Happy New Year! Healthy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed wonderful holidays and I expect that, like me, your 2014 is already well underway.  Also, I don’t know about you, but there is something peculiar about typing the year “2014.”  It seems like some futuristic date from a science-fiction novel, yet it is the year in which we are all now living.  Whatever happened to George Orwell’s 1984 or Y2K or 2001: A Space Odyssey?  How odd that all those futuristic dates are now part of the distant past.  Time does not merely march on, it flies by.

First off, I wanted to apologize for not writing this blog post sooner, but the end of the year has been as family-filled and work-filled as I could handle. I am getting ready to head to HSN for my shows this Saturday and Sunday, so I now have a chance to catch my breath and write a quick blog post about what you can expect this weekend.  From what I have heard and read, it appears most of you already know which of our most popular products will be our Today’s Specials (this weekend, Secure Complete Meal Replacement and Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors and next weekend, Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs and Glucosamin-1500 with Chondroitin-1200).  Plus, based upon popular request we will kick off each weekend with a Variety Show beginning on Saturday the 11th at noon (ET) and then again on Friday the 17th at 10 PM (ET).  Each Variety Show is very fast moving and features approximately 20 products!  Of course, throughout the entire visit, all products will be available at exceptional value pricing and with free shipping and handling.

Before I speak about our first Today’s Special for our Secure Complete Meal Replacement, I thought it appropriate that I applaud the recent efforts of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as it relates to a number of false weight-loss products – specifically one called Sensa.  Sensa is a ridiculous weight-loss product and I have never been shy about commenting on their deceptive practices. I am pleased that their deceptive advertising will cease.  I have always been at an extreme ethical disadvantage to others who deceptively promote magic weight-loss, since I emphasize that weight-loss requires effort and above all, it requires that we must change what we eat.  Others, like Sensa and Dr. Oz, would have you believe that you can just sprinkle fairy dust on your food or swallow magic pills and the fat will magically melt away.  Overweight and obesity likely pose the single greatest risk to the health of our country and it is outrageous for these folks to betray our trust and deceive millions of Americans. I applaud the FTC for punishing Sensa’s deceptive advertising.  For a blast from the past, you might find it amusing to read my blog post from 2009 after Sensa’s products briefly appeared at HSN.  HSN abandoned Sensa after I encouraged them to read the science – or more accurately the absence of science.

>> An Open Letter on Sensa and HSN 

When it comes to weightloss, there are no shortcuts.  If it sounds too good to be true…then it is too good to be true.  I wish there were magic weight-loss pills, but they do not exist and I will always be at a disadvantage to those willing to lie to promote magic weightloss.  Well truth be told, there is magic in weightloss and that is the magic that exists in each of us to make better choices.  Secure is simply designed to be a healthy choice and follows the abundant research showing Meal Replacements to be among the most effective tools for reducing caloric intake and achieving weightloss.  Mind you, Secure is no ordinary meal replacement, but the best tasting, lowest calorie and most nutritious meal replacement of its kind, and despite all of that, it is also likely the most affordable as well.  This Sunday your favorite flavors are bundled with our most popular weight-loss support supplement – our Energy and Fat Metabolism Factors.  It is not a magic pill, but is designed to support you through the predictable challenges we encounter when making the changes required for weight-loss.  Best of all, when you use Secure, not only will you save calories, but you will also save money, since I am not aware of other meals that cost as little 50 cents.  I look forward to sharing more about Secure and the science of weightloss when I see you on Sunday.

Next week, I will post another article discussing next weekend’s Today’s Specials, Circulation and Vein Support for Healthy Legs and Glucosamine-Chondroitin.  You might think there are other products just like these in the marketplace, but that is not the case.  I hope you tune-in next weekend to learn about their unique ingredients and the powerful properties they possess to make a meaningful difference in your life.

Again, Healthy New Year.

See you soon.


44 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Healthy New Year!”

  1. Thanks so much Andrew for all your hard work. I will be getting the largest size of the Energy & Fat! Do you think you would ever come out with a Thyroid support product? I'm not saying a product to treat any particular Thyroid ailment, just a product to support Thyroid health. I know there are a lot more women than me that would be so happy to see a product like that. PLEASE consider it. Thanks! 🙂

  2. For the thousands, if not millions of customers that buy Andrew Lessman products, I wonder where we would be or what we would do if we didn't have Andrew :o/ ?! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season as well Andrew, and I look forward to your "Today's Specials!" It is always so awesome when you give us the greatest prices of the year on your best products :o) ! God Bless You and Yours Andrew, and thank you for all of your hard work to help so many different people all over the world :o) !!!

