Opposition to my Prenatal Vitamin Donations and Solar Panels?

For years, the only reaction to our Prenatal Donations and Solar Panels was 100% positive. Today, the response is still almost uniformly positive, but recently I saw some negative comments on HSN’s bulletin boards entitled, “Am I the only one?”  I was surprised by these comments, since I never thought I would need to justify my Prenatal Donations or my Solar Panels, but I hope to shed some light below.

First of all, our Prenatal Donations do not increase the price of any of ProCaps product and they are not paid for out of the purchase price of any product.  These Prenatal Donations have no impact on the price of ProCaps products, since they are paid for by my nonprofit foundation (The Andrew Lessman Foundation) with some help from a few generous suppliers like Capsugel who donate all the capsules.  Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to fund my Foundation with sufficient resources to make these Prenatal Donations for decades to come.  In fact, even if I stopped selling vitamins, my Prenatal Donations would continue, since the need for these vitamins is so great and no major company or charity has stepped up.  As a result, it has been left to me and my small foundation to try to fill the need.  Just to be clear, these Prenatal Vitamins are going to women in extreme need in communities where malnutrition and rampant disease pose a daily threat to survival.  Such terrible hardship and deprivation define many parts of the developing world and surprisingly, to some degree, describe challenged areas right here in the US.  These donations are not a political statement.  They are just a response to a worldwide epidemic that makes victims out of women and their babies, as well as their communities, countries and our planet.  I might not care much for politics, but I do care about the human condition and the health of our planet.  I hope we can all agree that reducing human suffering is a desirable goal that transcends politics.  Again, everyone can rest assured that you did not pay for my Prenatal Donations and our prices are never affected even when I donate 6 bottles per order as I did last week.  My hope is that the donations we make are a clear statement of our values.  On a related note, for many years I have received requests to allow others to donate to our Prenatal Project.  I appreciate those requests, but I have always funded this entirely on my own; however, if there is sufficient interest, I might consider expanding the Prenatal Project.  Of course, I welcome your feedback in this regard.

I will respond briefly regarding my solar panels, since I struggle to comprehend any issue here. Of course, like any vitamin manufacturer, we need extraordinary amounts of electricity to make our products.  As a result, more than a decade ago, I thought it wise to create our own electricity rather make the power company burn more fossil fuels.  For more than a decade, the sun has powered our manufacturing facility and as a result, no oil, coal or fossil fuel has been burned.  I doubt there is a more environmentally committed company than ProCaps Labs and I cannot imagine how these activities could possibly be interpreted negatively.  Plus, since we entered the solar market so long ago and because our installation is so efficiently designed, we create electricity more economically than the power company, so ultimately, our solar panels reduce our manufacturing costs.

In closing, I make your vitamins to improve the quality of your life and I donate Prenatal Donations to improve the quality of the world’s most fragile lives.  I had always thought that talking about our Prenatal Donations and our Solar Panels made an important statement about my company’s unique values and ethics, but if you disagree, then you have my apologies.  In the end, this discussion reminds me of the old saying that “no good deed goes unpunished,” which will never stop us from doing good deeds. Laughing

Best of health.


I am so moved by your comments…

Truth be told, I was a bit saddened to write the above article and only a few hours later, I now find myself profoundly moved by the warm, kind, supportive words you have shared.  It is a good thing I am typing this, since your words leave me speechless.  My Mom told me as a child that “you can’t keep everyone happy all the time,” and my response was always “but that does not mean you should stop trying.” Laughing I will continue trying and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind words you have written below!  Again, you have my most sincere gratitude for sharing your thoughts and comments.

I thank you.


241 thoughts on “Opposition to my Prenatal Vitamin Donations and Solar Panels?”

  1. After reading your post I am absolutely flabbergasted by such negativity. I am not one who is a product/celebrity groupie. That said- I believe in your humanitarian mission to provide for others, and ecological mission to save our planet. Such undeserved nastiness hurts because you care, a by-product of being a thoughtful human being. Thank you for caring and putting such sensitivity into your products.

  2. I applaud your efforts for world wellness and overall health. I thought I was helping donate vitamins with my purchases also. Thank you for explaining how these donations are provided to those who desperately need them. I have only been using your supplements for just over 2 years now and love your educational explanations of how, why, when, and where our bodies can use these supplements. I am glad to hear about the donations but am in awe that you run a manufacturing facility totally by solar power. You rock Andrew!! You really care about this planet and those who inhabit it. Don't let the negatives get to you because there are so many more positives to keep you going on the right track. I even think there may be a set of wings under your shirts! Thanks again my friend.

  3. The person that made those hurtful comments is ignorant. If they do not like the price you charge they do not need to buy your products. If they do not like hearing you talk about your donating products or your use of solar power change the channel. There are many different producers of vitamins to buy & channels on TV to watch, but if you are just a nasty person with little going on in your life, you post nasty comments and illicit others to go along with your nastiness. It is very sad that there are such selfish uncaring people out there. Makes you wonder what is going on that persons' life that makes them so unhappy.

  4. One of the many reasons I have ordered from you for years is because of your values such as your donations of the prenatal vitamins! Keep being you! There will always be negativity from others when someone is doing good! You are a blessing! To borrow a quote from a spiritual mentor of mine "God gave me a tiger like tenacity to blow off those who don't understand my heart or my mission." – Sandi Krakowski

  5. You make the best vitamins on planet Earth. The best products cost money. If you want the best then you pay top dollar for them. If people do not want to spend the amount of money for your products then the simple solution is do not purchase them. To make comments such as that as seen on HSN is pathetic. It just proves people have nothing better to do then start trouble.

  6. Keep up the good work Andrew. My wife, daughter, and I have been using various products of yours for several years; all with great and noticeable positive results. My wife and I find it very refreshing to watch you explain your products in a way that most everyone can comprehend.
    Your charitable foundation supplying the prenatal vitamins is a fantastic gesture and the fact that your entire manufacturing facility is 100% solar is extremely commendable to say the least.
    Thanks for making your quality products and thank you for making them available at a reasonable expense. We look forward to seeing you on HSN and the fact that you took the time with your explanation above shows how much you care.

  7. Andrew…..nice blog post. How dare people question where your do actions come from!! It is entirely your decision to choose how you will fund your projects. Over the past 6 months I have started using your products. I currently use your essential multi vitamin, your omegas, hair skin and nails and your secure chocolate protein powder, thank you for making products that are so easy to digest and make us healthier on a daily basis. Would you consider making your secure whey protein powder available in the 100 serving size on a consistent basis?

  8. Andrew it is good to know the price of products we purchase are not more expensive to cover the donations.
    As a senior and consumer of many of your vitamins, being on a fixed income we must budget our purchases.
    Thank You for your interest in making the safest products that money can buy.

  9. Some people will complain no matter what you do. You are doing a great job. You make your Mother proud I am sure!

  10. I am so grateful for your dedication to women's health. I can't believe that people don't take the time to understand the whole story. Thank You for all the information you give so we can make informed decisions.

  11. Andrew, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!
    Unfortunately that sometimes entails " straightening folks out".
    Sorry this negativity came your way, but for what it's worth I've been a happy customer for 11 years enjoying the highest quality vitamins I've ever found. Plus, I appreciate your LEADERSHIP in doing what's right instead of what's popular.
    You are a stand up guy, dealing in facts and nobody can argue that point.
    Yep, you are ALL THAT, and a bag of chips!!!!!
    Keep on keeping on my friend!

  12. I find these negativity comments rediculous. If anyone knew what you are all about they wouldn't have said such negative things. There will always be people like this so ignore them Andrew and keep up the good work!!!!

  13. I'm not sure about all the comments made about the prenatal vitamins but I thought what I read was that some were concerned the vitamins were going to foreign countries when there are so many women in our USA that could also use them.
    None the less, you are doing a great job Andrew.

  14. Keep those good deeds coming. I appreciate your donations of prenatal vitamins to help those who need it most. And I admire anyone who is trying to save the Earth for future generations. You rock! Ignore the ignorant!

  15. You are a Blessing to be a Blessing…what an honor Andrew. Thank you for your supplements and all you do for others.

  16. Very well spoken as always, Andrew! And, no need to apologize to anyone who cannot comprehend the great things you are doing for the world!

  17. Andrew,I saw that ignorant post on the HSN message board. It seems to be made by someone who doesn't even pay any attention to your broadcasts . Some naysayers didn't even know that some of your donations go to needy women in the USA. I totally support and admire your donations . As a former nurse I know the importance of adequate nutrition in pregnancy. In a selfish way by promoting the well being of the next generation we are helping ourselves. Keep up the good work Andrew and don't let a vocal troll get you down!

  18. Amazing to me that you have to justify either of these issues to anyone. It is that type of me, me, me attitude that is so divisive to this country. Keep doing as you do because clearly the majority of people support your humanitarian and eco friendly methods and business practices. You and your company are the best!

  19. What a blessing to have you looking out for those who are unable to afford nor due to their circumstances able to purchase these vitamins. We are our brothers keeper!
    Thank you for all your research and hard work in bringing to us the very best vitamins (we feel) one can purchase. We are long time very satisfied customers, even more knowing you are helping others.
    God Bless!

  20. Hopefully whoever complained about such amazing morals/ethics quit buying your products because they don't deserve to take the World's Best Vitamins!! God Bless Andrew!!

  21. You got it Andrew, "No good deed goes unpunished", I've been there several times. Please don't take these comments to heart. Become teflon coated.

  22. It is ridiculous for anyone to object to the positive steps you have taken to produce pure products, save energy, and improve the human condition. You have much higher standards than most companies, which is why we continue to purchase your products.

  23. Andrew, keep up the good work.
    I can't believe some people have objections to solar panels and donating prenatal vitamins to those in need. I can only shake my head.

  24. Those negative comments scare me because I never want Andrew to stop makig his products…that negative post was selfish and cruel…not sure Andrew could even understand that world, he is the total opposite!…If we could only be a little like Andrew…we would be so lucky!!! love Andrew Lessman he is the best in every way possible…

  25. Andrew, Sometimes I can't believe people. I just don't understand them. You are doing so much good in this world. You will be blessed. I have bought your vitamins since you were on QVC. And have all the faith in the world in you. You are so generous. And to think you are using solar power. How wonderful! Wish you all the best & keep up the good work.

  26. Andrew: Some people just don't understand that "You can't make yourself taller by cutting someone else off at the knees". I can only imagine that anyone who would speak badly about the good that you do in this world must feel so badly about themselves that they find it necessary to somehow hurt your reputation by questioning your motives. What pitiful little people they must be. I have chemical sensitivities and cannot take products with additives and preservatives. I cannot tell you how much I value your commitment to purity and excellence. I would still buy your products even if a portion of the proceeds were going to supply prenatal vitamins to the needy. My hat is off to your great work as a REAL citizen of this planet.

  27. Andrew, I have always sincerely felt you are an Angel on Earth. You contribute your time, passion and knowledge towards helping humanity and our planet. Thank you for sharing your special gift with all of us! Angels fly higher than others. I hope you can disregard the lower-level (negative) comments that some feel they need to share in an attempt to acquire their own attention. I absolutely love your products and how you explain their purpose, how you are helping so many people, and how you set an excellent example towards respecting our Planet. Thank you so much for being there!

