Science Continues to Validate the Benefits of Maximum Essential Omega-3.

Our Exciting Today’s Special on Sunday April 6th

Sorry for the delay in posting this article, but last week was my Mom’s birthday and we spent several days with her in sunny Palm Springs, California.  Mother’s Day is over a month away, so I guess I am a little early, but seeing my Mom for her birthday reminded me how grateful I am for all she has done for me.  Of course, none of us would be here without our Mom’s and in my case, I would not be who I am without her. Smile Muriel and I had a great time with Mom and while we were there, Muriel and I decided to hike up Mount San Jacinto again.  It is one of our toughest hikes.  I believe it is about as much vertical elevation as you can gain on foot in one day in the continental US.  If anyone is interested, we can post some pictures.  We literally climbed almost 2 miles vertically or about 10 Empire State buildings in about 6 hours of intense exercise!  During the hike we covered about 10 miles of slippery, rocky, steep trails, but all in all, it is a crazy, fun hike that we plan on doing at least a couple of times each year.  Maybe my Mom will join us next time. Smile

As the title of this article states, the already compelling science on Omega-3s has dramatically expanded over the past few decades.  In fact, there are now thousands of published articles validating the benefits of a diet rich in fish or supplemented with Omega-3 fish oil.  Plus, the research has shown the superiority of our uniquely concentrated, mild, pure and natural balanced, high DHA, all triglyceride formula.  Our Omega-3s will support more than great heart health, as the science now clearly establishes its role in both the brain and the eye, protecting these vital organs from age-related changes that affect our vision, memory and mental functions.  Sadly, the typical Omega-3 formula is differently balanced and contains less of the vital ingredients that provide these benefits.  For those of you using my Omega-3s, you can continue to remain confident that you have always gotten the best that Mother Nature and Science have to offer.

If you want to have even greater confidence in our Omega-3s, then I would encourage you to become familiar with the science upon which they are based.  The more you learn, the healthier you become.  Two decades ago, I was already enthusiastic about the compelling research on Omega-3s, but today, it is hard to believe how much it continues to expand. If you want to be excited and impressed just go to the National Institutes of Health research website at  At the search box, type in the words “Omega 3 and Heart” or “Omega 3 and Brain” and you will find more than 2,000 results for each!  To provide a sense of the seriousness of the research, if you type in a search for Omega-3s combined with health conditions, such as Heart Disease, Stroke, Depression, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Macular Degeneration, Diabetes, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure, etc., in each case, you will see hundreds of research results.  In short, Omega-3 Fatty Acids are a serious focus of the scientific and medical community.  They are not some trendy ingredient, but a seriously respected essential nutrient that is terribly deficient from the American diet.  My passion for discussing them comes from the breadth of research and the knowledge that these ingredients can provide us with opportunities to transform our health.

This Saturday at midnight and throughout the day on Sunday, we have our best pricing on our completely unique Maximum Essential Omega-3 formula.  It is unlike any product you will find at any store, doctor’s office or website.  During these shows, I will patiently discuss why Omega-3s are so important and why ours are so different and so superior.  Simply stated our products provide a natural balance and natural form of Omega-3s not available elsewhere.  They are also contaminant-free, sustainably harvested and they come in small capsules that will never have a fishy aftertaste or cause an upset stomach.  By the way, we also make a Krill Oil product, however it is not the equivalent of our Omega-3s.  Krill is much lower in potency and possesses 1% of the research of fish oil.  Ultimately, along with the science, nothing speaks more clearly than the voice of those who experience our products and more than 1,200 5-Star reviews make this an almost perfectly reviewed product.  That truly is the final proof and no small accomplishment for an Omega-3 formula, since most people love to hate their nasty Omega-3 “horse pills”.  But almost everyone loves our small, easy-to-swallow capsules with no fishy taste at all.  Best of all, despite fish oil costs increasing worldwide, we are once again at our one time per year best price ever!

I look forward to sharing more about Omega-3s on Sunday April 6th and just in case you are around on Saturday the 5th at noon Eastern Time, we will have a fast moving Variety Show where I will cover over two dozen specially-priced products.  Also, on Sunday, April 12th, I will introduce our new Ultimate Eye Support as a Today’s Special.  Each year we do fewer than a dozen Today’s Specials, so only the most serious products with the most compelling research get to be a Today’s Special.  Ultimate Eye Support is just such a product, since like our Maximum Essential Omega-3, the research has gone from convincing two decades ago to overwhelming today.  In fact, the science now establishes that the key ingredients in our Ultimate Eye Support are the vital tools your body uses to combat those normal age-related changes in the lens, retina and macula of the eye.  It can also help improve the quality of vision, both in bright light and at night while also helping the eye adapt and respond to visual fatigue.  I will discuss this product and its key ingredients at length next week, but let it suffice to say that the next two Sundays offer some wonderful opportunities to try something for the first time or to reorder at our best prices ever.  Again, knowledge is the key to your great health, so I hope that everyone chooses to visit the National Institutes of Health website at to see how these and other essential ingredients can transform your life.

