Here is to a Healthy Happy Start to 2014.

Thank you for the wonderful response and the feedback I have received following our last two weekends of shows.  I am always grateful for all the input, product reviews, comments and questions.  Needless to say, a great deal of work went into our having such a broad array of products this month and despite the unexpected demand and all the resulting back-orders, you can rest assured that we have already produced all orders, so everyone is sure to get the Special New Year’s Pricing.  As a manufacturer, we endeavor to always be prepared for the unexpected, so if you don’t have your order already, I am sure that the world’s freshest vitamins are on their way to you!

I always look forward to this time of year, since I can now finally catch-up on things after all the distractions that occur during the Holidays and at New Year’s.  Plus, now that my shows are finished, I can pay attention to a number of items on my 2014 To-Do List, such as your new product requests, along with responding to the comments and questions we receive at our ProCaps Labs Customer Care Center.  I will also address some of the conversations, confusion and questions raised on the bulletin boards.  I must admit that some of the topics on these bulletin boards can seem a bit strange to me; however, I will do my best to respond to as many “appropriate” issues as possible.  I try to stay away from some of the very personal questions, beyond the things I do personally that might be relevant to your own health and well-being.  I hope you understand.  In any event, answering your questions and eliminating any confusion about a healthy life is something I enjoy, so you will see several articles posted on my blog over the next several months.  In fact, beginning this week, I will address some of the interesting topics listed below that have been raised at HSN’s or QVC’s bulletin boards or at our ProCaps Labs Customer Care Center.  My posts might not be in the exact order they are listed below, but I will endeavor to address each and every one of the topics that follow, along with many others.  I know it will be fun for me to respond and I hope you will find my posts interesting and useful.  Most importantly, I hope they answer important questions while eliminating confusion and controversy.

1. Some interesting and surprising opposition to my solar panels and prenatal donations.

2. Secure Meal Replacement, artificial sweeteners and why stevia is not at all what you think it is.

3. The real state of the overwhelmingly positive research on vitamins and the latest silly negative study.

4. Dr. Oz:  Why his false statements on supplements and weightloss are so horribly irresponsible.

5. The healthy and safe evolution of the levels of Vitamin C, B-vitamins and B-12 in our products.

6. Misconceptions about the regulatory status of vitamins and supplements.

7. Further discussion on proper Vitamin D levels and their extensive benefits.

8. More information on other unsubstantiated weightloss miracles – like Garcinia.

Also, I am not sure of everyone’s preferences, but I can also do some quick video blog posts on these or other topics.  Needless to say, a long video can be difficult to watch and while a quick video might lack the same amount of detail of a written blog post, I would be glad to do these videos if they would be helpful and of interest.  Please let me know your thoughts in that regard, since I am not just here to make the best vitamin products, but also to provide a reliable source of information to you in a manner you prefer.

Best of Health.


137 thoughts on “Here is to a Healthy Happy Start to 2014.”

  1. Hello Andrew,
    Love your products and have used them for years!!! Do you think you will ever make a Tumeric supplement? I currently buy it from GNC because you don't make one, but I would rather purchase yours!! Thanks in advance!!
    Andrew Anderson

  2. Yes! Thank you for reading our comments and questions. I am looking forward to your responses.
    I, too, wonder if you have researched the benefits of Turmeric. My husband and I take it daily. We get it from Vitacost, who makes their own supplement brand. I also take L-Theanine, which definitely helps with mental focus and calms nerves.
    Are you aware of IL Senator Dick Durban's bill to further regulate supplements? He has been trying to push this through for at least the past few years. He recently revised it, but it really is the same bill. It seems like this would not be a good thing for those of us who buy supplements on a regular basis. I would be interested in hearing your interpretation of this proposed law.

  3. I would like to know as well as Deb B your thought on that. Maybe you could do a video (however long) and then break it into sections, so we can listen to the whole thing or be able to go to the specific topic we are wanting to hear. I would like to know if you plan on coming out with a thyroid support product. Can you please address this? Thanks Andrew! 🙂

  4. Love all of your products Andrew.. I am very interested in Stevia and the latest on inflammation as I am reading that it is one of the main reasons for heart attacks and strokes. . When will you be posting?

  5. FOLATE – preferred type of folic acid to supplement but notice your multi-vitamins contain Folic Acid.
    SOY – curious as to why you are still using this when it is well known that it is detrimental to our health according to Dr. Mercola among one of many highly reputable doctors that I follow.
    DIGEST ASSURE – any thoughts of maybe adding this to your LifeRx multi-vitamins or selling it in powder form. I open a capsule & use one per day sprinkled on my meals throughout the day.
    Videos or Blog Posts – either are fine! I always learn something from you! Thank you!

  6. I am really concerned about GMO's. I know that 94% of soy grown in America is GMO AND I was wondering if your products are GMO free?

  7. Just a quick comment on the video question – I'd much perfer a paragraph that I can read rather than a video that I have to click on and then watch (usually not knowing how long it will be).
    Thanks much!! I am also interested in your info regarding stevia.

  8. I also would like to hear your opinion on the soy in Secure. Everything seems to say you should not consume soy isolates. This is a big concern for me. Videos are nice because they have a bigger impact as you can see the emotion behind what is being said which is often lost in writing.

  9. will be interested on your comments especially re:vitaminD. I take several of your supplements, including that vitamin…it is also in some of the other supplements I take and am wondering if there is such a thing as "too much" thank you for the care you take in presenting all your products to us and the thoughtful and easy to understand presentations you make regarding the research. think I would prefer being able to read your information rather than see a video–easier to go back and refer to it. blessings.

  10. I would like to see the answers written instead of a video.Can't wait to see the answers.Keep making your great vitamins!

  11. Andrew, I had the great pleasure of speaking to you many, many, years ago. Today I just want to express my overwhelming gratitude to you for living your vision of a healthy planet. I am a 69 year old entertainer, singer/dance who works tirelessly bringing joy to those who no longer can get out to hear live music. I am a motivator and most tell me my shows are my ministry…. I have had numerous miracles with alheimer patients singing an entire song when they haven't spoken a word in over 5 years or more. I have expressed my gratitude to both of my recent surgeons, one for cancer, one for eye, and I wish to include you because all of you keep me going in beautiful health so that I may continue to help hundreds of others feel better about their lives.

