I Do Not Hate Israel.
Vitamin Angels Is All About
Mothers And Children.
Happy Mother’s Day!

I thought my post from last week would calm things down, at least for a little while, but it seems there are still folks out there in the anonymous world of the Internet with some very angry keyboards.  This hostility seems to define the new “normal” on the Internet.  There appears to be little concern for the truth and even less respect or concern for the feelings of others.  What ever happened to human characteristics, such as compassion, empathy, consideration, respect, honesty and kindness, let alone love for one’s fellow man?  I had always found the HSN Bulletin Boards to be a peaceful place where folks could ask questions, exchange ideas and share experiences.  The dialog was friendly, cordial and respectful, but recently, like our society, there seems to be more and more anger and hurtful content.  Sadly, some recent posts on HSN’s Bulletin Boards have forced me to respond.  I know you have told me that I should just ignore these angry posts, the same as we teach our kids that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  However, I guess I am not sufficiently spiritually evolved to just turn the other cheek.  That is something I can always aspire to.  Also, this instance is different, since this is not just an attack on me, but on a very dear friend.  It was an unjustified, unprovoked and completely false attack on the reputation of one our country’s finest charities and its unselfish Founder.  It is so sad when the Internet gives rise to such attacks, but even worse when it is against someone who is a committed humanitarian and his remarkable charitable organization.

Before I respond more fully to the above, I first wanted to say I was humbled by the outpouring of support following my most recent blog post.  Thank you.  I initially hesitated to write that post, because the world has already become far too political.  Then I realized that I was not defending any political views, but simply the truth.  I suppose after almost 30 years on TV, I have grown some thick skin, but it still breaks my heart to read this recent attack against Vitamin Angels and its Founder, a gentleman who has always conducted himself and his charity with the utmost honesty, dignity and transparency.  Vitamin Angels’ Founder, Howard Schiffer, is truly a humanitarian and one of the kindest human beings you could ever hope to meet.  He has dedicated his life to bringing children’s vitamins and now prenatal vitamins to the furthest reaches of our planet.  He goes wherever children and mothers need his help – regardless of politics.  In fact, when I spoke to him this morning, he was in a small village in Honduras where families must survive on a bit more than $1 per day.  These are the kinds of remote places that Howard goes to save children and their mothers.  To call his charity “Vitamin Devils” is outrageous and hurtful.  What could possibly possess someone to say such things and fabricate such stories?  To say that Howard Schiffer, Vitamin Angels and I are involved in some left-wing conspiracy to destroy Israel is beyond unimaginable.  These lies would be troubling if they were not so absurd.  What would inspire someone to invent such nonsense?!  It is also troubling to see the speed with which others will jump on the bandwagon and happily attack me.  Making all of this worse is the fact that everything lives forever on the Internet – even the worst lies, so I am forced to respond not only on my own behalf, but on behalf of Howard Schiffer and Vitamin Angels.

Politics has absolutely nothing to do with my company or my vitamins.  I truly love our country, but, as I have said for many years, I have grown weary of modern day partisan politics.  Just as with my company, Howard makes certain that politics has absolutely nothing to do with the incredible work of Vitamin Angels.  Howard has often said that mothers and their children should never be the innocent victims of politics.  Howard and Vitamin Angels focus on the Mothers and Children he has dedicated his life to saving.  Howard and I could not imagine what could inspire someone to post these lies on HSN’s Bulletin Boards about our alleged desire to harm or destroy Israel.  It is hard to believe that someone actually consciously typed that.  That is crazy!  Have we become so angry and cynical as a society that we blindly accuse others of terrible things?  It is true that Israel is not on the list of countries that Vitamin Angels presently serves and that the West Bank and Gaza Strip are on the list (referred to as the “Occupied Palestinian Territories”).  Perhaps for some folks the phrase “Occupied Palestinian Territories” is politically charged, but Vitamin Angels was only using the standard nomenclature from the United Nations.  Is it possible that the simple use of that phrase might cause someone to believe we want to harm and destroy Israel?  Again, that is nonsense.  Also, despite our efforts to get our prenatals to Israel, there are no agencies, entities or health care providers, either government or non-government, that have expressed a need.  Israel has a remarkable health care system (likely the best in the Middle East), so they have not needed Vitamin Angels’ help.  As far as the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the health care system is not the same as that in neighboring Israel and, as a result, we have received numerous requests for assistance.  Of course, we are happy to fulfill those needs wherever they might be and just as we do around the world, we validate that the products are in fact getting directly into the hands of those mothers and children in need.

The standard United Nations designation for the West Bank and Gaza Strip are the “Occupied Palestinian Territories,”  Is it possible that someone managing the list of countries on Vitamin Angels’ website intended to destroy Israel with the clerical act associated with typing in those three words?  That is obviously not the case and a ridiculous assumption to make.  In any event, the Vitamin Angels website has now been changed to refer to those areas as the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  Regardless, the prior phrase in no way justified the lies that harm a good man’s life’s work.  Vitamin Angels’ sole goals are the mothers and children they help.  Children and women are all too often the innocent victims of politics, so Howard makes sure politics plays no role in the activities of Vitamin Angels.  Although we would be happy to send them all the prenatal vitamins they need, apparently, Israel does not have any present need.  Like the US, their highly developed health care system reduces the need, compared to other developing countries with lower standards of living and dietary challenges.  If the person who wrote this post would like to see my prenatal vitamins in Israel, then help us find an organization that needs them.  As I said, Howard and I will be happy to immediately send all they need.  Accusations and lies are easy to spread, particularly thanks to the Internet; however, it is a lot more difficult to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  That is the unselfish and unceasing work of Howard Schiffer and Vitamin Angels.  His work and that of his nonprofit are truly admirable.  Again, I am not sure why someone would write such angry lies with no knowledge of the facts or circumstances, but it reminds me of what my Grandma used to always say, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.” Fortunately, there will always be men like Howard Schiffer who will continue to his good work and his good deeds.  I am proud and fortunate to know him.

Given the attack on the good reputation of Vitamin Angels, I thought I would take a moment to say a little about them.  Vitamin Angels existed long before our Prenatal Program.  Over the past few decades, Vitamin Angels and its Founder, Howard Schiffer have distributed more than one billion doses of Vitamin A to children throughout the developing world, saving millions of lives and preventing blindness in millions of children.  They have also distributed more than a billion doses of children’s vitamins.  I had always contributed to their exceptional work, but several years ago, I told Howard that I wanted to do something more significant than writing a check.  That I wanted to make a difference in the world and have a direct connection to making that difference.  I was aware that there were so many nutritionally vulnerable populations, both around the world and even right here in America.  One day, while reading my weekly research summary I found the answer in a study discussing the unrivaled difference that a prenatal vitamin can make in the life of a mother and her baby in the developing world.  There was no other time of life when vitamins could play such a life-saving and life-changing role.  The answer appeared to be prenatal vitamins and I certainly knew how to make them, but how could I get them to millions of mothers around the world.  So, I asked Howard, since he was already getting vitamins to children everywhere, perhaps he could do the same for prenatal vitamins.  It was definitely far outside what they were already doing, but since Howard agreed that mothers were perhaps the most vulnerable population that he would figure it out and do whatever it took to make this happen.  He unselfishly said that as long as I make the prenatal vitamins, he will get into the hands of mothers in need.  His commitment has never wavered and our prenatal vitamins are now found around the world and throughout America – regardless of politics.  I believe we are now the world’s largest single source of donated prenatal vitamins.

