Great News! Our new Turmeric Extract is here.

I have read the hundreds (if not thousands) of requests for a separate Turmeric formula and I am pleased to announce that the wait is over.  It was not easy, but I am very happy to say that we have finally finished what was a challenging research and development process.  As I have mentioned on TV, Turmeric has long been one of our most requested separate formulas, but I would not make a stand-alone Turmeric formula until we had more successfully overcome its absorption, stability and bioavailability issues.  Today, I confidently put my name on this product and know you can, in turn, confidently rely upon it.

Because Turmeric is so easy to use as a spice in foods, it would seem to be equally simple to put it in a supplement, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Sadly, most Turmeric products on the market do not deliver Turmeric’s remarkable benefits.  In fact, even the best Turmeric extract in the world is not particularly stable or readily absorbable from your digestive system.  It is simply Turmeric’s inherent chemical properties that present a challenge, but most companies simply ignore this and provide Turmeric supplements that they know are inadequate or ineffective.  In short, a beneficial Turmeric formula requires more than just putting some Turmeric spice or extract in a pill, but that is precisely what you get when you purchase typical Turmeric products.

Because we follow the science, we have always been aware of the challenges posed by Turmeric and, as a result, we have approached its use quite differently.  Until now, Turmeric was never a stand-alone product, since I was not satisfied with even the best Turmeric available.  For more than a decade, we only used Turmeric as an added ingredient in products such as our joint support formulas, as well as Spice of Life, Liver Antioxidants, Million ORAC, Breast Health, World Health, etc.  When we included Turmeric in these formulas, we always used the highest quality standardized extract of Turmeric at 95% Curcuminoids.  In an effort to improve its activity, we used an ultra-fine, micro-granulated powdered material.  It was the best we could do, but I still felt we could and should do better before we made a separate Turmeric formula.  So, despite all the requests for a separate Turmeric formula, we patiently continued our research for several more years on how to overcome Turmeric’s inherent challenges and I am very pleased to say that we have dramatically succeeded.  By the way, since we constantly upgrade our formulas, we will begin to include our new Turmeric extract in future versions of all the formulas mentioned above.

Turmeric has been the defining spice of Indian cuisine for several centuries and it is also where the original epidemiologic research on Turmeric observed its remarkable health benefits.  Most of us do not realize that the typical person in India consumes several grams (or several thousand milligrams) per day of Turmeric.  That is a great deal of Turmeric.  Of course, they are not consuming that Turmeric raw, but mostly cooked into foods that contain other molecules, such as lipids, that could protect and enhance its absorption and digestive availability.  Paying attention to this traditional usage in Indian cuisine, and also considering what we have observed with other ingredients, we learned that when Turmeric is specially complexed with lipids, its absorption and activity rises dramatically (10 to 20 times or more!).  Of course, given that two of Turmeric’s most important benefits are to brain and liver health, the lipid we complex our Turmeric with is the phospholipid, Phosphatidyl Choline.  That is the same key building block that provides vital structure to our liver and brain and makes our Phosphatidyl Choline Liver & Brain formula so uniquely effective.  In other words, we overcame the digestive challenges of Turmeric by essentially complexing it with our favorite ingredient for liver and brain health – PC.  It is remarkable how Mother Nature always seems to provide us with the perfect solution.

On another note, I seriously encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the medical research on Turmeric extract.  To say it is exciting would be a gross understatement.  I highly recommend you go to and you will be astounded by what you see when you simply enter the word Turmeric in the search box.  I was amazed when I watched what the autofill provided after I typed in the word Turmeric.  It was a compelling list of heavily researched topics, such as Turmeric and cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, dementia, inflammation, prostate, depression, arthritis, breast, liver, colon, etc.  You can click on any of those topics or you can always type in something of interest, such as Turmeric and Dementia (47 studies); or Turmeric and Arthritis (58 studies); or Turmeric and Liver (332 studies), Turmeric and Breast Cancer (88 studies) and on and on.  In fact, I only just reviewed a very recent summary of research on Turmeric, which contained compelling studies on its use in the prevention and treatment of a very long list of diseases and health issues.  As you know, I never recommend any ingredient as a treatment, cure or prevention for any disease, but based upon the overwhelming research, Turmeric is a vital component in any healthy diet and supplement plan.  Again, I encourage you not to take my word for it, but to become an informed consumer and make these decisions yourself.  Please take advantage of the incredibly easy research tools at, which is provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.  It is the exact same tool used by the world’s leading scientists and it enables you to become the healthiest and best-informed consumer possible.  By the way, you can’t become the former without doing the latter.  Happy Research!

