There is NO Study Showing Omega-3 Supplements Cause Prostate Cancer!

There is NO Study Showing Omega-3 Supplements Cause Prostate Cancer!

I will continue to take my two capsules of Omega-3s every day!

Just a quick blog while I prepare for my shows this weekend…

Any statement that a study just proved, or even implied, that Omega-3 Supplements cause Prostate Cancer is absolutely FALSE! Again to repeat, any news provider (TV, radio, newspaper, magazine and worst of all, Internet news source) that states that a recent publication (not a scientific study) states or implies that “Omega-3 supplements cause Prostate Cancer” is patently false. In making such alarmingly false, scaremongering statements, such providers are serving their own economic interests – not your health interests.

If you are not aware, on the internet, every time you click on a news story, the websites (i.e. Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) all sell ads on their web pages, so they make money every time you click on a news story. It now makes sense why they have the most controversial, compelling and provocative headlines in order to make us all want to click on the news story, which directly makes them money. In other words, we now live in an age where news has ceased to be news, but has become a source of direct advertising dollars, which transforms how news is presented. This silly study was not even an Omega-3 study and it did not warrant a single news story, unless of course, its findings were twisted and misstated. As a result of these false headlines, tens of millions of people click on these articles generating enormous amounts of revenue. Of course, the researchers who published this study also have every interest in overstating and mischaracterizing their findings to get the most press possible. Thereafter, the media (TV, radio, newspapers and internet) participate, and cooperate, in this general deception of the public, because the more frightening headlines generate the most money.

This also does not even consider the fact that stories such as this, which undermine our faith in beneficial supplements, healthy dietary choices (fish) and our ability to care for ourselves, support the agenda of the medical-industrial complex (big pharma, etc.) and agribusiness. Sadly, these industries prefer to see us confused, depressed, ignorant and powerless, so that we have no choice but to remain the victims of the industrial foods and myriad drugs they sell. I do not want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but one would have to be naïve to ignore the enormous economic interests that these groups possess and which dictate what we hear, what we see, what we eat and what we do during the entirety of our lives. Their unparalleled economic power determines who we are and what we do in so many pervasive and pernicious ways. Sorry for digressing. I normally do not sound so anti-agribusiness and anti-big pharma, but when incidents like this continue to happen, one can reach such a conclusion.

But back to the news story at hand. If such a silly conclusion was the case, then why is the country, with by far the lowest risk of Prostate Cancer, also the country with the highest consumption of Omega-3s in the world? Japan. A Japanese man’s blood levels of Omega-3s are more than double that of an American male, yet Japanese men have the lowest risk of Prostate Cancer in the world. Literally hundreds of studies have discussed or shown a reduction in Prostate Cancer risk with increased Omega-3 intake. The controversial “study” at hand did not even use original data, but instead used data from an older study which was not even specifically designed to look at Omega-3s, and this was never mentioned in the articles I have read about it. Plus, the conclusions were derived from only a single blood test on Omega-3s and there was no dietary information to show the source of any of the Omega-3s in that single blood test. It could have been a single tuna sandwich, or piece of salmon, before the single test. There are also a multitude of other technical issues with this study, but the study could never be used to stand for the proposition that Omega-3 Supplements cause Prostate Cancer. If that foolish conclusion was even possible, then the more proper conclusion would be that fish consumption causes Prostate Cancer, which is of course contrary to decades of science. Obviously, Omega-3 Supplements were an easier target than the fish in our diet and fits with the agenda of all those who benefit from such a false and provocative statement.

Specifically, the data for which these “scientists” used to derive their silly conclusion was obtained from a study looking at Selenium and Vitamin E – not Omega-3s! Any data regarding Omega-3s was not adequately controlled, marginally well understood, or even explained, to give rise to any conclusions whatsoever. A single blood test is ludicrous and the differences in levels were small at best. Plus, it says nothing about supplements while foolishly leading to a conclusion that the essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids (the fats we must have) cause cancer. I have gone over just a few of the reasons above, but there are actually countless factors that make this study absolutely irrelevant toward any conclusion regarding Omega-3 Supplements and Prostate Cancer. Ultimately and most importantly, I will continue taking my Omega-3 Supplements everyday just as I have for the last 30+ years.