All this talk of political differences reminds me of my experiences a couple of decades ago, back when we advertised on radio.  Back in the 1980s and 1990s, the best radio shows for an “intelligent” advertisement were talk radio shows, since folks “actively” listened to those shows.  Many of those talk radio shows were highly political – some far left and some far right.  As a result, I would frequently receive angry letters from folks on the left, saying they would boycott my brand if I continued advertising on shows that were on the far right.  I also received angry letters from folks on the right, telling me that they would boycott my brand if I continued advertising on shows whose host was on the far left.  Even the folks in the middle were not pleased.  It seemed I could not win at all.  I was just trying to provide some healthy information and I ended up offending and alienating many folks not because of what I said but as a result of “where” I was saying it.  I could not understand how health or vitamins had anything to do with politics, so I decided to respectfully “fight back.”  To me, it was obvious that everyone deserved to be healthy no matter what their politics might be.  So, from that moment on, each time I received letters and phone calls complaining about politics, I would personally write or call the folks or organizations who sent them.  I would calmly, respectfully and patiently inform them that my company and its products were completely non-political and so long as these hosts had not done or advocated anything wrong or illegal, then just because there were political differences, it did not mean that our political opponents deserved to be unhealthy.  Without exception, they all agreed with me and, so long as I remained nonpolitical, they agreed they would not boycott my products.  It was at that moment that I learned a very important lesson:  That even those with the most extreme political views can still be receptive to a respectfully communicated different opinion.  The world may have changed too much since then, but it is my fervent hope and prayer that we can all find a way to peacefully coexist despite our differences in the future.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and whether our Mothers are still with us or not, it is an opportunity to contemplate and celebrate the person that brought us into the world, and without whom, we would not exist.  Also, as Americans, we get to enjoy this day under circumstances far better than most of those with whom we share our Vitamin Angels prenatal vitamins.  It underscores how blessed we are here in America and why our work with Vitamin Angels is so important today and every day.  Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Best of Health.


143 thoughts on “
I Do Not Hate Israel.
Vitamin Angels Is All About
Mothers And Children.
Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Andrew lots of crazies on the web. Sad. I love your vitamins. Have for over 14 years or more! You are a class act. Don’t let them drag you to their level. God bless. !

    1. Andrew and his friend are “Angels” Those adverse to the donation of vitamins to Mothers and children are severely shortsighted. Given globalization,If moms are not healthy, babies will be born with major deficits, which sooner than later, this country will pay the price for those deficits such as spina bifida, rickets,brain damage, etc. ,for life of said child. People need to start seeing “down the road”, and how this program benefits them greatly in the long run. Thank you , Andrew.

    2. Sorry you have to go through this Andrew. There’s a lot of hatred in this world and I’m afraid it’s not gonna get any better. Just turn the TV on and the news gets worse every day; innocent people getting killed. Where in the last days and the labor pains have started. The only way to protect ourselves is to read the word every day and be connected to God. He’s the only one who will help us get through this till Jesus returns,again. You’re a good person Andrew; keep doing what you’re doing. There’s still a lot of good people,out there, who will stand by you, no matter what is said about you or your business. Don’t pay any attention to those hotheads. Eventually they’ll move on to something else. Keep your chin up, keep smiling and everything will work out for the best. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Peace and blessings.

      1. Andrew, it is true, the internet has spawned a bunch of cowards who feel they
        can say anything because no one really knows who they are. How sad this is
        becoming for our world! I am close to 80, and have never seen such hate and
        division in our country. There is a total lack of respect for anyone in any position,
        and you seem to be one of the latest victims. Know there are many, many of us
        who support you in every way.

    3. We are so lucky to live where we can say what we feel without punishment.
      But for heavens sakes, God gave us a brain, to know when to SHUT UP!
      One of my Grandfathers, generations back, brought his church to the new land, so they would have freedom to live and pray without being mistreated. I’m afraid today he might take his church back to “Old England”,

      Andrew, your not alone many of us feel, we’ve lost of freedom, to be ourselves.

      I don’t care what anyone feels about our President. They need to get off their high horse, and help President Trump. The country is not being helped by all this anger, and it needs all our help.
      Our ancestors must be turning in their graves!
      What has Andrew Lessman done to any of you. Grow-up!
      Maybe he should become President, then he would be a better target.
      God Bless

    4. Andrew…as a very dear friend of mine has said, “You can’t fix stupid.” These people do not want to change their opinions because that would be tantamount to admitting they were wrong. You are taking the high road and doing the right things to make this world a better place. You are a good man. And Vitamin Angels is an incredible organization. Keep doing what you’re doing. All will be well.

  2. Andrew, the internet seems to have spawned a you can’t see me so I don’t have to be polite world. Things have changed much since we were children. The devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. May God bless you and Mr. Schiffer as you continue to bless people throughout the world. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Beautifully written.
    Every time I open my vitamin cabinet, it crosses my mind that I helped you get
    Prenatal Vitamins to women in need. I’m sure the pride I feel is quite small to what you feel.
    I did not see, nor will I look for the post you are referring to.
    I know that you are providing much good in this crazy world.
    Take a Valarian cap or enjoy a cup of Chamomile tea……I learned that from you…

      1. Linda…I am sorry you are subjected to such anger and disrepect. I have learned so much from you and greatful to have the opportunity hear about the efficacy of the vitamins. I love watching you and I trust you and vitamins complely.

    1. Agree. Haven’t read either. I generally look at reviews of items that are new to me and am always amazed at how stupid some people seem to be. “The box doesn’t smell good, not sure I’m going to like it”. How about opening, using it, then give me something useful.

      “The color is pretty but afraid it might shrink”. Did you watch the show or read the product information? You can always return or exchange. Must you announce to the world you act first and think later?

      I’ve been in healthcare 45 years retiring as nurse supervisor. We can lose our license for doing and saying things that my neighbor can freely say. Like fat free is healthy and all fat is bad. Just spray everything with Pam or something similar and keep going. Sigh……. We are not allowed to discuss politics, religion or sex. Can someone please explain why those crazy women marched in Washington to defend my rights? Who is left and who is right? I can’t tell any more.

      Frankly I have a lot easier time and more equality in lots of areas than I did in 1975 when I had to sue to get my job for which I was trained. And finished top of my class.

      The times have changed. Mostly they are better. But anyone posting online because they think they are anonymous is not well informed. Your IP address is embedded in your message. Unless you are really good at routing and rerouting, make no mistake you can be found.

      So if you’re going to rant in public, do your research first. Then stay on topic. Having a verbal temper tantrum and flinging anything you can think of at everyone to defend those who don’t need your help makes you look like an uneducated fool.

      Thanks Andrew for your education when you visit. I spent part of the last 20 years trying to teach heart, dialysis and diabetics why and how their diets were designed for them. Some of them like talking to rocks. The ones I got to listen to you would come back telling me the same thing I had said that went unheard. Duh. But hey, like you said, it matters not where they hear the correct information just that they get it and make better choices.

      I could keep going on my own soap box but I truly appreciate everything you do. I’ve bought multiple copies of Muriel’s books- good food does not have to taste like tree bark- and given them out to super dense people. One was here yesterday to tell me that she and her husband are off insulin and oral meds cut down. Thank you. I haven’t been able to do this without your help. Didn’t know Mr Schiffer’s name but have heard only good about his organization.

      To the ranters, if you’re still reading, go check out some of the big name charities like March of Dimes, Red Cross, United Way. Researching just these 3 will give you lots of fodder to rant about. And since you feel the need to help and defend, after almost 50 years experience with these, see what you can do to make changes with them. The people that have been “helped” by them could really use your dedication, help, time and energy.

      Thank you.

  4. I’m sorry you are getting these negative post Andrew. I for one appreciate what Vitamin Angels and you are doing for mothers and children with your vitamins. Some people dwell on hurting people rather than applauding the good that they do for others. Andrew, I for one, use several of your products daily and can’t sing their praises enough. Thank you for your generosity and for your wonderful products.

  5. God bless you Andrew and Vitaman Angels. I too, am tired of vitriol and sensationalism for shear “entertainment” value. I choose to watch, read, and listen to people like you and Howard who don’t buy into the world’s unrestrained ways but use decorum and decency to help others. I choose to spend my money supporting people who uplift humanity and spread hope and who encourage rather than tear down and slander others. It is becoming increasingly difficult to do-but it in the paraphrased immortal words of Margaret Mead “never doubt what a small group of committed people can do together to change the world, it is the only thing that ever has.” Keep bringing your joy and your spirit to us Andrew we need it more than ever.

  6. I am sorry to read about this. I never read the HSN boards. Your right about the attacks on social media are out of control for years now, lost count. I admire your charity work, with your partner. Helping women in need with pre natal vitamins. Continue to do what you do best, try to ignore anonymous bloggers on the Internet. My mother passed five years ago, but wish you and everyone who are still lucky enough to have their Mother’s in their lives….Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. It is very noble of you to defend somebody you admire, and something that you have passion for. I also believe in Vitamin Angels – I think it’s an amazing charity and have always respected PCL for donating the vast amounts that they do to the cause. It’s too bad that when I worked for PCL and told a manager and 3 directors that I was being harassed and bullied by my manager, all I got was terminated. Keep up the amazing work Andrew.

