The Andrew Lessman Variety Shows

Friday, July 12th at 9 pm ET & Friday, July 19th at 10 pm ET

How exciting my own Variety Show!  It sounds like a throwback to the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s when stars like Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Ed Sullivan, Sonny & Cher and others established the variety show format.  It would certainly make my Mom happy to know I had my own Variety Show, but I don’t think this is what she had in mind, since my Variety Show won’t be a star-studded affair with singing, dancing and comedy… just a Show with lots of (Vitamin) Variety. J

Each year at HSN, it feels like we have far less airtime than we have products to talk about, so unless HSN becomes HSVN (TheHome Shopping Vitamin Network), I have to continue to use my airtime carefully. In other words, we must balance our airtime between everyone’s favorite products and a wide variety of popular specialty products that don’t air often on TV.  Despite their reduced TV airtime, these specialty products are all highly-rated Customer Picks, and now we will fulfill the frequent requests I’ve had to talk about them in their own dedicated hours – our new Variety Hours.  Sorry Mom.  No song.  No dance.  No comedy.  Just great vitamins.

So, this Friday (July 12th) at 9 pm ET and next Friday (July 19th) at 10 pm ET, you will see more than thirty specialty products that have not received much airtime at HSN.  I thought I’d make the shows even more special by offering each of these products at Extra Special Birthday Pricing.  You will see products like Dairy & Lactose Tolerance, Complete Tocotrienols, Maximum Krill Omega-3, Pine Bark OPC Anti-Oxidants, Ultimate Açai Berry Extracts, Prenatal Essentials, Ultimate Whey Protein Isolate, Prostate Support, Aloe Vera-200, Breath+Plus, Vitamin K-2 MK-7 Complex, Ultimate Women’s Wellness, Vitamin C-500, Bean and Veggie Gas Relief, Melatonin-3, Evening Primrose Oil and many others.

Also, unlike a Today’s Special, which has three shows each day, these Variety Shows will air only once, so they are easy to miss.  As a result, HSN has agreed to do something very special, which is to make these shows available in their entirety on my brand page at the morning after their broadcast.  In other words, you will be able to watch (or re-watch) both shows at your leisure.  You can also call us with any questions.  Best of all, the special savings offered during the broadcast will continue through July 22.  You can take your time, patiently do your research and then for up to 10 days, you can still take advantage of ALL our Extra Special Birthday Pricing.

I know these Variety Shows will be fun and I hope it will be something you would like us to continue.

Best of Health.



37 thoughts on “The Andrew Lessman Variety Shows”

  1. Splendid Idea, Andrew!! I will be stuck like glue to my television Friday night, and if I remember (I'm smack dab in the middle of a move that next week), I'll be stuck like glue again NEXT Friday! Now, if I can only afford what I need…….. THANK YOU for bringing Womens' Wellness back to spotlight! I'm well past menopause, so thought I could do w/o it, but have been having hot flashes still for years!! I'm also liking the Breath Plus (I'm just running out of those from the special at Christmas where you had 60 count of everything. I don't take them every day)! Also, the "Bean and Veggie Gas Relief" — is this a new name for Digest Assure? Because, due to the aforementioned Christmas specials, I was able to try that, too. And I'd love to get more of it. I hope they're the same!!
    I really need more Vein Support, but I understand you spotlighted that not that long ago. But I need it so much! Being in the midst of a move and being a sedentary being who is suddenly up and at 'em at 4 in th e morning, packing now and in a week then unpacking… my legs need a break! (Not literally!)
    Thanks again, Andrew and crew!!

  2. I really like this idea! Every time I go to order my "regular" items, I always browse over the other products that I think might benefit me. I really do enjoy and learn more when you are there talking about them, so I too will be watching both shows, and..of course..awaiting the Healthy Hair Skin and Nails TSV on the 14th! I have used your products for almost 6 years now and LOVE them! I was out of the HHSN hoping to get the special blend again. During that time, I could tell the difference in every hair was dul and breaking, my nails too. I simply won't be without it again..and..will likely buy two of the biggest bottles of the TSV special blend. I can't wait! I love feeling and looking healthy and do thanks to you Andrew. I tell EVERYONE how amazing your products are, and have a minimum of 12 people also addicted to your products. What a great addiction..HEALTH!!

  3. I'm glad to hear your comment on the small amount of airtime that not only your products get, but you, as well! If I had my way, I'd have you talk about your product(s) longer so we, the viewers and the consumers, can get better educated on the wonderful research that you do on the current science behind your products. Is there anything you can do about this, Andrew? I realize there's a need for HSN to "sell," something, but I know for a fact that an educated consumer like me would prefer to hear you speak, than listen to the used car salesman (HSN host) talk about her nice hair and nice nails. It's regrettable that the host often has to say, "We only have 3 minutes to talk about this." I'm going to watch your Variety Shows, as I'm a huge believer in your products. I haven't seen a doctor in the 6 years I've been on your supplements and I'm feeling great. I simply detest prescription drugs, which is all that doctors can come up with for treatment.