  28. I am sorry but I think it is pathetic for someone to have to apologize for giving things to the needy and doing something good for the environment. Out of all the amazing comments that you get its the negative ones that you remember. I know how it is. My family puts on a large Christmas display for the kids of the neighborhood each year. We get hundreds of really positive comments yet we get a few comments that makes you wonder why do I even bother. Its the negative ones that stick with you. Please keep doing what you are doing. I buy so many of your products because I trust them. I have faith in them and know where they are made and how they are made. It is a major bonus to think that purchasing them also help others. I wish more companies would use solar panels.

  29. you are a true blessing and i'm so sorry you had to defend something so positive…keep doing what you're doing and brush it off…they are not worth the thoughts wasted on them 🙂

  30. Andrew…It's appalling how nearsighted, ignorant and narrowminded some people can be…not to mention selfish. For YEARS I've been promoting your supplements to everyone BECAUSE of the fact that they are created 100% by SOLAR power, as well as their purity and quality without fillers, dyes, chemicals, etc. I've explained that they cost a bit more than other supplements because of the quality and purity.
    I've also shown people that there are more expensive supplements out there, they just don't have the quality yours do, and they don't get sold on HSN where we are privileged to have Value pays to spread out the cost, as well as your shows where we get huge discounts and FREE shipping several times a year, so you can plan your purchases to take advantage of those cost reductions!
    To give the third and hopefully most emotionally significant encouragement to use your supplements, I tell them of your Prenatal donations to needy women/babies. If that were the ONLY reason I use your supplements it wouldn't be the worst reason to do so, but there are NO OTHER supplements anywhere that compare in quality and purity and effectiveness to yours,. How much better that I can feel like I'm endorsing a product whose founder/maker is such a generous, charitable person on top of being a genius in creating my supplements! You shouldn't have to explain yourself, but thanks for being gracious about doing so. Never mind those nasty naysayers! THANK YOU for continuing to provide us all with such wonderfully effective supplements. Please don't stop!

  31. All that you do to educate us and provide the best products and information available. The prenatal donations even if it did cost us a little more to help our fellow humans is that not what we are about as people. Keep doing all that you do. Thank you

  32. I have been ordering your products from HSN for the past 10 years. Keep up your exceptional and outstanding work with vitamin donations and solar manufacturing. God bless your wisdom in giving and may he continue to prosper your company.

  33. Andrew,
    I started ordering your products about a year ago and have been very satisfied with them and with your Customer Service. As for the negativity, I don't understand it. I believe that you truly care for your customers and the quality of your vitamins and supplements. As for helping others, since when is that a crime? Keep up the good work. Many people support you.

  34. I shop based on a Company's values. I appreciate your charitable efforts and will continue to purchase your products.

  35. Never feel you need to apologize for being a conscientious, good ethical company. Don't worry about the negative people – I am sure they are few & far between. I do my best to buy from ethical companies & that is one of the reasons I buy your products – that & because I believe they are also good quality. As someone else stated, if they don't like your prices, they don't need to buy from you, if they don't want to hear about what you do, change the channel. I think it is awesome that you provide prenatal vitamins to those in need! I have always been impressed that your plant is run solely on solar power! More power to you, Andrew & Pro Caps Labs. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  36. Honestly, Haters will always find a reason to hate. While I understand your need to explain your kind donations and use of solar panels..you didn't need to do it. It is clear who Andrew Lessman is in business and in your life example. Keep on making your great products and caring for humanity in your special way. The negativity isn't within your intentions, it lies within the vision or lack of it from that commentator. The rest of us..see who you are and support your products and vision.

  37. Andrew,
    I would not worry another second about people on the boards. There are such negative people that frequent internet boards and as it always seems to happen…the negative people are more likely to speak up than the positive.
    I've used your vitamins for years and I am willing to pay extra for the quality…I applaud the donations that you give and the use of solar energy. Please remember ALL of the others that feel the same as I do , which far outnumber the negative people. Don't let the complainers with their negativity allow you to doubt yourself or your mission. 🙂

  38. Send Birth Control Pills, not Prenatal Vitamins This only encourages them to reproduce and bring children into a life of starvation and suffering .

  39. You do a great job with your food supplements and are generous to boot. There are people in this country that hunt things to trash and have no idea what they are talking about. Keep up the great work. We appreciate what you do for our health.

  40. Andrew, you are such a mentsch. thank you for your great products, your humanitarian efforts, and for protecting the planet. I remember hearing you talk about the solar panels on one of the shows where you visited the plant, and what you said about not using energy sources from countries who, let's just say, aren't our biggest fans. makes perfect sense to me.

  41. How many manufacturers are willing to donate their products for free to those who cannot afford it and need it desperately? This shows a compassion and goodness that should be applauded and encouraged with the support and kindness that it deserves. Thank you, Andrew. You must never be discouraged about negative comments regarding your humanitarian work. As for the solar panels, you are doing your part to save the earth as well!!!!!!! If only we all would contribute so much to our world.. imagine the results!!!!!!! Thanks, Andrew!

  42. To the ignorant and self absorbed who take opposition to Andrew's generous and caring pre-natal vitamin donations: 'People that put themselves above others will fall longer and harder.' ~Gina Lindley Pay them no mind, Andrew, keep doing what you've been doing. You rock!

  43. Plain and simple… those people are jealous! Andrew beside the fact that you are a " mini encyclopedia", very informational, you care about people in need. At the end of the day all that matters is how much good you do, and those comments shouldn't even touch you. If everybody would do 10 percent of what you're doing Earth would be a better place! Thank you!…and please don't stop!

  44. I have learned in my life time, that there is always someone who is going to complain about something. Like my grandmother used to say "some people will run around with a loaf of bread in each hand crying they are hungry." (It sounds different in Italian.) My advice to you is to forget about it. Your doing the right things, and if they are unhappy about it let them step up and do better. 🙂

  45. The nagitivity comes from the "want a be's", they want to be somebody but don't know how or don't have the resources. So what is left for them is to do but criticize. Love your products.

  46. Andrew….I did not see/read the negative comments on your solar panels and pre-natal vitamins. "wing-nuts"; idiots; oil company executives and oil company shareholders who are afraid of losing a few dollars when they have zillions……Ignore them. I TOTALLY APPLAUD YOUR PRE-NATAL VITAMIN DONATION FOUNDATION/PROGRAM.. IT IS SUPERB THAT YOUR SOLAR PANELS HAVE TAKEN YOU OFF THE GRID. In fact, if you had to run your company with on-the-grid traditional fossil burning fuels, you would have to charge MORE for your vitamin products than you do now. You have my support 110%!

  47. Andrew Andrew Andrew! You as well as your Company are doing a wonderful job. I have been ordering your products for 7 yrs now. They are absolutely the best out on the market these days. And to top it off you charitable donations for Prenatal give away is a blessing. And Solar power ? Even more commendable. There is always gonna be "negative" people out there NO MATTER what you do. I feel healthier and my Dr. visits confirm that. The fact that you explain why and how your products work ; and that there are no fillers , additives etc in your products in them is exceptional. Your the best !! and keep it up.

  48. I have the highest respect for you. You not only make the best vitamins in the world but also you bless people with your prosperity. Only good things will come your way for you, and your company. God Bless you for all you do.

  49. Andrew, thank you for spending time on these comments, but please know that for every negative there are thousands of positives for your good work. The quality of your product and the quality of your spirit is why I have been a customer for nearly 20 years. Thank you!!

  50. Keep up your good work Andrew, you have been providing excellent products for us for many years
    and I for one truly appreciate your hard work and dedication.
    In addition, your thoughtfulness for those less fortunate than us has motivated you to help the poor and
    those in need throughout the world ! Pretty rare in these times !!!
    We know you, we trust you and above all appreciate your concern
    for those throughout the world who have no one to provide for them. Thank God for your thoughtfulness.

  51. I couldn't image who would be opposing the good deed you have done for us and the planet. I have been using your products for over a decade already and I could tell you how much better I feel now than 10 years ago. I have learned more nutritional information from you than from schools. Whenever I purchase your products I know exactly what I am getting inside the capsules/soft gels. Every time you go On Air, you would explain everything thoroughly to us. You have done everything you can already. I don't know who would hate your acts of being a good and generous human. We need more people like you, especially now a day.
    I read some negative comments about you only donate one bottle per pregnant woman around the world (in the beginning but now you are donating two bottles), and one bottle only last 30 days and they have started to criticize you being cheap and notify you that an average woman, when they are pregnant, it is for 9 months, not one, before they deliver. My thinking after I read it was, you can only do so much to please people. You can't please everybody but for those that appreciate your helps and those who get the helps from you, would be very pleased. Continue with your good products and good deeds, as I (and million of your fans) will continue getting products from you.
    By the way, I am the one who inquired to you on facebook about making mint Maximum Essential Omega 3 a Today Special in April also, not just the orange flavor. Can you consider offering that? As I told you on facebook, I like mint flavor more than the orange. Most people are not looking for any aftertaste when they are using it, but for the mint flavor, I do want that minty aftertaste feeling. The mint also has additional benefit for our GI tracts. Me and my wife just love it.
    Thank you for all your hard works.

  52. A well-written blog piece Andrew. The vast majority of us who buy from you ( as in 99.99999%) recognize and highly value your intentions in both these cases. I formerly taught in the public school system, and I taught many of these children who were obviously malnourished from conception on. Every little bit that we can do to raise up the world helps, and I admire you for your contribution. Now I am in business for myself, and it is a fact that there are people who are just negative, and determined to spread that negativity at all costs. I come back against them one time, as you have here, and then I pay them no further mind. Ignore bad (selfish) behavior and hopefully it will diminish.

  53. I have been ordering your products for ten years. KEEP UP the good work, Andrew. I remember when I saw the first photo of your solar panels. What an inspiration. With free speech, we also get free silly comments. Some folks just don't have any common sense. I wonder how they get dressed in the morning???

  54. I'm sorry you were put in a position to have to "defend" your altruistic efforts to ease the plight of poverty and suffering as well as your efforts to reduce the emissions of pollutants into our atmosphere. The world is a better place because of your endeavors. Thank you.

  55. Dear Andrew don't let a few insensitive and un informed people let you stop the generosity and safety towards our enviro men let you worry. You can please all of the people all of the time. As for , I'd like to thank you for the great vitamins with a conscience towards others. May the Almighty God continue to bless you and always guide your way. Thank you Rosa V

  56. Alice Makowski said it all in her comments posted today – 1/31/14. Andrew – you and your company are great! I have been using your products for years. I have only the best wishes for you and your company. I have absolutely NO complaints or problems with your prenatal vitamin donations or your solar panels. I think it might be of interest to some of your customers to know which US states receive your prenatal vitamins and even how many bottles. Thank you for being such a caring person. This world should have more people like you.

  57. Andrew, I have found out in this life we live, that no matter what you do to make people happy, there will always be someone out there in this world that will NOT be happy. You are doing a great job and keep it up! We all love you and your products! Your vitamins are the ONLY vitamins that I will take. I have tried so many different store bought vitamins and they all make me sick to my stomach or they are to big to take. With your vitamins, I have no problem taking them on a daily basis.
    A question I have is: what do you suggest for a 50 year old who struggles to loose weight? Everything I buy or do, just does not help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Yes, us 50+ women, just can't loose that belly fat no matter what we buy or do…
    Thank you

  58. Dear Andrew,
    You have an amazing sense of stewardship, make wonderful products and are educating and enlightening, at the same time.
    Haters are going to hate. I recently saw a bit by a comic who was mentioning the fact that even Mother Theresa would be ripped to shreds on message boards, today. It's outrageous!
    In addition, as someone who has been immersed in health, fitness & nutrition for years, your prices are extraordinary. One simply cannot find the value you provide for these prices. The fact that you are able to provide such economical supplements, while being as socially responsible and conscious as you are, is outstanding. If only other businesses/manufacturers would follow your lead, the World would be a different place.
    Thanks for all that you do~ yOu RoCk! ;D

  59. It's really sad that when people do something good there's always someone there to tear them down. I've been using your products for over 15 years and appreciate all they do for my health and well being as well as all the FACTUAL info you provide. Keep up the great work and ignore the ignorant few!