    1. How awful. I’ve seen this happen before. Hopefully someone who has some power will read this and investigate. Back in the ’70’s I went through this- it’s now called sexual harassment. I was fired. After 3 weeks of hell, got my job back. But it was awful. Our director was a spineless jellyfish it turned out. Things turned out well in the end but standing in your shoes I understand. I’m very impressed you made no negative comments about pcl. Kudos to you for that.

  8. Andrew I support and admire both your efforts and the efforts of Mr Schiffer to send vitamins to all the children and pregnant women in need! I can hardly think of a more noble cause! There are some people who are ” haters” and they derive their pleasure from hurting others. I am so sorry that you and Mr Schiffer are the objects of their vitriol. Shame on them. My grandmother used to always say..” They are more to be pitied than blamed “. Keep up all your excellent work ! You and Mr Schiffer are ”
    Walking the walk”. God bless you both!

  9. Andrew, Accolades to you for responding. Also in defending your friend Howard Schiffer and Vitamin Angels. Unfortunately we are over run with too many self centered people that have yet to learn; just because you think it doesn’t mean you have a right to say it. There still exists a proper decorum of verbal expression regardless of how one feels. There is a great book titled, “Words that hurt and words that heal” written by Christian author Joyce Mayhall that is worth the read for anyone that really desires to learn the power of what we speak. Let’s all believe those same people that attacked you in words will read your posts seeing your heart for people and their health. I appreciate the authentic and genuine soul you are. A gentleman indeed. God bless you!

  10. Andrew Lessman your 100% correct to clarify such distorted views this is not as simple as sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words can never hurt me ignorance is not BLISS!!
    Setting the record straight is the only way to somehow turn these twisted minds around and who better to do it than the maker of the worlds best vitamins your ethical view is exactly what the doctor prescribed !!
    Kudos for you Andrew lessman
    I adore your vitamins ❤️

  11. Andrew, please just keep doing good. Providing us with knowledge and excellent vitamins. Also working with Vitamin Angels, I admire your work and I’m grateful you care.
    It is sad that some try to turn good into ugly. But that we can’t control. Some people just plain like tearing people and things down.
    My husband and I take many of your vitamins and have for years. We in fact credit you for our good health. Neither take and medications at 66 years young.
    Just keep up your excellent work. We’re proud of you

  12. This is so sad. What you and Howard Schiffer do with making sure vitamins get into the hands of mothers-to-be and children is wonderful. You are both doing so much good in the world. It is so sad that you and Mr. Schiffer are being attacked. I didn’t realize that was still going on. At this point my husband, Don and I will be adding you to our nightly prayer list. God Bless You Both and God Bless Your mission in delivering your vitamins to a needy world.

  13. Andrew I have loved and supported you for almost 15 years, you are amazing, Knowledgeable, generous, and very givong in what you do.. Whoever is saying these crazy things its something to do with them and not you.. You are so wonderful… I look forward to your shows.. And happy I was able to talk to you.. Keep being the kind hearted knowledgeable person and I will always support you.. Namaste!!

  14. I don’t even go on to HSN anymore, especially not their boards, so I wasn’t aware of the posts. I just go straight to the ProCapsLabs website and order directly. Thank you for all that you do for us and for Vitamin Angels. Just keep doing what you’ve always done. Ignore the hatemongers.

    1. Joy: I am with you. A few years ago, the light bulb went on about not buying Andrew’s vitamins from HSN. I did not like how they treated him and some of the other vendors they had fired. I found myself more and more going to Andrew’s website, but one day I said why am I even buying anything at all from these people.

      I hope that everyone of his loyal fans and supporters wake up also.

    2. I also order all your products from your website and have not read the HSN boards you refer to. I don’t care to be subjected to the vitriol of ignorant hatemongers. We’ve even stopped listening to tv news programs except for the weather (we live in tornado alley!) and a few local news items because we refuse to subject ourselves to the left wing ignorance of today. As longtime Bible students, however, we are neither shocked nor fearful of such cold, calculated Satanic thinking. It was to be expected. It’s not you, Andrew. It’s just the angry world we currently live in. Anything and anyone are fair game now. Unreasonable minds spew unreasonable garbage. Our kitchen is full of your products, and we deeply appreciate them and the education you’ve generously provided. Your charitable works are likewise generous and kind. Please find solace in the gratitude of millions who know and love you!!

      1. I could not have replied as correctly as Deborah Magee did! She said what I felt but more eloquently than I could have. This is part of the Evil in this world. But I too am so sorry that you were caught in the cross-hairs. I’ve listened to you Andrew and purchased your vitamins for at least 15 years now! I probably take 40 capsules a day! I’m 67 and feel GREAT! My doctor says I’ll “live to be a 100”!
        I too find the HSN Community full of mean spirited people and like other social media, I choose not to read or participate due to the ignorance and hateful words people spout in the safety of their homes.
        I’m sure the President and all normal-thinking people admire you and your clean and efficient factory. You and ProCaps are a great business example. It would be a blessing to America if all businesses followed your lead.
        God Bless you, Andrew. and we will all try to forgive those who hurt us or our country. We must prevail with God’s Help, Strength and Forgiveness.

      2. Unfortunately, HSN has changed since my 30+ years of shopping there. Their ‘spinning’ on product availability (especially during ‘specials’) is annoying. I am disappointed that Mr. Lessman’s products engage in that practice as I have been using them for more than 15 years and have recommended them to friends. I especially appreciated the Prenatal vitamins that I purchased for my granddaughter during her pregnancies knowing that Andrew contributes them to those in need.

      3. I also only buy directly from Procaps and never read the HSN boards. I was shocked before when I read Andrew’s previous blog. To see that he is attacked again, upsets me.
        Deborah, I thought we weren’t going to be political, but since you injected poIitics into your reply, I just had to comment because you obviously are very misguided and I just have to set the record straight: Left-wing vitriol? The vitriol that Andrew has received is from the right. It is the right that accuses him of hating President Trump because he uses solar energy and wants to help protect the planet. They are the climate change deniers and the ones who oppose environmental protections. Furthermore, which party invited Netanyahu to speak to Congress before the Israeli election? It seems to be the right-wing who are “ignorant hate mongers” who have attacked Andrew and Mr. Schiffer. (Sorry, Andrew, I would not have bought politics into this discussion, as you do not; but as I said, Deborah’s statement had to be addressed.)

  15. We are indeed living in very frightening and sad times where our world is increasingly ugly and dangerous. The lack of Courtesy and Respect for others and everything around us has become an obvious norm. Technology affords a voice to all but we can choose to deny those of negative and hurtful opinion our attentions.
    I thank God for you Andrew, for your life long efforts and work to help others, for Mr. Schiffer and his efforts and contributions to help others. This world is a ‘better’ and ‘healthier’ place because of people like you.

  16. Anyone who has watched you on HSN, all these years, knows that you are interested in the wellbeing of others. It doesn’t surprise me that you would connect with Vitamin Angels to help those who otherwise would not receive the nutrients needed to grow strong.

    Your products are the best; I’ve been using them for years as did my Husband before his passing.

    There are those who’s soul purpose is to sow discord and hate and care not who is hurt or injured.

    You are supported by thousands, if not millions, of customers who are praying for strength for you. God bless you.

  17. Hi Andrew: I am so sorry to hear that people are still being so mean. I had responded to your previous blog by saying I always say there is nothing wrong with having an opinion, as long as you are not mean about it. Of course, you were not and never are. However, there are some people who don’t think through that type of statement.

    People want to be respected and heard for their opinions, but for some reason we have those people among us (unfortunately, more and more of them) who never think to put on the “shoes” of the other person. If we are to be respected, then we should be respectful.

    As I said before we are very fortunate to have people like you (and Mr. Schiffer) in this word who do stand up to the bullies.

    Just keep up the great work you are doing and know that there are plenty of us out here who have your back.

    Much love to you, your family and those affiliated in your great works.

  18. When it comes to humanitarian work, it is about helping individual lives and meeting the needs of the needy. When one is involved in that type of work it goes far above and beyond politics. I applaud you for your work and the cause (Vitamin Angels) you support. Your products arr excellent, I learn so much about them from you, I am healthier because of I take them and I love knowing that some of my money is going to help people in need. When it comes down to it, that is all that matters. If we all worked and spoke from our hearts, lived by good and decent morals and truly cared about humankind, there wouldn’t be room for the hateful backlash you are receiving. Thank you for all you do!