  3. off topic perhaps, but i am still very upset with you for the way you removed truq10 from your coq10 product and then acted like it had never been important in the first place, this after you had extollled it's virtues for years.
    then, you reformulated founders with no notice to it's loyal users. you gutted the product, removing the omegas and the glucosamine and chondroitin, among other important ingredients.
    i continued to take two packets a day for months until i realized 'hey, where are the gel caps?'. i called the company thinking i must have received a defective batch. only then was i informed the product had been gutted with no notice or name change, or any instruction to take only one packet per day of the diminished formula.
    i am still very angry over these crass commercial and deceptive moves. although i have wt hex you much less often since, to my knowledge you have never addressed these issues in a meaningful public manner. a private reply of some kind woulld be welcomed if no public comment will be made.
    i was a big believer in your sincerity and your ethicalness. i notice you are always quick to point out the unethical practices of others. i still buy your products.
    but i remain disappointed and disillusioned.
    please do not delete my post.

  4. Hi Andrew
    Thank you for the wonderful products, and sharing your thoughts. Would you please address the concerns about supplementing with folic acid? Dr. Fuhrman is beating the drum about this vitamin being one that should be avoided. I take Your multi among many other supplements you offer. Many thanks.

  5. I love all of your products and I cannot wait to stock up this weekend!
    Mr. Andrew,
    Your tea is the best tea I have ever had in my life. The taste is just awesome!
    Also, I just tried your Digest Assure two weeks ago and it has done my body so good. This is a truly wonderful product as all your products are!
    Stay true as you always do and God bless you and the wonderful people at your company that make your vitamins!

  6. I always look forward to your visits Andrew. I buy many vitamins from you and rely on you. I too would like to see a product that supports the Thyroid. Thank you Andrew.

  7. Andrew I take many of your vitamins and have for years. I hope you will publicly address the post above by Jim Diskin who claims you gutted your formula for CoQ10. We use this product, and his post is a concern to us. Thanks very much. Looking forward to your January shows.

  8. Hi Andrew- Happy New Year— I would like it if you discuss the use of vitamins as in the media and studies say that taking a multi vitamin is dangerous and could lessen your life span Could you address these claims PLEASE

  9. Just joyed you are on this week-end Andrew and love the Variety Shows the best. Any new products coming down the pipe? You had mentioned a Tumeric supplement I would be very interested in.

  10. Love all your products and take many of them. I'm interested in magnesium threonate for mental clarity and memory. I'm told it's fairly new on the market and can't find it anywhere except on the internet and I'm hesitant to purchase anything except your products. What are your thoughts and will you be offering it?

  11. I also would like to hear about the truq10 as I remember watching HSN when you first introduced it and spoke about how important it is. Thanks.

  12. Hi Andrew! Happy new year to you and yours
    I wanted to comment on the sensa issue, and also dr. Oz., there is a supplement out there called garcinia Cambogia with 60% hca. From what I understand this pill regulates the sugar etc. in your system and does other things as well. What are your feeling about this supplement??

  13. Hi Andrew! Just a simple "Thank You" for you honesty and dedication to providing the very best supplements — at the very best value. My wife and I have been loyal customers for well over 8 years, and have been totally pleased with the results — not empty promises!!!! And thank you for alerting us, before hand, concerning the up and coming "Top Value" on HSN (although we do purchase a few directly from you). It allows us to plan when to stock up on our particular favorites. ( But, truth be known, our pantry looks as if it is an outlet store for many of your products — it just goes to prove a good thing when you see it and use it.) Know that you and your dedicated efforts are well appreciated!!!!
    Frank & Vina

  14. About the Circulation and Vein Support. Does that help with circulation in any other part of the body? Or only the lower legs. As a plasma donor, I'd like all the help with circulation I can get. 🙂 Thank you, Andrew.

  15. Andrew I would also like to hear your response to all the buzz in the media about vitamins not being very beneficial to us. I take numerous of your supplements. Most doctors really frown on the number I take. They say each thing can have an interaction with another. With the news in the media recently it's hard to sometimes justify the use to others.