  60. I am appalled that you have to explain anything to people of this ilk. These sorts of people not only try to demonize your wonderful deeds, but usually most everyone else they encounter. They are lonely,mentally
    disturbed types who you don't need as customers. Thanks for clarifying however and keep making the incredible products. One thing is for sure, " deeds" define character and you are an A+!

  61. Andrew , I'm sorry for the spelling of my previous comment but after I read it I realized there were 2 miss spelled words but I had already submitted my comment. This is what happens when I don't wear my reading glasses. The words were unfortunately and misinformed . Thank you. Rosa V

  62. Andrew, you just have to over look people in this old world that have nothing but negative attitudes, just say a pray for them and keep doing your wonderful work, I for one appreciate all the effort you put into keep our health and this world in good shape.

  63. Very sad that you have to defend yourself for doing the right thing. You're right. No good deed goes unpunished.

  64. I think what you do is absolutely wonderful. I don't know what kind of people say negative things when it comes to helping mothers so their babies will be born healthy and your solar power which helps the environment. What you charge for your products are good prices for the quality you are giving. They should walk into one of these vitamin stores and see the prices there. You keep doing what you're doing because you are caring and generous. Ellen

  65. Andrew
    Please do not allow the ignorance or arrogance of others to deter you from continuing your humanatrian efforts.
    I LOVE your products and I watch you on HSN even if I am not purchasing because you explain in such detail about the vitamins and supplements you make. Please continue to educate us and thank you for your support to those in need

  66. Hi Andrew,
    Please just know that all you've ever done is do the greatest things and share with the world. I Love all of your products, the highest quality in the world! I would never do without them, and you've always tried to make it reasonable for us, and most of us really appreciate the efforts and hard work you've put in to do the things you do for us and I'm not just saying it just to make you feel good, but because it is simply the ( Truth ), Please just know, no matter how nice or how kind you are, there's always some haters out there that don't like you and want to put their two cents in, and for a Great person like yourself, would feel every bit of it. Please just think, and know that all you've ever done is Great things! for the world, and feel Great about yourself for what you do. I really hope you can continue to do what you do. You are an Angel was sent from Heaven to do Great things and share with the world. Haters that have anything bad to say about any of it, they can look the other way ( it is simple say as that ). You have a lot more people that love you, respect you and appreciate you.
    God Bless you and your Pro Caps teams and your loved ones.

  67. It is unbelievable to me that ANYONE would find your humanitarian & environmental efforts bad……ANDREW YOU KEEP DOING WHAT YOU AND ONLY YOU CAN DO SO WELL!!! YOU ARE DESERVING OF PRAISE NOT NEGATIVITY…….
    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  68. Keep up the good work. As others have said, there will always be negative people who you can't please no matter how hard you try. I have used your products for years and know how incredible they are. One of the things I really appreciate is your use of solar power. As for your charity, God bless you. If we have too much of one thing in our Country today, it's greed. Other companies could take a page from your book.

  69. You've just given me the idea to donate your prenatal vitamins to our local Birthright and Aid to Women
    groups; and another US place for your company to consider is the Several Sources Shelters founder Kathy DiFiore which is the basis for the new movie Gimme Shelter. Godspeed Andrew and staff.

  70. Thank you Andrew: We are called to "pass it on" be loving in all we do! and you over the years are doing just that. Not only because your vitamins are the best and the price for the quality is reasonable, but because you are living as we are called, I continue to purchase your vitamins (long before you came to HSN) and recommend them to all I know. You are example of what we all can do, to pass it on, and make the world a better place. It appears that human nature, brings out opinions, how sad that if appears to be a glass half empty, one keeps it to self. I hope each negative person, receives a teachable spirit, and let go of one of rebellion. And keep eyes on what goes around, comes around.

  71. It's hard to believe that in these modern times and with all of the negative things that are going on all around the world on a daily basis, that someone, anyone would have the nerve to try and find something negative to say about Andrew Lessman :o(. Literally, Wow!, is all I can say. It just goes to show you, Andrew, that the other old saying,"You can't make everybody happy," is also true :o/. That's not on you, Andrew. Think of the millions of us that you do make happy :o) ! I for one would like to personally apologize for anything this other person might've said that made you feel uncomfortable. As far as I'm concerned you are a Saint and the world is a lot better off because of you, and also desparately needs more people like you :o) ! God Bless You, Andrew, and all of your hard work and effort to make the world we all live in a better place ! Remember that the rain falls for the just, and the unjust. Keep on doing what you do, my brother. So many of us love and need you :o) ! Peace…

  72. Andrew, I do not feel you should defend what is so wonderful about you and your company. There is no need! I agree with a previous post that jealousy has a lot to do with it. You work hard to give us great products and info and that is more than anyone else does. If I could afford solar panels, there would be solar panels on our home. I applaud you for giving prenatal vitamins to those in need. The little babies deserve a good start in life and these vitamins just might help them survive that life of poverty. We are our brothers' keeper. You are doing what I would do if I could do it. Your products are made in the USA! This is another plus. Thanks to you, my husband and I are both in good health. I gave my children and grandchildren your vitamins as Christmas gifts. That is how much I believe in your products. We appreciate so much all that you do Andrew. God bless!

  73. Bless your work, Andrew! To Kelly above: Andrew doesn't make birth control, he makes vitamins; therefore, he donates vitamins. I am thankful Andrew has approached his business with an attitude of giving while receiving. As others, I live on a very small budget; however, I still have a spirit of giving and take pleasure seeing that trait in others. I've taken Andrew's vitamins for over 20 years and will continue — even if I have to put them on my birthday wish list to get them.

  74. You know, sometimes people are so petty they want to find any reason to come down on someone. You are a good man doing good things but people want to buy your vitamins for pennies and don't want any of what they spend to go toward anybody else. I never thought that you were using the price of your vitamins to fund your charity. Even if you did, so what. Your vitamins work. Nothing else worked for me until I ordered from HSN and tried them out. They are a life saver to me and my family. This is just an attack on you to stop doing what your doing. Keep up the good work and know me and my family pray for you and support you. God bless.

  75. I am disgusted but not surprised by the negative comments – there are many angry, jealous, hateful people in our world. It is good to see how a few negative remarks elicits a barrage of positive support for what you do. A few naysayers cannot undermine the good you do. It is heartwarming to see how many support your efforts, your honesty and integrity. I still have faith in people to stand up and help those in need to the best of our ability.
    As for the comment that you should supply birth control pills instead of pre-natal vitamins, the writer misses the point. Birth control pills are part of a medical, moral and pharmaceutical issue, which has nothing to do with your company. You are helping those in need. Stand tall, Andrew, and keep up your work.

  76. Andrew: I see many comments about the price of using your vitamins and supplements. I have found that for my needs which include Ultimate Eye Support and Hair, Skin and Nails, that when taken the monthly cost into consideration, that your pure, no additive products are actually less expensive than the major "corporate" brands. I take advantage of the great specials, easy pay and free shipping when you are on HSN, and have no problem with the pricing. I stock up on the products I use when the pricing is at its best. I recommend your products to the people I love, and have many of my friends and family taking your products. Use and LOVE Muriel's cookbooks (have all 3), as well as the Organic Teas. Would not miss a day without them. You think of everything, and are so eager to share your knowledge. I watch all of your HSN broadcasts for the educational benefit. Love, love, love and trust your products.

  77. I have been using a lot of your products for many many years. You have helped me, and for that I say Thank you. You keep up the great job you are doing, I am sure your parents are very proud of you! Some people just don't know how to be nice, they have to much if the wrong thing to say.God Bless you!

  78. Hi Andrew, I am a "newbie" to your products since I only recently started ordering the vitamins, immune factors and several other products. However, I know that your products are of the highest quality and the best out there; I also know that your prices are extremely reasonable considering how excellent your products are! That being said, one of the things I admire most about you and your company is your selflessness and your efforts to help others and our planet! There are always going to be ignorant and envious people in the world – "scrooges" if you will – who spend their lonely, miserable existence criticizing the good that others do because they have nothing better to do and/or they are simply jealous. Please know that these "comments" are so beneath you and not worthy of your response! You certainly do not need to defend yourself or your actions to anyone!! You have hundreds of thousands of fans….people like me that want the best products and that admire all that you do for others. I think you are an amazing human being and I hope you will continue making your wonderful products and continue your charitable work for years and years to come. You do nothing but "pay it forward". The world is a better place because you are in it and if everyone did just a little of what you are doing, this would be a much better place for all of us! Please keep up the great work and know that your efforts never go unnoticed!!

  79. Wow, what a shame you have to defend your ethics and good deeds!!! I'm so sorry you had to do that. You know who you are and what you have done and most importantly God knows. He will reward you!!! You keep on doing what your doing and try not to let the ignorant get to you!!!! I have been a fan of you and your products for many years!! Keep up the great work!!!

  80. Andrew, you are a blessing and a gift to us from God. I have been taking your vitamins since I was 31 and am 48 now. Please do not be discouraged by the few naysayers, as the people who value you and are immensely grateful to you are 1,000 to 1. The lives you have touched, through your hard work, knowledge, kindness are too many to count. You are one of the most ethical people I can think of. Please don't ever stop what you are doing and you have NOTHING explain or justify. THANK YOU and God Bless.

  81. I am sure it was someone who had hate in their heart and mind. I know your vitamins are costly. But the products you buy at grocery or drug stores (and yes sometimes even in health food stores) are ineffective with low quality ingredients. Just the other day my sister in California found toothpaste at Sprouts with laurel sulfate in it…..really…a health store……guess you cannot trust their products either without reading the labels….
    I promote Procap vitamins to all who care to listen, and say nothing when they rag me on how much money I spend……….. on expensive pee. All the prescription drugs people take also result in expensive pee, but while its in my body its being utilized –
    Thank you for your products!
    Peace and love………..Wendy

  82. Sigh…I guess some people would be unhappy and negative if you hung them with a new rope!! Bless their hearts. Andrew, we all love you and appreciate all that you do to help us get/remain healthy! Please continue the good work. Take care, and keep smiling!

  83. For those of us who are very passionate about our careers, criticism can be very hurtful. It is our giving spirit that also makes us vulnerable, but would we want to change that? I join countless others who applaud everything you do, Andrew, for mankind and the planet! God bless you and keep you!

  84. Andrew I have been a loyal customer of yours Great products for many years. I have strayed and bought over the counter, and at health food stores, BUT NOT THE QUALITY AND Great price when you consider all the purity and love ,dedication you put into the products WHY BECAUSE YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO FOR ALL OF US It is like we are your family I love it when you give such detailed information on each product when you are on HSN Love you and GOD GIVE YOU THE CONTINUED HEALTH AND MEANS TO CONTINUE YOUR WONDERFUL FOR MANKIN . I even share your info with my DOCTORS WHEN THEY ASK WHY (thank God ) I never really get sick and need their services only for routine work and checkups

  85. Andrew: I have been one of your customers for over 12 years, so I can attest to the quality of your vitamins, especially your CoQ10.
    With that said, I can't imagine how anyone can question your integrity on the most important things in this world–our fellow human beings and our planet, especially when your products speak for themselves.
    We should be glad that we have a human being like you and hope that others of all ages will emulate you.