  19. Andrew, not only do you offer top quality products, it is just wonderful that you are ethical. You care about others and the pre-natal vitamins that you give to those less fortunate has great impact. I am especially appreciative that you only use fair trade certified chocolate.

    Thank you for being you!

  20. Andrew you have the best vitamins on the market and you are doing such a great job of informing the public that those devils out there are really mad because of your success. I will always buy only your vitamins and be your cheerleader. You are a blessed and anointed man.NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU AND ALL YOUR WORK SHALL PROSPER. I say to the devils that are attacking you and Howard. GO BACK TO. THE PITS. OF HELL WHERE YOU CAME FROM.?

  21. Andrew : I enjoy reading your blog as well as your products. Your philosophy on life, society, and business is certainly where we should all strive to. Have you ever thought that the anger we are all seeing is a symptom of chronic inflammation that is rampant today? Just as the immune system is on a hair trigger so are the emotions. It has helped me to try and understand and empathize rather than react. Just a thought, but the nutrition of our citizens will continue to decline.

  22. Dearest Andrew, Please do not listen to the rantings of people who are totally misguided and so full of misguided rage. It is more than sad that all this has been brought out in people. We are going in the wrong direction. You should feel on top of the world with all you do for vitamin angels and all of your customers. You made me healthier than I was. Wow. That is quite the statement. You are an extraordinary human being. Have been taking your vitamins for years and will never be without them. Hold your head high Andrew. You are my hero. Thank you.

  23. Andrew, dont give these ‘crazies’ ANY credability!! And dont feel that a gentleman of your stature has to justify himself to ANYONE, let alone anyone who is ignorant and hateful enough to say such things. You give selflessly to so many people your time and knowledge to educate us on our health, which is are most valuable resourse, not to mention all the vitamins you donate to those who are less fortunate, the rest is just background noise, dont listen! Your a public figure which unfortunately leaves you as a target for anyone who has nothing better to do, which obviously these people exist. Dont let them take up valuable real estate in your mind. Your vitamins and the knowledge you are so generous to share with us has changed so many lives for the better. You will never truly know what a huge difference you have made. God bless you Andrew Lessman.

  24. I have been using your products since QVC and you are a pure gem. Don’t ever stop being you. You are one of the few people that I’ve always said I would love to meet. You radiate all that is good in humanity.

  25. “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
    I pray whatsoever you put your hand towards will prosper and succeed ”
    Andrew keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t allow people who don’t matter steal your joy or your peace.
    God Bless

    1. Andrew, the state of rage in our nation has something to do with troubled foreigners who have been excommunicated from their original countries, so they were shipped here: convicts that cannot recover from their sin-disease. “Then came Isaiah the prophet unto King Hezekiah, and said unto him, What said these men? and from whense came they unto thee? And Hezekiah said, They are come from a far country, even from Babylon.” 2 Kings 20:14 But Jesus can cure them and President Trump knows that not letting them in in the first place will be a first step. Read Eric Metaxas’s book, If You Can Keep It! All Americans , even troubled foreigners of which there are many already here, should READ THIS BOOK!!!!! Pray on your knees to Him, Andrew…He will listen! May God protect you, Patricia H.F.

  26. What a world! Now we have people attacking others for supplying prenatal vitamins to people in need? Ugly.

    Andrew Lessman, Howard Schiffer – Gentlemen Angels. Thank you for your efforts and the healthy start you are bringing the unborn. The greatest gift a mother receives is a healthy baby.

    Peace to you this Mother’s Day and every day,

  27. Andrew, I have been using your products and watching you on HSN for more years than I want to admit. Your products are wonderful and make my life so much better. You have always been open, honest and a class act. Don’t fall prey to the internet detractors – they are everywhere! Just keep doing what you have been doing for all these years….your actions speak for themselves. God bless!

  28. Don’t fret. Take comfort in the knowledge that our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ knows the good you do and one day you will kneel before Him and he will say”well done my good and faithful child.” It is good that you have shared this experience with us because it gives us the opportunity to pray for the evil doer. I am amazed at the way He answers prayer. Have a blessed day and may God continue to bless you.

  29. Andrew, I’m a firm believer in free speech, that being said, some people take it to far. Don’t let this sorta of thing get you down. You are a saint in my book! Taking you’re vitamins has done a lot for my family, hold you’re head and keep going! We love you Andrew lessman.

  30. Love ya and your vitamins andrew there are evil people in our world(but more good people than bad….and we are winning)..and those people in wolves clothes want you to think otherwise…..your being bated…the same people who want us to think bad about jewish…..there doing.peace and love.

  31. Andrew:
    Your vitamins are the best, I’ve been on ’em for 25+ years, however….your friend, Mr. Schiffer, who undoubtedly is going great work, is nevertheless provoking people by using the words “occupied Palistinian territories”. The fact that the dear old United Nations uses that phrase is hardly a justification. The United Nation’s antagonism towards Israel is demonstrated on a daily basis, so no one should be shocked that political conservatives are suspicious and angry with Mr. Schiffer for using what is clearly a “loaded” expression.

  32. You will see, for every person that boycotts, you will gain 2 more just in interested views on your site. Even there friends will want to check your items out. They might be closet fans for a while, but they will all come to the light that you teach and sell..
    ( Maybe have a ” Why not to boycott Andrew Lessman ” button on your site. ) Then do your thing. Videos, Vitamin Angels stuff. Etc etc


  33. The work you do is so helpful to so many. I am a cancer patient my spouse a stroke patient your supplements have improved our quality of life beyond what any doctor was doing for us. Thank You Andrew. I am so sorry you and your associates are being pulled into the negative Hate that has been boiling up in our country. You articulate beautifully were you stand. I am truly sorry you are going through this . Love and Support to you, Joanne

  34. Dear Andrew,
    I am so sorry this has happened to you. I have been watching you on HSN and buying your vitamins for many many years and absolutely love them. I definitely get an education from and about your vitamins and enjoy watching you and you are one stand up guy. Yes, the new “norm” unfortunately is that there is a lot of hate out there. Don’t worry about the haters. The need something to hate. You run a respectable company and are helping many thousands of people in return. I actually got my husband to take some of your vitamins and couldn’t be more thrilled. We will keep on supporting you and taking your vitamins. Keep up the good work Andrew!

  35. A few unscrupulous know-nothings hiding under the cloak of anonymity putting you on the defense. This is the MO of simple-minded, petty cowards, & most likely, ones who have never even purchased your products let alone given anything to charity. A charitable person doesn’t behave as such. Keep doing what you do best & ignore the wackos & crazy who look to line up anyone & anything in their crosshairs.

  36. It was an eye opener reading your rebuttal. Hard to believe there are so many hateful people out there. I for one take my hat off to Mr Schaffer and you Mr. Lessmann for being so kind helping people who needs it in other words making this World a better place .
    I for one have taking your vitamins for many many years and will continue to do so.

    1. Andrew, don’t let them “bait” you. Each time you react, those haters will strike again. Seems like they love getting into your head. Your integrity speaks for itself, and your loyal customers will continue to support you.

  37. Yikes, what a shocker. Guess I’m glad I don’t visit the HSN boards. The above poster was correct when she said “what a world” we are now in. It’s good to see all the support vocalized here.

  38. I never did see what people said you said on HSN about bashing our President or not as you said you didn’t say any of that. I watch you on HSN from time to time but don’t spend the whole hour watching you.
    The internet is a great tool if you want to find an address, look up a restaurant, play games, check out craft web sites, HSN and other things. On the other spectrum there are mean hateful people out there who think nothing of telling you exactly how they feel and they mince no words as you have found out. Nobody realizes that whatever they say and post is on-line forever and you can’t get rid of it. Most people don’t care either. My sister says people she had as friends on Facebook are so anti-Trump, and she voted for him like I did, that she had to stop getting anything they post because they were so hateful and mean to her. Its like they used to tell us when I was growing up. There are 2 things you should never discuss with people because you will never get everyone to agree and that religion and politics. I’m starting to agree.
    I love what you are doing with Vitamin Angels and what your friend is doing. If more people did what both of you are doing, maybe there wouldn’t be such hate in the world. I’ve been taking your vitamins for years and before my dad passed away on March 20th of this year at 93, he had started taking your men’s multi through his feeding tube. We now have leftovers because he passed before he could use them up but I’d like to think they helped him some. I know they always have helped me. Thank you for all that you do and to quote an old song from the 70’s, ‘Don’t let the Jonse’s get you down.

