Live Factory Remote
Friday Evening and Saturday

In last week’s blog, I failed to mention that this weekend’s shows would be a live remote from our factory in Henderson, Nevada.  I love our factory remotes, since I am proud to show you all of the attributes that make our products so unique.  Of course, everything is made right here in America and also 100% produced with Solar Power.  As I had previously discussed, our Today’s Special is a unique version of our Marine Collagen Peptides to which we we also added a full 500 mgs per scoop of MSM, which like Marine Collagen Peptides, also directly affects the appearance, structure and function of joints, skin, hair and nails.  As I have said before, our Healthy Hair Skin and Nails formula is the essential foundation to the healthiest hair, skin and nails, but it is the integrating collagen tissue that directly affects the appearance of our skin, as well as the structure, function and comfort of our joints.  No supplement delivers more essential nutrients to that vital collagen (whether for our skin, joints, arteries, veins, etc.) than our Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane).  Of course, as I have for 37 years, I take my Glucosamine and Chondroitin for my joints, but I attribute the ease with which I have been running, biking and hiking this summer to my using this new formula of Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM for the past few months.  Although Muriel, like so many, was excited about this new special formula of Marine Collagen Peptides to see if it could smooth out the skin and small wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, now, like me, she will attest to the degree to which it has positively affected her joints and her workouts.  I will discuss the science and research on these benefits beginning Friday night, but there was one more thing that I forgot to mention about Collagen Peptides and that concerns some recent research. Apparently, everyone seems to be excited about the research on Collagen Peptides and of all things…Cellulite.  It was not something that I thought would be that important to that many people, but apparently, in discussing this with a few friends, I was incorrect on that one.

At first glance, it might seem odd that Collagen Peptides could have an impact on Cellulite; however, just as they affect the Collagen tissues that comprise and underlie the skin in our face and therefore impact the texture, fullness and resilience of our facial skin (wrinkling), Collagen Peptides can have a similar impact on the collagen layers that are beneath our skin and above our body fat in certain “trouble spots” for Cellulite.  Certainly, Cellulite is a complex phenomenon that has anatomical and physiologic causes, and you begin to have a sense of the anatomy of Cellulite when you consider the fact that almost all women experience it to some degree, but yet very few men experience Cellulite.  The reason for this can best be simply summarized on a fundamental anatomical level.  Specifically, in a woman both the skin, as well as the underlying collagen (connective) layer, are significantly thinner than in a man.  Also, in a man the collagen layer tends to be better organized forming a thicker, more texturally “opaque” sheet over body fat.  Essentially, Cellulite is the uneven texture that one sees as a result of the body fat beneath the surface of our skin and separated by layers of collagen fibers.  It is the thinner skin and thinner layer of collagen tissue on top of body fat in women that does not adequately shield the texture of the fat from being visual through the skin at the surface.  The appearance of Cellulite can be diminished to the extent that the administration of Collagen Peptides can improve the thickness, strength and organization of the collagen fibers that form what is hopefully a more visually opaque barrier between the body fat below and the skin above.  This is a significant oversimplification of the anatomy and physiology of this process; however, it is as a result of the thinner and/or more poorly organized collagen layers and skin that gives rise to the appearance of Cellulite.  Most interesting to me has been the research discussing the impact of Collagen Peptides on the organization of the collagen layer in women and the diminished appearance of Cellulite.  Ultimately, whether it is the skin of our face or the back of our thighs, the extent to which it remains youthful and resilient is dependent upon the structural health of the integrating collagen layers within it and below it.  I will discuss this at midnight on Friday and throughout the day on Saturday.  We will also kick things off with a “Variety Show” at 11 PM Eastern Time on Friday with Special Birthday Pricing and Free Shipping on everything through the weekend.  We will also have our last brief look at our new ChocoNuvo flavor intensities, as well as our new Phytoceramides internal skin moisturizer.

I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend live from our factory in Henderson, Nevada.  I am always proud and excited to show you the lengths we go to in order to create the most exceptional vitamins.

Take care and Best of Health.


49 thoughts on “
Live Factory Remote
Friday Evening and Saturday

  1. Can’t wait for your show! We ordered and received the Phytoceramides. I started taking them yesterday. Can’t wait to see the results. Will probably purchase this week’s today’s special too. Can’t resist your great products.

  2. Looking forward to your discussion of your MCP. ….sounds great. I’ve been a customer for 12 years. . My first purchase was vein circulation and I’ve been hooked ever since. Thank you.

