Ultimate Eye Today’s Special Tonight at Midnight ET. Web Chat Sunday at 1:10 PM ET. A Few Questions Answered.

We are busily preparing for our shows that start this evening at 11 PM and I just wanted to provide some further information from last weekend’s web chat and also let you know that I will respond further during tomorrow’s web chat.  Over the next few weeks, I will also write some blog articles and do some video blogs that elaborate more fully on specific topics that seem of greatest interest – one of which seems to be about my favorite four-legged friend – Lincoln.  Specifically, I will discuss what, how and why I feed and supplement my little guy as I do.  I asked him to write this future blog post, but he had tennis balls to chase and he claimed that his paws do not work well on a keyboard.  I guess it will be up to me.  Anyhow, you can rest assured there will be abundant future information on this subject, since like many of us, nothing makes me happier than to talk about my little friend.  Also, sadly, there is not a lot of reliable, objective information on this subject, nor any particularly high quality pet supplements.  Naturally, I will be very happy to share the science that has me feeding, supplementing and caring for Lincoln in the fashion I do.

Also, a question came up in the web chat in which it was assumed that Gluten was present in the Organic Wheatgrass we use in our Green Foods Complex, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Aloe Vera-200.  At the time, I thought I had recalled from our prior testing that it was Gluten-Free, but I did not want to state in the web chat unless I was absolutely certain it was Gluten-Free. As it turns out, our Organic Wheat Grass is 100% Gluten-Free, so you can rest assured that all our products remain additive-free and Gluten-Free.

I am hoping that Sunday’s Today’s Special will be a little less crazy than last weekend’s where our Maximum Essential Omega-3 found us scrambling to meet demand.  Tonight’s Ultimate Eye Support TS offers the most important protection for our most important sensory organ.  Aging is unkind to us in so many ways and its ravages are quite extensive to our eyes, but as predictable as the damage from aging can be to our eyes, it is equally preventable with an intelligent approach to diet and supplementation.  I look forward to sharing with you the latest research on the vital and research proven role these critical ingredients play in protecting the most delicate tissues of our eyes and enjoying the benefits of retaining our healthiest vision as we age.  This year’s Ultimate Eye Today’s Special also offers special larger economy sizing and best pricing ever.  Enjoy!

Of course, as always, there will be Special Pricing and Free Shipping on all my products.

Best of Health and see you in a few hours.


7 thoughts on “Ultimate Eye Today’s Special Tonight at Midnight ET. Web Chat Sunday at 1:10 PM ET. A Few Questions Answered.”

  1. I'm so happy to hear that you'll be addressing feeding dogs, and their supplements soon !
    the last 2 dogs I've had (just 1 GS now), have had skin problems. My present one, Lily,9 years old, is also rather a finicky eater. I give her dry dog food, try for the "best" ones, but she doesn't like most. Also, give her canned for human chicken, her fave thing. It's not organic tho, I'm concerned it may have hormones, etc in it ?
    I've heard that Vit E may help and ??
    Thank you !
    Linda and Lily

  2. Have you looked into Platinum Performance Canine as a supplement? I have been using the feline blend for my 5 year old kitty. I noticed GNC is selling their stuff at the big box stores, but I don't think their hearts are really in the business of animal supplementation.

  3. I am a customer of yours for 10 years now and I would love to see you come out with vitamins for dogs, I have 3 toy poodles. I need you to bring back the sun screen cream from few years ago. It was the best cream I ever used. Please let me know where to get this cream Ivy

  4. Please don't forget about the cats! We have given a few of your supplements to our cats over the years but we are always concerned about how much of the supplement to sprinkle on their food. Cats usually weigh between 7-20 pounds and are a lot smaller than dogs. We have wished for years that you would make supplements for animals. My 16 year old cat, Little Guy passed away in October but now I have kittens that could use your supplements. Thank you for thinking of our furry friends:)

  5. I have done so much research over the years for my four legged friends and there are good products out there…for one…"Missing Link"…a powder supplement that replaces what is cooked out of even the best organic well sourced ingredients for our pets! I am sure if you come out with a supplement for our animal friends it will be high quality, but to say there's nothing out there is just not true.
    I have been using your supplements for years and appreciate your education that goes along with your quality products.

  6. I loved your presentation of the Ultimate Eye Support, Andrew. You explained not only how it helps the eyes, but you gave an excellent explanation of the eyes themselves. Thank you!
    I recently had cataract surgery in my left eye; at 55 years of age, and will need the surgery in my right eye as well soon. I had brought the bottle of your Ultimate Eye Support with me to show my Opthamologist. She was impressed when she read the bottle. I have found that it also helps get rid of those dreaded awful floaters. Yeah!!
    I think I had/have cataracts because I have COPD, as well as back and neck problems; and have had them for many years. I also had shoulder surgery last June. My eye doctor said that steroids is a cause of cataracts. I am bringing this up because even though I have been taking your vitamin supplements for eyes for a few years; they had no reflection regarding the cataracts. All the medical problems I just mentioned involved a lot of prednisone/steroids.
    I am also wondering about supplements for cats. As you must know, there are a lot of things cats can't handle that dogs can. It sickens me when people give their cats "downers", and then check them in for a flight. Cats are not dogs and some people think they are similar when it comes to pet or other meds. I've had a lot of dogs in my life as well. From hamsters to horses and a lot of animals in between, so I am a huge animal lover. More than people, most times! I think Lincoln is adorable and your love for him shows:-)
    Thank you for all you do, Andrew.

  7. Hi Again Andrew. Your talk on the Ultimate eye support was Excellent. I Love it and use it everyday. I have had to have many Cortisone shots. They told me to make sure I have an eye exam every year because I could easily get Glaucoma. Epidural shots in the spine also. So, this is it. The Miracle product I will never go with out. 5 stars plus Andrew. Many are trying to copy you. I stick with the winner, YOU!! Thanks for all you do for all of us. Happy 4th of July to you and your wife also. =)

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