  39. I didn’t know about Mr. Schiffer and his program (amazing man!), but I’ve known for years what you’ve done for women & children. I take your vitamins not only because I truly believe they’re the best you can find, but because through you I’ve learned whay they’re important and how they’ll help me stay healthy. Although you may have made political insinuations (I said MAY have), it is so clear that your main focus is to teach us how to keep ourselves healthy. I admire your knowledge, and respect your sense of responsibility to us & our environment. It saddens me that you’ve been hurt by the rankings of ignorant people. Please know that the VAST majority of your audience respects you.

  40. Andrew, this is a beautifully written post. It’s beyond my thinking how giving, volunteering, and the act of human to human goodness and love could ever be perceived as anything but just that??!?
    Your vitamins have changed my life. I have systemic lupus along with chronic nerve pain from pudendal neuralgia and cannot live normally without them. They are the best out there. What a gift you are giving to the world with this organization.
    You were right to defend it.
    I agree everyone on both sides of the isle have gotten way to heated and think that they can spew out anything that comes to mind without taking even 5 minutes to first think, or do any research before posting, or saying it aloud.
    It’s shameful. Certainly not how I was raised or how I am raising my children…
    Probably if most of these people were to sit down and think about it-they weren’t raised that way either.
    Everyone needs to regain some dignity and class again!

  41. Thanks for your blog, Andrew. The world appears crazy, and we have to be aware that the devil is alive and well in our culture, especially for cowards that use social media where they can hide while spewing hate. Sorry you have been a target. Will pray that God gives peace in the midst of the storm.

  42. All I can say is ” Ditto ” to all the comment above.
    Thank you Andrew, love your products.

  43. Andrew,
    My husband and I have been listening to your health information for many years. We have many of your products and some that aren’t yours, but purchased because of information you shared
    The world has become a very scary, angry place and it is a shame that you have had to respond to accusations
    Please keep up your good work of sharing important health information!

  44. Andrew, there are a lot of people that love to burn up their keyboards saying hurtful things that they most likely would never say if face to face. Hiding behind a screen saying rediculous things is crazy, but, that is something we most likely cannot change. People do that to all kinds of companies and to ordinary people. Its hard to ignore, I don’t do well ignoring those things either, but trying to reason with them or to fix the issue is nearly impossible. Been there! As others have said, please keep doing the fabulous work you do with the charities & making great great products. All we can do is hope & pray for those that see & say things that are so vastly different someday learn the real meaning & truth in what you do. Thank you & all the best to you! Amber ~

  45. Andrew,
    Unfortunately some people have a lot of hate in their black hearts for everything not just you. Please don’t take this personally, don’t read those posts. I had no idea HSN had bulletin boards but they used to have a live chat and it was so negative I stopped participating in them. You are a great and honorable man and I am proud of you and vitamin angels.

  46. The day that everyone must use their real name in order to post comments is the day that the amount of negativity would drop. If those persons had to say these things to your face, I’d estimate 9 out of 10 would not. So many hide by using false names and being anonymous or pretending to be someone else makes it too easy when you do not need to take responsibility for what is being said. It’s just awful.
    I buy your brand exclusively because I trust it and you. I’m glad you responded. Do not ever back down from bullies and liars. I also appreciate all the people who have posted to support you and bring positivity to you. I rarely if ever post comments, am no longer on Facebook, and do not use Twitter. Too many people in your business and so much silliness and intolerance.
    Keep the faith that there are good people out there.

  47. Here we go again Andrew. I never go on HSN’s bulletin board so I haven’t seen the referenced post.

    The haters of the world will never stop because they spend all their time thinking up or following ridiculous and putrid untruths due to being such sorry, insignificant people. Worst of all, they are cowards who appreciate nothing of what this country was founded on that protects their freedom to be an incognito, cowardly hater spreading their garbage all over the place. These are the kind of sorry people we have to see all over the place spewing out one INACCURATE statement after another. AND, even sorrier yet, all the people who just fall in line in support of them. How is it that people walk around talking about things they know nothing about after seeing some snippet somewhere and acting as if it is FACT??? OMG … too lazy and stupid to even go and investigate whether what they are spouting off about is FACT or FICTION and even when they find out that it is FICTION, to continue to follow the FICTION camp because of their love of hating…

    Don’t waste your time Andrew. You have more important things to do…like taking care of us and enjoying your life.

  48. Andrew, I never post comments, but had to make an exception for this one. My husband and I have been using your vitamins since you were on QVC and wouldn’t take anything else. Our world has changed drastically and, as a result, people feel they can post derogatory and hateful comments because they can “hide behind their computer”. Humanity has nothing to do with politics!

    The work you and Mr. Schiffer are doing are above amazing and I feel extremely proud that, in a small way, I am helping to contribute to help mothers and children all over the world. And, you both are not doing this for accolades, but because you truly want to make a difference in our world.

    I know it is hard to ignore the haters and uniformed but, somehow, that seems to be their only agenda. I applaud you for addressing the subject and, I will continue to support both of you and actually feel honored and proud as I gaze into our cabinet with an overflow of your vitamins and supplements.

  49. Why don’t you send vitamins to President Trump? His brain is obviously deteriorating quickly and needs supplementation immediately! Why do you hate him?
    Just kidding, sort of. (He really does need help.) Your grandma had it right, no good deed goes unpunished is my favorite expression, and has never been more true than in today’s world. I’m sure whoever made those comments about Israel has never done a charitable deed in their life. Some people just get off on putting others down because of their own feelings of worthlessness.
    Anyway, great blog…keep doing your great work and hopefully you can get through this week and beyond without anyone picking on you.

  50. Andrew,
    My former pastor, who is now with the Lord, always said that the only thing we take out of this world is what we have done for GOD. It doesn’t matter how wealthy we are on this earth, our spiritual wealth is the only thing that goes with us into the next life. Well, in this case, you & Howard are two of the wealthiest people who will stand before our Lord. Your reward in Heaven will be tremendous. Something, these cruel, untruthful people, who are writing these things, will never know. I know that you two are not doing this for future rewards, you want & do make a difference in the lives of women, children & their families all over the world. And never stop being who you are Andrew. Our family loves you & your products. You truly are one of the good guys, along with Howard Schiffer! What the world needs is more people like you two! God bless you both!

  51. God bless you and your friend for taking care of all the children of earth. However, calling Palestinan areas “occupied” and pointing to the leftist anti-semitic UN as justifiction is not palatable. In these dangerous times, the words we use do matter. If you use he UN’s inflammatory anti-Israel rhetoric, you will have to expect many to take offense.

  52. Andrew
    I have been a customer of your vitamins since QVC days and over the years I have always saw such an HONEST ,SINCERE,CARING INDIVIDUAL that is why I only buy your vitamins ,as I Trust you 100%.
    I was not aware of this matter going on,but over the years with the internet I have seen that mean,sick,unhappy people can do such harm to people with their words and thoughts, like in the case of bullying which resulted in many tragic outcomes.
    I feel you and Mr. Schiffer are ANGELS on earth who would offer your help to no matter who and where from if were asked to do so.

  53. Andrew, we are with you for the good you do through that organization. If you stop I will buy my vitamins elsewhere.
    So that you know the Zionist lobby is working overtime even against the BDS movement to finish off the few Palestinians that are left. Genocide does not take a break!
    We are all people of different races and ethnicities, none of which is more entitled to life than others. And especially children everywhere deserve protection now more than ever.
    Thank you for how you help mothers and children.

  54. Hi Andrew,

    Like many who have posted, I’ve been taking your vitamins and supplements for many, many years and have seen the health benefits they provide. I also get to see pregnant moms at a crisis pregnancy center in Louisiana who are thankful to receive your vitamins through Vitamin Angels. Most come to our pregnancy center before ever seeing an OBGYN. Thanks to you and Mr. Schiffer we are able to supply prenatal vitamins to get them started toward a healthier pregnancy. Vitamin Angels also provides us with children’s vitamins for those who have young children. These mothers are living in poverty and will qualify for Medicaid, but until they receive coverage we are their first line of defense. Our nurse, your vitamins, and lay counseling have resulted in healthy babies for those mothers who did not come in abortion minded, and many other babies being saved for those mothers who came in abortion minded. Thank you for being a part of this great effort!