  12. Andrew i love your vitamins!!!! I cant wait to hear your advice on the above topics.i learn so much! I hope their will be away to download them on my phone and listen to them while im working 🙂

  13. I would like to see you on the Dr Oz show and set things straight. This would be the best show ever. He has many guest on there stating things he shares with us, some he does not agree with and others he does. I think it is time to set the record straight about these diet items. I also want to know when you next specials will be on HSN. I also want to know if taking so many different vitamins and minerals you sell together can be toxic to our systems. There seems to be an excess of the same vitamins in many of the different products you sell.

  14. Please post a written blog not a video one. My internet connection is slow and I can never watch those. Also I don't have the time to watch them. It's easier to visually scan your written blog for things I am interested in. Thanks.

  15. I also prefer the written word to videos. I find it easier to absorb because I'm a more visual rather than auditory learner. I'm interested in most information you have to offer us, and I share this with numerous people, including my pcp. No matter what other, so called authorities have to say about supplements, I know I feel better when I keep up my regimen. The proof is when I travel and don't maintain the same schedule of taking them and I start to feel run down.
    I would also vote for a meaningful dialogue between you and Dr. Oz. Clearing the air would be good for all of us. I believe he is a reasonable and obviously knowledgeable person, and would be open to new and reliable information.
    Thank you for your continued dedication to health and well-being.

  16. I've been with you since the beginning and your products have never let me down. I'm looking forward to reading more on all of the health issues and topics you have listed. There is so much information out there, and sometimes its hard to sort thru all of it on our own. I trust you and your opinion and so I will look forward to your upcoming posts. I personally like reading your blogs, but video would be o.k. Just started a new weight training program and bought your Whey Protein Isolate…..will post how I like it for anyone who is interested. ( I am a cyclist, but aim for a well rounded work out) Best of Health! 🙂

  17. Yes, Turmeric w/black pepper….also very interested if all your supplements are GMO free, very important to me and others.
    Have taken your supplements for years and would like to continue knowing they are GMO free!
    Thanks so much for addressing my issues,

  18. Hi Andrew, thank you for putting Non GMO Soy on the Secure meal, but please enlighten us WHY SOY ISOLATE IS NO GOOD( on dr. Oz) ,instead we are suppose to use whole soy~confusing~ and yes ANOTHER CONCERN : Fructose ! Looking forward to watching your video


  20. Andrew,
    I am currently taking your Elite Multi for Women over 50, Iron Plus, Calcium Intensive Care & Cholestacare. I was just wondering if this combination gives me too much of what I need. (Repeated Ingredients). I must tell you that over the course of the past 2 months, I am feeling less fatigued and seem to have a lot more energy. I recently went for an annual checkup and my Internist told me that my cholesterol was 238. She wanted me to try Red Yeast Rice which I did However, I didn't feel well while taking it (stomach issues) so I discontinued after speaking with her. I told her about your Cholestacare and she told me to give it a try. I'm going for another blood test in March and will see my results at that time. I've also made changes to my diet. I heard about your vitamins through my sister and I've seen you on TV. I love the fact that the multis come in a packet which I can carry in my purse and take to work each day. I order your vitamins from Michael in your Nevada office because he is very pleasant, helpful and takes the time to answer all my questions. Keep up the good work. If you can answer me about the vitamins I'm taking, I'd be most appreciative.
    Thank you,
    Nadine Alterman

    1. Andrew when will you write a book informing us on the different vitamins benefits an the correlation of how they can react when used in combination to give men an women the ability optimizing their life in the pursuit of healthy ageing ?
      Would love to buy that book!

  21. This is to Arleen, concerned about taking too much of a good thing. Just as an FYI, Andrews web site has a Vitamin Calculator on it that is very helpful in that realm. You can click on the vitamins or supplements that you are currently taking and it will figure out the total amount of each that you are currently consuming. It can be very helpful!

  22. So waiting to hear your news on Stevia. This is all I ever use in my coffee and teas, and oatmeal.
    All this time I thought I was using the best alternative to all other sweetners.

  23. I have taken Andrew's vitamins now for approx. 15 years and feel that I would not be alive right now had I not started on them when I did. Although I was diagnosed with Cell B Lymphoma over 5 years ago, I have NOT had any reoccurrence and have excellent outcomes on all of my medical tests, exams, biopsies, etc. since that first diagnosis. I attribute that to the daily ongoing 16-18 vitamins of Andrew's that I take and will continue to take. I always have been an Alternative Medicine believer and with Andrew's cutting edge products ~ I know in my heart. soul and body that that is why I am alive today! And for that, I am extremely grateful. I have taken vitamins for over 50 years and his are 'light-years' better than anything else on the market !!
    Just one question: Because there are some of the same ingredients in some of your vitamins is it harmful for me to take that many vitamins daily?
    Thank you for being you and such a blessing to those of us that live a healthy life-style.
    P.S. I have purchased 3 of your cook books (gave 1 away as a gift) and everyone always says how 'easy & simple' they are to prepare food and WHY don't other cook books make cooking so easy, fun and delightful!? You and Muriel are a beautiful couple inside and out. Thank you!

  24. I would like to see Glutathione as one of your offered products. Also, I too am concerned about toxicity of all the vitamins I take (all of yours). I'm up to almost 35 different vitamins per day and truly wonder how it's affecting my liver. I know all of your vitamins are safe and beneficial but how much of a good thing can become a bad thing? Please discuss mixing all your vitamins together each day. Thank you!!

  25. Hi Andrew. I would love to see you make a video blog and I wouldn't care how long it is. It's not like you bore us when you talk! 🙂 You always provide such excellent and very informative information, and we are glued to the TV, even when you talk about products on HSN that I have heard you talk about before and even though I already take them. I really enjoy watching your presentations! Please please please make video blogs at whatever length they need to be!!!

  26. Hi Andrew and Happy 2014. I have been taking your supplements for years and feel that they are the absolute best on the market. I would like to know your feelings about Sero-Vital. The supplement that increases your HGH production. Several of the ingredients in it are ingredients that are in your supplements. I was wondering if you might be making anything similar to it. Thanks for all the information you give us so that we can make informed decisions.

  27. Andrew
    Love all your products but I miss the old formula for the joint support. I believe you had turneric and boswelin (sp) etc. I had no pain in my knees when I took the old formula.
    The complete joint formula does not help.
    Thank you but please add these two to your complete joint formula.

