vitamin. AWESOME STUFF!! Your Secure Chocolate is GREAT! Glad to be back on it. The new flavor is wonderful.. =) I LOVE IT!!!
    Thanks Andrew for all you do for us. I wish you and your wife a Fantastic Holiday!!

  24. Andrew: Thank you for always being there for us. My husband had an "A fib" and opted to start taking your vitamins instead of the medication the doctor prescribed. Well, we just came from the doctor's office and he was "amazed" at his health. All the tests came out perfect. Hats off to you. Hope you continue with your wonderful vitamins, which we take faithfully every day. We watch all your presentations each time you are on HSN, which are sooooo informative. Thank you, Thank you.

  25. Hello Andrew,
    Please show the ingredients and please tell us how many we must take. Without this info not sure which quantity or if I am duplicating ingredients. It would be very helpful to see ingredient label online.
    Keep up good work.

  26. Andrew, I would like to ask you why you don't put the Ultimate Women Wellness in a 750 or 1200 count as my daughter and I take that and when two people takes something it just seems to go out real fast, just thought I would ask and we love all of your products but really love Women Wellness it has helped so much. Wish you and your family and wonderful Xmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.
    Thank You

  27. Hello Andrew
    I have been taking you vitamins for about 8 years and am very pleased as is my Dr. all of my blood test come back right where they should, when my Dr. called last time to give me the results he was very pleased. I am really disappointed that I can no longer take the circulation and vein support since you added butchers broom as since you added that whenever I try to use it again I have trouble breathing, but oh do my legs hurt since I have been unable to take them. Is there something else that would do the same without the butchers broom in it. I have so many family and friends taking your supplements, I have given many over the years as gifts. And I love that they are gluton free.
    Also do you make a flaxseed oil without the fish oil as I am very allergic to any fish.
    Thank you Andrew for all your knowledge

  28. I am out of my regular Friendly Flora – so glad to know Maximum Friendly Flora will be your Today's Special. I have digestive concerns – no doubt I am in balance with your Friendly Flora. I have tried other brands and there is a difference. For the first time in years I ran out of your calcium with magnesium (no summer TS) and it was back-ordered for more than month. I hope that does not happen again – that stuff is the best.

  29. Andrew,
    I really appreciate your products and education! There have been soo much talk about BioPQQ mitochondrial, do you have a product? Can you talk about it? Thanks.

  30. be available at your site? How about your "Gift of Health"? I do not buy anything from HSN any more, because they did not give me a credit for returned items, several years ago. I have used only your products for several years and am very happy with the quality of all your items I've purchased thus far. I think they are the very best available anywhere.
    At any rate, I would like to know if the specials you offer on HSN can be bought directly from your website? I keep telling all my friends about your great products and gave them your website so they can order items directly from you.
    I would appreciate if someone from your company could email me to let me know. Thank you!

  31. Hey, I'm Ebon Talifarro, my class (8th grade) wants to interview you, would you have time to answer a few questions?

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