    I’ve also been on mission trips overseas and have heard mothers express their gratitude for prenatal vitamins and prenatal care. One mother had four miscarriages before getting such help, and was glowing as she told how healthy her young baby was. Can you imagine what joy this child has already brought to this mother?

    I feel you were right to set the record straight about where and why Vitamin Angels can be found in some countries and not in others. Although you were under no obligation to do so, hopefully it will help those who are upset to reevaluate their harsh rhetoric. We need more, not less, humanity and kindness in this world. Please be assured that what you and Mr. Schiffer are doing has profound, life changing effects! Continue to do good whenever and wherever possible!

  55. I have only the highest respect for you as you exemplify the kindness and caring that all humans were created for We are our brothers keepers and hope we can continue to do so.

  56. Oh my Andrew! What next? When you sad the word God on TV, you were attacked. Then you are accused of some political thing you did not say. I listened to you that entire weekend so I know you did not. Now you supposedly hate Israel! I love Israel but Israel does not need any help of any kind. That nation has some of the most brilliant people and they have it all together there. People need to use their brains and think before they speak. God tells us to love our enemies. That is a tough one! Andrew, I believe in you and what you are trying to accomplish. So sorry there is so much anger in this world that some feel the need to hurt others. Words once spoken are out there and can’t be recalled. Those folks will have to live with that forever. You make the BEST vitamins in the world. Please do not be discouraged. This too will pass!

  57. Andrew, I want to commend you for educating us on the need for vitamins and all you do to help out children in other countries. I take many of your vitamins. Since someone brought up politics in this discussion, I will give you my thoughts. I too am sick of reading about “fake news” on social media and from the main stream media. These liberal snowflakes writing untrue and made up stories about you on discussion boards are pathetic. Too many of them have TDS…Trump Derangement Syndrome that need their safe spaces to write about you.

    I admire you for standing up for yourself and setting the record straight. Too many of your readers keep saying “ignore it” but that’s a simple cop out that accomplishes nothing. In fact saying nothing could lead some of your readers wondering whether it’s fake or true.

  58. Hi Andrew, I don’t read the HSN board. I’m very sorry you had negativity from cowards behind keyboards. I’ll never understand how unkind people can be.
    Thank you and your friend Howard for the Angel program. I’ve purchased your products for years and I’m glad to know it helps someone else.
    It’s okay not to be able to ‘let it go’ right away… It means you’re a caring person above being a business person. Thank you.

  59. Sadly, there’s nothing you can really do for those that want to remain willfully ignorant. Our society is in the beginning stages of a collapse unless we pull in the reigns. The hate and vitriol is unprecedented. You can’t even argue the facts, as that makes no difference in the minds of those who wish to remain ignorant.

  60. Thank you Andrew, I am a senior who lives on a very small social security check, I manage to the estimate of my ability. I have read your message, and hoe you never change your way’s. God bless you ad your friend.

  61. Andrew, you are one of the most ethical people in business. In my mind there will never be cause to question your purposes. Thank you for the wonderful supplements you make, and for your work on behalf of families around the world.

  62. For every ONE of those negative people there are 10,000 of us who support and believe in what you do. It’s hard not to be discouraged when someone is attacking your reputation without any justification. The way that you have handled it has only made us respect and admire you more. Thank You!

  63. Thank you to Andrew and all of the kind people who sent your support and heartfelt words. I am writing this from Honduras where Vitamin Angels is doing incredible work to reach children and moms who have so little. The prenatal vitamins (that Andrew donates and you help provide) are making an amazing difference in these babies and mother’s lives. Andrew never even lets me say ‘Thank You’ (he always says don’t thank me, I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do) but with Mothers Day coming up I want to thank you all for believing in these children and moms and knowing as we do that every child on the day she or he is born deserves a chance to live a healthy and productive life. Andrew and I feel blessed to do this work and we’re forever thankful to everyone who joins us in this worthy cause! So this year when you say ‘Happy Mothers Day’ please know that you really are making a Happy Mothers Day for millions and millions of mom’s in the US and all over the world!

    1. Bravo to Andrew and you for all the good and selfless work you do. Fortunately there are people like you who help make this world better.

  64. Well stated Andrew!!

    Howard Schiffer, you need to get a life and leave good and caring people alone!! Maybe you are the one who hates Israel and trying to place focus on the innocent!

    God Bless Good and Caring People and God Bless Israel!!

  65. Andrew, thank you for all your products that I use. This soon to be 75 year old is healthy because of your teachings and wonderful vitamins and supplements.
    Thank you for caring so much about mothers and their children. I applaud all your charitable good work. God bless you.

  66. Dear Andrew — or, if Muriel will forgive me: dearest Andrew! — this is beyond disheartening. It is absolutely cruel for people to attack such genuine humanitarian efforts. May you never cease your efforts. I use several of your supplements and am always glad to know that at least a little portion of what I pay contributes in some manner to helping these women globally. I think next time I will order a larger size! We are with you.


  67. It goes without saying , Andrew you are a wonderful and caring individual.
    I stopped spending time on the community boards since HSN revamped them. I wasn’t aware of these accusations. I feel it’s HSN’s responsibility to better control these volatile threads from happening in the first place.
    My husband and I take many of your supplements and will continue to do so.
    Thank you and Vitamin Angels for all you do. Keep up the good work.

  68. It is both sad and pathetic the way both political parties act now and many of their followers. One party will condemn the other party for the same thing they do. Such hypocrisy. I love being an Independent so I can call wrong on both sides. I’m sick of they mindset of people that think if someone else doesn’t agree with them that they are anti this or anti that or anti the other. The middle class and poor in this country are hurting but all some people can do is bash them or think they want something free even though so many of them are working on jobs sometimes more than one job while too many people are comfortable with Corporate Welfare. There really is not much difference in either party in my opinion for their to be so much bashing going on. Anyone can tell Andrew is a nice guy trying to have a safe product for everyone regardless of which party they align with. I am so sorry Andrew you got caught up in so much of the hate and hypocrisy in this country 🙁

  69. Andrew lessman is a good man. I wish people would just grow up and stop with the nit picking. He said nothing wrong

  70. some words to live by:
    Don’t let people pull you into their storm
    Pull them into your peace.
    God bless you Andrew, and God Bless Howard. You both are amazing! We have become such an angry society. Love people, love. I am one who truly believes that love can conquer all. Blessings!!!

  71. When some people see the light of goodness shine, they try to tear it down. I have seen it happen many times :(. Mr. Lessman and Mr. Schiffer thank you for all the goodness you spread to help mankind! I referred my daughter to your prenatal vitamins and I am very pleased that I did. She loves that you donate vitamins to other countries to help woman and children in need. Andrew, stay strong and keep letting your light shine spreading the goodness! I appreciate your honest dedication to bring me great vitamins and the contribution you make to our world! God Bless both of you!

  72. I support your brand for the integrity of the product and the man behind the product. I feel especially happy to know that in buying your vitamins, etc. I am also supporting women and children in need. Keep doing your good works and deeds. There will always be some gripe from someone who has that ugly place in there heart. Thank you Andrew.

  73. Andrew, please don’t let negative, immature people get to you. The same people that accused you of talking bad about the president (who I personally did not vote for) are the same people who didn’t have a problem criticizing our last president. They are hypocrites !!!!! We all have the right to our opinions, ideas, dreams, votes, etc. What people need to learn is to agree to disagree and accept people for who they are and stop criticizing because they are definitely not perfect. You make the best vitamins in the world and I will never stop purchasing your products. These people are lacking something in their lives since they have nothing better to do except talk about you. I support you, keep your head high, pray for your enemies, and keep up the great work. God bless you always.