  3. Will be watching take alot of your products. Ordered your Phytoceramides can’t wait to get them hope it helps my dry skin. Tank you Andrew for all your good products!!

  4. I appreciate your supplements and have ordered them for about 10 years now.
    My hope is that you will stick to discussion on your supplements and NOT make political comments like you’ve done recently (subtle swipes at the Right.)

    1. This is America! Andrew please speak your mind and your beliefs! I am tired of many trying to police your conversation. I am so thankful for you and your knowledge and wisdom that you share and your passion for the health of others. You are fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. I pray that you become delivered from public opinion. Your supplements are amazing and beneficial to all. I for one have had a better quality of life because of your products and I thank you for all that you do.

    2. Love, love, love, ALL your products and I take a ton of them.
      Please ignore the negative comments about your blog(s) re spiritual references, etc. I love your products (I think I take everything you manufacture and an entire kitchen cabinet is devoted to their storage in alphabetical order, no less) and, if anyone is “offended” by your comments, there’s always the mute and or power button they can utilize. Be yourself, as you always are; it gives me/us wonderful insight into the person you are and the pride you take in your efforts to provide the means for a healthier constituency who love you and your products. I would think the rationale between any negative comments re your presentations and blogs as opposed to the many positives are few and far between. I could write a book about your products. I’m 82, am told I look 50, and I feel 30 – so there!!!! The proof is in the pudding…. Keep it coming and don’t change a thing.

      Thea H
      Vero Beach, FL

      1. Same here Dorothea, I’m 79 and been taking Andrew’s products for over 15 yrs. I too look and feel much younger than I am. Only taking one med/drug for breast cancer. I feel it is a direct result of Andrew’s products and eating healthy. I love how he educates us about our bodies and how we are benefited by the supplements. Will take them to the end. Oh, another testament to their benefits; I was just hired as a merchandiser (somewhat physical job) by the American Greetings Card Co. Thank heaven for Andrew.

    3. Oh brother. He is entitled to his own personal opinion as are you. Most people would go a hell of a lot further than he does. Get over it. Be glad it was subtle. I would beat you over the head with it.

    4. Agreed, Mila. He wouldn’t invalidate, say, another religion on-air/online, so why does he do this? Uncalled for.

      Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just today apologized for her divisive political comments: “my recent remarks…were ill-advised and I regret making them”.

      I go to political sites to read politics; I GO TO WELLNESS WEBSITES TO READ WELLNESS.

  5. Andrew, I’m your biggest fan & have over 50 products from you. Have to tell you I hate your new website insofar as not being able to see a list of all your vitamins with the pictures in one place. All one had to do was click & add to cart, now I have to go into each category which takes a lot of time. And, what if you don’t remember the exact name of the product, have to keep on searching the list.

    Please add that back to your website from a healthy 80 yr young woman, thanks to your vitamins.
    -jane NV

  6. New customer I ordered the Tumeric… can’t wait to receive it learn more about you and your company


    1. I am a cancer survivor of 6 1/2 years, why do I need to stay away from Talipia Fish? Have enjoyed your products for many years.

    2. Absolutely Patricia Talipia is considered the waste in fish, also most of it is farmed raised in horrible conditions. For that reason I’ll have to bypass this product.

  8. I am a true believer in Andrews products. My first purchase was the Women’s Wellness. It made such a big “notice the difference”, difference and that’s all it took for me to become a true customer.

  9. Have you changed the flavor of the Marine peptides? No matter what I put it in I cannot get passed the smell ( or the taste ) I so want to use it. I bought it when you introduced it but will reorder it if the above things have changed. This is the first of your items I have a problem with.

    Keep on bringing your amazing products.

    1. I am a cancer treatment survivor. Tiny tumor, way over treated. So much hogwash out there on the information highway. I finally refused any further treatment due to the side effects. Mainly my normal GI tract was almost destroyed. Larger than normal doses of probiotics and the marine collagen to heal so the vitamins could have a chance to work.

      I bought the original marine collagen and found it difficult to take. After several phone calls and permutations I take mine in my coffee every morning. I like plain more expensive coffee, just me and 2 cups/day. It doesn’t flavor my coffee. But it has made huge improvements in my body.

      My face is climbing back up where it’s supposed to be, my skin is looking more normal, hair starting to look like hair again. It’s not fast. Seems they don’t tell you chemo and radiation wipe out as much as possible.