  86. Thank you. Well said. We don't always realize that poverty "conditions" in the US are nothing compared to third world countries. Additionally, we have a variety of broader and stronger support systems available.

  87. I applaud your efforts to help those in need.As a matter of fact i wouldnt mind paying a little extra for your products knowing that somehow Im helping those who need it most.

  88. Andrew – you are the best of the best! Don't change at all…the world needs more people like you!
    Happy New Year!

  89. This is the first I am hearing that you donate prenatal vitamins and I think it is absolutely wonderful! I am grateful to have access to your high quality prenatal vitamins and feel really good about consuming them everyday for my baby. I know that I am giving her the best possible care that I can before she is even born, with your supplements ensuring that she gets all of the vitamins and minerals she needs to develop properly. My mom had my older brother just 40 years ago, young and without good medical care/insurance. As crazy as it sounds to me now, the awareness level of the significance of prenatal vitamins even in this country at that time was low to someone as herself and my brother actually has a skin disease linked to a vitamin deficiency while she was carrying him. Seeing that can happen to someone as herself here in the US (and I'm sure it STILL happens today), I can only imagine the need in undeveloped countries. I am now only that much more proud of taking your supplements, knowing that your humanitarian efforts are even broader than I had realized. Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless you in your efforts. You will never really know how many lives you have touched with your calling!

  90. The surest way to fail is to try to please everybody. Andrew, your character far proceeded any of this silliness, yet you STILL went the extra half-mile to defend your already established reputation.Fear not.

  91. Andrew, you make the best vitamins in the world. You are very educated in your field. I am grateful for your vitamins as they made me very healthy. I am sorry some people are underestimating you. They are ignorant in the true meaning of the word and do not know what they are talking about.

  92. I have applauded your efforts with prenatal vitamins and solar panels. When ever I tell someone about your vitamins I also mention those two issues. I believe they do speak to your values. I am proud to support a company that supports these issues.

  93. How can anyone in the world be against clean energy and giving vitamins away to the less fortunate to help them have a chance to have healthier babies?
    Any negative comments in regards to doing the RIGHT THING should be ignored. They are most likely written by someone who needs more help than any of your vitamins can give! Do you make something for the terminally negative, ignorant and foul?
    BTW, I love your products, your responsibility in making them as pure as possible without additives using clean energy, and your focus on real research.

  94. Andrew, I love your product and have used them off and on for years even when you were on a different shopping channel. I can't imagine anyone being that negative. You care about people and their health and what is put in their body. You do plenty of research to keep up to date, so you can give us the best out there. Thank you and please keep up the good work.

  95. Dear Andrew
    My grandmother always said the only thing you take with you to heaven is that which you have given away in your lifetime. Your heart and soul will be very full in heaven

  96. Andrew you are an angel to many women/children who have died in childbirth over the last years. I don't understand the hatred that people spew – it is of jealousy – nothing else. My husband and I have our own non-profit helping to feed and clothe the homeless in Tampa. We have had friends chastise us as they tell us the homeless only want a free handout and they don't want to work. We know that isn't true and for the last 10 years continue to help those who truly need it. We are seniors and sometimes it is hard on a SS budget but every Sunday we do what God wants us to do – help those less fortunate. You are among those angels helping the less fortunate.

  97. Dear Andrew..I have been using your products for many years..and try not to ever miss watching your presentations..I love yourproducts so much…and…you……you are a great teacher…..and…I know that there have always been a percentage of people who complain about everything….they somehow…live with some darkness in their hearts…I send them compassion…..and hope that gratitude will fill them…..we are only on earth for a minute…and to help others …is joyful……you, dear Andrew….are inspirational…keep living with your open heart…I send good thoughts to you as you continue ….to share….and I thank HSN…because without them…So many would not have been exposed to you……….blessings, Mary.

  98. Dear Andrew, I agree will all the positive statements everyone said. Don't ever worry about your great quest to keep the world a healthier place. Your mother is right. You're the best!!! To a healthy and happy you. Celeste

  99. I cannot imagine anyone taking umbrage to either issue. What you are doing for needy women all over this world is nothing short of wonderful. I would really like to know what the complainer is all about. Seems to be someone who needs to take issue with everyone and everything. All I can say to that person(s) is GET A LIFE. As far as the solar panels are concerned, anything we can do to contribute to the health of our planet is a blessing. Andrew, keep doing what you're doing. I give you credit for even dignifying these absurd comments with a response,

  100. Thank you for protecting the fragile – but no less precious – lives of the not-yet-born. God bless you, Andrew!

  101. Andrew,
    I find your products to be fantastic. And love the work that you do with woman & unborn children to support their health. I was also greatly attracted to your product due to the fact that you are environmentally conscientious, by using Solar Power thus reducing your carbon footprint. There are jealous people in the world, who like to make negative comments because they are not happy with their own lives. I am sorry that you have to experience that.

  102. Andrew, please do not stop what you are doing!!! I began taking your vitamins before the days of HSN and will continue to do so. Your vitamins are what keeps many of us healthy. You will continue to have my support regardless of what people may say!! Keep up the good work!!!
    note – perhaps those who posted the remarks are jealous of your excellent work.

  103. My family has been blessed to have you and your products apart of our lives for many years Andrew. It saddens me but doesn't surprise me, that someone is always out there looking for a negative spin. We thank you for your commitment to our lives, your commitment to the worldwide community and your commitment to our education. We were just talking about it over the holidays, that if it wasn't for the information you share with us about our health, our bodies and the supplements, we wouldn't have the quality of life we enjoy today. Without you Andrew, how would we ever get this kind of factual information on supplements anywhere else? I feel like you've given us college degrees in "supplement awareness" over the years. We continue to be humbled by your investment in our well being.

  104. Andrew, keep your chin up! You, as well as all of us, know you make remarkable products in an efficient, cost-effective manner. I have never thought, for one minute, that you were raising the price of your products to cover the costs of donating your vitamins to needy women. I swear, I think there are people with nothing to do all day but to write negative reviews of products-sometimes, they are warranted, but many times they are not, and seem almost comical and often are written using very poor english and misspelled words. Your mother was right with her words of wisdom. Complaints about your using solar panel energy is nothing less than plain ignorance. Keep doing what you are doing-you do it well. God bless.

  105. Often the people who react negatively about someone efforts to help are the first in line when the help benefits them directly. The bottom line is the choice is theirs if they purchase the vitamins or not, and the choice is yours what you do with the profits from that sale. Continue your efforts to help our world, if more of us would go out of our way to help, theworld would see amazing results.

  106. Like you Andrew, I am baffled at the amount of ignorance in today's world (really birth control pills?) and hurtful comments that people feel comfortable making on public message boards. Stay true to yourself and your mission to serve other less fortunate people and continue bringing us the best vitamins money can buy. Like my favorite comedian Ron White says, "You can't fix stupid." No vitamin for that condition.

  107. Andrew, I am so sorry that you had to address these two issues. I support and applaud both the prenatal donations and solar energy. I am not sure why people are so tiny-hearted that they would ever make a fuss about all of the positive changes that you have made in the lives of so many. I will continue to support you and the amazing products that you create and manufacture. You are a true visionary and humanitarian!

  108. Andrew I was quite taken back when I read about the negativity being written regarding you and your company. I have been taking your vitamins since you first introduced them on HSN many, many years ago. I love your products and believe in the science that you take the time to explain to us. As far as your vitamins being "expensive" that is not true, you pay for what you get, sometimes, in the case of your vitamins the value far exceeds the cost. Some are even less expensive than when you introduced them, simply unbelievable. As far as being a "earth conscious" company and converting your plant to solar is amazing. If more of our manufacturing plants invested in the environment like procaps has, we could be making some bigger strides for the future of "Mother Earth", and the future of our children.
    As far as your charitable foundation, I think that it is great that you give so much to women all around the world. Why would someone fault you for that. I think that you are a great person and your love for humanity and the environment comes across every time you on on the air. I love you Andrew, what you stand for and your passion for what you believe in, may God continue to bless you!

  109. Andrew don't worry about what negative people say. You know the reason why you do what you do. Know matter what good you do there are always going to be people that are negative. We just have to pray for them. GOD is proud of you for trying to help your needed sisters. I have watched you on TV for many years and I can tell you are a Godly person. Don't let what people say change you. You don't even have to explain anything if you don't want to because your father in heaven knows. Just keep on doing the good you do for the people of the world. Your father in heaven likes this. You make him proud. You make us happy with your products. Love you Andrew

  110. Andrew…Next time please do not even acknowledge ignorance by feeling you have to explain yourself. In your heart you know why you do what you do and that is all that matters. There are enough of us who love you and understand you. Don't ever feel the need to justify yourself to anyone ! A world full of you would be fine with me. Take care my friend : )

  111. Andrew, unfortunately there will always be naysayers. Keep doing what you know in your heart is 'right'!!! While your Mom told you as a child that “you can’t keep everyone happy all the time" – mine said 'you can't be friends with everyone.' Similar context that's also applicable to this situation. If I took to heart what every 'Debbie Downer' said on a bulletin board ??!! OYYY!

  112. Those old says have been around so long because there is a kernel of truth in each one. It's unfortunate that is the case with both sayings you mentioned and their relation to the prenatal vitamin donations and your use of solar panels. Both are in line with your approach to life and it's sad that this post needed to be written. I applaud your efforts at trying to make the world a better, kinder place. Keep doing what you're doing, Andrew.

  113. Andrew as in anything good and helpful and benefiting others in a positive way there will always be negative mindsets that are totally set on being pessimistic, thinking everyone has an agenda with ulterior motives.
    sorry such persons are so unhappy and unfulfilled. Blessings!

  114. Andrew, keep up the outstanding work! Your values about helping others and your high quality vitamins are the absolute best. I just went to the eye doctor and had to get weaker glasses because my eyes got stronger. Thank you.

  115. I did not know about your wonderful generosity. It so sad to see how selfish and petty people can be in this world. The world needs more people like you who truly care what happens to humans on this beautiful planet we live on. We are meant to share and care for each other. Keep up your great work and generosity.

  116. I applaud both your desire to help needy pregnant women with your pre-natal vitamins and to utilize solar power to conserve energy. Both say so much about who you are as a person and I hope you will never be swayed by negative persons to change any of your beliefs. I take many of your supplements and thank you for all the research and effort you put into bringing us pure ingredients that make such a difference in our lives. I look forward to your HSN visits and the special offers you bring us.
    PS I was trying to change my e-mail address and ended up unsubscribing instead somehow. Can you please make sure the e-mail address above continues to receive your blogs and articles? Thanks and God Bless.

  117. The anonymous nature of the internet is emboldening a lot of people to be mean and hateful. It is not a good trend. Keep doing what you are doing. I believe the loving voices will drown them out eventually.

  118. Wow, Andrew. This is a surprise to hear. I don't read the reviews often unless I am trying one of your products for the first time; so, I had not seen these reviews. They must have such little lives and I am afraid to say are likely jealous of the good you are doing and/or the success you enjoy.
    Sad state in America now. You only have to be interested / involved in day to life (especially politics) on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, .. to see that people want to be noticed; are being encouraged by some to be jealous of accomplishments of others as opposed to celebrate; and/or people have a lot of negative feelings in part due to the direction the country is going; and to attack the capitalism which makes this country great and lifts many out of poverty. So un American to treat others in such a way.
    Please keep up the great effort and know many more appreciate you vs. find fault in your efforts.