  28. I recently went to a neurologist and he wanted to know all my vitamins and drinks because he said too much of some vitamins can cause nerve damage. Any idea which he may have meant? I have trouble walking…multiple problems involve spine and joints,,,,and balance. I take your circulation for legs….Mayo clinic doctor was not happy about the diosmin in it, but didn't elaborate…what would be the reason? Multiple doctors throughout the years have told me I am wasting my money with vitamins and some have claimed they interfere with some medications…again they do not have time to tell me which and why…I continue taking them and now hesitate to tell them I even do.
    My concerns are the duplications when you take multiple products….which truly are "must takes" as the amount you and other proponents of vitamins suggest we take is a real drain on those of us on fixed incomes….and where can we find information on what vitamins may do damage and interfere with medications. Love your vitamins and take several but have had to resort to less expensive in many cases because of costs. Thanks….I wish I could take only yours…I believe in your quality.

  29. CoQ10–Please address the bioavailability of a dry capsule vs those capsules containing oil. I believe you are the only individual that I've heard promoting the dry form. Why do others recommend "with oil"?

  30. I purchased Fibermucil and CholestaCare snce I have high cholesterol and cannot take statins. A three month period of ingestion did not bring the numbers down. What else can I do?

  31. Hello Andrew,
    You are as amazing as all of the quality products you make for us. Any chance you might ever be seen on QVC? I understand about contracts & obligations to one network, just checking.

  32. I have been reading that when you take calcium, you should also be taking vitamin k. The article said it helps keep calcium out of your blood. Please address this too as I am certain you are well informed about this.

  33. Andrew, As you know, there is much confusion regarding the addition of supplements and/or supplemental drinks to our diets. Some would say that much of the 'net is full of rubbish and I must agree. However, there must be a trusted source of information and/or products out there and you have earned that trust and therefore, you have earned my business. This is not blind faith, but "trusting and verifying". I regard supplements as necessary but with a "proceed with caution" attitude. Thank you for not just taking our money, but taking your role as a leader in the industry with deep ethical persuasion. I look forward to your blog, an of course would shot video blogs as well!!

  34. My husband is on a blood thinner after bypasss surgery. I take one also. Is there a risk of getting too much vitamin K ? Some blood thinners limit the intake of green,leafy veggies, but others do not. Should there be a warning against the use of Vitatamin K on your labels, or is the dosage safe for heart and stroke patients?

  35. ProCap Labs,
    I appreciate the research that go into products I purchase from you. Your products help me to feel great every day. You have been in business many years which is important to me because you constantly update and improve the products. The professional way business is conducted from explanation of products to the order and delivery is impressive because I always feel confident that I bought a quality product. Lastly, my favorite thing about Andrew Lessman vitamins is the way the capsules are manufactured. They are easily ingested without causing any discomfort. Thank you for the great product!

  36. Hi Andrew,
    I take many of your vitamins and at the present time do not need medications. I am happy to say I am 70 years of age and in very good health. My husband was complaining about all the vitamins I take so I took all of them to my doctor for him to approve or reject. He said everything I was taking was good for me. Since then, my husband has been taking them also and says he feels so much better. I use Stevia In The Raw and have been very pleased with it. That is something I can not wait for you to address. It seems to help with keeping my blood sugar balanced. Any method you want to use to get info to us is fine with me. You have taught me so much about how to stay healthy. Thanks Andrew! God bless!

  37. Andrew please address the latest calcium dosage reports that claim Americans are taking too much calcium. These reports claim that the American diet is sufficient in calcium and that Americans are potentially overdosing on calcium.
    I love all your shows on HSN and feel you are a wealth of information on nutrition and health. If it weren't for you and HSN, I would never have known I was deficient in Vitamin D. I am now on your Vitamin D supplements and plan on following up with my physician.
    Thanks for your devotion and public service to the health and welling being of all your customers!

  38. "Had" to stop taking your Cal-Mag capsules, for they "went thru" my system without fully dispersing (which I noticed at "bathroom-time"). I tried opening the capsules and sprinkling them into various liquids I drink, but this is a pain-in-the-neck, and some of the times when I've done this I've gotten a stomache ache and/or trapped gas. I'd really LOVE to start taking your CalMag supplements again, sooo — any suggestions ?

  39. I too am a longtime customer and take over 20+ of your various vitamin daily. So yes I will be interested in READING your blogs vs. watching the videos as I will be able to print out and refer back to the info. I too am interested in you addressing the soy and stevia topics as well as asking if there is anything else out there beside the different joint vitamins, chondrotion and glucosomine, vitamin K and the different calciums vitamins that you make that can truly help the pain of the arthritis I have in my finger joints which have no padding whatsoever and are very painful to the slightest pressure. So far none of the vitamins mentioned have helped alleviate the pain or build back up any cushioning in the joints. Thank You in advance.

  40. Dear Andrew,
    My question is about Stevia. After a botched hip replacement in Henderson, NV and subsequent hip revision 3 weeks later, the surgery injured my pelvic bowl and herniated the discs in my spine. Unfortunately, the surgeon told me it was just healing pain and I missed my opportunity to file a lawsuit against him. I was forced to relocate to Western NY where my Internist sent me for MRI's and compared to my pre-surgical MRI's..he did injure me. I sought out treatment for my spine injury and it involved 8 epidural steroid injections which caused me to become diabetic. I'm one year post my LAST ever epidural steroid injection. They didn't work and made me very sick. I started using stevia in my tea and I tested my blood sugar prior to consuming it and 45 minutes to 1 hour after…same readings. I've thought stevia was safe. It's not a chemical sweetener which I never consume. Very interested to hear what you have to say about it. Also, Tumeric. Is the Liver product the only product that contains it? One more thing, I have a different shipping address from my billing address and ProCaps just sent another shipment to my Billing address. 2 weeks prior, I placed an order and it came to my Shipping address. Can you have someone look into that? Thank you!!!

  41. Please, discuss the benefits of (or lack of benefits) for using Berberine to help maintain blood glucose. I value your opinion and would love to see you make a Berberine suplement.