Best of Health and I will see you this weekend.


26 thoughts on “Science Continues to Validate the Benefits of Maximum Essential Omega-3.”

  1. You and Muriel should come here to Colorado Springs sometime and hike the Manitou incline. It's only about an hour hike up if you don't stop along the way..should be a piece of cake for you two. Healthy cake, of course. 🙂

  2. Will certainly tune in! I have MS and vision problems. When I run out of your eye vitamins, I can surely tell the difference, almost immediately! I have tried others in the past, but nothing compares to yours. Now I'm going to order for my Mom who has macular degeneration.

  3. So pleased lecture will be re Omega-3's! A person of the 'alkaline concerned' health authors just mentioned that many of us take too many Omega-3s! Never heard of such a thing! We do so hope you speak about
    any truths regarding safe amounts to daily consume. Otherwise, we'll be having them with tea, peanut butter, and/or Easter Candy! (Dark chocolate, of course). Many thanks, Millie

  4. I have been a long time customer;yet I have not convinced my skeptical never changing parents after 10 years.
    My mother was just diagnosed with the very start of Macular degeneration.
    How can I convince them to use eye support and Omega 3 that you offer??

  5. It is great that you are doing these two as the TS for April. I trust you and your supplements and always look forward to your presentations on HSN.

  6. Is Hair Skin Nails considered one of " the most serious products with the most compelling research that get to be a Today’s Special" ? More so than Phosphatidyl Serine? Hmm.. must have missed that TS. Along with
    taking supplements sold by a sage, it's important to read a neurologist's book on the role of grains in disease propagation. Dr. Perlmutter's books have a lot of research. Please consider putting the omega 3 in a liquid.

  7. Yes, I would like to see the pictures of Mount San Jacinto. Sounds challenging & exhilarating at the same time. Thank you for 2 amazing Today Specials. I cannot go without your Ultimate Eye. It is the best product on the market for eyes. What a difference the Omega 3 & the Ultimate Eye Support make in my life. Fantastic products.
    Glad you got to take time out of your busy schedule to spend time with your Mom. She sounds amazing. She instilled in you such integrity, which lead to your desire to produce the best vitamins on earth and not to take short cuts in order to cut overhead. So a big Thank You to her as well!

  8. I really have benefited so much from your vitamin supplements!… My whole family has too. We are so excited when you are on air. And always with anticipation on what the TS will be! Our lives sure have changed. And our health has never been better! 🙂 Thank you, Andrew!
    PS. My family and I ( this includes Mom) are on countless of your products. We learn so much just by listening to you! And I tell so many at my dental office about you and educate them on your products as well.. Just like you do!
    Roy Estringel, DDS

  9. You are well-liked and well-respected for your exceptional products and informative presentations……however……since you now include Muriel in your presentations, it takes away from all of your hard work……she may be your significant other……however……leave her out of your business and climb every mountain you can……but keep it to yourself please!

  10. After hearing about different trials over the years that claim vitamins have no value, I can't help wondering if the specific vitamins used in the trials had adequate formulas and packaging (such as tablets vs. capsules).
    I am so glad that there is an Andrew Lessman who reads and assimilates all the journels and trials, then applies this knowledge to the production of his vitamins.
    All I know is that my health has never been better, after years of getting colds and Bronchitis. Now at age 60, I have strong nails, beautiful hair, abundant energy, and have not been sick in years, even though I went through terrible stress and sadness nursing a family member who ultimately passed away.
    I try to live a healty life style, and always take my Andrew Lessman vitamins!

  11. Andrew our family would love to see your photo's of both you and Muriel hiking. It sounds like you had such a great day and many of us don't have the ability to do as much as you can, these photo's will inspire so many. Thank you for sharing your fabulous time with your mom.

  12. I enjoy when Muriel is on the air with you. In no way, does it take away from your presentations. I also love when Lincoln is on as well. They are both an important part of your life & my family & I, so enjoy seeing
    & hearing about them both!
    Your products are the best on the planet. They work. No empty promises here. We look forward to every 3 months when you are on HSN. My bill is always around a $1000.00, but it is the best money spent for what it does for our health. I am 64 & not on any medication, only Andrew Lessman vitamins. Thank you!

  13. I have using quite a few of your products for years. What would you suggest to support kidney disease?
    thank you for your wonderful products and more important giving us information we can understand of what we need and how they work.

  14. Andrew I always look forward to your shows. It is the only show I enjoy watching! I take many of your vitamins and my health is very good thanks to you! Would you please consider making a supplement for thyroid issues? Thank you.