Just as an aside, studies like this always remind me of one example of how foolish they are. Imagine there is a meteorologist (weather scientist) researching weather in New York. He is flying over the city every day taking photos and atmospheric samples to try and better predict when it will rain. One day he notices that every time it rains, people are carrying umbrellas. His brilliant discovery – Umbrellas cause rain!

In closing, Omega-3 Supplements do not cause Prostate Cancer and the only conclusion that deca
des of abundant scientific research support is quite the contrary:

That a rich intake of Omega-3s is associated with a reduced risk of Prostate Cancer.

I hope that answered some of the questions…

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Best of health.


42 thoughts on “There is NO Study Showing Omega-3 Supplements Cause Prostate Cancer!”

  1. I would on Andrew Lessmans research than all the articles printed everywhere. His vitamins are the best you can buy anywhere.Watch Andrew listen to him. He is the best teacher on health products you will find.

  2. Thank you, Andrew for watching out for us! Your vitamins are the best, and you have made me an educated consumer. See you tomorrow on HSN. 🙂

  3. I really trust you Andrew therefore I trust your products. I take 7 different supplements (yours of course) everyday and I also drink Secure every morning during the work week. I am heading over to HSN now to order more vitamin D3.

  4. I personally don't watch the news. You never know if what they are reporting is true or false. It would be something if people just stopped watching and clicking on their links. What kind of money would they make then…. Maybe, just maybe they would change their ways.
    Love your vitamins, and when I heard of this I didn't believe it for one second!

  5. Thanks for the article. My boyfriend asked me about this (because I have him taking your Omega-3, not because I'm that knowledgeable on the subject). To me, common sense seems to dictate that processed foods and sugar cause cancer, not fat. Healthy fats flush the toxins out, so I will continue taking your Omega-3, while avoiding as much of the processed foods and sugar. A response on the L-carnitine debate would be helpful because I do take a couple of your supplements containing this ingredient.

  6. Thanks, Andrew for clarifying as I trust your research claims thoroughly. I consume your supplements regularly and believe that you are an ethical advocate for improving the quality of life for all of us.
    Continue your good works.

  7. I will continue to use Andrew products and his omega 3 (Maximum Essential Omega 3). They are the best. I feel a huge difference in compare to using his products and others. I was a little scared after hearing the "research" of omega 3 would cause prostate cancer, not that much of myself, but my sons who are also using omega 3 everyday for the last 2 years. I was a little confused of whether I should cut it off and stop giving it to them, because of the risk of prostate cancer when they become adults. After I read this blog message from Andrew, I am reassurance I did the right thing for myself and my sons. Thanks Andrew for clarifying and give us a peace of mind about Omega 3.
    A little suggestion about your Essential 1. It is a great product to take already, however, if you can put more antioxidants into the capsules (other than the one which already in there, vitamin c, e, selenium, etc) such as coq10 (which another one that I really like) or resveratrol (just like your hair skin and Nail product), it will make the product even better. I am should millions of your fans (including myself) are willing to pay more for it.

  8. Many years ago I learned not to run after every "news flash" about food. Salt is the latest food that they have determined is NOT harmful to the extent that they almost tried to completely ban it. Butter is better for you than margarine. You can eat eggs a couple of times a week and they aren't going to kill you either. What needs to be looked at with any of these reports is who sponsored the study and what are they getting out of it. What are they trying to sell you?