Best of Health.


–Updated 2/19/2014–

Some Scary Silliness about Soy!




It seems as though passions are running pretty high when it comes to Soybeans.  I have discussed this topic many times in the past and of course, this will require a longer article than the post below, but let it suffice to say that the alarmist comments about Soy are absolutely not true.  First of all, this product only contains a small amount of purified Soy phospholipids to enhance the absorption of the Curcuminoids in our Turmeric product, but regardless, the fear-mongering about Soy is complete silliness and it is driven by powerful economic interests and not by science.  Of course, if you are actually allergic to Soy, as some folks can be to foods such as peanuts, chocolate, etc, then you should follow the guidance of your physician; however, Soy is not inherently harmful at all.  In fact, it is fascinating to note that countries with the most extreme intakes of Soy have the lowest incidence of breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, dementia, etc.  I guess there must be something magical in their food that mystically protects them from all the Soy they consume. Smile In short, Soy is a safe and healthy food and the fear of Soy is nothing more than the byproduct of misinformation and disinformation spread by very well-funded and powerful interest groups.  As I often say, “just follow the money” and I suspect the last thing the meat and dairy industry would like to see is an even greater trust and reliance on Soy as an alternative protein source.  Of course, everyone is free to follow their own views and the guidance of their physician and in the future, I will devote a more comprehensive blog to the silly fear of Soy.  Anyhow, if Soy phospholipids are so bad in the small quantities present in this product, how is it that countries consuming enormous amounts of Soy are so much healthier than we are with our minimal Soy consumption?  The ironic answer is that instead of being unhealthy, Soy consumption is associated with a long list of health benefits.  In other words, consuming more Soy is one of the things that healthier populations do so right and that we in America do so wrong.  I will elaborate on this more fully in the future.

Please know that I appreciate all comments, even those I might not agree with.  Let’s keep this healthy dialog active, since we all benefit from an open discussion about health!  Thanks again for all the questions, comments, compliments and even the criticism.  It helps me do my job better and I will of course continue to do my best to discuss important issues and questions.



66 thoughts on “Great News! Our new Turmeric Extract is here.”

  1. Andrew, I am pleased that you are now offering this supplement.
    I do have a question about another supplement – selenium. My sister had lung cancer and was in a study group and was taking 200 mg. daily for lung health. I don't see this on your list on HSN and find it difficult to find at drug stores. When I am able to locate it, I can only find a pill form. What is your opinion regarding the science of this supplement?

    1. Andrews Essential 1 has 200mcg of Selenium. If you want or need to take more you can find it in a capsule at a health food store. I have a bottle by a company called NOW. Hope that helps.

    2. Im waiting for the same answer. When I hear about how well something that is found is doing the first place I go is to Andrew Lessman. Selenium was one of them. Glad you asked also.

  2. Thanks for the update and all the info on Turmeric benefits. I am however still waiting on that Thyroid Support product…..hint,hint…. 🙂

  3. Thank YOU and thank God that we will be able to order this from you!!! Family members challenged by various cancers have used other brands of turmeric; we anxiously await your capsules. Gratefully, the Hammonds

  4. Once again Thank you ProCaps and Andrew Lessman. I started using the root as a daily/nightly tea after subscribing to PubMed. The research is astounding and I believe in it's medicinal properties. Most definitely will be trying your product. Thank you!

  5. I had breast cancer 25 years ago and was Told "NOT to Eat or Drink Anything with Soy". I wanted to try your "Secure" but noticed Soy was present and opted against purchasing it. Can you throw some light on Soy for the folks that were told to stay away from ingesting it ?
    With all the publicity about GMO's in Our food, I was wondering if the ingredients you use in your Vitamins come from the GMO Food Supply or are the ingredients You use " ORGANIC '' ?
    Is it true to take Calcium and Vitamin D at separate times and Not at the same time when taking other vitamins ?
    I take approx., 50 of your different vitamins daily for about 20 years and do feel terrific for a senior who is 60 Something but I would appreciate an answer to the above questions. A timely answer would be Appreciated as this is the 2nd time I posted this question with NO answer.