  119. Dear Andrew,
    I have long been a person that knows quality when I see it. Anyone that it that petty, I say consider the source.
    I love to watch you when your are on air, because of all the informative information that you so willing pass on to me. I am a nurse, and have look at many other brands. There is not a product out there that can compare to yours.The only thing that preempts this is your generosity. I guess there are others that can't get there head wrapped around a person that gives back. If there were more such as yourself this world would be in a much better place. I can only pray for that lost soul and hope they will some day appreciate the goodness in all that you do.
    I have a really hard time with the fact that there are those that have so much and act as though the rest of the world is just fine. God Bless you and continue to go forward and the universe and God will continue to bless you and yours and us with this source of good health.

  120. Like you, I am nonplussed by any negativity associated with helping the unfortunate, including the environment. Only benefit can be the outcome of your donations and your reduction of fossil fuel use with your solar panels. Only intellectually and sociologically "stunted" people could arrive at this type of negativity. Don't give them any benefit, or satisfaction with a reaction to their vacuous existence. Carpe Omnia !

  121. I find it so very hard to believe that anyone in their "Right Mind" could have a problem with your ethics, generosity and how you run your company. Sometimes ignorance is just plain sad. I just can't figure that it could be anything else. Keep doing what you are doing and know how very appreciated you, your products and your company are!

  122. I can't believe anyone would be upset with either of those issues. I believe you make a superior product and have referred many people to them. I hope you can brush off the negative comments. If someone disapproves with the way a business is run, they don't need to support it by purchases, but I think one of the great things is how important it is that you give back. Thank you for making such quality products!

  123. Hi Andrew! I'm so sorry you had to deal with some ignorant, hateful comments. I think sometimes "certain" people's attitudes are fueled by some jealousy. You are a generous man & a charitable company as a whole. I have been a satisfied customer for over 10 years. Your supplements have added a great quality to my life & I know the lives of so many others. I am glad you wrote that letter to "us";but I am sorry that you had to explain yourself; when it is quite obvious everything you do has good intentions! Keep up the good work & I agree with your mom (sounds like something my mom would say also 🙂 Thank you for all that you do to improve the lives of so many around the world & please keep up the incredible job you are doing. Janis H.

  124. Andrew….those comments were probably from other supplement manufacturers…don't pay any attention to them. Your products are wonderful and your generosity is a blessing to many.

  125. Dear Andrew,
    After reading your message here, I too am speechless!! And that is all the time I will devote to that nonsense!
    I would rather devote my precious time to telling you I am so thankful for you and the quality products you make and the way you make them.
    I am unable to express how grateful I am that your products are of such quality, and that they have been very instrumental in returning me back to good health.
    I also want to tell you I am so very thankful and proud of you for the donation of all the prenatal vitamins. I work as a postpartum nurse and see just how much prenatal vitamins and education to pregnant women on good nutrition really makes huge difference.
    May God continue to bless you and your company with peace, joy, and prosperity for many years to come so that you may continue to bless and help so many as you have already.

  126. Just consider the source Andrew,as my husband used to say some people would not be happy if hung with a new rope. You have no idea how loved and respected you are for all you for us.Some folks laugh when they see all of your products I take,but I would never take any product not made by you,because I want and think at almost 83 I deserve the best.Thank you Andrew and please know all your work is blessed by God and a blessing to all of us you give the gift of good health;

  127. I am stunned that you have received criticism about your generous donations and the use of solar energy. Those people must either hate mothers and children or own oil companies! Just ignore these ignorant folks. The rest of us greatly appreciate and respect all you do to benefit society. Whenever I recommend your products, I am PROUD to inform people of your 100% use of solar energy to produce them. Don't change a thing you do, Andrew. We love you and your efforts!

  128. Just like some people always look on the bright side, some look for a negative side. Even if there isn't one, these creative folks will create it. Its an unfortunate waste but such is life. Its good to know that the prenatal vitamins are separate from the cost of the products but quite frankly, even if it wasn't I wouldn't have an issue with it. I would see it as my small contribution to a great cause. I think you should allow people to contribute to your foundation because so many people are inspired to help when you talk about it that its a shame not to give them an outlet. But if you choose to do so, you may need to distance yourself from it somewhat in order to avoid stupid accusations. That would be a difficult choice. One can tell a lot about a person by how they spend their discretionary cash, that you choose to use yours to help poor women and babies really says it all.

  129. Don't sweat the small stuff Andrew. You do good work, make fine products and run an outstanding business. No matter how hard you try, there's always someone you can't please. Don't let the negative stuff get you down.

  130. Hmmm…sounds very possible that your success has ticked off a competitive company, which is a "hard pill" for them to swallow. Just keep being successful and we will all benefit.

  131. Andrew, I'm not surprised at such ignorance in some people. There are always those who think negatively about everything in life!
    I owned a sport nutrition store, and because your vitamins can't be sold in retail stores, I still chose to buy your vitamins instead of taking those in my store. Your products work while I have never felt the difference taking other brands in my life. (I have tried many brands!) They are not as expensive as people might think for what it does for your body and how it makes you feel! People spend MORE monies on products that are popular due to media but do nothing for you!
    I love how you educate us on how and why we should take them. Then it's our choice to purchase the ones that best fit our needs. Continue to do the good work that you have been doing Andrew! I will continue to purchase your vitamins for the rest of my life!

  132. Mr. Lessman you seem like a kind and caring human being. You will be blessed
    for the kindness you have shown to the less fortunate among us. If people talked
    badly about Jesus Christ who are we as human beings to have someone speak badly
    about us. God Bless.
    Ms. Pat

  133. I understand how outraged some of your customers are about the question of the donations. Because there are so many women in this country who need the help. I believe the question of what was asked or stated was it seemed to some that you were helping other countries and not the USA. But I am so shocked at all the name calling by many who agree with your efforts. Its so childish to come to your defense in that manner. Just because someone questions or disagrees does not make them ignorant, etc. That is so high school. I feel this forum should be open to express how we feel, but not to degrade others for the views expressed. Come on people, please there needs to be some discretion and an ounce of respect for each others views. Andrews efforts are to be commented and to be unkind in response just fuels the fire. In the same manner I do not care for some of the views Andrew gives about other products he does not believe in and does not sell, that I have found to be working for me. That does not make him any less smarter than the other person, its just his right to express his views on the subject.. So lets all try to just listen and not judge.

  134. Dear Andrew~
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, informed or not. I always like to hear what the “naysayers” have to say… just in case I missed something. So, when I got the e-mail about your blog post, I read your blog. Then I googled “HSN and ‘Am I the only one’” so I could read the comments. I was heartily disappointed in that I didn’t miss a thing. Not one single thing.
    But then I watch you on HSN even if I’m not planning on buying anything. In fact, I LOVE watching you on HSN. I learn something new all the time. I may not buy the product, but I come away better informed by someone I believe knows what he is talking about and who cares. What a gift!
    I remember the first time I saw you on HSN. What made me perk up and pay attention was that you were talking about your solar panels (my dad was so jealous!) and green initiatives. I was impressed by your foresight. I especially loved that the panels created a sort of roof over parking spaces, which kept them cool. Someone sure was thinking! I started listening more closely. When you were done, I went to my computer and googled your company to see what else I could find out. Again, I was impressed. Then another time you were on HSN I heard you talk about donating prenatal vitamins. My kind of company… whether I buy your products or not.
    I thank all those who were bothered enough by your vitamin donations and solar panels to find fault with you publicly (and that you were bothered enough to respond). They have given me the opportunity to say thank you… thank you for doing what you do, for caring, for giving, for being you. Thank you!

  135. Sorry, on my comment posted today, I referred to Alice Makowski's comment and agreed 100% of what she said. I stated that her comment was "today the 31st" – She actually posted her comment on the 30th. She said it best – read hers. Thanks

  136. Andrew, I applaud you for your courage and your kind generosity. I don't understand how anyone can find fault with donating vitamins and looking out for the environment. But as your mother told you, you will never be able to please everyone. Continue your good work and providing us with great products. I fully support the work you are doing.

  137. I have always been proud to be one of your customers, not only because of the quality of your products but also because of your social and environmental conscience. I can imagine how disturbing it must be for you to read negative remarks.. for someone to do that they are just trying to find support or kinship of other impossible to satisfy people.. and there are plenty of them out there expecially in forums and message boards. Thankfully, you recognize the appreciation of many many others like myself who simply shake our heads in embarrassment, that anyone would pick on YOU.. who do so much for our wellbeing. Fondly, wendy

  138. Andrew, thanks for all that you do. We need more people like you to be concerned about our environment. I just turned 70 and I have a Chevy Volt and love it. Have only put 9 gallons of gasoline in 1 year and getting 250 mpg. I'm doing my part and thankful others are. Your concern for mothers of unborn children is God's gift to our world through you. Again Thanks!

  139. There are those people who only dwell on negativity, they can be so cruel and have the need to try and bring others down!!! Keep up the good work Andrew, we love you because you care and bring us the best of the best products. You are a good person and have a lot of compassion. Thank you Andrew for being that person who cares for others. Thank you for all you have done and God Bless.

  140. Fret not, Andrew. Don't let these few ignorant Nervous Nellies get to you. They can't even spell. They spell "we" with an "m", not a "w". They reek with overwhelming selfishness. Stay the course you know is right!

  141. Why didn't these people bother to find out how these donations are financed before complaining? After a recent Today's Special someone was so upset that the specials were always bundled. It doesn't take more than a glance at the offerings to see that the special could be ordered as a bundle or as a single product. These are examples of ignorance by choice. It reminds me of the Proverb: "For one who answers before he hears, the upshot is irrelevance and humiliation."
    (Pr 18:13, Byington's)
    Andrew, thank you for ALL you do!

  142. Andrew, Thank you for all that you do for us, your vitamins help tremendously. Your generosity is above and beyond, I am glad that you help so many women and their unborn children who are taking your vitamins. As for the solar panels, you are a smart man for taking advantage of what the earth gives us naturally to light your facility. I am upset that some people are giving you negative feed back. Your heart is always in the right place and I enjoy watching and learning form you.

  143. Andrew, God gave the earth the sun because he new we would need it. you have found a way to use what he gave us for a good purpose. your giving not taking

  144. Andrew, what other CEO garners this much respect and admiration? None that I can name. Please feel hugged and thanked!! I believe you are familiar with “Do not let your fire go out, or lose your spark…" – Ann Rand

  145. Andrew, Thank you for your passion, inspiration and continuing pursuit of wellness. You follow your heart and trust that those of us who believe in you are behind you. I was buying your vitamins before I knew about your prenatal donations and solar powered company. I love that you educate us when you are on HSN and last year I started buying your vitamins as birthday, or" just because I love you" for several family members who are unable to afford to purchase them. Because of your prenatal donations I have paid it forward too and am content that my purchase of your vitamins are going to my loved ones.

  146. Hi Andrew,
    Pay no attention to negative complainers. I think the person who made negative comments about generating/using solar power and objected to providing improved lives for other women was made by a seriously demented person. There seems to be a few people that must be negative about things that do not affect or pertain to them, and there are those who are bitter that others get help.
    I have many health problems because my parents were not concerned to get minimum essential and needed care at critical times, and I suffered my whole life. You are an amazingly wonderful person.
    I'm sure heaven will give a parade when you get to the gate!
    Keep on! We need you as Congressperson or future president; we have too many entitled Republicans that prefer women/children suffer so they can take an extra half-million dollars home to increase their luxuries.
    God bless you and wish you a wonderful future,

  147. Dear Andrew: There are many people in this world who are chronic complainers and whiners, I find its best to realize this and not respond to them as that will entice them even more in their need for attention or to push some kind of agenda, thank you for appearing on HSN and educating us on health and nutrition and our body's need for nutrients.