  9. I am halfway through the book Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, author of the life-changing book The China Study (always a queue for this book at my library system which serves 3/4 million people). What Dr. Campbell is describing is exactly the ways in which we are deceived, who are the deceivers and why — there is money to be made by keeping people ignorant and/or misleading us, scaring us, confusing us, making us feel defeated by a steady stream of misinformation. The answer is so simple and except for about 20% (my guess) of the population who really pay attention and alter their harmful dietary lifeways, all we need do is eat right and exercise a little. Supplements help (some people) but they do not replace a plant-based, whole food diet – meat and dairy are killing us!

  10. My Father was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about 15 years ago. He is now on his third pacemaker, this one with a defibrillator. His cardiologist told him to start taking Omega 3 and CoQ10, which he does faithfully. His doctor was amazed after his last test that his heart muscle has actually improved, something I guess doesn't happen very often with people with his condition. I'm not saying Omega 3 works miracles, but for my 81 year old Dad it has, and even after this latest report my Dad continues to his daily of Omega 3. Andrew's of course…
    Thanks, Andrew.

  11. Thank you Andrew for writing about this. I rely on you for this type of information because you are so well educated and completely up to date with all the studies and research. Your supplements are by far the best and i will take them for the rest of my life. i do believe they have made a positive contribution to my health and I appreciate all that you do. Thanks again Andrew!

  12. LOL!!! Why do so many fall for this hogwash. Do your own research. I take your Omega 3 & your new Omega 3 Krill Oil. You now also have people stop taking Calcium/Magnesium because doctors are telling them to stop because it goes in your blood & hardens the arteries. Doctors need to get the whole story & know what they are talking about before they tell their patients to stop taking Calcium/Magnesium. I have read you need to take Vit K2 (MK7) form if you are low so the calcium will go to your bones & teeth not your arteries. Same with Vit D. We all or I know Big Pharma would love nothing more then to make natural supplements unavailable to us & get everyone hooked on their killer drugs. I know I know sometimes we do need some Big Pharma Drugs but not everything they are pushing. Nuff said I could go on & on.

  13. PEOPLE:
    I've been consuming Andrew's DEADLY vitamins for over 31 YEARS
    and plan to continue for another 60 years (bookmark this page
    and look for my post in 2073).

  14. Hi Andrew, In case you read this, I think what Vin had mentioned sounds great. The next time you have the Essential One as a TS could you add a bonus of COQ10 in it? That would be great! 🙂

  15. Hello Mr. Andrew,
    I love all of your products!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Ultimate Eye Support has completely caused me to not have to wear glasses anymore. I went to the eye doctor before taking your vitamins and ended up spending $300 after insurance for eyeglasses because my job requires me to sit in front of a computer for 8+ hours a day.
    Andrew, just keep making these awesome vitamins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. File this Omega 3 hogwash with the Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Extract "claims"… file them all under 'BS.'

  17. Andrew, thank you so much for your founded study and you educating us once again with it. You proof, as always you are not only a professional highly intelligent individual, but also are a humble human being. I take your Essential I multi-vitamins as well as your Omega 3. Now I plan on buying your CoQ10 200mg which I have been wanting my body to have for such a long time. You are absolutely correct in every thing you said about those individuals and those advertising areas just wanting the public to run away from the vitamins by nutritionists like you. I have been watching you and intaking all your wonderful info for nearly 25 yrs, but was not able back then to afford the vitamins. But ever since you made it possible by the grace of God for your sales plus your free S/H, I am able to enjoy your products. Look foward to seeing you at HSN tonight and saturday. God bless you Andrew

  18. I accidently unsubcrribed to your newsletter and PLEASE put me back on the list…….I have relied on your
    information for several years now and do not want to miss any of it.
    Thank you

  19. If I hear some crazy new information about anything to do with vitamin supplements, I just find out what Andrew Lessman's take is on it, and go with what he says. He has more knowledge on the subject than the majority of most Dr's in this country! I can't imagine why people put money out of vitamins without doing the research first. Big box store vitamins are cheaper, as far as how much money you put out, however if they don't do what they are intended to do, and are made cheaply with inferior ingredients, then where was the savings? Most of these infomercial vitamin products, are so mass produced and over promised, I wouldn't even consider ordering from them. . Some of these brands out there sell everything from vitamins to a miracle wrap you put on your midsection while you sleep, so that in the morning your tummy has shrunk and all you had to do was sleep! Really? When you see company's like that, it should be obvious that these are people who have a love of money, and your health is the very last thing on their minds. Andrew makes vitamins, with the intentiions of improving the quality of your life. Why look anywhere else?