  74. My husband spends a lot of his time reading up on the latest politics. He often reads me some of the most ridiculous statements people make. I want to go to there house, smack them behind the head, give the actual facts to read, and make them sit in the corner reading everything until they can come out and have an intelligent conversation. Most just want to rant for a response, and others are just bullies, and the first time they are confronted face to face they run to hide. I thank you for giving us the info about the Vitamin Angel, and hope that our purchasing your vitamins will continue with the efforts to help all people in need not letting others choose who they think “deserve” to be help or not. I agree with other when they say don’t give them any more attention, as for most this is all they are looking for. Others they just live in a fantasy where they believe the normal people care what they think. The compassionate people who believe we need to help all will always be thankful for people like you and Vitamin Angel.
    As for your vitamins I would like you to know that I am 53 yrs old with a family history that could include the entire medical encyclopedia, and I take ZERO meds. YES ZERO. Thank you for the videos that explain the functions of the vitamins you produce. A suggestion for ProCaps website, put a donation button for us to also give thru your website to Vitamin Angel, so we can show our support. Just to get an extra dig at these psycho’s.

  75. This is exactly why I rather spend my free time with animals than humans. I am disgusted buy all of the Lessman bashing going on recently. Here is someone that I highly respect and it is a darn shame that so-called people have to make up lies and order to feel good about themselves. Thank you Andrew Lessman for all you do for our health and our communities here and afar!

  76. Andrew:

    For you to use the United Nations as a guide is absurd, anyone with a open mind would acknowledge that the UN is anti Israel, anti United States and pretty much a dysfunctional institution. The UN has had Iran, Cuba and Venezuela on their human rights commission. I would recommend that you use a different organisation as a compass for the the term “occupied territory”.


  77. Andrew; The world has changed so much, whats right is wrong and whats wrong is right, there has been a big change in people over the past 50 years we have to realize this and not be sucked into their toxic vacuum, keep letting your light shine and doing the good work you do, good works are rewarded by God not people this is evidenced by the nice life you have.

  78. There are all kind of bullies in this world. The Internet has created a type of bully that can say and write hurtful, untrue and slanting words about anyone they choose. It’s sad that many will follow and believe what these bullies say or write, without doing research or questioning. I would like thank you, Andrew, and Mr. Schiffer, for the work you have done with Vitamin Angels and your prenatal line. Bless you both for your kind and generous work! You both outshine the negativity in the world. Keep it up. Our world needs kindness and compassion more and more. Thank you.

  79. My heart hurts for you, Andrew, and I am so very sorry that you have had to post not only one response, but now a second time too! First, my husband and I have been actively taking your products for many, many years and this will never change. The difference they make in our day-to-day lives is nothing short of “amazing.” I am 64 years old and work long hours 7 days a week. I’m able to keep up this schedule with you, in effect, by my side. We have learned so much valuable information from you and I know we will continue to do so. I realize this situation is destructive in the course of running your business and that it demands you respond. The haters of the Internet are just that. People who hide behind a keyboard and hurt others to make themselves feel powerful. It’s the only way they can survive. Respond as you must, but then turn from it in your life. Relax knowing that you a most upstanding and giving human being. No one could care more for their fellow man! When you feel down, turn from it and smile, knowing that you have made this unloving world a better place for us all. Give Mr. Schiffer our best and tell him “thank you” for also caring and giving to the world in such a marvelous way! Your mother must be a wonderful woman to have raised and guided her son to be who he is today. My mother was the same exceptional mother and she is now in heaven. Give your mother an extra hug this Mother’s Day. Thank you, Andrew, for everything!

  80. Andrew,
    It breaks my heart that you are having to deal with these unfounded issues. Please stay strong. God bless you & Howard.

  81. Andrew:

    I am truly sorry you have to go through all of this. As I have stated in the past, I have been buying your product since almost day one when you started on the shopping networks. Lately this world has so much Fake New on all the various channels available to us. Plus so many crazy and insensitive type of people in the world. You are a gentleman and a true pleasure to continue to buy your products. You have always been very professional and trying your best to help all of us without any politics and etc involved. Keep up the good work.

    From A Loyal Customer,

  82. I support you Andrew. I will not look at those negative posts. Just placed another order from you. Keep up the good work.

  83. Andrew,
    So cliché but it seems people have gone a bit mad. Your integrity is apparent to those of us who have been your customers for years. Hopefully, the nonsense is over. On a positive note I want to commend you for your iron supplements. My daughter in law had dangerously low levels during pregnancy.She could not take what the Dr. gave her as she became deathly sick.Tried others as well with the same outcome
    I ordered yours and she was able to take them every day and did not get sick. Her Obstetrician was thrilled and was impressed with this product. She now recommends them to her patients.
    Autumn is now 5 years old and doing great so I thank you on behalf of my family
    Such a great story!

  84. Andrew,
    As you mentioned, the best response is to let “posts” go & continue in & with the Truth.
    As we practice the let-go-follow heart principle “spiritual evolution” takes place through the heart space.
    That change benefits all, like world peace begins inside of each individual.

  85. Dear Friend,

    As others have mentioned, I too will not read the vile post. Sadly uninformed folk are in a never ending search of good people to hate because that IS WHAT THEY DO. It’s all they know, because they never chose to grow a soul.
    Haters gonna hate, to borrow a phrase. And they do it with venomous pleasure.
    Truth ALWAYS wins out, because if you represent truth you have already won!

  86. Andrew, don’t bother with these small minded people. They are happy they got a rise out of you the first time and now it will be one thing after another with them. These are hateful, mean hearted, miserable people. Please don’t let them get you down. You don’t have to keep answering these fools either. We know this is not you.

  87. Andrew.
    I have not seem the post that you have to defend yourself against and try my best to stay away from these angry and insensitive postings. Yes we are to turn our checks and move on. There is also a time that we are to take a stance and not let the ugly go without being accountable. You have done this with this statement and in a very peaceful and without hate or anger. I applaud you for your standing up for your friend and yourself and Vitamin Angels and your continue support for those who need help, also for being a good person of God. You are in my prayers for strength, wisdom, but most of all that God surrounds you with peace and keeps you safe… Please remember He is with you. GOD’S PEACE BE WITH YOU ALWAYS

  88. These attacks on you and your words is absurd. I have purchased vitamins from you since you were first on QVC. I will continue to purchase many varieties from you forever. Andrew…maybe these critics are unconsciously jealous of you and your success and great TV personality. I pity these critics that they are so mixed up in their thoughts and conclusions. You have an extremely robust and loyal group of customers and no petty criticisms with keep us away. We love you, Andrew! We respect you, we agree with your comments on society and especially your donation of vitamins to some of the most in need.

  89. Dear Andrew Lessman,
    Please do not pay attention to these negative comments.
    There will always be those who don’t understand people who love and help others.
    Most people are not like that. You are a good person and the “Angels” are good people too.
    What you are doing is wonderful and generous.
    Thank you. I am sure there are thousands of children who are better off because you are you.

  90. Andrew, Don’t lose a minute of sleep over these ill informed, misguided individuals. The only conclusion I can come to regarding these outrageous attacks against you and the Vitamin Angels is jealousy over your success. Lose half your customer base—it will NEVER happen. Whoever these fools are, if they choose to stop taking your vitamins, it’s their loss. They’ll come crawling back when they realize the alternatives out there. Keep up the good work.

    Barb, a long time customer

  91. It’s better to appear stupid than open your mouth and dimish all doubt. There is always going to be those people around. People that know and love you Andrew , for your big heart and AWSOME ways to improve out health, just shake our heads wondering where do they come up with this stuff? Keep up the good work and God bless !

  92. Hi Andrew:

    So sorry you have gone through all this and you have not said anything political or been outwardly political. However, I am political as of late and I must say the current President has turned this world into a mean hateful country. Because he is so hateful, it has become the new normal and that is sad. And it is not about being a conservative or a liberal. Even if he were a liberal, I would say this.

    Again, I know you have not said anything hurtful in the way of politics and are nice to everyone and treat everyone the same and never intentionally try to pick sides so I again am so sorry you have to go through this. And for them to go after an another man that is trying to help women in the world over a way a place is listed under is just horrible.

    Some day that horrible man will be gone and maybe we can get back to a nicer more loving country.

    I buy a lot of your vitamins and purchase every today’s special on HSN but feel free to delete this comment if it is not the tone you wanted on your comments since I do mention politics.

    Good luck with all the hate on HSN. I hope it dies down.

    1. WOW! I have never read the HSN boards (?), nor been on this website before. A lot of what I’ve read here so far seems like more of the same! You people have just moved to a new place. This will be the last time I visit this website. I love science & Andrew’s information. But this is RELIGION CENTRAL & I won’t listen to it. Can’t you even support Andrew with a few sentences without PREACHING?
      Andrew, love your vitamins!!! You’re doing great!