  16. Andrew, I've never written anyone about a vitamin before, but I had to tell you that your Multi is like nothing I've ever taken before. I had given up trying to find an all-in-one, just piecing things together, buying a dozen different things at the store and getting nowhere but broke and nauseated. I don't know what it is about yours (I suspect it might be the Vit D since my doctor had just found me deficient and yours contains almost exactly what he told me to supplement) but the change was almost immediate. First they are so smooth, no stomach pain and no nausea. I kept waiting and it never happened. Within a week I had more energy (maybe the B's did it?), got my D in, my C and E and all the others, and just felt good. Could go on forever but will wrap up. Thank you thank you thank you. They changed my life and I recommend them to everyone. P.s. Please make a magnesium supplement, and my life will be complete. P.p.s the Secure was the first thing I ordered from you many moons ago and I still use it and love it. Will be watching today on HSN and thank you again.

  17. Thyroid support; overall gland support would be a welcomed supplement. I would like to see a decreased amount of sugar in the Daily Fiber Benefits since this product is added to my daily green drink.
    Would you consider developing a comprehensive product line for people who would want 100% daily value instead of DV over that amount? Sometimes more is better but, shouldn't we receive the nutrients from our foods and supplement with vitamins? I know I can't eat a bushel of anything to equate the supplements and neither did my 99 year old grandmother. My integrative medical doctor provides me with a list of vitamins/supplements and their dosage for my total body health. I find that your products are in excess of what I should be taking (per doctor's recommendations). Also, developing a 100% DV product line may help with potential inflammation and our budgets, especially in today's economy. I prefer not to purchase the luxury builder's model home but I definitely would be a buyer of the same builder's house with less upgrades.
    Andrew, please know I do have peace of mind with your products as I feel many others do.

  18. Andrew — How about a calcium/magnesium POWDER that you stir into water/juice for people like myself you've taken your cal/mag capsules and have found that these pills are often are "detected" when one has had a bowel movement. I can't be the only one who's stomache acid isn't strong enough to COMOLETELY dissolve these calcium-magnesium capsules. Hope you look into giving your customers the option of buying cal/mag capsules or cal/mag POWDER.

  19. I called ProCap Labs a couple of months ago with my concerns about GMO in supliments and radiation in fish products coming from the Pacific. The young girl who answered was not qulified to answer my questions and just gave me the rote "Andrew Lessman does thorough research, etc……" I did not feel reassured at all. Would you please address these points in a blog as I know many many people have similar concerns. An e-mail reply would be nice too. Thank you. Elaine

  20. Andrew you are the best, I take many of your supplements and feel good about it. I even share a few of them with my doggies. How i started with you over a decade ago was buying your joint care for pets i saw how it worked for them and i started purchasing your products. You have since discontinued the pet one but said its the same as the human one. I also give MSM for my dogs and your probiotics and omegas and COQ10.

  21. Andrew's comment about "no shortcuts to weightloss" are so simple, so true, and yet we all yearn for a low-effort approach! In addition to other modifications to my lifestyle (i.e. exercise, intelligent food choices) 18 months ago, I began logging my food and water intake, activity efforts, and results. I dreaded the prospect , and looked at it as boring. To the contrary, I found Andrew's "Daily Wellness Journal" to be a simple but effective way to chart my progress, and I keep looking back through its pages to encourage me daily! Please continue to offer this helpful tool (could you offer it through HSN?), because I think others can benefit by its use! Thanks, Andrew!

  22. Hi Andrew:
    I have been using your products for many years with great satisfaction (even my doctor was amazed at my drop in cholesteral #s and wrote down Cholestecare as a great product for his patients & even himself to lower cholesteral). 2013 was a tough year. I lost my husband & had a complete thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer. I would LOVE a product to support thyroid (or lack of one, lol!) health. Also, is there anything in the works for a product to help lower blood pressure? Ever since my surgery 8 months ago; I have had a heck of a time with high blood pressure & getting it under control. Thank you so much & continue your fantastic work & dedication to our health. Janis

  23. Hello Andrew,
    I see another customer also dislikes taking capsules (tablets, etc.). I, too, would very much like to see more supplements offered in a powdered form that can be added to beverages.
    Would you suggest we open the capsules to stir into a beverage?
    Also: will there NOT be an Omega 3 Today's Special this year?
    Thank you!
    ~ Debbie in IL

  24. I love your products and really hope you have the Today's Special later this month on Resveratrol-100™ EGCG-100 like you have in the past. I love this product!!!!