      I was told that it’s made from the leftovers from the tilapia industry. The skin, scales, etc. Friends in the ecosystem industry tell me most tilapia are farm raised under pretty strict self regulation to keep the other governing bodies like FDA (which I trust as well as far as I can throw my house) away. I don’t support tilapia as everything I read says they aren’t high up on the nutrition list but they aren’t bad- just not very nutritious.

      Now the parts used to produce the collagen is the collection that would be discarded and turns out to be a very cheap clean source of collagen I and III which is in your bones, teeth, eyes, skin, all over. Now I’ve been taking 2 scoops since July, started on my 2nd super size bottle last month. Taking it every morning with my coffee has given me back my happy intestines but took almost 6 months. Now working on my joints. Seems I might need to add type II for added different type of collagen for my knees.

      I have a minor in chemistry so understand a lot but boy has it come a long way in 20 years. I’m sure in processing he’s managed to separate the chaff from the wheat- at least better than most. I would avoid bovine collagen unless you know it’s source- mad cow disease. Caused by a prion. Until they can prove that processing kills that prion I’ll be sticking with tilapia skin as a source.

      Yes tilapia is farm raised. Please do some research on it. It’s a cheap, mild flavored fish but multiplies like crazy. Out in the wild it can take over and destroy an entire ecosystem. It’s first cousin to carp. According to National Geographic it’s highly regulated for this and several other reasons. The farms must meet certain regulations to stay in the coop and therefore sell their product. Look it up, it’s interesting. Cancer causing? Haven’t found that one yet.

      But if you want to read something that will curl your hair. Check out the chemical we call the toasted or browned food we eat. We’re not talking grilled or charred. It seems that same chemical was banned in industry in the 70’s because it causes cancer. So enjoy your nicely toasted head or muffins or even your fried chicken.

      There are a lot of things that are on the list. Please don’t drive yourself nuts. Just try to educate yourself, listen to Andrew and others and compare. Wash your fruits and vegetables, fix your food from scratch as much as possible. Shop the outside of the store. Grow some of your own. Learn some new ways to fix things. Eat with friends. Best wishes on your journey.

  10. Sadly, I bought the MCP last weekend w everything else because you’d written about it in that blog w the HHSN. I’ll now have to return it because it’s not the new formula. 🙁

  11. Thank you! Your products are wonderful. I truly appreciate how honest ,
    And knowledgable you are about vitamins & supplements. I have several
    Items that I have purchased and I a very happy with my results.
    I hope you will continue to be honest and care about the quality of your products.
    As, I feel safe, quality products are the most important for all of us.

    Thank you very much!

  12. Thank you! Your products are wonderful. I truly appreciate how honest ,
    And knowledgable you are about vitamins & supplements. I have several
    Items that I have purchased and I am very happy with my results.
    I hope you will continue to be honest and care about the quality of your products.
    As, I feel safe, quality products are the most important for all of us.

    Thank you very much!

  13. I appreciate your communication with me. I feel like you’re my instructor in a college session. I love the knowledge of a vitamin I swollow. I pray I lose some weight. Smile

  14. Please tell us when will you have TSV on “Calcium-Magnesium Intensive Care”? I am about run out of that one!

  15. Hi Andrew, I have been watching you for years & love your educational visits & used about 5 of your products since I am on a very limited disability income . Can you please make the protein powder for the drinks less sweet ? I love sweet but not super,duper sweet. When I forget to take my Hair ,Skin, & Nails for a week I notice when the rock hard nail grows out to that point a few months later that they all break at the same time . The rest of the time they are so rock hard that you could not bite them off if you tried. Keep these great products coming & thank you for all that you have done for us for so many years.

    1. I agree with your comment on the sweetness. I’ve used several different whey protein products, but this one is way too sweet, and I have a sweet tooth!

  16. Andrew, I am one of your biggest fans. I been with you from the beginning, I remember the story you told us how you came to be doing what you do for all of us. For some reason HSN doesn’t give me credit for the many years I been with them and you. Maybe because I used to call in my orders then finally got online. You know what I love about you, is your Integrity, Honesty and the ability to realize that your wonderful products are not really at reach by all, and I’ve heard you advice us at times by saying if I had to make a choice do this and take it every other day. Like for me, at 55 never took CoQ10 but couldn’t afford it. When you mentioned that every other day would be bettet than not at all. You have no idea how much I appreciate that. My family is all a Andrew Lessman fan, you will find your containers on my 79 year old mom’s table, my sisters, brother, son & daughter. God bless and thank you!! ?&✌

  17. What happened to Ultimate Friendly Flora, you usually have it as the Today’s Special in July! I always take this every day. We went to Egypt, everyone got sick but me. I doubled up on them and didn’t get sick like the rest of the tour group! Just a little upset belly. I swear by them ( among about 6-8 other supplements and vitamins from you, Andrew.