    1. Also being a miraculous cancer survivor as He totally healed me.
      I was told to never take Probiotics after cancer as well as Growth Hormones, as these both will aide in promoting cancer cells. It sounded logical to me except for the fact that no other cancer victims ever heard of this. I called and asked the Lady at Andrew’s Customer Service and she hadn’t heard anything either. I find this a critical issue that your People answering these questions know the answers to this. If you know nothing about it, please look into it. Let me know what you found out Andrew. Will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

  6. Just ran out of my Tumeric and now I can buy yours. So happy as I feel better buying your supplements than from a vitamin stores where the clerks don't know a thing about the supplements and just cash you out. I feel safe taking your supplements and am thrilled I can now get the Tumeric here. I was in the vitamin shop Sunday and bought some fish oil for my husband and went to buy Tumeric but didn't feel comfortable with what the sales clerk told me nothing beneficial excep for arthritis which I don't have. So now sending my order to you. Love your supplements Andrew.

  7. Really excited about this supplement but the price is way more higher than other company I've been getting for 60 caps~ I'll just wait hopefully it will be on special value~ Growing up in Indonesia we drink turmeric extract mixed with tamarind and palm sugar as our morning ritual~ just FYI

  8. To Angeline – brazil nuts are high in selenium. I eat a small amount of nuts (a few almonds) every day for the vitamin E and a big brazil nut for the selenium. I weigh the fat content against the benefits and the giant brazil nut and 4-5 almonds is worth the extra fat intake. Being vegan I am also glad for the extra protein in the nuts.
    About turmeric – very happy about this but will wait until April to save the $8 shipping. Seems to me a brand new product should have free shipping. But April is not so far away.

    1. Thank you for your Info. Linda. I also don’t understand why his products are so much more expensive than all others. He says because of the intense research and what it takes to produce the best products.
      I’m like you and purchase so many products. I take over 20/day. Besides that I’ve been a loyal customer spending thousands on his products, which I’ve spent so much money on my research and con’t. buying his products which means I’ve helped him for many years now in his investments, he should at least offer me at least stocks let alone coupons for the products I buy. I really can’t even tell you if there all working or not but I’m turning 60 in March & con’t to buy most of them just in case there helping. Hey Andrew, a nice coupon book would be nice for my Birthday…..

  9. I am shocked that you put soy in this new product. Everyone knows by now that soy is not good for us. I am allergic to all forms of legumes. so disappointed in you. also in your Secure. You have just lost a long time customer. I have had cancer as well. No soy Andrew.

  10. Andrew, I too am disappointed you have soy in this product. I was hoping one day you would do turmeric
    on it's own but unfortunately, now I won't be able to buy this. With everyone more allergic and/or aware
    of the major allergens, surprised you would formulate this with soy.

    1. Not all soy is bad. If there are no GMOs that truly says it all. The products I have taken are privately grown and then manufactured in their own plant with scientific overseeing.
      Hope this helps relieve any fears. I do not know about Andrew Lessman’s, but I would bet it is ‘good soy’

  11. The FDA will soon want to stop Lessman's company because they help people get well. Not like all pharmaceutical companies that purposely want to keep people sick through all the pills for more profits.

  12. PTL, and Andrew and his research, and his company's commitment to excellence. I have been buying the "drug store" brand, and will be so happy to replace it with yours.

    1. My Dr. told my not to take COQ10. yet there people never heard of that. They havn’t heard of a few things I’ve thought are important. My cancer Dr. said I can no longer can take any Probiotics or Growth Hormones because they both feed cancer cells. They didn’t know anything about that either. There given there books to answer questions as they come through, but they need to add questionable meds with certain products. Many people have no clue. Yes they should be aware of there meds & reactions to certain supplements, which falls back on the Dr.s & pharmacy’s. Yet non of them have said anything about them. To much venting for now…..