  148. Andrew, love. Consider the source. So many people benefit from your expertise, generosity, and enthusiasm. The world is a better place because you are here, and you give from your heart without question. Many hugs to you from this (20+ years!) customer and fan. God bless you.

  149. Andrew, I have been taking your supplements for several years and started taking them because after watching you explain how they are made, where they are made, what they do and do not contain and your knowledge of each supplement I was sold. I was also sold because I think you are a genuine, compassionate person who cares about helping others be it in the form of health or the environment (and probably many other ways that we are not aware of). Recently my 19 year old son asked me if he should take vitamins. I directed him to your videos on HSN so he could listen to your explanations about supplements. He also believes in you and we are now sharing vitamins. What better way to give back to mankind than by donating prenatal vitamins to women in need so their babies have a better chance for a healthy life! And to run your company 100% on solar power is nothing but commendable. Shame on those who criticize another's compassion. I always look forward to being educated about health and supplements from you!

  150. People seem to need to complain. Usually it is about something they know little about. Ignore these small minded people. Pity them but do not take what they say to heart. I know you and your products and I admire and respect you very much.

  151. Any Internet list or thread of comments, no matter what the subject, seems to leave some folks with the need to vent their negativity, no matter how good the cause or people who are involved's intent. I participate in fewer and fewer lists because of this. Don't worry about a few nay-sayers, Andrew. 99.9% of your customers support and applaud your dedication to both the prenatal vitamins and the solar powered initiatives you have taken. Even if that was not the case, you are living in line with your values and ideals. We should all be striving to do that and to heck with what anyone else has to say about it. Your supplements have greatly benefitted me. I have been totally disabled for over 17 years and it takes a lot to have a positive impact on my quality of life. Thank you for that! Don't worry about anyone trying to feel big by taking a shot at someone doing some good in this world.

  152. PLEASE keep doing what you do and I agree with your mom you can't please all the people all the time as for me I thank God for you.

  153. Such is the state of civility in the USA these days when these "Religious Right Wing" nut jobs feel it is OK to spew their hate, bigotry and racism into public forums. It's not just your helping starving sick mothers and children. Look at the "Hate the Gays" "Kill the Gays" laws they are responsible for inciting all over Africa, the Balkans and Russia. These people are evil and would gun down anyone not like them in America more often than they do if they could get away with it. Keep up your generous humanitarian work and help to the environment. Maybe you will save a child that will have the answers to future water and food shortages for the USA and global populations.

  154. I admit I've often wondered if the women to whom the prenatals are given are followed.
    Not that even one months worth of vitamins isn't helpful!
    But can you tell us, Andrew, if these women in desperate need are given more than a 30 day supply of prenatal vitamins? Are they supplied for the entire pregnancy, and even into the nursing months?
    In any case, this giving is wonderful, and I commend you for it!

  155. I have been with you as day one at HSN, and will be with you as long as I am here. I love the great feeling your vitamins give me. And I am healthy because of them. Don't let those busy bodies rain on your parade. Keep up the good work, we need you and your products.

  156. Haven't seen that negative post, but let me respond to selfishness with selfishness — when I purchase a Lessman product, the knowledge that my purchase is helping mothers & their babies on the way rocks my world! I smile, I feel great knowing that in caring for myself I can help others through Andrew's prenatal program. It's the icing on the cake of my purchase! In turn my happiness to be in this wellness transaction no doubt boosts my immune system, connects my psyche to goodness, and sets in motion my own wellness systems. There's the enlightened self interest — benefits to me & all of us who participate! Thank you for the opportunity Andrew. I am smiling selfishly that I have grabbed some of your goodness, aligning with its good deeds!

  157. Thank you Andrew for all that you do. All my life, I took notice of those who didn't really put much stock in good nutrition & thru the years watched the very same people, fall to ill health. Your products give me so many choices & motivation to do better every day. your explanations are above & beyond. Teaching others to understand 'why' this is needed is 1/2 the battle. As an R.N., & thru my career, I have tried to make others understand the benefits of good nutrition & that 'your' products were the best I've ever connected to.
    You believe in what you do…and it shows !…………Thank You, Joan

  158. Dear Andrew,
    I am pleased to spend lots of money on your products because I know I am getting the highest quality and the best result. I would not care if you used the profits from your sales to fund your prenatal vitamins after all it is your company and your money! Thank you thank you for all of the information and great products! Keep them coming:) Please ignore the negativity and keep spreading your positive refreshing message.

  159. Andrew, I believe in your products and purchase many of them. I believe they are produced with the utmost concern for quality. It seems odd to me that anyone would complain about your solar approach to production or your kind donations to women that need the prenatal vitamins you provide. I've always thought ignorance to be an unforgivable sin, yet perhaps in this case the people writing negative comments are just confused. It is impressive on your part to open this to the customers you have to comment on their thoughts. You are impressive and your products have helped me for years. Thank you for your efforts both at work and in allowing us to comment. You can see that the vast majority of responses are in favor of all you do. Thank you. Ignore the negatives, they just don't make sense.

  160. Your products have improved my life, & reduced my pain, so it always makes me feel better to know that if I buy these products it is helping others. Can't beelieve any one would complain about improving the envirerment. Only takes a few to spoil the pot. Don't allow it.!!!!

  161. Look at all the wonderful posts supporting what you do. That's the real story here, how many people's lives you've touch in a most positive way. Thanks for making my life better. In the meantime we've got your back.

  162. I, too, was shocked to see negative comments about your positive actions… I can only feel pity for these kinds of people for they are lost, in a way, and feel so badly, have such low esteems that the only way they can feel good about themselves, to give themselves false power is in trying to lower the self esteems of others. Perhaps some good will come out of this for them because when they read all these wonderful, uplifting, statements about you, your integrity and your company, it just may open their eyes to the truth and start a healing process…. lets, hope so… I started with your and your vitamins the very first day you aired on HSN and I will continue always… Your vitamins are exceptional, and you are even more so.

  163. Andrew my hubby and I love your products . I was in agony with stomach pain until I started several of your digestive products . I cannot thank you enough . I love the idea of you donating to women in need and the fact that you are doing your part to save our planet . The person or persons that said those things are just ignorant and hateful . I on the other hand am very political and have been exposed to this kind of ignorance a lot . Keep up the good work .

  164. Dear Andrew,
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your products, hard work, generous nature and your solar panels. I am truly sadden by who ever wrote those comments. Finally someone who truly cares about his products and customers and is doing all the right things and these people have the nerve to question it. I don't understand these people. How does one get that jaded? Andrew, the world should be more like you. I have to say I get nervous when I eat something because of the fear of salmonella. When I take medication I fear side effects. When I take your supplements I have no fear at all. I trust you completely. That is saying something. Love to you. Thanks again.

  165. Andrew, ignore the idiots who made the negative comments. They, obviously, need your brain supplements. Doing the right thing is its own reward, and you are doing the right thing.

  166. Andrew
    Thank you so much for the best vitamins and educating all of us.
    I have been taking your supplements for 15 years and I look forward
    To many years of feeling great . Hang in there. Sometimes that's all
    We can do. You are a good person.

  167. Andrew
    There has been and always will be people who find fault in everyone and everything. Ignore them. You know you are helping what difference does these nay Sayers comments have on you, someone can only make you feel bad with your consent.

  168. Andrew
    Keep doing what you're doing. From watching your show and buying your vitamins since 1999, I know that the opposition will only make you stronger and I love that about you. One question though, can you open a store in your factory so we can buy it directly from you without having it shipped a few miles away? Please, please, please?

  169. I first tried ProCaps BECAUSE you donate prenatal vitamins and BECAUSE you went solar. Found I liked the products too so I'm still with you 5 years later. I've done my homework and there's just a few companies I would buy from and your prices are substantially better than theirs. Even if the reverse were true, I would still buy from you because of your amazing leadership in making this a better world.
    You're the real deal and I for one am grateful, not only because you ended my ever ongoing hunt for the safest, best supplements, but because I get to share in your efforts whenever I make a purchase. What more can a person ask for from their supplement company?
    BTW, I had a total stranger go ballistic on me once for moving a baby bird out of the road. According to her I shouldn't have helped the bird when there are people in need. Pretty sure people like that aren't doing anything.

  170. Andrew, pay no attention to those negative responses. We hope you realize how everyday you are helping to change peoples lives. Your wisdom and knowledge is a gift from God. We need you! Stay healthy,strong and safe. Blessings.

  171. I have been using your products for a number of years and am more than satisfied with them. They are easy to swallow and digest which can otherwise be a big deal for me. Finding out several years back, that your manufacturing process was entirely solar powered, was just extra icing on the cake. I wish there were many more companies that were such a good steward of our planet and its resources. Also, I really can't understand why anyone would object to you donating prenatal vitamins to women in need. That being said, if people want to donate to your prenatal project, I think you should accept their kindness and their cash. You could help so many more women and babies. Kudos to your ethics, your products and your foundation. Thanks Andrew!

  172. Andrew, I am so sorry that you had to read such negative comments. Your honesty and integrity shine forth each time you talk about you company and products. My family has been using your products for years with much success. You are certainly admired for your kindness and care of humanity. Please continue – we all need you and what you do for the world. Thank you Andrew and God's blessings upon you!

  173. Dear Andrew, I too am saddened to hear of those negative comments made to you implying actions by you other than those coming from a place of social responsibility, kindness, and compassion. Please be assured that I will defend you, as will others, who understand and agree with your actions. I hope you will consider allowing those of us who would wish to do so to contribute to your charity because it is one that we also believe in and support. I wish you and those whom you love many blessings and the strength to continue your work to help repair the world and make it a better place.

  174. Andrew, I wouldn't care if it did raise the price of my vitamins. We have politicians wasting my tax dollars to buy influence and I do not have a choice. I have a choice to buy Procaps and thank heavens you are providing them. I trust the integrity of your products. My health depends on your integrity. We have billionaires who pour millions into influencing elections. Everyone ought to be happy you put your dollar down to help kids. who can never make up for missing pre natal nutrition later on. If anyone would choose the right vitamins for kids, it would be A Lessman. I would give the naysayers the benefit of the doubt. The economy is bad, and people fear they cannot buy what they need, so they lash out. I ask God to bless them, and make them seek their true enemies. Vitamins are pricey, but if I had to put together what I get from you, from other sources, it would cost me more and leave me worried about the quality and origins of what I buy. As for solar, you moved to the desert to avoid humidity which degradess vitamins. In return, you have to keep the ingredients cool and that takes expensive air conditioning. I have tried capping my own, and humidity and heat can ruin product. Solar absorbs the sun to make electricity, but also sucks up heat around the panels. If you were elsewhere, you would be running expensive de humidifiers. Plus, the desert is less polluted. My friends in retail say everyone is coming in angry because they feel the country is being run into the ground by idiot politicians blowing money, running up debt, and driving up prices with nutty laws. It isn't you. Have heart. You are loved

  175. Talk about being speechless !! I can't believe anyone would have such negative views and make such negative comments about your good deeds — we must consider the source, and feel sorry for them… Your integrity and values add greatly to my reasons why I ONLY BUY YOUR VITAMINS, which are the best on earth !! You are a true blessing, never doubt the positive support you will always have. I DVR your shows every time you are on HSN and I have learned so much from you. THANK YOU !!