  42. Peace be with you, You my good man are a wealth of information and I have learned a LOT – Blog and Video either/or or both all is welcome! My grandmother was a woman who helped and educated people on the benefits of herbal and holistic remedies/cures – and you add to her teaching for me – when I grow up I want to be just like you 😉 Received joint and shake powders this week, will let you know how this progresses; a couple of years I was put on a lot of medications and God willing your products/information will help me get off these chemicals. I was wondering when you will be starting research and products for endocannabinoid system/cannabis – definitely on cannabis oil – which is given to us all by our Heavenly Father for all kinds of ailments/diseases as relief and even cancer cures. In fact I would love to know what your thoughts are on this subject; not many people want to touch on this, but I think you are an open minded man who is not very easily swayed on the erroneous information the government and pharmaceutical companies have dished out to the public. Well enough I think I have given all a subject to get all 'hot and bothered' about it. God bless you and keep you – guide, strengthen and help you with all the good you do for us. Peace to you and yours – luv' ya lots Tammey and family

  43. Hi Andrew. Thank you for your vitamins! They have really helped me stay healthy and avoid medication, especially the Liver Anti-oxidants and CholestaCare!
    I would like to know your thoughts on Coconut Oil. My mother has high blood pressure, is a diabetic and seems to have early stages of dementia. I keep hearing that people are taking 2-3 teaspoons a day with some amazing results in regards to brain function. It looks like lard and it has a lot of fat so I am very skeptical. Seems like it would hurt more than help.
    They also talk about Coconut Palm Sugar as good for diabetics. Is this true? She has bad reactions to sugar-free products, most likely from the Sorbitol, but she always asks for desserts.
    Any information on these two products would be greatly appreciated. I trust you more than Dr. Oz or my doctors!

  44. Hi Andrew!
    Love your products and my husband and I have used them for over 8 years now. I am waiting to hear what you have to say on STEVIA since my husband uses about more than 10 packets a day! He puts it in his coffee and his morning Protein Shake.

  45. I WOULD RATHER READ AN ARTICLE THEN WATCH A VIDEO 🙂 I look forward to what you have to say.
    I have taken your products from the beginning on HSN. My concern is the digestion products. I have your Fibermucil, Ultimate Friendly Flora, Digest Assure and Aloe. Are these products conflicting with each other or are they ok to take together? I now take them on different days because I'm not sure. I watch you just about every time you are on HSN just to listen and sometimes for some products you say you can space them out.
    Right now I have Green Tea, Fruit Full Antioxidants, Cinnamon, Cruciferous Extracts, Green Food Complex, Glucosamine w/ Chondroitin, Resveratrol-100. I understand that these are "supplements" and not to be replaced with "real" food. Are these a "bit much?" Also, I do take your Essentials and Ultimate Women's Wellness (which I will not be without)

  46. Oh one more thing. Stay on HSN. What do you think about this Re-Body weight loss program on QVC? I've tried a few products with absolutely no results. They have added "exercise" which is no brainer :). Dr Oz promoting numerous weight loss products can make your head spin.

  47. We thank God for you, Andrew! I'd love it if you made magnesium caps separately. Most folks are way short of this mineral. Don't know which one is the best to take. Oxide starts a movement (good), Dr. Russell Blaylock suggest taking mag-glycinate. Confused as to which one will help the most.
    Are your supplements geared to the average weight of 150# or ??? Meds, from what little I know, are based on 150# person. Help God Bless you and all the great folks at Pro Caps Lab!!!Sincerely, Angie

  48. Videos take too long n written faster to peruse.
    Wish a lot of the choices wouldn't always have
    B vitamins in which I can't take close to bedtime.
    You could have told your age in French when asked by
    Are your soy products fermented or Unfermented?

  49. Hi Andrew!
    I would probably prefer a mini video over a written blog post however, as long as our questions are being addressed I guess it doesn't matter.
    I do hope you address all the inquiries that you've been getting about Turmeric. For me personally, I already take handfuls of your vitamins every day, the LAST thing I need or want to do is take another pill. I do however want the health benefits so I REALLY, REALLY hope you add turmeric to your Essential 1 multivitamin. Please consider it Andrew 😉
    Long Island, NY

  50. Hello Andrew,
    Thanks for the great work you do for millions of us across the world. I would love to see you on Dr. Oz. Many conventional doctors are against taking vitamins and/or supplementing with them. I have been following Dr. Mark Hyman who is "Functional Medicine". He says type 2 diabetes can be reversed with supplementation. i.e. (vitamins). He offers many products, recipes and recommendations on his website. Are you familiar with him? I'd also like to see you two work together!

  51. Hello Andrew,
    Thanks for the great work you do for millions of us across the world. I would love to see you on Dr. Oz. Many conventional doctors are against taking vitamins and/or supplementing with them. I have been following Dr. Mark Hyman who is "Functional Medicine". He says type 2 diabetes can be reversed with supplementation. i.e. (vitamins). He offers many products, recipes and recommendations on his website. Are you familiar with him? I'd also like to see you two work together!

  52. Hello Andrew,
    Thanks for the great work you do for millions of us across the world. I would love to see you on Dr. Oz. Many conventional doctors are against taking vitamins and/or supplementing with them. I have been following Dr. Mark Hyman who is "Functional Medicine". He says type 2 diabetes can be reversed with supplementation. i.e. (vitamins). He offers many products, recipes and recommendations on his website. Are you familiar with him? I'd also like to see you two work together!

  53. Hello Andrew,
    Thanks for the great work you do for millions of us across the world. I would love to see you on Dr. Oz. Many conventional doctors are against taking vitamins and/or supplementing with them. I have been following Dr. Mark Hyman who is "Functional Medicine". He says type 2 diabetes can be reversed with supplementation. i.e. (vitamins). He offers many products, recipes and recommendations on his website. Are you familiar with him? I'd also like to see you two work together!

  54. Hello Andrew,
    Thanks for the great work you do for millions of us across the world. I would love to see you on Dr. Oz. Many conventional doctors are against taking vitamins and/or supplementing with them. I have been following Dr. Mark Hyman who is "Functional Medicine". He says type 2 diabetes can be reversed with supplementation. i.e. (vitamins). He offers many products, recipes and recommendations on his website. Are you familiar with him? I'd also like to see you two work together!

  55. Hello Andrew,
    Thanks for the great work you do for millions of us across the world. I would love to see you on Dr. Oz. Many conventional doctors are against taking vitamins and/or supplementing with them. I have been following Dr. Mark Hyman who is "Functional Medicine". He says type 2 diabetes can be reversed with supplementation. i.e. (vitamins). He offers many products, recipes and recommendations on his website. Are you familiar with him? I'd also like to see you two work together!

  56. Hello Andrew,
    Thanks for the great work you do for millions of us across the world. I would love to see you on Dr. Oz. Many conventional doctors are against taking vitamins and/or supplementing with them. I have been following Dr. Mark Hyman who is "Functional Medicine". He says type 2 diabetes can be reversed with supplementation. i.e. (vitamins). He offers many products, recipes and recommendations on his website. Are you familiar with him? I'd also like to see you two work together!