      This country is being run by a greedy sociopath & a bunch of freaks. Pam, I totally agree with you!

      RICK, you misspelled organization!!! Not a surprise.

  93. OMG! I can not believe this insanity about a vitamin company continues to go on for this length of time.

    When I say INSANITY that is exactly what it is. I deal daily in the middle of the internet political arena (for over 10 years to be exact).
    The situation has finally morphed from “basic stupidity” to full blown “mental illness”. There appears to be no fix because those suffering from this malady CAN NOT grasp fact or reality.

    For this to now show up on HSN and attacks on a vitamin manufacturer is MIND-BENDING. It truly demonstrates how mentally ill these individuals actually are.

    There is a positive that comes about with all of this. It truly demonstrates to those who are not involved in the skirmish … the utter STUPIDITY of those who initiate and perpetuate this kind of attack.

    Should we feel sorry for these fools.
    I think not!
    Should they be ignored?
    I think not!
    Addressing them as exactly what they are (mentally ill and intellectually deficient) will not help them. It will however alert others to what they are seeing.

    As for those who leap on the bandwagon and follow suit.
    Well “Birds of a feather” comes to mind.

  94. I think it is best to stop reading all of these ignorant comments. Personally I cannot read comments on Facebook from these ignorant people talking about the election. It can really be upsetting, so I can imagine how you feel. Just quit reading negative comments and keep the blog to inform about vitamins and all the good you do. Hire someone to go through comments and delete all the hate. You will feel better for it. I am glad to know you through HSN, you have taught me so much about nutrition. Don’t let yourself be aggravated by ignorance!!

  95. Andrew

    I have been taking your supplements for many years which include several auto ship products. I just went to my doctor and he told me that he would not recommend buying vitamins or supplements for any products which do not have a NSF and/or GMP certification. This is insures what is on the label is what is inside your products. This was also mentioned by several doctors from NYU Medical Center who have a show on Sirius Radio. Is your facility a NSF or GMP certified facility?

  96. Andrew, excellent question from Rick above. I would love a response since I am an ongoing long time customer as well.

    Are your vitamins and minerals NSF or GMP certified?

  97. I enjoy and appreciate the knowledge Andrew shares and have ordered his vitamins since QVC days. A LOT of vitamins. But I have no idea why anyone in the public eye does not understand they will get trolled for no good or apparent reason on occasion. For Andrew to react with these siloquies that are so over the top just encourages those people and more to drum up some ridiculous issue to see what he does next. It is surely designed to keep you in a tizzy and a fret Andrew. You are certainly smart enough to find a way to not reward their antics.

  98. I think Michele Obama gave good advice: “When they go low we go high”
    Andrew, don’t ever let them get you down.

  99. Andrew, there will always be some who hate people that are helping others. Perhaps they have some guilt and feel the need to attack any good others are doing.
    Keep your focus , and keep pressing forward. Give no time to those who want to condemn kindness.What they spew out ,will come back to devour them. Many stand with you.

  100. Hello Andrew,
    At first, I thought that maybe you should not dignify whatever cowards on the internet had said about you and your company with a response; however, you should respond in whatever way you want that may help your inner peace. You have worked your entire life to create and perfect products that truly help people and you support the health of the poor around the world. You deserve to react any way you wish. I don’t know if this helps, but everyone is getting blasted by negativity in some way during this turbulent time; no one is immune to the insanity that plagues this country and rest of the world. Good needs to just step back and let Evil hang itself during this transitional time. When you can step back, it is interesting to entertaining to watch the turmoil (the best SNL ever) the ultimate reality show(boat). I am sorry you were targeted. “Don’t get Mad, get Everything!” and “Consider the Source”. I appreciate all of your vitamins that have aided my health, stress and aging for years. I wish I could return some of the help that all of your products and information have given me – blessings, peace and happiness to you forever.

  101. Andrew,
    I apologize for being late to the party again, which maybe a good thing since I’m too old for hate and negative hateful comments. Having said that, think of it this way as much as we would all love to be on the same page there’s this thing called balance ‘yin yang’. There will always be a down and upside, love and hate, good and evil, agreed? Well lets leave the dark evil behind. Andrew, I know you must be a very busy man, I truly believe you really should stop trying to explain good to those that do not get or could never comprehend doing good for others. Keep you focus on the good and move forward. Don’t waste you energy, good and evil has existed from the beginning of time. Walk on the good side that’s all that matters. Love ❤️ and Peace ✌?! Thank you for all you do?

  102. PROVERBS 18:2
    A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

    PROVERBS 1:7
    The discerning heart seeks knowledge. A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

    PROVERBS 15:14
    The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly…

    Standing for what is right in the darkness of the world is the peoples ‘war’ on evil and the destruction it begs to inflict on the world… Keep standing Andrew, good outshines evil, and the truth is always in the light.

    PROVERBS 14:7
    Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou percievest not in him the lips of knowledge.

    Share your truth, and walk away from the darkness.
    Love Wins… God IS Love.

  103. The reason for the rapidly expanding hate is found so perfectly in the Holy Scriptures. ” Because sin shall abound the love of many shall wax cold.” Andrew
    as you well understand there is a time to remain silent and a time to
    speak. The Apostle Paul said ” This thing was done openly so it should be
    rebuked openly.” The way you remain silent is superior character, so when you
    do reply it is He whom you love preparing your heart to speak.

  104. Andrew
    First of all, I want to say THANK YOU for the Best Vitamins that I know of on the market today. I just read your post regarding the verbal attack on Vitamin Angel. I’m not on social media a lot because it’s too much – too much negativity! I’m not shocked that you received an attack for your Awesome work concerning Vitamin Angel! That is an indicator that you’re on the right track! It’s a very cold hearted individual(s) to attack a work that you’re doing to save both pregnant mothers and unborn babies lives! Jesus went about doing GOOD and looked what happened to him! They crucified Jesus lied on him and found fault with all the GOOD that he’d did! You will have to arm yourself likewise! You’re doing a Great work with Vitamin Angel I can only imagine the babies lives that would be lost if those mothers weren’t receiving these vitamins? The meanness and coldness of people’s hearts to attack such an Awesome deed is a very vivid indicator of the times that we’re living in! I not only purchase your vitamins because they’re the best but because of Vitamin Angel!
    One last word of admonishment ”
    Jesus said as he suffered we have to arm ourselves likewise! Jesus suffered because of the GOOD that he did! They also didn’t want him to have anything to do with the Samaritians (under privileged)

  105. Wow, I cannot believe that all of this is still going on — it’s just crazy and irrational!
    My best nun friend told me some time ago that” one can’t have a healthy relationship with unhealthy people!” These people who are doing this are not whole, but are very unhealthy in mind and soul!

    God bless you and all of the good works that you are all doing! My health and that of my elderly mother are so much better from taking your supplements for a long time now. We are most grateful!!!!

  106. Hope you have some way of giving vitamins to USA mothers and children in the extreme poor inner cities and poor in the backwoods, mountain areas. I had my first glimpse of these areas after I turned 50.
    I have had a busy life rearing 5 children of my own. Once my children were on their own and I became financially able to travel and wanted to see America, I came across these areas where I could hardly believe it was the USA; the poverty, chaos, hunger! So, hope you have a plan for our impoverished communities too. However, I understand that it’s probably easier to provide for and is probably more appreciated by foreigners than people in the USA. We have such bureaucracy and lot of miss appropriation of funds etc in so many supposedly community “tax free” help/organizations. I don’t care what your political view is; I’m not going to cut my hand off to spite my arm…so whatever the confusion, I will continue to use your product for myself and my family, as they are the best I’ve come across the past 12 years. I appreciate your efforts by converting to solar, I appreciate this USA . A perceived right or wrong is like beauty; is in the eye of the beholder. Go USA!

  107. Andrew do NOT even worry about this. I’ve been watching you for years and u have NEVER ever bashed a President or even close to bashing anyone in any office. This Administration has our country in turmoil and most people did not vote for him and he did not win Popular Vote. Some people always want to lash out so you have to ignore that. For those that don’t get or want to see where this dishonest Administration has our country headed then they will never see it and you have to ignore any such ridiculous comments!!!!! We love u Andrew!!!! Thanks for what u do!!!!

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