  20. Along with the information age came the idiot age, or should I say the greedy age. I'm an Andrew junkie.

  21. There is one named Brian Peskin who believes we need the parent omega 6s not omega 3s only. Andrew you might want to look at his research and Website at
    He says in part: "I have been advocating discontinuing fish oil supplementation in favor of a biologically appropriate ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 for years. I have spent many years in the wilderness making my argument in print and at medical conferences around the world. Successfully withstanding continual attacks by those blindly defending the status quo, I am happy to report the changing of the status quo as it relates to fish oil and heart health. "
    Not sure what to think, but this is interesting.

  22. Andrew, you are the ONLY person I listen to when it comes to vitamins! Thank you, as always. We are so lucky to have you!

  23. I too, have seen and even read these articles on how dangerous Omega 3's are, especially for men with prostrate cancer. One would think that these statements were true, based on their presentation, BUT I also know Andrew from years of taking his vitamins/supplements and I know what Andrew says is valid. Andrew doesn't hype his products just to make a quick buck. He researches and researches all his products and researches even more to make sure anyone who buys his products are getting the absolute best of the best. I trust Andrew.

  24. i absolutely trust andrews judgement he would not mislead,since taking supplements my health has improved started taking cinnamon ,no more jittery feelings,im slightly hypoglycemic. i also take hsn and krill,and would not be without magnesium. big pharm. co. do not want people taking vitamins and supplements. andrew keep up the great work.

  25. Andrew – I very much appreciate your information regarding the Omega 3. My husband and I have been taking your vitamin supplements for a number of years and there is no question they have had a remarkable impact on our overall good health. We recommend your products to all our friends and the feedback has been great. I take this oportunity to thank you for making these products available to us over the years and keeping us well informed.
    Our Best Wishes to you always,
    Ernest & Sonia Urrutia

  26. I have just recently added Circulation and Vein support to my vitamin regimen and absolutely love it. Thanks Andrew for the products and all that you do. Always find your shows informative and don't miss them.

  27. I am concerned about whether these "environmentally responsible" sourced fish are farm raised vs wild line caught.
    Farm raised fish on the BC/Alaskan coast are causing tremendous damage and die off of the returning native wild fish stocks … from diseases, escapees of the transplanted Atlantic species, pests, GMO feed being put into the water, and ancillary reasons.
    Andrew, please address this … if you are using farm raised fish, please cease and desist… farm raised fish are killing off the wild runs.

  28. Thank you Andrew! I heard this story several days ago on a popular media-news TV show in the DFW area. I have been hesitantly taking my Omega 3 since then, planning to do more research. It is mind boggling to think how distorted things can become when groups have power to change the truth! Again, thank you for clearing up this matter for me.

    1. I’m glad you like them, Marcy. They are nearly six weeks old now and Bridie has begun to teach them Manners. Fasianitcng to watch. When they barrel in looking for the milk vending machine (which is very nearly closed for business now) she bats them away with a soft paw, or herds them with her nose, and if they bite her while playing, she bares her teeth, and takes their head or neck in her own teeth, but without the slightest pressure from her jaws. Ah, it’s a miracle to watch.