  176. You are wonderful and I think what you do for the enviroment and for mankind is fabulous! I have been up all night with leg cramps because when you were on HSN with the special on the vein support for some reason it would not recognize my password even though I was already signed in. Your vein support is beyond outstanding and I must get some more of them! You should be proud of who you are and what you stand for -you are an outstanding man and I tell everyone I know how great your products are.

  177. Just wanted to add my gratitude for your outstanding humanitarian efforts. I am so very proud to purchase quality vitamins & supplements from a company headed by a caring, generous individual such as yourself. My mother used to tell me "it takes all kinds". I don't believe that. The world does not need mean-spirited, small-minded, unbelievably ignorant people. Please keep doing what you are doing Andrew. We are all the better for your kindness and compassion.

  178. As a long-time political activist and former elected official, not to mention current president of our local League of Women Voters, I can't understand your lack of interest in politics, Andrew. But that is the only way in which I take exception to your message. Personally, I am overwhelmed to learn more and more about your dedication to the conservation of our fragile (and getting more so) planet. And I continue to be impressed by your continuing contribution of prenatal supplements to women in need. Alas, I guess we will always have among us some people who simply cannot reach out to others, who fail to see the humanity in every one of God's creatures, and who lose by their introspection the joy of seeing love manifest. Keep up your good work. And, on another topic, I encourage you to go on living your own private life privately. Everyone has the right to do so, and you, perhaps, more than most, since you are so very open about so much of your professional life. Enjoy your life!!

  179. Your Mother was absolutely right. You cannot make everyone happy all of the time ! Due to your integrity your Mother instilled in you – you care & you are doing what is right. Thank you for that!

  180. Dear Andrew,
    You are a First Class Act and do not change a thing. I admire the way you do business at Prolabs both donation and enviromental positive impact. I happen to think its bloody wonderful. You are one of the most calm serene people I have ever seen on tv you have a great zen to you. You show great effort and concern for all people and their well-being so boo hisss to naysayers. Some people always look for the negative in any situation no matter what others do. So I say zen on let it flow by believe me when I say they are in a club all by their lonesome self. I purchase your vitamins and love them and have had great experiences in their use. All I would ask these folks what have you done for your fellow humanity or enviroment ? Case closed.
    Vicki D. Mi

  181. Andrew Andrew
    Please don't let the negative comments touch you. You not only make & market the best vitamins in the market, you educate us & that is so very, very important. I truly believe God place you on this earth to do exactly what you are doing. I have been using your products for several years & even when I don't make a purchase I listen to you because you make me a more informed consumer & that alone makes you priceless. I wouldn't dream of buying any other vitamins but yours. I commend you for your Prenatal program & in all honesty I would have no problem with part of my purchase price being used to fund this program if that were the case. I am blessed to be able to buy your products & would have no problem if part of that price helped others in need. You are love & respected by millions just keep on keeping on.

  182. Hi Andrew: I am a relative newcomer to your products, but I have been very impressed by your knowledge of human biology, chemistry, pharmocology and human health in general. Of course, I am especially impressed by your commitment to top quality in the vitamins you make. I really appreciate the education I have received by listening to you talk about vitamins and how they're made. You have permanently changed the way I look at the vitamin products sold in stores – and for that I am eternally grateful.
    I also appreciate your distress at the negative comments on the HSN boards and your need to set the record straight. In the future, however, I hope you ignore comments like the ones that person made. I think you give these petty, insensitive, mean-spirited comments far more power than they deserve by allowing them to even enter into your consciousness. A lot of times, these sad people say hurtful things just to get attention – and that's the last thing they should get. They just don't deserve it!
    Anyway, at least this person created an occasion for the many people who are your customers and appreciate what you do, to express that appreciation. Please count me among those who are grateful, not only for what you do, but for how you do what you do. For the record, thank you very, very much. And please, keep up the great work!

  183. Sorry to hear you have to explain your good deeds. Please don't let things like this bother you, or feel like you have to explain it.

  184. Andrew,
    I am highly offended, I thought I was, in some small way, providing much needed help to mothers and babies throughout the world! Please set up a way that people like me can also contribute… After all, you will still end up doing all the work.
    I know many of your customers, followers and friends are so extremely proud of you for stand to help mothers and babies! WE WANT TO HELP. As for the solar panels, I just assumed they were a good business decision, since many factions have been trying to raise energy prices. If anybody has a problem with helping our world, they can just think of it that way. So smart of you to 'kill two birds with one stone', another reason for your customers to be so proud of you!
    You are loved and appreciated on so many fronts, please don't let a little closed minded prejudice affect you.

  185. Andrew, actually you don't need to justify anything. You know in your heart that you've done good deeds and that's what matter. Leave alone those narrow minded beings, they don't matter.

  186. Those who truly know you and your products don't really care how you fund the projects you chose. We pay the asking price for your products and consider it a bargain when weighed against the benefits. You cannot possibly satisfy everyone! Some people would hang even the most pure of hearts on a cross.

  187. Dear Andrew- What you do is so honorable and generous, it makes me angry to think that anyone made you feel the need to explain or apologize for their misunderstanding. Who are these people? What have they done for the world? If there were more people in the world like you, the world would be a much better place. Your efforts alone make it a much better place. Disregard those that have anything negative to say!
    Thank you for your humanitarian efforts! Thank you for your use of solar panels that save precious resources and help keep this beautiful earth safe and healthy! And thank you for your products.
    I hope if I were to ever find myself in similar circumstances, I would be just like you! Keep up the great work!

  188. Andrew, you are a sensational feeling human being! I was apalled when I read your article about some individuals out there being negative regarding the prenatal vitamins and solar panels!! A person just has to say to themselves …. You've got to be kidding!!!! I thought and thought for a long time as to what could even be negative about these two subjects … never could come up with an answer and I never will! There are a lot of negative, unhappy and narrow-minded people in this world and sometimes these folks just have to find something wrong with something good! We see this is our everyday lives which is a very sad and depressing thing! But don't you let this negativity get to you! Where would we be without you if we didn't have these wonderful supplements helping us who are in need of them! I have been using your supplements for numerous years and love them all and will continue using them as long as I breathe! I don't know of any other company that offers supplements that are environmentally safe and I don't think anyone else will rise to the ocassion! Andrew, keep up the good work and let the negativity slide! By the way, I listen to you everytime I can when you are on HSN, I haven't learned that much from anyone else out there, what a teacher you are, keep it up Andrew! I learn something new everytime you are on the air!!! Here's to the ambassador of Good Health!! God Bless You and Yours!!

  189. If every company was ran with the same regard and integrity the world would be so much better! I LOVE that you donate vitamins to women and their unborn children. I cannot think of a better gift than a healthy child to give any mother. The use of solar power just makes your products that much better. Please keep up the good work of giving better health to everyone that uses your products.

  190. Dear Andrew,
    I too have just recently experienced in my work that "no good deed goes unpunished." Very sad and unfortunate, but sometimes that is the case. Thank you for all that you do. My husband and I are still healthy because of you.

  191. Dear Andrew: You have to be so happy and proud by today. You have all of these lovely emails and expressions of love and trust and can go to bed tonight knowing for sure that your work has helped so many. You've become so familiar to all of us. You showed us your plant and your solar panels and you've educated us on every supplement you manufacture. When we're clicking around the stations once or twice a year, we see you and it's a warm "Oh, there's Andrew" kind of feeling. That's when I personally do my inventory real fast and if I'm low on something, HSN has made it so easy to reorder and "BAM" it's finished and then we can just go about our business. We live in a wonderful country and we are ALL so blessed.
    You are great, well spoken, intelligent and I hope you take time to enjoy your time off and have fun and down time. You've made it; you're a success – now don't ever listen to negative posters again. We've gathered the wagons around you – we have your back.
    Sleep well, Andrew. You've done good things and made many supporters. Keep Calm and Carry On…..
    Pam in Virginia

  192. Andrew, I like others am just lost for words. I own a business as well
    And yes, I deal with IGNORANCE quite often as well. The only thing I can say
    To you is, keep up the great work that you are doing. Please remember
    The old sayings….."ignorance is bliss". That's all I can say.

  193. Dear Andrew,
    I am 75 years of age and have, therefore, had much experience with these type of ignorant people.
    I have been using your products for many years and would not trade them for anything else which
    is out there on the market. Keep them coming and continue to do good in this world. Not enough
    people do.
    My dad always said "Do good and forget."

  194. Andrew…thank you for all your good work and intentions….not to mention the outstanding products you bring us…….keep up the good work…. looking forward to another healthy and happy year…

  195. Andrew,
    Some people will always see the glass half empty. Thank you for seeing it half full. Keep on doing what you are doing. You are appreciated!

  196. Dear Andrew,
    No Despair and no apologies for being a humanitarian. You are portraying God's love for mankind.
    They were times many years ago when I will purchase vitamins, because I knew I needed them but could not take them because they were hard and uncomfortable to swallow and made my stomach sick with indigestions. But one day(cannot even remember how many years now) I tuned into HSN and there you were. I have not turned back since, I use a majority of your products and share them with my friends and family especially my mother who is in her 80's, needless to say she love them and swear by your complete multivitamin, she does not live in the USA I have to mail them to her, I am happy to be able to share these with her because they are Sooooo Good, I also enjoy your education on the vitamin properties etc. Are your vitamins cheap in price? No! but according to the China man, "good ting na cheap and cheap ting na good." but they are times when you offer some very good deals and we can purchase and stock up while enjoying value pay.
    Just continue to be Andrew Lessman we appreciate you for who you are.

  197. Andrew, one of the haters on that "Am I the only one?" thread from the HSN forum who spoke out against your donating prenatal vitamins has targeted me many times. I'm sorry this happened to you, but I am proud to be among such good company now! Trust me, from the support I have gotten in the past, others really do see the haters on the HSN forum as antagonistic negative self-centered whiners, so consider the source! As another poster said, it's JEALOUSY, and self absorption, so please know that clear thinking people greatly appreciate what you are compassionately doing to keep mothers and unborn healthy. You are an inspiration, so pay no attention to the one or two troubled individuals who need anger management therapy on the HSN board. They make HSN look petty, and they are one of the reasons that HSN's forum is presently dying. It's pathetic to watch. Just keep on doing what you're doing. 99.9999% of us know you're a compassionate man doing far more for humanity than the HSN haters would ever think to spend their time doing. And thank you for not using fillers! I have had allergies to various fillers in the past, so it's great to purchase from a brand that focuses on ingredient purity.

  198. Andrew it is not how you do it..it is not why you do it… bottom line is you do it!!!!! You make products that 100% work. Our family has been your customer for over 17 years. We are all in perfect health and not a SLAVE to big Pham as all our peers are. You must continue this fine work the way YOU see fit to do so, and know millions are behind you all the way!!!!!

  199. Andrew, You make a wonderful product. The world is a better place because of you. Thank you for your kindness and gifts.
    Will you consider making Turmeric as a stand along product. I currently take about 35 of your supplements daily and I must go elsewhere for my turmeric. I would love to stay consistant and take your product for my inflammation and arthristis.
    Keep up your humanitarian efforts….you do good!

  200. Thank you for the truth you speak and thank you for all the gifts you share. I am grateful, you have made the world a better place!

