Vitamin D.
The Most Important Vitamin.
The Most Economical Vitamin.

Generally when something is the most important and exceptional thing of its kind, it is also the most expensive.  Plus, when that thing is also the most scarce, we would once again expect it to be even more expensive given its scarcity.  How often do we find something that is the most important member … Continue Reading ››

Our 19th Anniversary Celebration! Your Favorite Products – Our Best Values

It is hard to believe it has been 19 years since I arrived at HSN.  Even more difficult to believe is that it has been 25 years since my products and I first appeared on TV.  Those anniversaries are hard to imagine, but even more difficult (frightening) is the fact that just last month, … Continue Reading ››

Ultimate Friendly Flora and/or Cranberry Today’s Specials. Speaking of Cranberry…Is Fruit Juice Really Healthy?

Tomorrow evening the 18th of July midnight Eastern Time, I am back at HSN with two products that have never been offered together as a Today’s Special (Ultimate Friendly Flora and Cranberry Benefits).  Both are among our most popular reorder products and Ultimate Friendly Flora was a Today’s Special once before, but tomorrow will … Continue Reading ››

Is It Really Almost Summer…Where Did the Month of May Go? And Our July HSN Birthday Today’s Specials

It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we were doing our April shows, yet here we are in the middle of June, so it’s actually been a couple of months since our Maximum Omega-3 and Ultimate Eye Today’s Specials in April.  It just does not seem like two months.  Plus, it’s … Continue Reading ››

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