  13. I just cannot understand why some people are so outraged by soy. SOY IS GOOD. My understanding is that there was some shoddy research done a while back and/or claims were made that soy (because of estrogen-like properties) increased risk of cancer. But later, quality, peer-reviewed research has shown that soy is fine to eat. This is exactly the same scenario with vaccination. Some guy in England with a lot of fanfare made the claim that vaccines cause autism and parents all over the developed world went berserko and quit immunizing their kids.
    Someone in this comment queue said "everyone knows by now that soy is not good for us." And the earth is flat, and all pit bulls are vicious, and women have lesser brain power, and and and. Good grief.

  14. I live in Henderson and drive by your business daily. Is it possible for me to stop by and purchase a year's supply of turmeric. I know you are busy but a response would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Cute! I was selfishly (although also for the benefit of the kids I look after) wondering if yo2;u8#17&d be happy to email me a copy of the recipe page from school – with the notes, etc… Thanks so much in advance and once again, great post!

  15. Andrew… PLEASE add Turmeric to your Essential One Multivitamin!! I already take so many of your other vitamins, I can't bare to take another, nor could I afford to.

  16. Andrew -thank you for having this product. I have been buying it elsewhere, but I really trust your brand and am so happy to be able to purchase from you. My husband has a blood cancer and I know we can't make medical claims, but I have been keeping him going on your supplements (anti oxidants) for 6 years and the Drs are amazed! Tumeric (curcumin) is actually a supplement they are looking at for his type of cancer. So again thank you so much!!

  17. I've known about turmeric for sometime, thanks for all your insight and info. Looking forward to trying this product from you.
    Thanks for your interest in mankind. I really look forward to reading your articles. Wish you would compile it all into a book.
    Sincerely, Thanks


  19. how can you know if soy is GMO free..are we eating roundup soy and corn????? oh by the way my dr.even likes turmeric..i think..your essential one multivitamin the best on the market..thanks soo much

  20. The prices on HSN seem a bit out of whack. the 180 bottle is about 42 cents per capsule, and the 240 bottle is about 51 cents per capsule. Usually it's the larger the bottle, the better the deal. Not so in this case.

  21. Is Pure Garcinia Cambogia what it's hyped up to be as a super weight loss and energy health food/pill.?
    Dr. Oz has on the web. it's not inexpensive and I don't know the appropriate dosage for each day. I only find that the more you use the more you lose weight. Are you going to be selling this product? thanks

  22. Andrew:
    I am glad that Turmeric and “Phosphatidyl Choline” (PC) complex well.
    I have been testing PC for a month now. There is a surprised positive effect of PC – amazing skin repair and rejuvenate power – I have never experienced.
    I was very much bothered by my heel fissure and dry skin. After adding PC for a month (3 pieces every day in your liver and brain formula), my heel fissure is controlled. In two weeks, the situation was improved magnificently. Since I only knew PC is good for the liver and brain, this skin encouraging outcome astonished me. I have not applying anything (like cream) to my heels for a month. My heels are like I was in my 40s again. When I tried 4 pieces of PC every day for two more weeks, my heels got even better, like I was in my 30s, very smooth, thick layers of dry skins are gone, no more cracks. In addition, my whole body was dry and etching and I could not even tolerant the clothes rubbing on my skin anymore. After using PC, everything is improved.
    I have been using your “Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails (HHSN)” for years. To Skin revitalizing, PC has the far better dramatic and striking effect than HHSN.
    I was using “Memory & Brain with Acetyl L-Carnitine”. Now I am using “Memory & Brain with Acetyl L-Carnitine and PC Liver and Brain”. PC was added on recently. Therefore, I know the good skin results are from PC, not from the others.
    I read some foreign articles. PC has good reputation internationally. The foreign articles also mentioned that certain PC formulas can even make the gray hairs go away. Andrew, please realize this!!! Improve the PC formula further. Make the gray hairs go away. Bring back their original colors of the new growing hairs. Let PC be the true fountain of youth.

  23. Great, Now make it affordable so seniors on SS can purchase it. Now how about a Thyroid supplement, to combat hypothyroidism. For us menopausal gals..

  24. Thank you , once again, Andrew, for bringing us this supplement. I have long known of the benefits of turmeric and am thrilled that you are offering it as a separate supplement now. Also, thank you for listing…..can't wait to finish this comment to you and go the sight! 🙂

  25. There is a difference between fermented and unfermented soy; check Dr. Mercola's website. Will not
    be buying this turmeric if it has the wrong kind of soy. Next please carry a liquid version of essentials.