  25. Hi Andrew I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years Since starting with Pro Caps I feel healthier than ever and I am 73 years young. Of course I do moderate exercise such as Palates I walk including two flights of steps 3 or 4 times during my walk I eat healthy, and study your menu of vitamins anti- oxidants , Omegas etc. to find the ones that best suite my needs. In addition I try to tune in everytime you are on HSN
    If you were not in business I think my body would wither away because the drug store or health food products just DO NOT DO IT FOR ME.!!
    Thank you again…I have had many of my family and friends convert to your products Keep up the sincere manufacturing eithics….

  26. My husband an I have taken many of Andrew's supplements for approximately 10 years or so and have had great results. We are in our mid-sixties but most people think we are younger. I love to listen to Andrew's presentations on the properties of his products and the latest research regarding their benefits.
    We always stock up when he is on HSN. The prices are great, the shipping is free, and the solar manufacturing is admirable. I don't know how all this can possibly the improved upon but Andrew always succeeds in doing so. Thank you so much!
    By the way, years ago we talked about this so much that our son said "you should put that guy's picture up in your house." So now it is a family joke. Whenever he is on HSN I tell him that we're covering his picture with Andrew's but not to worry – it's only for the weekend! Of course now he orders the vitamins, too.

  27. I take a lot of your vitamins and enjoy the results. I'm 66 years old and could not work full time without them. I have been reading about a 4 herb tea that is supposed to be very good for a lot of illnesses. Do you have this product. Would rather buy from you if you do. Thank you for all your help.

  28. LOL, I read the 2009 Sensa article. The comments were quite entertaining. Andrew (Dude), your hilarious!
    Anyway, I would like to say that as a PharmD I actually recommend your products and have written your website down for multiple patients that come into the pharmacy and ask for an Omega-3 or calcium recommendation etc. (yes, steering them away from what is available on our shelves). LOVE your products and their purity.
    A few people asked about mortality or shorter life span when taking vitamins. I would suggest people learn about the studies that these conclusions are drawn from. For instance, one Finnish study showed early mortality in SMOKERS taking Vit A. SMOKERS, I will say again, SMOKERS. Now, as I don't smoke, I am not worried about this study. Your body must be given vitamins to function, thousands of processes in your body rely on your intake of vitamins. HOWEVER, even if you eat a perfect diet, the soil is not rich in vitamins in 2014 the way it was even 50 years ago, therefore, the only way to get a good source of vitamins is by taking a MV.
    I will also say that any product that is "enriched" or "fortified" is no different than taking a MV. These enriched foods are another big way we get vitamins through processed foods. I don't see people being afraid of eating their Raisin Bran for breakfast even though it is fortified with many vitamins.
    ANYWAY, Andrew, again LOVE your supplements. LOVE your sense of humor. God Bless.

  29. Andrew, I thank the Lord for you. I have been a loyal member of yours for over 20+ years. Every time I go in for a physical my doctor tells me to keep doing whatever it is I'm doing as my physicals have always been good. I did as you suggested when I first started taking your vitamins and took all of them for her to see and she was amazed at what I showed her. She started taking them herself. I like the capsules very much as they are very easy to swallow and do not upset your stomach. I too would like to know if you will ever have a supplement that supports your Thyroid.
    You have a marvelous staff working for you. Whenever I call they take the time to answer all my questions. It is a very good feeling to know you are more than a number and they are very concerned you are taking the best product for your needs.
    There are a few people I have talked to that will say "You spend that much for vitamins? I would rather spend money are clothes or things I really want". To me there is nothing more important than good health. You can have all the money you've ever wanted but it cannot take the place of your health.
    I am 77 years old and will never give up your vitamins and will continue to tell others about them. God Bless you, Andrew.