  29. Ehhhh….. Big pharma and the evil agribusiness??? Really? Mr. Lessman, NOW you have me suspicious. You know, one thing is to explain the flaws in the study – and the media's tendency to grab onto sensational. But the evil pharma/agribusiness – that stuff tips your response away from believable.
    Also, – where is the link to the actual study – that would help.
    Your linking of the Japanese health to Omega-3 in their diet seems hasty at best. You cannot separate Omega-3 out of the whole complex including genetic and environmental conditions there.
    To sum up: this response leaves me uneasy. Too much emotion, no actual links – and the big pharma conspiracy setting off every alarm in my head. Mr Lessman, we all know what a big business the dietary supplements is and how much money is in it, even as multiple studies fail to find much effect from many of these supplements. I for one am not interested to hear a representative of a lucrative supplement business bash their competition in "big pharma'. At the very least, the bar of proof of efficacy is set much higher for pharmaceuticals than it is for supplements. To get a medication out on the market, its manufacturer has to go through an enormous amount of research and proof. I can start packaging some grass from my back yard and selling as a supplement tomorrow without having to prove anything at all. So don't be dissing a much tighter controlled and proven competition.

  30. Your vitamin D3 is the most effective. I have A-fib and this vitamin saved me. I know you don't like medical claims but……………… I have been taking your vitamins and products for over 20 years and will not take any other brand because yours work.

  31. I very much like your variety show. It gives us quick information about a variety of your products instead of spending so much time on a few products. I learn much more and am apt to watch more when it is the variety show. I do take essential 1, but after watching your show on Saturday and Sunday, I am wondering do I really need to take additional products (which I am taking) such as reveratrol, D3, B12, hair skin & nails, omega 3, memory & brain. I was wondering if I am taking too much or if it is really necessary to take the additional supplements. I know you are in the business of selling products, but i want to make sure I am not on overload nor buying something i really don't need. i have been purchasing your products for years and will continue to do so. I like the fact that your products are not laced with lots of fillers as are other vitamins from different companies and i enjoy reading your blog information. It is hard to believe that you do research and it differs from "others". Where are they getting all the information from. You not manufacturing a product until ALL the research is complete is a great testament to your company and you. Keep up the great work.

  32. i din't even aware of the news. But i have to say, Andrew' vit & supplmts are the best.Some doctors don't have any knowledge of vitamins & minerals. This is true story of mine……went to my doctor's one day and been asked what medecine,vit, & minerals am i taking? Told her: co-Q10,etc.. and she doesn't know what is that supplmt.Only we as individual are sole responsible of our health.I am really tire of the NEWS NEWS NEWS, simple confusion. Today this food is good and after year later it is no good anymore. I used to have vit & minerals from drug store and never finished the bottle because the side effects i had, with Andrew's reorderseveral times and been in more than 7-9 differents vit & minerals, even in an empty stomac, do not feel any disconfort. Thank you Andrew for taking your time and educate us.

  33. Inquiry: I am curious about your "2 mile high" hike's location that you mentioned last weekend on HSN. Also, do you camp at the top or return in one day which sounds impossible to me? I hike the Grand Canyon every year, at least once, and thought my one mile elevation hike was very challenging so I am very impressed with yours and want to know about it. Yes, I take my Andrew Lessman vitamins with me to Phantom Ranch – and I know that your Omega-3 is one of my most essential supplements. I am lucky to have you to keep me informed of the facts for my health and I trust your integrity for producing all of your great products. Thanks. MG

  34. Ginger, How much vitamin D3 do you take to help your A-Fib. I also have episodes of A-Fib and would like to know more about your experience with A-Fib and how vit.D3 has helped you. Thank-you, Dorreen

  35. Thank you Andrew. Vitamins are confusing and there are so many. It is a really good thing to have access to someone with so many years of experience and knowledge to rely on. You have a huge following and that makes such a difference. Darla

  36. In regards to "Kora Zingers" response. I've tried every way to try to look you up but to no avail. You must be a fictional character! Anyway I know that Andrew Lessman is in "business to make a buck" but his primary goal is to educate and inform people on how to become and live a healthy life!!
    I learn so much every time I get to watch you Mr. Lessman. Keep up the great work!!

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