  26. Research on turmeric and cancer is pretty impressive. I would like to know if there is anything in this product that would conflict with other prescription medications and if it is safe for a patient who has metastatic liver cancer ( from the colon). Just want to be sure it can't do harm to a liver that is cancerous and some of liver function studies are not normal. All FDA chemo has been tried and either failed or quit working after a time. Nutrition and supplementation is the only other option. Again, I am not looking for medical claims, just your assurance that the new product won't cause any added damage. I trust your opinion, Andrew.

  27. Andrew, very important question posed by some customers and highly controversial – IS YOUR SOY ORGANIC SINCE MOST OF THE SOY OUT THERE IS GENETICALLY MODIFIED! Please respond. Thank you.

  28. Another good article, Andrew. I am curious, though, if you are using non-GMO soy. It doesn't seem like you do because your soy products don't say non-GMO.

  29. I was one that asked all the time for tumeric by itself. I actually eat the legume raw at least four times a week. There is a white tumeric which is a little more spicier and the yellow tumeric out there. If you live near any Indian store, Patels is one of them, they will carry the raw tumeric. A plus for the pills because they are probably more concentrated than the raw version but it is always good to know your options. Andrew my cupboard should be named Lessman pills. I take a lot of your supplements and so does my mom. I love seeing you on HSN and I believe in you. Hello to Muriel. I hope she knows there is a song with her name.

  30. Some of us cannot eat anything with soy in it without getting an upset stomach. Many do not even know that this is the ingredient bothering them until they finally eliminate it completely. I believe if you, Andrew, were allergic or sensitive to soy you would not have it in your products. Simple as that.

  31. Please address SOY and THYROID.
    People taking Thyroid medicine should not have SOY products at their medicine time.
    Hypothryoidism is very common and I personally had my Thyroid removed, so I have to take
    Thryoid Hormones the rest of my life.

  32. I am already taking your turmeric because I trust you completely! Wouldn't take any other vitamin from ANYONE! And as far as price, yes, a little pricey, but better taking vitamins and not going to the DR. Thanks again Andrew for caring.

  33. Silly Sally here typed unfermented soy into the website you mentioned and the top
    result is a study about the possible correlation of it causing dementia ? Is yours
    fermented or unfermented? And those countries that you infer have less cancer
    because of high soy consumption probably also have low consumption of red meat
    and dairy which could influence low cancer rates. Seriously surmising all sides and
    having a second opinion is prudent, sans silliness and cute headlines.

  34. Reading about this new product I was initially so happy UNTIL I read that it contains soy which is an allergen for me. So disappointed this tumeric product was formulated with soy which is an allergen and also a highly known GMO food.

  35. Dr. Weil emphasizes that turmeric must be taken with black pepper for proper absorption. I see no black pepper in your turmeric supplement. Response?

  36. Andrew and everyone who has commented on Soy
    I have a friend who is an oncologist. She did tell me that something in soy feeds certain type of breast cancers. She advised me to reduce the soy products (like tofu) intake but do not have to completely avoid soy product (Eating tofu twice a week is ok).
    I am very much interested in Soy Phospholipids. I showed her Andrew’s bottle of “Phosphatidyl Choline Liver & Brain Benefits”. She said that there is no problem taking Lecithin kind of supplements. There is no study shown that Soy Phospholipids category causing cancers.
    I guess, Soy Phospholipids is from soy but it is not other parts of the soy. It is the best part of the soy. This part are extracted for the total benefits of the human body. Soy Phospholipids do not equal to the soybeans. It “might” be something in soybean that is harmful. But there is no damaging thing in Soy Phospholipids.
    As I mentioned before, I am not only reading Andrew’s claims and English articles but also reading some foreign articles. I am reading them right now. There is zero article said any bad thing about Soy Phospholipids. All articles highly recommended it. “The gold of brain”, “The secret of youth”, “The guarding angel of liver”, “The foundation of the human cell”, …… on and on …… all good things. It is a divine – the greatest substance for our human body. Not one bad word at all. No one even mentioned any exist side effect.