  30. I had breast cancer 25 years ago and was Told "NOT to Eat or Drink Anything with Soy". I wanted to try your "Secure" but noticed Soy was present and opted against purchasing it. Can you throw some light on Soy for the folks that were told to stay away from ingesting it ?
    With all the publicity about GMO's in Our food, I was wondering if the ingredients you use in your Vitamins come from the GMO Food Supply or are the ingredients You use " ORGANIC '' ?
    Is it true to take Calcium and Vitamin D at separate times and Not at the same time when taking other vitamins ?
    I take approx., 50 of your different vitamins daily for about 20 years and do feel terrific for a senior who is 60 Something but I would appreciate an answer to the above questions.
    Thank you,

  31. Andrew, I spend hundreds of dollars a year on your products. My husband and I are seniors and on a fixed income. Sometimes we can purchase most of what we feel will benefit us, other times we must wait. The flex pay is very nice but sometimes if we want to buy the largest size for the savings even with 2 or 3 flex its still to expensive. Maybe you could work with HSN and offer 5 to 6 flex pays so we can afford to take advantage of the larger deals with the greatest savings.
    Now on another note, Please stop be-littling Dr.Oz its does not become you and it makes you look petty.
    We watch Dr. Oz and he has some great information. I lost 19 lbs on the raspberry ketones as advised in the study presented. I also used your protein meal replacements with the fat burners, with no results.
    So what you must realize and keep in mind as good as your products are they do not always work for every one. So does that mean you produce junk ? I do not think so but sale your great products and stop the negative trash talk about other points of view. You can say you do not believe the science claims made on other weight loss supplements period. And laugh all the way to the bank with the profits you make on your brand
    Also want to know if you use GMO in your products??? Or you using ORGANIC???
    Thank You

  32. They say the eyes are the mirror of a soul. Your heart is as PURE as your VITAMINS. From the bottom of my HEART Andrew I THANK YOU SO MUCH !! God Bless your family, God bless you.

    Thank you so much for your hard work and information you give us on your products. I appreciate your honesty and sincere heartfelt love for others to make and deliver us with the best vitamins available on earth!! I completely trust your wisdom and love in every product you make because I know you will not deceive us and we will be getting the best products available to mankind.
    I have had a kidney transplant and I take so many of your vitamins to maintain my health and they do really benefit my health. If I ever catch myself running out of any, by the time I do receive it in the mail, I will definitely be feeling the difference it makes to my body. I don't ever want to think of where I would be health wise if I didn't have your vitamins!! I appreciate your dedication and love to helping others Andrew, and I wish you and Muriel a Blessed 2014!!
    God Bless you!
    Carolyn Allison
    Ardmore, Oklahoma

  34. I have chocolate secure with an expiration date of 11/30/2013. Is there any reason that I shouldn't continue to use it?? I also use many of your other products and love them!!!
    Thanks Andrew for your great products. Looking forward to your answer to my question on Secure.

  35. I was wondering if it would be possible to offer most of your products in a 90 count configuration. Since Andrew only visits HSN approximately every 90 days it would make most sense to offer that count to coincide with each visit.
    Thank you for your great products.

  36. Hi Andrew
    I was wondering if you could formulate a vegan multi vitamin either vegetarian capsule or liquid
    There are some out on the market but only trust your vitamins.

  37. Great supplements. I have being taken your vitamins for quite some time and they have done wonders.My energy level is up my eyes are stronger. People keep asking me what I am doing all I tell them Andrrew Leesman .thanks once again for providing me with great stuff.

  38. Hi Andrew,
    I enjoy watching you every time you're on HSN. Three people in our household take your supplements. I take handfuls a few times a day because I believe in you and that your heart is in the right place helping your fellow man and women of course. I also give a few of your supplements to my dogs and cats. The only thing I ask for is coming out with some kind of supplement for thyroid support. Thyroid hormones can have some pretty nasty side effects if taken for a number of years, that's way I choose not to take them. If you could find it in your heart to create a supplement to nourish the thyroid it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for all your time and efforts.

  39. Dear Andrew and Muriel
    First, I want to thank you for the wonderful recipes in your Cook Book. My husband and I both enjoy them and found most to be delicious and healthy, and enjoy them often. We have taken many of your products for years to help maintain our health. We are thankful to have learned much from you on HSN.
    Q#1. I would like to know if you could make the immune factors without the herbs?? Or might have another suggestion to support my immune system. I have a sensitive system and am on drugs for Crones and Heart and cannot mix the "natural herbs" with some of my medicines, so had a reaction to that product. One of the Crones Medication lowers my immunity so I would like to take something to support my immune system.
    Q #2. I would also like to know when you might be having specials: Omega 3, Friendly Flora and Q #3. What would you recommend to help lower cholesterol? I will not take statten drugs.

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