  4. Andrew and HSN,
    Love the variety show idea and am very happy about special pricing being held over for 10 days! I will definitely be able to purchase more of the vitamins I am low on this way (I currently take 12 different ones!)
    Also so glad that Evening Primrose Oil is one of the specialty vitamins you will be focusing on so that many more women will be able to learn about all the wonderful benefits that this product offers. I have been taking this for years and it is an amazing product for making even the worst menstrual cramps practically nonexistent (not exactly sure how this works) and also has great skin benefits and so much more (these, of course, my own results!)
    Really looking forward to your shows this weekend.

  5. Andrew, look forward to you visit tomorrow, will be watching as usual! With the news yesterday about Omega 3 and link to increased risk of prostrate cancer, what would be your advice for those of us that take your product daily for heart and health benefits. I take this product as a preventative with only elevated cholesterol levels, please try to comment on this or during your webcast. Good to see the variety of products for the next two weekends and special pricing.

  6. I hope you will address the recent warning from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle about the
    relationship between the omega-3 fish oil supplements and prostate cancer. There's always two sides to every
    study and hopefully Andrew will inform us.

  7. I came to HSN in 2008 to hear what you had to offer and was truly fascinated with your unbelievable amount of study and knowledge that produce the products. I am always asked to rate an order, but if i write that I love them all, they will not print it, as they would like for me to comment independently on each order and it seems you are on so seldom that I always buy more than I have time to comment on. I have always requested more visits from you when I fill out the survey the network requests, but it seems they only cut your time each time, I will certainly enjoy the specials you offer this week , but I think I enjoy learning about the products almost as much as I enjoy their benefits. What if all of your followers start requesting more time for you to be on HSN? Thank you for sharing your knowledge and please bring Lincoln on for our benefit ( dr's recommend smiling as good medicine, and that's the product Lincoln produces nationwide)

  8. Andrew, I've done a lot of research on the ingredients in your Memory and Brain product and can honestly say I was unable to find the combination that you include in this product. At 73 years of age, I need all the help I can get in the memory and brain area! Since I'm on a limited income, buying your products,which I've been doing since you first appeared on HSN, means I have to make cuts elsewhere. I willingly do it because I believe in your products. Maybe you could send out a monthly newsletter to your customers who request it?

  9. I'd like to ask Andrew to Please – due to it being ubiquitous – to Always 'bring' some form of Co Q10 each time he comes to hSN ~ I tend to deplete my supply at the wrong times but am on such limited senio budget, I can't always afford another bottle when Andrew's here. Love your supplements and how they improve my heath! Approxomately 7-8 are staple here, which I couln't afford to buy without 'visit' pricing and flex-pay! You're an American health provider, Andrew! Thanks to you and HSN as well, for bringing you to us! p/s Your Co Q10 was such an imense help before, during and after my open-heart sujrgery! I refuse to be without that wonderful product, and buy the very purest Only from Andrew Lessman!

  10. Looking forward to the special pricing for your new Maximum Krill Omega 3. I have been taking it since I saw it new in April. PLEASE offer it when you have the Omega 3 fish oil TS so customers can have a choice to buy either or at a great price. Hope you have special pricing on your Probiotics too.

  11. GREAT IDEA Andrew, thank you HSN. I've been using your AMINO PROTEIN CAPS and the results are unbeliveable. I want to try your WHEY PROTEIN next. Would like to have both on AUTO ORDER a n d it
    would be really great to get an easy pay. I spend a lot of money on other whey protein and would really
    prefer buying it here on hsn.

  12. Andrew, Thanks for all your quality products. You are a wealth of knowledge. Would like to know your thoughts about products loosing their strength when being shipped in higher heat. Also what do you think about Zeolite. Thanks again-Kelly

  13. Hello Andrew
    I am currently buying and using 14 products. At what point am I overdosing on duplicated
    vitamins ? I know the water soluble ones are merely excreted. For instance B12 how much do we need and how much can our bodies use at one time?
    Thank you for all you do for us

  14. I'm not sure I understand what's transpiring. On Fri., the 12th, you're to be on HSN as scheduled for 9pm and will display the products written about in your 3rd paragraph above? But, if we miss the actual presentation, HSN will show it the next morning….through the 22nd? We're going out of town the 13th & not return until the 21st of July.

  15. Way to go Andrew. I am taking your products since you was on QVC. i love them all. Please if you can do asking one favor please make PLANT BASE PROTIN POWDER FOR VEGANS. thanks

  16. Looking forward to all shows…special request….could you bring Cher with you to the Variety hour??? ( I can see that beautiful smile Andrew)

  17. help me out about the news saying that omega fish oil is causing men to have prostate cancer my husband and son both take your fish oil so we are very concern about this. Thanks for any help.

  18. Andrew, I'm worried about the soy in the womens wellness vitamins. I was told that soy was'nt good for you. I love your products, keep up the good work.

  19. Andrew, I really love your vitamins.Iam 70 yrs old and have been buying them for 4 yrs., now.My bone density tests have inproved, greatly since I have been taking your calcium / vitamin d.They are far better than the bricks I have been taken that probably didn't absorb.There are things I have learned from you that I never knew before , after all these yrs.Watching you is truly a learning experience.There is only one thing that makes me unhappy, and that's the fact that you are not on more often! LOVE YOUR VITAMINS!!!