  58. I recently went thru a health screening……my HDL is low 31, I am within ten pounds of my ideal weight, my total 123 What Lessman product would be good for me to try to elevate my HDL?
    Thank you

  59. Do you have a facebook page? I would more likely see your posts via my News Feed in FB, or Twitter, versus coming to your blog site to see if you've posted.

  60. I've read that the "best" way to get coQ10 is in the liquid state….is this true? Also, could a chart be made as to what supplements NOT to take with others? I don't know if it makes a difference at all, but with all the vitamins and supplements I take, maybe some should not be taken with others….
    Thank you for everything you do. I love when you are on t.v. Even if I don't have to order anything (which I always do anyway!), I listen to learn more. You are the best!

  61. Andrew, I was delighted to see this message today in my email. You're kind to address some of these topics head on as some of the issues are quite frankly pretty random, petty and off beat. But a few of them are good. And I think ultimately to get answers from you clears up a lot of misdirected side discussions. I do appreciate your active involvement with customers and have benefited more than I can say from your products in a relatively short time. Rock on, no, capsule on, Andrew.

  62. Hello Andrew and Muriel, Hope you are well. I keep hearing about = amounts of mag to calcium. What do you think? Also, my son plays paintball and he says Procaps makes the actual paint balls. Are you that manufacturer as well? Just being nosey and curious, I guess. Anyways, I think you found your match in Muriel. You really light up around her. Much Love, Kelly

  63. I agree with the previous comment about you finding your match with Muriel. How about including her some in your HSN programs. You make a great couple and this is very obvious when you are shown together on the show. God bless.

  64. Andrew, Thank you so much for your continued education offerings to us. I would enjoy any format you choose to continue that process.
    Would you please consider addressing the following:
    Recent studies and concerns of folic acid and Vit A supplementation. The contraindications have grabbed my attention big time.
    The request of dropping additional supplementation in your formulas like COQ10, B12 etc? I don't want the added B's, especially the folic acid. Plus, I can manage dosage levels so much better by purchasing just the added supplement standing on its own. I need and seek COQ10 and your wonderful B12 by themselves. Please. 🙂
    I look forward to reading your valuable input.

  65. Hello Andrew:
    Many people are not medical persons and a lot of medical and chemical words people don’t really and accurately know.
    Please write your material down. In this way, your words will help more people understand what you are discussing correctly.
    I heard that the substances or chemicals in tea or yogurt can reduce the effectiveness of the medications.
    I remember you said that “Secure Meal Replacement” can be used with yogurt.
    Even though, you do not call your products as medications but they may be seen as some kind of chemical food supplements. Anyway, no matter how we define them, we have to put them all in to our mouths and mixed with some other things we eat in our stomach.
    When we take our own medications, some of the medications need to avoid certain food or things. Do any of your vitamins need to avoid particular things? Any chemical conflicts at all?
    Please give us some directions on this.
    By the way, “Secure Meal Replacement” is too sweet, over sweetened. Can you make a light version of them? At least cut half of the sweetness. We can put surge or sweeteners in ourselves if needed.
    I use a lot of your products. Love them.
    I also look forward to read all your answers to the important questions in the list.
    Thank you very much!

  66. Dear Andrew,
    I like the fact that you do not put any additives in your products. But please upgrade and put natural folate instead of Folic acid as well as Methylcobalamin instead of Cyannacobalamin in your products. Also, you put
    folic acid and other B's in almost all of your products. Folic acid is toxic. For the price you charge I think
    we deserve high quality ingredients.
    Soy is estrogenic and has anti nutrients I would stay away from it. I am assuming that your products are non GMO.
    Ubiquionol is far superior to regular Q10. Magnesium Oxide is cheap and not effective I am sure you know that already

  67. I called and asked about GMO's. I got a very convoluted answer and the woman could not give me a difinitive yes or no. I would love it if you would address this issue with your customers and staff. Please inform us all as to whether or not they are being used in your products. I'm a long time lover of your products and used them to recover after having a baby and cancer within 3 weeks of each other. Thank you, but please inform us.
    -concerned mother and cancer survivor
    ps: my post keeps appearing in the comments then a few minutes later it is gone.

  68. Oh, brother… if these people really loved you Andrew, they would read your labels & see that turmeric is already IN your Liver Antioxidants product… so you must already know about it's health benefits! Daaah! (And… they would also learn how to spell it! It's not "TUMERIC"!) But still… everybody have a Happy Andrew Lessman Day!

  69. Hi Andrew
    I am vegan and wondering if you are anytime in the future thinking about making a vegan multi vitamin It is in such demand…I only trust you and your vitamins…Please comment and letme know your thoughts

  70. Thank you andrew for all of the vitamins and supplement and especially the education. Where can I go and see some of the questions you will be answering?

  71. I would really like to take your ultimate eye support, but I see it has "Green Tea Extract" I cannot have caffeine so that makes it impossible for me to take it. Can't you make it without the Green Tea Extract??

  72. Andrew – Thanks for all of your wonderful products. I don't know if you have ever discussed this or not but I have a question on Protandim. Are you familiar with it and can you please comment on it's claims. Thanks

  73. I would like to see a blog rather than a video. If I have to do something I can walk away from the blog and resume reading at a later time.

  74. would love to have a meal replacement without artificial sweeteners. I just can't tolerate the taste. any hope for those of us who still eat a little sugar, and just can't stand the fake sweeteners?

  75. QVC had a today's special today that was scientifically proven to eliminate waist and hip fat. What do you say?

  76. Thank you, Andrew!! I buy your products for myself, my sister and brother in Carlsbad and my Mom who lives at my billing address and that's also an alternate shipping address so, I think it's been resolved. I started using your products in the 90's before moving to Henderson and getting to know and love them first hand. Even though I'm not there any longer, I continue to buy them and will do so forever. My Holistic NP loves your products, the ease of reading the labels on line and she also uses them now and suggests her patients buy from ProCaps as well. Keep doing what you do. And again, thank you very much!

  77. I use ubiquinol, which is both water and fat soluble, supposed to be better. You don't offer it. I also know that we should really only use fermented non gmo soy products. Others are estrogenic and toxic. Yes, since B vitamins are in most of your mixes like hair skin and nails, it would be good to make the B12 methylcobalmin, not cyan variety. And I didn't know about the folic acid, but learned from another person on this post. I too, would prefer to have both printed and video commentary, similar to the Dr. Mercola articles. CLA is a very helpful product which helps cut down on belly fat. Are you considering that? Keep up the great work; I love watching you and have learned a lot from you. Laurie

  78. Andrew, I love your vitamins! You mention in the 2nd paragraph (6 lines up from bottom) that you will be addressing questions from HSN and QVC??? Are you still with QVC?