  15. Andrew,
    I am genuinely happy to witness a business owner create products, knowing how every ingredient is obtained and utilized, secondary to overseeing each process. It is refreshing to watch the education you provide on HSN, while encouraging viewers to educate themselves! It proves your sincerity, advocating people to ask questions rather then believe a television set. I am an RN of 17 years and disgusted that Health care still remains a profits over people profession! It made me unhappy when you mentioned that pharmaceuticals is now a trillion dollar a year business.
    Your love and passion for what you do exudes AUTHENTICITY, as you speak about evidence based facts, r/t the benefits of each supplement you educate on.
    Sadly, most medical professionals become angry when a patient becomes educated on a disease and/or questions their treatment plan.
    Unfortunately we live in a society where power is abused.
    I have been taking a multitude of your products for many years and highly recommend them!
    I enjoyed your Turmeric presentation on HSN very much and my Turmeric intake has come from your liver supplement. I was curious as to why you didn't have a standalone Turmeric supplement but assumed it was for a reason. I enjoyed your education on the importance of phospholipids for proper turmeric absorption. Your dedication is appreciated, ensuring all supplement formulations must scientifically meet an evidenced based code of ethical and medical standards.
    I bought organic green tea a few days ago at a popular organic market in Los Angeles. I briefly pondered if I was reaping the benefits of ECGC? After your green tea demonstration, I question the purity and process of green tea sold in stores? To be honest, I always thought your tea was very expensive and didn't know it made multiple servings r/t a bio-degradable tea-bag. I 100% trust your products and believe the prices reflect purity and all techniques required, for a conducive absorption effect. I believe if you weren't you, you probably would charge much more and it would be justifiable.
    I recently started utilizing the contents of your capsules as a mask for my face. I trust your extracts are of a higher quality, then any skin care company. I also add drops of your evening primrose/black current seed oil and have made some interesting bright colored facial concoctions, that provided noticeable results. Maybe you should start a skin care line??
    Boy, I have gone on a tangent!
    Anyway, you are a wonderful human-being who demonstrates: Kindness+ Honesty+ Compassion = Integrity!
    I am glad you are in a position to educate and promote illness prevention. I'm glad you use your HSN TV power for good and stand up to those in similar positions! I 100% believe your business puts PEOPLE over PROFITS! I believe your success is a result of your passion and dedication for positive change and any perks are a benefit, NOT your motivating factor!
    Victoria V.

  16. Great hike – I am from the other side of that mountain in Lake Elsinore/Wildomar. Thank you for this information, I am passing it along to my teenagers who are athletes and don't believe what I say 🙂 – but maybe coming from you I can get us all on the supplements they need for peak performance and great overall health. Plus, we all have mild arthritis issues.
    hank you,

  17. Hello Andrew:
    I got your biggest bottles of omega 3 last night. Like many others, we have been waiting for Today Special every year around this time to get the biggest value and saving. My whole family is taking your omega 3. Your fish oil soft gels are compacted enough, with more omega 3 than most of the other fish oil products, for my teenage sons to swallow with no problem at all (there are some companies who manufacture more omega 3 per serving than your, however, they are much bigger in sizes and it would be difficult for them to swallow).
    If you would have the mint version as TS also, I would be getting one biggest bottle of orange and biggest bottle of mint together. Nevertheless, since the today special is so special, in term of the value and quality, I can't resist myself to get 2 biggest bottles of 800 soft gels (1600 totally) last night. My sons like the orange flavor (which has no flavor). Me and my wife like the mint flavor (which give us that minty aftertaste). I will keep on hoping that you can offer not only the orange flavor as TS, but also the mint version next year.
    Thank you Andrew for your Today's Special offers.

  18. I have used most of your supplements for the past 8 (eight) years or so, I have been able to sustain a healthy body without medication or major illnesses. God's grace played a significant roll in the decision making.

  19. Hello Andrew! I enjoyed your shows this past weekend. As a graduate of dietetics, I really appreciate your scientific explanation for each product. It's also fun to hear about your personal life! I think your recipe books with Muriel truly round out a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for promoting good health!

  20. Hi, just curious about your magnesium. I recently saw that malate or glycate are better sources than citrate. Your thoughts? Thanks for all you do.

  21. Andrew,
    I also enjoy seeing Muriel and enjoyed the pictures of your climb very much.
    Thanks for all the information you give.

  22. My daughter has recently been diagnosed with dystonia. She is 55 years old and has always been very healthy. She sees a neurologist.

    She also goes chiropractor and he told her not to take any vitamins. He thinks it could be toxic for her. I don ‘t go along with his thinking.. I do know that when I was working (RN) and we had psychiatric patients the Doctors would not allow the vitamins to be given.
    The strangest thing is her next door neighbor has also been diagnosed with dystonia. Any comments???

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