  37. Andrew I take many of your products and I swear by them but I am an insulin consuming type 2 diabetic and I read articles all the time about people who have been able to get off the insulin. There are a few things in the news about bitter melon, cinnamon, bosweilla, ginger and a few more. I already take your cinnamon but I was interested to know if you are working on anything for the diabetic? I had pre-diabetes and could not absorb the insulin and then my pancreas when crazy and stopped making insulin. I would rather take a supplement then medicine so please answer my plea to put together something for the diabetic. Thank you for all the time and research you do.

  38. Thank you for offering this supplement. I have tried a reputable company's Turmeric for inflammation and experience digestive issues. Looking forward to trying your product. I use other supplements you offer and love them all.

  39. Off topic. I recently adopted a 10 year old cat with arthritis. The vet recommended glu/chon. The feline product that has the best reviews and comments is Cosequin. I also take glucosamine.chon – us old girls!! Anyway the feline product uses glucosamine hydrochloride and Andrew's uses glu sulfate. One third of the human product is equal in mgs to one of the feline. So I am giving my cat 1/3 of my capsule a day – she is only 8 pounds – and she is moving around my apartment with greater ease.
    On topic – back to soy again. The study or studies gave mega amounts of soy to rats or mice and therein the bad research extrapolation. No human would consume the equivalent amount of soy as was given to the lab animals.

  40. RE: Turmeric Formula
    With all the articles and reports, especially on PubMed, indicating the benefit of piperine (found in black pepper) added to the turmeric absorbability and benefit, I am wondering why you chose not to include it in the formula and instead used a filler of Vit C. I do understand the inclusion of the lipid PC, but why not include both? A lot of other turmeric formulas do include it and many alt doctors recommend that formula. What was your reason for leaving it out? Most of curries contain turmeric, pepper and fat so that works out pretty well, but I just don't like the taste of curry, so I prefer to supplement.

  41. Thank you for all you do to keep us healthy and strong. You are truly a Godsend to us, I have over twenty of your vitamins and take them dearly everyday.

  42. Thanks for the pubmed link. I bookmarked it. Thought I might lose access to credible peer reviewed articles after I graduate and no longer have access to my college's research portal.

  43. I too am disappointed to hear that the turmeric contains soy. I am only speaking from personal experience and the times I have tried soy in a supplement, I have had a reaction of deterioration in memory. I also avoid choline due to previous breathing problems that I attributed to choline chloride. I was really looking forward to the turmeric to help with inflammation. Is there another organization's supplement that does not include these additions? I have always trusted Andrew's reputable business practices but this won't work for me.

    Andrew, love your products, have a shelf dedicated to them. Thank you for writing this article. I was relieved after reading it, was going to buy the turmeric, then read the questions within these comments and became concerned all over again!
    Please answer those questions above to alleviate us so we can order the Turmeric. THe basic questions I saw were:
    1. Is this Non-GMO Soy?
    2. Is the Soy fermented or non-fermented?
    3. Someone said something about black pepper having to be in the formula to be absorbed??
    REQUEST: **Please make tiny vitamins (the size of Fruit-Full) for people who have HARD time swallowing capsules**** i would rather take 3 small ones vs. one larger one (Essential 1 is too large for us).
    ***Please give us Iodine and Selenium within a Multivitamin. Please also add Vitamin K2 to the multivitamin since D3 is there. Also, please reduce the amount of Vitamin A. We want something that isn't so "powerful."

  45. I am interested in something to eliminate or lessen tinnitus. Is there any supplement that will help? it seems to be getting louder.

  46. Hey, I'm Ebon Talifarro, my class (8th grade) wants to interview you, would you have time to answer a few questions?

  47. I highly recommend women avoid any products with Soy. I started taking Women’s Wellness which contains soy and within 6 months I had a goiter on my thyroid and had to have half my thyroid removed. I had just had a physical right before I started taking these supplements and no problems were found. I took the bottle to my doctor and she confirmed that soy foods, or isoflavones adversely affect thyroid function and are known to cause goiters. Wish I had known that before I took those supplements. Do your research on all ingredients before taking any supplements. I now avoid anything with soy in it. So I will not be able to take these Tumeric capsules.

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