  80. Andrew, I've just recently started faithfully using your products and have found marvelous results. Regarding Dr. Oz and the comment about Garcinia, I have to admit that I am one of those gullible people who did little research and took him at his word; unfortunately all I have to show for both the saffron and Garcinia is less money in my pocket and more in the companies he promotes. I wonder if they support him in any way (can you say kick back?) not accusing, just mentioning.
    Seriously I think 10 – 15 min videos on supplements, conditions, etc. would be most helpful. I know for a fact they would be for me…I no longer watch or listen to what Dr. Oz says.
    Thanks in advance for being our health promotion friend and supplying such great products that really do what they are supposed to do, no pie in the sky stuff!

  81. Hi Andrew. First let me thank you for being who you are and providing great products for us. Like others, I am overwhelmed when trying to determine what products to take. I use the Essential One because I have a pill phobia and at least I can get that one down. I have bought many of your other products but I mainly focus on the multi, eye support, cal-mag, probiotic, CoQ10 but have bought many others. I just can't figure out who to take them all. In addition, I use your SECURE product but had just bought a new supply when I noticed you sold it in a Whey version. I'm very concerned about Soy and didn't realize you'd use it so do answer that question for us. I would love for you to comment on Plexus Slim if you've yet heard of this product and why it has overwhelming success with everyone. I have a friend trying to really get me onto it but it has the things you say don't work but the results I view from all of her customers are incredible. Let us know what you think. I use Xylitol for a sweetner but alternate with Monk Fruit (orange packets) – what do you think of these as I don't like the taste of Stevia. Thank you for your time.

  82. Surprise! Surprise! The guy who sells vitamins believes what the positive studies have to say, but doesn't believe what the negative studies have to say.

  83. I would like to see video blogs specialized by product. I recall you had videos posted on your website a few years back and I enjoyed the format; I would watch them on my lunch breaks so they were not long by my standard. I take quite a few of your vitamins faithfully. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the quality of the vitamins and your excellence in this field.

  84. I do so appreciate everything that you do Andrew! I have taken many of your supplements over the last decade + and will continue to do so in the future. The purity and efficacy of your products puts your supplements above and beyond others that are sold on the market.
    I would also like to see your research and educational updates. The written form is great, as this seems to be the most popular form at this time, but your videos would be good too!
    I wish that I would have realized the difference in your various formulations of joint supplements. I just recently started on the Maximum Joint capsules. They are so much better to help with my (chronic) knee and back issues than the Complete Joint capsules. I now am able to work out on weights and various cross-training machines for as long as I want. Perhaps a compare/contrast chart of the benefits and differences of the joint supplements, along with your advice would be helpful to all. Please consider having this as a TS on HSN on auto-delivery if possible.
    I appreciate your continued professional commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

  85. I too would prefer written as opposed to video.
    My question: I called your customer service asking why magnesium oxide is used instead of magnesium glycinate which is more absorbable. The customer service person said they would get back to me in a week with Andrew's answer but I still have not heard back from her. Since I take magnesium glycinate which I cannot get from Andrew but would prefer to get them from him, I would like my question answered.
    Thank you.

  86. Hi Andrew –
    I do like your products. I am worried about GMO's. I have done plenty of research and can tell you that SOY is not good, unless its non gmo and fermented. I would like to see you use better quality ingredients.
    like Benfotiamine, Methylcobalamin, natural folate. All the B vitamins have their activated natural forms.
    Oxides, sulphates are cheap. Magnesium Citrate, glycinate are better than the oxide. Zinc citrate/glycinate are better than Zinc Oxide that you use in your daily vitamins same with zince. COME ON Andrew.
    Ubiquinol is definitely better than regular CQ10 everyone knows that. Please stop using so many synthetic
    crap B vitamins and minerals.

  87. I too would prefer a written blog to a video blog. I also agree with Jia Ma that the terminology can get a bit technical at times. I like knowing why something works the way it does, but I am just a simple layperson when it comes to supplements and my health.

  88. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks so much for the blog. I will take information from you any way that you want to present it. I love your written blogs and I love your webinars that you did a couple of times from HSN. I watched them on my ipad while I walked on the treadmill 🙂
    Love your products and I think they are quite beneficial to my health and my family's health.

  89. I have been taking your supplements for over 20 years. Currently there is only one supplement on my shelf that does not have your picture on the bottle! It is ginger root. There is a lot of research on the health benefits of ginger for inflammation. I know you read all the research papers, so I am wondering what the reason is that you do not include ginger in any of your supplements. One more thought….PLEASE, more cookbooks from you and Muriel 🙂

  90. Dr. Oz is what he is – much like those on "The Dr's" – they are willing to regurgitate ANYTHING their staff finds from those marketing products. From raspberry ketone, the absurdity of SENSA, to youth elixir's and crèmes. I notice the words "might" and "could" a LOT on the programs.
    They offer an entertainment program format, nothing more, nothing less. They know NOTHING about their viewers other than demographics.
    You and Pro Caps, actually Alpha and Beta TEST Products, run reasonable, if not exhaustive studies, and offer (in most cases) better than expected RESULTS.
    I am not trashing those show's or their cast, but you have a passion for QUALITY, and a core concern for new, and long-term customers.
    I have been a customer for at least 22++ years, and so has my family – 2 of which are in their late 70's. Not only do you talk-the-talk, but you walk-the-walk, quality-wise.
    Quality of life, and (what I believe to be) life extension, START with your products. I will NEVER be without them!

  91. Andrew… I just want to thank you for your work in bringing all of us the finest vitamins in the world!!! I take approx. 23 vitamins of yours in the morning with my breakfast.. is there any problem in doing this? Also.. I don't use Stevia but a product called Whey Low… and their website is I have been using this for 2 years now because I can bake with it and have absolutely no aftertaste whatsoever and beyond that my blood sugar does not spike when I use this product. I would be interested in hearing what you think about stevia as well as if you have ever heard of Whey Low and know anything about this product.. Thanks again for all you do for all of the thousands of us that depend on your vitamins to live a far better life!!!