  201. I've purchased Mr Lessman's vitamins for several years now and have no complaints. While I appreciate his hard work ethic and the fact that he has strived to achieve much more than many of us are willing to do ourselves, I am a bit confused about this issue of solar panels and vitamin giveaways.
    I think all lucrative companies benefit by donating their products because they can manufacture their product for much less than the value they ultimately place on it. It's a win win. I have no problem with this. But let's recognize it for what it is: a win-win. I do question whether or not the women actually take the vitamins. I think about it like this: Some of these women are so poor that I would assume they have much more pressing issues like where their next meal is coming from or if they have fresh water to drink. In my mind, vitamins are not their priority. But, yes, I would rather them have the opportunity to take them than not.
    Secondly, Mr. Lessman has paid good money to put up solar panels. Again, not only because of tax deductions and/or other tax benefits but because it is environmentally smart (environment responsible?) However, for many years, Mr. Lessman has owned TWC Aviation which is a charter airplane company. We've all read about the effects of airplane gases and emissions (NOx, etc.) So, I guess I'm confused about how Mr. lessman wants good for the environment but continues to run a business that flies probably hundreds of planes through the air weekly, monthly, yearly – contributing to these toxic emissions being released.
    Finally, I appreciate Mr. Lessman's hard work and contribution to society and our health. I just did not like the "victim" tone that he took when he felt people were questioning his donations and solar panels. I think we, as consumers, should be free to voice our opinions and then decide whether or not we want to invest in that company's product or not.
    Thank you for reading.

  202. I can only wish that someone would have provided me with prenatal vitimins when I was pregnant with my second child…my husband and I were young and struggling just to keep a roof over our heads–food?? that was for our daughter…I decided to forgo the expense of prenatal vitamins–back in the 60's, they were about $50 to$60 per month that was a LOT of money. My son was born premature, vitamis may have helped… Omega 3's…we never ate fish and eggs were deamonized, so no Omegas in my diet..and that was just the tip of my vitamin deficiency diet. I thought there was something "magical" about "prenatal" vitamins, but not really, just have extra amounts of some things and a few that aren't in a daily. I would have been so much better off if I had even taken a high potency multiple daily vitamin… and for so much cheaper..but I didn't know. Adelle Davis was just becoming well known in the small health conscious communities that were springing up around the country..and doctors were still "God" so must take "prenatals". It took months fo me to regain my health…again food went to the kids. My husband and I eventually were able to raise our economic level–he went back to college on a scholarship and I finished my degree–16 years later!
    Please support Andrew in this fine thiing he is doing. The amount of research that has been done on the lack of nutrients available to the unborn child and the resulting disorders (due to the unfortunate mothers poor nutrition) is tremendous…like brain size and a lack of omegas in the diet…. Sickly, unhealthy mothers produce unhealthy children that will never reach their potential…thus the cycle will never be broken. We will never "save the world" but if someone can save a few..they will thank you and society as a whole will be bettter off.

  203. Dear Andrew,
    I've been taking your supplements for over 20 years, and I will continue to do so as long as I'm alive! It has been an honor and a pleasure to receive such high quality products from such a fine human being. Once again, you amaze me Andrew, because the manner in which you respond to educate people with such eloquence, humanity, class, and in such a positive spirited way is another special trait you are blessed with, great job!
    It's unfortunate how some individuals in this precious thing we call life, just feel this innate need to think and/or speak from a place that is misguided, misinformed, and/or they reside in a general place of negativity. When I hear or read the types of statements "Am I the only one?" I have to remind myself that some individuals just don't get it, and most often people that focus on creating something negative (which was the case here, in my opinion) these individuals for whatever reasons are unhappy individuals in their life.
    Thank you for taking time out of your precious day, to address the "Am I the only one?" individual(s), perhaps by receiving factual information directly from you, maybe it will strike something positive within those that desperately need it. In my opinion, you are a man that clearly cares (and some may even say you do more than you should, but I think that's a good trait because I'm cut from that cloth as well,) just know that you have and continue to make many positive differences within this world, thank you for all you do, Andrew.
    Best wishes,
    P.S. A few years ago when I was taking a college business course I had to write a paper on someone I admired in business, and explain why. The choice was easy for me, I chose to write about you because of your integrity, philanthropic work, caring to educate and help others, providing such high quality products, and living your passion in this life. Needless to say, the professor gave me an "A" and commented on the paper, "Sounds like a smart business man following his passion. I will check these vitamins out!"

  204. Andrew–I use so many of your products I constantly have to find new storage space. Ignore any more negative comments–these bitter, nasty people must be smoking funny cigarettes and/or drinking funny-colored Cool-aid. You run a good, ethical business–please continue on and on. Regards, Phyllis

  205. After reading Andrew's blog I was speachless.Why would someone write such garbage.I take a number of Andrew's vitamins and I feel great!!! Since then I have given them to my friends and family. Keep doing what you are doing.

  206. I to have been taking your vitamins for over 20 years and will always as long as I have breath in me. Your vitamins has given me life. Keep up the good work Andrew.
    Sounds like the people who are bad mouthing you do not have a life. 🙁

  207. Andrew, I take your vitamins and supplements on a regular basis and have enjoyed the benefits of learning more about the "vitamin and supplement industry" during your presentations on HSN and in your Blogs. I enjoy the Essential 1 and was just wondering if you could include a daily serving of Iron with the capsule. I currently use the Iron Plus and Essential 1 and it would be nice to have an all-in-one capsule. Maybe you could call it the "Women's Essential 1" with the iron included. Just a thought!

  208. Andrew, I rarely ever respond to blogs, but after seeing your response to the original negative comment, I had to write in. All I can say, is keep up the great work – you are a pioneer in the vitamin industry. Not only do you produce and develop some of the best products in the market, but I view you as an educator and someone who cares. I write your show times in my calendar so I don't miss them as I want to learn as much as possible. You are not just trying to sell everyone a product, but rather you educate and fill the need with the highest quality solution. For that, I thank you.
    As far as the donations and solar panels, it is a win-win. You are helping people that require assistance, and helping our fragile planet.
    Once again, all I can say is Thank you, and keep true to your mission.
    Stay well my friend-

  209. Andrew, thank you for being a socially responsible and fair minded man. I love your products and that you donate vitamins to needy mothers. Solar panels should be used by all factories if possible and or supplemented with wind turbines. Anyway, great job and please keep doing what you are doing.
    I am wondering if you are donating or aware of the extensive poverty on many of the American Indian Reservations. Is it possible to include them on your list of recipients?
    Thanks again!

  210. Andrew, I am still so sadden by those horrible comments. There are no words that would be good enough to tell you how grateful I am for you. Your honesty, integrity and caring is what this world needs more of. In this day and age when you have to be so afraid of what you ingest. Between drug side effects and e.coli and salmonella. I take your vitamins with complete confidence, never a second thought. I trust you Andrew. I will always be grateful. Do not pay attention to the haters.

  211. andrew, it's hard to understand such negativity….except to say the people criticising your vitamin donation need our prayers. I'm disappointed to learn that My purchase of your products is NOT funding your vitamin donations. It made me feel very good to be part of such a wonderful project of caring for the least among us. I will find another way to help, but do hope you will expand your project so that your many admirers can participate directly in caring for the most fragile among us. I would be honored to be a part of anything you do because your motives are pure. God bless you, and thank your mom for raising you so well.

  212. Andrew my heart is broken for the person who wrote those awful comments because they must be a miserable person. I know you can't reach everyone but you do try hard. I have been a customer for years and I trust what you say because you are so sincere I know you would not put anything out there that didn't work. Your prices are not out of line and as long as I can afford to take them I will do so. I am retired so every penny needs to be counted but your products are at the top of my list. You must have your health if you are to enjoy retirement. I am sure that the women who get the prenatal vitamins have a better chance of having a healthy baby and I am sure they thank God for you. I know I do!!

  213. Andrew,
    I would think that being responsible for your own company, constantly striving to make effective quality products, and overseeing a non-profit foundation would keep you way too engaged to have time to encourage a blog over a few negative comments.
    Although your products are expensive, I'm certain that you sleep well at night knowing that the cost to your customers is a small price to pay for your superior products. You are obviously much more knowledgable about such things than we are.
    Perhaps it may be best to do "good works" just for the sake of doing them and without advertising them to an audience.

  214. Mr. Lessman, I think you are a wonderful and generous man! Please never stop doing what you do in helping me and others live a better quality of life. Thank you!

  215. I was enlightened and extremely happy to learn about the donations. I have watched you for years, trust your area of expertise, and learned a lot. As I watch Public Education T.V. stations I see doctors who have returned to school to obtain a degree in Nutrition giving some of the same information you have given for years. Remember, there were those that killed Jesus–you cannot please all the people all the time–let it roll off like water off a duck. Keep doing your good deeds, maintain your high professional standards because you are helping hundreds of thousands of people world wide.
    Long time user of your products.

  216. Some people just have some issues in their heads, to the point where it actually becomes like disease. Like, they just have to find some point that they can pick-on in every situation. Nothing is good enough for such people, as they will find something 'wrong' all the time. It is their problem, their curse and all that is in their head only. Don't pay attention to few odd people like that! Your vitamins are the best, they are made the best way, and they are explained the best way by you. And the fact that your values are as they are just adds trustworthiness, and shows obvious passion and sincerity of your work. Thank you for what you do!

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  218. The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod's. It works well, but isn't as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that's not an issue, but if you're planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod's larger screen and better browser may be important.

  219. This is why God gave us the poor…for those who can, do! We were created to love one another and be doers. Continue to do Andrew; I wouldn't know what else you can be other than help your brothers and sisters. No good deed goes unpunished, but if it's even remotely perceived that you are being kind without some secret devious agenda behind it, and I say this with all sincerity, then keep up the good work!

  220. I am so glad you take the time to address the concerns expressed by some. The internet can be such a faceless thing that people just write things that they wouldn't say to someone's face. Thank you for explaining your views and keep up the good work.

  221. Keep up your excellent and "good works" Andrew…..Don't you know that there are some people who would find fault if they were told they were going to Heaven….."go figure"

  222. Just keep up what you are doing. Sorry you had to put up with that. I love what you are doing, helping unborn children and the environment.
    Honestly, I too thought that part of the price of vitamins and supplements went to help the unborn children and did not mind, who would mind this.

  223. Andrew, I am a new customer and I can only say that you have shared you're blessings. You are a honest hardworking man who has helped so many people with all the wonderful products you provide. Ignore the negativity and ignorance of the few. Continue to do what you are blessed at.

  224. Andrew,
    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment in making your products the best in the market. It had changed my health! I also applaud your great heart by assisting thousands of women in poor countries in providing prenatal vitamins through your foundation. Soon our illnesses will be something from the past. It is a promise written in the Bible (Rev. 21:4)

    Thank you again and keep up with good work, Andrew!!

  225. I know you published this in your blog over a year ago, but just had to put in my 2 cents worth. As many, I thought that part of the procedes from our purchase of your vitamins went towards the prenatal vitamin donation and I certainly do not have, nor have I ever had a problem with that idea. Babies need a good start in life and to get that they need to be getting it from the time of conception — so keep it up. I think people get that idea when you say for every bottle of vitamins purchased you donate the prenatal vitamins. If more people had your outlook toward helping others and were not so worried about themselves this would be a far, far, far better world to live in. You Go Andrew and “keep on keeping on” as the saying goes. I sort of like the old version of that — “Keep on Truckin”. God Bless you and the work you do. Also, kudos on the solar. Perhaps people who are not happy about the solar are following stories about the solar panels here in our Southern California desert where they are frying thousands of birds. People need to realize that the amount of heat those super giant solar panels are generating out there is far more that what the panels on your roof top generate. If they were generating that much heat your buildings would be burned to cinders.

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