  20. Andrew, I do love your vitamins. I have family members who also take your vitamins. My questions is when will you bring to HSN your higher end multivitamin that has just about everything in it, at a TS pricing. This would greatly help people like me who are on a limited income from buying a lot of different vitamins. I would be able to buy your more inclusive vitamin with maybe 1-2 others to supplement it. Thanks, Keep up the good work. Love the idea of your new variety show. Here's to a long life to you, Andrew, so that I can live longer too, learning about vitamins and taking great supplements without a lot of other ingredients.

  21. Hello-
    I am very concerned about recent reports that many of us are overdoing it with antioxidants and may be putting ourselves at risk for cancer. Excessive intake of vitamin A is also being discouraged. I am uneasy taklng some of my AL supplements. Can you please address this?
    Thank you!

  22. Watching you now! I'm loving this format! Really enjoying your first variety show. No song or dance necessar
    y! Thank you Andrew!

  23. I'm watching you on HSN right now and you are inspiring me to live better. Im 26 years old and I have been diagnosed with Crohn's disease and suffering from it for 6 years now. I don't have the funds right now because I've been out of work but when I do I would love to try some of your products such as the healthy digestion and the green Food Complex. I just wanted to leave a comment though because just watching you is inspirational as in making me want to make better choices healthier choices in my life. for this I am thankful. I know you don't need me telling you but keep up the good work.

  24. I just put my e-mail in the box on the right, and it came up that i was unsubscribed. it was asking if i wanted to see more of your programs, not any thing else. please keep me on your list
    the I want to watch you on hsn.

  25. I would also like to know what impact shipping vitamins during this heat wave has on the potency of them, and have asked about this before. I don't know how the bottles sitting in sweltering delivery trucks for a minimum of 2-3 days could possibly not affect the quality of the vitamins we are getting. They certainly are not in the same condition as a fresh bottle would be right out of Andrew's factory. It doesn't matter how good any vitamins are if they are not in that same condition when a customer receives them. Heat and light are a vitamin's worst enemy. I try not to order many vitamins during the summer months. Maybe some sort of heat resistant bottle could be considered during the hotter months as every customer should be receiving Andrew's vitamins in the same condition as when they left his factory.

  26. I am writing my first comment to anyone at HSN…and your products are exactly what you say they are and will do! I am a 71 year old believer…in Complete Joint Effort and Circulation & Vein Support.."My O My" as Colleen would say its truly a wonder product that works from the first week.. I have suffered with leg pain for too many years and this really, really works!!
    Thank-you Andrew..your Mama should be proud!
    Carole Cerenzio

  27. Andrew, We started with you in particular some 15 PLUS years ago. And, by Golly, we will continue being a strong advocate for you AND YOUR VITAMINS, and your relationship with HSN forever. The quality of your vitamins speaks volumns. Your Hair, Skin,& Nails speaks for itself. Our doctors, check out your co-Q, OMEGA, RESVETROL, ,FRIENDLY FLORA, ANTIOXIDANTS, ETC ETC, ETC, AND SAY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. AND KEEP DOING WHATEVER YOUR DOING YOUR NUMBERS HAVE IMPROVED SIGNIFICALLY. When we first mentioned You Andrew they thought you to be a bit pricey thinking that generic works just the same. OH HOW WE PROVED THEM WRONG!!!!!!!!!!.
    Thanks again Andrew for your knowledge, AND exactly when to add another vitamin to your inventory

  28. While my wife and I have been Andy’s customers for years, and usually I find his information good, his most recent comments on the reported effects of Omega-3 supplements on prostate cancer were ridiculous and insulting to the intelligence of the listeners. Whether a reported observation was the primary objective of a study is immaterial and does in no way diminish its significance. That people in other cultures with different predisposition for a certain cancer tolerate higher amounts of fish oil also does not prove anything. Calling the study a “ludicrous piece of science” on such flimsy grounds was unwarranted and insulting.

  29. I had hoped you would cover the Prenatal Essentials in the variety show. I know you can only show so many products, and could only fit in so much information. But I was looking forward to learning more about your Prenatal vitamin and the difference between it and the other vitamins out there. I was disappointed not to see it briefly covered. As an expectant mom, I am concerned about the levels of Vitamin A in your Prenatal vitamin, a vitamin doctors steer us away from in large quantities when pregnant. It's great that you now offer it for purchase online, but I'm still a little hesitant to consume based on the Vitamin A quantity.

  30. How about getting a weekly show of your own. We need educated more in your products. Think about it. Thanks

  31. Love the products…but not loving the every three month visit!!!…It is just too expensive to have to buy enough at a time…please consider going back to more frequent visits..I find myself with huge flex pay that never ends…hate the three month schedule!!!

  32. Andrew . . . thank you SOOOO much for the Variety Show! While I've been a LONG TIME customer and user of your products . . . . my kids all me the Vitamin Supplement Queen . . . I get my "education" watching your presentations on HSN. It's the "other" supplements that may not get much air time that need a shout out as well.

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