  92. Have you ever considered checking over the supplements one is ordering and possibly make a suggestion that one might want to take ? and ? in addition, for better health? I'd certainly appreciate it.
    Trudy Rugland

  93. I'm surprised you don't have vitamins for children been that you have pre natal vitamins. I'm very happy and see results with all the ones I'm taking, thank you

  94. Gertrude "Trudy" Rugland….call AML's "Call Center" of professionally trained vitamin and supplement staff. They go through extensive training and if they can't answer your questions, Mr. Lessman has a staff that can help. Just call 1-800-800-1200!!! Doctors sometimes have no knowledge….or they aren't willing to discuss…I have a doc in Henderson who takes Andrew Lessman's products! But he's Hahneman and Johns Hopkins Educated…most docs aren't that open to supplements. Just call them and I'm sure they can help you. If not, I would be surprised. Former employee here, Marilyn. No matter what, I'll never stop buying, taking and recommending these easy to absorb products!!!!! #BiggestFanEver!!!

  95. I have hypothyroidism & have not been able to get the proper readings, due mainly, to My Dr.'s not knowing how to order the Blood Tests and read them… going to a specialists, with better outcomes….I read that Soy, Bromides, Flourides, and Chlorides all compete for the T4 molecule…or something like that….and that we all need Iodine/Iodide/Potassium supplements such as LUGOL'S Iodine supplements. Som I avoid Soy (in any form do not trust the makers) avoid bakery breads, use Flouride free tooth paste….and am working on getting filtered drinking pitcher and shower wall filter.
    My Dr. also says I take too many supplements. Also need Alpha Lipic Acid from you….AND
    Blog is better, PLEASE!
    Thank You for your concerns regarding public health and for all you give away!
    And What about Stevia…..I find that most sold has Maltodextrin, or dextrose added…..Only the Brand Sweet Leaf is just Stevia!
    Thanks….and Blessings to you and your staff


  97. I do want to hear about Stevia. I have always been told that was the "safe" sugar substitute. I use it a lot. Hopefully this will be one of the first you discuss. Thank you. Have used many of your upplements for years.

  98. Hello Andrew:
    Love your products but I would like for you to take out stimulants from your fat burning product. Some of us cannot tolerate coffee.

  99. Hello Andrew, love your high quality products! Would you please consider addressing the recent New Zealand study on the findings for Vitamin D and also the recent study on antioxidants? I'm hesitant to continue taking them after reading both studies. Thank you. Here's are the links:

  100. Dear Andrew, I take a combination ginger & turmeric capsule offered by another company. It is the one pill I take that I surely can tell makes a difference. The ginger helps with digestion and the turmeric helps with my joints. Your vitamins & supplements are high quality and I prefer to order from you. Any plans on adding a similar supplement to your product line? Thanks, in advance, for your consideration.

  101. On videos vs newsletters, my preference would be newsletter to disseminate information. Reason being, they can be read anywhere and any time of the day without sound which, depending on the location/situation, can be distracting to others. Not saying that videos aren't valuable tools and could be used to augment the newsletters. That's my two cents.

  102. Hi Andrew! I love the purity and bioavailability of your products……..however I was disappointed during the CoQ10 Todays Special you did not explain that your TruQ10 is much more beneficial, especially paired with the B12. After I bought a years supply of the Todays Special I discovered this duo on your ProCaps website. I hope in the future you might mention this so the consumer is aware of their choices. CoQ10 is a major $ investment.

  103. About a year ago, I decided to try another source of supplements, one a dear friend had just decided to sell. I soon realized that I was feeling tired, somewhat depressed, and generally rather awful. At just that time, you were on HSN for one of your weekend bashes and I stocked up again. Within four days I was feeling like my old (and I do mean old—85 in June) self—full of pep, early out of bed daily, clear thinking, without pain. And I also discovered, which you may not be able to say, that if I do happen to have occasional leg discomfort, taking a couple of vein support capsules will relieve that within minutes!
    I am finding at this late age that I am sensitive to gluten, and find no problem with your recipes, either soups or veggies. If you put out another wonderful eating book with Muriel, could you nonetheless, address the gluten thing. Since I have been trying to avoid it—about 3 weeks now—I not only feel better and no longer have alternating constipation and diarrhea, I have lost girth, which is far more important to me than weight, since I have never been fat, except lately around my middle, argh.
    Please keep coming to HSN. I have never had any tummy problems with any of your products and use quite an array of them. I like to brag to friends about your manufacturing plant and the purity of everything you do and use.

  104. NO VIDEO, PLEASE. I like to re-read a paragraph that I am interested in. Videos take up too much time. If you want to stop in the middle, then you have to start all over again later on. It is a waste of time. I also want to know about Stevia. Is it safe?

  105. I have taken your vitamins for about five years now. My daughter and son whom is in the Military is in auto ship. My son has his soon to be three year old daughter taken the children vitamins. Thank you for making a child supplement. My daughter and Son really can tell the difference since they have starte taking your vitamins. I have learned so much about supplements in listening to you on HSN explaining the supplements.
    You do you're research and I trust what you say concerning supplements.
    There's a lot of different info out about supplements.
    I listen to hear what you have to say and take my quene from
    You. Very interested on what you have to say about Stevia, Tumeric and other topics,

  106. I would also like it in written form. It's nice to be able to send to friends. I have always like hearing about new research and what looks promising. Maybe once a year you could tell us of new research and findings. Good or bad. Thanks

  107. I am concerned about the two artificial sweetners in Secure. I have read that they cause cancer, maybe other diseases, (thyroid inhibiters) and are addictive. I am not a lover of Stevia and other natural low-cal sweetners have their drawbacks, too. Among them is digestive intolerance issues. Secure is my favorite product that even beats out Healthy Hair Skin and Nails. It could be a little less sweet. Maybe lowering the sweetner amount. Also, is it non-gmo, no bovine growth hormone and sourced from good milk cows like free range, grass fed? Are there antibiotics added to the whey protien isolate? Other than that, I love the product and combine it with my fresh made organic raw almond milk which I make every day. I have been consuming Secure for 3 years. I started with the soy. I prefer the whey. It is tastier. I use the vanilla and my husband loves it, as well. I use the whey protien, too. That doesnt give me as much energy or a sense of sustained well being as Secure. Thanks, Andrew. I should appreciate your response.

  108. Andrew, Could you tell me why it is every time I undertake an attempt to get healthy and start to eat right, exercise and take good quality supplements, I get sick?
    I really hate the roller coaster syndrome of not only the diet thing but the health issue in general. I'm 50 lbs over my chart weight and can't seem to drop anything and when I start, bang sick again.
    The Dr. says nothing wrong just a cold, etc.
    I would appreciate your input!