  18. Hi, use and love too many of your products to list. However, am not able to use glycosamine or chondroitin due to a defect in3 clotting factors. Is there any chance that you will have a hyaluronic acid product in the future. There are some on the market but I dot have the high level of trust for provision of an effective and safe product that I would for yours. Had this injected into both knees years ago & results were at least 6 times better than as n the doctor had predicted. I understand that the size of the molecule is the stumbling block but am hoping this can be overcome. Want to thank as no you especially for the Tumeric/Ginger and Aloe/Ginger combinations as I only have knee pain when I have missed taking this for several weeks ,- If I fail to pre-pour I ‘m just not consistent in taking all of my supplements. Can’t thank you enough for quality of your products and integrity of your company. Martha

  19. Andrew I have been taken many of your vitamins for years now and I would not take anyone else’s. I do trust you and have for years, but please answer this question! I have been told that taken vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin is not the best choice for vitamin B12! please explain why!

  20. I was wondering if you would throw out a few comments about “Prostat remedies” available now , many claim some secret ingredient, that will support relief from the problems however many of my friends are skeptical…..

  21. Dear Andrew,

    Bless You!! I have been taking many of your supplements for many years now…
    I started when I had been having some health problems and it really made a difference in the quality of my life. It continues to make me feel better to this day!
    I too, have family that have improved lives with your supplements.
    I wish all the best to you and your family.

    Christine Muellenbach

  22. Hi Andrew, Your products have made a huge difference in my energy level and the way I feel. I can’t thank you enough! Last week during your presentation on “Healthy Hair Skin & Nails” you mentioned that your friend’s horse is taking “Healthy Hair Skin & Nails” for his hooves. I have a Boston Terrier with severe allergies and he is constantly chewing on his paws. Would you recommend the “Healthy Hair Skin & Nails” for him? What other products of yours can I purchase that will help my Boston with his allergies? Looking forward to seeing you and Lincoln this weekend on HSN. Thank you for making me look good, feel good and do better!

  23. Hello Dearest Andrew,

    Is it possible to combine your Collagen powder with your Secure meal replacement?
    Now that would be something amazing

    Thank you for your answer

    Niki Gajo

  24. I was hoping you would talk about the new PQQ. Are you going to talk about it on the air or in a blog soon? At $1 per capsule as the best price, I need to know more about why I need or want it in addition to the CoQ10.

  25. I would rather take 10 capsules a day of the marine collagen peptides and I am not alone. Please give us the option of capsules for this product.

  26. Hello Andrew and Muriel! Hope all is well. I have been taking the collagen of yours for 2 months. Now I am worried about the Tilapia, as it is considered a polluted fish. Is there some way that in manufacturing this collagen you were able to overcome this problem or filter out any contaminants? There has to be because you are conscientious and you make the absolute best products. Will you please answer this question, and the other lady’s too who asked the same thing? Thanks a bunch!
    Ruth Ann Castillo

  27. I will be ordering the 74% again and trying the 91%…I am sure it will be delicious !!!!!!also ordering COQ10 original for myself and daughter.
    Thanks for looking out for all of us. We all need someone we can trust.

  28. CoQ10 w/ 2000vit D, largest size. One of each of74% and 91%, maybe two depending on results in September. Of course I live in AZ and it was the hottest that week. They went right to freezer when they arrived as boxes and jars were hot. They still taste fine.

  29. My wife & I take at least 12-13 of your suppliments daily. I have experience occasional sleep difficulties. My question is: Do your products contain caffeine?

  30. I have been giving this to my almost 9 yo black lab. She had ACL surgery when she was 2 and has developed arthritis. Since giving her this the last month, she moves much better and even jumps up in the bed, which she hadn’t done in some time. She’s 71 lbs., and I only give her 1/2 scoop in the morning with her food. Is that the correct dose or should I give her a full scoop?

  31. Although my eye doctor says that my eyes are healthy, I have a lot more eye floaters than the average bear.
    I ordered two bottles of Marine Collagen Peptides with MSM, 360 servings. So excited to try it.
    But then I read that eye floaters are bits of collagen.
    Is it safe to use this product if you have a lot of eye floaters?

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