Our 19th Anniversary Celebration! Your Favorite Products – Our Best Values

It is hard to believe it has been 19 years since I arrived at HSN.  Even more difficult to believe is that it has been 25 years since my products and I first appeared on TV.  Those anniversaries are hard to imagine, but even more difficult (frightening) is the fact that just last month, … Continue Reading ››

Ultimate Friendly Flora and/or Cranberry Today’s Specials. Speaking of Cranberry…Is Fruit Juice Really Healthy?

Tomorrow evening the 18th of July midnight Eastern Time, I am back at HSN with two products that have never been offered together as a Today’s Special (Ultimate Friendly Flora and Cranberry Benefits).  Both are among our most popular reorder products and Ultimate Friendly Flora was a Today’s Special once before, but tomorrow will … Continue Reading ››

Is It Really Almost Summer…Where Did the Month of May Go? And Our July HSN Birthday Today’s Specials

It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we were doing our April shows, yet here we are in the middle of June, so it’s actually been a couple of months since our Maximum Omega-3 and Ultimate Eye Today’s Specials in April.  It just does not seem like two months.  Plus, it’s … Continue Reading ››

This Weekend, The Eyes Have It! Protecting The Most Precious of Our Five Senses.

It only makes sense that our annual Today’s Special for our unique Omega-3s should be followed by our best opportunity to enjoy its perfect partner - our Ultimate Eye Support formula.  I will explain the relationship between these two formulas in the following paragraph, but first of all, I wanted to let everyone know … Continue Reading ››