  109. Andrew, any form of information is welcomed to help us make decisions on our health. Thank you for all your knowledge. Carol Mullenhard

  110. Hello. Some of your supplements my doctor will "prescribe" so that I can use them as a medical deduction when certifying for my subsidized housing. I save about $45-50 a month this way in rent. I can also use them as medical deductions for food stamps thanks to a DSHS worker who tries to help low-income people and my food stamps went from $53 a month to $88. Clearly I am in pretty tight financial straits and survive solely on social security.
    I am one of those people dedicated to a plant-based diet and I eat a ton of greens every day–the kale and collards and arugula I grow in my own garden. Plus exercise–I switched to a medicare advantage plan that has silver sneakers so I can go to the gym gratis. I used to jog around the high school track but I got kicked off even tho the kids call me grandma and the p.e. teachers had no objection. Holy moly–just imagine a 70+ woman jogging the track might be selling drugs to teens!!
    When you bundle some products, I don't get the good deal. I don't want to be forced to buy something I don't want, and the item I want is not discounted very much if bought as a stand-alone. This just happened with circ and vein support bundled with glucosamine/chon.
    I take some of your supplements alternate days and some I take MWF and some T Th S. I have had to let some go because I just cannot afford your prices. I must admit that I feel twinges of resentment that I struggle with money while you donate millions of bottles. I know I know I know these donated vitamins are life-savers but I never agreed to pay 10 or 15 or 20% more for your charitable works. The money comes from somewhere – does it come out of your pocket? Doesn't the full paying customer make it possible? I have terrifically mixed feelings about this. I give back to the world by volunteering – helping kids with reading and animal shelters are my two areas of volunteering.
    The End.

  111. I believe that one time on an HSN show you stated that it's best to take supplements at a time when you don't take prescription medications. Is this correct? and just a brief explanation why. Also, when some of your supplements come in multiple capsules like glucosamine/chondroitin, can you take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening or is it best to take all at once?

  112. Forgot to say that my computer does videos horribly so my definite preference is for written. Actually, the clunkiness of my computer means written or nothing.

  113. God Bless you Andrew! Your supplements have changed my life! Now that a family member is suffering from a serious disease, I sent your Iron Plus to her. PLEASE MAKE A 720ct OR LARGER OF YOUR IRON PLUS at least once a year for those of us who must take 2 or more of your Iron Plus capsules. Also, with a huge percentage of the world suffering from GERD, acid reflux and taking PPIs (which are horrible for us), please consider making MASTIC GUM. I must take another companies supplement, which I know nothing about, since you don't make this. It has helped me so much more than PPIs ever have and since so many suffer from various forms of reflux, it would be another BLESSING to see Mastic Gum added to your line of supplements. I can't say enough about your products, they are by far THE BEST available! I too am looking forward to your WRITTEN, rather than video, addressing the issues you mentioned above.
    Thanks again and may God continue to richly bless you! Your dedication and hard work is very much acknowledged and appreciated! 🙂

  114. I am 62 and have had a stroke. My MD said I need to limit sodium & stress. Stress I have trouble regulating but I have a pharmacist who I work with that is helping me. Our profession is high stress. By coincidence she's been taking your vitamins for years. I used to take your Secure meal replacement (chocolate & vanilla) and I love them. I am concerned about amount of sodium in them. Is there any way of decreasing the sodium without compromising taste? Your shakes are fabulous and easy to use because of my face paced job when time is at a premium. I am very limited on what I can eat because of sodium. I am now having to take blood pressure & cholesterol meds . Dieting is not in my vocabulary anymore. Lifestyle change is!!!!
    Thank you Andrew for putting in the many many hours of your time to give us the choice of making our lives better.
    I'm thankful for the info you give us with every product!!!
    Your blog is wonderful. I never stop learning from you!! Wish I had found you earlier!!
    Thank you Linda

  115. I am 59 years old and have been taking your multi-vitamins for over 25 years. I have been recently diagnosed with high levels of DHEA. Is there a specific supplement i can take to bring these levels down? I am a little uncomfortable of just leaving it up to a doctor to tell me what to do since he doesn't always seem to have the time to spend with me at my appointments.

  116. Hello Andrew, I certainly appreciate the quality of your vitamins. I take appox. 35-40 supplements daily. Please address the following: Taking multiple vitamins daily, which supplements are best taken am or pm and what each supplement is for. This can easily be added to your web site. Please consider making a turmeric supplement as a stand along product. Lots of research deem turmeric as a important ingredient to inflammation and arthritus. Please address turmeric as a stand along issue.
    Thanks for your consideration, Sandy

  117. Andrew, my wife and I use many of your great products. We are always looking for new ways and products to improve our health further. I am 62 and have been reading about NO nitric oxide and the benefits it may providing regards to circulation, mental acuity etc. Can you provide any insight to the possible benefits it may provide and is this a viable product you might add to your family of great products. We are very appreciative of all of the nutritional information you provide and look forward to your upcoming articles.
    Thank you, Joe M

  118. I'd love a detailed video on each product. With videos it is much easier to absorb a lot more informationmuch faster than sitting and reading, which takes forever. I take several of your products and also have the same questions about soy and frutose vs stevia. I am told that soy is not good for arthritis because it causes inflammation. Is this true?

  119. I would love videos. I would also like to see back on HSN much more often! Your products are great. I was wondering if you would ever consider bringing back the Weight Perfect shakes back to HSN? They had I believe 18 grams of Whey protein I believe. I lost a lot of weight with those!!! They were very delicious and very filling. I would like to see more products for pets. I have beautiful little Persian furballs that I would like to see benefit from your products as well. Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  120. Hi Andrew,
    First wanted to say thanks for making me want to know my vitamin D number. I was an 18 ! I am now feeling a lot better with your vitamin D after a 12 week mega dose.
    Do you ever think you will do a childrens vitamin supplement? I have a 9 year and and worry she is getting enough.

  121. I read that you were in negotiations to go back to QVC and wondered if that was true or just their backlash to you? If makes me very sad to think that after all these years of success with HSN and all the loyal customers you have, that you would try to make a better deal and leave for money – can you please clear this up, because it comes to mind every time I see you and I had always held you in the highest esteem.

  122. Why is there no Zinc in your Ultimate Eye Support??? It's in my AREDS2 Eye Vitamin. Is it necessary for it to be there and if not, why??? Would like to know as soon as possible as I think I'd like to try yours after being on AREDS2.

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